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your welcome

lol guys pls don't bully bard

Those are some gross butts.

I was expecting to see some hair.

Would you fuck this boi?

No. It looks icky.









Since a couple newfags apparently occasionally are posting in here, let me make clear that all the activity on this board is only ever on one thread at a time. It's not terribly hard to find that one thread.


not really


It's a sin to sleep with another man tho!

Guess I've sinned then.


where's ur skull at big boi?

hi bard



I wish Bard still liked me but I forgot I have to not be a furry for that.


hi bard
you ve been a loser for your past 8 years

do something with your life moron

lmao luka get a job already


Needs to start selling more expensive drugs.

i remember when you posted yui and eveybody hated you because you were such a nuisance

Who's the jerk poster?

my memory isn't so bad I can't remember yesterday thanks




hmph and use sad anime girls until someone feels bad for you and gives you attention

I miss waving user

fuck off, squash
is the same story about you

sucks at tf2
sucks at league
never did drugs

literally shit

*hugs tight*

I don't play TF2.
Good try though.

Go suck Eddy's dick like you used to.

Throw back meme. LoL

God damn Kyle

You must be awfully bored spending your morning here

how boring

I miss Kuus waving every time he came around ;_;

Here and waifu are the best places in the world

there's a reason I've stayed but I'm sure that's not it

Oh no. That thing I like got made fun of! Oh no!

p a n i c



We should all laugh at squash


woof woof

*pat pat*

Exciting thread.





Scoot, entertain me.

New website at skamason.com/4qAy

what are you doing up so early today?

Leave me alone.

I am reapplying for my Passport.
What a arse on.

What do you need a passport for?
I thought you guys could go wherever over there.


Stick boys with one really long bang


Its for the summer really. Out of continent holiday.
Passports have a 10 year life, mine just ran out.


Ah. You going somewhere I take it?

Mexico is the planned destination.


Should come up to Alabama while you're over here.

temp contract, and i was 2 minutes late a few too many times

Holy shit that seems harsh

scoots gonna do fun things?

to be fair, i had some bad lateness lengths a few times because shit out of my hands made me late, shit like 15 minutes waiting for the fucking rail crossings to lift. also i took two sick days, one of which was because i hurt my shoulder on the job.

I had considered wandering into the South.

Super fun things!

Scoots, come here and we can inna desert.

Well if you find yourself around Huntsville I'll take you to dinner or something.

i wanna try!

All the fun things
for babooka

Sounds an idea


And maybe the water park so I can see that tum.

Anime is an abomination


we gunna fuk

Das lewd as fuk

I don't hear a no.


Being lazy, day off woo!

my 48hour pass runs out soon >_

There may be another one after that too






Dusted and vacuumed?


I tried

Do your best!
thats a good luka

will you play kewl games today?


lots of skyrim planned


you still have things to beat in that game?!

Now I might just spam ARAM on LoL or play Splatoon.

all the things

i wonder what i should do today!



am i strong enough?

Those games sound lame tbh.


Not all games can be mech games.

anime makes me smile~

This is patently false.


I always try to help!

moar liek Brestia lmao

Maybe you can play with my mech.

You'd fuck her

stronk ruka

scoots #1 helper

stronk ikt too?

I uh, haven't used a stick to pilot in a while.

Wouldn't you?

♥ yay




Nope, my dick is sacred area and not for some slut girl

I'm sad.

She's not like you, jumping at every cock that offers itself up when you're lonely, okay?

how come?

Are you sure about that? Does look like it.
And hey, dick beats pussy any day!

Wow, I bet you're the kinda guy that tells women they're asking for it too aren't you.


If you're wearing hotpants and no bra while bouncing in a guy's lap, don't tell me you didn't want the dick

No recognition for a week of hard work.

300 downloads and only vague bug reports i can't do anything with, not a single word about the thing i worked on :(

Maybe it wasn't a thing people noticed in the first place?

Are you speaking from personal experience?


Well, got 2 negative replies about that even. They probaby didn't even read the description of the option to control the strength :(

o-oh ;-;

you going to arbys to try that venison sandwich today?

also hi hu

Actually there's a new reply with less useless info (and they even like the update before it crashes!)

Knowing you I bet you wish you were. No worries, Grim's here now, set it up.

Uh... was I ever planning to? Is it any good?
I had Arby's like a month ago and it was awful.
Hello Grim.

I might cook soon!

idunno but its venison so

I wanna try it cuz I never had deer

what was so bad about your sammich last month?


I guess you just had to give people some time~

Wishing I watched female bouncing in guys lap?
I don't think you know me at all

what are hotpants


It's been almost 13 years since I've had deer last, but it's pretty okay.

It was just... terrible, all around. It was a spicy chicken sandwich that tasted like it was dunked in paint thinner and it was extra rubbery. It was awful, and I don't think I'll be going back there any time soon.

Nah, that you were the one in the lap. C'mon, don't act like you didn't know what I meant.

