H-here you go, Duke-senpai

H-here you go, Duke-senpai

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D-do you want to be friends?


I'll pop you in the fucking head with a 1911 m8

What are you, fucking gay?

Oh? How old exactly?


dont push your luck, just take the thread and be happy

No specifics.

I'm always happy.

Your stories?

You can't give like a range?

i dig that, positivity is in too short of supply around here

how the fuck are you doing? got any plans for the weekend?


I'm doing quite normally. Work.

well if work is keeping you happy can't ask for much more than that my man

That's not even a range wtf

Work is just a necessary thing to earn my living.

Dom. I got the stream working I think.
So whenever you want to do it I'm down. Not sure how long I'll be up though.

Apologies, 0 years old to 100 years old.

but if you are always happy and you are always working, that must mean that work isnt making you unhappy


11 hour videos of games i like should not exist

Correlation isn't causation.

Terribly sorry.

then what is keeping you happy at work?


Myself, naturally.

Seems to be more upset than disgusted.

okay... and what do you do in your spare time, because you aren't around here a lot, not that i am

Do not question my naming of files

hey man that doritos foil insulates heat surprisingly well

I'm here plenty. I just don't post.

Too late for that.

what are some of your hobbies?

Have you tried?

Well fuck you then


Video gaming every now and then.


that it? what kind of games do you play?

Whatever my rig can handle. Seems to hold up MGSV decently.

Funny story about the origin of that last filename

Some random was getting all pissy about my filenames because they didn't make sense, he was like "you might as well just name them like I DUNNO WHAT TO NAME THIS XDDD"

So I did

Such a wit has certainly not been seen.

does anyone remember Eni or Hei or were they too unremarkable to recall

sorry id get bored playing that in like 15 minutes after beating it, but i loved the quiet, she was so goddamn sexy, and kind of scared the shit out of me sometimes


The Quiet? Sounds like a Batman villain.

Ene's doing all well as far as I know.

Yes, I saw him last weekend irl actually

His reaction was great

are you laughing at your own joke? thats pretty self-indulgent, even for me

What was it?

Forgot to link him, was laughing at my mistake.

he's got a band he keeps harping on about on my facebook page and it has like 300 followers, im not sure if thats a lot

Ah, well, his band has had a lot of rough times due to other members not showing up at rehearsals.

not a very good sign of a band tbh

He was just flabbergasted

Who wants to play some League of Legends? ^_^

oh, im high as shit, its okay if you dont link sometimes especially when threads are slow, we are pretty smart here

Shame you didn't cap it.

Wasn't Orion that guy nobody liked?



Yeah, totes

Well, it was certain members that did it frequently as he told me.
But I think they got the boot and got replaced.

How's Orion?

Correct! Who are you?

I can try play on NA, if my ping is at most 100.

I'm fantastic c:
How's your day been?

Oh well.

Hey, I liked you

You don't have to if you don't want to

Pretty tiresome, long day at work and then helped a friend to move, but at least it's the weekend.

So much so that you felt the need to spoiler that... :3
I'm patching for NA now.

I hope your friend appreciated the effort. That it is, I'm gonna follow the usual ritual of going out and having a drink with friends. What's your plans?

Well yeah, I don't want to look like some kind of fag

I'm going to sleep.
Someone give head pats.

-pets you- :3

It's a bit late for that...

Wow hey gurl how u?

It's Erio

Oh come on

People still think I'm a cool guy

They seemed happy about it.
Ah, I haven't gone out drinking with friends in a month now, but I've got my cognac leftovers.

Sleep well Squash.

Did he disappear?


Very upsetting

I assume LoL happened with Colbs.

Thanks for clearing that up, the weed is too good and I can't process anything happening around me

How're you? :3

Had a long break from it, or?
A bit tired, but trying to stay awake until I finish all of this cognac for good.

I had like, a week-long break =w= I guess it's a combination of that and this just being a good strain

Isn't it like 4AM there? Why do you need to do that now

Ah, well maybe it is that then.
Because I started it, so I shall finish it.

You don't have to drink an entire bottle of hard alcohol in one sitting

But it's only half a liter.

hihi 4m

Sorry for stealing Orion from you Erio

I'll give him back after this game

I'm not super familiar with non-freedom units, so you win this round

ay gurl how u

Is he aware that I (You)'d him

Lol I just remembered Orion's measurement units were rocks or some shit


Like half a forty(?)

