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just waiting for a new one werent you

I'd have to wait a fucking long time if that were the case. People and making threads nowadays.


just naturally good timing then

Bed nana nono

Pretty much.

Holla Forums ads really resonate with me

I'm down

Though I'll probably end up getting us shitfaced

That looks tasty

soto worse than emma


i like when Holla Forums was advertising the car traded for the rick and morty sauce

Play hentai game to buy furry doujin


Go win daddy some new spank comics.

if i ever go to california im going to end up dead because it's going to inevitably involve running into Soto at some point

Not sure you can die from getting contact high.

I went to Cali and lived, you just don't go to SoCal

i thought you've been around for a little while duke, i get pretty weird at parties sometimes

What, you'll punch a nigger or something?

I like it when they were linking their news site saying Vegas was a false flag

Or when it's a slow news day so they do ads about black men who have committed crimes

Those are my most favourite to read, other than the ones about Hillary.

It is

I think it was like a baked lobster/scallop roll


Nah man
You'll just have a bad hangover the next day lol


No inv to NorCal

Soto not Socal


if i ever am out in cali for some reason you better believe im gonna have some spending money with me, we'll really live it up sounds great for when im like 30 lmao


Yeah, that's where he is, baka

A good amount of my friends are 30 lol

i still have a few years

i went to cali (san deegi) to visit buddies and i spent a couple hundred on food ..... its really. delicious

ill definitely have to come by there with the girl then im sure soto will have no problem finding someone for a double date

Hey Ho what's happening in here friends!


B O OT !

i got some green matcha tea i wonder what it will taste like

Soto and BD are cybering in thread, don't look.

I hate tea, esp. green tea x.x I hope you like it though!!

Looking away, how are you doin?

Better, now that I don't have to deal with freaking sliding ice.

In 1.0, fine - mostly same as always.

How about yourself?

What the fuck, Kyle.

i didnt like tea at all untillllll last year. so when i turned 18 almost.

now i like it (usually i prefer it iced though.. hot is okay)


I may have told him about those old cyber sessions we used to have.

Who the firetruck doesn't like tea

I like to imagine everyone is actually their avatar
It really makes me chuckle when Squash or Moogs posts

I am my avatar.
I'm a real, bonafide 2D girl.


How silly.

hurr durr implied ownership



Echo what did i do?


: |

Then everyone here should just uses either piles of shit or literal garbage.


Just horrifying.
Anyway, what's up?

Losing at LoL.

Want some help?

No. This is embarrassing.

I liked it better when Echo was posting Emma

I can rename it for you but I am kinda digging the neru names.

Ganbatte Squash-san!
I believe in you~!

Rename what for me

The folder he's posting from.

It's not the same as an adorable loli

I want to manhandle its tiny body

Cats are adorable.

This one isn't




Wow 0 love for sistercat

I think she's cute but it's weird to me if it isn't Neru.



Emma is just so much cuter


Echo-chan hates me confirmed

You said Emma.

I really like the bio-luminescent dragon.

That folder has an interesting name.

And then you posted Nico

Well, yeah..

Girls name is Kotori
But it was Emma's folder.
I renamed it, but then she got offended so I renamed it back.

Nico and Akebono are Emma's as well, so..

medium. com/starts-with-a-bang/astronomys-rosetta-stone-merging-neutron-stars-seen-with-both-gravitational-waves-and-light-d9693135be43

Get on my level
Jk PBS is great

The fuck's with them anime-ass eyes

I never watched any of Date A Live



Oh I completely forgot I had this folder too
God that show was terrible.


Compare it to something else so I can understand just how bad

What's a Slovakian accent sound like

I linked you to that guy though because he's fucking fantastic if you love astonomy.
Which if you do, you are my nigga whether you like it or not.

Like a sober Russian.

Sounds nice

I have the cosmic microwave background/galaxy cluster map chart on my wall, you cannot escape being my nigga now.

Pretty bad

Like Strike the Blood lol
Just take any generic waifu action anime without plot.


Oh, that sounds pretty bad yeah
Can't be as bad as Mirai Nikki though

Never seen it so I wouldn't know.

