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That's not how bayonets work.

*reaches towards your face*


Big tiddies


she's a pirate!


I think it's her booty gettin' plundered though.

*rabs you by the cheek and pulls*

*pulls harder*

Distortion switch


I was going to rip hard into the lols @ the boss pedal but the ds-1 isn't terrible

Slaap lekker



i got u




nyaaanpassuuuuu ~~~

Not one of those has a peepee, you can't expect anyone here to draw interes.

old school. I need some more.


Did you just assume all this?


what you need is a mf strat and a nice clean blues jr

boyy I bet after all those years of distortion your chord work is SLOPPY

Unless they aren't tucking like any trap worth their salt knows how to do properly?

did you . take a look at the playlist i posted (?)

whers that posted at

I overdid it and passed out, sorry for acting like such a shit btw.
I'm just tired of you asking me the same damn question of how I found this place. I'm skeptical that I'll be able to satisfy your prodding to where you'll stop nagging me about it. If I was an old member, and wanted to present myself as a new member, why would I use something that'd link me to the past person, that I don't want you to think I am? Was Wastelander a complete moron?

Sorry, evidently I wasn't in a competent enough state to answer properly, but I still want to answer. Holla Forums is a bit like looking at the other extreme. I just like to see all sides of any story, or as many as I can find. That is how to build the most accurate picture possible. Which is how I approach anything, which is how I come to more objective, accurate conclusions on average.

its big and idk if its all the right tracks (they should be i used spotify to youtube converter.)

put it on shuffle !!! godspeed.


Thanks I will look at it when I settle down tonight ; 3




mrrraaawwwrrr !!!!!

woof woof



mario odyssey.

i just now ordered it.
i should have done earlier so i could get day of release. OH WELL atleast i get to play it !!!!

all clean c:


H I !!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna get some tea togerther~? know i would

L O V E . to get some tea right now. you can pick what kind !

I forgot to add that I don't know why you think I have a big issue with major media outlets.. I don't trust them 100% like I don't trust Holla Forums 100% like I don't trust anyone 100%. Navigating a world full of shit is a skill that needs to be honed in order to be effective at it.

Anyway sorry for being so late responding and posting this all akwardly in the middle of unrelated conversations.

At least you're self aware

I am 98.9109% sure this qualifies as abuse.

And not the good kind, either.


Uhm, how about some uh...white tea? White sounds delicious doesn't it?

It's shame I am only now meeting someone I could share my love for tea with.

Self awareness is important.

i have. never had white tea !!! i would like to try it. sounds like a good one. good tasty yum yum drink.

You freaking know I'm a tea drinker you abusive twat.

I wish I had locks at least. I havent played too long. longg, long break. I only was really good at rhythm beforr.

dam phone.

It's amazing, very subtle.
Very yum yum.
It's good cold too!

Oh, it slipped my mind or something.

Rhythm is king
Wot you mean locks?

I've been interested in getting back to my bass roots recently, trying to trade my acoustic for a nice rig but no one's taking me up locally
gonna be a looong wait

oooooo i think i want mine cold. i will have one cold white tea. mhmm !

Yeah. I'm sure it did.

Well maybe if you like tea so much, you could join us!

Okay, coming right up~

I think I'll have mine hot for a little diversity.

by the nut, screws in and locks the strings in place. stops it from going out of tune. my friend played bass but never was really serious.

may need to sell it and buy one.

I'll enjoy my pastimes with people who appreciate my presence, tyvm.

would you like to choose the music to listen to while we drink ?

-makes a glass of tea and puts it on a platter and brings it over to Rin- o.o

guys !!!! we can all have a nice tea party. together !!!! no splitting up. sit at the table. tea time.

bored desu ne


Like DADDY ?

We can each choose a song!

What's up Duke

Oh another wonderful day in the taint of the U.S.

Wtf? I meant the whores.

OH I know what you're talking about now

I always wondered what those were for, looked kinda bulky but It'd be useful for bending

Those and locking tuners woud be a great combination

Ever played with them before?
I sure haven't lol
my best buddy is into those but he's never gotten the chance to play with them either

you're right, hour 7 is always more fun than hour 6

Oh okay.

Yup, at least I'm in a neighborhood with a lot of old white people, it's really quiet here. Just another ball-busting day at work.

At least they respect me.


God speed you little fairy.