I will make him so

The 666M had me wondering.
I'm good, are you still a succubus/e-slut/e-molester/etc?

I'll take your word for it. Is there still a lot of people from the old threads?

You should have had a drink with your friend while you were moving all the still about the place!
Quiet weekend in for yourself then?

I'll reply in queue :3

ur bash u

Not really, unfortunately. Transition from 4chan killed most.

Ehh, would have worked if I wasn't the one driving back then.
Kind of, I really need the sleep too.

I still don't see why you NEED to drink it all in one sitting, but okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks gurl

Maybe a little bit ^^

What's been going on in your life since last time we talked

Dude what

Because I am dumb and it's just awful to leave bottoms in a bottle.

Maybe a bit of an OCD thing, I guess :3

Can't get drunk with too small leftovers.
More of a NIB man myself.

eyes hurt

You can finish it off and then move on to a new bottle

Same actually, that was just the song I was on


AP Nasus/Irelia double Relic bot lane

Oh boy

I don't plan it, it just happens.

What's this nerd shit

Plan what?

Good morning! How is everyone

Only the best survived :3

A lot of times I feel like going out, but when I wake up the evening after I regret it. I'd rather just sleep now.

Hmm, I got a life, stopped doing drugs/drinking everyday and got a job. Basically, I have an above average life now :^)

What about yourself?

Your name makes me want to kill myself.

Pretty good and baked, you? ^^

Taught English in China for several months and then lived with a girl in Slovakia for 40 days. Weird and fun year overall

I've been being a NEET recently though :3

Sinni's current name is just because of Moogs' sense of humor


That sounds like a refreshing experience.
Did she find your dragon dildos?
I'm going through a NEET phase atm cause I'm back to uni for a year. Getting a break from work is fine.

:C i'm sorry

Not feelin too good but hanging with boy :3c How has your day been?

Is that you? He doesn't look like a stereotypical cum-dump.

What me and Orion were doing

I-i'm the best? >///

I didn't pack any butt toys when I went overseas

Weird, from what you said in your last post it seemed like you had a job currently. I guess you didn't want to admit you're a NEET until I did; cute :3

What's wrong? -hugs tightly-

And pretty alright, just went downtown to pick up weed and stuff


Can I simplify it as you ERPing each other?

I mean, if you want?

I was refering to myself... :x

Did she play with your butt?

Well I only recently started uni and I'm still employed. I'm not a full-on NEET, I just get days where I can do absolutely nothing and it's great c:

I quit that shit like 5 years ago :3

Haha no that's George, the cutie.

Nothin, just not feelin too good.

Relaxing! Anythin goin on tomorrow?

And me, you FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Men are not cute.
What're you fuckin' gay?

shut up garEE


No, you shut up


What about this god-awful excuse for a living being?


Yes, Bard posts regularly

Thanks gurl

I wasn't really into the idea of having my butt played with during that time, but interestingly I became more gay after breaking up with her. My tastes go through phases

Makes sense ^^

Finally giving into my mom's requests for me to spend time with her tomorrow

I hope you feel better soon :3 -hugs warmly-

Yeah I luv her

That's a real shame.

lol remember this?

Yeah np

Dear god I do, it was awful

When did this happen

Being gay is a sin and you should go back to the hell you came from.

Last time I was here I thought you and blood-chan were still playing around?

That could have been a couple years ago though.

It's okay colbs, everyone goes through hyper-gay, cock-loving phases.

2012/2013? I cannot remember.

I hope you have fun! Family time should be really nice.

Men are perfect shut up!!
and he's the most gorgeous man >:C

That's a bit much


I would have been more specific
I only just noticed there's a new thread



That's the plan!

What do you mean? I'm friends with her :3

I guess; it's tolerable at least ^^


The sooner you learn this and seek help, the better your life will become. Some day you will have to accept it.

You are right. Some men are perfect - men such as myself.

Idk colbs... you said some pretty gay stuff that night ^///^;

Oh right, I thought you were talking about that one time when colbs was homosexual.

Also, is it pretty gay or hyper gay? MAKE UP YOUR MIND

I remember hearing that name but don't remember who it was
I think I talked to them

It's me you derp

I can't tell if you're still the very unserious guy you used to be, where all of this was just a game and you never really cared too much about it and all you wanted was to get your e-dick wet, or if you've become a sort of normal person.

