New thread (tea included)

new thread (tea included)


I don't know. Figure it out.

i am figuring it out !!!!!!!!!!!!


Serious Sam? Saints Row?
Idk dude..

ill figure it out. it was just.

a passing question idk.

Surely, it goes without saying, that if a multiplayer game is good then everyone and their dog will know about it.
So I wouldn't know the guidelines you expect.

not particularly ! also

cooperative =/= multiplayer

theres a lot of... coop games that dont get recognition because they strive with 2-4 players and they are pve stories only. i dunno.

just. aaaaa i found a game okay.


Thank Christ.

This new person is annoying as fuck.

degen video game addicts always thinking about their next fix...

What if it's Kuus?

If it is Haikuus then they have become more obnoxious than ever.

Are you loyal to your online games over the years or do you dump them every time just to follow the latest trends?

sorry.... could u all type that again....

i didnt hear over how many kills i was getting in my game... (Playerunknownsbattlegrounds) im top of the leaderboards.

so i have to focus !


i ama bit confused with the decision to be angry and focus on someone you dislike rather than ignore them !


it was a joke.

no one plays pubg

I guess I take that back, even Kuus wouldn't top this.

i am kuus.....

how did. you figure it out ?

I do not know you, so neither like nor dislike.
But its not a good start.


ur not kuus

Prove it.

says you !

People will.

Like me..

iff i space my posts out

like this

so they have to see them

i do not have to prove anything ! i know what is true.

i am a big fan of your style !!!!! good post.

Dude fucking stop spacing your posts.
It's tedious.

C'mmon guys be nice.


Yes. You are not Kuus.

if i dont get to post how i want !!!

neither do u !
id like it if you didnt swear.

but you get to do it !

so i too am allowed to post as I please mister .


You are annoying as fuck.






you keep swearing !!!

you hold an opinion. (i suck)
i hold an opinion. (i don't like it when people swear)

we are allowed to both exist


Imagine. Being nice. To anyone.

who ?

Yet you should not exist.


No one.

thats okay !




I wonder how it would go to rework my fursona into a slug doggo mix.
Slugs and snails are cute as fuck.


Nothing is more disgusting than a furry.





they should stay with their own kind they’re so gross

Overwatch players are literal cancer that not even furries could compare to

I play OW and fuck dogs.

OW the edge xD


Think you are being silly.

At the same time?

Work ;;


When he goes into coitus there's not so much moving around, I can imagine it being mildly easy

I just filter them it’s easy and effective

Into the trash


After months of experimenting, I simply don't have a fursona that I can stick to anymore, tried making a dragon but got bored quickly.
Don't even know if it's worth being furry anymore at this stage, I feel like I'm forced to be creative in areas where I just can't

Canadian user just earned a FAKE FILTER


Same dog? Your rank?

I love that webm

pursue other interests

Are you talking to me?

Who knows.

All I really do for fun now is music.
Spending at least 2 hours a day downloading and managing my playlists.


I am.

Ranked in what?

What kind of tea?


where my horses at.

(i like ferrets and rats a lot. lil baby rats crawling everywhere bowbowbow)

White or Green.

Just tea. Not too much milk or sugar.

I haven't played in like 3 months.

This new person is a furry.
Of course.
Forever lost.
We cannot be friends.

do you know the artist for this pic ?

i like the style a lot.

Find it yourself.

i reverse image searched and couldnt find anything... was hoping you knew



sorry to disappoint !


Green with a touch of honey


I'm not one for honey in tea but it sounds interesting.
Maybe sometimes I'll have green or vanilla chai.

You're nice


Man not hot.

It sort of takes the bitter edge out of it


Skra pa pa pa

Hello friends! I hope you're all having a good day.

Good morning.

Sup, Daddy's Cum Dump

howdy bubber !!


Good morning! How are you doin?

Not much, how are you doin, echo I think?

Hiya! I appreciate your memes!

How are you doin?

We know you're not actually slovakia
reveal yourself


anons get off my board


This but unironically

If Echo is a Darwin throwaway, can I win a Darwinian?


no u


This BUT unironically

thank u !

im doin alright. kinda hungry.

Chicago style hotdog? was it murder

I am not sure whether this is a compliment or an insult.


Not too bad, little sleepy.
Little busy.
But pretty good otherwise.

I'm saying I want to win an Echo-chan


Get a snack!!


What are you busying yourself with? and I hope you catch good zzs when you do sleep

But I thought people liked Darwin.



dinner is almost ready !! no filling up before that.

And my flag's unique so I don't even count as user.








*pat pat*

i can't stop pooping and my poop hole is irritated ;;

also i failed the captcha like 4 times wtf ;;


Not like this

oh shit who got these lovelies

inb4 luka

amagi brilliant park girl!!!!!


