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who the fuck are you...


Hello friends, I'm home from work. How are you all this evening?






2 fingers?


Who the fuck are you?

hoho boy

kinda asked first...


It's not a race.

Hi spec how's your night coming along?


Am passing out at my desk.
How's Bardo?

It sure is cramped under this desk


I like them
they are nice

im not sure you mean what i think you mean i mean knw what i mean


Hu, Spex and Squids are the deathly hallows of the pony community

if we make tea maybe sonata will come back and clean this dump up

also apparently there's a live action rick and morty porn, it has finally come full circle

this is good

lol wut

I recently reset my sleep schedule

went from sleeping at 8 a .m to 4p.m to sleeping around midnight to about 8 a.m

I'm feeling the tired but probably going to pad it out a little

No work lucky enough tomorrow!
I got in trouble today at work for slaccking and having bad product the past few months ;/

the alien talks about szechuan sauce sauce

apparently someone got stabbed over it the first time they did it so mcdonalds is reissuing it out again, yaaaaaaaaaay. everybody be excited and say yaaaaay


8-9 hours sleep is primo...

dont you work in food service?

This makes me sad

Only one way to pay off the debt

have you checked out Doki Doki Literature club?

heard it was the new katawa shoujo


I doooo

yeah I've been not sifting the flour as much as I should and they implemented a new way to make strips that is fuckinng stupid so I do it the old waya nd they're angry about that

I even got some hours cut but I don't mind
I'm not hurting for money right now and It's a welcome break
I think they just have higher expectations of me because of how long I've been tere
I'm nothing special but I'll do the job

Play DokiDoki Literature Club

I'm going to.
jw if you have

A hand!

Watch Juuni Taisen

That show is p good
Assuming you like action and stuff

Fuck dude I sure wish
I only played Katawa shoujo though because it was free
Fuck spending 10 bucks on depression
I am all about the memes though


try then buy boi

oh... thought you were saying bad food, as in will make someone sick bad.

might as well roll with the changes, js

a delayed reaction!


Ugh I know I got to It's just that we pre make them now and when I get to work I usually run out within the first hour :furrowed:

Really it's the easiest job in the world
I can't complain much
but still I have some qualms : /

did you read my post friend

huh watpost


then your boss needs to justify pre making more
the prep shift needs to get off their asses

Yeah!! Yeah they do!!!
When they rolled out the new thing they were harping on about how the ony time we were supposed to bread them up like that was in the very mornings at opening but nooooo I go in at 4 p.m and they're like

'pre bred those strips bardo'

There's like 4 things that the mornings guy needs to do every day and theres about 4 that I as the night guy gotta have ready for the morning guy and if either of us doesnt hook the other one up the day is usually shitty

The crew we've got now isn't so bad but I've been through a few who were bad about it

in your line of work do you have co workers or are you by yourself?

I KNOW I'm not alone in not liking the people I work with lol

Hopefully someday I can find a cute bugotti girl to call me like this > ///

o w o ?

im not alone... got a whole team i work with

i work for the people under me if that makes sense.

truth tho... youll have this exact type of situation no matter where you work. you either ignore the drama or buy into it becoming the problem



installing that bitch rn

That just means you're doing your job as a manager or superviser the right way

My dad was a supervisor in a couple foundries and then some companies like Proctor and Gamble
I never really learned much about what exactly you gotta do but It always struck me as something you'd need to be pretty charsmatic to do :/

I bet it takes alot out of ya.......

its time

luckyyy my steam isn't booting

brb restart

Be a real man and play Euphoria

dunno about charisma... just have to take care of them. if they got a problem work it out. when they do good work reward them tangibly.

i remember watching euphoria when I was like 14 and just barely dipping into the hentai world

all about that Mezzo Forte lyfe

Have you seen one of the more recent episodes where the dude shoves an egg up the chicks ass and like punches her in the stomach super hard so like she shits out the broken egg along with actual shit and then he like cooks it or someshit?

I remember seeing the webm on /gif/ a while back
Shit was cray


w o w.

