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ass and titties ass ass and titties


~2 hours left homeslices

I never got why people gave a shit about new threads being early.

He's a gangly fuck, and from what I've seen they he has such exaggerated limbs so he's fun to draw. Because he moves like a madman all the time.

I give shit to everyone, especially those I consider friends.

And it's obvious it's you all the time.

lol rekt


What if I went and made the new thread right now?

it's super important shut up u furry

I make zero effort to hide who I am. the only reason I ever changed tripcodes was because it was fun to make them but I got bored with that and also like this trip the most anyway.

hate u

I'd make my replies, copy my comment box, open new thread and paste my text.
It's not even a big deal.

Same here. But you seemed to have more difficulty than I.

Oh thank God.

Same tbh.
Love Cup tho.

more difficulty with what?!

that is the wrong opinion about cup

Don't joke about that. That would be the ultimate international security crisis.

Knowing whom the other person was.

I can explain.

I'm very lazy.

It's amazing that humanity has been able to reach this level of quality


Ur a wrong opinion.

this but unironically

do not sniff.

everything I say is correct.

Don't be gross.


that's what he does though I literally just got linked that scene

except for that one time but we don't talk about that.

Yes well don't bring it up.


too late brah

Redact that comment.


Then I've no choice.

Your new avatar is dumb. And smells bad.

*grabs popcorn and lawnchair*

Mmmh. Remind me what it was again?

fictional characters have no smell u nerd.

and no it's not. she's adorable. shut up. ur dumb.

I forget.

do you do photoshop stuff? I got a picture that desperately needs something added to it.

Sure they do, yours spells terrible after all.

I'm smarter than you though, so that makes you wrong by default.

I'm... mildly OK at editing stuff, sometimes.
What you got?

Man, CrossCode's attention to detail is really neat.

It even incorporated the crash that invariably happens at the end of the long annoying solo-instance dungeon that invariably makes you have to do the entire freaking dungeon agai- oh, wait, no that was an actual crash.

yea but what if she casts one of her spells on you to make you dumber

She inevitably fucks it up and it backfires, the usual.

really dedicating to that whole giant asshole character huh

I am home

I'm an asshole, always.

you can't just go saying WRONG THINGS on the internet u madman


has anyone tried white nail polish ?
i think

it has the possibility to look either.. really trashy

or really very nice and cute


I'm only wrong when proven so, and since you lack the ability to do so It'll remain that way.

No, I can't edit Discord, that's out of my hands.

I dunno man that sounds pretty sketchy

then what the fuck good are u

Well, prove me wrong.

that sounds like a lot of work.

*gets slurpie to go with popcorn*

Like all nailpolish it depends on the rest of everything.

Woah now, you might figure out I'm exploiting your third weakness at this rate.

what a monster.

i think this recording is pretty magical

right when they light up the ball on the ceiling, and you just hear the sound of the crowd cheering peak above the music for a moment

sends shivers down my back

Yes yes.


no no





see i dont think that is accurate

i have pink nails rRight nnnow and they look fine regardless of



That was the easiest "photoshop" I ever did.
Typically I have to edit penises, nipples, and scenery out of shit, or completely alter tiny details, this time I just had to crudely write an 8 letter phrase like a 4 year old smearing shit on the wall.

and u did a super job, champ.


Wear blue with pink nails and you look like a clod.

Use Paint for that shit.

why would I do it myself when it was so easy to get speccy to do it for me?

There was more effort in asking and linking and explaining via different areas than just doing it yourself.

*gets one of those little m&m packets they have at theaters*

not in my mind. and that's all that matters.
sometimes to be properly lazy u gotta put in a little effort. use a bit of elbow grease. being lazy ain't just handed to you on a silver platter u know.

Yes it is.

Cupcake, my XBox controller is kinda borked and I can't find my micro-USB to switch to my dualshock, what do?

sadly, you cant find this shit on youtube anymore

this a really pretty song im pretty sure a lot of you haven't heard before


Thanks babe.

