hemlo friends

thanks based steve

What a meme friend

I want to cum inside rainbow dash

henlo test

It was lloyd the whole time

because he doesnt know we have a secret shitposting radar to sync us up

I'm sorry babe

Well I have been accused of being sultry so maybe

But seriously if I track down sonata I'll have to ask him. I'd die laughing if Ika just showed him my eyes and that got him off or something

Hey TP, long time no see

He thinks she's MGD or something, so I bet. But yeah, like I said, he needs to focus on his life and not be a paranoid weirdo

I got doxxed recently, I don't think the axe is gonna fall any time soon.

but still, I hope that one guy doesn't find out.


IT WAS ME AUSTIN?!?!?!?!??!


if it must be


Test is reading out my IP address in discord chat mod abuse

i have to admit, that would be pretty funny since i tend to trust sonata on most things that dont require social interaction

It's strange to see you here, love.

brb checking discord for no raisin in particular

sup kermdog. what's been going down

lol usually i start posting around now on fridays and it's hella dead


test how could you

I can't even see IPs or I would have finally hunted fucking scoots down

remember when i got banned for doxing brad?

such horseshit

Test is literally giving out my address in discord right now what the fuck?
Who lets this guy run the show

I can't believe Test is freaking doxxing people.

test needs to be stopped


I know right? and now bard is looney. dox em again for shits n gigs

Right? man, its pretty easy not to track you down. Nice house btw

real q

do i need a firewall if i just plug right into my modem?

this is called a smear campaign people, its probably scoots since they arent posting thank god


oh nevermind i was wrong just didnt notice them

Test, when do we ban all thots?

but he like gave his address in thread

spoilers was just being an idiot

whoever hired eva was being an idiot

Imagine, me smearing people.

Thanks man.
Just redid the roof.


You are drunk.

I don't even are any more.

No it's Lloyd.

It's just shitposting.





Are you genuinely fucking implying that plugging right into your modem
That is having LESS shit in the way
would REDUCE your need for a firewall
Like literally what in the assfuck

nope just smoking weed :^) its the weekend

no really

i do don't i

I'm MGD (anymore)



im being less serious than you think, i knew scoots was posting, i think he knew i knew

dont be behind the scoots ball bro

Of course you would put emphasis on fucking cock, fag.

I mean, test and squash are pretty much white knights at this point


your paragraph structure is hurting my brain

Lemme smash

Yes, you need it.

Technically it's friday

Who am I white knighting today?

You have to play to your audience.

Your retardation is hurting my brain, so I guess we're fucking even.

for who?

there's like one girl who posts

when you dont have to work anymore ITS THE WEEKEND DONT YOU KNOW HOW THIS SHIT WORKS GOD

Sir Scoot, Mod of the Seven Kingdoms, Admin of the First men and the Andals.

s-smash my watermelon?? no thank you..

Maybe he's released more vids since then?
Haven't talked to him in years so idk.

try looking for like "scalesXDragon" or something, I forget which name he used there.

oh boy

I mean I like sonata too mostly. That maid roleplay he does is a little weird considering he's a grown ass adult man, but you know w/e.

Don't think he's malicious by any means.

I've been good, just prepping things at the house before old man winter bends me over and rapes my ass.

I'll probably be leaving here soon sadly.

And yeah, I think bard is upset at the people that are showing up (including me).

I'm on satellite internet out here, so it's just gonna redirect to the middle of nowhere.

Lmao Ika

Also I was just talking about you. Did you show sonata my eyes or were they actually yours?

i never wanted to be a weed lmao


can we just ban scoot
like would anyone object?

oh shit lloyd here though hey man we need to play that rivals of aether game if i get it

Kyle. Dog fucker of the threads.
Everyones bitch.

Too much work.

I would miss the white noise of his autistic screeching in the background.

I showed him my eyes and quickly deleted them. Your eyes are safely tucked away in my laptop

For bard, because he is a weak boy.