Are there any anime conventions in Slovakia?

Yeah, but not much food.



i really like

whennn... long sleeves

are just a bit too long and cover ur hands and u cann like. hold onto the sleeves with the fingers. on your hands. its cute and comfy !!!!!!!!!


its pretty self explanatory... i'm not sure what (?) sort of query you'd have about my post...

Go be autistic with your people Echo

That's shit traps do to hide their giant ass hands

I'm good.

Well, why it was made to begin with.

No fun allowed

Soto lets meet up at AX

The shitty Yuno anime

to inform and possibly encite a conversation about the topic !

okay while this might be true... its stil cute. when anyone does it.


The cosplay?

The avatar?
Idk, probably because she's anime.

lol are you actually going or are you memeing on me?

shut up desu

I'd rather go be autistic with like, Grim or Subtle than risk meeting, whatever the fuck I might meet here.

Mormon 7: 4-8 Know ye that ye must lay down your weapons of war, and delight no more in the shedding of blood, and take them not again, save it be that God shall command you.
Know ye that ye must come to the knowledge of your fathers, and repent of all your sins and iniquities, and believe in Jesus Christ, that he is the Son of God, and that he was slain by the Jews, and by the power of the Father he hath risen again, whereby he hath gained the victory over the grave; and also in him is the sting of death swallowed up.
And he bringeth to pass the resurrection of the dead, whereby man must be raised to stand before his judgment-seat.
And he hath brought to pass the redemption of the world, whereby he that is found guiltless before him at the judgment day hath it given unto him to dwell in the presence of God in his kingdom, to sing ceaseless praises with the choirs above, unto the Father, and unto the Son, and unto the Holy Ghost, which are one God, in a state of happiness which hath no end.
Therefore repent, and be baptized in the name of Jesus, and lay hold upon the gospel of Christ, which shall be set before you, not only in this record but also in the record which shall come unto the Gentiles from the Jews, which record shall come from the Gentiles unto you.

I hope everyone had a blessed day today, remember that I'm always praying for each and every one of you, and God loves you.

sexual predator here


Well yeah, fuck going to an anime con by yourself

That's just sad imo

Not nice to lie.

When do we remove the mod that's a gross manipulator & a child predator.


Pretty much, yeah.

Which one?


You don't have any irl friends that are nerdy or watch some anime?

Moogs, the disgusting man.

Also the only mod


i feel like everytime. EVEERYtime. i look at your avatar.... i drown in grease. like a big grease

pool. a big pool of grease and i'm trapped



Nope, all my irl friends are cool.


Fairly certain I'm actually going.

Slightly high.
How are you all?




Should go to bed. I'll be doing the same once my phone is charged.

Slightly low.

i am happy to be not high !


this is a good. post.

In a bit, paperwork.

In what regard?

Work related?


Are you a normie irl? :O

Oh lol
The one before moogs was also a gross manipulator & a child predator.

Oh shit nice.

They're doing a mail in badge thing this year which is amazing cause fuck waiting in line for hours in the cali sun lol

I wish thee luck.

AN has done that forever

Yes yes


Well I'm alone, at work, tired as hell..

I'm not sure, maybe?
As unusual as my interests may be among my friends, noone really gives a fuck, so..


I can relate though I'm at home.

I am confused af about life, hate being me for no valid reason. And lastly, I wish humanity would just destroy itself already tbh.

Who are you?

At least you can sleep, no?

Dead inside.


Was suppose to be asleep half an hour ago.
I got maybe 10 more min.

As is deserved.

Tru tru

Before ?

Chris no

Really? lol I guess we're a little late to the game on that one

I must warn you though AX gets pretty crowded at times

Tell me more about your unusual interests

No one you, or anyone else here knows personally. There was another board I tried to get into where I called myself Bar0n, which you may recognize because I recall seeing you there once talking about LoL.


End thyself.

I sleep.

Oh. The /tripfriend/ poster.
I recall. I don't think we've interacted and I avoided you here 'cause I thought you were Wastelander.

As long as I have space to buy loli doujins :^)


Oh, comfy.

