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how does clint shit on anime threads?

He seems to be posting just fine right now, isn't that what matters?

yeah idk this duke guy but I'd like to get to know him, why don't you?

Thing is with animus, we don't really care if you're furry or pony or anime originally. In animus you're animus. I feel like you should let go of the hatred of the past and at least try to socialize.

if all else fails you could try other boards or discord
ban's discord is comfy

hmu on discord and I can try and bop you some, but moogs has a lot of the good ones.

We like you!!

(is this how I cross post on threads)

I used to like bard.

USED to.

Image would be better if the title was a different day than the quotes.

I like Bard!


That's good to know


I used to like Scoots.
Used to.

Bard told me to get cancer and die.
My chicken tendies are burnt over this.

It is a shame that they became such a cryhard manchild.

nah bard im agreeing with you
pretty much just you and rin and now sinni are good/palatable posters

That's a criminal offence

Buy me tendies.


I don't have money yet

let's physically murder bard



Oh come on, get unnecessarily pissed off at me too- I was having fun with the schtick!

I have no problem with duke fuck man I like him
it's just it's like me going to his community staying for two weeks and then having half of animus go over there

If you think they wouldn't be exactly how I am then I think you're wrong

idk my standing with ban right now
if it;s okay with him I think i'll take that offer

like gaREE

I don't want mom to spank me.

What's your name anyways?

Mom spanks you?


There is no after care.

that’s a good boy!

you're both horribly insufferable in thread and you know it
in discord you're fine and good friends lol

Don't get wrapped up in this guero just ignore it please


or something
I have no reason to dude
you seem chill

ban really doesn't care as long as you dont do crazy drama shit

Dad thinks I'm platable uwu

I'm Sinni! On discord it's uh

Daddy's Whore#2001

Its my p-persona, daddy

How can you not like German plates



he is a v e r y good boy
his name is chip and i love him verym uch he's my friend jake's dog

ya i wont ive said my piece already no worries

Any car with front plates is shit.

Hey man. I didn't start it this time at least.
Give me SOME credit.

Matt has been getting even more thin and delicious

What a beautiful name


chip is a purebred golden and he is lovely i want to steal him

u be aiite bard

spark up, maybe have a glass of water

I donno

are they taking hormones now?


What the fuck is CY2

Fucking people being reasonable and shit- What is this faggotry?

Basically this.

you ignored me for the last

i don't like your phrasing here child
am i gonna have to
*BEGONE* a thot

im 2 tide fo dis

Why did I even get brought up

:C no please

because we all like you!

DuckInvasionJutsu :O

Because someone wants to bone you and idk who.

thank you

what are you up to today

Seriously what the fuck is CY2

I only like Blood-Chan. They're the most loveable poster.

Who knows dude

Honestly I think he is, but he never mentions anything about taking hrt or like demands to be called a girl

He sorta just meme'd about being a girl and sorta keeps it a meme

I wanna fuck the shit out of that meme tho

BC is a goon and almost as mentally disabled as Alice.

Atleast she isn't a furry.


BC is the worst thing in the extended community

They have a cap of them getting felicitated by a dog.


U mad because i am right and you are all having deep insecurities now?

i jerk off to furry porn because furries are good at drawing some fat titties, knowmsayin'?
talmbout some

I don't like anyone here

I don't even like myself

I'm quite comfortable with the size of my penis.

one day

nobody knows

im off
just being lazy
I woke up at like 2pm cuz I was up all night playing that one visual novel

gonna throw some laundry in the wash and have some food soon

don't get too huffed and puffed on thread, once you lose a solid train of thought people can and will jump on you for it and you will get nowhere

arbys is serving venision burgers tomorrow
kinda wanna try one


Lugers are trash

u already kno

I like u


which one do you think is cute?

Back in a bit. Need to throw a tarp over the quail pin.


I think "all" is a stretch




initially I went for Yuri because she was the tallest.