Uh... I don't understand.

maybe for u

prolly just gonna have to throw out the whole xbox tbh.


Being an asshole takes plenty of effort.

im just shitposting music at this point, i totally forgot to remove your link

I don't have an xbox.

Xbox won't use a dualshock controller anyway, AFAIK.

well yeah. some things you just gotta do right.

throw out all the things that you were using it with desu.

Yep, that's me.

I'm not throwing out a 2200$ computer.

ur nailin' it dood

well then I'm out of advice. hmph.

I dunno man. get another controller when you can. what else can you do? life is hard.

as if i would


e v e r

wear blu anywhere aside from jeans


Post nails Lily.

Calling it now: Liliana is a fat dude.

Like Cupcake levels of fat.

l i l i a n a !!!!! not lily....

and theyre like a few days old... so they dont look great theyre like chipped and stuff maybe if i repaint them tonight

Don't bully !

Cupcake's not even that fat.

Live version of Voodoo child slight return played at the end of the three day woodstock event in 1969 during a Hurricane that brought wind, rain and mud to the event. those that decided to stay were greated with one of the most highly regarded live performances of all time


I mean, last I checked.

Uh, Cupcake I'm gonna need you to post your ass so we can gauge

I'll be waiting, then. You should consider wearing blue more Lily; it's a nice color.

every time tsuchi mentions what he thinks my weight is I get fatter. by now I'm assuming I'm somewhere in "can't even fit in a bathtub" range in his mind.

to be fair my ass is pretty damn big.

And that is the ONLY reason.

big ass is good
lemme gander

Ass is for scientific purposes ONLY

plus really, everyone is a fat person when you're a meth addict.

xd meth

who even are you. chances are good you've already seen it.

Shut up, even gayer Desu.

It's like how every time I mention Test's height, she keeps getting shorter.



it's just one of those medical and scientific oddities. truly these threads are magical.

Like I said, last I checked

so yes, you've seen it u thirsty ho.

I found my micro-USB.

You sound like a twat.
I don't wear blue because blue just isn't my colour.

i like it on others... not me usually except nails thats okay

well thank goodness. I was gonna have trouble sleeping worrying about that one.

on that note I want to lie down and perhaps sleep. later nerds.

Look, if my time here isn't lazily spent tryna see some ass
How can I really justify being here

To be fair, I have no idea what you weigh now, just that you keep saying you're gaining weight.

So it's best to just assume the worst.

a fair point. hmu on discord later and we'll see what I can do.

not gaining. gained. it goes up and down a little but seems to be stable where it's been for a few years now. I'm neither very fat nor very skinny. just painfully average like everything else about me, other than my amazing hair.

okay gone now. lemme alone fags.

Aight bet

He needs time to shave it first


Because Iiiiiiiiii'm worth it

o bai

Cup sacrificed all his body hair so that it all grew off his head.


if you keep your head shaved bald and cup shaves his ass it'll be really easy to slide your whole head in there

I USED TO BE BALD for FOUR (4) years !!! i am growing it out right now

My head is already up my OWN ASS, thank you

Real Fucking Talk
If I invest time in you as a person what is the LIKELIHOOD (probability) of me seeing some ass (buttocks)

that will just make u even shorter

just to give you an idea of the kind of cummunity you can expect to see here Lili

n o l e w d !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a S T R I CTTT rule !

Zero percent (0%)

test must have already tried

Test's ass is probably better tbh.

yea but the bitch will never post it

True true
But why

What about you

are you a new friend

Is that why you're bad at aiming

Don't pay attention to me yo I'm like
Totally drunk and stuff I've got like a beer or something

like one whole beer

Guys lok drunk I am

one large sperm, please

He hasn't even gotten to see Doots/Bebop/Grim whiteknight him yet.