B-becky? Please?

USE a VPN, moogs is the one who usually IP watches... they said they usually copy paste into notepad ppl's IPs to cross reference.

fuck i guess i should look into that


i mean before my router died i just had security through my router

i haven't just plugged in in forever

and i have an anti-virus and don't really keep anything on my computer

just wasn't really sure how dire the need was

eh the way i see it

even people i don't like showing up is a good thing

more activity makes shit slightly less boring

good to see you though

Nah I gave that shit up dawg. I'm terrible at fighting games

This but unironically

No more malicious than alice is, he's just quiet, and alice is a loud lightning rod as he put it, bound to attract attention both good and bad. some people just know how to deal with level interaction better than others, i'll never be free of my ego or the emotions that make me human but i think im finally truly above being petty about things i dont really understand

damn bro you better be careful then

don't catch a ban before bed

who's becky?



You don't have a modem
They're both routers
It probably has some form of firewall capability
You need something to stop random connections but beyond that who cares

tbh just turn everything off, that way we won't have to hear your shit anymore



hi fag

Because, that is my pet name for you. ♥ chu

Hemlo! awoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

do you fucking faggots genuinely believe i can see your ip

to destroy the ego erase the namefield

only then are you free

You gave my IP address to the russians what the fuck>?????

I am spilling some truth they gonna silence me bro, help me TP(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

hello son

thats why ur learning coding so u can hack my pc nad ban me from the interner permimently ?

Of course we can we're hunting them all down right now with this privileged information

George literally sold me to Vladimir Putin

I mean it's not that retarded


Bebop still has our IPs. That's why he threatened to DOX me in call.


youre a fucking druit

How is it today?
I am sleepy boy, please tell Test not to ban me

You can't dox someone with an ip though

Ikt told me

George literally sent me to the siberian wastelands

lol why do you hate me so much

and it's just a modem

it's really old

well shit

guess i'm gonna have to hurry up and get amped

wake up sleepy

can u ban scoot for 69 seconds pleas

does anyone still go on steam

I mean it's less hate, more pity.

I'm bored and mocking the retarded kid is entertainment.

I still have all the IPs too from when I was admin.
I flip a coin daily to see if I'll leak them.

am i being pranked

Everything is too much work for you!

ah, alrighty. Thought it would have been funny if you had actually shown him mine. ah well!

I think the nature of my ISP just means it gives back a false positive on where I live anyway. I'm in upstate NY but my IP says I'm in kansas or something.

Yeah I'm sure it'd get monotonous with no new faces and nothing really going on day in and day out.

It's good to see you too man.

yeah, I'll try not to speak too much on alice because I know she's treated like a punching bag around here. But yeah, she's quite the scandalous figure for some reason. Really I think she just wants to run her help threads and run her streams without too much bullshit, but bullshit finds her.

Anyway I'm headed out of here. Have a good one, everyone.

That's a lot of heads my dude

Kyle literally sold my social security number to the czechnians.

You're being tripped

He's got you fooled. That's how he gets you.

I prefer shit to be easy.
Like me.


i'm really not dumb though

i know you won't believe me but whatever

i think the problem is that you only see me when i'm really drunk

granted, drunk me is very very dumb

fortunately the various communities are deep enough and enough people learned about 8ch in time to keep the occasional surprise alive

ikt is in on it.
He's working with the modstaff to get us all murdered.


tbh bloodchan plays some muffed up slowplay mindgames with people lol

Okay, you seem almost genuine.

We can't see your IP. That is all.

admins finally bannin thots, thank god.

what pussies



Said every dumb ass fucker out there.

If you have to qualify that you're not *really* dumb, you're beyond hepta-retarded.

why arent you the first one banned then

weee wooo its the thot police~!

because I'm not a thot.

Squid is a cunt omg

you really are steve

Y'all are next.

how 2 thot

ban me daddy

He did it! he ruined me!
warm lemonade!