Have you played it?

well I think you're cool :C


yeah but i'd still fuck one

we out here

Go for it my dude. I am all full off of KFC and a big bottle of ice cold Cider. Feeling pretty chill after this long ass week at work.,
now for a 4 day weekend

dirty furry cuck

Idk actually I just saw Sibbi say she likes you and wanted to express myself too.

prolly just some lame german-style plate and not a legit one idk i thought murkans had to conform to some standard for license plates

well I downloaded it
and then I booted it up and I met the first cute childhood friend girl and then I closed it

fuck that

How does the thingy work anyways? Like do you cock it or someshit?

thank you for spoilering

remember how I was in denial about pokemon not being furry because it was mostly anthro?

those bittenhard blazikens man.

fuckin cash money



haven't drank in 3 months
probably gonna go all out on my bday ayyyyyyyyyyyy

i dont want anything to happen too them

Some states require front plates some don't. In the states that don't (like mine) you're free to put whatever novelty or vanity plate on the front.

Please tell Redrum to suck a dick and choke on it

i better only have the one, its gym day tomorrow.
but cant help a cheeky one.
cant be on my hols in summer and cause another tidal wave


So grim finally admits he's furry and Guero indirectly calls me a bad poster to a backdrop of mental breakdowns. I missed so much in 2 hours

oh yeah i cock it alright ;)

also ye, it's a sliding mechanism it just looks funky because it has like, a lever essentially

being in denial is only fun as a meme
im gonna jerk off to furries and girls with dicks all i want and nobody can stop me


do you want some?

Thank you Sinni, I trhink you're cool too

What was the point of origin though

I prefer to be called a man of many tastes

Please sir may I have another

Well done to Grim for coming out as a gay furry. Proud of you and all the best in your new understanding of self.

loco so thirsty

No clue, I was talking out my ass.

bard is cute by the btw way

lets play darks solus

yeah I've got nothin

so glad I am a rare and mentally healthy poster

I missed the memo about the gay

This is a bad meme

stop spoilering my images u fuckin shit board i unticked it

Admins don't count as posters.
They rescind all right to person-hood.

Also you post as user like half the time that's pretty low quality posting my dude.

holy shit grim can you not


anyone remember when test wasnt old and had hair

Even hideous failtraps have bigger dicks than Nezi it seems.

Yeah, I got that and I assumed that, but then I tried finding where that plate is from originally. The "2" in CY2 confused me and there's no city code with "CY".

So I'll just assume that's the rear plate but in German plate style.



Nezi's cock is lovely

Comrade Karl Barks~


Who's that handsome old man?

Dear diary,

Bard has butterflies in his tummy, I think he might have a crush on me.

Love, Chen

Those terms are mutually exclusive.

good video


I'll just start posting with the board owner trip when I get home


it's pretty cute but like
nezi wont carry me in video games so why even bother

Test is fucking bald now that was last christmas when we bought eachother ale horns lmao
he looks like a serial killer

It's too late, the damage has been done


I am going to start making a shopping list for some of the most dearest posters. Be prepared.

Get on my level

I want a big tiddy goth gf

You want some HRT for xmas?

I mean... Isn't Mom coming down for that?


I accidentally thought this was guero.
I saw the G and went to insta reply.
sorry grim.

winkie face


Starting with a bottle of bleach for yourself, right?

Holy shit people are really that fucking stupid.

Might as well slap a "Hi I'm Bard" name tag on everyone and call it a day.


Obviously. The 2010 vintage.

this is the new pickle rick

Sure, I need to feed SOMETHING to those people I kidnapped...

Your reputation is ruined forever

RIP galoshes and Urist

Hi I'm Bard

If I call you a bad poster will it still count?

one day im gonna be smokin big doinks with bard and listenin to him jam out and u arent invited

I do not understand


Kamuu is a slut
Wish has a bigger dick than you so don't fuck with her.
Darwin was the biggest faggot
Colby has 3 balls
Soto's penis cancer is bening
Bern is a massive faggot

Hi I'm Bard

Why is this thread fast?

because autism

Why the FUCK was that namefield blank it was filled in god damn it motherfuck asswipes


Me neither.

we out here big doinks all day kid

I can just call you biased and discount it, so no.

