I lost durst.jpg on my old hdd


Better thread.

Doesn't really matter to me as long as someone makes one.

Based Hikack thread


I'm a little conflicted as well, if the palate would be complimented by a dry red or a rich red wine. The dish itself is very rich, so I might lean toward a very dry red to cut unexpectedly even though I prefer a deep, sweet red like a port.

That might be just too much indulgence in one sitting, so the dry, at least in a single glass, might be more suitable. and if there needs to be a refill before the dish is completed, then half a glass of rich red would complement the finish.

I love beating my dick to this shizzle.

Fuck you all. This is tasty.

so now we have to get two different bottles of wine? this is turning into a pretty expensive cheese and fruit treat

beat your dick with grilled cheese and ketchup

Peas? In Mac N Cheese?

I don't think I'd put ketchup on my grilled cheese.

But I agree with the tomato soup idea, in fact I love tomato-basil bisque especially and would go with that in combination with a good marble or old cheddar grilled cheese.

also I'll fucking cut you

ky yourself.

Do you guys "dip"/"have a dip" with your sandwich

you french people and your cheeses, i only have like a little selection at an aldi store near me, where do you even get it all?

dont worry that was just an unspaced reply for scoots, they think hi-jacking my thread that i made again will make me feel bad somehow when really its jsut managing the board properly


i like to use a soup as a dip for sandwiches, i think condiments should be inside said sandwich

What should I cook on Monday?

Challenge me!!!!!

When did we start hijacking again, is this fucking 2011?

Something you like!!! a cake!!!

i mean sometimes things just get a little old-school from time to time

really? I've always been able to find old cheddar and brie. one I can never find anywhere is Limburger, my favourite. not a big fan of le fromage bleu (blue cheese) but mostly cause of the eating mold thing. (not that cheese isn't a result of cultivated bacteria fermentation) but it reminds me too much of bread mold and is unappetizing.
Soft cheeses I especially enjoy, like camembert and brie, sometimes a gouda.. but I don't normally buy cheese because they are so expensive, so it's a luxury for me to get a piece of brie or bothwell's horseradish cheddar, my god that is the best thing.

a coffee cake?

A tiramisu!!

I prefer this format, all the shitters in the other thread, all the cool people here

Tiramisu would be absolutely delightful!

see now you are just speaking french to me, i personally think that Limburger smells like absolute shit and can't stand things like it, its on par with the people who eat the weird maggot cheeses to me. now one of my other brit friends, Hal, loves his blue cheese and swears by its moldiness like some sort of bastardized cheese oath. it makes sense if its more of an occasional and indulgent thing i guess, there are just a lot of avenues left unexplored for me that's all.



this is a good thread


tbh I don't like tiramisu.
that's the italian one right, where it's wet and not quite sweet? like it just tastes like wet bread with cinnamon?

Yeah, it's individual tastes really. As I grew up I got more adventurous with cuisine and gave everything a try, even a second try "haven't tried that in a while, wonder how this place does it" etc.
I too know people who love blue cheese, and I may have to force myself to try it again as I haven't in a very long time- so that's just the risk, I may enjoy it. I took a chance with limburger, I am not put off by the smell at all and the taste is very unique and enjoyable.

It is essentially coffee flava and yes, I think it could be wet... its actually a while since I had it so id have to actual image search it to double check.

That rings a bell yeah, bitter coffee tasting breadish thing, where I normally don't really drink coffee.

You mean biscotti?

thats a very common limiting factor in what people often allow themselves to enjoy, it's very important to give things multiple tries in case you just didn't like that style of it, but also tastes change as you get older as well. when i was a little kid i would take apart big macs and wouldnt eat Brussels sprouts, now i love them and eat just about everything that isnt black olives



Coffee and Walnut cake is my #1

Fuck that sounds amazing right now

My little brother started working at the local cafe and he's been bringing home super tasty quad layer coffee cakes with fudge and stuff on them and it is to absoluteley die for

Ha, I used to hate olives, but I buy jars of green olives now just to snack on.
Of course with the brand comes quality, if you buy cheapo olives you get hard, bitter ones and if you spend more you get tasty ones.

I think quality also plays a role in taste, so you can easily be put off by something processed at a lower quality but shares the same object name and later find a higher quality variant that is appealing.

