Beautiful new thread for bubs only

beautiful new thread for bubs only .

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wow what a bustling busy thread

animus..... wakeup......

who is that ?

you have the nerve.... to ask... when who are you. !

just accept it's dead

no !

i would like conversation. interaction.

looking in a mirror seems to upset you too. wonder what that says.


hey i know its been like. a long hours. but here's that playlist. idk if these are all the right videos ? i used a. spotify.

to youtube converter. good luck. put it on shuffle.

You are already dead

don't fucking insult yourself like that by comparing yourself to that.

scoots is a gay homo btw

Wow, I cannot believe you'd be this salty!

shouldn't have rejected my advances. gonna call u a homo all the time now.


my id color is making me want chicken nuggets with hot mustard now.


I mean...

yea, the stuff you hate about yourself, or what you were? that you think you're no longer?

I don't know what the fuck you actually think. but whatever you dislike about me, is probably something you're insecure about.

I dislike you for being an obnoxious twat tbh :^)


it's elementary, my dear Scoots.

were I to explain it, it'd all seem quite simple. but we wouldn't want to upset him further.

not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERIQ

too late now fag. too fukken late ;-;

Yes. I worry a lot that I can be mean, or arrogant, or socially clueless, or stupid and ignorant, or pseudo intellectual. So you scare me that way.

It is never t-too late :(

never ever ever!

>i'm currently wearing my new I've lost all respect for myself shirt from h3hJew


ha you spent money to support a creator you like. what a fucking FAG

it would almost be adorable if it wasn't so hilarious

im.... gonna sleep my babies.

its 7:30 am almost. love u alllll

okay goodnight you weirdo

You should get a job

I know right, I wonder if there is a google translate they use where they type in their dumbass shit and it comes out looking polished. Him and kanra are two peas in a pod.

You should get a job

we should all take his advice and gets jobs as artists who can't draw well.

hey now

or maybe just be people who own a guitar. being able to play it seems very optional.


Boy I sure would like that, then I can chat sdhit about others and feel superior

oh yes. feeling superior when you have absolutely zero reason to do so is crucial for these jobs.


Then we can tell people we will do them an artistic commission... but that they have to stump up a couple of hundred dollaroos because you arent cheap but love being popor because lol its our choice

and don't forget to shit on anyone with a different opinion than you. about anything really. doesn't matter what. just make sure they know they are trash for thinking different than you because your intellect is so vast and impressive.

oh and if possible, kick a poor family out of their home just in time for christmas so you have a nice space to just be alone for a while, you know?

...and... because you're insecure about being those things, your emotional reactions are being upset, annoyed, but most tellingly: disgust.

because disgust in yourself keeps you not wanting to be those things. like a skinny person disgusted by fat people.

but you don't know who I am. talking with you, it definitely seemed like your trigger for when you know you're being shit, is being projected onto whatever I say.

you don't actually know me.
the records will show this is simply a textbook case of projection.

And dont even bother yourself if their bread winning member of said family dies of TB. It is their fault for being stupid idiots.
Also remember to constanly remind people of how intelligent you are even though youve never completed higher education. It isnt important. what is important is inflating and stroking your own ego. because other peoplem don't matter. because remember the time you told people you were an emotionless and sexless peice of shit.

oh and don't forget that in spite of all that shit being 100% true about you, you still need to act like people are shitty if they aren't 100% in favor of mass immigration, and other such policies. and even though you yourself treat other people like shit, make sure that when someone else isn't as compassionate as a saint you call them out on it hardcore, and call them a shitty person as much as possible, but only in a passive aggressive way without ever saying it to their face. because that's what smart people are all about ya know?

dunno, he's very open about his sexuality. I don't think he's cute enough to say half the shit he says.