Test post ass

send help

and alcohol

It's time to STOP

Yes but there's a nice refreshing smell, seeing as my shit don't stink.

No I just really wanted to do the parentheses meme.

No that's because I'm being ddos'd

I'll flip a coin and let you know.

i would like zer0 white knights please !

This but ironically because his ass is probably gross

yea he could get white knights couldnt he, look test isnt that an appealing idea

Kill yourself and it'll end.

ha, what a novice
i've been experiencing unending existential dread since my great grandpa died when i was like 12

Blizzard was scared of how good my hanzo was so they ddosed my speakers to bits

True true


stare into the void and the void stares back into you


NO SUICIDE !!! its okay i have no reason

all jokes aside though how do you get past the knowledge that when you drive your car past 20mph you're basically piloting a large death projectile that can end your reality without you having a chance to fight back

The only thing worse than death is to avert your eyes from it - MLK

The tormentor becomes the tormented.
People become what they love and hate, because their mind focuses on it.
The hall of mirrors folding in on itself.




I get some mcdonalds on the way usually

on a ball of rock going over 1000km per hour going around a sun that is whirling through space at about 50,000km per hour on the outer arm of a large spiral galaxy

You probably don't even know the Bebop meme now that I think of it.

Oh well.

Yeah dude they didn't want you to hear the "dinks" anymore.

The Earth moves 30 kilometers per second through the vacuum of space.

Just start thinking of all pedestrians as targets.

gamma ray bursts aren't likely to hit us but one could be lethal from 6000 lightyears away and theres nothing at all we could do to stop it from killing us all, stripping our atmosphere

You are somehow more desperate than Scoots.

fish is your dick still really dry and flaky or have you lopped it off yet

maccas is shit reeeeeeEEE

yeah but that's too abstract for me to give a shit about
car accidents are pertinent enough for me to have them on the back of my mind most of the time


i am a b o y !

no trap (traps is a stupid annoying term and the memes about it are also dumb) and i am no trap i am just a boy

well you should be thinking about not crashing constantly while driving anyways, life is stressful get used to it

I know literally nothing about that guy other than all the shit folks talk

I mean
The dolla menu be chillin'

like yes satan's fart from outer space can wipe us out instantaneously but the chances of that are astronomically less than some chinese subhuman driving poorly and creaming me in the driver side door

i think you have a moderate to severe misunderstanding of how existential dread works

yeah but taco bell gets you more food for like
roughly the same at the end of the day and its better


Knowing full well it will sound beyond edgy, that's how I keep myself entertained while driving: just thinking who it would be possible to run over, especially at busy crosswalks.

I wish that we would adopt ladyboy

You had the same idea but put more effort in.

If I'm honest "how I get past it" I don't as it just doesn't bother me.

I'm just bored

get out.

too expensive to get lopped off. never been dry, was that one picture where the lighting made it look bad but it was actually light reflecting off dick sweat.

it's very hot here in Arizona.

Man I kinda wanna get some taco bell

you cant make me !!!! :ppppppp i am here and u cant stop it !!!!

green bean green bean !!

nut really, i used to be a christian and had to come to terms with the fact i no longer believe in an afterlife

im pretty sure i know how existential terror works

i would like a beefy nacho loaded griller and a baja blast please

I prefer "Lebensunwertes Leben".

I need some glorious transbian master race propaganda for these trap loving infidels

I can get you the griller but we don't sell piss water here sorry

It's desu

baja blast is actually good

I get my kicks off of doing that on GTA 5 because the physics are juuuust far enough from real where I don't feel like a psycho for enjoying it

it pisses me off because i know logically that stressing about it actually increases the odds of it happening but my mushy brain doesn't give a shit about that lol

dont send bad nudes man put in a little bit more effort
also yeah buy some vaseline total moisture lotion that shit is magic

coming to terms with it takes more effort than i'm willing ill just keep taking 3 antidepressants and trying to push it to the back of my mind

