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Time flies by when you're a


See I knew poor Squode was lonely.

And then there's THIS faggot

Cause people do tend to enjoy sad things like that, and scary things (horror), and spicy food

There are probably more little examples that aren't coming to mind

Maybe you're different ^^

Orange and black Halloween shoes :3


I'll continue to continue
to pretend
my life will never end
and flowers never bend
with the rainfall



Noo, my Halloween costume is something else^^

I should probably get back to whatever I was doing before I saw Wastelander presenting his ass in a fur suit.


You'll be haunted, now.

Oh fuck do I have to acknowledge my prodigal faggot once and for all?

yea then maybe next time you come back Test will be a good girl for us like he should be

You're a faggot

Test, you cuck, ban me so I go to sleep.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


how far have you gotten into Dokidoki?

it needs to be simplistic and interesting enough to digest and remember. like who to bully, how and why.

taking your mind of things would require an absense of things, not a negative alternative.

I just assumed as a white man, based on how you talk about your values, that you've probably listened to Jordan Peterson.


Jokes on you that's already the case.

Woah you sure blew my mind by finding the most complex way you possibly could to say "set a car's suspension".

I'd say you're also greatly overestimating how much the average white trash cares about the things they watch.

I wasn't trying to hide it. It's a specific problem though, not a general "boo hoo why won't anyone talk to me".

I'm a Mexican.

poor smiles, hi though i hope you are going okay besides that

I don't know how to tell you this

it's just that
whenever we're together I....
I feel so alone..

it's not you it's me

Don't worry Squid I'll talk to you.

This but unironically.

I can't believe Rin gets off on Test abusing them.

tfw test will talk to squid and not you



what does that even mean m9

If I overcomplicated that much, enlighten me as to an optimum panhard angle for a 30 degree clay oval banking,

grrrrr 2nd time today i've posted in old thread bc im not paying attention x.x.x.x





grrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I love this more than I love most things

I wish it didn't have two tails parted to the side. That's probably the worst part. The fact that it frames his asshole.

Oh come off it, You were proud of me.
And we were a great team.

Whew, I hope not.

I don't fuck girls


You're a wordy cunt, eh?

What is it? ^^

Sorry if you told me and I forgot due to being high out of my mind for months

I'm all the way through

I think I might buy the DLC bullshit to support the developer; I guess that's probably a big part of why it's there

kanra cos he 3d transformed a devil's dozen of dragon dildos into his butt whole


Don't worry; this isn't three years ago. I've outsourced that now

Yeah, I should swear less. It's classier not to, isn't it? :3

Is it broken though?


4m where are my heart emojis

well, if you ever do decide to pick up some Jordan Peterson, remember to be skeptical.

many people are taken in by the concepts and words he uses, usually because he's the first person they hear talking about something like 'Jung' in an interesting and plainspoken way, and how it relates back to you as a human.

but if you've never heard him, this explanation was pointless.

and I'm not sure what you want from me.

you just dress up like them

i took them all



I can't handle all this IQ juice you're injecting into these posts, dude.

Yeah but then I'd have to admit I was proud of you and I can't rightly be fuckin having that!

Eh, trying to take things in strides.
How about yourself?

My heart dropped, until I actually saw the extent of the damage.
I thought I had a very expensive paper weight for a moment there.

That's basically the sound I made when it happened. Hey Hu, long time no see.

Slutty witch. Because dreams come true.

Also witch hats are fucking kawaii af

I don't give a shit about what philosophy majors do.



RIP cool looking case.
It's working through so I'm not completely fucked.

Have you tried watching Rick and Morty? That is the most tried and true method for raisins one's IQ, I've found.

Kind of surprised this place is as active as some of the prime time threads we used to have, honestly just trying to keep up and be able to do anything else atm HAHA got work tomorrow and still feeling sick as fuck so thats lame

Don't ignore me.

Couldn't understand it.





I can't tell if you're attempting to rag on me for the of/off typo and making no sense, or are in fact an alien and think sitting alone with your thoughts is taking your mind off something.

Yeah but you feel that the rest of the time so it's fine.

I mean it's this, but it's unironic. What's not to get.

My lack of having memorized the relationships between materials, banks and car suspension settings holds little relation to the actual point at hand.

lol no

In my reply to your next post


Yeah, you should post pics when you wear the costume ^^

I guess you were lucky, then :3

I've made silly mistakes like that too; I mostly wasn't lucky the times I spilled hard alcohol on laptops

That's a normal reaction when faced with something that regularly tangles with theoretical physics- I recommend you watch a 96 hour loop of "pickle Rick" and get back with me.


no you

What are you fucking gay?