It is blood-chan

that trip looks kinda familiar

She very funny! and kawaiiii

Well some people...
...any people

imma watch this movie next week!!!

you don't remember me ?

It is probably blood-chan, cant you tell?

i like darwin ;;

Cate blanchett is ALSO kawaiii

no not really, sorry. but please don't be offended, i could have been blacked out

i've only seen a few posts so far

she crush thors hammer!!!

Thor is silly norseman

i'm messing with u bub. there isn't any way that you could know me !

nice to meet u hello


Darwin is an okay guy, but winning a Darwinian is a bad thing


that girl got two guns?

why do you space before your punctiation

that is autistic af

hello my love ;;




whaddup DOA

and hiphaps lately?

how's life

i like doing it ! sorry that you dont.

thats okay


Gun girls.



What are hip haps?

which one is sinni ?

Daddy's Cum Dump

Daddy's Cum Dump

will you have another 48 hr pass in couple days?~

im sinni

Hi I'm Sinni!!!

it's terrible

it really is

sorry love i couldn't really think of a better response

hella tired


wait things don't really happen for you

or when they do you don't really want to talk about them


Daddy's Cum Dump


Wait what


GOOD to know . hello (sinni) !!!

sinni is the dude who posts that weird asian native american dude


getting a strong sci vibe off this liliana fellow

man it is friday night

Pretty good for once.
How'd yours?

what is sci ? if you dont mind my asking.


It's Harvey!!



Would be a great twist



Hi Sinni

Job training

Oh my



Hi Duke!!!

soto masturbates to everything

If Soto jerked to Sci I just lost whatever nonexistent respect I had for him.


sci here. i can confirm. jerked to. :/


why ;;

yeah i'm starting to wake up a little fotunately with the wine, but 3 1/2 hour sleep just aint cutting it for me. probably gonna sleep til dinnertime tmr

how did mine?

it's alright except my kitty has an ingrown nail and i'm stressing out about that

and like i thought i felt a lump in my back and was freaking out. but i think it was just a knot because it seems to not be as prominent after rubbing

man i need a vacation and a massage

he's this cool dude that got perma banned from here for being hella annoying and also he may have posted child porn

i'm still not even sure what that is but it's a memorable av for sure

oh shit nice. what kind of training


I said I didn't though.




Oh so you're not limited to dogs huh.

y'all need booze

nice meme

He looks like he'd rape a child.


Kill me

It's a character from animal crossing, the pics are just from his animal crossing direct video.

Bugoff, 10x

*Holds your paw*

i kinda missed that whole shaved head swastika thing

like wtf sci

i only have too cats

bout to reup here soon once i get the energy


On the drug alcohol and tabaco use survey




i tried keeping you alive until you could three shot them!

How are you doin?

you going door to door or something?

bug off?!



Cats are okay.

Wait that was ironic?

jk ilu~

We did well enough.
I don't play ADC much.





damn i have no angry shots of this ho

Sci is vomit inducing.
I'm glad he's gone.


you did good when you warmed up!

they are pretty nice but i envy people who do not have any pets tbh


you would have been impressed with me I was killing it in league last night ;;

don’t say that!

i refused to debate music with sci because his opinion was simply wrong


bug the fuck off bro



Doing okay
Still being bullied for being a THOT?


dinner tonight.

i had a big side bowl cold crunchy.

green beans !

very tasty. eat your green beans. yum.

I have none
But a stray kitty came to me and started rubbing against me, let me pet her and I realized I might be missing out.

You still play that?

Sadly :C.

They have no end.

this bastard

That's what happens when you're a THOT

Figure it out.


oh god. cold calling people?

good luck with that

yeah i mean don't get me wrong i love the companionship and they're like my kids in that i raised them from birth. hell i saw them newborn

but like being able to just take off on a whim without having to worry on them is something that i just can't do

You're missing out on pets tbh
Cats are the best
Also nice gif


I just re downloaded yesterday after not playing for 2+ years, soo not “still play” really

watch this

(u forgot the part where me n grim pooped in the enemy team's pants)

dude that wouldn't even be a contest


fuck you

ray sipes shrek arc is maybe myleast favorite. his stuff not base tv shows/games/anime is a lot better usually..


should i go hard with the higher alcohol content icehouse

or le classic tecate

advanced techniques deployed

Ikr I’d bury you alive man ;;


neither ! stay sober.



nee if you nee


Hello let's hope I did this right.


It didn't work :C

You didn't.

George told me I did it right so !!!!


You didn't though. You have to convert the characters that aren't working.

You have noone who would take them from you for a day or two?

If only I had the time..

Buuuut getting there.

You think I'm smart or somethign????