Ban me, I dare you

I will bring this thot crime to justice

Bring it, faggot.


steve is bullying me

safe space pls

hey man im not saying anything bad here yea, but when we were all younger they did cause a lot of shit, and a lot of the negative attention they do deserve, that being said their were also many false stories made up about them that are not true. i'm finally trying to look at things from every angle i have gathered and while it's true they should be left alone to do what they want peacefully it's also true that any true parts about the past should be remembered, any lies or mistruths included, even my own.

so yea dont bring any trouble to them that's not on my mind at all, what's done is done but it should all be remembered



Case in point

ban the thot

I don't know if you stole that or not, but it's new to me.


False alarm, Test still doesn't have the kahones to ban all thots.

yea, they are better than people give them credit for, but they are also very incapable of anything overly dangerous that i know of, that being said i would be cautious, anything that gives off a feeling of danger like that you stay away from irl

moogs is *crying* laughing at these.


one day you'll like me

or at least i'll make you laugh

and you'll be like

"you know what TP, i really hate you, but goddammit that made me laugh"

that's what cuckshit did

it was magical

i mean the fact that everything he says is a lie

should tell you not to tell him anything lol

stop it you guys are going to make me like the thot meme

someone can only lie so consistently

if you have multiple conversations with someone, and are slightly less functionally retarded than most people, you can sort of pick up on the common themes of what goes on based on what they talk about multiple times, however sociopaths do this deliberately so you really have to be careful or know your shit on the internet

He's actually crying over the thot meme.

Why have you corrupted him scoot.


Oh you make me laugh
At your pathetic existence though

And you don't have the cajones to talk to faggots on the internet more than once a year.

And don't give me that "too lazy to get mic".



thotties with delicious bodies

goddamn savage



how many unique IP's were even in this thread goddamn

yeah man i've been rused before for years

never again


At this point it's just funny to me.

can we filter thot now?

i just learned what that meant like last week

someone ban TP for being a thot

That's pretty equally as excuse as being too lazy


motherfucker now i'm the thot

what are you gunna do about it. yea i thot not

I am the fucking thot

we really should have given all this shitposting some forethot



sinni a thot








Thanks man


-end this-

i think we have two dozen posters between the last two threads its a miracle


George why is Ryan Gosling choosing to be in so many awful movies lately?


i liked the new bladerunner movie

what the fuck

are you trying to trigger me

what's good

gosling has been my man crush for a decade

how does he do it


No, I'm not.
His movies have been awful

he's no daniel day lewis but hey

I am back.

dude so tired

gotta perk up. bout to hit the store

what you gettin into

welcome to hell we have degenerated to at least 2013

Welcome back!



isnt that gay?



The fuck you want, shit head?


I wish I had some coke so I could get on Squiddy's level

no everyone is allowed one heterosexual man crush

who you would fuck the shit out of if given the chance

because you get lost in his eyes


I am going to ignore TP for a post, then reply because I like when he gets feisty that I ignored him.

same actually
trying to decide if i should get fucked up now or later when everyone is home



oh that explains why he's so grumpy and mean all the time

flood this dick

being grumpy and mean is great tho



what does this post mean

eh get it slow rollin?

who you waitin for

wait more than a minute next time

Sorry. I got excited.

if you werent a retard you'd know

it works better when it's a slow thread too

ignore me in a dead af thread

that will get me so ornery


What if I pretend to filter you?

my brothers
plus i need to go to the store but i dont wanna get up

it's quite obvious that SOME people here arent intelligent enough to understand the subtitles in post ironic humor.

wait what the fuck

why are you even allowed to say the word retarded, didnt you tell me you had autism on skype like five years ago

shit look at the banner who in here isnt fucked in the head


Ive never been on Skype

Do you mean subtext?

this but unironically

yea fuck the duck i mean what the duck fuck

subtitles LOL

You know it's different for everyone right

There's like 30 and it changes whenever you reload the page.

whatever retarded IRC client it was on


yes and look at all of them

oh man that's the worst

fake filtering is like the bane of my existence

yeah man i feel like i gotta get moving before i hit another bong lol


I haven't got autism. If you need to justify your dislike and prejudice, then, whatever.
But maybe not brainshit everywhere.

are you being post ironic rn?