This but unironically.


it sure is nice isn't it


I prefer my threads BARDless

Is this guero trying to roleplay having a big dick again

Here's a complementary buttplug, enjoy the thread.

Here's a complementary buttplug, enjoy the thread.

Here's a complementary buttplug, enjoy the thread.

Here's a complementary buttplug, enjoy the thread.

Here's a complementary buttplug, enjoy the thread.

Here's a complementary buttplug, enjoy the thread.

Here's a complementary buttplug, enjoy the thread.


When everyone isn't being so thin skinned discussion can actually occur

i only roleplay that to make you feel better about your weird dinner plate shaped dick

Nice I get two

I could only imagine that as like
The head is just this wide ass dinner plat on the edge of the shaft.

It'd be like a fucking mace or something swinging around

lol u are all wastes of space

Hi, wanna drink

Osiris is shit btw.

Would it be not shit if the lasers weren't fucked?


I should start naming our quail after posters and see who lasts longest.

No, but I'll take more of what you're postin', thanks.

It would be less shit if it wasn't the size of a fucking 40 toner, and didn't have geometry clipping through the cockpit.

You really want to see gay quails that badly?

Says the ultimate waste of space

Also I used that thing you recommended last night with dark windows Grim so thanks for that I suppose.

So fucking bad, man.

fast ML boat

flux is great.

That requires drinking

Flux would be great if it let me just set what I want it to be currently dimmed at instead of forcing you to use a day-night auto-cycle.

It's the simplest feature why the fuck won't it let me

they updated it so you can do that

It's probably Squiddy

Oh it's fast, but that don't save it. The giant profile gets you shit on.

Wow! This is rigged!

dear god finally

Oh well
I guess I shouldn't get one then
rip playing mechs

The more I use an Xbox paddle for NES emulation the more I hate it.
The A and B buttons are switched from what a NES has them at, so my brain wants to hit them like that, but knowing it's a Xbox paddle I want to flip it around and I get mixed up.

w h a t

is probably Squiddy.


Puto Dios. Nos vemos.

It's time to stop.

this but unironically

I grew up when they were still called that.
It's force of habit.

Or at least I grew up on the consoles that they were called paddles on.

I'm a year older than you and they weren't called that when I was a wee lad.


I didn't know you grew up on the tv PONG machine >:V

Atari 2600.

Specifically this paddle.

Where it literally says paddle.

That's bullshit but I believe it.

My grandma had a 2600 and an 1800.
I actually ended up fixing the boards on them after they died a few years back.
Played a lot of River Raid and Tennis on them.


Hemlo how are you all

I was happy.


But now I am happy

I'm good.

I still don't know kr words so :CC I can't be cool

Tfw not sure if you remembered my comments about that word or if you looked it up. 3:

That's good!

Made food.

Nah I remembered! at least I hope I did.

Yum! what kind?


if it's a grilled cheese I'm gonna be mad

It literally means "Well" - as in healthy.
"元気。" would be akin to saying "I'm fine.", and "元気?" would be akin to asking "How are you?"

It's my favourite word because it answers itself.


afraid. Always afraid,


It's cute! Like you!!


What's scarin you now?




Who doesn't love a ice cold glass of milk, what the HECK



squash make me a grilled cheese


Why is it so bad in your eyes?

"I'm not cute."

Would it upset you more if I used chicken bullion cubes for a chicken substitute in my sandwiches?

I'm gagging.

yes you are

He just says that to mess with people.

I fucking hope so

I actually don't. I legit dip my grilled cheese in ketchup cause I grew up doing it.

I think I'm misremembering. Maybe we were talking about macaroni and cheese when you said you just say you put ketchup on to mess with people.


No. I also do that.