And make sure everyone knows how much of a shittty person they are, but when you are called out you gotta ignore it and stop posting, becasue the truth hurts.
And you cant have that clouding your ego, and your shitty attempts at manipulating others.
Eventually you will kill yourself with the burden of the lies and the fact you arent even a lower-middle tier person in ability or intelligence... but you will talk yourself out of it because "LOL PEOPLE WILL MISS ME MAN HEH IM SO SMART XD".

it's always hilarious to watch him desperately flirt with sabrina like the thirsty virgin he is while she just puts up with it because she's a decent human being.


ready for the big twist?
this whole time...we were talking about



I didn't kick out anyone. My mother evicted the people staying here because they were late paying rent and weren't looking after the property. I moved in afterwards.

The most I've ever charged for a comissions is 30 dollars, and I only disagree with you when you're being a racist.

oh and when you get called out on shit make sure to change the story around as much as possible because obviously no one will remember the truth so long after the fact.



byakugan is gay anyway. only nerds have it.

You can think what you like.

And when people call you out on it make sure to then twist it around so that the other person looks like a racist and a bad person.

ur a nerd

that's only because everyone but you IS a racist and a bad person, duh. because everyone else is too stupid to NOT be a racist and a bad person.

ur the biggest nerd tho

Man, I am just going to be Loco from now on. A lying, pile of judgmental garbage, who expects everything to be handed to me on a plate because I deserve it. Plastering over the cracks in my personality with deflections and big words.

oh please. he doesn't even know any of those.


Do I need to transform 4d to be racist?

no you're already racist because ur so stupid

Better ignore these TRUTH comments because I cannot acknowledge your correctness and superiority.

-le twiddle-

scoots btw did u know that ur a huge double nerd

You've gone too far this time scoots. Disappointed in you.

Truth bombs

How... what... when... This cannot be... h-hah you just saying that because you cannot cognate my neural apex over your cognitive dissonance. Loser.

man that sure is a lot of nerd words for someone claiming not to be a nerd. hmm...most curiouser...most curiouser indeed...

*gives thread a freindly bump*

The truth bomb is I thought we were friends and your roasting has always been playful enough to balance out with you being nice and flirty with me when you're drunk. Cup doesn't know me very well, but you do, and I'm hurt.




this but unironically.

That is a top fucking kek of a shitpost.


this but ironically unironically.

Nice meme

loco, can you sincerely apologize for being shit to me?

that a big chunk of the hate you felt for me, and expressed to me so that I got to feel it, was because you're insecure? can you admit this?

the fact you even care at all about such a waste of human life's opinion or apology is just mind blowing.

the fact you even care at all about such a waste of human life's opinion or apology is just mind blowing.

wtf he turned it around on me ;_;

A nice meme was considering me a friend.



yes. I was only mean because I'm insecure. And others are only mean to you because it's a meme. And we only call you stupid or avoid your posts because they're so dense and smart. And you're only autistic because you care about the truth so much. You are perfect and you are so good at ow.

I don't care about his opinion so much anymore. but I did take it personally. I trusted him not to hurt me, because who the fuck just does that, over and over. because who does that? Who does that, then tells that person they deserve it?

it almost becomes a fucking joke when you realize

that if you asked him to list the things he hated about you

and the things he felt insecure about in himself

would produce almost identical lists.

Babooka babooka

When the roaches start to sing.

most people would have moved on and stopped giving a shit at this point. I mean just look at his reply to you. but heaven forbid you listen to me, you've never done it before, why start now right?

singing roaches would be a hell of a vegas show tbh



es to ze

fk u cup


Singing locos? Would be topkek

if the reason I say mean things is because I'm insecure

It doesn't make the mean things I say less true.

yummy food soon!
and ur all strong and ready for the day too!

It does. It soils them in the desperation of your motives.


ready to make the money money awooo

this is a little funny.

you seem to have projected your insecurities onto me again.

Those are are all things you've said recently.

scoots gonna use money to travel?! :D

yea, and your list of criticisms lines up with your list of insecurities. it's called a bias.

*pets* its okay. sssssssh

Yes! jetting off to exotica

Where do you wanna go?

riviera de maya, Mexico.
not to far south of Cancun.

why there?! :O

Here is what you're doing:

It's a way of avoiding dealing with the criticism. That's all you do. You need to find my angle or motivation in this because you can't deny anything I say about you, and you also can't deal with it being true. After like a year and a half, this is getting exhausting. It's always the same shit. You should just deal with it.