Black Olives are delicious though

Sinni. That mac was tasty.

beyond just quality is style too, like you said some places do stuff differently and one place might just put some gross weird unique suce they make and you hate it, and another place could do the same thing, and you love their version of said sauce


I really can't stand them at all, and yet olive oil is my go-to for cooking


okay i guess thats a pretty good entrance post


It isnt often that I have cake.
I am not a cakey person.
What is your favourite?

thread was talking about entrance posts yesterday and i was against them, but i just like that picture

black olives, btw are a processed olive. they're blanched and colored and have no real flavour anymore, though they are a common topping.

I admit I'm fine with black olives on anything, I'll eat them but I don't buy them specifically because it's high-quality green olives that I go for now. quality is of utmost importance in a green olive.

black olives are just overripe and overprocessed.

Eh, I always do this
Same thing in waifu threads
Just kind of a thing

got it so give green olives a try when i find a nice looking bottole of them because black olives are processed trash toppings that serve no other purpose than to give food saltiness got it

oh w-well actually I like ice cream cake the most..

What kind of sweets take your fancy if you're not a keiki guy?

Stuffed green olives thoooo

yea its just kind of a thing, that's what i was specifically referring to, but anyways its not something that like actively bothers me

George's internet died or something and he's been gone for 30 min qq.

1 furry dead.
Only a few more to go before animus is pure.

real black olives are okay, but for the sake of production speed and demands, companies will blanch and color any stage of ripened olive and sell it as a black olive, where it's harder to fake a green olive.

What flavour?

Man I know its not exactly related... buthave you tried the cookie dough B&J ice cream sammich? that shit was ace.

talk to some of us instead, we're cool people here

if me ans squash battle to the death in gladiatorial combat we can kill two birds with one stone...two dogs??

Time to die

ye but I talk to you guys all the time!! I miss him :C

Yeah, bottom bin green olives are pretty disgusting, but if you go for a pricier brand or especially of they are large greek style olives, they're gonna be pretty tasty man.

Like I said, I just keep a jar of them around nearby as a snacker, I'll eat a few because I like the flavour. In the same way I suppose some people enjoy pickled eggs.




You're in call with us though.

what the fuck is that shit

i mean you talk to him all the time too, one of the big parts of distance is just being chill for when things go down like this, im sure he appreciates how much you miss him just chill here with us and he'll be back in no time

BD seems like kind of a pussy though.
Find me someone worth fighting.

Getting hungry.....

I haven't ever seen that around but I'l have to keep an eye out

Imo cookie dough is my sweet spot

I wish they would make a hybrid with mint chocolate chip cookie dough : 3

okay no more bullshitting around this topic if you got a jar around right now, like can you give me a namebrand? i dont want to go around trying multiple jars of shitty olives and vomiting as much as people here would love that

Mint choc chip though!

I'll knock your head off with one arm you little wimp.

Sure you will.

unless you want to use weapons :^)

I have seen Squash, he looks more than capable to take care of Bad dog

yee I kno, I appreciate you boys. George's internet died!!! He can't text either so it's maximum rip.

Yee, I'm not like clawing my skin off yet, just maximum rip, y'know?

i got 50 on not bd

better gang up on me guys

Factory work keeps me strong.
But leaves me constantly tired.

I don't want you on my side, Bard.
Pick BD.

Working in a factory is hard, i did 12 hours a day 6 days a week at a meijers distribution center before i switched jobs

OWNED bard


Have you never taken a dab before BD?





yea i was just making sure that was a dab and not heroin or something crazy, those pure THC xrytsals fuck you up my friendp

please keep going?

Bought to light up this big heroin

ive heard of people smoking heroin like yuo can laugh but

I told you this in private, Scoots.

I am laughing

laughter is natures medicine, not heroin


There. In the doorway. Stood THE MALE MAN.
Squash was transfixed. Dropping a spanne in his coffee cup.
"h-h-hello?" spluttered squash-kun.
"Hello, Sir, I am th-the Mail Man" the uniformed gentleman started
"mail man? huh that kind of obvious h-h-h-h-h-h-ha!" Oh no, squash kun thought, he had responded over excitedly. looking at the name tag, reading it, BAD DOG.