I worry my art isn't ever going to be good enough. I worry the traumas I've go me through have broken me, that I'm incapable of being happy, and every attempt I make is a joke. I worry that I use people on the Internet by not opening myself up to them as a true friend, and only interacting with them for jokes and giggles.

in general ketchup is only good as sauce when mixed with butter and put on sghetti


I'm sorry you have those worries dude, but I'm sure if you put that feeling into like doing better then maybe it'll lessen the suffering?

That's what I try to do, or tell myself at least.


Shut up. That's disgusting.

That feeling when

what about people who put sugar and cinnamon on their spaghetti







weird i was just reading about italian pasta deserts before i came into thread

brown? like, ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce?

i dont think you should be allowed to cook


I can see it working with rice noodles.
Egg noodles not so much but vermicelli could work. Gotta get that texture.

Whymsty'vde not

Rate my dinner?

the ones I've tried of it are really nasty qq

pretty sure that violates bio-terrorism laws

I mean it's still indian food
They don't know how to cook, all they can do is dump spice of their food

i actually, literally threw up in my mouth just a little

That's pretty vile

anyone whos lactose intolerant, cows milk is only most common because of yield but most white people are used to goat or sheep milk in terms of what we are most used to from the perspective of the thousands of years we consumed it

Anyone wants to join the anonymous thread of my uni?



I pity them

im mildly lactose intolerant but i still eat cheese and cereal and very occasionally have milk with cookies but it doesnt usually sit well with me, cheese is fine though




Is Bard just mad that I exist at this point?
I didn't even mention or talk about him or say anything inflammatory last time I was here.

She knows her stuff, that's not really a good criticism. I'm sure you can do better.

I'd like to avoid this topic with you because I know you like them and you know I don't so I'd rather not tread on shaky grounds, Kerm-kun.

alice defense force activate

he is mad you exist,

I wish kermit would stop posting here


im finally home

love me


where u home from friend



Fair enough!
How have you been Squash?

Not much of a force if it's just me.


Why's that?
Don't like my great looks and stunning personality?

god have mercy

what classes this sem

bard just gets mad about everything sometimes

Mister steal yo man is here


Doing well. Put up some tarp over the quails today.

today was math and first year seminar

Ove talked to Sonata pretty extensively about Alice, they don't deserve all the flak they get

dont be afraid to go to the tutoring center or whatever they have that teaches you good study techniques

also look up time management skills


I mean if you convince bard to suicide and tell BC hi in alice chat

you try getting scammed, lied to, and taken advantage of by multiple people and see how well you do trusting people in a straightforward and open environment

the world is a cruel place sometimes


that is what they teach in first year seminar

mondays and wednesdays is introduction to computers which is a nothing class and programming

good shit

He challenged me to an IRL first fight on here once. Think he takes the internet a little too seriously. But I'll stop now, before he gets all riled up again.

Yeah it's gettin' colder and colder.
Had to dig a hole for my Dad's septic tank and spray sealent on the roof recently. Winter up here sucks some serious ass.

How is Sonata doing? I heard he broke things off with Ika.

Also heard she's pining for me now, which is terrifying.

I don't particularly like Bard, but I can't condone trying to get someone to kill themselves. Also BC is pretty much kick on sight in that chat.

She's done some pretty terrible things to someone in there.

Hello, abortion police? There's an escaped abortion here. Yes, the one posting the frog. Please come put him back in the abortion bucket he slithered out of.

good girl.

Where are you at if I can ask?

send dick pics

i rubbed one out in the mens bathroom today

I didn't even know he had anything going with anyone, you probably know more about him than I do from when he was in the Alice chat's, but he's still kickin, at the very least he still has his fire, he also taught me how to make some really cool amish dishes recently

its generally best to stick to the what nigga close your eyes walk away from the screen approach in situations like that yea

masturbated at work before :^) on the clock




Cyber in IM fags.



pretty hard to cyber with someone who won't even reply to you

Well that's not very nice, do I even know you?

