Big gay thread

big gay thread

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I want to cum inside of Asriel

big gay dad

can we like continue this meme where im like a sexual predator

it can be like guero and sounding


Super gay

im older than george and my girlfriend is the same age as sinni

I'm retarded and don't know what sound ee makes. I'll just assume the same as the first way I typed it.




i wish sinni was younger honestly

if there are any takers ill gladly exchange her for a new model

10X I heard you rockin' fishnets like a real man

I don't know who 10x is or why they're being so rude about a name, but I think George is great!


Do you still have the warranty? You might be able to take her back tbh

gonna beat yo ass

There's no real secondary market, dude. Too many lemons, there's no trust for the sellers from the buyers.

So first Tristan
Now George
Where the fuck is my egirl at nigga I'm more palatable than all you weak ass wet noodle ass chicken tendies ass hairy ass ass fuckboy ass niggas

hey boys and (fake girls) i need.... an

O P I nions. you can vote here. you are legally

((this is a picture of you voting on the poll and then

me beinghappy that you are)

i posted the wrong picture

who're you again?

is she still an egirl if u have literally cum inside of her for actual

I'll be your e-girl tonight.

1v1 me irl faget

ill send her back and get her refurbished.

I really thought I'd get away from that when I stopped browsing trash but I guess not.

there was an option to get you to change your stupid typing quirk so i didnt vote



nigga just throw skirts at fuckboys it's FINE

because . guess what !!!! never gonnah appen bubber


She's an egirl until you get her pregnant

That's even better

Everyone wants to cum inside of asriel.
You can't outrun this

Is that supposed to be like a really fucked up fiveseven?


I felt pretty safe in this thread till you showed up actually

I can count 5 people here that want to cum inside of asriel

its called. A blammie !!! you take it out of your anklestrap and go

bang ! bang !

please, dont

Music is lief mane..
I indulge in all that speaks to me, whether lyrically or instrumentally. I find modern metal to be a heavily underrated genre.


What if
And I know this is a stretch

But what if they didn't draw a specific model of pistol?

wait there's hardly like 7 people here right now

Mom and dad won't even have to know, dude.

this is. A good. album

Put this skirt on dude

I can't take you seriously Test. You don't even cyber I've never seen you put the sexy asterisks on a bitch we can't vibe my nigga

or politically.

remember when you were against the notion of labels?

Test is hug not fug


I have a questionable boner right now.

Sure my man
why tho

Is that soto who keeps trying to talk to me?

Well mine's loaded so I win.

They totally did though, that's an FN FiveseveN.

bruh we already had a scare when i was at niagara with her dont joke

the're usually a pretty easy way to tell because it will say "Soto"

Why are you like this?

Hell I'll not only surround my verbs with asterisks I'll start putting tildes and hearts everywhere, it'll be crazy.

Should have got some thigh highs in the deal.


i was hoping to get roasted like a pig


no wonder you dont have an egf thenb



Well sure, but I labelling myself is not ever a priority.. I mean, why should I give a fuck what anyone thinks of me. I am myself. Either the world accepts and understands me ot it doesn't.. Fuck-em!

You're a fiveseven faggot

Hmm, good point

some pigs get buried int the ground and roasted for 8 hours

Forgive me


why am i like me ? what ?

i am


you should be happy anyone wants to talk to you even if its soto trying to hit on you

God I wish that were me.

These don't have to be mutually exclusive

I'm gonna lay some sweet memes on you while you wear this skirt b it's all copasetic.

Nah from my understanding Soto posted these fishnet images in the first place why would he come ask you about them.
Should've thought about that question first. No wonder you're gettin' memed on

Well that's why you wear a condom??????

Let's see a sample.

Fucking destroyed

we'll get there



Like I am going to trust the defiler of such innocence as a popular internet furry character,

I always tell them the same thing

i can you just have to fuck them that much harder and then its like shit if the condom breaks i put in way too much work to pull out now

I have to cook something with ground beef and don't just want to make bolognese like I was going to someone give me a FUCKING idea.