Because its hella sunny, tropical as heck and has so much to do in and aorund itself.
Plus its all inclusive so I can drink like a fish.
Also them hispanic girls.

Boy, I love watching the re-runs of Loco and Kanra's quarrels. It is like watching Boruto's Dad compilations.

I'm waiting for them all to be out on netflix so I can binge watch.

Almost as thrilling as the "scoots sitting on the sidelines complaining about everyone" reruns.

I can deny some of the shit you say about me.

Because it's false.

The anger, the vitriol, and toxic cancer you spew at me, that you straight up told me I deserved: I can deny.

You were gratuitous, and that says more about you than it does about me.

Lol, i see why now.
scoots running from british grey rainclouds~

i heard a hurricane hit uk recently! :O did it affect you?


he's still posting so unfortunately it must not have. guess god really does hate us.

I better not ruin with spoilers.

They're classics. I am sure EVERYONE loves them.

It hit most of Ireland.
It was extremely windy up my end, but I was working most of it so didn't really get it. I only felt the winds at like 6am as I was going into work.

if you do I'll cry like super hard so yeah DON'T

I cannot wait for Squiddy to eventually finish his first season of "Makes you Ink". I really love its depressed and bogan undertones.

It's just so tense, I'm just on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next every time, no matter how many times I've seen it before.

Don't maek cupcake cry, fragile beebee

A thriller for the ages. Wonder when we will see a Top Ten Scoot sideline snipes.

you saying that has caused me great distress and now I'm crying anyway. thanks a lot.

*pets cuppers*

lol just another windy day for scoots!


I see this conspiracy and I do not LIKE it.

Yeah, another windy England.
Also, its hella cloudy today... so no change xD

strange wand she got!

at least scoots i happy. aand once crunchy support teeam finds my message hopefully i'll be happy too!

already working on it bub. better get ready for a terrible life of not wasting time here constantly.

it's super high level equipment!

Loco worries he can be mean, and coincidentally finds me very mean.

Loco worries he can be arrogant, and coincidentally finds me offensively arrogant.

Loco worries that he's socially clueless, and there's no way he hasn't noticed that his closest relationships are with his mommy, and surrogate mommy.

Loco worries he can be stupid/ignorant/pseudointellectual, and coincidentally (maybe you're spotting the pattern) these are things he frequently and primarily attribute to me.

what she use it for?



tell me moar~

that's uh, about it. she draws magic circles and they do things.

Silly rolled crunches!

People will go unharassed!

Who is surrogate mommy?

we will finally have the utopia we always dreamed of. you're gonna regret being mean to me now!

That would be me.

This hugbox commie shit will not work... you revisionist!

Daddies can't be mommies. That's unchristian.

would have thought you would be all about the commie shit u fucking LIBERAL

did you cap every moment?

i'll be teh saber in that pic!

I'm only on episode six for capping.

anyhow I leave for work. I cannot really post there because theyre internet is cursed somehow. So here effective is a 24 hour banning of scoot.
Hope ur happy.

Work time.
Later nerds.

Happy happy luka

I'd be more happy if it was forever u fukken NERD

have a nice day.

which ones are ur fave

bai bai scoots


he upsets himself.

he is disgusted with himself.

he depresses himself.

how do we know he feels these things? because he openly says these he feels these things. he opeenly says he feels those things about me. and frankly, I'm disgusted by hypocrites.

if he dislikes bad or mean people, or bullies,
he seems to lack the ability to see himself as one.

episodes? I dunno. they're all pretty good.

That loco guy, what a pisser

what will you do today?

drink and play a bunch of comp overwatch to try and win enough games before the season ends to get another gold weapon.

I mean your actual mommy. Your mother. Either your actual mommy loved you too much, or didn't not enough. You can joke about it, but when you express your horniness,

it's embarassingly obvious you see yourself as the innocent appearing, but secretly lewd boy, that masturbates to how secretly lewd he's being. Don't imagine a sexual pattern like that emerges from nothing.


i played some a bit ago
i did okay, but i'm rusty from not playing enough ;~;

new mercy still working for you?

