In the past five threads ive probably filled up two so here

in the past five threads ive probably filled up two so here

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Should have beaten me too it you lazy bitch

hamburger helped is what you get after you cook hamburger helper

I love QWV's inability to spell simple words.



i like you



link me to fucking waifu goddamit i wanna see this shit now

I'm posting here to be a contrarian.

lol its a battle of shitposters, and i did beat scoot

Also I get the feeling posting here will piss off Bard.

I beat bad dog

why are you guys so worried about unleasing the bard like some kind of natural disaster/holocaust


I don't care, it's funnier this way.

Because I am really fucking bored.

do you like, wanna call?











im really just hanging here and seeing what kind of stuff you have to shitpost tbh

I have this.

they would be dressed like gonzo wouldn't they


he was fixing the lines to make sure the chemicals mixed properly


He was cute but that comic was kind of bad.

we are getting out of my range of expertise

Yeah but it was an endearing kind of bad that I found enjoyable.

like ill masturbate to that shit but i ain't going to READ it like homie

proof that Disney created furfags because you don't see anyone's fursona looking like a fucking looney tune

im not quite sure how this logic works

Look, it's just Simba's face on an anthropomorphic body. They're kids raised on Disney movies who have more affinity to animals than other humans, and adopt the Disney 'look' as a romantic aesthetic because they depict humans and animals with the same artistic style. The border's erased and more easily transversed with so much anthropomorphic features on characters like simba and the Beast.

there is looney tune porn and you're probably be disappointed in it

thats all i meant


it's bad, though. like most rule 34 it's shock value, people don't really get off on it.

c'mon, fairly oddparents r34? it's for lols

but with disney shit they take it seriously because the style is romanticized so much.

i mean if you want to tell yourself that i dont blame you, and im not disagreeing with you on the disney factor being the largest one, but people would make you sad with what they get off to

didn't emma watson say the beast was sexy??

doesn't that make it worse?

how much do you think they paid her?

none she was drunk and talking to the camera, i dont think she did it by accident, and i think she got paid well for the movie, these ideas are not unique to close inner circles that jerk off to it, sometimes animalistic features can just be attractive to some

Furry culture as a whole came about the way many other subcultures do, it was some kids in the 90's on irc and games like Furcadia spurred the popularity of adopting animal personas and also typically engaging in a lot of cybersex.
The culture now is much bigger but still centers around a free-sex culture much like the hippie movement, and the members usually consider themselves outsiders in society and it's a unique online subscription to what is both a free sex cult tied into some forms of bestiality in the worst cases. It isn't difficult to become a furry and immediately find friends who are furries, that's the attraction now because it's known as being an open as well as sexually active community so teenagers may find their way in, even just to be praised and accepted by others.

Goths didn't really have that. You had to really hate people to want to be a goth. Then you found other people who hated people. But then people wanted to be goths. ugh.


But yea, I understand what you are saying, because it actually existed before the 90's to some degree, books like Watership down, which actually has VERY innocent origins, a man telling a story to his daughters in a car for multiple car trips, and they turn it into a book, however this helps introduce the idea of rabbits and therefor animals as more sapient and understanding than they are, making them easier to project emotions and ideas onto etc. as far as all that goth non-sense goes i never really paid much mind to it, but yes that is how sub-cultures develop, people seeking similar interests and friends

Just as an example, let's take This Old Dog.
(see now I know I have a memory problem because names are disappearing from me, it takes me some amount of time before my subconscious can work its synapses to get the information it needs but it still can, though often takes more time.)
I won't know if I can remember his.. oh, Squash.
Still takes some time, but the mind can do it.

Anyway, he's an aging guy, probably single and gay, adopts furry community because he likes dogs etc, relates to anthro cartoons (and there is a prevelence of them now, through webcomics etc) so it's easy to pick an anthro avatar and he's basically just looking for other gay anthros because he's being up front about it.

He's here just to hook up.

Don't forget Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams

What about flat

uh thats not a you problem, thats a human problem, i forget four letter words sometimes, the brain is an imperfect computer and it needs good conditions to work.

and as for squash he's younger than me and started posting when he was like 17 so i don't really know what to say on how you did lol

yeah it's a combination of this new-age perceived animal sapience that in some ways exists but is limited, we as animals ourselves share some very basic instincts and children who grow up with dogs or cats are imprinted with these specific animal behaviours as well, I turned out to be a cat person as I was raised around cats instead of dogs so I'm shy, reserved, independant, and quite afraid of barking dogs and afflicted with a level of anxiety that I will cross the street sometimes to avoid a large dog breed.

oh okay, he's just going with the mature persona then I guess rather than the fuckboy.