Wouldn't YOU be the first to know

but why

Nah someone already called the same thing

hi jackson

Want to join the Discord chat? ♥

I always put on the classic rock station in GTA V and whenever "I Don't Care Anymore" by Phil Collins came on, I was morally obligated to drive through pedestrians. It was just bliss.

learning about what you are really made of helps, the more you find out about the universe around you the less dreadful it is to think about your inevitable return to the world you came from, of course this is both metaphorical and physical and how much "you return" is up to personal interpretation.

i no longer am awake at night afraid for what its worth

It's what Nazis called the subhumans.

want to ?? yes. i would want to is the answer

What's your Discord ID?


Nobody else beats a fear like that with logic, either.

i know all of this and it doesn't help
no matter what kind of logic I try to apply to it, at the end of the day I'll still stop being an entity and the thought of just one day not being able to experience anything ever again scares the shit out of me
i wont even be able to experience not experiencing anything it warps my fucking mind

I personally enjoyed running people over on the beach to the classic jojo meme tune roundabout

His discord pfp isn't a cute anime girl it's spongebob

You should HONESTLY (truthfully) change that

no !!!!! i really like spongebob s1-3

really good stuff... and this scene i use is one of my favorites

I feel like I saw that image on some vaporwave music video

I don't know why Phil Collins has always been the perfect soundtrack to any video game homicidal spree.

Hello pop how are you doin?

the trick is to not think about it, accept it or not it's going to happen, if you address it it doesn't have to float around, at the back of your mind you probably still think you can make it out of here alive somehow and that might be more negative than positive.

maybe what works for me won't work for you but if it helps at all, the prospect of an eternity in any measure is torture

I tried reading some psychology papers on death anxiety and it didn't help me at all
So yea, if you find something that works, I'm down to know

roundabout is Yes

I think it's a blessing and a curse that humans are intelligent.
Because while you have people that innovate and do great things you have people that just wonder why they're alive all the time and then just a s quickly they're dead

okay but what about the anxiety

We should all just join a cult together. We'll feel better.

I have fully accepted my death, for me it just doesn't help much
I'm even aware I probably guaranteed myself a much earlier death by treating my body like shit, lol

well i'm on a sedative, an antidepressant and an anxiety medication and those help quite a bit LOL

you're spot on
i'm hoping this eventually goes away and i'm allowed the space in my own thoughts to maybe leave a mark on this temporary place
or just at least enjoy what little time i do have to the fullest

i would like to make tea for the cult !!! if possible ..

(please contact me for more information i can help)

Dibs on being the Jim Jones.

positives outweigh the negatives if you ask me

some insects only live for a week or even just a single day, some animals live at the bottom of the sea sand for 400 years. we are somewhere in between given a chance to struggle and thrive, to fight and bleed for what we want to make for ourselves. to choose the terms of our own existence to some extent. that has been shaped for us in the recent past and many options that once existed are gone, we exist in a world that is strange yet familiar and constantly changing. the individual has the power to choose whether they will wallow or adapt and i would not be willing to trade that.

for real though the pills dial back the dread from crippling to like 99% manageable, they are basically magic

When was the last time you weren't on anything?

yea we are little but our brain chemistry, for better or worse

and to be fair if i feel super anxious i just smoke some pot and that helps, i can't just pretend like i don't have my crutches too


Daddy's trying not to break out the Scotch.

i'm on welbutrin, cymbalta, trazadone and some adderall and it's pretty swell
i don't even WANT to die anymore
pretty sure the last time I was unmedicated was about a year and two months or so? was pretty close to ending my own ass. therapy and psych really do help.

i didnt even see your post :c
hi shnee



honestly it's becoming next to impossible for me to not believe in some kind of literal physical afterlife

like in all of infinity there's someone who's had your exact life entirely as one dream who will wake up when you die. The question is what's the difference between you dying and an exact copy of your life living on in some other way while what you are physically dies.


this is where I get stuck

It's the fucking star trek transporter problem.

technically what gets beamed up dies

and an exact copy is made when it rematerialized

but did they DIE? or did they simply live on in an exact copy of themselves?