If you want to apologize for being mean to me, I'm still open to that.

Yeah, why?
even after the nerf and fly to ally changes she's till pretty gud~
i get off rezes here and there while walk past enemy team and rezing and gliding back to my team!

it's challenging!
you gotta be aware and stuff of who's around
my nice headphones give my super spatial awareness in hearing specific footsteps and abilities arounf the corner or above and below me.

and in the most hardcore battles i rez fly and rez out of the ground level danger making it so my teams tays alive distractying them so they cant focus on me in the sky since im making my team out sustain their fights.

why do you ask? ^_^

just curious. they've been tinkering with her so much since her rework. I still really like her, and think the changes are mostly healthy ones. I really like her glide changes, I use that to get momentum all the time when I play her.

You have pestered and harassed me to no end. You have shit talked me here in response to me being kind in private. You have posted private logs of conversations with me without my consent. You have blackmailed me. You have harassed my friends.

I apologise if I have been excessively mean to you. Maybe I went too far in some places. And I'm sorry for being nice to you when you didn't deserve it. I make mistakes.

Fishing Verny is quite possibly my favourite boat image.


what a series finale

mhm... the changes are playable, and no longer overpowered...

tbh i miss how strong the 10 sec cdr in ult mode was tho~

i think i saved it from you

yeah that shit was nuts. it was way too much though. honestly she's still too strong compared to the other healers. playing a match without one just feels like playing with an arm cut off or something, it's absurd. they need to make more support heroes. at least one more really strong one that can compete for the main healer slot. and perhaps a buff to ana to put her back in the running again.

Who knows.
I don't know that I've posted fishing Verny.

I know I sent it to the Commander a few times when we were talking about boats.


The next hero can't be another defense hero
i know they just made anna... but maybe they should add another support...

yeah and i understand how that feels,
a team with mercy usually has the upper hand.

post moar?


Good morning

ana was added like over a year ago now, luka. they haven't added another support since her. they've never added another defense hero. it's been two more dps and a tank. defense heroes are probably quite tough to figure out anyway, since they really just fit into weird comps or are specialized dps like widow and hanzo.

they really need to add another support with the raw healing power of ana or mercy. maybe even with an ability that is so tempting it's worth giving up res if you want it.

More what?

i never slept

but anna was the first 'new' hero back then
then they did atack hero and then tank hero, and next should be defense hero soon?

boat girl fishing?

I weep.

if you checked the timelime, I shit talked you after you started being cruel in private.

I felt like nobody would believe me. that you were some kind of monster, that I trusted not to hurt me, but that you did. I never thought you'd hurt me. it didn't occur to me I deserved it. but you told me I did. you didn't drop some truth bombs, and I ended up in the blast radius.

no. you were targetedly cruel. you don't get to confuse the two.

man, you believed what you wanted to believe. and what you believed, at least what you've expressed, lines up with all the things that you find wrong in yourself. you don't actually care.

you're a goddam mean person, and a hypocrite.

there is no way in fuck you're remotely apologetic.

you lack the self-reflection.

it was ana, then sombra, then orisa, then doomfist. I don't think they're in any hurry to add another defense hero, those are already so underused as it is. another support is what the game really needs right now, so I'm pretty sure that is what they are going to drop next.

I don't have any fishing Verny.

that would be nice...

i wonder if it's gonna be a cute girl
or some robot thingy healer?

awww.... ok

they've been teasing athena in subtle ways for a while so my bet would be on that.

a sentient ai gives itself a remote controlled body
that can aid an ally team is some method of 'supporting'

instead of being stuck in winstons server room lul ?


I mean, it's a cliche that the bully bullies for what he's insecure about being seen as.

I mean, he doesn't say much about me, but when he does, it's about him.

I did

kanra im late but shut the fuck up and stop being such a blowhard

just kind of pretend i got here earlier and didnt fall asleep earlier last night and just kind f apply that statement to this whole thread

kind of*

I'm not Kanra.