I'm probably older than everyone.

i actually dont mind dogs or cats and have had great danes jumping on me while i laugh, see yea, they are dangerous, they could technically bite my neck because they stand tall enough to do it. but dogs know what the fuck is up, they know we are the apex predator and better than them, and almost only attack when the human is at fault, their are exceptions but this helps me feel safe as a person, i could also like grab its neck and snap it cause i have hands but lets not go there id never hurt a doggo

i say this because i had a cat for 19 years

yeah, confirmed Squash has a dog.

I know, I'm not a 'dog person' but I have lived in situations where dogs were present and I think I communicated better with them than their owners.

Like, I lived with dog breeders who would come home and the pack (male and 2 females) would bark their heads off and they'd come in and yell "shut up! omg shut up!" and I figured out this was a miscommunication. the dogs were being loud because the owners were being loud, they were mimicking the owners.

after a month when I came home, they would no longer bark at me because when I came in I was quiet, addressed them all and went about my way. they soon adopted this and were quiet when I entered.

Humans might be smarter than most animals but they are still just dumb animals, it takes experimentation and tolerance to learn to live with each other, and through human interference this has been shown with many different number of odd animal combinations, proving that just like humans, animals are capable of suppressing some instincts with the right guidelines, we are still the best and smartest animal though just making this clear

[Citation Needed]

also if you're going to snap a neck, the hollywood version is not effective. twisting a human's neck laterally will not sever the spinal cord, it will hurt a lot and likely outstrech some tendons.

the actual technique is to first tilt the head to the side and twist so that the angle of the face goes upwards, which should have friction between the vertebrae if done violently enough to damage the spinal cord.

yep, some animals can learn and demonstrate what we call 'intelligence' while many humans make very unintelligent decisions all the time.

We used to just put a stick across the back of its neck and step on it

you dont have the upper body strength to do that but its nice you know about it lmao, yea ive taken a look at some videos that demonstrate the difference between the hollywood version of how things work and the real life version

when you work in a barnyard things are pretty rough and bullets cost money

I killed a pigeon with a 2x4.

it had hit a building and its skull was showing. I knew it was going to slowly suffer an effect of acute hypothermia to the brain with such traumatic exposure.

grey dove looking bird smacked against my screen door and was bleeding, i stepped on it and threw it behind my shed for a cat to get, does not feel good.

Are we posting in this thread now? I'm confused.

Also Korean is difficult qq

Yeah we're posting here now.

now we still in the real thread

current thread

some people here some people there

dallas/clint is a premium shitposter though so be ready for his tricks

muscles can have both strength and explosive force, I do not have the body type for major muscle gains for heavy lifting but instead have expert endurance and explosive energy muscle type. what they call 'wiry'.. fast twitch reflex, and conditioned. more force applied in a single action than a slow twitch weight lifting type can apply.

I had to kill a mouse infestation once when some moved under our house in the winter and I was usually awake at night.

We'll say there was no longer a problem.

i dunno i got a pretty beefy neck, its good to chat with you again though, and i didn't know who you were for the longest time while we were chatting so, how have you been? what have you been keeping yourself busy with lately?

Lol such a joker, this is obviously the current thread!

i mean look there and look here, at a glance where does it look like more discussion is taking place

Pet Snails

oh my god you just went full Fool

at least you don't have to record your face

some have seen it.

i still recognize your room from when you called and smoked


I mostly draw on whiteboards

i saw your laptop and wall in the background of the snail bowl

ha, I don't have a laptop.

whatever its your monitor then it just looks like a laptop and my horrible old tastes colored my judgement

You just like my snails

snail trail

they are nice snails

thank you, I have a whole generation of year-olds that have never seen the outside world and are kept at an optimal temperature and moisture and are fed regularly, I don't want to send them off into the wild because I know they might likely die especially since they've grown very big in a short duration .. but they are good pet snails, I might contact some pet suppliers if I have too many of them... they're local species and well, they're pretty adaptable in any case, it's not like the model has changed drastically in the last 300 million years so if I do release them, they will have to adapt, but they at least can.

attachment can happen with anything, and you have invested time and care into them, keep them as pets, release them, you seem to know what you are doing.