She was talking about Guero.

And so was I.

not daddy, just dad

i'm only daddy to ooble

still funny

its not like i really care


only daddy I've got is my computer knowledge daddy qt

:C why

Hi! How are you doin?

Daddy's busy playin destiny 2.

I'm actually fine I just enjoy talking about depressing shit that floats around my head
How's sni doing??

Bretty good, waiting for ANIMAL CROSSING DIRECT IN 30 MIN

woooo i cant watch it because my phones are dead and i have no sound
sum it up for me when it ends lol

My only fear of dying is that no one we'll remember me.
But now that I think about it, when I die I won't have that fear anyway so maybe it's not that bad

Did you build your house, make your own clothes, and kill your own food today? We as humans only thrive because of the society we've built around each other. Of course this isn't a bad thing but it's what causes dread in so many, and I as well. The feeling that you're not really living your life on your own terms, just wading through the society of humans. We choose to live on our own terms only within the bubble that we've built, which is actually pretty small, and that WE make increasingly difficult to navigate at times. You may think you're in control of your life, but there are men somewhere in the world right now making decisions about nuclear warfare. Personally I don't believe I'm in control of anything I can't get to in 15 minutes or less.

What about me? I still call you Daddy. Kind of.

hey i will watch it with you i am not that interested but you seem really excited about it !!!!!!!!!


I thought you said you were better now

can't worry about worrying about being dead
when you're

yeah but thats DIFFERENT OK
we only cyber ironically so its not gay

But what option do you have? Why even bring it up? Do you think I'm unaware of all the things that are kept from us, or of all the people who use anything they can to get all of the money or resources they can for themselves? Is that not how a predator is supposed to live? Well, you can't divulge too much if you are going to live successfully anyways, not among predators. Will you ever be at the top of the ladder? No you probably never will be, but would you really want to be one of the individuals responsible for that? Old man atom ain't going nowhere, even if you had peaceful opinions the nukes would still fester in their Silo's,

The evidence seems lacking.

That technology doesn't exist. If it did it should be able to make those copies from any loose matter and not just the matter that makes us. I would hope that any real world faster than light travel would involve being able to move whole objects and not molecule soup which is then reconstituted into objects.

If it's any consolation, despite claims that every cell in your body is replaced every 7 years, your brain cells last a lifetime. So there is and has been a level of continuity to your existence so far.

I will!!!!

Please do! If it's bad I'll skin myself live on camera.

damn these are cute


too bad I live in fucking FLORIDA

maybe anti-matter is just regular matter going backwards in time

ah yes
the land of sweaty balls and mosquito


are you okay my dude?



!!! Y U Z U K O !!!


pretty much, but it's actually not that bad right now since it's fall, high of 73 tomorrow apparently

A) what about florida makes you freak out?
B) I don't know who half the characters are in my Misc folder




being in florida always makes me sad because i squish so many cute little lizards on accident when im driving :(((




I'm only talking about the rationale. I bring it up because I think about it. Everyone does. No person that lives will go without pondering their death or why they live at all. I think the beauty of talking about death and other "scary" things is that everyone can relate. However, I also wonder if anyone else WANTS to die spontaneously right now, on some small level, like I do sometimes.

a. . i .. .. ... flor ida

b. its a good show watch yuyushiki

He's in Florida.

It's Desu.

played destiny 2 all day

now im watching some shitty anime

I'm not suicidal anymore and I'm able to work again.

fear of death has settled in and along with it has come unmanageable existential confusion

I was thinking of a true infinity existence where literally everything conceivable will exist in some universe.

another thing about a true infinity universe is that literally fucking anything could happen. You could go through infinity layers of waking up from dreams and Jesus fuck that's scary

I also think about how every night when I sleep I'm literally just waiting to lose consciousness which is just what death is going to be like most likely

And like you know how you can't see the edge of your vision? like there's no black edge to what you see?