Pretty hyper-gay dude

Are you new? :3

I hope you have an above tolerable time and a good day!

Well I'm a woman so it's not gay?

I might have maybe known that somewhere in my mind
I have spoken to you before, so I guess I was kind of right

New enough


oh hi


Are you an actual woman or a mentally ill man?

W-Want to c-cyber~? x///x;

Hey babe, you hit the big 5-0 yet?

what is that you pile of turd

You were like 10x gayer so

Also Erio has refrained from the e-sex thing, here at least

I am the one person you want to know here

Sup, how are the Depends?

Actually a woman.

How seriously should these threads be taken?

I have real friendships and stuff but I can't say I take the idea of the threads in general super seriously; I think that's pretty normal though :3

Thanks :3

Did you say "good morning" because you just woke up? You should eat something; maybe you'll feel better

i don't really know yet

i could go a few ways tbh rn

I'm usually not so high I forget to attach an image to my posts on the anime picture chat board

No thanks

Why is that?


Send weed pls

stocking how do you feel about yu darvish

Your age you fuckin' moron

Yeah I was slightly gay, but it was all a prank ahah

Hmm you're somewhat cute I guess, good job.

I meant before you would rarely hold a conversation that didn't involve cocks.

So in comparison to old you, you're normal-ish now.

He mixed up his replies, I'm guessing.

D-Didn't want to cyber you a-anyway... ;~;


maybe I need some water


Cybering is uncomfortable
Especially with what I'm going to guess it's a guy

orion in the last year

how many pathetic betas have you catfished

you are serious a piece of trash orion

i also love you

I think that could be risky

Don't think I've ever heard of him before now

I think you're exaggerating how I was :3

Drink some then

Nah I've been up for awhile. Ate some bread! I'm gonna listen to some tunes & try and hit the hay.

Thank you?

so based

how is fucking orion running around willy nilly

I think you're right

drank 2 glasses :o

Im at parents rn

so comfy

house so fuckin WARM THO

we've had so many great people show up tonight we are truly blessed

you have a dude you haven't seen in months advertising

bitch please

like u

oh hi moogs

Which one is moogs again

moogs and the other mods are scrambling to still tallow him to post while obv advertising

TP goes full retard when he drinks

You can ignore him

i am the only mod



I am also a mod.

so based

I was having an identity crisis okay gosh

Do you get nervous or something?
I can be anything you want~~~

The last two years, zero.
Previous to that, probably a good 50+.

Love you too big man.

Don't think I am. After your whole episode with kuus, you went off the rails. You cybered me and was like "I promise I won't tell anyone >:3" and then posted logs lmao

You're more than welcome, Andrea.

My blessings are the best blessings.


arent you just precious


I live nervously

any plans for the weekend?


I haven't seen him here in awhile

he is still PAYING THE PRICE

I think he's a Holla Forums mod or something and circlejerks with the alicefags

/beepop/ was a Holla Forums mod first

why would anyone give that kid control of a small chan

when a midget is in control anything is possible

I'm signing out now
Naito faggos


Sleep well ^^

Because his life is super above average and no one would ever bully him

who dis

Do they have cool Hindu stuff

Not going to argue about old drama; it doesn't matter

If I felt like I literally talked about cocks all the time back then, I wouldn't have a problem with saying it though :3

it's really cool how he feels the need to occasionally stop in and remind us how gay he is

I think he might want to e-fight me now :c

oh no

I feel like I'm too high to do it and he'd be unsatisfied by the experience


Too high to do ur mum right

i love you

Love you too ♥

yout timing makes me want to be mean

You're like a clingy gf

i like it

not really

i'll drop you in a second

-hugs warmly- :3

not gonna lie this new tswift track is fire



i miss brad tbh


nice playing w u orion


Grim can only ever play 1 before the rage takes over

Also >no nice playing with me

grim are you bitter toward oryan


yeah yesterday was diwali

festival of light, yo

you piss me off

I still love you tho

why would I be
he has shown nothing but love and support towards me

such beta

Some bored shitposter

What should I call you if not that?

Thankies :3

That sounds painful...

I'm going out drinking with some friends. What about yourself?

I wouldn't say I was arguing but sure.
What's with the gay pictures

I'd never fight you, maybe rape you though.

You too buddy ^_^

Nice playing with you cobalt :3

I was a great support.


also grim is lying right now


spam me more orwrongyan


I don't really know anything about that

Is it fun

Have we talked before?

