Make Catgirls A Reality!

Make Catgirls A Reality!

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new thread for no new posts



testpost for vivaldi browser



its actually pretty nice, like chromium but with support for the h264 codec

hows nezi?


tired and hungry

chasing sleep but falling behind

eat delicious food and gosleep, you need those things.

I'd rather have you~

Jesus fucking Christ



Premium animus!

this anime is about a drunk wife!
and each ep is only 3 minutes long

DRink wife!

scoots works again?
since it no longer weekend?

i am off today and tomorrow! fancy that!

moar skyrim then?

Skyrim and shows and relaxings ^^

i miss playing games with freinds tho

Ask them to play today ^^

theyre asleep when im awake
theyre awake when im asleep

Well one day

i cooked yummy hamburger and rice in cream of mushroom with peas

sounds hekcing tasty!
and filling


i just have to make it till wednesday
then i'll have all the money i need to feel happy again.

Only a few days to go, you can do it!

with anime like this

it's bearable~

No food for 3 days

instant noodles

woo comfy!

I'm still tired.

Can I just iv-drip the caffeine straight into my blood stream?

but why?

i think i'll lie down after this episode and recover

i can iv drip something else

because ask luka!

good idea ^^



happy luka

Breakfast is also important to get going. Eat some fruit.

wait luka dont go yet


I can get behind this


Yeah dude they're high in protein.

They're high in flavour.


Cum is high in protein.

Welcome to flavour town.



Nice art.


Send me more.


Is this a good enough breakfast?

Okay now show me your tiddies.

post bob

Open bob


Not here.

zip bob

show vagene

You know other ways.

How about no u.

I do indeed.




I personally don't even like Lucky Charms.

What's wrong with a chocolate muffin? Or chocolate waffles?

me too

American breakfast just sounds so diabetes.

All I had was an apple and coffee.

Good boy. You'll grow big and strong in no time.

I guess.

gibe vagbob

Scoot if I was to play one whole Rust would you play with me even if Guero/Ooble didn't join?

I would my dude

I have no idea how far it is into the wipe today so I'm not sure if we should start immediately or not.

I'll check it out when I get home in about 6ish hours, see how AK47-saturated the servers are.

I'd check now but I leave in 20 minutes which is how long that shitty game takes to load lmao.


kekekek sounds a plan
i played like 10 minutes the other night on one of the rusty servers, looks pretty nice with the recent graphics changes

Not even the same thread.

I wish I could get my stuff pentested but I trust nobody

Not even me?

read that as penetrated

There's so many new monuments, balance changes, items. There's even some kind of blueprint system that I have NO IDEA how it works. And still components???

Can I trsut you?

Says something about you.

It all looks crazy, but crazy good. Will be like starting a whole new game now xD

Oh I'd like to hear what that means.

I think I've shown you good faith in the path.

But ar eyou a 1337 h4x0r






I'm not gay tee hee


IS that what you wanted ?





Thanks me too

Good talk.

Happy it happened.


Can I ask something


Sure thing bby

Rolled 10 (1d10)1-5 do
6-10 don't

I guess don't

Rolled 10 (1d10)
rip Magnemite

This script I have checks for some class+offset values based on game version. Right now, it's this:

auto offset = gameVersion >= G_VER_1_0_372_2_STEAM ? 0x7A2 : 0x792; offset = gameVersion >= G_VER_1_0_877_1_STEAM ? 0x7C2 : offset; offset = gameVersion >= G_VER_1_0_944_2_STEAM ? 0x7E2 : offset; offset = gameVersion >= G_VER_1_0_1103_2_STEAM ? 0x7F2 : offset; offset = gameVersion >= G_VER_1_0_1180_2_STEAM ? 0x812 : offset;

Which is less than optimal, so to say, as every method has this ternary ladder, and there's a lot.

What's a good way to access/cache these? I thought about making a value for each and every getter/setter to cache the result of the offset for every initial access, and then to use that.

I could also resolve all offsets on runtime.

Or I could use a map but that's a lot of rewriting.

Good morning everyone! I hope you're all having a good day so far.

(Also new MOBILE ANIMAL CROSSING DIRECT tomorrow and I'm hype)

Is this even computed more than once? The version doesn't change during runtime, so I don't see why it's something you'd spend time optimizing. You would probably not gain anything from it, definitely not anything worth the trouble

Yeah but it still needs to go through the ladder, so might as well fix that. Bad practice anyway.