Yeah, in the end I just garnered more appreciation for snails, I'm not going to step on any if I see them.

It started on a work job and I was tasked to basically rip up and wheelbarrow an overgrown garden full of big ass weeds from years of unchecked growth and I found some snails and kept them in a coffee cup and took them home, got them a little glass candy container and started putting in soil, branches, leaves, and food and it all went from there.

Now I have a full sized terrarium, it's a hobby yeah but now I have a fondness for snails and have watched them breed and lay eggs and everything, and grew a whole generation of them. Your view of things changes when you observe them firsthand, for sure.

i generally try not to step on things anyways if i can help it, i know snails are herms and i have seen certain species like hang from leaves and become weird disgusting snail sex flowers before, being a little god is a neat task and learning how things occur and advance, seeing it from a different perspective, it really helps you lay down some of the information you pick up so it sticks.

I think we'll leave the thread as dead now, but when I was a kid I was always exploring and collecting bugs and shit, so we had a fish tank and put pond snails, baby trout, backswimmers and various pond bugs and plants and it was like a local pond ecosystem out of shit we collected and put in.

And that's how my current snail terrarium works, no exotic pets, just snails I found, bred, and introduced other species to help out - I've now grown a generation of pillbugs (roly-polys) that literally eat shit and help with recycling and decomposition, some earthworms actually go through the soil layer too, so I'm not changing it out and replacing with sterile soil, it's a living habitat.

I went Sayori's route first which doesn't hit you with anything until the end.

I'm not even sure if you can go a different route first because I didn't care enough to do a second playthrough and I felt sort of shoehorned into doing Sayori's route first.

thats really cool and im glad i can reply to it now

Or maybe if you do a different route before Sayori's her's is really different? I wouldn't be surprised, honestly.

well i know who im not picking first

Yuri is best girl despite what the plebeian masses will tell you

And don't worry about getting a good ending while playing blind.

i think its better to leave it at that, i dont play VN's a lot anyways so a lot of these tropes and subversions would be wasted also AM already told me one of the supposed twists so no worries

just the no good endings thing

what is this mess of a thread?
hijacks? where's the real thread?

This is in fact the thread now. The hijacks were hours ago.

it was quite something to follow the breadcrumbs

We'd just have one cyclic thread if people weren't fucking spazzes about making threads.

making threads keeps things fresh

only attention whores care about being the op this bad



oops wrong image

you're an imbecile


wai dey use meteos the toxin guy for honor vid


Horizontal compositions are way too fucking temperamental. I won't be approaching these kinds of fucking formats again for a long time.

for honor


rawr i'm hungry

there needs to be more porn of her


Miss Ochinchin or Miss Bakuretsu?

Needs to be more porn of u!


former. the latter already has a good amount.


That's a disappointment

25 cm uncut veiny shafts

Size queen




G'morning you two.



Size queen ?

So thats why they broke up ?

I'm not even a little bit!
You however, are!

woof woof

He's the size-queen, but it wasn't enough to satisfy him, hence we broke up, yes

What's new?

Oh yes you are. You and Cup both.

I just woke up.

I don't give a fuck though


You just woke up and got on the computer?

Fun dreams?

About Cup? How rude.


im hungry

About big dicks, unlike you and him

Hi Hungry, I'm Spectre.

What you wanna eat?

I don't even like dicks, faggot.

I prefer flat.

My bed is in front of it.



Doggy show room

You should move your computer, or your bed. You should also try and get out of the house more. It'll be good for your health.

Like? Who was there?

Go suck off Ikt or something, go away.

k, be back later

But I'm here



Nu. Too early.

I don't have a chair for it and it's nice to lie down and watch movies. I might be going with some friends to the city today. Not sure yet. I think one is busy.

Nobody. It was mostly just a wash of color.


rice hashbrowns eggs meat


You don't have a chair? Someone needs to get you a chair. I have, like, five chairs. Only one of them I use.

I like using my bed though.

Strange kaleidoscope dreams then..

That sounds pretty good. Two eggs over easy, hasbrowns, cut of ham, and toast!
Why rice?
Why cries?

Well, you should still get a chair. Everyone needs a chair. I'm thinking of completely rearranging my place to be only chairs.

im missing meat ;~;

Chairs hurt my back. A bed is comfy.


