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I think it's funny how many times you were redundant here.

Yeah same, I've just been youtube and video games for the past couple weeks.
I'm burnt out, I want some actually structured media.
Might watch wild wild west

What the fuck kind of eroge is this

thread died on arrival


Pretty much.







You sure do show your ugly mug here a lot lately.

I'm very lonely.

She S U C C

Those certainly are some dick sucking lips.

I just offered to call.
You should get a better mic though. I'm kind of lonely as well.

It's not about my mic being good, it's that the damn thing keeps trying to change to device drivers for a device that doesn't exist. It's tedious.

I'm not worth such trouble?


This is why I can't date you.

I think I also don't meet the necessary prerequisite of being a canine.



Ha you like dogs get fucked idiot


Is this the short man that likes cars?

Yes, I am the car-loving midget, that is me.

Man, I'm good!
I was going to say "likes clint eastwood and given to debates" but I was like nah man you can do better than that

Oh no, it seems I've brought Ikaros and Sonata's relationship to an end.
How Tragic

IS the GTO your favorite?

Sheiiiiiiiit, who dis be?


I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't.

if its at all familiar


Yeah what was it- Lloyd waffles who posted that blue hair nichijou nigger or something?

They had one?

Nice that you remember my avatar too thanks babe



Yeah, I remember stupid shit like that. Don't know why.

A-bodies are pretty cool, for a GM

Got anything special in yours?

Seems so, they talked a lot and met a few times
Now he won't talk to her



Maybe it's my striking personality yom sayin

Lotta cubic inches, lots of nitrous, but nothing particularly /special/. About the most special thing is the tranny, old Chrysler 4 speed unit with a Liberty gearset in it.

I don't think you can do that

Ironically, She seems to have a fascination with me now

Got any pics of it?

I don't know who you are


I am Ougi, obviously

I'd stick my dick inside the spooky

I don't think I know who you are

whats a spooky?

Imagine manhandling Dan Salvato's tiny body.


No thanks.


You probably don't know me, but I am Oshino Ougi



Today I learned

I actually don't though, so he's not wrong

Go to bed, Scoot.

I'm secretly Chen, don't tell anyone though

I've only been here once before



A few kicking around, most of them of it in various states of disassembly, though. So not the most flattering.

I always thought those older Muscle cars have a really good look
And they tend to sound even better

Yeah, no safety standards let the design department really run wild, even the plain Jane runarounds had a certain amount of character to them- And you are right, the noise is to die for.

Safety standards are nice and all, but let's be honest, I'm not buying a sport or muscle car for the safety

And besides, that's just more weight to take out


Hey, me too! But only on the inside.

The outside is a whole other story. All spry and lively and shit, fuck that guy.


ok whos watching here besides erio and grim



really two more people now??









i just woke up

time to rush to getting the teleport mission...



Rolled 3 (1d4)1) rice
2) noodle soup
3) quinoa + kale
4) fruit

No one cares.



Rolled 1 (1d4)you know you messed up when you get a japanese character as an English translation


Watching the thread/conversation you mean?
Would it weird you out if, tbqh, I am currently, and have already analyzed several threads of you people conversing before my first post bc y'all curious'd me?



jesus dear christ no, i was streaming a game, i dont even know what planet your thoughts are coming from

Good, no one should ever have that kind of knowledge.. Other than me I mean.


To be you for a day


g-guess I'll starve


just in time for a good trap post

Don't be a hikikomori

It's a one-track ticket to depression.

the fuck is wrong with you?

My captchas are slowly turning Japanese help.

It's pretty neato when it isn't either completely fucked and/or psychologically debilitating.

I slept through the dinner I was supposed to help make because I was so tired from not sleeping much last night, and my uncle just arrived

my family doesn't really understand the "it's not possible because I haven't slept" explanation so to them I just blew off dinner and saying hi to my uncle

im sure, the universe is a strange and whacky place, and people, especially those completely fucked on all sorts of drugs, probably view it from a rather unique perspective

meanwhile I was sleeping for hours this evening

We are probably wacky humans to each other, tbh. :D Drugs have less to do with it, I am inclined to believe.


maybe so, its just an excuse to fog your mind up, but it's not like there's any ultimate truth to be searching for so you shouldn't feel guilty or anything for indulging as long as you get your shit done

also just going to say i dont feel bad about sayori at all dumb bitch

Right-O! I certainly feel no guilt or shame because I am capable of handling my substances without causing irreperable damage to my functional life. In fact, I'd probably be trapped in the infinite void of apathy, never to speak or experience the desire to express a thing, were it not for certain substances appropriately labelled as 'social lubricants'.