Doesn't the game require Steam?
Can you even play any other version than the current one?

I could also make a bunch of mock classes for each version and dereference things after casting the vehicle to a version-based thing

Backward compatibility yo

Also you're all really smart, this kinda programming stuff seems really difficult.

Morning believe me im not smart

Don't be silly

They exist, people hold back versions because sometimes R* cocks up updates.

Generally people just do it because their other mods don't update and they're stuck on an old-ish version.

Don't sell yourself short! being able to like work with this kinda stuff and understand it is really cool!!

I'm amazed tbh


Oh. I just thought you couldn't play previous versions on Steam. Usually it'll give you a popup stating there's an update and you need to get that before you're allowed to execute it

Code scares me.

brb nom

Morn, Loco!

Data structures are comfy not scary


Hey-O, how are you doin?

I'm in a bad way and can't seem to fix it. I'm sure it will pass, though.

How are you?

If it helps to vent, I'm all ears! I hope you feel better soon.

I'm good! waiting for george to get home and watching kdramas.

Loco KY

I keep seeing those on Netflix. Should I watch?

As my friend put it "Kdramas are good because they're nothing but wish fulfillment fantasies"

I'd recommend like boys over flowers, that's the one I started with but idk if it's on netflix anymore.

You were right
This movie is 💯😭

Atleast watching them he wouldnt have to face up to the trainwreck that is his life.

but access time is higher than just having it cached

or would i need to make maps AND cache it to make both data structure people AND low-level reversing people happy?

Yeah you let the update run and then restore your older versions' binaries and archives


is my chrtistmas CSS still int he admin CSS file?

need the code to prove that chrome selectors die after a certain depth

it was commented out in animus.css, got it

thanks for all your endless and abundant help and assistance

i was never short of people to turn to


I got screencapped while shitposting.

shame ikt keeps trying
theyre useless at code

here it is if anybody else was looking for it but totally beached by the limits on admin and mod assistance
body{background-color: #eef2ff;background-image: url(""), url(""), url(""), url('') !important;background-repeat: repeat-x, no-repeat, no-repeat, repeat !important;background-attachment: fixed, none, none, none !important;background-position: center top, right bottom, center bottom, center top !important;background-size: auto auto, auto auto, 100% auto, auto auto !important;}.thread > .files > .file p ~ a::before{ background-image: url(""); background-repeat:no-repeat; height:150px; width:150px; position:absolute; content: ""; margin-left:-170px; margin-top:-30px;}

what is this?

christmas is coming up

protip admins

if you delete /* at the start

and */ at the end

it will all work again

and you won't have to put any work into designing your own christmas theme

remember the CSS that had snow, a snowman, and hats on OP images, for christrmas?

back when i was admin and neat shit like that happened

(it never worked on chrome, whch is why i need it right now, to point out webkit is useless)

yo ikt does fucking prgramming

it's like scripting on steroids

which is like CSS on steroids

if IKT can't knock up a good christmas CSS you should kick them tbh

who is admin right now

is it bebop

i can give you 17 Y/O a japanese kid who will do everything i say but appear to not be me, hows that


Ikt, man, what the fuck are you doing? Where is the Christmas theme?

Jesus fucking Christ ikt

you know kaga.

want a japanese surrogate erin admin?

almost november and no christmas board

why are you still using ths archaic technology tbh

ikt mod

it's such antiquated software

the ponyt chat on discord has iza mod

tbh that's time proven technology

some of you remember

I am also sure IKT is no longer a mod too.
Could be wrong.,

you booted evernpdu did you also get alzheimer or what

is it or is it not

this is the question

if it isn't what is

what everndpu pls

or was this not for me

Hi Erin!

is this sinni?

was sinni ever real or did i just make up a word?

i don't remember things too good


I say we kill ikt

i cant code btw :shrug:

I know that Moogs is the puppet master mod
and test is lord admin.
But IKT is just a little bitch.

it was for everyone?

then no, i did not, what now fucking cuck

that's a lie
you can program
again, it's like coding on steroids


all programmers use that autocomplete shit and they're fags and it turns out us javascript kids were the true hackers all along

it's mooooooogren?

Moogen is a moderator, yes. They've been moderator for the Last Three Admins.
The puppet master. String puller.