No Chris ;;

Lol.. Yeah.. I fucking honestly have no clue who that guy is but considering my experience so far, I wouldn't want to talk to him either probably..

He's a waste of space.

I'm going to sleep.


Good evening

Sounds like a hassle. Night.


oh gosh It's rare I get attention from test~
hiii Test

Yeah.. I figured that.
Good night.

oh okay

I see how it is test.......onoly talking to me cause the thread is dead ;~:

This must be like a religious experience, talking to your God.

Yeah basically.

oh excuse me I thought I was talking to Test

Not Ban :~

How ya gonna get them back home? :^)

This blasphemy should be punished but I'm rather magnanimous.


Fly from Detroit instead of Toronto and just cross the border normally instead of going through airport customs :^)


Probably a hell of a lot cheaper too tbh

thank god for once you're soemthing other than Anonymous

also fuck you I am amazing >: (

yeah here

Hello Mother

It's important to show solidarity with the common plebeians occasionally.


DO NOT POST THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


brb not forgetting this for years

This image looks painful.

unless you are only viewing.

Honestly, i don't understand what appeals to you about this site, considering how sensitive you are to practically everything.

i have no where to go

It's all ironic shitposting.

Are we going to buy matching loli doujins?

(hey i'm not as sensitive as i might seem.... i just would prefer to not see provocative things..) and this is sort of

exaggerated by the traits i like to exhibit here.



Im gonna keep my eye out for Blend S doujins



hai kitty


Oh thank god

my tummy... grumblin... i would like

some cold

green bean ! green bean !

whatcha doing bard

thank god for what?

So how did you find out about this place again?

hey... would anyone like to. play a game like.

jackbox games or town of salem or mafia or something

i think that it would be. fun


Let's play Parkbench.


i see myself !!!! ITS LIKE LOOKING INTO A MIRROR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just enjoying some smoke and listening to glass animals how are you buddy

Uhhh, kitties are just neat!

I don't fit in with the normal human populace.. I don't even fit in much with the abnormal human populace but it is the closest I can find and gee! I happen to relate more to people here so I poked around for communities n shit. I don't know what I am trying to actually accomplish here, not do I care if I fail to accomplish anything at all. I was alone before, I'll be alone again.

I'll park your bench


i can... host jackbox through discord screenshare. or play mafia thru web browser with people. i would like to play a game with you (people) ! ! !!!!!!

sorry bord i was playing leeg hello!

I'll bench your park

chilling in bed and watching videos
I didn't get out of work until 9 today
finally got one of my good bowls from my brothers house too
fucking thieves

why's that??

No thanks

Because you were a scapegoat out of a conversation that was too confusing for me to try and continue.

u think u have the power to say no ? ! ...

hi desu do u still hate women even tho u r pretending to be one rn?

Ihope you're having a nice night oobley :3

i am how r u bardoo

(i do not really like women. boys are best.)

i mean they are okay. but the majority suck. i gues sthe majority of boys suck too. anyone who has cold bags of green beans are good !

he's pretending to be a 14 year old girl though not a woman

Need someone to tucc me in

thats like...... next level pedophilia

please delete

i wasn't paying attention

maybe he's just trying to catch pedos
like the take a seat over there guy

* Tuccs in*
Wanna bed tiem story 22222?

That depends

I wasn't either

I meant to ask how you found out about this place, other stranger.

But how did you find out about this place?

well how are you

Fck u, 2 bad, read Ready Fox yourself liek I did.


you can join if you'd like. if not i'll just play with randoms.

next level autism

ya'll gonna fuck you fuckin gays?


Not anymore

i found this place... when i was curious really late one night. i used 8ch one other time tooooo meet people in my area. and i never met up i just

talked for a day and got bored. but then recently i iiii

was looking thru the boards and opening them all and this one seemed really nice so im here now. and i like it here a lot. thanks for being welcoming


go away desu

Or is it

"avatarfag circle jerk" suggests a bunch of !POTENTIALLY! like minded faggots may, perhaps, have congregated in one place. Tha's pretty much the pittifully unmagical reality of it all on my end.

it is

I will leave
But only because I need to in order to sleep

fair enough.

you don't seem to understand that this place never gets new people.

where in Canada are you from?




oh are you two coming to voice? that's the only approaching of thots i can predict.

we're watching shitty anime


Same province as

Sleepy fuck who has a faggy 'normal hours like normal, regular functional humans' job lives. Apparently

Delete Canada

Same province as...?




pls, yes, I want to feel nothing!!

