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Threadly reminder that weed is for niggers



yeah I can agree with that

sleep is overrated. but also great.

certainly not me


uguys r really nice an i know i just said gn but..

thank u for being really NiCeand i am

a happy person to have found this place. i like it. right here

i appreciate u (the people who post) u are truly amazing at what u do. goodnight actually now !!!!!!!!

what can I say? When you’re right, you’re right ;;

I’m willing to appreciate this as satire

your posts are kind of a headache to read sometimes but you're cute at least.

I'm literally always right bby

smart cupcake ^^

All of those things? Good call

It's all 10x's fault by the way

Such a cutie :3

Same tbh

Seconded what probably everybody else has said already, your grammar gives me cancer. Watching other people get mad about it makes me laugh though.

It's great having the window open right now

Perfect cool breeze

am the smartest yupyup

really? you shouldn't let him peer pressure u into drugs...



hey fuk u I'm not mad about it but I still have to make fun of them for it.

oooh i miss your reply, yeah I dunno what’s going on I should be struggling
to stay awake rn

things are weird

I can’t into sleep pls send help ;;

Nah I'm kidding he was helpful

Have you slept at all?

come sleep in my bed. it's comfy af.

yup. I went to bed around 7pm and woke up at like 12:30am.

Suicide pact?

Stay mad fuk boi

Things are very weird, 10x

Anyway, just be nocturnal; night is the best part of day ^^

Hopefully that will work out throughout the day :3


Thanks for fixing my mistake and acting like the corrected version was what I said


I think I still have one of those with rin so you'd need to check with her first

I. am not. MAD.

should. this is my favorite type of sleep schedule. going to bed in the early-ish evening usually doesn't cause any problems with anything that might come up randomly during the day, and it also means I'm awake for a large portion of the late night, which I love because

is accurate.

-pets your hair- :3

You should get more sleep than that, though

ur not my mom

I didn't even notice the word was missing until you just said something tbh

I highlighted it to copy it at first but the spacing goes all retarded so I just typed it in myself

Fucking gay. Rin is still asleep though and my offer expires soon.

I should that would be way more comfy and better sleeping environment

I know I don’t even feel so bad anymore, I’ll just fall asleep whenever I don’t have to wake up early tmrw

well then find someone else rood boi

Not wrong.

bed is so sooooft. sheets such a high thread count. cat that loves to cuddle sometimes. it's a very comfy bed.

dangerously so, actually. I usually can't lie on it while doing things for long before I just end up going to sleep, even if I wasn't even slightly tired when I started.

Okay sry

are you not in bed now?!

I dunno if I can forgive this grievous offense.

nope I already done did the sleepy thing earlier.

Suddenly sleepier, goodnight ♥

-hugs tightly- :3


goodnight erio

I understand



I dunno how u sleep so crazy ;;


booze helps. comfy bed facilitates sleeping whether I want to or not.

Why is she holding an upside down butt?

what do you drink mostly?

ur an upside down butt!

vodka aka elixer of the gods.

That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.

that's kinda sad...


I'll be sobbing in the corner if you need me

In Canada there is brandcalled prince Igor’s extreme vodka I once drank a 40 of that and almost got alcohol posoining

what kinds do u like?


you could sob in my arms instead bby

I just get whatever is cheap, currently I always get something called "new amsterdam" which is delicious and always under 20 bucks for a 1.75L bottle which is amazing for how good it tastes.

I finally actually drew a picture and Erio leaves.
O well.


pls like me

pls like me

Anal sex with woman is gay.

Masturbation is gay.

Getting off to the touch of a man.

That's why you anally masturbate.

Are you dating clockwork?


Yeah, y'all are

See that you call niggas out shit goes silent
Why it gotta be all that


*Anime Girl*

wow you drew that? it looks pretty good

slow threads pretty good

i mean slow thread is fine when it's not perpetually slow


stop necro posting old threads!!!!!!!!