This is sort of the same with sleep, you don't know it's happened until you wake up, so you'll never get to actually know death, only get close to it.

This is the aspect of death that makes me most curious. what are the last seconds of your life like?

fuck my life I think too deep about this shit

I refuse to google translate this you thot what does it say


Time for some fucking trazadone and the prayer that I die after a night of peaceful sleep

"stop calling me a thot guys" - girl who puts her name as "daddy's cum dump" in public



Why not during?

I honestly don't get the "typing in japanese" thing
Why do you do that


having the answer to my death has made me not want it, any moment i find joy or entertainment is a moment alive i have enjoyed, and something i can enjoy validates living to me

i like to keep things simple





excuse you

Sounds like silly sci fi nonsense.

Probably a couple seconds of thinking "man I don't want to die" right before the lack of oxygen makes thoughts that coherent impossible.

It probably just depends on the circumstances.

Which shitty anime

I'm not saying I don't enjoy living or that the inevitability of death renders me incapable of playing video games or masturbating. But I don't believe anyone is immune to a passing thought about death.
It's as easy or simple breathing. And like breathing, it can get deeper.

fruits basket


you're excused acolyte

Hey now, I like that shitty anime.

Am not.



Well I didn't mean to give the impression my huge IQ made me immune to the fear of death or anything, just infinitely more capable of grappling with it, i feel like as long as you have a more interest topic to explore than "what will happen when i die" you can safely avoid excessively dwelling on it given mostly normal circumstances

i'm too bored to focus on reading this manga and it's pissing me off
how do people live without literally constant music in the background it's toO QUIET IN HERE


i was trying to link a bunch of sweet jams earlier and no one joined in

that's what I meant


i cant listen to them anyway cuz my sound card shit the bed and my phones dead



Yeah I really only think about death when I'm bored.

oh that really does suck, i wish you music soon

tfw had to google this and I'm so grossed out idk if I can sleep

Is sinni underage lmao

You sweet summer child.

Nuh. Morally just and pure.

Blame guero.

i feel like it might sound a little edgy but the intelligent individual has to assume they will die, and once this conclusion is drawn one can find what to do in the meantime well enough anyways

would explain my attraction to her

I did not need you to give me this idea.

large and in charge boy
big boys big poise

thank you sir


i was in a group call with someone who used a guitars whammy bar as a sounding rod, i regret staying to hear the sounds they made

I'm blaming you, you're the one that's into it

guero is only ironically big tbh


hey like I said man
Passing thoughts.
Besides, it was entirely the topic at hand

Why does he say ouch anyway

I'm glad we have now transferred this meme onto an entire 'nother person and friendgroup

who the FUCK would do this

this is really cute blood .. honestly. this is nice good blood

those fuckers are everywhere

I had one ride on my hood of my car all the way to work one time

so you live in florida?

congrats we both live in the worst state 2017


if you were truly intelligent you would realize that obsessing over life after death is pointless as it will only deteriorate the quality of life/time that you have. but I'll let you figure it out on your own



I can't believe rin is trying to for their sick sounding fetish on the entire thread

fuck me

i guess it isnt that simple for everyone anwyays

You want us to forcefully fuck you???


"force fuck me" - squiddy, 2017

oh my

damn you beat me to it.

I mean who isn't into that?

thanks i made it myself

i know they are but they are still cute and deserve better than the horrible death i deliver them

that is beyond degenerate

my favorite poster!!!!