Seriously? NS Christ..


I'm back from work

i have two friends from canada.
is a mega weeb who likes cat girls and (cum)....

the other. is a coke fiend who drinks all day.

omw to delete canada.


better than being a pepsi fiend

b a r d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop looking at sinni

This post fucking killed me and also test


Thank you for your validation :3

Where in Nova Scotia? No need to spoiler that stuff. I'm from BC.

H-Halifax.. The fuck is it to you?

I don't see what the problem is

Don't stutter post

please... nezi... i would like to pat your head... but you continue.... to post....

BAD THINGS !!!!!!!! no green bean for you.

Shut up.. I'm trying to seed doubt, goddamnit!

I like to know when people are lying, or being untruthful.

Yeah, good fucking luck with that..

ok no more lewd

now give pets :3

your're wel cum

this but unironically

who said I was being ironic?

It's not a matter of luck.

The best way to make a good first impression is to fib a little.

You still haven't explained how you found about this place.

If you were lurking Holla Forums, where do you usually go on Holla Forums?

Winter is probably hell in most of Europe.

I thought it was bad enough here in fucking IOwa


WHAt is this

you are. protected.

it is meme

And Iowa isn't even a very hot state. The winters can't be fun being continental climate and up that far in the north.

Almost all of Europe is north of there.




maybe not always but it does get there!

This year we hit 115 fahrenheit.........

are we sure that's Desu?

wow. That's pretty damn hot for being that far up. I don't think it's gotten to 100 here in 4-5 years or so.

Holla Forums used to always be a sort of counter media opinion for me.. Though it is important to mention, that I never assumed or harboured ill begotten opinions of any sort.. I have a knack for scoping out the truth. dont believe me? i dont care..

I'm gonna guess you're sitting just a little south yourself?

Yep. A little bit.

Idont care, because I've literally told you everything I'm willing to, that its true, by this point.. If you still can't accept any of my fucking answers by now, then you are literally as much a worthless, emotionally cowardly shit as anyone else.. fk u .. bi...

the internet is a form of media.
the articles and videos shared by Holla Forums are from media.
how does Holla Forums get its information, if not from media?
by creating a post, they are essentially creating new media.

and how the hell is being media, if by media you mean New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, Reuters, Politico, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, a bad thing?

just a knack? like a feeling?

Yeah, and most people are fucking dipshits.. doesnt mean I dont find it all entertaining.. And finding it entertaaining doesnt make me a fucking monster.. Fuck you, and fuck every mall santa thast looks like you!

Bend over 4 me pls so I may dominate your tight asshole..

seems worthless and emotionally cowardly to insist I'm a worthless, emotionally cowardly shit, just because I can't accept any of your fucking answers by now.

finding it entertaining doesn't make you a monster,
but it does mean you probably don't question your sources rigorously,
because you don't find questioning information as entertaining as consumnig it.

Anyone from Holla Forums probably thinks they're red pilled, but usually it turns out they've just deluded themselves into opinions, usually conservative leaning and nationalistic, usually emphasizing ANGER and FEAR and OUTRAGE and THE END OF DAYS.

Have you taken the brown pill yet, laddies

I heard you liked my pun

It was a giggle

Fine, you got me, I am no monstr.. I am capable of caring but am crippled by my inability to fucking.. GIVE.. A.. SHIT!!!
But i care tho T_T

heh heh heh

How old are you?

Just because I don't think you're a monster, doesn't mean you're not. I'm usually slow to consider people bad.

You didn't reply to anything else I said, except for the first part. Why?

Why? T_T

am i bad?

Your typing quirks just made me think you were younger than you are.

