Trannies are my favourite girls

Trannies are my favourite girls

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makin george watch the bee movie.

Anime girls are my favourite girls



fuck off

I dont condone scoots hijacks either



step up your game bitch.

That's okay
you can go there

mine was already made though you doofus its just using a made thread

My dudes



are we staying here or?

does it really matter


This is the current thread

ya we're staying


My dude, whattap


it is wednesday

What the dealio grimo

Hump day! Get pizza!

sippin on some GWEEN TEA

What cigs are those?


just bought grim dawn did i make a mistake


Looks like Diablo

if it has the word grim in it then it must be good ;)))))))))))))))))))))))

gween tea
Sounds good
also sorry about yo food thing earlier

Ive got Walker Black Label

Asuna is cute

LD. canadian stuff. personally I like the taste of Number 7.

You know why.


bro I was legit upset
the sweet little black lady named gertrude gave me a coupon for a free combo addon but it still wasn't enough

black label sounds litttttttttttttt
bday coming up soon im gonna get fuckin smashed

who fucking asked you faggot

im making my cousin play ddlc

god im awful

hes a normie, too


you did, by asking the thread



That is a good opinion

SMASH! You gotta go large my dude!
any chance for getting it tomorrow?


1.5 weeks or so ;)

oh dang imagine how that works if you ask something in the thread it should apply to everything there????

anyways yea obviously i was just fucking with you, i got some brits who want to play it with me



i say thing because bards here jk bard i love you

Ragyo stahp




I love this so much

Ragyo was one of the worst villains ever, not with worst being quantitative vs. other villains but qualitative in that she became so fucking obsessed with the alien technology given to her that her humanity disappeared, along with her morals.

she.. she touched her own grown daughter innapropriately..

apparently its a pretty cool game, erio keeps bothering me about it on discord


Still can't bring myself to watch SAO

because she saw her as nothing more than a tool, her spawn of creation and world takeover..

poor Satsuki

i thought you were into stuff like that

just watch the first season and be happy

good choice just watch .hack again instead its better

he lived
all alone
within a house
within a room
within himself
A most peculiar man

yeah well season 2 made KLK worth watching tbh. s1 dragged the joke on for far too long and then by episode 12 you want to kill yourself .. but if you stick with it holy shit does the series take a dark turn and go full gurren lagann.

thats something i havent heard in a long time but it rings a bell

ah here it is


HERE i am


still not hooking up with a furry 'old dude' younger than me.


The old part of my persona was because people here thought I was in my 40's.


it's the avatars and your general conduct; your persona as a perception to others was that of a middle-aged gay furry, and you know how people here perceive imagery and personality

its ok

this is why enjoyed being Chiri/Matoi

I started it as a joke but went with it.
A bipolar avatar.
I intentionally posted images that would fit what I said, most specifically in an emotional sense whether it be anger or happiness, or things in between.. I made sure to find an image that expressed my post.

This was my first avatar.
So it was more just my conduct.
I was vastly different back then.

and then I wanted to divide people, and be connective while being Matoi, and caustic while being Chiri.

I for one always enjoyed the matoi/chiri

in the end, I'm known as Chiri and not Matoi, or the combined ChiriMatoi.

people remember me more for being caustic.

w-what am I


The Bard of Holla Forums

the burd of bur



*rioting intensifies*

Bee movie's almost over.

Poor George is shell shocked.

bees can and will fuck humans

Nah Bard we know you as that smart kid who likes good music but who also just wants to be a cute girl and weeb the fuck out as hard as a weeb can.

And that's fine because that's a turnoff for me but you do whatever you want, you're a smart and privileged white male so you can basically find a way to shit your life away on a salary or be deterministic and grab a hold of the ladder and manipulate your peers on the way to the top, because you have the smarts but the top of the ladder isn't what you expect because it's still sucking other peoples' dicks, unless you like sucking dicks then you have some motivation for higher career options my friend.

If he bard we riot


What's the deal with BEELINE FOOD

Dude you haven't played chess with Bard.

oh god whats happening

Bard plays a dumbfluff a lot of the time but if you know him, he's a smart dude with some very well rounded musical background and influences, def a guy I would play in a band with.

It is the age of Aquarius


Chess Go


I'm down.



I lost my shit when he straight up eats the panties

enjoy your CYBER RP?



fuckin same

Is it the newest lewd moe anime?





It's not really moe but it's decently lewd enough

My bad

Oh shit, that's not fan art??

ur gay

Nvm no self respecting artist would draw tits like that for tv

Says the faggot RP'ing



Nice linking

I'm not!!!