No, I expect kisses upfront, then I give you hearts and tildes.

taco salad

Can you explain the leather simile?
I don't get it

Isn't Asriel like a murderer???

I have no trouble making friends online and IRL but create your own story for me

reread that post... is English your first language?

thirding tacos

I don't get this like nigga it's just snug

welp, time to get a sedative high

That was done last week and I'm under explicit orders not to.

Also I don't have tacos.

you sure do a great job of demonstrating it by showing your social aptitude here

Sloppy Joe.
Beef Stroganoff.

you dont have what it takes to make stuffed cabbage

This is a trick. I should've known better

The constant deflecting basically confirms for me that you was up in some fishnets and you probably looked bad.
smh why do niggas do this

Do you ever get uppers or adhd medicine?

leather meaning i beat my dick to shit as a teenager and now it has no feeling

I like my thread name :C

I don't like the new animal crossing "game"


geez, did you make the poor thing bleed?

Haha I lied.

One big meatball.

You caught me. I even was going to link you with the top post.


i used to jerk off so much i'd get chafing and have to stop for a few days

I've got bipolar, you think they're gonna give me STIMULANTS?

if anything this made me nostalgic for when bitches would try to challenge me more often

back when i was a thread god

i know this feel

I was hoping because I wanted them :(

who the fuck makes that with GROUND beef

These are the worst ideas I've ever heard what the fuck is wrong with you people.

Remember when you talked about how all your friends use lotion to jack off and how you never had to and that all sounds stupid?

Isn't that normal?

that's okay ;) i don't mind

The biggest meatball.


Never trust Test he's not even actually a state alchemist

jerking off is not good ....
i dont like it.

DONT DO IT !!!! (its okay in moderation for others if u want but dont overdo it plus whats the point)

stay no jerked !!

What lame ass nigga growing up on imageboards didn't?

Doesn't mean you lost feeling. Your dick machine might just be broke my dude.

Ever think I already know everyone here and am not out to impress anyone? No your thirsty mind can’t process ;;

you guys talked about some weird shit together

my daddy taught me how to use our mouths so it doesn't chafe

I do. Fuck you, you fucking faggot.

Well, if you're a cheap piece of shit, yeah. Otherwise if you want it really good you use actual steak cuts.

you just sound like an awkward bumbling dumbfuck to me

Will you show me?

For real though who the fuck ever needed lube to jerk off I don't get it
Is this some thing americans who got their dick cut up need to deal with or something?

Even then like...
Do you not produce precum or some shit?

Sounds like a waste of a perfectly good steak tbh

I've only ever seen it with like slices of beef.
I'm a fag who hates pieces of mushrooms like that so it's not like I do it anyway though.

niqqa it's only a kg of beef it's not the biggest anything

lotion makes it feel better because you rub against the two most sensitive parts of the penis: the hood rim and the frenulum

at least that's what it does for me

precum is hard to jerk offwith

Sure bud.

Yeah I'm no dog of the military.

When you've exhausted all the unimportant discussion topics like video games, life goals, and memes, you naturally gravitate towards the important things, like penis.




NO TALKING ABOUT THIS BAD SUBJECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eh. It's pretty good. But I grew up on the ground beef stuff.
Squiddy's just being a cunt rag.

Well since you know so much about penis you will have to educate your little herd on sex education

everyone pull up a chair for Ms. test

Yeah, stupid Americans.

Prove it faggot

I don't get this
What is with people and not wanting to cook steak into something that's like, actually a meal and not just a piece of meat.

You're taking this good meat, and making it better. Instead of, you know taking this good meat and then doing literally nothing with it. THAT'S fucking wasting it.



I can't believe american IQ is too low to transform the skin of their dick back and forth my dude.

nobody makes it a priority. they 'feel' or 'know' what labels apply to them.
but you're as keen as anyone can be when it comes to labeling others.
according to skin colour, national origin... you label collectives, inconsistently.

I thought you preferred to be looked upon favourably, according to whatever cherry picked morals you could live according to easily. Which is why you never became a Christian, despite Christianity being the biggest part of what White Nationalists like to call White Culture.