Understandable, I guess if you are upset and miserable, or even worse, with no feelings at all without such substances, it makes you stronger to use them to survive rather than to give up on life and quit, even if you can technically acknowledge them as handicaps in many regards.

Balance, and truly understanding the weight of your endeavours.. The comprehension of those, are how you can survive anything in life with minimal damage.

Minimal damage? Anything? you might be reaching a little but this is a place for getting carried away and im often chastised for ruining other peoples fun

today has gone by fast and i dont know what happened and i feel like nothing happened and time is burning im running out of time pic related

how old are you?

No matter how much potential damage you can endure from anything, there is always a minimum and a maximum. How much you end up initially enduring depends on a plathora of factors.. I am not referring to anything in the 'here and now', I am speaking of life in general. The 'grand scheme' of our existance. No matter what you endure, and no matter who you are, there is always a way to minimize the impact such things can have on your psyche. Everything has an impact, but being devoted to actual reality negates a lot of the detriments one might incur.

I mean.. Endurance is a fundamental value I possess. It is also one of the fundamental detriments to my social life for reasons beyond my comprehension so I learned to do without.

i am an 18 year old BOY !!!
im turning 19 in december but i feel like 18 is max level
i've obtained this age that is so sought after and now that i have it i feel like every age after isnt even real

I mean, I say it's beyond my comprehension but I can only assume it is because, these days, everyone is a fucking super senstive, speciul sno-flake. No one wants to face reality, I think.

That said, there is a time and a place.. I like to make a farce of it any chance I get. I am just speaking frankly right now to you because it is topical.

Why are you talking to yourself?

no one cared.... :(

I am expanding on my own points/statements. lol

Your points suck.

Nuh uh.. They are accurate, I just have already accepted my own human flaws in relation to reality, and stopped dwelling on how much it all fucking sucks.

You're doing a human impression of a torus and it's really fucking gay, duder.

It paused for, like, a solid 3 seconds when I hit answer like it didn't want to admit I was right.

I am not a based donut! But I'm cool with you still, even if you choose to continue believing that.

sorry what i got distracted by a gay anime game, but id rather watch that girl hang herself than endure any more of this thread atm


I'm 22 and don't worry every year will pass by without much notice other than 21

i am super fucked up right now or i wouldnt be helping dallas make fun of watelander for existing

This post is so pure
Can we keep him

but he'll be tarnished

Could just buy a 20lb bag for like $10

well yeah but they didn't have a large bag of the type of rice I wanted (saffron yellow rice w/ seasoning)

all they had at publix was large bags of brown/white I think
I'll have to check other stores

Can I buy you for 10$?

Not if I keep him
you fucks will stay away in that case

I'm probably that cheap

nobody can put a price on you colbear


Mistakes were made.

Just get a bag of white rice and cook it with saffron, onion powder and garlic powder.

Magically turns into saffron yellow rice because that's all it is.

Someone already owns me, buy Ian.


Don't die


without checking ID's, Dallas?

i am willing to be kept

but N O !!! SWEARING around me

Who else?

confirmed it's Ban

seemed like something you would pick up

I'm going to bed, nana.

I'll just buy [ R E D A C T E D ] or something.

you're missing some zeroes there, hun

you're right I should totally trust some user to keep his innocence. good call mate :)


how do I know how much to add?

aren't those seasonings expensive or no?

I'm just going to go ahead and assume that says "I'll just buy you a keyboard".

Night night

Yeah, I am a dumb mother fucker- Though not as dumb as my brother, who picked up the Carolina Reaper variety of these bastards.

Pick a name and let's stick to it


This is Lloyd
get hecked

Chips are chips, now don't get me wrong those are pretty hot but I mean, I'd eat a whole bag of those even if my tongue went numb.



well I'd trust you with him at least, dunno about some other people here

Nice leaving

It's not a matter of numb, it's literally my tongue is bleeding.


Is that my name posted into google translate?
Your faith in me means a lot


its lloyd, I had to say hi


First time hearing that?

I'm glad you left some kindred booty in your wake

I remember in middle school my friend Alex and I had learned/memorized the 'ancient language' from Artemis Fowl books and we would write our notes to each other in the language so nobody could read them


it means "is that so..."

call me


Like 1/4-1/2 tbsp per cup of rice I guess idk.
Saffron you can add like 0.002 tbsp though

Saffron is pretty expensive but you need almost none of it.