Better than new posts every few seconds anyway

are you kidding me? that's when it's the most fun, i'm glad we even managed to reach that level of activity again

Need to disable auto-updating due to it. Can't use laptop when it's that active since the browser will grind to a halt every time it updates. Then I can use it for like five seconds, only for it to halt for several seconds more.
Literally unusable.
It might be more fun if Holla Forums wasn't shit

might be your laptop thats shit mate my laptop usually works fine even during prime shitposting hours, and i can even post with my phone when i try hard enough at like 450 replies

on my personal PC havent had any problems no matter how big thread got

and thats with auto-updater

Different browsers likely, and nah, not shit. Other similar sites like 4chan works just fine, so it's obviously the service in question, not the hardware, don't be ridiculous

okay well im just saying, this laptop is a total piece of shit that can't even play 720p60 videos on youtube properly without crashing, and i'm using chrome

maybe not such a ridiculous conclusion to draw, i mean Holla Forums is still shit for me in other ways regularly

old bandaid stink is the worst smell in the world

Try with Firefox, and you'll very likely experience the same thing, although probably not in this thread right now.
And try Firefox ESR, not the latest seeing that one might just work a tad better due to an updated CSS engine and also e10s.

Still, if stickies on 4chan and cyclic threads on ponychan never gave the machine any troubles, but a thread on Holla Forums with 200 replies and 130 images does, it's definitely the site that has an issue

Shut the fuck up, BD

i mean the solution sounds pretty simple to me, use chrome to browse Holla Forums and firefox for all the other shit you do

eat my dick faggot



Well that was easy *unzips for anime girl*

no not you luka


you need like an i9 9999XXX @ 9.99GHz 100gb ram and a 1920ti to watch 720p youtube


:( eww


720 i can do fine, its the 60 frames per second ones that start getting me on this piece of shit sometimes

No need to panic :)

get two laptops so you can watch interleaving frames on differernt laptops

sounds like a good way to get cancer

nothing wrong with a bit of cancer

says the generic magical loli poster

*explosion loli

probably more explosions in nerds pants than in the show

why are you so angry

im not actually mad its just a facade of a pseudo-personality so i don't have to express my actual emotions and feelings

fuck I hate you

to suppress your love for furry dicks


Furry dicks are good though
Especially when they're on women

hmm, sure, I suppose. Already got a Windows VM only to use Internet Explorer, so what's one more browser anyway?

who are you and what have you done with my faggot

we're reaching levels of patrician taste that shouldn't be possible

why dont you just get Chromium so you can laugh with all the techy edgsters and get them to help you make it work

cup can you unblock me on discord so i can apologize for being a jerk

Chromium works just fine though, please.
And because it's shit, just like Chrome

That's what I do baby



you said BD instead of Matt but i know its you

Following that logic, Chrome doesn't work either~

Nigga you trippin
This is lloyd
I ain't even know your first name. But now I'mma dox that ass gottem

I guess.

oh i knew you were lloyd, i just thought you knew my name too

but yea i knew it was you cause the shemales

put a damn name on you filthy anonymous thot.

Nigga that's not exclusive to me
I'm just a little vocal
I know all these dudes like dickgirls
what's not to like about dickgirls tbh

I don't wanna

I don't like dickgirls lloyd i aint gay
i only like guys with small feminine dicks

well i mean in another context it could have appeared like i thought you were someone that definitely would not like dickgirls, because they are an absolute hardcore 100% gay

personally i'm not super fond of them but hey man, lots of variety for those who like it

u put a name on this instant young man

but it wasnt just cause you like dickgirls it was other posting mannerisms mostly unique to you as well

furry cocks

cocks was a fun guy, too bad he never posts with george


So you're telling me that half-chub futa tristana in an american flag bikini doesn't interest you?
nice meme

Honestly futa is the best fetish a man can have. If there was a way for something to be more than 100% good, futa would be 150% doubleplusgood

I am not seeing ANY!!!!!! reason to

Good morning Bardo

you have the right to have your own bad opinions

good mornign my lovely child bbart

it'd have to be very well drawn and the focus would have to be on a booty and not a throbbing dick


because I asked nicely? :3

Neck yourself

I said "half-chub" god pay attention man

I decline as nicely as possible :3

guero knows whats up with small girly men

you hurt my kokoro



What were you playing?

how are youdoingtoday guevos

I'm very coldhere but I woke up drenched in sweat

fitting image
I've been watching lots of joe hogan pods recently and the latest one he was talking about his sober october and giving up weed and how he'sbeenhaving super vivid primal dreams and he was talking with brian redban about how he thinks the weed might have impacted it and I watched thatand thought to myself

huh I wonder why icant remember my dreams

and So I'vebeen trying todream and the past two nights I've hadsuper vivid dreams myself

is it brokoro?

okay but half-chub on a futa can be like three feet
have you seen the shit nate posts on tumblr

yes this is a correct opinion
traps are ok because the dick just dangles uselessly while you fuck them in the ass
if you touch their dick or pleasure them at all you are immediately gay

i am good but booored
had to start my liquid diet today for my surgery in 2 weeks :X and the protein shakes are very icky

I wish i could have dreams more than once a month
they seem to be increasing in frequency as i age liek i had literally none for years as a teen and now i have maybe one every two months and its nice


all alone

Good morning everyone!!