Or if you meant Liberalism, that great White European invention, that created great socities. You and other nationalists don't even follow those, but somehow think that because your ancestors popped out babies until your parents popped you out, you are some intellectual descendant of Eddison or Newton.

Of course, this assumes that you still think you and Whites are important or any more special because they're White. I assume you've played with this idea of White people being special, and your life must somehow dedicate yourself to them, by virtue of your blood,

ironically, the people that hold these beliefs tend to be the sorts of people that nobody would particularly wish to form a tribe with, because they're insecure, narcissistic sociopaths.


The piece of meat is good enough to stand on it's own if prepared correctly

Maybe you're just shit at cooking so you have to slather it in other flavors


I swear steakfags are worse than darksoulsfags

Well Kanra is posting now so I have to consider him a poster. With that he's also a good canadian poster. 3/20

Nah. It's really not. Even "good" steaks. I'm not talking about my own cooking because I'd never waste good meat like that.

Confirmed shit cook/literal shit taste

I almost feel bad for you

All I have learned is that I know nothing.

This is conjuring interesting images.

good lesson cutey

Does anyone have that meme image
Where it goes over
I need this that's a funny ass image

You're getting soft.

Just because something is good enough to stand on it's own doesn't mean it needs to stand exclusively on it's own.

hilarious image

steak isn't even that great

and I've had steak made by the white house cooks (holy shit nigga the rest though was like I'd gone to heaven)

Stop, etc.


previous white house cooks*

steak isnt great, meat is great

it has to be a good marbling, marbling is everything with beef


hello considerably younger girlfriend

Or someone who likes flavours more complex than a single piece of meat. Honestly steak is just the food for plebians who want to look cultured but they're still just eating the absolute simplest shit.

Yeah I know my dude you're real fascinated by the image of dudes jacking off

Also this
Only unironically

Hello you old, gross manipulator :3c

I'm getting soft because you don't sit on my dick enough faggot shut up


tickets to (I don't even know what film studio, I went to a lot on that trip to LA) were like $250 so I hope at least some of that went towards the food

How old is Squiddy again?

Why do water levels get a bad rap but no one even bothers to talk shit on ice levels.

Like, I can't freaking platform on ice in this game at all, let alone with a bunch of knockback turrets shooting at me.

what geim


I was thinking something a bit more gruesome.

Wow that's harassment you can't be saying that sort of thing to people.

You can't just CHANGE THE NAME



You're right.
I deserve death.


Annoying, not hard.

22 nigga

aren't the gays supposed to be gruesome to normies?

CRO Sss ssss code
i have it
downloaded on my

Com p uter.
maybe i should play it. sometime.

Is this image SUPPOSED to look like the anime girl is miming sucking a dick or not



Fiskers don't make noise when they start up, just so you know


Can you not type like an autist?
Like, is that among your facilities?

Invisible water bottle, obviously.

seriously though, how the fuck, my last CPU ran at fucking 110C and this one runs at fucking less than 40C after leaving it on for a full day at a high load

ryzen stock fan actually works, good job AMD


hey guess what!!!!!!!!!!!

what !!! ????

im not austitistuccicc !!! i swear....

im typing like me ! sorry that u do not like it. (but not really )


fucking destroying me holy shit

The one thing White Nationalists seem to have in common, is that they're scared and angry.

They also like to remind each other to be scared and angry.

Holla Forums is nothing but people telling each other to be scared and angry.

or keking.

The more angry and scared they are, the more they desire information to prepare themselves for the scary and angry world just over the horizon, but rather than test their knowledge by checking a variety of sources, they tend to click on clickbait appealing to their fear and anger.

is it
the fact that we've been together for 1 year as of 17 minutes ago



You're typing like an autistic manchild who wants to annoy people, Desu, and you know it.

I have nothing to contribute
But I agree.

:( (((((((((( this makes me. sad. :/

I'm glad I could feature on this special day.


Then type like a normal human being - it isn't that hard.