Gnommish was mostly symbol based, that's pretty impressive.

Oh I see

Cool, nice to meet you kai, I'm Lloyd and I'm probably your keeper.
What brought you here

there's already a Kai

I don't remember any of it, but there was a crab and a sun for two of the symbols

I loved those books ^-^

did you read all of them? any other books you loved as a child?

I'm bad at estimating
either there won't be any or there will be WAY too much

it's so tempting to type in にほんご when it's just an easy keyboard shortcut away

He can be Kai if he wants shut up

I don't know what any of this shit means


Recipes online exist as a guideline but there's nothing wrong messing up and experimenting to learn.

I remember the feeling of that, when I had the Blair's death rain chips

I read them all the way through The Lost Colony, I read that basically the day it came out. I remember there being two more, The Time Paradox and like an Atlantis one that came after, but I was getting old by that point. The Chronicles of Narnia were always timeless for me, I really enjoyed them. That was about all the more fiction I read.

its a good na me !!!!!

what now i give up i need a new name
kai is like god tier cute though

Gay homo.

oh and i posted in a thread like a week ago or two weeks idk i was just up late one night and exploring and i found this and i think its cool !


jeez what are you me, use some punctuation

kai is fine keep that.
you in college or something?

Don't be mad.


what's next, 2 lloyds? 2 nezis? 2 COLBERTS?????

WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry, I am purposefully not adding any information in Japanese that is necessary for you to understand what I'm saying
just superfluous phrases and whatnot

I'll have to look for a recipe, I like being exact and having measurements

Hmm, looks like I read all but the last one, only one not in my collection.
I never read chronicles of narnia, the movies were so shit I didn't want to read them as a kid lol

haven't heard from the old Kai in years though so oh well

There can never be two lloyds. I am irreplaceable.

Okay now you're making me nervous. I am concerned.

better be

dont make me unleash the ~beast~

The movies weren't a thing when I was a wee lad, or at least not when I read them, so I didn't have nothing to color my tastes in any regard.

Am I no longer the newest user??

Literally who

okay so no im not keeping kai

either kei or lily (liliana)
pretend like lily/liliana is a unisex name and then get back to me on what i should change it to

and no !!!!!!! college is for chumps and stinkies
i am not a stinky
and would much rather leech off my parents until i find a job (and go to community college in a year for a 2 ((two)) year degree and nothing more after that)

It's impolite to talk about your strap-on in public, Jorge.

does this nigga really have 2 other engines just chilling on the side?

lucky you, I'm sure you got to enjoy them
I'm just glad I read eragon and never watched the movie

that's Sinni

I'm Sinni!!

Hello new user! I'm Sinni!!

it's dangerous weapon

a thot destroyer


that is a good name !!

Alright, let's say kei.
There actually have been a shitton of "lilys" even though I like "liliana"
But Kei is still cute so we'll work that one
It's not really leeching off your parents if you're still a teenager imo.
Ever had a job?

I know who Sinni is, Nezi, cmon

Lul, mediocre series, the most fun I had was with the second book- I was the only one with the patience to read Eldest at the age I was, so I finish it in a couple days, then I went around spoiling the fact that Murtagh(?) is Morzan's son. Too much fun!

you read the chronicles when you were young? that explains a lot, Azian has been called one sexy lion before

The Ranch is kinda good

Thank you!!! I like your name!

I was like the newest user, I'm dating George!! (the mod) !!! How are you doin?


new people, but how tho???



nigga you asked who it was so I answered, damn son

that was revealed at the end of Eragon, book 1, not Eldest.

vocal cord parasites.

George are you not dating michael anymore and also not disgusted by vagina?


Yeah it was a super bizarre reconciliation to make- Since I was raised Christian too, and Aslan is the Jesus allegory lion. Super weird, wouldn't recommend it.

it is a long story

It's been like 13 years, get off my back.

there has been a few Kei's before but i dont remember where, it shouldnt matter i guess

oh man i was actually just joking, yea that's like people who get into it over watership down and then find out that it was a book written by an author who would tell stories to his daughters in the car while he's jerking off to inflation porn


Give me the skinny
Now or later whenever's clever

I've never seen a kei here


Nah nigga someone gotta explain this shit to me
George literally told me that pussy makes him sick on my momma

to clarify the author made the book from stories he told her daughter, the misbegotten person jerking off to furry porn is the person making this realization in this poorly constructed allegory



oh my god lmao

he couldnt be that sickened by it if he was pretending to have one homie

This is an oddly specific example.

he told his daughter*

hey i have inspiration from people who like to go oddly specific for no particular reason other than to be unpleasant, do i have to say names?