Clearly you're not cool enough.

Don't post black and white pictures that don't stand out then you shitcunt.


Don't tell me what to D O !! !! 1 1 !!!!!


obviously the core concept.

I'm more excited about pics of me in this dress ;p

I can't keep up with you kiddos anymore.

Well it's cool that the threads are active.
Did you catch a cold?

Super lucky
How did you spill that on your laptop??

TEST PUT ON A DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I even post here anymore..?

I guess I can empathize with this feeling. I've talked to myself, but I've yet to answer.

it's funny because being able to transform objects mentally in 3D correlates with intelligence.

great. I'm not a pseudointellectual by the way.
and my life history is a sequence of events where I've consistently fallen short of any milestone that could deem someone a genuine intellectual.
these days, I'm just a guy who wants to fight evil and make the world a better place.

this but unironcially

omg menma hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Point being more beer swilling white trash understand the slip angle/moment center relation than high minded yuropeens and Australians like yourself- The /greater/ point being that maybe, just MAYBE- Some toothless fucking hillbilly isn't as dumb as you think.


Are you that Menma?



oh he things i was being ironic


its so crowded

Yet you're the one posting attractive boys

>click New Reply


Clearly your IQ isn't high enough for post transformations, etc

The FUCK are you gonna do to stop me?

u ever think like.

what if
i was a cat.

Ah, yes, I dig it! Welcoming all the DRUMPF refugees, no doubt! Seriously though, fighting evil? You're busting my nuts, right?

Those too then :3

From being drunk on the internet and bumping the bottle with my arm and stuff

I love you :3

How're you?

so ur saying if i can imagine myself fuk ur mum im a super genius? lol fag


Wow sounds hardcore, is that what all the real Rick and Morty fans do?


I mean getting rid of those thoughts, by being aware of the circumstances that make certain thoughts arise.

like too much coffee, too little sleep, a lack of food, increased heart rate.

the state your organism is in precedes and informs your internal thoughts.

tldr it's not taking your mind off something; it's realizing your mind was never on it in the first place.

That's already good enough for me. Better believe I screencapped that.

and now I'm outta here

Jokingly complain on the internet for the sake of small talk.


ugh, fiiiiine jeez



Kamille is a beautiful girl

Hi Grim.

Yup. Haven't been around in years.


Well I gathered that much at least..

I'm alright. Swamped with work though.

I'm glad I was remembered :)

Then life might just be incredibly easy.

IT'S quite ccrowded tonight

Oh internet drunkenness!
Many people have made worse mistake in that state, at least yours was only financial harm. LOL

glad you're alive dear

i havent seen you for a while, not since i talked to you on skype after I added you on erio's group chat, how are you Ceci

tomboy then

grommles pls repsonce

Maybe more like a year. You didn't post much at the time, though.


No, we've connected to the hive mind and have ascneded mortal constraints of known intellgience- We know things you couldn't possibly understand.

You don't have to if you don't want to; you could just send them to me on Discord ^^

Pretty good and baked atm

Essays you have to write?

I'm Erio in case you didn't realize

You actually seem friendlier than you used to be :3

What a little fucking faggot.

im sad now


I probably will. I have a shitty one on my phone rn but not sure if you can tell what it is


as in, I have a visceral reaction to falsehoods, and unquestioned beliefs. I consider those things evil, and those that propagate such things with the awareness that they're falsehoods, evil themselves.

i have to

P E E E E E E E E E E E E E !!!!!

do it in erios mouth

Everyone is capable of learning material on a topic. That's not the point and I'm not Insider fucking claiming that only certain people have a high enough IQ to transform those dimensions. The point was those are the activities of the uneducated peasants at the end of the day.

Furthermore, you've put nothing to suggest that the average spectator knows these details you've tried to pass off as ridiculously technical despite being fundamentally simple. Also racing is huge here in straya, to my understanding at least as big as in America.

What do you mean?



Have fun, Desu.

pussy !

sned me pics of u in costume when u dress up



You can send it if you want; your call ^^

Go peepee then, cute baby

I don't know; you were just more aloof/serious in the past, I think

This that IS pretty next level. I don't think I can stand up to that my dude.

It's a meme you dip.

It is also a meme.

I may need to lighten up on the memes.

its true there's tons of gearmonkies in Australia who like to tinker with cars


I'm saying that yes, the clarity visualizing the rippling of my momma's fat thighs directly correlates with how smart you are.

fuck you. the transforming thing is real. and it correlates with IQ, it doesn't say shit about memory.

I can't believe Bard fucking left me in the dust.
Dead to me 5evr

Everything you say is a meme and you've lost control of your life.