Fun stuff. It's mostly white here but more and more nigs are popping up.

I'm not going to get too into a racist debacle with you mostly because I know where you stand already, and really I do completely understand, but I still judge people on an individual basis and there are just as many stupid thuggish white people around here as their are colored folk, it's just a matter of the conditions you are raised in and I suspect at least something to do with their level of literacy.


nah I havent. ive been working on zakk wylde and slash stuff. definitely gotta be on your toes for that.

Oh yes, there's just a higher percentage of those types in the city near me.

That's pretty solid you know how to do the squeally harmonic zakk wylde /pantera thing?

i am feeling sort of. like classical today.

oboe. i pick oboe.

Yup, yup, remember I'm not too far from Detroit myself so if that is indeed accurate to your location I am more than aware of the sad lack in intelligent individuals in that area.

Now that's a truly sad story.

Anyone got pictures like this of a little girl being held by a older one? Nothing sexual though please.

There's only one distinct character in that picture - the cancerhamster and the girl are the same person.

I know that, but its besides the point. I want pictures like it.


Well you know, the convention that goes on in the GM center is actually pretty awesome, and it is still the motor city so you see a mechanic shop on every goddamn corner around here, there's still stuff to do but you have to go pretty far for a cool area and Michigan isn't really that full of cool things to begin with. age_difference rating:safe hug

Hmmm...maybe I'd pick something from the crosscode soundtrack.
Or this
It's quite calming.

Interesting. So the city isn't completely dead then.

It;s better than it's been, actually, of course this isn't really saying much and the worst parts of it our still just as bad as they have always been, but there are pieces of the city coming back to life more so than they were. It also has some of the best damn bars you'll find anywhere around.

Dunno about that, I've been to Ireland. And good, glad to hear it may be coming back.

Memories of Dust is a better track.

What part about "Around" didn't you get? And yea, it's nice to see, the nerdy convention they have their every year, Youmacon, is actually a pretty fun time, like most of the event is lame but you have the potential to find fun people there and make fun happen yourselves.

Around as in Earth, not by the bars in Detroit itself.

Oh, well I find people to be generally terrible. So it must be quite a few to find some good ones.

So's beautiful song for that matter.

Are you sure you don't wanna join us?

Game OSTs are nice.

No, I'm just going to shit post for a bit.

Birth of a Wish is one of my favourite tracks for memetic value alone.

Not that it isn't a great track.


this is a nice game song.

there is some ๐Ÿ‘Œ in this playlist dawg

The storm's passing, I'm just looking for something to distract me from it.

On that note I'm going to go play brood war and melt my brain with some EDM.

o !

like what ?


Yeye, I get it, you don't like Brood War.

But at least it's a distraction.

Unless I just play CrossCode - I kind of left off at a weird spot yesterday.

I like most of the weebshit in here esp. that Shishamo track, a few are probably into my daily playlist

There's some great instrumental stuff and hip hop influence too, I was surprised to see this in there lol

If you ever feel like making another one
o-or if you want one in return sometime let me know

Hey man, do whatever you please.

aaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is really nice. to hear....

YES send me one. send it.

Hey, man, it makes no difference to me, a distraction's a distraction.

I'll probably enjoy CrossCode more tho.

Test, can we filter smh to baka, tbh to desu, and fam to senpai?

It'd make everyone's posting experience that much better, desu.

I second this desu


do it for the weeeeebs

also test is in game atm or was when i last spoke to them

Thx senpai.

this but unironically

Confirmed that test don't really care abut us

who was being ironic here senpai?

we should overthrow him
get a new overlord

baka desu senpai-san.....

I like test desu

I don't think this is a good idea, honestly the job is perfect for a lazy person, do any of you have the laziness it takes




Please do

You hear that guys he loves me

Fuck off Bard

i wish i could feel so nice about getting empty compliments i basically asked for

Good for you.

Jealousy only makes you ugly on the inside........

no swearing !!

Yes, fight, FIGHT for my love.


Duke senpai




Test is a hoe

What sort of dinners have you been eating lately? Do you do any cooking or are you a lazy fuck with food

That's a funny way to read that.

I would hope I'm at least a rake.

I generally cook when I'm not on call.

What sort of stuff do you make> Any recipes you'd be willing to share? Some neat stuff you came up with while cooking>

You can all kill yourselves because Test loves me most.
He let me grab his ass.