I like how these two things are of equal importance

If we're pointing out typing habits that are annoying can I ask that you stop making japanese posts to people who aren't interested in the slightest about the language?
I think that's autistic.
However Liliana's thing is definitely autistic

It's nice to be agreed with.

they are tho

it didnt ( actually make me sad )) sorry !

i will type. how i want to !! you old bum dinger


This thread seems kinda on edge, how is everyone doing?

I hope you all have a good day.

someone TOLD me that was fukin blood chan

I'm the one who only types Japanese for the bit, or when talking to someone who understands it, but yeah sure.

konbanwa gozaimasu

plus I like when rin types runes at me cuz then i can bully her about it


We are all autist on this blessed day

Nah the second part was more important, best for last and all that.

I don't see it.



Stubbed my toe reading this.
Thanks a lot dude you fucked me


Why are you getting mad at Alice?

That's pretty autistic as well my dude.



More or less fine, but it's a few hours past my bed time and fuck sliding ice platforming.


Bullying is not allowed.

Sorry for the annoyance.


It's not important because we all already knew it.

Ok, whatever..
The fuck are you talking about!?
OK..== WHAT..?== & ==WHEN!?
Fuck everything else you said, which builds upon the bullshit you conjured in your head that I am fucking racist, which I ==NEVER..== ==ONCE..== ==EVER..== ==IMPLIED!!!==

Refer me to whatever source you are fucking talking about. I am a Euromutt, and have an extensive knowledge of human history and what genetics are and what they actually mean.

Give me fucking proof of my racism, you little shit!

I'm not sure how suddenly speaking Japanese in the middle of a conversation or opening a conversation with Japanese is "throwing random memes" but uuuuuh

and you believed them

canada youre ssupposed to be nice.... why the dumb arguementststststststs

japanese is a meme language my dude

yee! I have a bunch of ow animal crossing characters saved.

Sounds stressful, I hope you have a good time tomorrow?

:CC I'm sorry

cause ur blinded by your own edge


watashi wa liliana-(desu the tripcode user)

Stupid red text.. How did you even manage to piss me off this much you pony-shit!


fucking destroying me holy shit

we already knew you're desu my dude


Sure but how does any of this relate to the rational pol user who can extract the facts from the bullshit?

i am kinda curious who desu is bc if he's this similar to me maybe i'd like him

I'll concede that it is definitely a meme language but that doesn't exclude it from being judged.
In fact, I hate most memes because I believe they hamper communication between people.
How is that autistic?
But, you're also admittedly a meme entirely so I don't have to take what you said here too srs

My edge allows me to slice cleanly through the fog of mediocrity to see the truths of reality, which only I can appreciate with my enormous IQ.

I call dibs on cybering Liliana tho

I decided it's time to put the game away - I'll come back to it tomorrow and hopefully with a fresh mind and body be able to actually freaking.


Kind of immensely tired now that game is away, but you know.

+do it



not okay with this !!!!!!! no cyber anything other than cyber tea making !!!! ill make you tea !!! do not cyber s.e.x. thats bAD

Post logs when you're done Soto

I'm saying you talk about behaviours, as if populations of genetically related people can have their behaviours generalized in a way that makes different genetically related peoples, better or worse compared to other genetically related peoples.

You have talked about race, as if it explains deviancy, criminal disposition, and the mixing of races as psychologically and societally wrong.

Are you telling me you no longer believe that behaviours can or should be explained based on national origin, or race?
Are you saying that it's imprecise, that you know there's more variation of behaviours within a racial group than between racial groups, and you no longer fuel and sate your fears and woes according to genetically related peoples?

This is Soto we talking about
You already know my nigga gonna share with the class

I think you may have butchered that one.



excuse me I am the least meme

Holla Forums shares facts of course, they're just cherry picked, and sold with an emotional spin.
but such a rational Holla Forums user probably leaves Holla Forums and does independant research into the selective view Holla Forums presents on things.

why would they bother going to Holla Forums in the first place?

really starting to wonder who this poster is

lmao gtfo of here Sonata

I gotchu fam

my sides

Nigger he has said it like 4 times

It's Grim



Ok, look, I don't know who 'Wastelander' fucking is.. Ok? Can you explain to me what the fuck you are talking about, assuming I'm not that guy?

