The rain in spain lands mainly on the plain

The rain in spain lands mainly on the plain


..sure is lonely in here, just me and you duke

You're right, I might as well just go to bed.

Probably a good decision


I have completed the Destiny 2 campaign
And now it's time to sleep

Was it any good?

just posting this

i guess some people actually go to sleep when they say they are

bad image.

Saved so good job

18+ hentai robot 2 lewd for your mind, but being a star takes sacrifices baby

i thought you'd like that one


your discord dudn work




long may you reign

it's bd#8815, ask test

you can always give me yours here

dudn work


looks like i got it to work

Hello friends, companions.

How are you all doin?

better now that another poster is here that actually wants to post, how much are you going to miss your money when nintendo picks you up and shakes you upside down like a school bully?

I am tired and emotionally vulnerable.

i think snails are cool

Haha, Nintendo can't take any of my money if I have none!!! How's life goin?

I'm sorry to hear that, are you gonna be ok?

snails !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking get punked son! Haha GOT EM! Well work has been so-so but you know how it is, I'll be less sore when the weekend is over.

Yeah. I'll be ok.
I'm trying not to repeat my breakdown or anything.

I hope you have a good weekend! :3c you could get the agk of animal crossing: pocket camp and maybe a few of the waiting limits will be over by the time Monday rolls around.

If you need to vent, my dms are always open.

I appreciate it.

whats it even for? i dont really think i can get it if I don't have what it's out on, and it sounds like now is a really bad time to choose to get into animal crossing if its all going to be micro-transactions... are you sure this isnt a trick??

I'm going to curl up and sleep.

Yee man, I hope you feel better.

It's a mobile game, ios & android just only in Australia, again if you have no money the micro-transactions can't effect you!

goodnight mr snail. rest. well.

um i guess i could look into it as soon as i get a new phone, i just dropped this one again so its probably time for a new one this next paycheck


whatever its just a phone, at least we can always replace those with increasingly newer version



its not just dead... it's, SUPER dead

im playing a game right now. or else id be posting.

What are you playing? I have a nice new video up for until it gets more active again.

up for ? and im playing league of legends. GNAR !!!!!! im gnarrrrr !!!!!!!!!!

I see, and I think you misread what I replied. I'm just watching stuff on youtube till I get more people to shitpost with/.

oh okay. i get what you're saying.


I don't like when Lily types like a normal people.

sooometimes. you have to. A LITTLE !!

you know. i can't keep this up always.

(LILIANA) gets tired some. timeesss. and i require.

TO BE head pat and tea made for me. so i can get better rested.....

i'mlovin it

Nobody could stop me


i mean thats how being admin usually works you twerp

green bean ! green bean !


I can't sleep.
Someone please fist my tight boy hole.

i like it when.

you eat a nice cold green bean.

and it goes.

*CRUNCH* !!!!!!! crunchy crunchy green bean healthy bean

Why is Bebop after Desu now?

Hey, God.
It's Kyle.
I know we don't talk much, but what the fuck were you thinking making this one?

"I'll make one so awful that even Satan wouldn't want him."

i used to do that.I had my own version of the national anthem but not quite as cool as the rest. Then still it's all rhythmy type of stuff and nothing to impressive on the zakk or hendrix scale.

who is

"this one" (?)


green beans are really good, i feel bad eating them with dressing and ruining the intention of eating healthy.



Oh. It's probably Bebop.

This is Lloyd.


Bebop is:

i will teach u how to make perfect green bean !!!

go to store. or farmer market.
buy bag of green bean.

put them in the refrigerator. take out after cooling. open bag.


He's a pedophile and goes after all the jailbait posters

Look at his track record

That guy is just too inconsequential to care about anymore.

Who is this?

Is it really pedophilia if all of the "underage" posters he was after were guys in their 30s just pretending to be underage girls?

that’s like 1/3 of the ppl here

thirsty pedo posters

aren't you just precious enough to package and sell

If you don't find out til after you get it in I would argue it is

I mean that's like asking if the dudes who get catfished by the chris hansen fake 12 year old are pedos

kid touchers and pedos should be shot


hey man they have to get those sick, perverted people on their TV shows somehow (im sure they aren't hard to find)

Please. I can't do these name games.
I'm so tired.

