♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Hang in there Edition

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fucking britbong niggers


*african americans




# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda

cat /dev/zero > /dev/sda

My fingers are tired, not sure how much longer I can hang. It would be so much easier just to let go and fall.




Sleep was better than this...

ikt, what project should i contribute to if i dont know C++?





wow such cookie cutter


The Place Promised in our Early Days was good

they all look samey

just put them in a rng thing and watch that

what's a rng thing?

yep, to build a powerful computer!

idk something like this wheeldecide.com/

The wheel landed on french food!

what kinda foods do french enjoy?

french toast

sounds unfulfilling

They just have a similar art style
They're all different

it's yummy

yeah so i was right!!!
they DO look all samey!!!

A lot of anime now all look the same though

yeah visuals tho


As long as the stories aren't copy pasted, I don't mind if they look similar

Wrong port :x

i think its coffee time

they look similar


Which ones in particular?


double noticed

Umare Dedzuru Ishi?

What does that even freaking mean?
AFAIK the localized title of the track is "Birth of a Wish" and idk if the dedzuru is just messing with me or not...
The Katakana is also kind of confusing, tbh.

Just wanted it somewhere easier to copy.

Intention to live raw male

Wrong, those characters don't say live, raw, or male.

I'm not sure what that's referring to

Nama Mare-de dzuru ishi

me either

Where did you see them?

i dont know
they wont tell me

She put 生マレ出ヅル意思 into google.

Okay so today I learned 生 can be read like that.

I wouldn't worry about it


Does ヅル just not mean anything and it's there because Taro?

Birth of Rising Intention?

what were you trying to say?

im worried.

what the fuck

ok help somebody with nginx


Anyway, good track.

Nothing, don't pay attention to the one asking to be ignored and then ignore the rest.

NieR Automata had a wonderful OST

they are being mean hiding things



I don't really think it's trying to be mean

What am I even hiding?

The second freaking post I made about it makes it clear I was talking about a song.



It didn't seem obscure to me





But, it's Tuesday

i want wednesday ;~;

Wednesday is almost here, my dudes

what do i do today?



nginx nerds lps help




Good morning everyone! How are you all doin?

Fucking nginx keeps redirecting to the wrong port and the wrong fucking service and i have no idea what's going wrong

O-oh, I thought you told someone he was putting it in the wrong port~

I'm so frustrated

I believe so

fucking NIGGERS oh god they just serve the first server block if nginx can't figure it out WHAT THE FUCK why the fuck would you do a silent fail JUST THROW A FUCKING ERROR

port_in_redirect off;


(because return 444 when stuff couldn't be finded

oh its a typo

excuse me while i go sob in a fucking corner




# Pasteupstream hastebin-server { server;}server { listen 80; server_name paste.dorifuto.moe; return 301 $server_name$request_uri;}server { listen 433 ssl; server_name paste.dorifuto.moe; ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/dorifuto.moe/fullchain.pem; ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/dorifuto.moe/privkey.pem; ssl_trusted_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/dorifuto.moe/fullchain.pem; location / { proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; proxy_set_header Host $http_host; proxy_set_header X-NginX-Proxy true; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade"; proxy_pass hastebin-server; proxy_redirect off; }}

find the fuck-up

is it really called request_uri
not request_url



oh neat
something called a urn also exists!

i am

watching my small nephew
what is a game that a 5 year old is capable of playing ???
he does not like.. mario 3d



Oh I haven't seen you in a while How's life treating you kissy?

Gears of War 3

oh god

i've cried at 2 games in my life
and that was byfar the saddest

Awful, I'm lazy and it's a problem.

being lazy is a great privelage that we have living as humans so far down the line


bury yourselves in some blankets and spend all day in bed :3

Can't, have too many things to do.

Fuck live in the desert must suck

say just out of curiosity d you have any pics of a cute vaporeon doing coke?

I've never played the games
only a few mins of multiplayer

You're missing out on one of the best series spanning single player campaigns of a generation lost

Unfortunately not.

Rin shave your unibrow

there's too much gore

h-haha that's okay.....


Blood and violence in videos games bothers you?

na, it just seems unnecessary
detracts from the gameplay




videogames are for nerds anyway


delet this

I'm playing minecraft (tm)

what are you doing



I just woke up ate tried some awful instant noodles that had literally no flavour and masked that by being hot as shit which is something that annoys me greatly.

Other than that nothing.



hai you
what's up??

what's going on


do not !!!! eat instant noodles.


Friends the animal crossing direct is gonna be happening eventually!!!!!!!!

I'm hype!!!!!!!!!!!!

At KFC we have a product like that called nashville hot

It's just an oil basedsauce that's basically flavorless heat

Absoluteey disgutsting

Literally nothing, I just woke up.

Why not


Heat is the plebians flavour, really. Like anti-depth.