No wait I lied, that was actually Shiiku x Kanojo


HAHAHA fuck I've seen that gif way too many times but naah I just finished the Whiteroom Arc and said FUCK that noise

I'm an innocent little vanilla jelly bean

unlike all these hardcorse sex freaks around here

I havent seen shit
thank god


I had a weird friends group who enabled me and we'd always joke about certain hentais

The bible black dub was uprorious laughter for a year or two back in jr high or early high school



Berenstain bears

Who the fuck thinks of this shit



It's really strange you showed up today

Just yesterday I was wondering when I'd get ta see you again

I kinda wish I had a little more to talk about heh.......

its all good man, ill be around a little more...

my meds are knocking me out right now.

if you fall asleep have a great night
If ya stick arouND I'll leave you some of your night

love you in a no homo way

soto enjoy


The only time you should say "soto enjoy" is when you're naked and offering your dirty little hole for me

Not for when you link me a Berenstein Bears link


Oh shit, is that you Oobles?

I thought you were someone else

nah thats 10x



post that thiicccc fuckin dragon


will you be my boyfriend? ;;

yes bard

Good morning friends! Welcome to another exciting installment to Sinni Can't Sleep.

How are you all doing tonight?

This show sucks

I agree. Who are you anonymous friend? I'm not used to knowing IDs yet and George isn't awake to tell me who all you sneaky people are :3c

Come hang out with me here


hi sninni

Hello different user friend!



happy b-day colbs



grim jewdacatur

h-have some more.........




She's got the cutest smile.....

oommmggg that hurts to watch

that poor woman - she had the right idea, too degen tho

koalas are loud shits when they fight

just like u


yeah they based her off me

ur degen, watching koala fighting videos

seek the lord ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️


seek deez


seek deez nutz



have you met cloud yet?

I wanna get him to post here soemtime :3






My sides




also apparently they went with labour for the nz election, so congrats them?


I’ll ask him too as well, he is so funny

what’s the source for that meme some teenager movie or TV show? I’ve seen it before


looks gay, idk


sounds like something sinni would say, checks out

gnight sinni

I agree

can I recommend you a movie


gn gn?

do it on snapchat

sleep now little one

isn't that the nanomachines son

no I'm not tired!!

*pat pat*

good luka


I hope noe!!

oh noes! you've snapped, ur insane now ;~;

not insane!!! why would u say that

you're going crazy


oh noes ;~;
theyre talking to themself

Sup peeps~

This thread needs rape.


I see how it is
I'll just leave forever again


no don’t

Give me twelve good reasons or I'll actually kill myself this time instead of fucking up

No wait

Give me attention or else i'm gonna kill myself !



ruh roh I forgot I posted I hope revy doesn’t ky


Can some ban clockwork


Nah I'm just sleepy not even depressed rn

im sleepy to

I feel so anime when playing Kayn

*unzips butt*

*uncocks zip*

She suffers from the same issue that Nymphs avatar did. That chain has a link that should under all circumstances just fall off

Nice tits.


hello www




Why are you here.


y r u

Why not?


bullheaded tendencies

Yeh, how is things?

Traps are gay


If you feel that way that is fine, but a transgender person might actually be the oposite of their biologic.



play rhythm games and use it to browse hentai



grim you're a code nerd
tabs or space


now lets get lots of cute boys who look feminine to feel that way and everything will be just fine

I do love cute feminine boys.




Praise the sun

what a glorious day...

it is pretty nice out here actually

I get to have a filling replaced, so it's not that nice

shall i make scrambled eggs or pancakes?

I already had a bagel, thanks though


we must go into the out of doors and bask in the glory of the sun god

There's nothing glorious about being out of doors
Only uncertainty and risk

Sun is bad.

pancakes it is... i like the way you think

bagels are good... with garden veggie cream cheese

We must blow it up.

I had half fat cream cheese

let us hope the sun god does not smite you in our basking...

okay ill just phone post

you have a better shot at blowing the sun up than putting it out with water so

With lots of real Canadian syrup!

how nutritionally good and health conscious of you...

I'm already getting shafted by Lady Luck, I don't think there's room for the others

Here, let me get you some REAL syrup ( ° ʖ °)

It not only tastes better than the original full fat one, but I kind of have to take in less fat since I don't do much
I went way over yesterday
Same with sugar

this... or fruit preserves

heeey cheer the fuck up... why so glum chum?
srsly look at this morose mothafucka right here

Yeah, Aunt Jemima is absolute fucking garbage
Who's being glum? I just don't have good luck

but luck isnt a thing... its like karma and shit, zombie deitys and such

irrational superstition - 0
logic and reason -1

I know it's not, but it's a lot better than saying everything fucks me over if it can


Is that good or bad

its an uphill battle each day considering the world is out to fucking kill us... the universe is a non sentient, cold and unfeeling expanse from which we are but a tiny speck.