Ha ha. Well guess what I'm about to do.

whoa friend the very top pinned thread says we all have autism, maybe drop the defenses and keep silly posting, come on haha :^)

I actually have no idea what that means.

Instant Messages are subtitles of the HANDS

i'll brb too


this, but like, not at all.

Get filtered TP.


Me either. But I want to fit in.


i mean you fit in here

Me too. Is this how one fits in?



I miss moist boi pussy



maybe someday

And England is my city

someone said england so i have to go make tea now

Psycho Mantis?

Metal Gear?



I wish I were hetero. My gf is so perfect In every way. And I can't make love to her without imagining something else. Someone else.



i feel your pain my man


Sinni youre under arrest for a section 2-9b T H O T crime!

also A HIND D?!

you'll never take me alive



this is the antithothis of comedy




































All these memes and "post-ironic" jokes and straight up deceits make it impossible to know when to take absolutely anything seriously and for that I hate everyone in this thread.

Revolver Ocelot?

This hurt more than you know.

So I want to like give you my condolences or something but like I guess I just don't know what to feel anymore.

I never lied


loco is a lie

This but unironically

I said many moons ago that speaking in memes is bad but no one listened

Now we're all fucking retarded

many moons ago


Tel me something, when i died back on mars, was that the real life, or was that just a dream, and these butterflies are all that's real.

shame bad dog did die of cancer

something felt off thank you

That being said


its always a shame when dogs die of cancer, im sorry you were a bad owner and that it was a bad dog :(

DOA pls don't luka entrance


tp my love ;;

oh hey babe, how's it hangin

slightly to the left my boy

you ever play that one katawa shoujo game with the girls with disabilities?

no i tried to watch a walkthrough on youtube because i wanted to see the extent of the /ks/ depravity but it was taking too long and dropped it after 10 minutes

I meant to say didnt



theres a new vn floating out there I think you should try

its free

called doki doki literature club

pretty quick playthru

you know those entrance posts when you just post an image?

don't do that

make a little effort please

pointless trying

half the thread does that

I've always done that and have nothing interesting to say

lol why specifically should i try it

also he's not really established enough here to do that

like moogs can do that and you have the auto-sqishreply

for your reaction to the girls ofc

Great news!

you really don't think very highly of yourself, huh

why are you an attentionwhore then?

why would my reaction be funny

what's wrong with the girls

do they have wieners?

the what now

and you never earn the right to be a shitty poster, you either are or arent and it can change from time to time

remember kids shitposting and being a shitty poster are different

it seemed to be an alice/furry wave that has since subsided

its only temporary

When is Squiddy going to post those thigh-high pictures anyway?

i mean like some people can pull off the textless image entrances, some can't

if you get zero replies, it means you should have typed something


We've been getting a lot of those waves lately, though

Maybe you and your dog pheromones have this under control

i keep forgetting that new steve is a fappable trap


What about posting an image makes me an attention whore?

as opposed to the katawa shoujo game with the girls without the disabilities?

yes because success of quality is determined solely by how many replies you get, i see i see, surely people posting the same images in the same situations won't gradually stagnate to the point of redundancy just because it's different posters.

popularity matters sure but the textless image post, at heart, is more about reading the context of the situation and posting the right image

bruh those look fucking good I just ghenuinely don't have them

success or quality

Also they were from when I was like 16 though so it's not really fair


I feel this is massively less true for entranceposts as normal textless linkposts

yeah kinda weird

maybe we should




i just meant you are an attentionwhore like we all are

being namefags and all

if you didn't want attention you could surely hide in anonymity

there are a few anons yet around here i can't quite place

if i'm getting your point right, i guess your right

like who cares

a post is a post

if a dude wanted to post an image and get zero replies who cares

i guess my point is that i think he does want replies

and that he should make a little more effort to go about it

and also who needs another sad luka.2


maybe but entrance posts are stupid if you use the same ones over and over anyways, its like a doorbell, do you like the sound of doorbells?

now imagine if the doorbell sounded different every time- fuck no wait thats confusing as shit

Well shit, the age makes it severly discouraging.


yes, honestly im agreeing with you really, people should put effort into posts.

filter all image posters, do not respond to image posters

even the DOM????