11pm EST.

just got home
i'm super tired

why nOt ?

BECAUSE they are

not good.

I'm home.
What's up, retards?

I feel like you're not actually 18

You remind me of how I posted when I was like 14

What's that in REAL time

Home from what?

Some are though

Bard is still like 14.

I can fuck lolis. It's ok.
I'm actually only 12.

tfw your only appeal across the years has been your youth which is now rapidly fading

Rip you dude. You're gonna grow into an actual man someday and then nobody will want you.

spec you're amonster

this tbh

Fuck dude I don't know your shitty aussie time. It's in like 5 or 6 hours.



my girlfriend found leaks of the next Dragon Ball Super episode

like 5 or 6 my dude, got it

when are we gonna fucking kill spec?


i cannot really prove my age...

and i dont feel the need to either
so if u wanna say im 14 thats okay !!!!

(but i am turning 19 in december)

n o
all are bad unless u are starving and food doesnt exist beside that one

then its O K

Please don't kill my boyfriend.

dont respond to posters baiting you about your age

I told you not till 1v1s come out, with new maps, and we can boost xp.

the job was next to my house so i got to go right home which was nice

Don't listen to Baddog

how straightedge are you btw?
smoking? drugs? alcohol? sex? all of the above?

Trying to find my wallet, unsuccessfully.

never a fun time


just about everything ..

(i do smoke a tobacco pipe maybe once a week/two weeks)

but everything else is not something i indulge in

its usually easy for me to tell people i'm straight edge when they offer drinks or WEED instead of going into exact descriptions of what i do and dont do...

i dont like the idea of sex like

thinking about it with someone else makes me really (bad) anxious but maybe itd be okay with someone who i could consider myself to be really really close to ?

i dont know

(ive also never ever swallowed a pill !) fUn fact

Oh Bard, I found a cool playlist you might like.

fuckin phony straightedge

whatmst's your work?

Jokes on you I already 1v1'd you.
And won.

That doesn't count. I wasn't prepared.

did you drop it somewhere?


construction is rough, i know jproc does construction and he fucked up his back

It was your batchall nigga.


IM SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...i am.

thats why i dont really like

unless someone offers me stuff bc it usually ends faster than if i were to say
nah i dont want it

if i say
im sxe
theyre usually just like oh okay nvm then
but ifffff

i say no im okay
they push it and its like STOP AAAAAAAAAAAA

this is why i never offer anyone something more than once, and usually only at like parties

Ah, rip. Construction's generally shit. Though I know some people who've found it good.

Better take an X2 next time.

I have no idea. I cleaned my room for real this tiem and can't find it. I did find a $140 check that I never cashed though so that was nice

can't cash it without your id

your wallet will probably turn up in one of the usual spots you end up accidentally losing it (every man has a few) at least you got some cash, and im hoping it turns up for you real soon

Mobile deposit.

Hopefully. My mom will help look for it when she gets home.


i need that

yeah mobile deposit is really nice !!!!!

wow i got this check at 11 pm

time to cash it right now !!!!! on my phone.

try to remember anywhere you could have been with it since you last had it in your pants and knew you had it at home, you know remember as best you can when you last had it at home and where you have been since then

what even are these?

I can't ever get out of work early enough to make it to my bank

It's super convenient, I never have to go to the bank anymore.

I last had it at the asian food store I think

I'll take an Uziel next time.

Blanca is a cat with no face! Players can draw her a face in a couple of the games.

stupid banks
my bank is always so far away from me too

Mine is a four minute drive, but I'd still rather just not leave the house.

me too

call the place then

ah, yes, this will give victory


JK, I'll use the Osiris.
Bet ur scared now, huh faggot?

I believe in the osiris

oh yeah !! ??? well

MY BANK doesnt even exist

!!! O n L i N e B a N k I n G !!!

Who is that posting my avatar btw?

no one cares

About what?
I was asking a question.



I don't underestand.


as far as I can tell nobody knows, they just showed up

Oh, it's Ikarous, then?

also anyone who verbally tries to claim ownership over images in such a way that it sounds like they are implying they should have exclusive posting rights to it, typically get shitposted at

If I cared, I'd be posting her way more than I do.

what i meant was, it was probably saying "my avatar" instead of "pictures of Natsuki" that got you your initial negative reaction

He's not posting Natski.

Hee's posting Oomuro Sakurako.

大室 桜子

whatever the case may be, i wasnt going to scroll up and look, can you not extrapolate from the context?


Rin. Give head pats.

The Liliana guy?

My operating guess is Desu, but I've been wrong before.

But whyyyy?

Because we're good friends and I need pats.





do you guys really think someone who posts like they just joined their first online form is someone pretending not to be someone else?

come on, how are we ever going to get new people with that mentality

We won't, we'll die the slow death we deserve.