Nah, Hi I'm Sinni!

How are you doin?

idk im not mod anymore for a while

im a shit coder didnt you see thread

Ikt a cute

Let's put a bomb under ikt and step on him


IKT and Loco killing themselves would help humanity greatly.

loco called me an imbecile after I went to sleep the other day and I'm still hurt

What a backstabber.



bool VehicleExtensions::GetRocketBoostActive(Vehicle handle) { auto address = GetAddress(handle); if (!rocketBoostActiveOffset) { static const std::map kVersionOffsets { { 0, 0 }, { G_VER_1_0_944_2_STEAM , 0x318 }, { G_VER_1_0_1103_2_STEAM , 0x318 } }; rocketBoostActiveOffset = kVersionOffsets.lower_bound(gameVersion)->second; } if (rocketBoostActiveOffset == 0) return false; return *reinterpret_cast(address + rocketBoostActiveOffset);}

it was
bool VehicleExtensions::GetRocketBoostActive(Vehicle handle) { auto address = GetAddress(handle); auto offset = gameVersion >= G_VER_1_0_944_2_STEAM ? 0x318 : 0; offset = gameVersion >= G_VER_1_0_1103_2_STEAM ? 0x318 : offset; if (offset == 0) return false; return *reinterpret_cast(address + offset);}

so big now ;;

nah it just looks big in your tiny asian hands

I'm sorry





ok help im thinking im doing a dumb


Do a dumb, post results


emma help

is it not-done to use the result of a function as assigned value when declaring a variable?






do you not know?

I don't understand the question

All I wanted in life was to be a chartered accountant.

More like chartered CUNT

hihi cuties~~

i have a class
in its private members i want to assign initial values depending on game version which doesn't change at runtime
these initial values, can i just call functions to do that?

obviously it compiles and runs fine and looks fine but it feels weird doing this

It is the welma


hi wallmas
whats up this mornan?


just chillin chillin. Finished up my game. I was in 1st for like an ill minute, but I finally messed up and died. Had 42% of the map under my control which is a new record^^

What's new wichu?

hey pretty lady wassup bb grill?

ehhhh what are you playing?

I just woke up ;~ :

heyu. enjoying the peaceful weekday afternoon sounds waiting for my boo to wake up.

Can't you just make them const and initialize them in the constructor?
Or just make them static idk

they depend on game version which obv doesnt change on runtime but also isn't known beforehand

So what's wrong with that

this is fuckiin amazing


that sounds fun ^^









tfw you will never bang loco

mfw atm

Hello friends!


mfw Bard








D-don't be afraid............j-just take a look.......


uhaha you got fuckin got GOOD

You did

brb crying



what vn


DokiDoki Literature Club

how are you spending your day today?/

I dunno really.

Read, played pokémon, now about ready to head off to bed.
How's you?


i downloaded this 2 days ago maybe ill play it today

go to bed

It feels both so sweet and so sour

But there's no Bard in my bed



Well that sounds fun too.





Don't fall for it

I dislike doing repetitive things in coding

just make a loop

You could go to bed instead

while (pat(emma));

ugh its almost late

And you said you'd bed at 10pm too, so soon!

Like what?


ill go soon then ;;

wait no

Oh god I'v ever been put on the spot before like this..........

w-w-well... you uh.

you have a .....


smile ?

Good boy


Since when?

i might finish this first tho :^)

I've never been publicly humiliated like this before.....

Couple times.




Wish-chan, how are things? :3

wait for what?

Uhhhhhhh, things are fine I guess?

I dunno, you told me to wait!

That's good ^^

I was just asking because you were sad about stuff last time we talked





Oh im not gonna kill ya


eat me, health insurance



Yeah, I'm good now I think.

sauce on the butt

while (emma.kill(emma) == true) do{ for (i=1, i++, i

That shouldn't have been the vom image mbad.

don't really wanna share

genetic condition, no cure

want me to upload my entire trap folder? it's bretty good


what language is that

yes please my dude

The posters here are speaking in English.

You're welcome.

uhh okay



Stay safes.

Idr, but it's some language.

Probably Java.

Idk what rin was going for but it's probably syntactically acceptable in multiple languages

he's high ignore him



This too.


explain this concept to me like im retarded

I have a lot of trapish stuff in my 'faggots' folder but there's also just straight up gay stuff so idk if you'd want that folder too

I don't remember which in particular but it must have been one I was able to use at some point.