And those people are pedos


catfished pedos but trash all the same, and they always look so weird and awkward

grim I won my first 2games of league after not playing for over 2 years

I'm insulted.

must be darwin instead

it's not dawwin

we're very quickly running out of people that come here

WE AREN'T. IM new and im RIGHT HERE you big ol big stinky ding dong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, Dexter.

we're talking about a poster that has a different ID than you right now okay?



ok ur not desu sorry
can u write me a green bean fanfic

Whose real name is that for reference?

who are you ????? !!!!!!!!



i am ooble
i date guero
i usually p[ost goblins

henlo bord
howr u doin

Mine is much more bland.

And that is?

like grim isn’t here right now FUCK that!!!!!!

Too busy with that boipussy.

Why would I willingly release personal information of myself? You're going to claim I am someone else anyway.

grim is NOT gay

Sure thing, Bebop.

oh man i cant wait for these people to dance around and keep guessing who this person is while they keep denying it whatever anyone says

watching the new Joe Hogan podcast uuuu

playing some for honor

what are you up to tonight okaa san?

i am rrally really sleepy amd wamt to not sleep because i lov tyristna so much

no seriously guys keep going it was cute

Where is father tonight anyways?

im not desu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

you're the only person who gives a fuck

gave a fuck 2 ur mom last night

we r in discord smooching eachother agbressively


tell him to come visit

Ooble are you drunk?

HE SAID HE IS GOI N to bed and he wants to cuddle you in bed

no im relly sleepy and sad and my hands are just kidn fo dragging across my keyboard becasue i dont wanna lift them

more people. should use the discord voice.

i'd like to speak. !

yay nini mom and dad :)

go to bread

Quality chat.

ill get in and talk with you some night this weekend

Kill yourself.


goggles hit the emergency eject button as soon as I joined voice LMAO

why doesnt gogles like oyu?

apparently not

why not if

you don't even know why?
did you used to bully him?

But I have so much to live for

I don't have enough laughing .webms to post.

oh I read that wrong

yeah he's probably still talking shit behind people's back

Not even one?

You've gotta be a massive fuck up of a life if you can get the entire community to hate you like bebop did

Like holy shit

I feel like the only people who like goggles at this point are people who want to put their dick in him

he hasnt posted anything but shitposts so far

I'm indifferent towards Bebop. He just seemed like a sad lonely little man that craved attention.

No I mean Bebop

My opinion on Goggles isn't negative myself

I thought that was why we were here?


everyone here is a sad sack
that only can count for so much

sure maybe, but when two anons are arguing in the corner with no pictures all i really see is this

I think your personal obsession with him skews your view.

Yeah I've heard people talk about not liking Goggles for years but I'm yet to really see anything that personally sways me

What did he do? I genuinely do not know

I'm obsessed with Blud chan not bebop

I just talk shit on him when he pops up come on now

how much do you even know about ME user

he just talks a lot of shit behind people's backs. Was a corrupted mod. General snake behavior

Pictures are effort.

More than I would like to.

he just got here when it was cool to hate new people and never got past that

goggles did nothing wrong

Don't all of those describe you? :^)

do you think Im a bad person?

not at all

What makes a person bad?

Oh, okay.

personally I don't think I am
I couldn't really tell you that

oh gosh I dont wanna make this conversation ALL about me though
let's go back to gossiping


you guys sure seem to agree on a lot for just picking at each other, very curious


Yeah user, fuck off and get your own opinions.

I think it's a silly subjective view to have on a person. Feel free to start a topic and I'll roll with it.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Controversial opinion: Grim is Goggles.

secretiveness in any measure here is just childish and pointless is all

What a twist.


dad wnet nin i im still here

no bread

u a whole person

imp people only post anonymous because they fucked up so bad with their name on people woint tak to them anymore

M. Night Shyamalan was a pajeet after all.

If you don't fall asleep rn I'm going to black mute and dleet you.

lonely :(

y doesn't anyone talk to me anymore???

Pretend like I'm posting with a Luka picture.