Day 2 of my dreams being crushed because of ANIMAL CROSSING.

How are you all?

ugg what are you having sugery for?
that DOESN'T sound much fun at all...

and really? before you go to bed just think to yourself abouthaving a dream and It might happen :3
That's what I've been doing and ive haddreams for the first time in weeks that I can remember :


I feel that we've been robbed of the last pure thing in this nightmare world and it makes me feel like REEEEEEEEE

they're removing 75% of my stomach to get rid of the hunger hormone from my body so i wont be a big fat fatty anymore
i should lose the rest of my weight in less than a year after it and ye is not fun at all but its gonna be worth it for my health at the end

ya i have tried everything like even taking melatonin and eating turkey and other foods that are supposed to induce dreams and usually i get nothin'

It's still a pure game! You just have to not give in to the devil whispering in your ear, don't spend any money and you can live a peaceful life.

no its too late

I'm sure You'vealready put in a lot of thought into this so I won't berate you about it

I hope it goes well for you guero and I hope it's an easy and quick reccovery

Boogie had a gastrointestinal surgery here lateley and he's been dropping pounds like a sprinter but you ca definately see it taking a bit out of him and how tired he is and stuff

thank u bard

Goodbye, blintendo.

How are you doin tho, dad?

How is everyone else doing too! I appreciate you all!!!

At work but doing good

im good!!! i had my yummy yummy sand-like powder shake that makes your tongue feel like you licked the beach for lunch and now im sitting here talking to cuppy on discord and waiting for death cuz im bored


Sounds nice! I'd ask to join but I'm gonna be workin on Dnd characters and I don't wanna be a bore.

Enjoy your sand drink and ur boredom, you should play cat goes fishing maybe?

oh no no not in voice lol
my phone is across the room
we're just shitpostin

i might actually do that
im trying to think of games that really don't require audio to enjoy and its hard

Cat goes fishing is good,

you could try doki doki literature club but without sound it's kinda lame.


that's what rin told me to play :< i wish i could just like hook my computer up to a bluetooth speaker to get past this but my actual windows audio service refuses to work so i cant do SHIT!!!

What are you doing now?

Rippy. I'm sorry.

on the bright side my stuff shouuuld be getting here today and i can try to rebuild my comp
i just need to run to the store and buy some canned air and an antistatic pad thingy

Do ur best dude, I believe in you!!!




Still trying? :(

I think Monika is my favorite character now just because she was just as unhappy she was stuck there as I was


oh well.

Stuck where

Maybe better luck tomorrow or later

The Doki Doki game I mean

If you aren't enjoying it, just stop playing

I did but that wasn't the joke

at least i have money today.


I start getting money soon
First pay is on the 15th

whatcha gonna get yourself?

Payment on my line of credit!

sexual predator here

wats that?


Money I owe the bank

How NEET can you possibly be

i never owe the bank

Gonna snatch any babies from the park today?

I had to pay for school


did you finish school?

I did, in June

free from school!

Now I need to work though.. :(

become rich!
buy anything you want~

Snatching babies to cook, what a monster

Y'ever think in three different languages at the same time?

It's freaking confusing.


After debts are payed off, yeah
And after I remove some for savings, yeah


In other news, my french is coming back to me very quickly.

I have a headache now.

Maybe being multilingual isn't worth it.

balance your debt with your bills with your savings and use the left overs to treat yourself each month!

Why wouldn't it be worth it?

That was the idea, yes

did you do it?

Idk, headaches?
But I basically always have one of those anyway, so eh.

I haven't gotten any money yet
So no

Headaches aren't that big a deal
It's migraines that sink you
And the benefits of being fully multilingual are nice

I suppose that's fair.

I'll be able to put "French Speaker" on resumes again.

*waits patiently*

It got me a job with the government

It'll be nice to be payed again after 2 years

Oh? What are you doing?

I call people for stats can

Don't call me.

wuss popping b

I am legally required to


That's fine, I rarely answer the phone anyway.

Can I call you?

hey there sugar

Sure. I'll DM you my number.

That was easy.

As far as anyone else needs to know.



I want Echo to call me too

Some of them are required though

What is a Tomatsuki?

the best kind of tsuki

DM me your number

I can't DM you

Well fix that.