What's wrong :(

i want happyness

Don't we all

Happiness is a constantly fleeting emotion you will never have for longer than you have time to get bored of it.

Mislink, I'm a not smart person.

just because it's unlinked and below you doesn't mean it is to you, context is your pal

oh ok

i'm sad

i'm bored

the more i read over this thread the more i'm glad i told kanra to shut the fuck up



say what you want

but don't pretend it was for my benefit

hey luka dont feel too bad, i have to go to work in one hour and i don't really want to

Sorry do you want to raise freud from the fucking dead so he can talk about her mom too? in private its completely different but here generally it's a good idea to not look half crazy all the time

is it really so hard to try to address things in a more productive manner in less words?

i wanna

like it or not, some things are unavoidably Freudian. this doesn't mean he was right, but he had running themes.

one theme, was defined mechanisms.


don't be scared to call something Freudian when it is.

You act like you aren't projecting too, it's not like loco is the only one here who calls you out for being weird or says you ramble on ad finitum about nothing

is that loco's fault or is that your fault?



Can you put that a different way?

yes i can

do you think people here would still treat you similarly to how they do now because of how you yourself act if loco had not set or done anything.

said or done*

Kanra, get off my dick, I'm like 12, this is stat rape.

you're implying it's not the other kind of rape if only lightly

It doesn't matter, because it's assaulting a minor regardless.

bd, I asked you to put what you said a different way.

but your first question and your second question are not equal in purpose.

I have reason to think you're going into this half-cocked and maybe you shouldn't post before work.

i don't hear a yes or no, if you want to whine to someone for an apology do it privately, don't try to make my position look weaker because you can't think of shit to say.

i mean, you certainly had plenty to say earlier



You're annoyed by something, but it doesn't look like you're too sure about what that is.

you want to call me out for projecting
your question suggests I'm blaming loco for my faults
so it looks like you're asking questions, pretending to be helpful, and it kills time

I mean, I could explain it.

But it was fucking obvious Baddog had made up his mind when he started.

even if that were the case and i were going into this half-baked, you're purposefully forgetting to address the most important thing in that post, which i knew you would leave out in your typical and annoying green-text posting style

it doesn't matter if they have you added, or if they won't accept it, find a way to drag an apology out of them privately because no one really wants to see it here and other's have already made jabs at you for it

do you want me to make a strawpoll titled "Who want's to watch Kanra try to get loco to apologize to him for something that happened privately" and post it during active hours, maybe that would be objective enough for you

if I miss something, tell me. I'm convinced that you're just unnecessarily, pretending to be helpful, but casually also being an asshole because you got something to prove, but your assortment of questions makes it sound like you don't give a fuuuuuuck

so yea, your questions are stupid, and you're stupid for even suggesting your intention is to be helpful.

im pretty sure my intention was to tell you to shut the fuck up

you seemed to take it upon yourself to assume i was personally trying to be helpful to you at that time

so you just dropped by to tell me to shut the fuck up

then pretend to engage me in conversation

this is shit behaviour.

and if anythings stupid it's you getting schooled by loco and then replying repeatedly after he stops even posting, honestly it was probably very unhelpful for me to even butt in, and you would have eventually fizzled out on your own, but i genuinely hope you don't think trying to hound them in thread for an apology is a good cover for trying to out them as a bad person, you're transparent to the point i don't even need to seriously address what you do.

conversation isn't the right word for it



Had to guy buy some socks

maybe you're cranky because you woke up, and you opened the threads and saw a shitload of my posts, and thought stfu, then told me to stfu, but also realized you were bored so you wanted to engage with me.

because you can't seriously address it

because as I've stated this whole time

you don't give a fuuuck. you're just vaguely annoyed about different things,

and you opened the thread, to see a bunch of kanra posts

and you felt compelled to tell me the things that annoyed you.

now that you've done that, do you feel any better?

has your day gotten better or worse by deciding to inject yourself here today?