I've had plenty of non-floridians tell me that they're freaked out by them.

those things are harmless little cuties

dude they're worth money up here unironically
you could sell them for like 30 dollars a piece commercially


hello guevos howis yourday friend


What are you, fucking gay?





my day is boring but i still in a good mood despite computer machine being :b:roke

hows the bart



You were warned.

dude change your name ;;

what the fuck? why?



shut up worthless user

i really like... the big big like black grasshopper looking things with the orange on them ?

i used to be spooked but now i just watch them move

ijusthungout with my buddy jjohn so I am happy too : )

i have no idea nor am i even sure its true its just some shit i hear from every new yorker i ever talk to about florida lmao

yaay whatd you two get up to
also do u own this shitpost redistributor page? i sent you a meme the other day and you sent me one in response and then i saw a post with them both together on your facebook :3

I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Kill me. I have nothing left to live for

I warned you


cause it’s embarrassing and cringey

fuck off retard xD

Well I like it so what's the problem :C.



these little bubbers

you're going to have to fuck me off for me sweetheart

It just looks bad being manipulated by one of the grossest dudes here

huh, nezi
apparently they're worth a few bucks a piece
5.99 for the brown ones, 9.99 for the green ones
they're called Anoles



i didnt even see your post :3c

im glad we have potato sacs like eva to tell us whats gross



You'll receive a viking funeral.

Wait a minute
A mobile game with transactions?
Whodathunk :thinking:

at least youtube is mostly free, for what i want to use it for anyways

yes the shuitpost redistriubtor i my meme pagg : 3

calm yourself u walking onahole before i give u a smacc


New York is a magical place.

I've never seen those before.

But why? Are they used to feed pets or something?

maybe only certain area of f ordia... ive seen a long time

Name one good poster from Canada.
You can't

wonder if he just got super buttsore and banned eva


Waiting the game with microtransactions to speed up the waiting

Out in november.

Oh Luka's aight actually


This was a joke, right?

That was 10x George just doesn't know his memes.

He's lovely and you can get fucked >:C

jk love u fgt
wheres my kiss

it sure is
i do not miss it

I have no idea bud

me in 7 years

Nah. they're just so innocuous

yeah i banned them

That's because he actually has autism

with that pic i thot u were test

brb hunting down lizards in backyard :^)

you probably like having a sore butt anyway you big gay

I liked the jams you posted but didn't want to say anything.

You can never wash off the stink of new york.

That doesn't remove or devalue that they're innocuous/generally pleasant.



The fact that they never post anything of substance bothers me.

at least you have an exceedingly good taste in music

Hi erio


don’t make me sick

you’re 18 right?

hey !!! can i ... hunt with you ?

i would like to.

shes 16

Well, if you working under the assumption that they're autistic, don't you think it'd be unfair to expect a whole lot from them?


I feel tricked????

I thought she was 12???????????



who board boss again? It’s u right?

Can’t see their posts ;;

oops there goes moogs accidentally being a pedophile again

Yeah, me.

accidentally just like every other time

Oh Carleigh is from Canada too
Aight so that's like 2/20

who the FUCK r u

What's with the hate against Moogs? I'm confused.

Yo 10X come clean
Why am I hearing people talk about you being in a potato sack

he;s too cute

you probably live too far away

I wouldn't want you to drive all the way here

don't worry about it


I suppose. I just don't really like them in the end.

why you gotta dox me you fuck


i like to drive.. but okay. if you come around... we can hunt the bubbers

Of course you’re confused

whatever if you like the attention I guess it’s a fair trade

it’s gross cause they’re so much older than you and they only go for teenagers

Have you ever considered slapping your parents for spelling your name so weird?

hmu on steam


lloyd is GAY


A few times, yes. Apparently it's welsh.

w h a t

they're thinking in 4D

Do you pronounce it like Carly or Carl"A"?


Word. So it goes ay

It is not enough that I should succeed. Others should fail.
Also not gay

i do not speak to anyone with more than 160 hrs on csgo sorry ...... (okay i added u)

its NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

like...who the fuck else have i been with?

10X you getting clowned nigga