Monika no. 5




Good job with that reply

ok update i am going pee right. now.

no swearing please !!!!!!!

i'm still here ;~ :

Schmalloween is coming up soon. I'll think about it, cutie.

Oh. I'm not into those, sry x_x

friendly reminder correlation =/= causation



stop turning them on with your pee talk

My dude are you still taking this as something personal? Goddamn it just accept that it's a thing people joke about and move on.

Also again, it's a skill that can be learned by anybody just as proper suspension setup for cars can be, don't be a retard.

Kinky boy

I should go as pre-fall Adam and tell the police it's just a costume if I get arrested for public nudity

Why do I not have this role in every discord I join automatically?

Yeah but they're like Marty and Moog fuckboys, who don't actually understand what the fuck they're doing. Did sell my old sprint car to strayans, so they're willing to go a long ways, at least.


I'd say send me pics of your costume, but you sent me those ones already

Yeah but if I'm not raking in those (You)'s what's the point?

Everyone is. Everything is memes.

Yeah, I'm surprised how active it is.

Thanks, you too.

Forgive me, but I'm not sure I remember you.. but I'm doing alright I suppose. You?

That's probably true, time is a bit of an oddity to me in that regard. I never do seem to post much, but I keep coming back.. wonder why.

Nice. I'm trying to take a tolerance break, and suffering lol.
Essays and program applications etc.
I gathered, your steam name is the same, and someone called you 4m earlier.

im going to have to assume that's a gross over-simplification with the invention of the internet


It's fine, we never really talked about anything in particular, I think you work as some sort of sound engineer?

I just used to go by BD


I was always a pretty friendly and open person, but I just didn't want things to get personal. After I started being disliked I also became more defensive or stand offish. Now that I'm here so infrequently I guess I'm not as salty while posting.


nicer to see you than it is to see just about anyone else

oh theres another thread

Blushing face turns pink


that is OPPOSITE of what i want to do. no more pee talk i guess.

i have big pinble near my nose..... it is under my skin and i messed with it the other day and now its bigger and i messed up aaa a a a aa a aaa

one good skin please sir thank u

I'm a 1337 oldfaf either way

I'm not gonna say there's a new thread TWICE


bad administration right there

Excuse me that is my thing. Hands off it or I'll have you shot.

New board when?

Shit dude is this going on my record

Are you drunk or what? You said you're only 18, but I guess you could still get alcohol :3

Yes u are totally old and valid!!

What are you even being PAID for god DAMN

I don need to be old to be valid

i do get paid a lot

we've gone through approximately 4700 threads averaging assuming the average is around 400 posts per thread

It's funny because he gets paid diddly squat.

God I wish I had such a specialized and important skill set to demand a wage as good as an animus mod.

and that's just here, multiply that by like 20 or 30

You know what we have here? A business model. A strong one. This is marketable. We'll take it overseas, dude. We'll take it everywhere. We'll be rich. Everyone will post on "Animus", the new, highly efficient social media platform.

no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am

straight edge.....
no alcohol ever please.
i dont like being around it either ..


Can I be a mod now?

My 5 years threadiversary happened. I'm entitled.


nezi please

Straightedge buddies

I dunno man, I think you might need to monetize it harder. Get in that microtransaction business.

mine too

By getting $70 in Patreon donations in six years of work?

hey you joined up almost exactly a year after me

Nobody here is straight, who are you kidding?

Can I be mod if I promise to stop encouraging you to go full Lexi?

I am arguably the most straight.

can i be mod if i stop rallying people to get you in a dress

I just like that meme because I think it's funny when people on Tumblr call each other "valid" for some reason

Cute :3

Well I guess you don't need to ever be drunk if you're just naturally intoxicated with silliness

whatever the fuck that means

That's what all the gays say.
You can't be trusted. You've been compromised through contact with a gay.

People will only be able to use the avatars we sell them. They'll have to collect folders one image at a time, build a real collection. We'll sell greentexting, and the right to OP a thread as well.

You just don't see the POTENTIAL

Excellent points, I'll send you your modships in the mail.


So you called yourself valid and you don't know what it means? For all you know, you just came out of the closet accidentally

It comes with a complementary 24 karat gold plaque.

the tumblerina valid >:(

It's really stupid that could potentially work and make money with the right circumstances.

Ah, that name rings a bell. I had a bit of a career change, I'm working on a PhD now.

I haven't been, but I'm falling behind on reading anyway..
Ah, that makes sense.
Oh, I'm finally waiting on a referral for a med card~!

Well I'll take the compliment, but isn't that kind of mean to everyone else?