Right before he let me slowly die of alcohol poisoning in a hotel room.

Spaghetti, Chicken and rice, Pork and rice(Pernil), Hotdogs, Pizza, Steak, Pulled pork, Pulled chicken, grilled fish, cake, cookies, Irish Cream, you name it I can make it probably.

I usually just improvise while I go.

Haha I liked that! No real ideas going in just some raw ingredients and conditioning from food culture around you, just kind of half-ass it and work something out of all the mess. Yup that's cooking sometimes, one time me and my friend took like 7 ramen packets and did some awesome stuff with some outside ingredients. we made like a chicken ramen alfredo with garlic and Parmesan cheese it was some of the dumbest shit you've ever seen

Well, I usually prep more than that.

hotdogs and pizza lmao shit homie i can make that in a toaster oven while at work

That was just for something fun and a while ago, recently I made some stuffed cabbage with some really nice looking head of cabbage.

Rip you...?

*Quarter pound bacon wrapped hotdogs broiled in Guinness, and after they cook I cut onions and let it soak up the syrup left over from the beer. I cook a hoagie roll and when it's toasted I cover it in cheddar cheese. Then I put it all together.

So you're cooking a pre-made pizza.


It hit you like a fucking truck.

hey. i am hungry. tummy grumble. who can make me the best food. ?


I'm a pretty good cook.

He just let me waste away. It was awful and there was a lot of blood.

And I crumpled up and became comatose shortly after.
It was a fun weekend.

okay you got me on the pizza but re-heating pizza in a toaster oven makes it fucking crunchy and good, making pizza from scratch at home is pretty tough you need to make a day of it unless ur a pro already

but cabbage gets a bad wrap (no pun intended), people think of this gross soggy ball of green when properly grown and cared for cabbage is pretty awesome and great for cooking

That's what I'm fucking talking about with the hotdogs btw homie, you gotta give me those dirty details because that's where a lot of people differ in how they do things

Fuck off you mooch

I'll make you some chicken permission.

I never knew Test prefers dead bodies.

What a necrophile.


I usually just eat it raw.

Yeah, but I have a lot of recipes.

He laughed all night at me.
Made me go to a fair the next day. I was so close to death.

thats good, me too, i like to make this really crazy breakfast mix with bacon, sausage, ham, green peppers, onions, red peppers, eggs, hashbrowns, and a few spices i can't properly remember, but it turns out to be a really nice skillet and you gotta douse that shit in cheese, really spices should be done to personal taste anyways unless trying to achieve a specific result

That's why people should learn to cook for themselves.

who doesnt ?

Well you know, it's hard to convince people sometimes and it's a sad thing too, it used to be such an enriching part of the world, personal family recipes and every person being at least somewhat competent in preparing ingredients. a friend of mine on discord sends me a bunch of Amish recipes I'm too afraid to even attempt.


you'd be surprised how many people don't know how to cook

American women.


I'm not all that interested in tradition or whatnot, just making food that tastes good.

See I feel like Rin is getting a giggle out of this and thinks Squash isn't joking and that's kind of funny.

*is joking

You legit almost let me die.

But that is a big part of making food that tastes good, why waste the effort that people have been compiling for hundreds if not thousands of years? foods last and evolve because they are good, nothing wrong with borrowing that knowledge and adding your own little twist to it though.

It's even funnier to me if it isn't a joke because then it gives credence to my calling you a necrophile.

You sick fuck.

one of the other shitposters, erio it was im pretty sure. ended up in a drinking contest with someone from the skype group he made and i think they ended up doing over 20 shots each

Well, I'm talking about traditional food I have no real interest in.

Oh yeah. Test also felt my penis.

Well Squash is giving you a fairly accurate rendition of the time we hung out for a weekend and went to a renaissance fair.



If you have no interest in tradition that's fine, if it tastes nasty to me I don't care about the history behind it either, I don't want to eat it.

You're sick.

Then we are in agreement.

My penis was full of life.

Yup, more or less. What other topics seem interesting for you tonight?

Well, I'm a boring fuck that is tedious to talk to. So any topic is eh.

If you're surprised you barely know me.

h-here you go
no rush on i t

Do I have to be surprised to call you sick?

Well being self-aware of your boring ass is at least helpful to me, now I know I have to do most of the work. Have you heard anything about the new Telescope they are building to replace the Hubble?