YO !! im liliana now
kei sounds too weird to pronounce
not very solid sounding

yeah i had a job and i left it bc my manager was terrible and my parents were like
yeah if you quit its fine we can cover your car payments till you get a new job
but its been
3/4 months now and i keep putting off getting a job or even searching and i feel bad about it and i should 100% look and apply every dAy

I 'M d oi nG GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metal Gear?

I know when I'm being talked about less than subtly.

I hope your tomorrow is great too!

So instead of a weird pronouncing name
you pick one that super long. wild.

Well now is the time to get a job buncha stores are gonna be doing seasonals for the holidays
Go and apply at target and shit


dont let 3 or 4 months turn into 3 or 4 years, for you homie






W O W ! thank u

i want to try and avoid retail at all costs
my first was a stock cler k at a grocery store but it wasnt too bad
i mean i guess i can't really have a preference right now and probably should get a doo doo job, then get a job that i'd like to work or atleast not hate to work

ofcourse i fear this..
i do not think it will happen though
i shouldn't have left my original job bc a month later that manager that stunk left......



Unfortunately at your age retail is the most readily available option. Personally retail also makes me want to kill myself. You could also try working at an amusement park if they're in your area.

what in the utter fuck

the amount of editing that went into this, holy fuck



not much considering its censored all the way through

i wish i could get into AC
i liked it for a week and then never touched my 3ds again x.x

i've considered amusement park but i dont want to ruin my pale skin ...... (this is the biggest reason 2nd biggest is probably the amount i'd be getting paid compared to the price of commuting $5/day roughly)
but they also have a lot of really cute nice boys working and i'd get to say hello to them often . ! ! ..... i dunno maybe

And it's Still not ready

strange days, ponky man

that's way subjective
this is too

subjective sweeping statements about life then

like a prefrontal lobotomy, or Bhuddism

Sun-kissed skin is good though. You'll look healthier too.
You're into boys?

except not that strange if you think about it.

id say its strange your still trying to analyze his bullshit but its not its just sad, at least you are keeping it to one-liners this time

I have 2k, almost 3k hours in the game. I'm a bit obsessed.

Though I understand how it's not for everyone.

i mean you do have more history with him than most people

Also is Nezi still around? I just barely made my streak for the day and I wanna die lol

no !!! sickly pale only.

and im sorta

into everything but i can stand boys more than girls

I like to understand things. unfortunately the importance I place on understanding things align with my goals less than half the time.

wtf are you talking about, they removed clothes from all of those scenes.
animated scenes, that's a lot of frames where they removed the clothes

Do you live somewhere that makes you hate the sun or what's the deal?
You could also help cute boys pick their clothes at a retail store so

yeah thats accurate
both statements are

yeah! ^_^

Do you prefer your boys sick pale too

I am such a pioneer

more often than not yes

i won my games! and got rewarded~

That's unfortunate for me.

Good job Luka.
Carry people with some pro Ashe ults

look at me over 5 years ago here!

g a m e r a l e r t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (congrats)

yeah unfortunate for everyone, I Do nOT want to date anyone !!!! just like to admire boys and talk
no commitment !!


hi new person!

Man you look so young in this one.
Your arrows have become so polished now.

Same for me pretty much
You got a discord

he LLO !!
how long have you been playing (league of LEGENDS !) ?
i started back in
2012 ? 2011 ?
on and off since then. currently on and having the most fun with it solo listening to christmas nightcore and drinking tea

yeah i do. ((((((Kaiyote#8517)))))) do not swear on my discord account profile or you will be xshotx by local anime WOMEN

That's an ambiguous moral code you got where swearing bad but shooting good

and you still have chopsticks folder

I actually don't have any other avatar folders

what's your fav pic of all time?

its not that hard to redraw outlines of a nude body. sure its work but decensored wouldve taken way longer

This one

I had a dream that I saw Neru but everytime I tried to greet them my words just became dyslexic and I couldn't actually form a sentence to say anything to them before they left.