Get one of those chair bed things. Lounge chairs I think they're called.

hehe meat


you're welcome bby ♥

Not having meat can cause severe acute depression, luka

The ways one could respond to this comment...


and the rice is because i don't have enough hash

I might eventually.

spaghetti pockets

What kind of rice though? I feel like that's not an adequate substitute.

Really what I want to do is get rid of all furniture I have now and spring for a cot, a small wooden table, a bunch of book shelves, and like, three chairs.

i want her!!!!!!!!

its a lot more rice than the hash at least...

Why the need to change it all?

I want to go super spartan with my living arrangements.

You want a 30 year old NEET Japanese girl?


You can't replace meat with rice! Haven't you watched New Game v2 at all?

gimme pls ;~;
she cute.
i wanna use her and post a buncha her.... where's blondie and redhead ;~;

i havent seen it yet :(

I want to use the blonde and redheads too, unf

God help me...


i want her and her and her....

I also want to get to just a couple of lamps. The only place that will even be capable of being well lit will be my studio. It'll be wonderful.

You got work to do lol

Dim lighting is best.

Dim lighting and dark themes best

I want these gems.

Just kill me now.

Right? Plus I have a light sensitivity. Bright lights are very painful.

Sure thing, just come here and I'll end you slowly and painfully

I feel ya.

I'm sure you'd like that.







No, just one to the head, please.


James. This is what I was talking about with the bed.

Hi, Revy!



I can use yours if you want.


Okay, down on your knees then!

Ban uses mine all the fucking time.
But we have the same name irl, so...


That looks like a nightmare. I see my print there though.

It is retarded. You should not do that.

How's you?



It's comfy. And I am fond of the print. I always keep it near my desk.

You should buy a painting. This one now is changing yet again.

Fine, I think, just waking up and putting off morning shower, coffee, and breakfast like a dumb.

I lack funds at the moment, but I would once I have some extra money to spend. How much would you charge?

A lot. Probably more than you'd be willing to spend.

I'd say 100 is my absolute limit on art with my current employment.

about tree fiddy

Yeah, that would get you a small drawing. I don't have a painting I'd be willing to sell for less than a couple grand. For a small one.

Yeah. That ain't in my range.

I know. It's out of range for most people. Only people who collect art are willing to buy art worth a lot of money.

Makes me wish I had that kind of dosh.

How about yourself?

To buy art? Because you can start collecting by purchasing fine art prints. Most artists that do print work will work in series and make multiples of the same print, after which the plate will be destroyed. It drives down the cost of the print initially, but then guarantees the price will increase over time due to the destroyed plate.

To get my life on track and not be poor.

Being poor isn't so bad. I'm poor as fuck.

I dont' like it.

Why ever not? Just get your life together and being poor is no problem. Most people can't handle being rich anyways.

NA lost

I want to buy games and nice things.


The ideal amount of money to make is about $75,000.


You get nothing then

That would be nice.

Stop being confusing God damn it.

A lot of things would be.

Ring Ring

I really just want a BF and to live comfortably.


I would like to live comfortably too, though I think our ideas of comfort are different.

Ding Ding

Resting on a soft tum is best comfort.

do you play overwatch?

Yes, but what about nice things? I don't want, like, or have use for nice things. My AC has been busted since the beginning of the year.

Tummies are nice things though.

Sometimes I wish I did, but otherwise no.

I have one of those, I don't think it's very nice. Though I may be biased.

I wish I had one.

do you play league?

do you play anything??????

Well, if you can't get one of your own, the next best thing would be someone else's, no?

No, LoL is horrible.
So is Dota.
I play MWO, and occasionally ARMA or DayZ.

Eventually I'll have one. Just have to work for it.

Good luck with that.

Just a reminder.

That or I'll steal someone elses.

Throwing ranked matches is kind of a dick move.

Yes, but whose?

I've yet to decide.

Think t through, it'll have to be someone you don't know. A drifter in another state would be best.

That or someone who will trade.

I can't say I don't understand it since - generally speaking - I don't really care for ranked matches either.

I won't let the fact that it's a ranked match ruin my experience though, nor would I ruin someone else's experience because I'm in a bad mood.

I play them with the mind set that I don't care if I win or not. I'm still going to try, but I play them for the chance of more rewards. Just better time investment.


I'm not sure that you'll find someone willing to trade for anything you're able to part with.

Well shit.

Poor Cinnabar...

smh bringing up old things, long since past. how sad.