The James Webb Space Telescope is going to be collapsible and they are going to unfold it in space, we should be able to get 5 times cleaner images from five times as far away.

Cool. I like me some space pictures.

I guess not.

Then you will like this, because most of the real pictures of space you see are actually digitally enhanced colored images that are rendered afterwards for our eyes and visible color range.

This will still be done with these images but they will be even more stunning than before.

pal of mine likes andrew jackson a lot

test I don't recall you beign a part of this conversation

i will listen later tonight when i am alone !!!

i dont really like andrewjacksonjihad but i saw them play with rozwell kid a while ago

a very fun show i liked it. but outside of live performance ? not for me.



Wow you really are boring.

Hey, you're the one talking about a telescope.

You were free to pick the topic before that, you better be careful, you're implying that space and all that whacky shit out there is boring just because we can't directly interact with it right now.

also sans is way too short for this picture to be accurate needs an edit

No, I'm implying that telescopes themselves are boring.


I'd have to disagree with you on that, there are some very very unboring ideas for telescopes.


One of the most recent ideas for a new way to make it easier to see farther is to launch clouds of reflective glitter into the atmosphere in small compact containers, until the desired location is reached, in which they dump all the glitter around the area with a small controlled explosion and use the special reflective make-up of the cloud to cheaply allow us to have a telescope anywhere we want one, basically re-inventing the idea of a telescope. There are of course some problems with this method but it's very interesting none the less.

Interesting indeed.

Another idea, involved launching a very oddly shaped disc into space to block almost all of the light in a artificial eclipse, again this makes it slightly harder to see what we want to see, but this idea of a two part telescope with parts miles and miles away from each other gives a pretty interesting look at how advanced the mechanics of something like that would be, and for me personally and appreciation for the progress we have made collectively, although none of it has been from me personally it's still rewarding to see the progress none the less.

What's that from?
I like the art style.

motorcity, its some disney XD show

It is designed especially to pick up the sensitive infrared. But yeah it's going to be tits, the greatest of tits, and when the images start coming in I'll have the biggest boner I never had.

I would rather a device that could collect energy around the sun be built.

Yea but the infrared images can be translated to more visible images, they do that with a lot of images now anyways, yea there's a lot of artistic interpretation but i think thats for the better really

That idea has a name, it's called a Dyson sphere.

Huh. I haven't kept up with shows lately.
Is it good?

Yeah, that's more interesting.

It's not terrible. Animation is quite good.

I might have to check it out.
I mostly just watch Bob's Burgers.

Scientists have actually been keeping an eye out for Dyson sphere stars since we have come up with the idea ourselves, and there are a few potential candidates that show irregular dimming, but it's likely just people getting too excited.

Of course, that's not to say humanity isn't capable of making a dyson sphere in the long run or that these stars aren't examples of them, it's just unconfirmed.

God speed.

First one's the hardest, then you can automate the construction.

We should have self-replicating nano-bots by then to streamline the whole thing.

Also I have you on Steam right?

Why not robots.


Both would be necessary obviously, I was more just trying to meme with the nano-bots comment, I feel like I'm getting a little too hardcore nerdy here and I need to swing it back a bit you know?


It's not really scifi anymore though, sure the idea of a dyson sphere is still far out of our realm of ability to make happen but we can build robots that make smaller robots, we just have to make them really small now. Nano-machines would be great fro breaking down asteroids and using them as raw material

Or you can use Mercury. It's pretty much right there. And we can use normal sized robots to mine it too.

Mercury would not be obtainable in large enough quantities, is all I have to say on that.


We have the Oort cloud, it has many times the mass of earth to mine for raw materials, and this is something that might need clarified, because it is not something one can absorb easily as a feeble and squishy mortal man. A proper dyson sphere would take more material than we have on Earth. To put it simply earth is not sufficient for the resources.

Oh you mean the PLANET mercury

No yea destroying mercury for materials is a great idea.


Now, as depressing as this might be to hear, we don't have the capability to blow up a planet yet, but we ARE working on it and I like your line of thinking.

We can blow it up bit by bit.

True it's likely it would have to be taken in chunks, but this is wear we would have to have robots because the surface of mercury is a lot like how they described Hell to you as a kid.


Yeah, like I said, robots. do realize he meant the planet, not the element, right?