Anyone down for some cyber tea making ?

Oh wow

Sonata Blue is.

It's lloyd you fuck


I'm not actually grim let's not do this

are you expecting me to pay attention to unlinked posts now? jeez

hello yes what kind would you like !!! !!!!!!!!

Shut up Grim

i was going to say, grim wouldnt be open about his lust like that

lloyd sounds just about right for that sort of deviancy

Yeah but I don't listen to emotional spins and that is why I DID start questioning their judgement.. But the media is full of shit too, it's not easy finding a rational voice these days, you need to be clever to see the reality.

I can't read shit

help me

Okay, who told you about this place?

Why is your name Ca-P-Ten?

Why are you posting Romantically Apocolyptic?

How do you know Clint?

Just to be clear I am NOT ==(NEGATIVE)== grim

Why thank you

Where did you find this image
Delet this

Also Canadian

Did you fuck that up on purpose

I wish they were here then.

Well I just love green tea.

no thats fucking wastelander

i dont know why he would be pretending not to be someone else while also upholding whatever beliefs he has to peddle

if he can't stand up and admit who he is and that he has changed then he doesn't deserve to be here

I learned in math that makes a positive

Confirmed Grim

I cooked it at home and it turned out okay
Unlike your bolognese, kid, gottem

Let's say I did

iiiice cold iced green tea or would you like it hot

i have spearmint and no spearming let me know which is the one you would like i will make it and it will be delicious

I literally said I don't want to cook that but it's what was implied I should cook.

Criteria for deserving to be here are as follows:


Yeah, too bad it's only me.

Literally NOBODY!
Because I love Romantically Apocalyptic..
Because I happen to have loved them since god knows how many years ago when I was still so innocently cynical

lloyd dont i have you on steam whats your steam name i cant find you

Works for me.




okay look i dont even really care

This is a pretty good thread.


Make spaghetti

Damn skippy.

Add me on discord tell me ur name

Neither do I and I desperately don't want any fucking drama from my being here, man

Hot's fine, I can enjoy it for longer.

How about you surprise me?

Yeah man, sucks...


The fuck else would I have with bolognese?

Hi Hu

He Ho Ha Hy

I actually don't know w hat bolognese is
So I don't really know

that sounds like something someone who was desperately trying to avoid drama would say, why the hell would you come here if you didn't want drama? i literally got picked on for wanting to watch someones stream like im not sure what you understand about petty but you have found it friend

The literal worst.

I should go hang out with someone.

And you ragged on me for scaring people away.

wow ;-;

Yeah go chill with Admiral Confidence.

okay to be fair you trying to scare people is just cute

Hi we have autism and I'm literally a dictator


Tomato meat sauce you put on spaghetti
fukken americans

I don't care what you think of me or what I DO or what MY INTERESTS are.. Just don't apply somone elses to me who I literally don't know shit about.

stop posting anime titties, Hu

a kawaii dictator of chaos though


I don't try.

okay i willlll.. make

spearmint green tea on the way. its gonna be H O T. you wiill NOT need a


That's a gross name

Disregard that gay Aussie, post more collar pictures

whatever like i said ill drop it but i doubt kanra will with what ive heard about between them and not you

I don't try. -Admin

everyone can fall victim to emotional spins. even if we don't want to.
bet you couldn't name a dozen stories by any variety of media outlets that bullshat you.
bet you couldn't name a single New York Times, Atlantic, Politico article, and say how they intentionally bullshat.
because that shit requires effort, and the belief that critical reading of many sources is the best way to form confident generalizations.

Who told you about this place? How did you find out?

not really
just Italian

Idk that one guy with sweets.

How lovely.
What kind of tea are you getting for yourself?

*not(?) you

Basic summary of my life as the king.

aaaa.. im gonna. im going to makeeee

black iced tea
i feel kinda like that would be tasting good right now

im gonna make it and its going to taste really good im excited

shut up im trying to be cute

have a you sandwich


Not gonna happen

Nah, just titties

At least go back to posting anime tiddies getting fugged or something, geez.