That's small-talk, you ain't gonna make any progress with that. First you take away their ability to choose their own name entirely, make it account based. This way you can eliminate tripcodes. Or make them all forcibly random gibberish, whatever. Then, a year or two later once people have forgot: BAM

Tripcode lootboxes.

i'm not particularly nice

so whats up in your life? Do you still ever play the cello?

sleep times now


Yeah dude it's in the works already.

This is why you're on the committee.

that's really cool, a PhD is pretty hefty, no wonder you are constantly swamped, i didn't think anyone working on a PhD would be wasting their valuable time shitposting here to be quite honest, no rudeness intended of course, almost all are welcome.


Sounds like you're defensive, are you perhaps


No, that's any of the "I jerk off to traps but I'm not gay" posters.

What's the point of being on the committee if I can't ban people who disagree with me?

this guy gets it

Trying to divide and conquer now? Shift the blame away from yourself to hide your gayness?
I ain't fallin for your psyops bullshit, I'M ONTO YOU.

I'm keepin my eyes on you, gay bowser.

Sorry, don't know how I missed this

Well, I guess I do; it was right before a post where I discovered I could make blushing emoticons pink and I got distracted

But anyway I was talking about before that too, but okay, I'm glad you feel better ^^

Lucky :3

How long have you been on a t-break for?

Sleep well~

Good thing you're so gay you can't even see straight.

Someone tell Smiles I'm sorry I'm a huge jerk who missed her post

It's too late
Smiles is DEAD

You get a red name that says "VP of memes" and get to feel special.

anybody that asks to be mod should not be mod, as they don't understand that it's just an extra burden of responsibility and not some glorious power position.

hey whats a good song

I don't see no name there, boy.


Anybody who thinks being a mod is a burden and not just some glorious power position has been brainwashed by the puppet master Moogs propaganda.

Good thing the world doesn't work like my fucked up weeb games

You don't think people are being serious about asking for mod, do you?

It's in the mail.

Which weeb games

nezi is jjust nezi

I'll put you in the mail in a second m8

Gimmie the damn name

Friends the animal crossing direct is tomorrow and I'm really excited.

I suppose that's true..

Well, besides a total change in life direction, not too much.
No, I've stopped. One day my hands just wouldn't work properly and it felt horrible. I haven't touched it since.

A day or two. It sucks really bad. I'm relying too much on benzos now.

Give neenees or you're banned like Rin.

this is kind of what i expected u to post
this style.
accurate to you

i do not like this one

what the fuck is a neenee

Night you gigantic, cocksucking, dress wearing faggot

Can I have a cool red thing description too!!

I'm worried cause like you haven't known me that long, but I'm flattered? Thank you!

Yeah, it's a lot of work, but everyone needs breaks, and honestly overworking is bad for my health.


yea mods dont do fucking shit here, i have a ex-mod on my discord and steam that used to work at a site with 1000000 total user accounts, that guy actually had to do shit and was responsible

I'm not sure a furry should be lecturing anyone on being "just" anything.

Mostly yes, some might be joking.

change in life direction? how's that?

And damn that breaks my heart

You don't have arthritis or anything right?

Have they announced a new one for the switch or something?

I'm not sure a lazy dipshit looking to pick fights with anyone should be running his yap when he doesn't know what he's saying, I'm not really a furfag. I was more of a general avatarfag and just kind of get lumped in with the furfags.

from what i know of you this is very accurate track posting

I wish!!
nah they're gonna make a mobile app of it. I hope it's good, I really really hope it's good or I'm gonna off myself.

Thank you!! Have one more.


I'm just looking to shitpost my dude. I'm sorry you're a furry, it's not my fault.


Went back to school aiming for a PhD.

No, my hands are find besides some scars, but it just felt wrong all of a sudden. I can't really explain it, but I cry if I try to play.

Welp, might as well do it now.

Just making sure you get your place is all, even if I was a furry I'd happily shit all over you in my fursuit with one of those flaps that open in the back. So shitpost away.

fleet foxes (self titled.) was my first

LP i bought
i was maybe ? (14)

it came with sun giant and i like it its a nice thing to have in my collection

i had these cheaper phones at the time eeeee

What if it's *a good mobile app* tho.

I'm just trying to hold out until the next game man, but maybe this will make the waiting less unbearable


Bruh fleet foxes was the band that made me like music. Their new album is so fucking good too.

I can talk about music for hours, I love it qq

That's admirable
what are you aiming for a phd in?
that doesn't sound like something easy lol
But I bet it'll feel great when the work put in pays off

and that's the strangest thing
Music's prettty powerful.....sometimes when I play I'll get a little teary eyed if I hit some good chords together.....

I'm not sure you understand.