Hold on there sport, another option though, would be kinetic bombardment. This would involve blasting the planet from space with just like chunks of rock and metal with enough force for some of the impact to end up in the atmosphere. By this point we should easily have this sort of tech, and the advantage to doing things like this is not having to escape the planets gravity every time and waste fuel.


It's highly unlikely, especially with all the evidence of the stars youth and the probability is far more in favour of the alignment of the protoplanetary disk obscuring our view, but that is an interesting idea about the dyson sphere. I never really looked much into that before.

Somehow I am doubtful that this is a reachable goal. But more plausible if it were possible to mine only on the dark side of the planet
To avoid the whole Hell part

Robots are fine too tho


you leave squiddy alone he cant help it

But even if we do, how do you get the political side of earth on board


Yea, it's not like we need to fully encase the star really, we just need enough of the energy captured to beam back to whatever we are using it for, the Sun produces far far more energy than we need.

or will ever need for almost anything reasonable and lots of unreasonable things too

Alright, you can take his place.

Waste of fuel to transport the needed materials. Unless you're using energy from the sun from that point.

tfw bullied into doing the dishes

transportation of materials is going to be an ever-present need, it's just escaping gravity wells that should be avoided if we can help it, and why collecting asteroids is ultimately the more pragmatic approach.

i dont know why all you nigga's seem so doubtful, we made Minecraft. How bored do you think we'll get in space with nothing to fuck with

Why this

Ahhh you love being bullied though.


Because humans are so lazy and minecraft is so much less work than harvesting space rocks.


You weren't part of the conversation, retard.

oh well you're more than welcome to join but you don't get to just join and half ass it

68 track playlist of songs that you like the most and then we'll talk

thats why you get automated robots to do it

and call the guy who made a functioning calculator in minecraft lazy

I just wanted to share a song.


This response leaves me more unsatisfied than before but instead of getting frustrated I'm just going to drop it.

then you can talk 2 rin and echo and the tea


Laughed about this post for two straight minutes, thanks

So what were you playing before you started shitposting with us Test, it didn't say on discord.


Overwatch. Now the people are all playing League and that just didn't interest me.

i luv u guys. big heart

wats so funny

Oh weird, it usually shows me when people are playing Overwatch on discord. Ah well, I'm never getting league but I plan on getting Overwatch with my next paycheck since I've already played it on my friends Ps4 way too much to pretend I don't like it.

Sorry I have to stop posting Satania for a while to post these edgy Tumblr images at least once


tbh I saw it but it I felt it needed more mockery

fuk u

I disabled that.

finally erio is posting something i can save

instead you were the mocked

Most things, atm

How was your day? ^^

also bard stop hurting test's feelings

I did that so people stop spamming my shit when I'm away and shit at 3 am.


You sneaky little demon child you. Don't like people scoping out what you are doing and trying to make you feel bad for not playing what they are playing? If so, I don't blame you.


It's fun to talk here even though we're both in the Discord call.



Robots, well okay, but they'd have to be some impressive and big ass robots unless you're thinking small scale rocks.. But think of the process beyond that, also the fact that you're adding gravity to earth, which COULD be a problem. I forgot about the calculator guy, I mean, that is fucking impressive.

most of the production of the dyson sphere would happened in space and not on earth so adding additional mass would not be a problem that would accumulate enough to be sufficient. Earth actually slowly loses mass over time anyways. I think this topic is getting too intensive for me when my brains getting ready to shut off though. I'm just gonna be a basic bitch shitposter now.


More like most of the time I don't want to be talked to at all.

We have to do our part to keep the thread alive.

You just said you were going to delete the board.

I'm gonna rip this band-aid off, please be patient

Ah, so you prefer to stay social with the group you are accustomed to, I can't say I'm not the same. It is annoying for random people to just bother you all day, it's nice to have more familiar friends that you understand to some degree.

I was waiting all day and had some friends cancel on me so thats boring

actually waiting on another friend rright now for about an hour or so

Listened to alot of new music today

what are you up to

i have like nine on my arm its going to s u c k

Do it Test.
Delete the board.

and now test made me miss the Foghorn Leghorn poster guy

Oh good, a reply. I have a legitimate excuse to keep dumping

You should let them know that's not okay and that your time should be respected :3

Found anything good?