Which means it's either Java, C# or Ruby.

No, no, it just hangs the entire thing whenever emma.kill(emma) returns true.

this really is the best spoiler image cover of all time

I think you should share it all my dude. For science.

If emma.kill(emma) returns true (Emma tries to or succeeds killing herself) it enters into a loop that it'll never escape from.

Effectively, everything locks up once Emma becomes an hero.

So if I kill Emma then you hang me so I stay dead

I think he means the 'syntactically acceptable' part

If you kill Emma, then I hang the entire server.

I think if you kill Emma that script just ends everything else in response, actually.

Oh, in that case fuck if I know.

But if it's Java it'd probably work well enough in C and C# with minimal changes, IIRC.

worst mmo design plz fix

But if I killed emma already then how are we st-

you're probably gonna have to delete a couple things in 'faggots' but it's got some good stuff too

tarp is halfway done, it's 619MB

Subtle, I want to buy CrossCode but I'm not sure if it'll be worth it to spend the money I shouldn't be spending on it.

What a kind crash, clicks the reply button a-


im so proud, he's all grown up now

Watch more videos on it ^^

you do the realm proud


Is there anyone here good enough at programming

To program my machine heart

To feel love

I watched Cry play it and it seems like something I would really super duper enjoy, and I don't wanna ruin story by watching more videos if I would.



loco.emotion {return(love);}


Just do it :3
15$ is not gonna destroy you

Yeah I was really lazy about it.

It should be, like loco{emotions{return(love);}} or something.

But what if it does though?

Also 22$.

destroy me uwu

no, it should be "return love;", because return is typically a keyword in C similar languages


Oh, okay.


Misc Gay & Trap

just the tip of the iceberg

Then at least you died playing a game you enjoyed


just the tip

Why isn't it working?

Your variable name started with a capital letter..;

Still not working, send help.

Call the IT guys.


Am I doing it right

They said to switch it off and on again

I guess it did work...

hopefully I remember to never upload anything for school to mediafire

there's some lewd stuff of me on there, ooh boy

You're out of scope now.

Nezi post lewds

No that's a bad idea

Sometimes code just works when you least expect it

I wasn't even going for that at all I was just shitposting gba;jfbe;gjawe




A Literal Tomatsuki.exe has suffered a fatal exception and had to shut down.

Yolo I guess

You were asking for it

Zzz fucking lilypichu and her dokidoki lit spoilers


Should have freaking played it when we told you.

Disclaimer: The Trap.webm folder within my 'tarp' folder is not mine and is mostly shemales and I honestly forgot to delete it as it wasn't that good

3D is so much worse though..

I have been!



it's, like, a 3-4 hour game how the frick do you get spoiled on it if you've been playing!?


I only played about 30 minutes today :c


Also, I got screencapped when I was shitposting in the Doki Doki Fan Club discord.


There was nothing today!

And yeah I picked Natsuki obviously

That was just some dumb screenshot I showed you

She's pretty great.


503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

I woulda picked her anyway

No brainer

Wow I didn't think of that

I'm innocent

She's also a good patissier.

likely story!!


just don't save history


He's wrong, they're all 18.

I delete my save file every time I play games

Dan said so himself.



I'm definitely not, I think Sayori says it to make fun of her

Dan says they're all 18.

MC comments that she's probably a first year even, so, you know.

Who the heck does this Dan think he his

Some kind of authority on the game

Why are you trying to argue that she's under eighteen :(

She looks 16 it would make more sense

wow are you arguing that loco is a cunt

The creator of the freaking game.

She can be the youngest and also be 18

12 btw





dont we have nezi butt

he has posted p much everything from his "im a passable trap" phase



But he wasn't a passable trap


i'm 13

owo *rub*

2 more years and you're legal in Denmark ;^)

No cell phones at my new job. I get to sit in stairs in the lobby



he said it not me




what’s ur new job

でも、you agreed!

By saying thanks?????


hmm...I'm keeping my eye on you

who u callin weeb p UNK !! ??


not you!




Subtle, I want to buy some league skins but I'm not sure if it'll be worth it to spend the money I shouldn't be spending on it.

Get to diamond :^)

I think I might get rid of my phone. I've already gotten rid of my computer. Unplug myself as much as I can.