I guess I'll try this out



@test remember this god mem

Round 2 electric boogaloo

grandma loves you too

ana is the only reason i would ever play overwatch again. the game is otherwise. not for me.

but i love ana !!! and the turquoise skin.


squish me daddy






squish me daddy


Dazel was the best poster.

Dazel was a retard.


pew pew~
aiming on anna makes you a pro!
since other people dont aim as much as u


My favourite is lexi

But it probably won't be too bad

Was that suppose to spook me

You have good gifs
I'm sorry you don't have the time to keep a kityy :(

I don't regret making Dazel quit the threads.
At all.

Luka, I'm gonna marry you.



bern said I reminded them of dazel





the fuck

smelly micro penis

new AC still stealing your soul?


I'm not seeing it.

oh shit it's cold dude.

the woman at the store recommended lemon with my tecate to avoid hangovers

cause like i always get some aspirin for the next day too

you don't really take cats to people to watch as much

they are much more attached to their environment than dogs

like i moved a couch to another room a couple days ago and it's like one of their whole worlds' was shattered

whining and bitching


dazel was the lead pipe one right?

you guys terrorized that poor kid ;;

Ye but my phone is charging atm


CrossCode 1.0 when.


what happened


magnet tips?

he has not posted in a while

oh wait nvm that's wishy ;;

my phone almost died today too but i got home in time to charge it from 1%


Magnet tips is Menma isn't it?

this made me thinjk

yeah who knows

he has some drinking and mental issues i think

hope he's alright

same he was fam fam

Ni ni thread

yeah and i only said that cause i blanked on menma for a sec lol

glad i saw the nee

I heard they were sorta nuts so I don’t mind not be compared to them

who /ws/ here


lol thread died

binger tiem

Drink responsibly

i've been pretty good about staying in my cave lately

don't worry DOA

so like what do they tell you to expect for hangups?


If they hang up, just *87 and try to cheese it
Other than that code it as a refusal and they call them back lul

actually even pickup ratio would be like 4 percent lol

what is *87

are you fucking serious? how did he get that out


Also the answer rate is like 90%

i felt really bad that i didn't remember her name too

but she takes like 3 year breaks

She takes more, longer, breaks than I do, desu.

do you only call businesses?

or the last remaining 80-90 yo's w/ lanlines

yeah and doesn't even ever come back with any consistency

she'll like change her name, get magnet tips, and get confused why people still call her menma

what a silly dyke

ahhhhhhh blyat

Every time I've seen her she's had the same name.


oh and like her whole gimmick in the day was that she was the "lurker"

so even when she was active

you would get your reply 2 threads later often

ah, Preevyet tovarish

Heck, I missed a lot.


merman was og

My shtick was being a hug box.

kyle you used to just be a nice dude

you were hella reserved lol


how’s the fap dungeon holding up these days teeps?

how u doin

I'll box your hug

Who the heck is merman?

Ain't nothin' to it, gangsta rap made me do it.


i've been not fapping that much honestly

like i don't like my cats watching me


watching the game


hanging with you

see bern would always call her that or say that she played oboe instead of cello

it was his way of negging her

i think menma probably thought bern was a girl like everyone else and was getting so wet

Then I found out how awful people were and had a break down.

I found that post funny.

How's Teeps?

the dream

ayo ma



we kinda bullied you out of threads once too, Nezi.

When you posted nothing but the white cat.

Shut up.

Hey hey, how're things?
Hadn't seen that picture yet.

heh once a long time ago you referred to your apartment as a fap dungeon, it’s a little nicer and tidier recently?

grim I had to tell you about /aneki/ on Holla Forums cause no one wanted you to no ;;

We call cell phones as well
We use census data

i think you were looking for all the wrong things at first

had a break down

looked for different kinds of all the wrong things

calluses were thick

honestly i like you now more though


some Russians drew it

I was doing fine on Holla Forums with 4m, too

please don't bully nezi grim

you fucking ddosd someone lol

im js you shouldnt be proud of ousting someone out of the threada


Ah, long week?

2ch hk, or just a Russian artist in general?

I kept getting targeted by some vindictive people because of the whole hug box thing.
I didn't know how to deal with it and got in a lot of troublesome situations. Stress just kind of got me. I've been cutting toxic people out.

not sure

found it on pixiv tho

maybe japs trying a russian theme?


actually it is a little nicer

i've been taking iron supplements because i recently learned that i was anemic

that might have something to do with it

but i was also making moves before the supps

yeah i guess i see that

you have a list of people who don't mind being called basically

like i used to politically canvass in highschool

it was a gut wrenching job getting doors slammed in your face, but at least you knew which ones would probably be nice because they donated last year

nigga i probably ousted you a few times

and nezi

We don't have a list of people who want to be called
It picks random people from random houses or random numbers
It's all random, and almost all the social surveys are voluntary

Things are really exciting here tonight, huh