Probably so.

A tomato natsuki???


I think the mandatory one is only the census for residents though

Discord? Steam?

"The only mandatory one" was probably a better way to phrase that

You're moving too fast for me

Aah, so it's like that, huh.
I understand everything now.


If we didn't already have this conversation I'd be getting jealous right now.

But I'm you




yeah I bet you'd like to honk me, wouldn't you

*honk honk*

I wonder if this will work



i wanna be paid someday!

Don't go breakin' my heart

It means working, so idk

cute pic



I go back to work Friday, Sunday and Monday for more training

use teh money to make u strong

I'm not sure how money would do that



O-oh okay I'll stop.

But Duke's actually alright.


Unless you're trying to imply I'm not.




Tomatsuki, please, you know how much you mean to me.

Nothing, amirite?

Pretty much.




Rin do I look kawaii with a bloody lip?

Nigga you look like the modern face of gang violence

That's a really terrible camera



yummy foods

Food doesn't make you strong though

Just cause of the black guy tbh

Its a front facing camera lol
And we were like by a river at night for some reason


Poor excuse tbh

it make you strong

Food only gives you the energy and protein you need to get strong
Just eating will make you fat



you've got to eat to get strong!

Reread what I said

you didnt eat the right ones ;~;

If you don't do anything with what you get from eating, it just gets burned and nothing comes from it
You need to exercise in addition to it

It's hilarious seeing Manny just be belligerently drunk

G2 2-0'd North
They got a total of 5 rounds on both maps

No, that's just a random picture I had on my laptop.

Hey ♥

good morning

You said you drew a picture? Show me :3

It's just a copy of a reference picture so I cheated.

So surprised that Faze lost o.o

So? You seemed to want to show me last night ^^

Might as well :3

I am, and am not at the same time
It is still SK, and they're a good team

However, I want to take the time to say fer>coldzera

I didn't say I wouldn't show you, just wanted to make sure you didn't think it was a normal drawing.

When you say 'copy of a reference', you didn't trace, right?
If you didn't then it's pretty good

What's not normal ?

Pretty good job even for just copying, I think ^^

Most of us

Anything that's not drawn from memory or imagination?

is ok. Her head looks like it got stretched out a bit

When do I get to see yours?

No, not traced. I just brought the picture up on my computer and drew it.
It's something the art class I took actually got me better at. Breaking down the scene and finding the right shapes to copy what I see.

When you get to 100k :^)

Draw lolis for me Kiss shot


Draw Tansukis for me, Kiss shot.

How about you show me and then I get to 100k?



Draw traps for me kiss shot

But then I have to draw something right now and I'm playing osu

I would like to see Subtle's drawings please.

Draw something tomorrow

Draw Tansukis for me, Subtle.


Subtle draws?

Ye Subtle
Draw tansuki

I enjoy his nudes.

Who wants me to draw something for them? I warn, I will blow your socks off

Draw Tansukis for me Commander.


I'd need to know what a tansuki looks like


I wasn't being serious
I can't draw for shit

This is a tanuki

This is a tansuki.

Not sure he feels like drawing anything anymore

*raises hand*

FC Yuki no Hana and I'll draw something anime for you

I'm sorry for bamboozle
I can't draw :(


and this is a nazi Tansuki.

But he's so good at it.

Wow, nice art, did you draw this yourself?


I have Yuki no Hana FC'd tho

Cute cosplay

I REALLY can't draw

I agree.
I'm jealous I can't be that cute.

Autism Cancer draw me a $100 bill

Check again

Nah I think Subtle's better.

Well you didn't specify which diff..

I used a reference : )

I don't know what a $100 bill looks like

I don't know, I've never seen subtle's art.

Maybe the Commander and Subtle should both draw a Tansuki so I can compare.

Or maybe you should ask subtle and kiss shot inste-
Oh wait.

It's the brown one

Look at mister moneybags here

If the commander drew it it'd be special.

Shit I should have flexed harder

That's more money then I have already, don't worry

Well in that case, here you go.

But what's the point if I can't show off to people I don't know


Knowing you aren't poor


Thanks man, I wasn't worried I might mess up the proportions but I think it turned out pretty well.

That's the thanks I get..

It's okay if I don't think it's good, I think it's good

Don't do me dirty like this.

You know how self-conscious I am about my art and still you respond like this..

But all I do is spend it on trashy anime shit

You're supposed to be better than me.

That's trashy anime shit I wish I was buying

But who doesn't want trashy anime shit?