...it really is just a matter of perspective

fuck, now i just want to stay inside...

it good
i have 4 days to complete just two simple missions

wut can i buy with 30 coins?

Get blackpilled kiddo

Oh, that's not so bad then

i think i just did


80 coins free chest
100 coins golden chest

120 & 320 for ultra ashe


How is it? Realising that we're nothing to the universe and that nothing we do will ever matter for more than a blink in time?


being nothing to the universe denotes sentience, which it is not. and yes... both of those things = blackpill

how much points does the pickem mission give?

That's an even better way to look at it
We are nothing to something that can't even think

I made mead with organic maple syrup.

Isn't mead usually made with honey

Good morning everyone!! How are you all?

Good morning

Good Morn

Break glass- Don't you look back, in case of fire



thank you for jam

Those drawings are masterful

[thumbs up]

it is but some folks like to sub syrup because of the cost of honey. a 19 liter recipe for example would run you 105 cad just for the 7 kg of honey youd need

I don't drink that stuff, so I don't really know what it all entails

yea, the key ingredient...honey
retails about 7 bucks a pound

I don't remember how much honey here is, I know it's quite pricey though
But we also buy a kilogram at a time if I remember correctly

ayup... its so pricy ill get clover honey for other stuff. but mead calls for real thing. overall startup on home brewing will get you in the 200-250 range. all the brewing eq. is reusable of course

Clover honey is a thing?

sure is.. its made by bees too of course, its cheaper in the market because clover is easier, faster and has longer harvest seasons than pure honey

Today I learned
Do clovers flower? What do they gather from?

bees harvest the nectar from clover flowers.

traditional honey makers of the pure stuff have theirs from say dandelion, rose, wildflower, agave,

Yeah, I didn't know clovers had flowers
But I guess it kind of makes sense

gtg afk


could have a 20 min conversation about coffee as well. know very little about all things, alot about many. trivial shit really

See ya

Yes, but I used maple syrup because I'm a rebel, it's really sweet though, I think it would be better for mixed drinks than by itself.

I also made a honey mead, it was like $30 worth of honey for a 1 gallon carboy, and I got the honey from a local bee keeper at a gun show in novi.

Always buy honey from a local beekeeper tbh
None of that disgusting store crap


Store stuff is okay for like hot tea, as long as it's pure honey, and not mixed with corn syrup or something.

tfw never been perma'd.

thots unite

u wanna fix that?

Wonderthot Powers: Activate.

Test doesn't have the kahones.


uhh that's a lie

Tests balls are so big that they drag on the ground

Store stuff tastes real nasty

fuck that's actually because he's so SHORT


Sibbi's balls are so big they had to surgically move them to his chest.



A girl (female) poster.

Yeah I know good mix I play this when doing mad skidz

I don't know them
I thought we were talking about test


Idk, I've never had an issue with it, maybe it's different up in canookistan.

It gives me [ C O O L V I B R A T I O N S ]

I was just trying to say that Test won't enact his ban all thots policy.

How's Sibbi's day going?

i HATE test now


Good! George woke up and I've been watching good food videos all morning!

Nice desuyone.

*finger guns*


ty ty



Good game, tbh.
I enjoyed it.




9/5/2013 9:08:18 PM] Soto: E-Erio...I want to stick it in already~
[9/5/2013 9:08:46 PM] Erio: takes my mouth offf of your cock and gets on my hands and knees, ready for you to put your cock in my ass do it then~
[9/5/2013 9:11:36 PM] Soto: I-Is it okay?~ Pressing my head against your anus yet not sticking it in....
[9/5/2013 9:12:31 PM] Erio: yus, as long as you give me that asian girl's skype~ backs my ass up a bit, taking some of your shaft inside me
[9/5/2013 9:14:25 PM] Soto: slowly slides my cock inside you while tugging at your hair playfuly nnghhh~ Erio....You're so tight~
[9/5/2013 9:15:05 PM] Erio: starts moving my ass forward and backward, taking your cock in and out of me as you pull my hair fuck me harder soto
[9/5/2013 9:18:28 PM] Soto: leans in while fucking you and starts jacking you off while fucking you Erio you're such a naughty boy~
[9/5/2013 9:18:56 PM] Erio: moans loudly, letting your cock slide in and out of me your cancer cock is so big sosot~~~
[9/5/2013 9:19:01 PM] Erio: soto~
[9/5/2013 9:19:33 PM] Call to Erio [Angel of Lawlessness], busy.
[9/5/2013 9:20:59 PM] Erio: fuck me~~~`