He's posting more like someone pretending to be new to imageboards rather than someone new to imageboards.

but muh memes

Opinions on my hypothesis

I can't believe this betrayal

I'd buy into it.

Life is about change and growth.

We wanted new people?
Fuck that.

that's a pretty funny post until you frame it and put under it

- The Admin

okay i see where you are coming from with that logic, but what potential gain is there for posting in a way you know is annoying?

You guys are all forgetting the simplest answer:

Crippling autism.

good god kill yourself

That makes it even funnier.


None - but you seem to forget that people have a bad track record for understanding that.

My dick is about change and growth but I stick with it anyway.

tragedy and comedy go hand in hand, i suppose

Well we know a few that don't, we'll just leave it to them.

Indeed, Socrates.

hey !!! old man !!!! IM NEW

and i like it here so

B U G O F F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this meme is too advanced for me my dude

this but unironically

Do not speak unless spoken to.

Don't think too hard about it.

Lewd ja nai

Flat tho

Dafuq is going on

i HATE irony !!! i used to use it a lot..

but now i am all about NEW SINCERITY !!!!

SCREW IRONY ! (its okay if used in moderation and it has purpose and not how most friend groups use it to hide their feelings)

B U G O F F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just squash being cancerous again

A bit much

Yes? Is good!

I'm sure it isn't.

Someone pretending to be new again.
Emma being lewd again.

You know, the usual.

Don't be a fuck, Neko.

fuck you tell me

this but unironically

but unironically

Wow, r00d.

Ironically or unironically?

How uneventful.

too easy

pretty sure bullying new people for at least a month is one of our hard rules

I'm sure it'll pick up if we shitpost hard enough.

Lili is cute

thanks bby


You say that about everyone Erio.

sounds like someone is afraid of some competition

Good morning, how are you all doing?

it's 7pm

okay thank you but


l i l i + a n a

liliana !!!!

It's probably Desu or Ikarous.



Nobody is going to type that out all the time.

I mean it all the times I say it, but to be fair that's probably partly because of drugs/alcohol

Also, people are cute in different ways

Like you, Rin, and Lili are all cute in unique ways that I can probably explain if I try hard but I don't want to

How're you? ^^

Pretty good, you? Just woke up? :3

Okay, Liliana :3

What's the name from?

Is it so hard to give people the benefit of the doubt?

Which means it's almost gonna be ANIMAL CROSSING DIRECT TIME

Monika is still best girl.

Hype but also tired, if that makes sense? nah I've been up for awhile, chillin with moogs.

I would never ask you to, things that make you try hard are not usually worth doing.
I'm okay, can't find my wallet but I will find a way.

I know I'm adorable but if you stare too much you'll make me blush


too bad !! they better learn...

i made it up 2 nights ago think
a couple threads ago u can find it
i dunno i just like the sound



Ay what's the business

Make sure to use your advanced sass spells on them. Keeps em in line.

You can't just keep saying that every hour

Sinni needs to be stopped


i am trying

just watching some youtube and chilling with my kitties
what's happening rroyd

how many kitties you got? if i ever get a cat again i need to get two so they have a playmate

The best phone game of 2017

What are you hype for? ^^

And okay. You always say good morning at night; you must be naturally nocturnal like me :3

I'd probably try to explain if you really wanted me to x3

Yeah, it'll show up ^^

Have you worked on your drawing more at all?

Yeah, names that come from "Lily" are pretty in general ^^

How u gurl


two and they are brothers
one is black and the other is a tabby
very energetic and snuggly

aweh two precious little boys, im sure they are spunky and loveable

New animal crossing content :3c. and yee, being a night owl is kinda great.

How is your day going?

Eeeeh about the same.
I'm watching this show called The Ranch on Netflix.
It's a shitcom but it's not that shit so I'm cool with it.

That's not how you spell Natsuki~

Given the community and the people in question?

Yes. Yes actually, it is.

How u

Well, Not about the same because I don't have kittens so

they are just like dogs

I don't care enough for that.
I haven't, been super busy with other stuff. I did clean my room though so that should help.

M o n i k a i s t h e b e s t g i r l


rowdy kittens are the best kind, they will always keep you happy and well fluffed when the world won't

I am going to give Neko girly kisses.

yes yes that's why kitties are the best

oh my..

mhmm, if you can look cute even killing something you can get away with anything

no !
lily came from liliana u doof !!


Pretty good; just had Greek food and smoking weed

Going to watch anime and probably work on more poetry later

I don't feel like I'm losing anything by just going with the premise that he's new

Even if for whatever reason you feel safer assuming he isn't, it's not like you have to talk about it and be rude to someone who might actually be new

Pretty baked

Time for nighttime coffee soon, I think

-hugs warmly- What have you been busy with?