Good night.


night faggot

Dunno who kanra is but if they need to talk to me then they can tell me and I'll go to them to sort shit out.. I never asked for no bullshit, but I'll defend myself if they need me to.

Dear Kanra, I don't do IRC or Discord but tell me now and I will sort shit out with you.. Blah blah blah

-Yours truly, Not Wastelander.

time for sleps for me too

Going back to? I never posted that!

Night night bro

That sounds pretty original, I like that.

Or maybe Daddy?


Goodnight you two

n ii i i i ii i i ii

good n ight !!!!!!! sleep well bubs

Those tiddies aren't getting fucked


That's clearly what's happening just out of frame though

I'm too lazy to read through all this, someone give me a rundown on what's happening with wastelander being retarded and pretending not to be wastelander?

nope you got it


o squid chiya (cha) n ka?


what about お兄ちゃんか?
お兄ちゃんか what ?

おにいちゃん か?

Damn, man, just get off my back, holy shit.. I haven't been paying that much attention to the media OR pol lately, I have enough real life bullshit to worry about. This is why I usually avoid bothering with online communities anymore.. Goddamn!


Absolutely not!
But if you want some, have this

Just that.

oniichan ka?

older brother?

;-; I picked the wrong avatar..
My only criem

It's the familiar form so it's more like "big brother" but yes.


That's me


How about butt?


no more......

no more lew-d...................................

keep posting ass it's been good

Got no butt either

I think that would be the best person to hang out with.

Clearly is though
Also what is that?

Some girl riding dick, of course~

Get a load of this faggot


Dear Ca-P-Ten,

Your manner of speaking is far too interesting, and my passions far too stirred for you not to be Wastelander.

I empathize with the desire to dive into imageboard communities, no strings attatched.

Even in that scenario, not knowing who you were, myself and others would interrogate you.

In which case you'd either have to lie, or tell the truth.

There's the part you got wrong





Well that is fine.. I can't help but get defensive though.. I am alone and confused as fuck right now..

Wow, what a fag, just giving people lewd shit


the か makes it familiar?


nice pic desu ne

he llo ! friend good evening

The か makes it a question in this case.


But I thought you like it up the ass
Or am I mistaking you for another slutty Danish poster?

I gotchu fam



Welcome to the human condition. Either accept the loneliness or confusion, or solve it with people and understanding.

If you intend on solving these things without deception, but with honesty, I'm inclined to shut up.



Nothing wrong with that

You're probably mistaking me with someone else

I like that picture too much

I am too comfortable with loneliness and confusion.. That is why I ever came here to begin with. Like you, and possibly everyone else here for one reason or another..
I enjoy an obscure webcomic at LEAST just as much as an adversary of yours.. And possibly a similar existential crisis..? But I'm not a fucking racist.. I don't care about stupid bullshit, I judge people FAIRLY! EVEN THOUGH that is more that I can say about how I have been judged.. ALL MY LIFE!

so you です needed, just ka? or is the ka shorthand?

Nini, threaddies,


night night

Dunno why my trip went away..

Hu definitely likes things in butts.

Sounds about right

But I don't even like butts

Just dicks? How lewd.

Wouldn't know


Butts are nice tho

I can help you find out. :^)

I'm not sure if the guy I knew went through an existential crisis, so much as he started reading and believing ideas without question, because it made him feel better over and over, but it's more romantic to call it an existential crisis, even though it's more a lack of critical thinking about consuming information, and unquestioned biases solidified over time.

maybe you've had more success pretending to be new. first impressions are your forte. can't say being yourself will be more rewarding. but if you want shallow social entertainment, you should have posed as someone without existing ties.

Not really

That would be gay

i need a walk.

No no, it's not gay if you're experimenting. Legs are nice too.

Grab your leash.


Hu stop being a slut

You need a bullet to the head.

Hu be a bigger slut.

holy fuck

what did she mean by this?

Entertainment had nothing to do with this.. I am just a spectacle of a human when I present myself, but I am genuine.