go on

6/22/2013 2:21:15 AM] Erio 4M: 11:10 - Soto: Come on MGD we went over this already
11:11 - Orion: I'm not MGD~
11:11 - Soto: You're just as pathetic as him
11:13 - Orion: Noted ^^
11:13 - Soto: No you cunt, and what are those fucking ^ suppoed to be eyes?
11:14 - Soto: You think taht shit is cute?
11:14 - Soto: Cut that shit out
11:14 - Soto: stupid faggot
11:15 - Soto: Did your parents beat you when you were a little kid?
11:15 - Soto: Hopefully your dad raped you
11:15 - Orion: I don't think so o.o
11:15 - Soto: Or are your parents dead so I can laugh?
11:15 - Orion: x.x
11:15 - Soto: LO THEYRE DEAD
11:16 - Soto: pls cari
11:16 - Soto: crai
11:18 - Soto: HOLDD ME
11:19 - Soto: KILL YOURSELF
11:19 - Soto: NO
11:19 - Soto: U
11:19 - Soto: I AM CALLING YOU OUT
[6/22/2013 2:21:28 AM] Soto Kinji: ROFL

[9/5/2013 9:05:52 PM] Soto: pulls out my cock and shits around and makes you kneel down* Erio..C-Can ?~
[9/5/2013 9:06:30 PM] Erio: i dunno what that means lol *sucks on your cock, bobbing my head quicly, eager to milk out your cum*
[9/5/2013 9:08:18 PM] Soto: E-Erio...I want to stick it in already~
[9/5/2013 9:08:46 PM] Erio: *takes my mouth offf of your cock and gets on my hands and knees, ready for you to put your cock in my ass* do it then~
[9/5/2013 9:11:36 PM] Soto: I-Is it okay?~ *Pressing my head against your anus yet not sticking it in*....
[9/5/2013 9:12:31 PM] Erio: yus, as long as you give me that asian girl's skype~ *backs my ass up a bit, taking some of your shaft inside me*
[9/5/2013 9:14:25 PM] Soto: *slowly slides my cock inside you while tugging at your hair playfuly* nnghhh~ Erio....You're so tight~
[9/5/2013 9:15:05 PM] Erio: *starts moving my ass forward and backward, taking your cock in and out of me as you pull my hair* fuck me harder soto~~
[9/5/2013 9:18:28 PM] Soto: *leans in while fucking you and starts jacking you off while fucking you* Erio you're such a naughty boy~
[9/5/2013 9:18:56 PM] Erio: *moans loudly, letting your cock slide in and out of me* your cancer cock is so big sosot~~~
[9/5/2013 9:19:01 PM] Erio: soto~
[9/5/2013 9:20:59 PM] Erio: fuck me~`


I remember that faggot orion

Truly insufferable


✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: Erio give me attention
Erio: get pooped on
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: wHAT
Erio: get pooped on
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡ is now playing Dota 2. Click here to join.
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: I fucking hate you
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡ is now Online.
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: where do you live erio
Erio: i am gonna rek u so hard
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: Where do you live
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: wexford something gay like that
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: what state
Erio: It said Pennsylvania too
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: no wonder you're such a faggot.
✡BooBooLaBoosh✡: i'll write this down. if my destined career ever brings me there

soto is a pretty cool guy


blink threee times if you're held against your will








Me on the right
Ikt in the center

i dont have many of these

you have more than me qq

thats not saying much

Aw man


I like Orion.


Is there even anyone you dont like

Sci get out!!!

*tips fedora*

Friends I love you all

*tips cap*

Now whine and cry about how everyone hates you and beg for attention so I can tell you off with arguments you can't refute because you know I'm right.


*posts literaly pictures of naked children*



Go back to /hebe/!!!!!

Stob obressing me...........





I also had a falling out with haikus right before they left.