Fucking whatever!














good night you savages



Is this thread d-d-dead?







this game is giving me fukin FEELS


the feals are reals

For some dumb reason I now have Calvin Harris' - Feels playing in my head after reading that.

not too bad! I’m thankful I didn’t accidentally put some horrible songs in your head

Well, I mean, it has been playing on the radio at work for the last few months like 3-4 times a day.
Kind of had to change the station on the thing.

if there’s one thing u can count on it’s hearing the same 12-15 pop songs on the radio every day of the week

Would think that they'd be better at creating playlists, considering even I have a longer playlist on my Spotify than 8 hours.

if there's one thing u can count on it's an abacus



This is beyond FEELS now now I’m just getting fukin TRIGGGERRRREEEDDD



I summon a george


You failed.


All you got was a weirdo.


Have you talked to Kanra since you've been here the past little bit about his snails?



George is a normal name. A normal name for normal people.

Nope, and I don't rightly care to either.

Haha aweh I tried, I guess it isn't quite that simple. Well I hope your little fella is doing alright too.


What you got was a weirdo. Not normal at all. Not at all.

Which one? I have a lot of them.

Which one have you had for the longest? I don't remember it's name but I'm pretty sure I'd recognize it and I think it was male.

Eric. He's doing well. I have to feed them all tomorrow.

Oh sounds like fun, I hope you enjoy watching them all eat their food! Yes I do remember Eric, and now I seem to recall the pictures you sent of him too.




There's going to be a lot of happy spiders tomorrow. Eric does a little happy dance whenever he gets fed. It's adorable.


Do you have a gif or webm of this dance? Or could I at least ask for a more recent picture of Eric?


I took this in November. I don't have a video of his happy dance since he doesn't go for the crickets right away.

i saw a bee land in a web on a tree right next to the spider and it just like instantly killed it without even moving, the sun was glinting off the webs from its butt in the early morning and it looked like web cling wrap

i learned a lot from that


Yeah, they're interesting to watch eat. Most web building spiders won't even eat their prey right away. They wrap them and kill them with their venom, but then just let the food sit around for a while.


ah okay, well i move the spider and the web because it was in the way of where i need to put my trashcan, but i made sure to take the bee it carefully wrapped up with it, i hope it was still able to eat it outside of the suspension of the web, if not it was a very fat looking and successful spider and i know they spin webs very often so i don't feel bad

The new make all is pretty nice


Sleep well?

I havent played in over a week ;_;

It's pretty cute~
mhmm, did. Day been treating you well?

Barely have either. Been too busy with Dungeons

That's the thing about spiders. They're hardy little fellas. You can destroy their webs over and over and they'll rebuild.

gives it something to do honestly it was just kind of hanging there for an hour and it was already pretty well fed

You're pretty cute! It wasn't bad at all so I can't complain.

That's most of what they do. Tarantulas and jumping spiders are the ones that tend too explore and have fun.


nuh uh!
Good, Saturdays shouldn't be bad

Oh yeah. All spiders are, really. Orb weavers make particularly impressive webs.

we have a lot of weavers around her. one of them was haning in the middle of a web hung to the side of one tree, without any tree near that tree, and facing the street.


Yeah, those are really impressive. There's one that made a web in a tree outside my building. The strands it used to anchor the web spanned over ten feet each.

i think it was the same spider that caught and bit the bee without moving a single stuff, at that point i might have just moved it out of spite because it could make magical floating webs and catch food without moving, you can't just hack life like that

single step*

Spiders can do whatever they want. And they do.

yea tell me about it, go look for one invading your house, it won't take very long. how do they get in? how do they survive? maybe the quantum fluctuations of the universe spit out spiders instead of gluons

or at least nats and fruit flies for them to eat


Whenever I find a spider in my apartment I make sure to leave it alone. My place is like a haven for these misbegotten little ones.

i usually dont bother them unless i find one on my bed, then its dead sorry

but i leave them to the ceiling corners where they stay more or less

Bebop you fuckhead why did you make your mods ban me

I let them go wherever they want. I treat all of the small animals kindly.


i mean i probably just roll over them and kill them by accident, im not scared of anything thats at worst going to leave a mildly painful welt on me that i will barely notice, gravity does worse to me all the time

They tend to not get on where I sleep since that's where most of the light and activity is.


uh oh someone i like just dumped a halflife 2 marathon stream

Hu why are you so gay?

Not even gay


Iiinterrestiiing... Unusual human activity spotted in sector Hu.me1.

Oh dear god no.

hi capitan

my brother made a very tasty everclear mix with raspberries



Ay, is that Wastelander?

no fucking way it would be


That would be pretty funny


i havent seen wastelander in like three years

I swear I am not the mistake you might think I might be.. though I might be drunk af... Yeah..

That is irrelevant though, from my point of view..

what's your poison boyo

Alcohol is bad for you though


lol dude what

Liquor, weed, and stimulants, nigga..

getting gackedain't for me

more power to you my man

no im pretty sure this is wastelander

I want to fuck bard

sorry about your dog bard

I am powered by super natural foreces. Which I consider not my fault at all....

it speaks in riddles



Is true!