End of Chapter two

so we both stutter too

Okay, well if you see Mezzetta they usually have large whole green olives and stuffed varieties, typically the pimento.
There's also the name brand stuff you usually see, like Primo or Unico so those can be trustworthy sometimes, definitely do not get dollar store or knockoff.

If it costs more, there's usually a reason- one it's a puffed up asshole company overcharging but two it could be some actual authentic stuff that cost more to produce. The grocery store will have both, and cheaper variants too because they want you to compare prices and the ones that don't sell volumes usually get put on the higher shelf so you have to reach for it. It's psychological.

If you have any italian or greek deli's in the area they may have something like a little salad bar type deal where you can fish out stuff yourself into a container and take it home, I think these guys usually do good work and have pretty good end stuff.



CHAPTER 3 - The Weiner Incident

"So..." Squash interjected, "I like my coffee like I like my niggers... hung..."
"hahahahahahahaha" Bad dog laughed, he was very amused by this highly racist joke. "I really shouldnt have laugheed at that, being a public servant and what not... s-o" bad dog paused a moment " i got... a package... for you..."
"I bet you do hun" squash retorted in like, a sultry way.

End of chapter three

Better be a huge package.

yea i know about all the psychology shit stores pull, same reason they stock crackers and cheese in different sections so you have to go through half the fucking store to find everything you need and have the chance to run into even more products. but thanks a lot! ill start with the names you have specifically given me and if i like any of them ill let you know next time i see you here, if not i guess i should just give up olives, i'm just i can find other suitable things to fill the void of an oliveless existence.

hoerin overdoses have been a serious problem here in the past few years, its actually effected people i know but not to get into that,dabs are pretty cool, its neat how they use the butane to separate the crystals from the plant

i'm sure i can find*

Chapter 4 - The Message

Squash felt his bulge press against his khaki three quarters, eyeing up the mailman, the perfect physique. He looked like The David, but with a gut. A gut to nut. Could he really be doing this at work?
"S-so, where do I sign? I am afraid ive not got a penis to hand... I MEAN a pen.... h-hahahahahahahahaa" oh shit, squash had made like a totally crazy faux pas.
"You can use my... PENis..." bad dog said, winking with both eyes, sliding his hand into squash's pantaloons.

End of chapter 4

i have to be honest im only moderately above average for the Caucasian whitey, if race really has anything to do with penis size, which is might

Chapter 5

Squash came

The end

Friends do I work on Korean or make a dnd character or waste away


Great and I just switched over to my computer, he got me though I do have a little pudge.

Make a dnd character and try to do it in korean

I realized after chapter 3 that my novella wasnt going to last much longer. concentration waning

You've got to go and dig those holes

Korean DnD character who has a terminal illness so he is wasting away but finding a purpose.

that would actually make a pretty good war priest

Maybe if I drink more I will have the autism to do it.

i mean id take over but then it would be part auto-biography and who reads those

Work on Korean first.

Nah, I'm not that good yet.


yes ma'am

Be Korean Elvis

focus on korean for sure first, you want to get your productive hobby down first

I'd be rly bitter if you started slacking in under a week.



I'm not slacking I'm not slacking!! I'm working on it ma'am :C


block all thots from youtube

Good girl puppet slave girl!


wow, lewd.

where's your name slagathor

based chir, sir

It's not lewd if we don't hold hands.

Rin what's the VN about anyways?


Play it and find out

it's free

bard blood-chan said you are buff as fuck and would knock my teeth out show me your muscles

Tell Blood-chan "Chu"

Is Doki Doki a good play?

they keep deleting me like the do everyone else, besides maybe erio and sonata

It's dark in my room

Play DokiDoki Literature Club

thats the excuse i use when my gf wnats selfies

So yes it's good?




yes it is very good

I should get it on my laptop and play in a comfy spot

because scoot is still a thing and because bias and hate are still things

Doggo got sick.
Need tender head pats and good boys.


do it .


how do you get sick and a half hour



At least he's still alive

you do look better than before! nice gains man!

But I'm watching CS:GO right now
And I have to make a comfy spot to do it in



I am


of here

I feel better.
Head pats are best medicine.