Well see this right here is why I think you're a cunt scoots. Taking glee in someone's suffering is pretty shitty.
Should take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror my dude.

Upstate New York, heart of the Adirondacks.
Trees and Mountains.

Haven't talked to him in a long time, considered contacting him when Ika started being weird with me but I didn't want to rock the boat. Turns out I didn't need to anyway.

Was it literally on the clock though



i mean it was a bathroom break, i was also super jittery and i make signs for a living, took five minutes and steadied my hands some

I don't even really know who Ikt is tbh


Are the winters 300 inches of snow a season shitty, tho?

btw bard i didnt willingly bring these people here so stop menstruating down my throat please

k bye

A bit far for a fight.
I was thinking you might be in the midwest around my home area.

its like when erio blames me for all the furries posting at once like i didnt fucking call them up okay they just lurk like nobodies business

no stay though

Did they really really REALLY fuck someone over?

its like when bard blames me for all the furries posting at once like i didnt fucking call them up okay they just lurk like nobodies business

when scoot runs out of ideas on how to shitpost and has to make up new ones himself

gosh its like he does all the work around here

when BadDog runs out of ideas on how to shitpost and has to make up new ones himself
gosh its like he does all the work around here


you didn't space it right

You didn't menstruate it right

Scoot for admin.

Test is #notmycovfefe.

Ika and Ikt are different people, so be careful with that one.

Ika = Ikarous = Bloodchan

Oh absolutely. Snow and bitter cold. I have a pic I took a few years ago that gives a general feel for what it's like here. I'll dig it up in a sec.

I can vouch for this
Hell I didn't even know Mr.Eastwood was coming here these days, I was surprised.

Sad! I think the only guy from back in the day that I considered seeing was Scales, but that was before I saw that vid of him pumping like 50 gallons of cum lube up his ass. Sorta stopped talking after that.

Ikarous? Yeah absolutely.
It's pretty bad even by Holla Forums standards

I don't want to get into specifics, but it was several steps beyond what would normally disgust me.

can we not

we should give alice a try again tho

hi im ikt

i don't want to be blood chan ok thank u

Scoots doesn't actually like Blood-chan, to be fair.

Not to defend him, he's a shitposter supreme, but he never does anything that isn't meant in good fun.

oh okay yea, apparently he's shown her pictures of his house

I um...might need that vid.

Honestly I never talked to Scales. Seemed kind of like an odd ball.

I think there are like 4 people from threads I want to meet that I haven't yet.

we need to wait till bard is back so we can forklift alice into the thread and make him think they're mod again

A try?
Hey Ikt

Also here's the bitter cold hellscape I live at for whoever was asking

I'll try to take your word for it

Ban Alice on arbitrary grounds after then sure.
I'm down.

beating someone while they're down isn't very cash money of you

he doesnt, it was a freak accident, its like some secret radar goes off and all us fucks come at once like some surprise bastardized rueunion

Let's go full circle and actually make Alice a mod.

I'm no bully


Can I be a mod?

yea but its bard, what makes you guys think you could just GET Alice to post here though, like that's not how this works

Make Animus Great Again.

I need to remember to congratulate Blood-chan. Such a good student.

yes then the usurper can be removed and i can take the iron throne

Relinquish Test.
I will take up the banner.

Oh pfsh, that ain't a bitter cold hellscape- You don't know the meaning of the term.

I'm more interested in Alice being banned after posting than whatever Bard has going on.
Getting told he hopes I get cancer and then I need to die after doing nothing for the however many times now I lack any empathy for him as of right now.


Alice is a pedo

I don't dislike Bard, but I'm kind of tired of him shitting on me because his beefs with others.

I only fuck dogs that are mature and of age.

oh and i had that dream about torturing the characters from the emoji movie

Then again 18 in dog years is like 2 and a half in people years.
But I like 'em a bit older.

I feel so bad for him.
He constantly lashes out like this, I can't imagine what he must be going through in his heart.

Wildstyle was a hot as fuck emoji.

Just steal George's while he's not looking.