Fair enough, thought, I literally did no research because I literally give no fucks about this entitre site anymore. I put so little thought into the way I represented myself, because of selfish reasons.. This is a last ditch effort for me and I want to leave this place anyway.. I don't care who you think I am, I am used to being considered just as bad or worse for less valid reasons.

I am drunk lol

It is though!
Eh, legs are decent I suppose

I'm not, but these anons are

Shh, just go with it. How rude, don't call me a slut.


only place I'm going is uni.
Shame, it happened

No lusting though, but the rest is correct

So you're just after dick, then?



I mean, you seem genuinely convinced for reasons I can actually fathom and comprehend, which is why I don't harbor any negativity against you, is what I mean..

wow what do you know i can't sleep

Even if you are a little shit about it..


ok i feel bad enough about your situation and am bored enough to humor you


i mean ikts you or i try to talk to nezi

hi nezi

I am absolutely indifferent enogh to fuck off if you can't possibly fathom that I am not who you think I am though..
But 'Hi' all the same because I am still pathetic.

Have a good one.

Pathetic is fine, honesty is also fine. I never knew you enough for it to matter to me either way if you were this person, beyond that, I believe people can change their views over time so, even if you were this person, I wouldn't necessarily automatically agree with all the negative stigma's I've seen associated with this person until I witness it firsthand. I think that clears almost everything up.


N E Z I S TOO OO O O OO P P PP P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I can appreciate that.. I can also promise you will never see me in a fursuit (I don't own one.. (though I may have wanted to be a neko-grill as a teen).. I also would never ==condone== drugs at all, OR racism, etc..)

I mean, I'd change my trip and avatar but I am pretty sure that wouldn't matter in the slightest at this point..

Fuck you, red text, you've betrayed my trust one time too many now.

okay i really dont care about any of that fursuit shit either

im really only just here because im bored as fuck and usually i can derive some sort of entertainment around here if i try hard enough

also thats a name. mine is a trip




Entertainment is secondary for ME, but is no less why I am here.. Also I get what you mean by the difference between a name and a trip, I am just being careless in my wording.

what isss

primary for you ?

just making sure. why do you feel the need to point out it is secondary to you? what is the primary you are trying to draw focus to?

wow fucking lili beat me to the punch

what's the problem fam? you seem exasperated with me a lot

and you never explain things when I ask

STOP with the L E Wd images plEASE !!!!!!!!i beg of u

no more

Kill yourself, Desu.

is it like your hobby to tell literally everyone here to ky themselves

in b4 ky urself

Just the Lebensunwertes Leben posters.

which are arbitrarily decided by your standards and opinions right? like, lmao


i do not. like. THE LEWD images..... I dont like lewd promiscuous thing at all i want modesty

The primary motive is tertiary to you.. But has more to do with me proving who I am to, me..
It's honestly stupid and complicated, I just specified because I tend to be overly frank, but it means nothing to you.

I mean, I get why there is all this skepticism and confusion, but it kind of really sucks tbh..

I might not fit in anyway, but it'd be pretty lame if it is just because I picked the wrong avatar, and yeah I know whats-his-face would probably say the same thing, whatever. LikeI said I'm not invested enough in you people to care, your loss, yadda yadda..

you're being too defensive for me just asking simple questions. im too tired for this, im going back to bed, if i see you around i do if not i dont

this. makes a lot.of sense.
like me here

is definitely not how i act everywhere else but its sort of ?

how i would like to act .. much friendlier than actual me. so i get this. i welcome you

also i

had to use pliers to open myyy nail polish xxxxxx

im weak

I understand why you feel that way, I really probably am being too defensive. It's just the mode I am in, exacerbated by my intoxication, which is my bad..
If I stick around, I doubt you and I will conflict much, outside of rational, and intellectual debates.