People being willing to take it if offered doesn't make their asking to be a mod sincere.

that took the bite out of ya

Maybe this is the one dude, maybe.

d e n i a l

i said no because it wouldnt change how i approach anything

or maybe im afraid it would change how i approach it for the worse

hi i have a question for you ... all of


what kind of tea (or cofe) is the one that you like to drink the most ? if any

i personally like green tea, matcha is very good too

taco bell coffee

Well this is a first.

It's easier to just not get your hopes up.


Twinnings Earl Grey because it's acceptable, cheap, and I don't have the equipment for non-bag tea. Overall Prince of Wales but they stopped selling that in a way I can access easily and affordably.

also cum

Too late dude, I've been waiting for this since I clocked 2k hours on acnl. More animal crossing is better animal crossing content.


green is nice hot/warm
and iced too actually
matcha i have wanted to try for a long time but never have i ever !!

taco bell cofe sounds interesting ^^

i have tried that earl grey and i am not a fan. the only black tea i like issssss

a grocery store sells "original" bagged tea (its black tea) in 100 count boxes for like $4 and i like to use 2 bags and then put it in a big cup of ice after steeping
i dont like hot black tea nope xxx

Twinnings is basic bitch shit try this

Tea is disgusting tbh


It is basic bitch shit but it's not undrinkably bad. It's more than I can get it for absolutely fuck-all. And I'm a stubborn fuck that can't help but feel that if I can't get the shit I really like, I might as well just stick with the basic cheap shit.

It's literally herb-water


as weeby otaku bubber as it is .....

boba tea is best tea easy
original black milk or thai is best boba tea
cute guy works at the one i go to most often

i saw him at a show a couple weeks ago

H E R B D I E S E l. .. . . .. .

but see this is where you might be totally wrong and underselling your tea experience, which you seem to enjoy

i got a 100 pack of that for 6 bucks, free shipping

chai tea isn't bad

I'm also just not huge on it. It's neat but it's also kinda just lightly flavoured water with a bit of caffeine and I'm okay with that.

I suppose I should try get something a bit better, but oh well.

its like anything else, there are always levels of quality, but yea i dig you, i dont know how to shop online super good either i just saw this and yoinked it

Philosophy, the joke doctorate, though I don't see it that way. I'm just looking for some truth, and hopefully to teach what I find.

Yeah, I remember those feelings. Playing used to make me feel better, in no exaggeration it was my reason for living for a while. But all of that fell away and the notes sounded empty, it hurt.

Who even in this Lily guy?

some newb that started posting two weeks ago


l i l i a n a !!!!!!!!!!!!!

nottttt lily.
and im

really cool thats who i am

My brain isn't functioning properly today.

definitely not cool


I knew this was coming. I should have tried to inb4 it right before you posted.

I'm going to hit the hay

take care of your self menma

I hope you can find what it is you're looking for

I'm a bit worrried now that someday that might happen to me too....

goodnight! stay safe : )

Who even are you?

a filthy user

okay so

i've decided instead of getting a job..
i will get a kayak and become really great at fishing and then

sell my fishies and have money for car payments
this is a good plan

life is going to be painful unless you plan well


is this an implication

that my plan is not good

if so you are wrong
if not i do not know what you meant by this !

I don't have Ommadon's cap for this.

The guessing game one? I don't have it either.

go fish then

McFucking kill yourself.



this is not a nice time....

Friends I can't sleep >:C

*gently pushes covers over you*

Sometimes when I cant sleep I listen to David Foster Wallace interviews or Joe Pera. If I can open my window so it's cold outside my duvet I do. And I like to hold my own hand and picture someone with me.

Goodnight, you too :)

I bought the Infinite Jest like 4 years ago and I still haven't read a page but I've been wanting to so badly QQ.

and it's ok Loco, I'll hold ur hand

you replied to this person almost an hour later !!!!

okay its time for me toooooo

S Leep !!!!!!

goodnight my little cowboys !!

Zzzzzzz sleepy liliana is me . Im tired.

wow i didnt even use my tripcode on my phone right.....
I am tired xxxxxxx

I'm heterosexual btw








it really is a masterpiece portrayal of human emotion


those themes of depression, suicide, etc. really strike close to home.

s p o i l e r s

mistakes were made

s p o i l e r s

she's deaf

The internet already spoiled it for me at least. I'll get around to seeing it eventually

You son of a bitch. I was seriously considering leaving the thread after I posted that because I thought you might post a real spoiler

I think you might after this post too so I might actually leave now

Also what the fuck Soto it's 3 am

go to bed

I'm just pullin your leg man

Okay, first of all I'm drunk