Hello, female poster.
I am also a female poster.


its not just that, it could be more complicated than that, like someone wanting to deface someone without ruining their own name, but nothing at all is happening so imo they just need to wosh their sins

Want to be lesbians together?

The lesbianist lesbians.

I'll talk to u user

im gay :/
can't join this.


It's unfair for someone to dig a grave and not have to lay in it


Thanks babe

fuk outta here homo. we don't like ur kind around here.


Link me your discord so we can have same-sex coitus and post anime girls.


maybe but who here has done that and can still form proper sentences, we have pretty low standards here

ur next bub

R u d e







cool anyone can do that and post as you

Did you make this or is this some meme I don't know about?

I hope you had a bad sleep.

Pet my lesbian beard, bigot.

i made this just now


it was quite pleasant even if the reason and timing were not.

fukin litty 😫👌💯

green bean ! green bean !

Hair :(

I'm impressed tbh

Fuck. What's something you plan on doing in the next little bit? I hope that goes unpleasantly.

I-I'll be good


if anyone wanna talk about green beans.....



sit around on the internet and maybe drink or something. gonna be hard to fuck that up but I'll try and find a way just for you.

ur on thin ice bardo

prety solid meme


The only peson who will ever have to deal with the consequences of what this person posts is me

And I still post as this person

This is the point I'm making

But I will put tildes after it to make it extra feminine.

fair enough i dont even know why i implied someone else would want to post as you, and its not like everyone saves your images

Kind of tempted to save Bard's images and post as him out of spite now

thank u


damn dude savage

pretty sure he'd just like that

I play guitar and smoke weed.


That's being generous

s-sorry let's just keep posting > / / <

Im lazy
it takes less than a minute to put on a tripcode

I'm Bard

I'm new


I dip my balls into the deep fryer and call them hushpuppies.

I will allow it

my god what have i done


I don't know why that one was so fucking hilarious to me.

It's funny because it's true


Ay gurl.
Wanna smoke some weed and let me drag my hushpuppies on your face?

hushpuppies, i already have a cough, 9i cant breath

Mm you know just what to say to turn me on.

two lesbians walk into a room and they're both bard

tfw you finally get your autism working

what is this?

It's the power of Pinesol, baby.

New game by the people that made spacechem and a bunch of other shit.

i cant tell whats going on right now but its definitely shitposting

That's the power of shitposting, baby.


god I wish I could shitpost like bard

You're an Aussy. You're a master shitposter by default.

oh no baby what is you doin?

people are going to be so confused when you post that cap and its not you


It was me, Bard, all along.

4 horsemen of the apocoalypsoe

Won't the real Bard please stand up?


I get it. 'cause ponies.
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

hi ikt

hi bort

Yes hello



Are we taking turns at wearing the Bart flesh suit?

Least you're not a 🍁

Get out of that your'e going to ruin it

You don't need your skin when you're on the internet.


Aussies are the worst, it's confirmed by even Moot.

hey i need a head pat.

They were definitely fucking

and now it's more like ">Hu leaves right after Ikt posts"



so tsundere~

Bye daddy!

Provin' the point kiddo.

wew gay

Will Squiddy and Spectre finally getting married?
Find out on today's episode.


whymst this

i wish squid has happy marirage

i am wearing a jacket. because itscomfortable. COMFY

You know a while ago that wasn't even legal here!
Goddamn it.


ikt what the fuck




nope thats the real bard, they are still horrible at following simple logic

Why did we let those damn furries in again?

should have come to the more progressive nation where everyone's in favour of it so obviously it's lega- oh wait

blame test its their fault

*hugs* ;~:

will do

why did we let those damn bards in again?

*HUGS* ;w;


tfw turned on by squiddy

oh gosh that was quite the freudian slip

when you hug a squid too hard and it dies

okay voice chat call is over back to posting in the thread... !!!!!




goodnight friend



nini grims



i am hungry.

i checked the fridge.......

no green bean !!

i neED. g rEen bean ! !

green beans are your favorite veggie?

yupyup !!

they are really. very. yummi yummi.