I can appreciate your welcoming gesture, though I can't really identify with you much, you seem to mean well..

seems stupid


a good question (?)

why does nail polish smell like my brain hurts

don't smell it

and show me them nails.

oh no, help, I'm stuck in the window

i messed up some of the nails im not the best at it...

i can post here maybe ?

or discord idk which is a better idea

i kinda feel

like redoing them theyre kind of

Un e V en



I really think that.

im going to redo some of the blue. also the pink is left over from ? last thursday. i need to improve at making cleaner edges

degen finger nail painting

the colors are nice ^_^

just dip your fingertips in paint and use painters tape afterwards while dipping them in nail solvent

ty but

i am gonna redo them they are bothering me big time


make them look nicer

do i keep the pink n blue or do i do all blue

nezi stop showing everyone your vagina

this blue polish actually really sucks i got it for $3

AAAAAA i want

b l u

sometimes when you post it feels like you sneezed super hard in the process of typing and then don't feel like doing anything about the result.

It's very clearly deliberate, not an accident

wow id say that's very

ACCURATE good.... analysis !!!!

nailed it.

Have you ever suddenly realized a crucial piece of information about things from a really long time ago that you were oblivious to for some reason and then re-evaluated a bunch of stuff?

can't say I ever pay enough attention to the things going on around me or use my brain enough for that to happen.

so no.

Give context.

don't give any context

yes !!!!!!!!!!!! when you reevaluate situations and youre thinking HEY !!!

u put together allthe pieces anddddd

BOOMB completely different look on the subject

is there anyone that hasn't

truly a font of wisdom and enlightenment, this one.

I'm baked out of my mind now

How u

I had a close friend who got really weird and mean towards me over strange things. I think he had a crush on me

I probably could have handled things better

This but unironically

I guess not

one time i used to be really stubborn with getting stuff up my butt without lube. after i wasnt horny i realized that it was like grabbing onto a metal pole with a rubber glove.

sober unfortunately. but I'm going to breakfast with a friend later and also I was just drunk like 7 hours ago so it would take too much alcohol to get me drunk again and then I'd have to stop like instantly and try and sober up for when I go to breakfast. life is hard, erio. life is so hard.

Sounds painful

Lube makes it feel so much better

Me being high and trying to process that run-on sentence is an instance of my life being hard

Anyway, I'm not sure, but I think the answer is to drink less often :3

never really got into it so idk how good it can really feel

I'll do my best to make my sentences even more run-on for you in this trying time my dear friend erio, but there's simply no way I can start drinking less, at this point I probably need to maintain at least a small blood alcohol level just to survive.

What kind of breakfast are you going to get?

okay nails are done boys n girls check em out i know


great. u can tell me if u want (you do want to) luv u

Never too late to try

You could drink less and still do that =w= Is that even really something that happens

Don't say that if it's not true

Are you using actual nail polish? I feel like you're using a bit too much.

looks a lot better than the other picture of your nails.

waffle house is the plan.

yeah I don't think that's something that happens at all lol.

I think I've heard of it happening with like heroine and stuff

But I'm sure I would have known it doesn't with alcohol if I was about 50% less high

actual nail polish ? as in people use fake.polish ? ?

yes it is actual nail polish.

two layers. im not great at it so its uneven and not clean....... still practicing.
thank u it is much better much much


I haven't been there in forever. Sounds delicious right now tbh

I don't know, dude. Just making sure. IIRC that's one of those things where less is more, I'm sure you will improve with time.

it is a LITTLE (!!!) too late for this .. as told by my image

two layers IS pretty standard

theyre also both cheap polishes so im sure it doesn't help

i dunnooo i like them and that is.... what matters yes !!!!

y u so high right now erio. y u gotta be so high


yeah their food is really not great but it's super tasty because they cook it in ten pounds of grease and their hashbrowns are amazing.

Kind of glad probably no one here knows what I was referencing

I don't know. Like, it just seemed like the logical next step

I'm in a weird mood, Cuppy

Things are weird

5am still no SLEP

Same lol

Just something for next time.

Sometimes eating a metric fuckton of grease just hits you the right way. Who wants to live to be old anyway?

smonking huge weeds isn’t even helping I’m just not sleepy

practice moar!

east cost five in the MORNing crew what u ppp !!!!!!

im going to sleep now.. since my nails are complete and i have no other goals for today.

good. night my friends that i love so dearly

I kind of am but I'm also not

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Sleep well ♥