I kind of want to make a blanket fort or something
But I don't have that many

oh you mean your dog, i hope your dog is okay


You just told me to get cancer like yesterday.

kanra has been self quarantined in the old thread

bd is keeping the seal intact

ty bd

touch does wonders.

It's only CLG/Renegades..

BD being a selfless hero. Dunno what to say


I think I just ate too much and got sick from it.

and I've felt like shit about it since last night

Either way
Not like that effects my opinion of your dog

maybe you have to fart.

My dog isn't sick. I was referring to me.

I have not once threw up from need to poot.

O I'll watch C9
Shame it's on youtube

OPN is like diet clams casino

oh man
its that bad?

sorry about that

ESL sold out their English stream
Is on Twitch

My misunderstanding


It's whatever. I throw up enough to not be too bad about it.
Honestly puking gets the sick out so it's better.

And I think(I'm really not confident on this one) that ECS is ESL

That's some serious autism right there

Please dont' make me hate reality that much more

is it overeating or food poisoning or what s:

I don't think that's right
ECS seems like FACEIT's league

Probably over eating.
After being depressed for a long time I stopped eating much more than a sandwich a day and can't eat much more than that now.

I knew they used FaceIt, but I didn't think it was FaceIt themselves who put on the league

this cannot possibly go wrong

i dont know what to say about enjoying conversation with kanra since he used to have rather odd feelings about me before he left last time

you must have lost some weight too..

Try to eat little more at a time each day and listen to your stomach

I hear eating slower helps with all that because the response from stomach to brain is a bit delayed than something like touch or something

I've spent too much time on /ddlc/ send help.


PSA to not hold your pukes in too hard its bad for you dont be scared to let it rip


send me all of the sayori/yuri

Better out than in


It's whatever. I don't really like eating honestly.
Counter productive to my goal of gaining weight.


eating is counterproductive to gaining weight or eating slow?


Gaining weight.

Though according to my doctor I'm pretty close to something giving out with how badly I eat and my stress and work habbits lol.

you have to eat it to turn it into muscle

Is it lewd?

I haven't really been paying attention to them, and most of them are spoilers.

Do they hold hands or kiss
Essentially, is it another KJ

I would be a little sad if SQUASH went RIP.

Oh yeah, the rally is in town today.


I would be very sad

What's KJ?

Leg of Rally North America

Katawa Shoujo


Doki Dokis are not for lewd.


Look enough people around me have died off recently friend or now I don't want to see none of that shit, no matter who it is

There's nothing I hate more in a VN than whoring out your characters because you can't develop a full story

Drama is fun though.

Drama is life

Brothers in arms.

Are there H-scenes?


To be fair some whore them out with the story..

The frick would there be?




Korean is fun but difficult qq

lol then why bother?

Just as bad
They can't develop a full story properly so they lengthen it by whoring them out
They put pauses in the character development just so they can have sex and it contributes nothing to the story other than to prolong the play through

Have you learned how to the characters into English?

Because not everyone's as much of a cuck as you are?

That's not what it is when they're alongside each other.

There's such thing as meaningful sex.

There is, but when they center the whole second part of the character development around that particular event, it's super lame and not worth continuing

katawa shoujo had tasteful sex imo

Specially emi that wild bitch


Emi's route had way too much of it

Still, for some, the sex ending was distasteful. The character interaction was so good and people grew to love these characters so to find out it was just a sex game threw a lot of people off, but also it was a huge troll because Katawa Shoujo went meme and tons of people tried it without realizing.

just because a vn has sex scenes doesn't make it a sex game imo

Especially if the focus is for most of the story not on sex

Slowly but surely ye

Also unless I'm mistaken you could completely remove the ao scenes and play the vn without them in the options menu

No idea
I didn't go through the KJ settings


Yeah, that was the shocker. It was a really good VN and ending with the character in a sex scene was offputting for some people especially for how much character/relationship buildup there was and all of the backstories, and then right at the end they strip off and fuck. like wtf
I wanted a good ending but not THAT KIND OF GOOD ENDING YOU KNOW

It happens like 3 times in Emi's route
Super offputting

Best VN.

I mean Idk I just feel like
just because they are crippled doesn't mean their hormones are

It seems like what a healthy teenage relationship over the course of months would entail



Lots of teenaged relationships don't culminate with fucking

George is back!!!