Stomachs are a high price commodity in that specific niche market.

I've had people tell me they would trade me if they could.
Reality sucks.

I can't help but think **"If I wanted to play ranked, I'd play starcraft"*

what happend? :O

tfw fucked my spoiler.

I like LoL ranked.
It's enjoyable

She lives an eternal life of suffering and loneliness...

But they can't. Because they can't afford to part with it. Nobody would be willing to part with it for what you'd be able to afford.

I heard once you get out of bronze and away from the shitters the toxicity goes way down.

This sadens me.
I guess I'll have to gain mine the old fashioned way.

It doesn't.

eternal life!

Well, for now.

Good luck with that. When is your birthday, by the way?


post apocolyptic?

Sep 27

Oh, well then.

There go my dreams of being a pro Annie jungler.

You are why I don't do normals.

Huh, I'll have to send you something.


Will I need to pick up a frame?
I get anxious if I don't have a frame for things.

that girl lost her arm!!!

Probably would be best.

Because I play Annie, or because I wanna be a cutting-edge meta-setting pro-player?

If you send something just let me know the size so I can have something ready. I will hang it post haste!

All of it.

I get the feeling one of my irl friends would refuse to play with me because I play Annie too.

Don't worry, they can rebuild her, they have the technology.

not human


I will do that.


I need to find a craft so I can send you things.

You could send me things without having a craft.

What things would I send?

Dirt, sticks, rocks, photos, photos of garbage, photos of dirt, etc.

You like red headed mercury girl, don't you Luka...

Actually I might have a good idea of something.

Is it dirt?

isn't the red head Cinnabar?

I was thinking I could do maybe a cross stitch of Peter Lorre.
Black and white would make it simple for me. And I could probably whip up a pixilation of the image so I can use it as a guide where one pixel is one stitch.

a real human bean

She's one of them, yes.
Cinnabar cries mercury, and also leaks it from her body.

You could do that. Though that seems like it would be a lot of work.

oh neat
she creates mercury!

I would not mind.
I just need to go get a canvas and some string.

An example of what I'm talking about.

Hell, I could send you some scrap canvas. I always have loose bits around.

Cross stitching canvas is different. It's just a thing of fabric with a pattern to help me stitch.
Normal canvas would be too thick.


Oh. You're talking about linen or something. I've never worked on linen before.

Yeah. It has holes for guides when working on it.

this one has alotta hair!!!

Oh, so this is way different material.


Fun to work with though.
Anyhow I have to head out for a bit.

See ya round.

if you only played things i play...


Hmm... If only Overwatch was F2P.

You can always just use my account. I hardly get on anymore.




He makes a pretty cute Rem I guess.

its a boy dressed as a girl!!!

too bad it was ...rem
( ¬_¬)

That's pretty hot.

Who does Luka want it to be?

they mutilated emilias hair in your pic

She needed a haircut.

Why does he play with a controller is my burning question

some people just have better muscle memory with a controller


because he's good

No, you need a haircut.

Meme value
Is not really any beneficial reason


I find them too clumsy

Would he not be better with a keyboard and mouse?


What's better, short or long?



Nice of Sayori to invite us over for a Picnic, ay luigi?

Long is justice!

Why not keyboard and mouse then? Or is it like フェク said and just for the meme

I don't know why I enjoy this meme


Sometimes a classic is just a classic



no :(



Why is her neck so long?

He doesn't do it all the time. Only sometime to entertain


part giraffe

Why... why is it that I always miss shit like this till someone points it out. And it's always with the neck.

because the artists style is long and slender

kewl witch hat!

lmao, i have like a sixth sense for things off in a picture, which is great until i want something hot and 2D to fap to and then keep noticing mistakes

Aah. Maybe it's a good thing I don't then, that would drive me insane too.

strange porp portions....

oh it does, being super picky with 2D stuff just severely limits your practical selection, and i don't really have a good comparison for reference but i think i'm too overly anal for most people, like if one things off with a character in the background or something i'll just be like something aint right nah ah can't use this

Naaaaaaah. Naaaah.


her heads kind of small i guess

thats all i see off in that one

In which one

Monika has more followers on twitter than Dan does.
That's funny.

the one where someone linked and said the proportions were off, i think its a good image though


Head is small
Stomach area too thin (I don't know what to call that spot)
Hips inhumanely wide

you people are morons


No u





What's wrong with critiquing art