I'm not looking to scorch the earth.

Did they cream when they scream?


you know its not really fun to watch if you just say it so blatantly like that, now i don't even want to see them get banned for no reason. it's like explaining the joke

Why would anyone do that

I think he deleted it after all the flak he got from everyone in the IRC. It was in uhh....I don't know what the site is called. Some dragon dildo cam site.

Toyvids? Toypics? Something like that.

I could always ask her.

Alright this is gonna narrow down where I live by a lot, but we have ICE CASTLES here.

Are you talking about Alice? Wat

if you feel bad then talk to him and see if you can get them to make sense, feeling bad for someone doesnt help them


I mean obviously they're not going to be banned.

Even if I magically got some fucking hair up my ass to do it for no damn reason they don't post here at all because of these shitpost tirades they think are serious.


Agreed, but at the same time he doesn't need to actively seek out people to spew volatile hate at.


they begged me to stop until the only sounds they could make was a constant low moan and then the sound of gurgling

because BC has trust issues, i never had the patience for any of that but hey you know, you can't judge everything from one perspective


You expect me to find it myself?
I am far too lazy for this, Kerm.


okay, kermit, but, and stay with me now, why would you want to do that when the mods are just talking about banning her as soon as she gets here?

I have tried.
I was one of the people lashing back originally, even.


Yeah. He just doesn't seem to have a place of comfort.


We have an ice dance club alongside our ice castles.

I mean. I have Bards address. Maybe I should send him cookies.

Its a trap

Weed cookies.


the other thing that is hard is ME


then i guess i know why you feel bad

either way it's not so easy for everyone to be happy, as long as most people are posting and communicating well, and i do hate to say it really, we need to look out for the healthy majority...or relatively more healthy

I would send bard ricin tbh


its a start

What is ricin?

getting cookies from you would probably just make them even more pissed off

now you're just being fucking crazy, but good choice, ricin is untraceable after a few days

I would be perfectly happy if Bard, kermit and bad dog never came back.

they didnt have any bones to break so i had to open them up to see how they worked

Based Poseidon is based.

Meme poison that people only know about because of breaking bad.

I want to keep Kermit.
I'll water him and feed him and make sure he doesn't poop on the floor.

PLEASE, Scoots?


i havent played the game but ireally want to because theyre all cute

how's life been treating you?

would you rather maximize the minimum or maximize the average?

I think you discount the people that actually want her dead/suffering.

Jokes is one thing but some folks ain't jokin'

BC has a lot of issues but I don't think trust is really one of them. At least with me she hasn't.
Idk how she treats other people though

Don't think that's something alice would ever say about someone. And I've known her for like 6 years.

No, I'm just saying I could ask her.
She won't actually do it.

We probably live right next to each other and this dick measuring contest is all for naught

I feel bad for bard because he clearly has some issues he needs to work through.

But my sympathy ends when he takes it out on other people or lies about shit to justify his anger.

Pooping on the floor is my jam though

so how about them (You's)

I'm talking about Scales massive lube enema video.

Well if he creeps on any neighbour girl YOU have to neuter them,

Yeah a lot of people take this all too seriously.

id like to say the average but average doesnt really go with this place at all

can i get a link so i can beat off


I'll just have to keep him satisfied.

well there you go then

then you've probably been more kind and patient with them than most people, have you seen what they look like or anything like that

with maximizing average the average as a whole is higher but some select few people lose out big

minimizing the max, the average is slightly lower, but the worst off isn't that bad

No. This is me and Kermits magical moment.
That jelly filled doughnut is mine.


Bard was right all along, furries ruin everything.

If you live in upstate New York, not the case.


This but unironically.

He actually did it the absolute madman

This but unironically

grim i know how it works thanks, my answer remains the same

It would be nice if they were actually coherent

Good. Good.