(it's just plastic bb pellets in a spring loaded pistol so it doesnt leave but a lil pinch )

OG leaguers in the BUilding :^)
i doOO have overwatch but.
i dont ever play it a friend bought it for me
i play usually only event game modes like twice per event and then once every couple months i'll play a couple hours of 3v3 lockout or 1v1

standard is not (no) any fun to me at all i dont like it it is not really the game for me

Oh okay
Then I'm gonna swear all I want

a cat?

i main adc and support.
i play it for the event items too!
i can't do 1v1's or those deathmatch type stuff...
i only play on teams!

please DO NO T !!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! NO

It's like ultra mewtwo or something

You don't have any way to punish me for it. I won't do it now but I reserve the right to do it when I want!

i don't think it's mewtwo
just looks like a furry

i mained. jungle when i started. support for years after. as all gays and women do (i am one of these ? maybe.)
but then jungle again the past year and now i dont know ive been playing riven/gnar top a lot but also kayn jungle but also trist adc i dont know.
i had 80% winrate with kayn until something happened the past week where i kept getting ragers/afkers/the like and i couldnt really do anything to prevent it besides just try to better my playing. oh well.

i want to go back to support ? but only if ardent censer is removed. i like braum/bard/thresh a lot but i dunno i guess i just dont feel like i'm doing the best as compared to ardent censer supps ?

i like illaoi a lot i think she's my favorite champion of all time maybe i should bring back illaoi support heh

maybe i will play a game right now

Nah it's mewtwo
If you look up mega mewtwo or whatever you'll see pics like that.

also in case ? anyone adds this account posted its not my main one. kaiyotii is a side account i made that i never levelled at all. i've made like 7 and only 2 i levelled i think

Mega Mewtwo Y

i don't see it
only real pic like these:
that look completely different... :(

Well I am still p sure it's mewtwo.

oh weird...
i've never heard of a Meinsho Pokemon before


yeah it's that sure

you're fucking dumb tbh

i main adc when i started then moved to support and played a little jungle on the side and a little mid on the side as well.
but i mainly stuck with adc/support this whole time
even tho i can play most other roles okay enough.

lol i've been on the ardent censor hype train before it was kewl
i recognized the item was OP back when they first invented it.
i want them to stop touch my precious ardent censor.

and it's over 2.5 minutes

a strange furry pokemon eating ramen! ^_^
what else is your second favorite?

i meant not necessarily removed but
not an item that needs to have as much importance as adc getting relic, support running gold runes, ancient coin afk gold
it feels too . boring i think
nerf it or change it to where its not something that has anywhere near as much importance as it has, but still viable ?

brb hand drawing an hour long animated movie, see you guys in 30 minutes or so!!!!

it's an important item!
i say fix everything else instead!

my friend came and hungout and we watched adventure time together

i am actually so jealous

you're telling me I have to know the difference between these


fucking hell

itwas so wholesome
I neverbefore knew that I needed this in my life

this is a good point. yes

two different smiley faces!

add me?

I used to do that with my friend justin

we watched the Riff Trax for Twilight and I laughed so hard while eating chinese food the noodles went like in my sinuses or some shit and I was choking

what happened to him ? ;~:

no you


i will add you after this game that is starting right now


he started hanging out with his girlfriend a lot and I stopped trying to hang out
just drifted apart

I miss that dude

I also got a little salty because he owed me an Xbox360 and just never gave it to me
like I gave him the console and the money, he fixed it, and then just never gave it to me

I hate when people assume they can fuck me over financially because my family is 'rich' to them

someone left the queue so i sent it

that's somebulllshit : /

If my friend took something from me they wouldn't be my friend anymore..

accepted ^_^

can someone make me some tea. ?

i took his beanie as it had been like two years and he still wouldn't give it to me, and he owed me something else too

I still have that beanie
fucker isn't getting it until I get my shit (which is never, now)

cute nekoes.....

why does

chuu = naka

wtf japan

中 and ちゆう should not be the same

this is bullshit

all im getting out of this game so far is that they are all thots

sounds about right

It's uh, it's ちゅう

little yu?

how the fuck do you type little yu, I already figured out little tsu

If you're just typing out "chuu" it does it by itself, don't type "chiyuyu"

You can do it manually by typing lyu though.

Still awake..

we didn't drop enough nukes



Can't sleep or just baka?



I don't get it

Second option then :3

wait, you didn't get my joke? like, 本と?冗談じゃないですか?

Please end my suffering.

it is . time to slep my friends.





this thots trying to get me to read a book