And just smoking a ton of weed and listening to Ozzy Osbourne

I was just talking about how I was about to assault the thread with these images and hope not to get banned

no ones going to ban you for shitposting weird tumblr images, not even Holla Forums mods would do that and some of the mods here are better than that

That depends, what is "spam" exactly? It's a complex philosophical question

We should intellectually masturbate over this topic

you'd have to try pretty hard to get banned for posting those. like really hard

I told my little brother

My friend it's a little iffy with theres like alot of factors and past stuff that adds into it thats just meh
I havent been hanging out with him much cause of getting cancelleld on on hit up and juts let hang
it sucks :/


I' feeling this right now

What about you?

Even stars devour one another

Sorry for the delay.

Yep. I can do them but they can be tricky. I have to have the pick up near the bridge switch on since the i found the one (on my guitar at least) near the neck won't play those pinch harmonics too well. You gotta hit the string in the right place too to get the sound you want. I think my DS-2 was better with harmonics... maybe it was my guitar back then too.

Oh, I was thinking you meant harvesting purely for earth based resources.. Yeah, that is understandable then. And fair enough lol, I'm chilling down too myself.

I've been able to create those artificial harmonics but man I can't understand how people do it on the fly and it sounds WAY better on an electric>]]

Maybe you should try to make new friends

I started playing that video and went to another tab and was confused about why I heard a bird chirping, lol

Is that k-pop? Wouldn't have expected you to link that :3

You mean how Taylor Swift devoured Katy Perry by seemingly intentionally returning to Spotify on the same day that "Witness" was released?

those people have to practice till their fingers bleed, i only fucked around with a guitar for a little while but that shits just plain unnatural to me. they must be aliens

Sluggos are cute.

I try to enjoy a wide variety of styles

also Idk how to make friends.........

friends are just happy little accidents

Walking up to people who look the part and asking if they know where to get weed seems to work, even if you don't want it to and just want weed

wow lmao



just hilarious how you're like yea i made this annoying friend while i was trying to buy my weed

Definitely takes practice. I can do it if I knew what one I was doing it to. There are some good youtube vids where they talk about it. One of the things is to add gain/distortion of some sort. Some frets are better than others.

I this isnt that good for a small town

mom play a game with me when my friend goes to bed.

fucking classic rock and roll badassness. who cares if its practical its fucking rad

and when is that?

lol the asian guy in the glasses smiling

midnight i think. more than likely.

Okay, I'm satisfied now :3

Weed + open window with cold air coming in + nighttime + coffee + solitude

Perfect combo :3

Yeah, I guess that makes sense if everyone knows you

zack's star spangled banner was sound pretty weak compared to hendrix's version at woodstock

i mean i like smoking weed with my pals too, but being alone at night and having some coffee and smoke and some games to play is going to be pretty fun in the future.

I'm too smol and the slightest bit of cold air puts me in heavy clothes.

thats why its great to have a bit of bulk, i can be right next to a open window with 50-40 degree weather and if im already pretty warm from being active it feels so niiiiice

Don't worry I'll keep you warm~

In the future? I think you already do that too except maybe you don't drink coffee at night

I'm wearing two hoodies at once right now; I guess that's also a good aspect of this situation

They're comfortable :3

did u.... look at what i sent you last night ?

mfw i keep doing a instead of an before vowels

hoodie comfy !!! COMFY HOODIE !!!

big soft. comfy. warm. snuggle.

sinni gave me a fat cum.

yes, you were easy to spot.

well i also haven't had as many games as i've wanted to play recently, I've spent some money on a few new purchases recently but its hard to invest time into them when i feel mostly dead after work alot especially since ive been sick lately

heheheh i thought so.

Why, you drunk?


no i just skip letters a lot from not fully typing them and when it doesn't misspell a word i don't notice because editing is for gays



I have someone else for that, sorry~

It's been cold in my room so I turned my heater on and am in two pairs of pants, a sweater, and cuddled into my blanket.

Well, it does indeed take effort.

then you have legitimate reason to fear the cold

oh you too!?


fat cummies for all

*Twiddles my paws*

Yeah, I don't know why more people don't do this ^^

There are a lot of other possible sources of entertainment too

Not sure why you're focusing on games specifically; you never seemed super into them ^^

Cute :3 Well, I'd imagine it's colder up in Canada than it is here

I refuse to believe you missed what I did there.


*Holds your hand with my paw*

Yeah it was fun

Celsius joke






i used to do that.I had my own version of the national anthem but not quite as cool as the rest.