I only buy the rarest highest quality anime shit


Shit tru

I saw this job ad in the flier the other day that pays in rare anime figs and I think I should take it.


I have a spoonful of peanut butter
Get jealous nerds

I want a job that pays in boyfriends.

Kinda wanna lick peanut butter off my waifu

Who wouldn't

I wanna lick maple syrup off my waifu

I have maple syrup for you

I may have a waifu for you.


So it gives them to you, as property?
Sounds like you just want to be a slave trader my dude.


Canada has just the best stuff doesn't it?

Fuck yeah we do
Quebec has a maple syrup reserve even

You know it.

I'm the waifu.

People allergic to peanuts I guess

Those aren't people


Brb, hanging out with my friend, S[ R E D A C T E D ]

Have fun~

Real nigga hour
Who still up

tfw not a people

That's what you get for not eating people food

Jk I'm not allergic to peanuts.

I'm picky af tho

meooorrrrnnnnin bubbers !!!!!!

its afternnooon and ive been up for a bit... but im here now so mornin g!!!!!!!!


I do eat it tho


Canadian peanut butter.

Made from real Canadian peanuts.

Are you going to type like a normal person, or at least admit you're doing it for attention?



Don't |3e a |3ully!!


YOU DICK!!!!!!!

Please don't shout!

RinxLiliana OTP

The dynamic is legitimately kawaii

I very much agree.

who is

rinx ?

Rin's that pretentious cunt of a bully.

Worst poster.

This tbh

Who's Liliana

Rinx is cool no |3ully


But Rin sucks

Help please
Going out

Who's that

I wish my beloved blood chan was here

i a m !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who's what

Liliana, post this at Rin for me.

Yeah, but who are you

What's that?

what what in the butt

I'll be your Blood chan, scoots.

What's what

i would... NEVER do such a thing !!! this against .. what i would ever do..

i think i explain myself well enough for you to figure out !

Who's that


It's fine, she loves it.

Besides it's a funny joke, she'll understand.


who's thot


I'll do it.

Nevermind, Echo will do it

Do what

Wait what

I said nevermind




hiiiii thessssyyy !!!!!

new pbsspacetime video


this is very exciting and happy news

good news everyone, turns out huge filaments of dark matter carry most of the baryonic mass in the universe and these large filaments feed galaxies raw material extending the probably length of galactic live exponentially

if you go to google and start typing Baryonic matter it will will it in for you, this is rather exciting news



again i am very excited right now and phones are bad



Got to play a bit of pocket camp today friends.

I'm mad at how much I like it.

nintendo will have your very soul

it already has it.


itsa ame mario


would anyone like.... some tea ? i can make some i have free time..

appreciated but i already have some tea


Holy shit this was good

goddamn i want some sushi now

And I thought you said you didn't have any money

local sushi places are less expensive than you might expect but still more than you'll want to pay for how full you get

I don't, my parents do

Is the top one a rainbow roll?

Bottom right looks like a cali roll

Top one was tempura shrimp with salmon on top, and salmon with eel on top

I'll take a London Fog, and a pepperoni pizza.

*raises hand*

had to have been at least like 40 or so canada buck

You really like salmon don't you? lol

if three people ate like a 130-140 bill with like 25 tip

There was three of us, the total was like $75 before any tip

Salmon is good

75 american collars or 75 canadian dollars? i was trying to account for desert but i was still pretty far off, that's not too disappointing actually

Try Albacore or Halibut sashimi next time

It's oishii

No dessert
$75 Canadian dollars

jesus and you guys have a lower dollar value, id be paying out the nose for that, there are burger places that will charge you 20 dollars here

oh shit nevermind ours is lower now

okay i am... going to the store right now. i will pick up some new tea for you bubbbbbssss !!!!

no wait ours is still higher i read that wrong thank god

You every want to roll Subtle up in a blanket. Subtle Sushi. Make sure he's warm and okay down there on the floor by the fireplace? Watch him fall asleep. Quietly shut the door when the fire's gone out and climb into your own bed. Wake up early to cut more firewood for him and make him cocoa. Hope one day he'll learn to love you the way you love him. And be there to listen to him talking about his crushes until then.


The CAD hasn't been higher than the USD since like 2009

Soto you should treat me to sushi when I visit Cali





thats why i was freaking the fuck out when i looked it up and misread it as the USD being worth 0.78 the Canadian dollar

No but there was this one time I wanted to slap him.

$75 is pretty alright