Best girl from Gabriel DropOut

Lewd .//.

We have


What name did you happen to be using at the time?

honestly based orion i think people are a bit suspect considering alice instituted a RADE not hours ago

also orion is kinda a douchebag

who agrees

ay gurl how u


It's only lewd if you like that kinda thing.

Hey best buddy!

Alice isn't dead yet? She still fucking dogs?

I agree.

you know you are a tool though right

it's hard to tell how self aware tools are

They're good with weed or watching while I'm on the elliptical

I might like it

Comme ca comme ca
I'm so very sore today and work was surprisingly busy

how are you?


oh hi brad

Not really. A tool can be used and I am not being used.

The only anime I'm keeping up with is boku no hero.

Guess you can't say till it happens right?

Did you forget that you hate me or are you being civil?

then why am i using you to my own ends

I'm unable to sleep for some reason.
How goes it?

what a cuck

hey buddy I was hoping to drink with you tonight but I missed cashing my paycheck
how are you doing tp

you ever listen to thundercat?

alot can change over the course of a year or more

If you're that deprived then I guess I'll allow you to call it that. Pretty low tho.

You're right. I've changed - I'm a lovely samaritan now :3

That's good to hear
I'm sure the people you've helped appreciate it

I just woke up after a three hour nap
Not bragging on you that's just literally all I have going on
Was a good nap though

thundercat no?

you ever listened to lonelhy girl

I'm riding on 2 so I don't know how long I'll be up.
Plans for the day?

At least it's over now ^^

I'm super baked; got more weed today and it's apparently a pretty good strain. You should get blazed and masturbate to heal from work

I haven't tried it and for a second I thought you were doing a variation of the "boku no pico" meme

Yeah, only one way to find out!

Pretty good, you? :3

Do you like being petted in general? You asked for pats earlier

orion is cancer

he does not care about anyone here

I'm gonna play video games and shitpost
This is Lloyd btw
What you gonna do?

Speaking of cancer
I like how there's a "Cancer" button right next to a "Nerver Center" button
Pretty funny

Getting pets is good.

Either sleep more or play some Splatoon or something.
Not sure yet.

I was gonna say no but as soon as I turned it on to listen, actually I have
for some reason I thought this song was called a night in tunisia for the longest time but fuck I ''m way off there
This brings back memories from shitposting with you and rumkins

This thundercat nigga plays bass and has sick harmonies on his funky soul music

He just dropped this album this year apparently


Goodbye everybody!

They certainly do!

That's what I thought when my friend told me to watch it.

While I'm on the threads I do. Also, there's a select few people I actually somewhat care about from these threads. Other than that you're right.

lonely girl makes me feel some type of way

Splatoon seems like a really fun game.
Is it actually somewhat challenging to play or do would I just be a grown ass man beating literal 12 year olds all day


Hit or miss.
Most people are grown people playing it and being overly competitive.
I've gotten pretty good though so I'm having fun either way.

bye orion

next time dont lie

Gonna go watch that new meme anime about the lewd sister now, bye ♥

-pets your hair- :3

Sleep well ♥

i mean why lie?

we all know you are a cuck

that might be nice
I haven't dove into the bud yet
it's already 11 30
how are you spending your night

How does it make you feel?
It's very rare I get any kind of feeling from jazz
to me it's more a technical show

i love it


Cocorosie are fucking based
who got you into them?

I'd never heard of them until you told me about them tbh

Man I wish I had money to get a wiiu
Even though I'd buy like 4 games for it

my friend roger in cali

You used to live in Cali?


i went to college in cali

Morning love

Sleep okay?

hi hu

fuck dude there's so much I don't know about you

What brought you to chicago?


i grew up here

mhmm, slept just alright.
Been enjoying your day?

hi hi


nice quads

where you been

Fucking relatable

What made you choose the univerrsity of california/

Alsop what did you major in?

Good! I can't complain, my day turned out pretty well.

Uni for the most part, parents last weekend and I don't post while there.
Also videogames last week, so posting has been more limited than usual

i blame and thank my dad

good to see you

Sounds pretty great!
What made it well in particular?

You too

The people I spent it with I guess! I don't know, it was just a decent day for no reason in particular.

why is chris larson under attack

But you enjoyed, that's what matters~


Any plans for your weekend?