Really extra short shorts.

All depends

damn man that sounds rough

you could have said something to them and theyd probably have replaced it with a proper one, no?

That's what I would have done

so like
booty shorts?>



ily hu but we gotta be real here

Cause Speccy is a cock-deprived slut

tasty things? like what?


Yeah, it was bad.
By the time I got home with it they were 20 min away and closed.

Booty shorts, yeah that's another word for them I guess.
I mean... I've seen Hu in similar, and less, and uh... well it was pretty good imo.

You know it


i guess i'll lie down for a bit...
since i haven't rested in a while.


Like a Jacket potato ^^



I can only speak the truth.

Sleep well Luka.


ill let u know how that arbys goes

and yet you just lied

I hope it's good man.

Nothing I've said in there was lies. Would you like me to back it up with physical evidence?

how'd you even go about that?

Da yummy yummy!
Ive that irish blood

I might have to go in search of a few names...

! ! ! ! ! !

Massive anime tits





Flat tho

Flat is best



Such a flat Momiji there, yup.

She's flat IRL


flat a shit

Eiat #1


Flat best!

Ignore this.


I don't think whoever made this used the assets.

Good morning friends! How are you all doin today?

im alive

so im happy !

why's that?

also fucking dan's comment on the video lmaooooooooooo


Compare the edge of my ignored image to the gif - that's why.

Dan's great.
He's also 5'3 so, y'know.

Kiiinda wanna manhandle his tiny body.

das lewd

it looks the same to me, just blur added for the motion


oh the joke is smb2 had a version called doki doki panic in jp
makes sense

The gif is a lot jaggier - and they cut the sprite at bad parts and it's really really freaking noticeable.

am i being hack

congrats, u are hack

lazy but it works

It's disgusting when anyone with any ability could have done better "lazy".

Even I could do it better "lazy" and have it be cleaner - and I'm tempted to to have some Natsuki gifs.

I just got up and im watching a stupid lucha linre wrestling game and drinking some coffee, what about you?



dragged my laptop to bed and am hanging out with the boy and threadposting :3c

I hope everyone has a good day!

Same yo!

yea ill try to, i need to hit up my girlfriend soon and let her know i won't be able to stop by today and that it's going to have to be Sunday, i hope she isn't too upset.


also erio will get buttsore if you keep posting his waifu like that

wow die

i mean i didnt say stop



screencap dab, thats extra points

Do your best qq

Petition to change salutation to the flag to dabbing

Mhmm her parents are pretty muslim so it's always a little awkward, but they are also pretty dumb so it also usually goes pretty okay by the end

thanks for the cum

:v I'm glad things go ok? I hope you have fun!!

speaking of cum brb dinner

gay af


[dab intensifies]

ok i dont have anymore dabs








shitposting from school on your phone?

It's Saturday. I'm on the road to Chicago. Obviously the passenger seat, I'm no madman

Chicago is an awful city.

Yes, there just happen to be cool things in it

Bro come on College's totally have classes on Saturday sometimes,. but hey that's cool! I hope you have fun in Chicago whatever you are going to do there.

and no matter how awful or not awful it is

uh lets play some games

I've only driven through it a few times.
Never had the chance to stop.

on his phone in a car? play the alphabet game, find an A word and get to z before you get there

why is setting up a game for someone wwithout the civ 5 dlc the most impossible thing ever

im sshaking in aanger

I like chicago

You are biased.
And how dare you show your face after sending me that abomination, Sinni.

chicago is a pretty good band

is there like a source video on all these screenshots? if so whats it called?


Ye they're alright

It's just pics of harvey in his natural habitat.


ah fair enough

im just watching someone try to push a NPC model with the player model and that's always great



thoticus prime


one of my favorite things to do with games personally is playing them in ways they were not meant to be played, you get to see some pretty funny stuff sometimes


a penny for ur thots

I can see why you like Vinny then

Wassup homies?


even beyond what vinny does with corruptions to the point where you aren't even trying to complete objectives anymore, glitching out of maps on Halo 3 with pals was always fun, and a lot of them demanded multiple people working at once so it was fun to cooperate for the sake of figuring weird shit out, easter eggs then breaking maps etc.

Good morning!! How are you doin?

c-dog calm down

Haha. Such good things to find and it's so easy to die.

Sleepy. hbu?

Waiting for the gf to wake up. Hopefully as frisky as yesterday morning^^

no the alphabet game was actually an unironic suggestion

Uh no, maybe the kind of games you play but I'm talking about exiting map boundaries and exploring areas of the map that the creators never really finished. Completely different.

wow hakcer reported


why would there be higher level enemies in Halo 3 even, does the difficulty just randomly spike up to legendary somewhere? thats fine its what i liked playing on anyways

I'm talking about BOTW and it's not in relation to whatever you are talking about.