That just means it wasn't whoring them out with the story and just whoring them out because they ran out of story.

Do you know how to say "Natsuki is best dokidoki" yet? :3c

Who's George

How long do those relationships usually last?
Genuinely curious

Not my Cob

This tbh

I never payed attention to it


posts furries and pictures of his asshole all the time


That doesn't tell me much
Have I seen him here before?

Cause she probably doesn't shut up
Because her mouth is open from talking all the time, she inhales extra molecules and gains weight as a result
Trust me, I'm a scientist

he has the biggest most obnoxious name

you've had to have seen him

its me

NObody talks about when I posted my asshole.

Yeah but this is a game obviously with a more mature demographic and some of them were expecting a 'payoff' .. but when KS when meme, they also did very well not to 'spoil' the endings.

A lot of people including myself were shocked to learn that it had sex endings, especially after how good the stories were and for each character. It seemed like a copout to go there but I guess they knew their target audience and included that stuff.. I guess just for story resolution right?

why would you do that and who would save it?


i never knew until now and then you had to ruin it

C'mon Squash, is this board just teeming with young gay furries these days? Aren't you basically fishing in the Aral Sea here?


I follow things now
I think


ANAL sea

I can't really think of any more points to bring up in debate

Was a fuck to find, but here it is.

Lol nice filename change




What the fuck Cloud9

thats hardly your asshole more like your tailbone

chiri/matoi (eight)

oooh I like your haircut
That's stylish

I'd fuck Chiri.

it's a joke, I swept it aside on purpose to look like a hipster.

me irl

and it's not even a haircut.

I haven't had a haircut in 20 years. when it gets too long in the summer I buzz it. then it grows out in the winter as insulation, I'm a true Canadian.

o-oh yeah h-haha

g-good joke


I knew I wasn't the only one who did this
But I don't buzz it


think this is a fucking joke?


Me in real irl.real life

no worries mate.

How the hell can you go 20 years without a hair cut

I'm not even 2 years in and my hairs own to my nips


I mean without a paying for one, a professional haircut.

I just do it myself.


He said he buzz cuts it in the summer

you buzz it all off?

what's that feel like?

right, and the result is this;


I did them when I was younger, it feels like vacuum bristles

Well, when it's hot out it's a lot better. See, I wear a toque year round cause I like having a hat on my head, so cutting the hair makes it easy to manage, and then in the fall and winter it grows out and adds some head insulation until I get annoyed with the length of it and ultimate just buzz it again the next summer.



The longest I've managed to get mine is 10 inches



Ive never experienced any downsides to having long hair until I started rolling and everytime I get in guard it gets caught under my back and holds me down and it fucking sucks

I've been thinking of starting over after this winter but

I dunno short hair just feels weird lol



Why do you end up cutting yours?



Living in a conservative sort of place, having long hair as a guy was extremely detrimental
I had to cut it for every interview

The above
And my parents complained about it and I got tired of it


can you get it that long for me please


That's pretty understandable

My parentes never let me grow mine very long either.....

you into wearing hats much?


You realise we're talking about hair, right?

I hate wearing hats
Except in the winter




yeah...i knew that


dallas you savagely made fun of that till we caught you user posting as the wolf guy from it

I'll probably grow it out again anyway
See if they tell me to cut it or not


when I was a teen I had shoulder-length blonde hair, it was the thing to do in 1996 right? I did like the feel of it, but it would occasionally just be annoying.
In my 20's I had some episodes and once shaved my head with a knife. it was sharp enough that I got it all done without cutting myself, was the first time I went straight bald too. After that it just became a management issue, if it got too long it would get annoying, and I'd do things like put it in a ponytail so it'd be out of my way while working, then I just settled on seasonal, so when it starts to get hot out, it all goes. and it's cool all summer and grows out.

dont get it cut it if you can help it

i wasnt able to help it

oh its chiri not kanra

hi chiri

He is a HUSKY you insufferable dolt.

i did that on purpose just to trigger you

hi chiri

KylexChiri OTP


hi chiri

a really sharp knife.

very satisfying feeling. like a razor. hair just shoof, gone


hes a real man

That sounds like something you would do you weird fuck

Sure you did, sure you did.

thats a creepy one




That's the plan