guy buy

thats to be decided when i see if you shitpost aggressively at loco in the future or not for very petty reasons

if you want people to give a fuck post caps, if you don't want to make it public keep it private

this isn't complicated

Go buy*

nawh man when you go to the store with one item and one item only to buy, it's a guy buy

It is?I actually need two items, but I can get the other at Costco
I wanted to but the 20 pack of socks, but they were too small

baddog came into this thread

having just woken up

an hour before work

proceeded to stumble over what exactly he disliked about my posts

then said a bunch of incorrect shit.

there's no reason to think baddog cared to even read carefully before he expressed his annoyance. this is probably because he just fucking woke up and he's not being mindful, unable to accept that I'm being mindful.

nawh im just making jokes, i feel likes guys are usually better at going to the store and getting what they came to get rather than getting a little distracted by shopping but maybe thats a little sexist, i dont want to offend the gays

yup you got me

My mom is really bad for that

I mindfully, and knowingly, say that loco exclusively criticizes things about me, things that fears in himself. I can prove this, and he pretty much admits it here.

and here's some Wikipedia psychoanalysis

actually kanra, everyone secretly wants to watch you try to intellectually wank on people, thats a big part of why we come here, what a shame i have to go to work now or i could keep getting the whole situation wrong.

don't fukken link me ever again u filth

look kanra even if you're right NO ONE CARES

ill be nicer to you than duke and call you smart

you cared enough to make half assed remarks on it

you've gotten lazy, baddog.

I'm a fucking beacon of intelligence in a cold dark stupid world u piece of trash. bow down and worship ur intellectual superior.

and you cared enough to link posts that were obviously mocking you

ta-ta for now

I wasn't nice to cupcake?

you've always been so mean to me ;-;


more abuse pls

You spent too much time around the goldfish

this has to be some of the laziest sarcasm today. why does he even bother?

he spent too much time around me bby. I was a masochist long before meeting him.

Perhaps that's why you both got along

I believe that is one of the reasons yes. he's also just a super cool dude and I enjoy his company in general. for some reason he liked mine as well, even though I royally suck.

I think everyone likes the fishu
He's too genki

he's just one of those cool people. pretty impossible not to like.

I'm sure there are those who dislike him
I don't know of any though

I mean, how the fuck are you supposed to respond

to someone vaguely being an ass to you

obviously not giving a fuck

but just has to be shit?

is not giving a fuck about how shit you're being a defense these days?

Does loco have anything to do with you leaning on me for emotional support for like a year and then disappearing without saying anything

We already talked about this.

Are you bringing this up now because you don't care if you're being shit rn?

Is it possible all you want to do this morning, is be a shit person?

you can always hide behind how few fucks you give

they always do

more for me

I wasn't satisfied with the conclusion we came to, I think I deserve an apology too

You don't give a fuck if I apologize. You don't even know what the fuck you want me to apologize for.

if I'm wrong, I apologize. but be honest and tell me this isn't you just killing time.

I literally have a wall to take down at work, I want you to apologiE formally for wasting my time for a year just to disappear and then pretend like it was all cool just because I didn't immediately give you shit for it. You don't think I've wondered how youve been and you're trying to hound fucking loco for some useless ass apology?

Fuck you

Because that's what I do. I've had nothing but pathetic shit to say.

It never occurred to me I could be of value to you. I didn't think me disappearing would mean anything.

Sorry I can't pay you back for your wasted time, if you consider it wasted time.

It's wasted be wise you disappeared you asshole


My discord is bd#8815, add me if you want to

If we were to talk, you'd lose your shit at me like you did today.

Almost everyone has. I know it's my fault. it's a little funny.

I wouldn't know what to say.

But what'll end up happening is I'll focus in on something you want me to just drop, move on from, or just shut up about, and I'll insist it's somehow relevant and important as many ways as I can, unsatisfied with any answer you could give me, til we realize talking to each other is shit.

I don't trust myself to do otherwise. I've done this to everyone I know, and that is not an exaggeration.

do girls poop?

I'm sorry kanra, I hope you find your happiness, but it wont happen like that


work is going good btw

glad to hear it dood. keep us posted.