Not really. Finish a game, then just enjoy having the place for myself.
Do you?


cocorosie smoke it up



oof its getting late so early

i love you brad

MG fucking D lies

thanks tp you too in a no homo way

go to >>>/bed/ together

no i love brad

in a bro way

i'm not sure if I could share a bed with tp

i'm very shy you see

and brad has been wronged in threads

i will fix that shit

What's wrong with sharing your body warmth with a bro?

Shy is cute

Which game? Nothing important for better or worse.



Dungeons 3. 2 was pretty good and 3 is no different there.
Warcraft meets Dungeon Keeper, and it's just the same old Bullfrog-tier ridiculous humour, making it quite entertaining.

Sounds good to me, plans tends to suck during weekends~

you're into playing guitar? That's pretty cool
what sort of model do you have?


mods are bitches


brad i actually pay attention to people

test has just been riding dirty

After a quick google it does seem to even look quite a bit like WC3. Sounds like fun though, enjoy.

Let's make plans together.

although i kinda respect the dirty

My gf got me one since i'm too poor to get one. It's just a cheapy but she got a Boss DS-1 with it.



you think so?
what's he been doing?

I've always been super clumsy at electric myself
Always wanted to get something that rips but ehh it just feels weird under the fingers for me after being used to acoustic myself

How long have you played for?

oh i donno

he actually posted

Overworld is a real-time strategy that does feel a bit like Warcraft.
Underground is Dungeon Keeper.
Other than that, it's pretty nice to be evil for once.

nuh uh, plans suck ;-;

you must be a real pussy when you admin and post one a month your dogfucking friends post

oh i feel you

I'd like to see an admin who keeps company with their people but he's busy with school
I can't blame him much for not being here

I did play in the 90's. You probably can figure out who i am just by that. I stopped playing before 2000 and I'm picking it back up again.

I like electric. Especially with the right pedals. I used to have a Turbo Distortion back when and a Stereo Chorus. Great stuff.

Maybe I'll buy it.

We could do something involving sucking together.

anything test does is bullshit

he has 100 furries behind him


honestly test it's time to step down bro

your gayness has affected your adminness

test will come up with something

yeah test is done

i don't mean to be rude
i'm a lil slow tonight it seems....
it's okay though if you dont wanna share it's nno prblem

What kind of stuff are you into aside from the ozzman?

It's good to hear you're getting back into it I feel like everyone should have an instrument they are learning

I'm angry at the furries right now but I can't hate test

test who are you going to give the board to now

now that you got cucked hard i mean

Or pirate it, then make your decision after that. Don't think the games got a demo.

Wow lewd!

let's go into the history of test

he was a PONY first and foremost

it was i who first accepted him into a thread without his familiar ponies

at work today on break i forgot my bud so I took a trip to my house and by the time I got back my manager was out on his break and we're not supposed to leave but he didnt bother me and I went and smoked my bud next to him while he smoked a cig

he didnt bother me about it and work was much easier after that

test forgets about that shit

I could do this too.



go home for lunch

yeah nah

test is the biggest fucking bitch in these


he makes up rules

not for his gay friends though!

I got the second game some time ago cause it was free for a limited time. Can get lucky sometimes.

So silly~


This is webm is one band. I don't know. I'm old so i'm old fashioned i guess. 90's. I have Pearl Jam, Ozzy, & Nirvana tabs from way back when. 3 of my nirvana tabs are missing though. I played some metallica way back when too but I'm not really into all that anymore. Sabbath is almost a staple.

test why do you even still mod

you are like that creepy dude jerking off

good ole classic rocker

you play anything else man?

brad these idiots i swear

test your admin does not ban his furry friends

not too much at the moment and nothing else really. I'm trying to get my fingers strong again, especially pinky for some of them Zakk songs.




sue me i like old school tswift

her songs really are cancer

honestly if taylor was raped in front of america

nothing would happen


Glad I checked the thread again just because of this post



d e d



Who's that?

His sister.

Odra is more T H I C C

Is that her name?


p sure that's Derium



It's Derium's delicious ass

Too bad he's too autistic to actually talk to

Yeah man, all my siblings have weird names but me


Ya. You just came out a pedo

Why even bother?

that's when I go full alcoholic

No, I'm literally the only name that is common af


like wtf man, my sis and brother got cool names but I get the shitty normie one

I honestly think "Jafet" is a nice name




lol guess who I am

That's not my name.

That's a pretty good meme

A faggot.





My bad

A toxic ass?