And that's good ^^

Sure, whatever :3 -pets your hair-

By the way, I can pretty much confirm that's not Blood-chan, for whatever that's worth

Sounds relaxing!! You should show me your poetry sometime? I used to help with Louder than a Bomb which was like slam poetry contests for chicago kids.


also its okay if people doubt my being "new" thing...

i mean i dont think its a good mindset ? but.

i dont really have anything to prove to anyone.. i just like it here

Maybe I will; I'm not very experienced, but I think I'm off to a good start ^^

That's good; I guess if it doesn't bother you, it's not really a problem :3

This is just something people tend to do for a while when a new person joins. Think of it as sorority hazing

there's no point in thinking about it further, just post as you want to post and eventually people will see

Hi guys I'm new

Wanna do five lines of blow off a hooker?

People die in sorority hazings very often
It's actually a very serious problem.


hi will you suck my dick

one LARGE mac please !

Now you're speaking my language

At least buy me a western bacon cheeseburger

What's up bby grl


holy shit these are fucking brutal

"Luong died after being tackled in a ritual football game that pitted the 10-member pledge group against approximately 40 active members and alumni. The game lasted for more than 3 hours and was played without the use of pads. Prior to the football game, the pledges were forced to complete vigorous calisthenics such as close-fisted pushups on gravel; jumping in the air while standing, landing on their chests without using their hands to break their fall; and drinking two gallons of water in one sitting.[123]"

☑ Privilege

ay gurl how u?

I just got out of the shower

today was the great fight with my brother

He got me with a mean heel hook and there was impressive Kesagatame/side control sneaky shit

I was able to get off a sneaky mounted triangle and it was crucifix city

I got him in a standing crucifix and it as some jesus shit
we laughed about it and tthen i fell off

it was a good day

how are you

"Gruver, an 18-year old pledge from Roswell, Georgia, was taken to the hospital after an alleged drinking game hazing ritual known as “Bible Study”.[3] He was pronounced dead the same day.[159] The cause of death was stated as being from “acute alcohol intoxication with aspiration”.[3] He had a blood-alcohol reading of 0.495 grams per 100ml of blood — equivalent to consuming 24 standard shots.[3]"

erio you've nearly died of alcohol poisoning

around here that's worth a surprisingly large amount

3 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!


only just opened the thread you drunk. I always scroll up a little bit at least.

Sounds like you did pretty well ^^

I'm pretty good; just baked and shitposting. Going to watch provocative garbage anime later

I don't think so, really. I just felt obscenely drunk at the time

I mean, the value of me saying that probably varies depending on who you ask

No, I only just opened up the thread you alcoholic.

heads i go do something productive tails i vegetate on youtube

that's tru because ur a dirty liar

w/e nerd. semantics.

yeeeeees tails

Potato potato.

tails ! tails ! tails !

: )

that phrase seems to work a lot better when spoken out loud.

And because I'm a victim of Blood-chan's manipulation

tomato tomato

Then it's not as funny.

green bean green bean !

are you? I was unaware of this.

nothing is ever funny ever u white cis scum

tomatsuki tomatsuki

Your life is quite entertaining.

yes from an outside perspective I could see that.

That's what I've heard a few times

I only believe things about people if I hear them from other people tbh.

I tell people I'm straightedge and they still harass me to smoke/drink

niggas don't give a fuck

Half the time I don't know what to believe so I just live in a world of uncertainty and memes

psst... hey kid.... come over here.....


There you go, some people search their entire lives to find out what purpose they may serve.

I stopped caring about what was true or not a long time ago.


So, other than the crushing depression how goes it.


wow don't put me in a box. I'm not depressed. my life and existence is just devoid of meaning and I'm empty and broken. but I'm not depressed at the moment. fucksake.

fine. just capping more of this character. my last few folders have been made of characters that aren't full main character status, so I forgot just how many caps you get when you go for one of those. I'm already approaching the 500 mark and I'm not even halfway through the episodes that exist.

Apologies, my mistake.

Yeah, capping sure sucks ass. I'm at 300-ish. And about 1/8th of the way through for Duke here.

the hell is this dude anyway

some jackass from a disney XD show

i like him

Yeah it mostly doesn't matter what's true here and it's usually not really my business anyway

-tries to give you degenerate japanese cartoons-

A huge asshole.

needs a crotch bulge. those pants are awfully tight to not have one.

yeah that's right punk. stay in ur lane.

gee I wonder why you would pick him as an avi. a real headscratcher this one.


Hey, you're the first one to know who I was without me telling. And yeah, he's great.

disney XD show, but im sure duke is flattered

after enough of these I've finally learned to realize when it's you.

or maybe he just genuinely has a tiny prick. would explain why he's such a douche.

im done thinking about this now

Fine, here's your dick shot.

And it's true, 8th times the charm.

what the fuck are those artists thinking with those legs


aww yiss

and you give me shit about how many tripcodes I've used.





are they high

oh those are nice, I'll take those.