Only because you asked nicely

what a mess

Please someone explain the joke to me.

None of this is funny.

Gotta get a little messy to get things done sometimes, I got a few boo boos too

I should outlaw memes

ohmygosh are you okay? ;-;

You're not the law.

I am, in fact, the law.

ugh. it's this guy.

Oh shit it's the Ops!

he won't do nuffin. he's a puss.

We were talking about how to get our ass cupcake flavored in the discord today and I thought of you




A lot of cops I know have a short-mans complex. It's why they became cops to wield power in the first place.

that definitely checks out in this case

People who sound themselves with pastries shouldn't go about shouting and proselytizing.

I am at school and don't want to open the ui to ban you both simply because class will start soon and I wouldn't be able to unban you until I got home.



the use of "sound" here can't possibly mean what I think

see? total pussy lmao


Yes it does. They're sick.

I am fine dear sweet cupcakes, it is only a flesh wound

oh thank goodness

gonna go ahead and throw up now

I hate all of you.


What I do?

seriously tho don't shove sweets up ur pee hole

You can't stop me

test I want it B U T T

Ur butt phone typos

nigga u what


Oh I see

Okay but let me sit in like a big ass wedding cake first

ya'll sick as hell

People will say I'm just flirting with the admin but I actually forget you run the board like daily, ass cream cake I'd be er forget


I forget daily too because he is doing his job right, ie not doing anything.

Now I'm just picturing a little boy dressed as a girl sitting in an enormous wedding cake shaped like a bum.

so test

Good point, Ive always gotten along with test well anyways

just don't get on his bad side. he has a short temper

Goddamn savage is my last name

You already made that joke, don't let your humor be so stunted.

I have a bad short term memory sometimes. my bad.

Test would be a strawberry not tall cakr

ur a strawberry





scoob pls assist with aristotles weirdness

I think you got a puny list of puns, Cup.

I never claimed to be clever.

Nope. Just a fag.

ur being a bully

For halloween does test wear stilts and dress as a normal person?

Cup was made to bully.

I've never bullied in my life


test just trick or treats like a child and no one knows


Yeah nah, neither one of us was born yesterday.

I was



I love how you can see the roller-coaster of emotions on her face.


Enjoy your Overwatch, fag.


don't fukken stalk me

Good morning! How are you all doin?


Gonna do my studying now.



Super uwu

why is NA so bad

hi dear, how are you?

too bad it's setup because he uses both hands to move the bowls, so someone else is filming



It's after noon, Bardo...



go to bed

actually I just plain stopped playing. been trying to force myself to play enough to get all those comp points but honestly I'm tired of playing for now so I'm not gonna.

Only if you come join me

"What did you say" on repeat in the background is pretty fitting because I can't read half the shit he holds up to the camera.

Comp points? This sounds like my feelings with MWO when there's an event running, and the prize really isn't worth the massive pile of shitters I have to put up with to get them.


guess that's what I get for wearing a minions T shirt

well my general experience is just shitters all the time anyway so that wasn't really it. just the fact I've been playing so much lately. halloween event plus the comp season ending soon and I wanted to get another gold weapon, but it's not a huge deal. I'll just get it sometime during next season. or maybe even tomorrow who knows. all I know is right now I'm sick of playing so I'm not gonna force myself to.

i want this spray!



Are you? How much an hour?

u r

no u

ur both whores

You could have wore nothin' for me instead.

Oh wow, gold weapons. It's like CoD all over again.

no it's not the same shut up reeeee

you're right

Why would I wear anything for you?

How do you sleep so early

w o w

U and Speccy? If so, then yes

With my eyes closed of course


Mexican drug lord then.

Good girl.



Yeah, you WOULD want a golden cock, fag.

oh god

well that's just rude

but the truth

No, you'll yell that later.

But you ain't denyin' it. What Hu said.

Is the golden cock like the golden gun from goldeneye?
One shot and you're pregnant?


Well I guess I'll be seeing you later


Nah, actually let's not.
Don't wanna see you ever again.

W-why you...........