Eh, it just felt like something to do

Also a few people would recognize me then and it wouldn't be as weird

I can't believe scoots is a gay pedo


Well fuck. He posted earlier.

i mean otherwise it's just spamming an image for replies?

it's cool. how was your week, love?

Wait no that is him

i have the guy on steam if you were looking for him

Please don't call me love
It was meh

wait that was dom?

lol he's posted here before


what was so meh about it

Check the ID nigger

Nothing special or worth mentioning

I did. And he posted at the beginning of the thread.

his current steam is condescending internet man, surely there won't be that many peolpe using it

Nah, was just curious.

no weird occurences?

walking back from the store just now i had an old person moment with the lady next to me waiting for the light

"man, people drive crazy around here" i says

Anyone want to chill in call while I play shit?
I'm bored and want background noise.

Not really, I didn't go out much

anyone want to be my selfish amusement?

any takers?

well good, because i have him added and i can't even find him searching "condescending internet man"

do you believe in god

Are you cute?


whats up sweetie

I was going to play some old NES games.
Want to watch?

yeah she is

not really

i've been becoming less bear-like lately though

on twitch?



If I can figure out my log in sure.
Otherwise I'd just use Discords screen share.

being a dog fucker

oh shit my friend just texted me an oldschool pic of me with a hottie

lemme figure a way to get it here

Whats so funny ?

How very doubtful that is


eh nvm that's gonna be so much effort

my god Tp, you say so many sad things

wheres the current hottie bruh

Entertain me you plebians

me but ironically

copycat mugen reporting in

im playin gamez, i can watch on twitch tho

She sent me this picture of herself last night


yeah this is going to take to long to figure out how to get an image from my blackberry with no phone to my computer

wait, i will imgur it!

Alright. I got logged in.
Let me figure out how to even set this up.

Might not be able to tonight.

with no camera*


this but unironically


God man can't you even get your memes right

I'm blitzed and I can't motivate myself to read through the threads and figure out what happened

Oh well

How was your week, TP? :3

No need to raid; the activity is good

Might as well have cautious friendship with them

That was last night for me.

eh fuck it

it was just a pic of some hottie and me looking goofy drunk

i think it's on facebook but i blocked facebook from myself on my home cpu

really boring man

but hey, i get paid the same when it's boring

i think i'm getting more cred too as being dependable too

cause i never pull that call in sick bullshit

Nigger I'm capable of googling what the date is in your time zone.

i think i'm banned again

or never have the right url

im sorry tp i love you really

That's good ^^

Is this still the job with the boss who has that dog you mentioned once?

I kind of feel like she doesn't want me there so I just won't go

Is that weird

Doesn't matter

It was two days ago regardless

So the voice of Sora is the kid from 6th Sense and my god he got cute.

i was about to say

i'm like one of the few people here who likes you lol

no lol i've had a new job for almost 3 years now

It wasn't


i actually thought the parts with lion sora were pretty good

Ni ni guys

gimme ni ni

the dude from the 6th sense got HELLA bear-like


eh you might be surprised ;)

it's not my mission to make people like me anyways, i have to grow more than just older

He's so adorable.