Who doesn't?

I was sweet on a guy with a taste for stims for a while
He said they were great but I've only ever had a bad time with them
everyone needs something to get through so I dont have much more to put in bout it

All I can promise you, is that I do not know you,. Just as much ..

im sorry about your dog, Mugen.

if you're being serious
thank you

so did you just get like high as fuck and stumble over this place drunkenly


Some dogs live in riddles or they die :D ml

that is quite alright

get out of my board you're making me look guilty

is that reallly living though



Wow ur name Sinni jeez


dan miggle your bobbies






That is the dumbest fucking picture ever


someones mad about pepe finally getting his drivers license, i can see you aren't equal opportunity for frogs

i spot a thot


im sorry you raped it to death :(

It's maximum autismo, 2 times 2 much

my bitch is still alive for now

-running in the 90's intensifies-

she must be sore, then.
poor girl

she just a thot

Haha see saying thot is funny because it's not funny anymore haha


thot is funny to me

tfw 12 hour shift of people yelling at me for things that aren't my fault

eat your carrots and tater thots

no vegetal

wow great pic thanks for sharing

Works on my machine.


brokin link

looks like it's chrome
worked on Edge

"existence is *something*"

top kek

it's a browser issue

Doesn't work in Firefox either


Actually it works in Chrome

internet explorer confirmed best browser kappa

I thought it was 'dormant' but that didn't make sense.

how are you testarino?

Works in firefox and chrome actually.
It's just Test who can't link

Ironically, this link doesn't work for me.

I spent 2 and a half hours on the road to look at chairs for three hours and watch a bunch of autists make loud noises for two, and then 2 and half more to go home.

So it's been a long day. Was okay.>Like I said.

u cant link either

And the other one works for me.

the fuck man?
Works in all my browsers, even wget gets it

sounds like an ez but boring day

im stealing this image

doesn't work for me ?

why even bother mentioning it then


Easier than 12 hours of work, at least.

Exactly the same.

What a shitty website

I'm glad we all got to suffer through this completely pointless exercise together, though.

I stood up for myself against one of the big bad bully managers that started talking smack at me (something that wasn't my fault) in front of EVERYbody. people were like 'oh damn son shit might get real'

nobody fuckin bullies me fam


You're welcome everyone.


youre leaving me hanging just post a screenshot of it

No wedgies for Nezi today.

It was one of Urgot's old voice lines, not an image.

same tbh

was it the eternal life endless suffering one

or anyday.

I can't stand people that act like they're "important" or "better" than others.

I am, in fact, more important than you.

Existence is torment.

Well that first link was meant to go here.

So I guess I in fact can't link.

Nezi likes some of his coworkers and told them not to come to work tomorrow.

Made with love ;;

fight me bitch nigga

What, you finish ddlc?


I have so much to say but I won’t

FEELS were had..........

erio keeps prodding me to check it out so i might since it seems to be a current fad here

Its construction is flawed in ways I don't want to spoil but I still enjoyed it by the end.

if it gets better thats encouraging, i watched the first five minutes and just wanted to shoot myself

It very much on purpose does not put its best foot forward.

just perfect

thats fine but there is a false start and there is boring me to tears to the point where i dont want to play it, better spice shit up real quick

That is exactly what I mean by flawed.

But it's short enough to forgive that in my opinion.


Just play it, it gets a lot more charming and engaging. Trust me.


play game

i understand, it's going to have to try pretty hard to screw with me for any shock value though, after reading pic related it's a little hard to pull the rug out from under me in terms of subverted expectations, at least for shock value

if its delicate and well executed subversion's we are talking here, more of that is always welcome


Ill give it a fair shake after cuphead tomorrow, a good hour and a half sitting


The game rattles a lot of people, but even with punpun I was expecting from chapter 3 or four that he was going to turn into a serial killer or something close by the end. Basically when he almost raped a girl in middle school I knew he wasn't just unstable, he was going to end up on a dark path.

I'm difficult to shock, too. Just reserve judgment until the end and enjoy it for what it is.

oh ill absolutely give it a fair shake, it's just i have a rule about any game that if it takes more than an hour and a half to get good it's probably not that good, but yea punpun is the most fucked up fictional manga ive ever written, i probably can't say it's the darkest piece of fiction i know of but every time you thought everything was going to be daijobu it so totally was not daijobu

but ill probably just end up binge playing it if i like it


It does take too long in my opinion to get good. But like I said, I still forgave it that.

It takes no where near 1 hour to get good

which is good news!

its a good sign like i said, i mean i already downloaded it its pretty much decided at this point







what is this mess of a thread?
hijacks? where's the real thread?