No, but you let yourself be an ass to me, maybe because you think I deserve it.

Or you don't care enough to question being an ass to me, because I don't deserve it.

I'm assuming you don't put thought into it. You just do it and don't question it.

Is liliana confirmed desu?

Confirmed? No. It's the smart bet by a country mile, though.

You do.

I don't know how to control my emotions

tbh I shouldn't give a fuck.

there was a time I'd take that, and think it had a grain of truth to it. then I'd search myself to see how much I deserve, and all the reasons why. never helped that nobody could really say how or why or to what extent I deserved it. what I think, is that nobody really knows, or necessarily cares. they just like to be shit because hey it's the internet, and Kanra sorta maybe seems like a good target.

I blame myself for my lack of a filter, which I confuse for honesty.


someone ... accompany me in the discord voice chat room. i will say hello

Stop pillorying Griffin.

I doubt you have much feelings to control anyways

yea what he said

I fucking wish.

I believe I've explained that you're long-winded, condescending, and pedantic.



oh, right

t-thank you for your attention

I hope you enjoy it.

Just got done getting smashed repeatedly in overwatch mystery heroes unti the very end where i did really good

torbjorn is good for defense, whats up with you guys?

Yeah I don't really ever have too much to say but I appreciate how you've always been so nice to me even though I might have tried to be a thorn in your side at certain times in the past

eatin green brean !


real life cannibal liliana

That is quite all right. I tend to have that effect on people.

when you're smug about it you just seem unlikeable

it's really cold in my room.

Me too

how cold is it in florida?

get good. play to win.

next season I'm getting dimand.

it's 57° in my room right now
I'm cold

hey it is in mine too. usually it is not bc of. location and computer. but i have

the windows OPEN !!!!
chilly boy wears cute warm things and plays games. (me)

put on some pants

same. window open.

only wearing t-shirt and boxers though because I like being cold. it reminds me I'm alive.

no, mom.

Bye Darwin


i am wearing.

a thin long sleeve. and nice socks. and shorts. maybe i will xdress soon and wear skirt/tights and be more gay than i am right now

but mystery heroes is fuuuuuun

i almost always go at least positive but sometimes you just end up on one trash team after another, as long as you can still have fun when you are doing good even when your team isn't you can have fun

but if both you and your team are doing bad no fun will be had

There was more I wanted to say ;;
I'm gonna miss you so much

post pic of what you're wearing, sounds cute

or send me on steam

if you're cute and end up trying on skirts and tights or w/e send pics

lmao confirmed trap

thats bokurano right, read that manga

troled the new guy in discord im so funny

The trance ver is so much better than the original

Though the origanl has more emotion to it

yup, they said you did a good job trolling them

ill have u know

i only.own one thin long sleeve

The rest r comfy hanes tees with band stuff printed on them !!! :-)

oh. What kind of music do you like ?

it's not about fun.

it's about killing your enemies fast.

that doesnt sound like a game anymore, also overwatch is more about protecting objectives, distracting enemies can be more effective than killing them in some cases


i am

shaving rn i will tell u when im back at my.pc

Darwin do you know what happened?

i need to stop browsing pixiv for things while intoxicated


if you kill them, that means they can't kill you or contest objectives, leaving you free to kill their teammates and cap objectives.

you know why Nezi is the rank he is?
he kills fast.

Probably not. If you know something, I might be able to fill in the gaps.

i mean obviously you kill them if you can numbnuts but i tend to get more objective kills when im doing objective games

Who the fuck shaves at like 11pm?


unless you learn to kill fast, you'll never escape plat.

correction miss

it is 2:30 am and i am finished

It's in my nature

tbh i kinda hate this question because i cant really name off a couple genres/bands/artists and get a feel for my tastes. i dont know.


maybe if you ever have time you could make a playlist of some of your favorites on youtube

playlists are great

All Star mashup playlists are the best.

post specs

also I shave when I shower so that can be whenever

My #1 tip to getting better and ranking up is learning DECISION MAKING.

It drives everything you do, in positioning, health management, target acquisition, etc.