I don't care how blasted I was I can do basic math




then why was it the 19th for me ?

i just mean that even the people from your dogfucking communities seem to mostly dislike you

i kinda dig your ramblings, but you kinda have to skim them and get a gist

i think he's lost a little weight lately but yeah he was pretty perfect for a minute

Because he's in weird reverse upside-down koala land.

why dont you post a strawpoll again you little shit

dont, actually


Because you can't read
Don't ask me nigga

it's the 21st here tho I was already accounting for that

oh right, you won that huh

see my friends are quality over quantity

Terribly sorry, but your cunt spewing beer pissing speak-hole is making noise I can't understand.

I wish I had friends.

yeah nah fuck ya cunt

i think i told you before that it was context and the people currently posting there, since i baited you into posting the troll people likely voted me just to spite you

okay i officially like Duke now

this but unironically

A fine "Dingo ate mah baby" to you as well sir.

oh for sure

and that's why any vote here is going to be skewed

that's how fucking amy ended up being a mod

mhmm, its all just mind games on mind games on mind games on mind games on mind games

is it weird that i really miss erin?

Sup FAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

look into your heart for the answer

hi yatz

Not a new thread that's for fucking sure.

hello colbert

did you see that conan interview on your show


You have to be the thread you want to see

I don't watch TV

You're the last person who should be going and calling people gay here m249

working on it duke

just making a new thread so this shitpost train can keep on rolling

it smells fresh in here

Oi cunt fook off ay?

Oh boy I can't wait

I'm old as shit though.

i don't think it's weird

me neither really, except my shows

i watched it on youtube

bern was so full of shit

i think you need at least 200




I can tell you a thing that happened now
Some guy went through a red light

you post while you drive?

i guess that isn't technically illegal

I went to the store and came back
And it is illegal

you drink?

Not anymore
Not allowed

who doesn't allow you if you don't mind me asking


oh right you're a recovering alcoholic

what was your rock bottom

Didn't really hit what I would call a rock bottom
Unless you count spending every spare dollar on alcohol
I had to stop for my medication and figured I should keep it stopped even though my current one allows it

i recently got diagnosed as mildly anemic

which would make sense since i haven't eaten meat since i was 15

well anyways, i'm taking these iron pills now

or trying to


Why didn't you eat meat? Lifestyle choice?

moral shit

i can't be a part of that

how do i force myself to watch anime

I like meat too much to care about that stuff

what your meat getting killed

then eat it

i couldn't do it

it is actually very simple


I've seen it a couple times, I just kind of accept that that's how it is, and whether I eat it or not, it'll still happen
As a result though, I tend to buy local free range cruelty free meats

i donno even i accepted my current mantra

i've like seen cows getting slaughtered in the streat

then those people eating that saw that

i respect that

basically no one wants to look at where their meat comes from


Yeah, it's pretty nasty



An important distinction to make

not gonna lie it's a bit difficult talking to people who eat meat

Most people do


Not really

Real though I'm gonna go take a nap.

what do you think the trap/veggie ratio looks like

The what now?

the ratio of traps to vegetarians in thread

How should I know
I only know of one trap here and you as a vegetarian

i think most people are surprised by how many people actually make a moral decision and do not like to kill animals

who is the trap

The Canadian poster who's taking a nap

why are you so wet for luka?

honestly i don't blame you

her pussy been fire of late

I don't remember talking about Luka

you fucking love luka loves her naps

I'm talking about
Who I think is Rin?

you are so dirty

hi rin

You are so confusing

you love luka

it isn't going to end well

she sleeps such odd hours lol

I do? TIL

And yeah, literally the opposite of what I do
I think

you seem to mimic luka

prove me wrong dog

I don't know enough about Luka to prove or disprove that
I just do what I've been doing in /waifu/ for a year and a bit here

how is waifu going tonight

Eh, it seems slow

want me to amp it up?

i guess

which do you care about moree

Either one works fine for me
That's why I have both open


DOA i only have one open

think about that

There's also apparently a new thread



it's really fucking sad when moogs and his friends start not posting new threads in thread

I think they did
I kind of just jump to the bottom of the thread when I don't pay attention to it for a while
here, I think