M-maybe I can show you my jelly filled doughnut.

gotta love people debating who's more frozen and miserable lmao

ok just making sure


but unironically

I always thought the brown one was just a hat

until now

It is me and Steve.
It says so in the title.


but like,


This but ironically

You tried, son

im good

: (

Ironically, or not, but


Oh yeah, you're on your own for that one. I'm absolutely sure he deleted it, and even then it was like 5-6 years ago.

That vid is long gone.
My mental scarring of it isn't though.

Tell me about it, there's some dude on Holla Forums right now that's trying to get information on her so he can hunt her down and kill her. Normally I'd chalk it up to a troll, but he's been doing it since june, and has offered to pay people for information on her.

And he just posts randomly in completely unrelated threads about how much he wants to kill her. it's pretty fucked.

Ika? nah. She showed me some titties once, but I don't believe they are actually hers for a goddamn minute.

Most of me she's seen is my eyes, and I've regretted showing her even since.

I've literally never seen someone inject that much cum lube inside themselves before, it was like the whole fucking bottle, in a dragon dildo as big as my forearm.

I've been saying that for years.

Well wherever you live it looks cold as fuck. My condolences.

She can be, she just...goes off her meds sometimes I think.

It's not good.


I have no idea why that didn't work

I dont read filenames most of the time s:

but unironically

bard? She?

Damn it, Kermit. I need you in this time of need and you dash my hopes.

Did I give you permission to touch my meme?

Damn it gives plenty of opportunity to poison your fucking liver though!

haha i tried to show her my face and she was like noooo it will break the illusion!! but its funny you say eyes, because apparently thats what sonata saw from them

I got chicken permission

Sometimes people post a meme and I laugh thinking it's just obscure humor and the joke is beyond me.

its super low level shitposts

have the reason i drink hard liquor in winter is to stay warm on longer walks, gotta be careful with that everclear though

Are you drinking right now?




The only drinking problem I have is that I don't have a drink in my hand.
Am I right?


Oh I thought you were talking about Ika, I got lost.

I'm not sure what his deal is. He's accused me of cybering MGD before though, which is literally just....insane.

I'm sure you can find plenty of other skinny dudes taking massive rubber dragon cocks online

Ika has some weird fixation on eyes, said she wants to carve mine out and wear them for herself.

Also wow, I'm super curious to see what she showed him. How much do you want to bet she just showed him MY eyes?

sometimes i still see people respond angrily to copypastas and its like homie, you've been here for like, 6 years

*drinking problem I half

That's because your hand is busy being full of dog wiener.




What if
And get this, because it's pretty fucking complicated
You just walked faster

It' can't be you.

It's not the same.

I am have dislectism.

Listen here you little shit.

i didnt want to ruin any of the conversation we were having so i didnt mention that you probably just got tricked and shown someone elses face, Sonata is prone to being dramatic just like everyone else here, but hey maybe he had a good reason to believe them. im better off not knowing the real answer and wondering with you

(but if she did show him your eyes apparently you look very sultry)

whoa bro

no its like 70 degrees here and fall


And when I was cybering BC they got hella mad

fingers of wind brush across your tail


surprised its so active?


god what a fucking thread

drinkin makes you colder tho

and there's like more furries than usual

i think you meant to say mess

The thread you deserve.

I mean, its been 7 years and bad dog still hasnt fucked off

P-please! I just shampooed it.
It's too soft right now.

This but unironically

This is literally the worst lancer

thats not how the mythbusters episode worked no sorry ur wrong

This is why I post my information everywhere and wait for someone to come kill me

new thread when

just blame me like erio does

I would have but your dad knew what I was up to and made me sleep outside.

I think you mean BEST

why does he blame you

He's got that intuition, dude.

it makes u warm for a little bit but because ur blood vessels dilated you lose heat a lot faster.

so in the long run it makes you colder.

I might add blood chan on steam and send them dickopics

jesus have i really been here for 7 years, and ten years ago was the year i joined cheathappens my first actual forum














it doesnt make you colder, no, it makes your vital organs colder, but it makes you feel warmer for the short term, which is what matters on short walks i watched it too lol