2nd favorite is..... spinach. cold only. (a lot of vegetables are better cold !!!)

stranger things season 2 hell yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I was impressed with how far it went.

how far do u go bby?

go to gas station for drink at 3:52 am.

6 police vehicles parked. just hanging. talking. slow night i assume.


what's that in bases?

That should be obvious?

what about zucchini? or potato

maybe to a thot like u

the Wawa near my house, the graveyard shift cops just hang there until they get a call and drink coffee

do you have a gas station within walking distance to your house? I have to drive to get to anything x.x


wtf u implying ho?

ive never. had zucchini.

i like baked potatoes a lot.
just. bake it. and then grab it and bite it. thats what i do. no toppings. just scrumptious pOtato

i l o ovo o o ve wawa so much. i could live off wawa HOAGIES. 100% my pref when it comes to gas stations. the gas station here is like. super close. it takes about 40/50 seconds to get there from my house by car.

i walk there only when i wanna enjoy cold air and smoke my pipe (so only around this time of year !!!)


I will cut u

Do it.

I changed my mind




need t u c c


zucchini is tasty :3

have you tried loaded potatoes?

yeah wawa hoagies are amazing, they're just pretty unhealthy so can't eat em too much

uwaa I'm jelly, I hate driving far to get anywhere

wawa is like 5mins+


so flustered you're messing up images


make me

im trying


Cars got no gas, and you're a bit of a far walk.

guess I'm not gonna shut up then


loaded potatoes are good !!

i really. very big like to drive a lot..

i drive an hour to that area all the time for boba/ddr/concerts/events.

not only is driving fun

being able to make playlists for certain drives and also introducing your passengers to new music is reallREALLY NICE !!!!!

I know :


you go to bed too tho

the damage is done...

I slept already tho too....


I'll just go...die or something...


rip Cup

hey if u like cinema
u can get a friend i heard.

name rhymes with like.

piggy(ana) ? mmm.


you are out of control......

this is very very old news.


for me.
luv u guys i appreciate u all. except for those i dont. but u deserve it so its okay !!!

green bean ! green bean ! dream of green bean !


see ya nerd

I demand that you start sleeping right now

lol nini

only if u sleep with me



wtf is this child kidnapping simulator


Cup Kidnapping Sim when?


when they work out a way to make it worth it.

Good feels tbh.

Waiting for the sex games?


so never


I'm not really interested in vr for any games tbh

Just the sex then?




I'm not sure what this means


Just like all the other games I want to come out!

Me on the left

Why is the animation in this show so ugly?

I dunno. I wasn't really paying attention to details like that.

Ecchi is a pretty shit genre in general

such as?

no bitch das me.

u shut ur filthy mouth

fucking gay

Me on the left

It is the truth, it is almost never done well


ur almost never done well.

You aren't wrong

never am

Do you like boys user

Except that one time

Not really, just well done animation

If you're only interested in animated titties just skip the shit and go watch hentai

What's ya favorite?

None. I hate video game.

we don't speak of that time.



Genre or Ecchi?

Action/romcom, Shokugeki no Soma

We are speaking of it now

absolutely disgusting. cease this behavior at once.

ok sry

yeah u better be.

(i am asleep. trying to. but i checked this thread. in my sleep.)

this means...

watch a movie with me. im free a lot of time. im going to sleep for real now. i have to be up in 3.5 hrs.


I just meant genre.


What the fuck go to sleep

One of those then. I'm not entirely sure if I have a favorite though because I enjoy shows from almost every genre

don't. swear please.

not okay



Same tbh.

Please don't tell me that, that triggers me.

I'll trigger u way more than that bby

don't call me by my slave name white devil


sock cucker


yeah it'll be gros


No sad

Stop being like me

haha yeah lemme just stop doing that for the first time in 15 months or whatever


Don't go all real talk on me when I'm memeing

I come here to run away from that

fuck audio levels. so fucking quiet when people are talking then SUDDEN LOUD NOISES BECAUSE FUK U

fuk sorry sorry, my bad

blind little bitch boi

You fucking better be

jk I forgive you

imma cry

Incredibly rude. Uncalled for.

well then do something about it oh wait u can't u blind bitch boi

new thread

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get cucked speccy