But then how will people contact you

Did I say league skins?
Sorry I meant some ow loot boxes.

I have a flip phone.

More diamond players than silver though..

Yeah, including you.

tfw you'll never suck dick for a free meal

Maybe 100k in osu for supporter ?

I'm not asking for loot boxes


Anyone know when the new rune system in LoL goes live?

I wasn't asking, technically.

What happened to YOLO?

You Oughta Look Out


They only YOLO'd once.



Don't be a faggot.



Just don't do it.

Telephone interviewer at stats Canada


even if natsuki is a trap im fine with it

So do you like, have to call random citizens and harvest their data via quizzes and whatnot?
I remember being pressured into taking some weird over the phone quizzes like that as a kid and it sucked. It became one of the million reasons I don't like answering the phone.

That meme is freaking dumb.

trap jokes n memes r always dumb and have never been good : this is the truth

that sounds like something someone who was afraid they were a trap would say

I'm okay with it.

Besides the crippling autism, yes?

superior tastes

Daw, you know me so well already!

I can't wait for Dan to post that Natsuki's a girl so these freaking trap jokes can die.

i cant wait for people to keep caring

Hello everyone!

What if he confirms she's a trap?

Hulla, Sibbi.


Then I'm going back to Tokitsukaze.

Hiya! How are you both doin?

I don't know.

How about you?

Getting affection from my kitty kitty so not so terrible. You?

What if he confirms it doesn't even have a true gender? Like it's a dating program, like none of them ever talk about having kids or babies


where confirmation

Are you gonna make it?

How cute is this kitty :3c

I'm doing good!! Ready for ANIMAL CROSSING UPDATE TOMORROW, trying to figure out what to do with my day.

u know I had to do it to ‘em

Going with the Beetlejuice form of making things true I see.

That's what I thought.

That one I'm fine with.


She's malnourished and most of those apply to Madoka too - a confirmed girl.


Nah, basic pattern recognition is apparently just tantamount to a superpower these days.

what in the world are you talking about?


silly meme game thats free, VN's just aren't for me though

Proud of you!


would anyone like some ....



(((i know you want some e g g. i will pretend that you dont but then i will slide u some when no one is looking *winking*))) okay mister no egg for you !

You're not all there, are you.

why does this suggestion bother you? I never would have thought of this in a million years I don’t think

At least this cute!

It's not that the suggestion itself bothers me, or that I'd like her any less for it.

I keep getting told that she's a perfect avatar for me, and I have a compulsion against posting traps, or transgender characters, since it's too on the nose for me to be comfortable.

why did this place get amusing again what the hell

It did...?

i mean compared to two or three threads a day that had like five people talking to each other

You're welcome~

Beyond that it's just dumb that so many people want to put dicks on female characters but I guess it's to be expected from last decade when they were putting tits on male characters everything.

oh man are your panties still twisted about that


Yes, totally, I'm not just answering a question with honesty, or anything.

i honestly want some hot feminine boys with penises, then

They aren't supposed to pressure you, but yeah, I'll be calling people and businesses

Cool. I don't care - you do you.

Use your words, dude.

don't worry, i don't care about the game or any of the characters, like whatever head canon you have that's cool

im forcing sinni to watch freddie got fingered


Amy likes spiders.

You are one sick son of a bitch.

Do 'Dude Where's My Car' next.

Shit's torture.

great idea!

He wont tell me anything about it, please help me.

I'm sorry, what.

its better if you go in blind

hmm I see - I sorta wondered if it would be something like you just described

and yeah I would say this is a result of gay nerds ;;

Its a retarded Tom green movie from the early 2000s


I'm worried!!

Kill me

ぼくは げんじ じゃないです。

Don't be a fucking pussy, faggot.

No problem duder, glad I could help.

its not so bad champ you've been through worse, i saw that movie in like high school

What were the chinks thinking.

Finished watching Koe no Katachi

Just don’t watch it and say you did

Dude! What's mine saw?
Sweet! What's mine say?
Dude! What's mine say?
Sweet! What's mine say?


Shit's bad man.

I hate george.


THOTS blown the fuck out.

i actually enjoy that movie

Watch Biodome then.

I hate this movie.

529 replies and 341 images. Good God people.





did somebody say biodome?

what did you think?

i am all here ! ia m