Who is trying to hack you?

ur map thing

How incredibly dense.

very cute but no, the halo 3 map exit glitches were pretty well known around the time of their popularity, which is like when i was still in high school

Feelin a bit icky but hanging with boy so it's great :3c

and good luck :^)


it's so dense; every single frame has so many things going on

I only play on 30 FPS.
How the devs intended.

so dense it lags in the forests even

You're feeling sick? Do you know what you got or how you got it or is it just like fall allergies?

ooh, yeah I had to take like 4 benadryl the other night and it put me rightthefuckout. No more allergies tho!

Feel better~

its more cinematic that way

One time i took two tabs of Benadryl at a con while i was already on two hours of no sleep, i got so tired i just stopped being tired entirely and was chill, but then when i got home i was death

What are you even talking about

50 not two lmao*

Sad that it's only like playing half a game.

I think it's cause of the cold finally setting in that I'm just a bit euch. If anything I'm excited that I feel eugh now cause I can feel all chipper for halloween :3c

Sounds lovely kinda, and thank you!!

Sure thats a good to have, get sick now so you don't have to be sick later, just rest well and take care of yourself so you're not still worn out from battling a cold or whatever! Lot's of vitmain C, no gatorade or powerade that's all sugar just drink water and take some vitamins

Yeah, I tried to pull a Soto and get high off those fuckers once. Just makes ur whole body feel like restless legs x_x

shit's pointless imo

a good attitude to have*

yea no i was just taking two because well you use benadryl for allergies right? well i was stuffed up as crap and the place was crowded and hot and sweaty, i wouldn't try getting high off them lmao,it does seem pointless



Grabbing girls by their boobies

Well, was it fifty or was it two?

oh, okay.

yo i meant 50 hours not 50 pills, i originally meant to say two days not two hours!

uh huh

Hey, it would be pretty shitty for me not to admit if i did it when you just said you tried it before, honest mistake.

why is destiny 2 so expensive

Fuck you Rick Berman.

because they know people will buy it anyways, does it cost more than any other new game?

aaa jew shit


Getting it on PC?


Nah but 60$ is too much for any new game.


Can't get it on anything else.

things are expensive

i can get it just like gimme a bit

What is it with Ricks?


it has been awhile since ive seen that



in more ways than just money

I thought about getting it but I'm not going to invest in a game I have nobody to really play with.



I try to avoid buying games I can't play by myself, just to give myself the option.

thats a pretty cute bell in a pumpkin tho

Do you suck dick? Are you a peter puffer?

I can't afford to really buy new games.
I probably shouldn't have gotten a Switch.


Bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.


Sorry to hear that qq, but you should have fun with the switch while you can?


Me too.

It's okay we can make a faggy suicide pact later for now though it's shitposting time.

(joking about that pls don't ky yourselves people)


I have been.
Though I'd rather get on LoL right now.
My duo is away however.

grape. no.

I'm sorry :C



give daddy the boipucci

that song is amazing and you know it

A common skill among fags

im on thot patrol


You wouldn't pirate a apple or box of cereal would you? Don't pirate a thot! Pirating thot's is wrong and a crime.


tfw sat waiting to get started moving a ton of shit from my old place instead of being home eating tea


can i eat some tea with you after you are done

now im just imaging some shithead stuffing a teabag into their mouth with a big smile and chewing it

hey shithead is recognized as a proper word! next level

if youre buying nigga, tbh house is a shit tip atm, not sure if i can even cook tonight

how do you eat tea, is this a weed metaphore

Tea is the northern english word for dinner, and dinner is the term we use for lunch.

i hate you


Worst girl.


"Rick and Morty"? Only a plebeian worm such as yourself would engage in viewing broadcasts of such a sad and idiotic show. Unlike you low IQ apes, I please my optical sensors with only the finest of entertainment. I'll bet that you're inquiring as to what source of entertainment I am referring to. Although I don't expect you to comprehend it, the television show in question is "Young Sheldon". You see, the humor is vastly superior to that of "Rick and Morty". First of all "Rick and Morty" relies heavily on improvisional comedy, while the intellectual humor of "Young Sheldon" is scripted and well thought out before being presented to an audience. Second of all "Rick and Morty" is extremely unfaithful to its source material (Back to the Future, for you simpletons) while "Young Sheldon" is just as good if not better than watching "The Big Bang Theory". I could go on and on about how "Rick and Morty" is vastly inferior to "Young Sheldon" but I highly doubt that you have the mental capability to process such logic. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pour a glass of brandy whilst I redigest the latest episode of "Young Sheldon" so I can make an entry about it to the "Young Sheldon" wikia. Hopefully, I can forget about ever having the displeasure of interacting with you.*Sighs... How tedious.

those are always the worst vomits

I know this is a ruse but it still bugs me.

Dunno really, it seems to have come about in response to the upper class trend of having dedicated times to drink tea and eat cake

my girlfriend is being hit on by a man on a t-shirt right now


i am actually dying right now, starting a dump


it continues

flood detected


im sufficating on my own laughtyer