Aim and objective focusing are important, yes, but if you can outplay your enemies and assist your team as much as possible in the right areas, it's HUGE.

Playing zarya, I need to hold proj. barrier for my main tank if he's going to be be aggro (winston dive, rein swinging hammer) and if we have no main tank, then I use it on the other tank, DPS getting themselves in shit positions, or I bubble healers if they're being focused (esp by flankers).

Using self barrier is just timing, and finding where the enemy is applying most of their damage and then figuring out how to absorb it best, especially by jumping in front of it before they can stop shooting, or baiting like you're out of position and then bubbling to get energy.

Ult is easy, just wait for them to group and avoid genji deflect and dva DM. Break up shields or wait for them to be on cooldown unless your team has a wombo combo like Pulse bomb or meteor strike.

THEN there's easier heroes like 76 that's just position, aim, and picking the right targets. Dropping heal station and sticking close to your healer can be good too, or even better have them follow you to a good position.

idk why I typed all that

if you genuinely care about getting good though just watch pro players (twitch) and copy what they do and pay attention to their decision making and ask yourself "why did he do that and what's the outcome?"

i have like

200-300 playlists within my like 7 spotify accounts.
ill make . a playlist tonight .. how much longer will you be here ?

tl;dr learning mechanics and how to make decisions in a variety of situations is more important than hugging the objective 24/7


but yes, "killing fast" AKA mechanics can carry you to a certain rank, maybe master at best, beyond that you have to really play smart or your mechanics will go to waste

How did this devolve into OW thread..?


THIs video is how I feel about spectre

I hope he sees it

post results

That rig is my friend Manny's
He's got a 1080ti tho, I'm p jelly

By putting magnets in your fingers.

hey i did its in the discord dumbbbyyy

brb getting on Discord

tell manny I wanna suck his dick for computer parts

Oh wow you're actually cute

thats not my name !!!!!!!!! my name is desu !!!!! GE T IT RIGHHT AAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah I had those cut out over a year ago..

whats it like having them in versus having them out and then having them out after having them in?

This is turbo autism.

Felt weird but awesome after implantation.
Felt blinded after extraction.

Nah, that's his baby

He'll tell you to fuck off lmao
The LEDS change color constantly and it gets annoying though, especially with the see through case

I think I got a video somewhere around here

Why do you have a gun lying around on the floor? lol

Not denying it.

thank you.

I usually tunnel vision.

this is good advice.

ITS LIKE YOU DIDNT EVEN READ THE DISCORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ITS FOr killing ants !!!!)

Maybe they were turbohacks to play the violin or some shit.

It was better when Desu wasn't posting and just sucking Subtle's dick in private.

O M G this !!!!!!!! thank u for saying this. someone.



videogames are neat

Nah I just scrolled up and saw your like 3 pics then I fapped to em

not desu

Hello, random jail-bait poster.

hai hai

yeah after doing research before building, I read that most people don't like LEDs (or at least have them set to a controller) because you can't fuckin sleep with those shits blasting light in your room at night

I meant suck his dick for new parts, he can keep the PC

it was just a meme though

best way to train mechanics: FFA DM and quickplay/comp
best way to train decision making: watch pro players

training is important but gotta make sure you're training efficiently too! ^^

who else livin #thestruggle

you are not allowed. to do this to my pictures.

the authorities will hear about this.

you will be punished to the highest degree of the law !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who wants to bet this cuck website will count it wrong

oh, I actually forgot 人 but it was correct


lol wait how old are you again?

got em !!! im underage bro..... 14.

why do u think i post small anime girl pics.

Stop struggling with dildos

lmao calm down nigga you swear like you're the first underage I've fucked

i swear these niggas are retarded


>wanting to fuck Desu

yeah why would u wanna do that ?

Do you forget who I am?

Just don't tell NSA-kun

Hello, NSA?
There's a pedophile posting here.

Yes, we're aware that you post here, but thanks for the notice.

yeah and he is looking at pictures of me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Да, мы знаем, что вы публикуете здесь, но спасибо за уведомление.

All this self posting

Would somebody please make a fresh thread?



Kanra upsets me.

new :^)