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At least the slope isn't covered in snow and ice, right?

69.420" btw



poor onaholes

I need an onihole

It's jagged and uneven

what's an onihole?

Is that better or worse?


Easier to keep your footing than on ice, but still risky

what if you already have one but don't know because you can't see

Adachi Tenka - it's her name, I assume.

It wouldn't give me the romaji

youre a programming boi

why would a program automatically open again after going through it's process successfully and closing

Google does that - it has an option in the bottom right of the JP box that lets you see it under it.

My dictionary only gave me the name, lmao.

I was using google :c甜花 #names

Yeah, I suppose falling could be rougher.

Oh shit tru

Cannot find this dakimakura cover anywhere

also tell me what i did wrong

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "stdio.h"
#include "Windows.h"
#include "Math.h"

int main(void)
int watts;

printf("Enter the value for the lightbulb's watts");
scanf("%d", &watts);

case '15':
printf("125 Lumens");
case '25':
printf("215 Lumens");
case '40':
printf("500 Lumens");
case '60':
printf("880 Lumens");
case '75':
printf("1000 Lumens");
case '100';
printf("1675 Lumens");



十二番足立甜花, すぐに来ます

What's the problem you're encountering first of all

Classic Visual Studio
Did you try making a new program with it? Like a fresh one with a new folder

Limited run by Ebten :^)

You missed a winky face


so like make a new one and copy paste it?

i did lol

doesn't work either

Get rid of the cry tears


also that switch thing isn't even inside of the function

man this is a mess

You need to put breaks
case '15': printf("125 Lumens"); break;

Who knew Emma was a leet programmer~

am I?

dunno, no programs can do this unless they have some external service thing running that restarts the process from outside

or it has a thing where it restarts itself when it gets closed properly:



thank you im new to this

pls use code tags
[code] [ /code] without the space between [ and /

You would probably run into all the cases going through regardless of input if you didn't put breaks

Limited run just means I have to pay more money than it's worth

I think this is ok

#include "stdafx.h"#include "stdio.h"#include "Windows.h"#include "Math.h"int main(void){ int watts; printf("Enter the value for the lightbulb's watts"); scanf("%d", &watts); switch(watts) { case 15: printf("125 Lumens"); break; case 25: printf("215 Lumens"); break; case 40: printf("500 Lumens"); break; case 60: printf("880 Lumens"); break; case 75: printf("1000 Lumens"); break; case 100; printf("1675 Lumens"); break; } Sleep(5000);}

Also, why is it sleeping for 5000 seconds

it's millis

wow nerd
add a \n somewhere
also default case

It's probably part of the assignment to make it wait for 5 secs

it will close after 5 seconds

Wasn't it seconds in, what I'm assuming is, C?


Yeah, but I couldn't find anywhere that sold it

Oh tru

winapi tho

o shit

If you couldn't find it, I have no chance

Haven't done any of this in almost a year, I'm glad I remembered what I did tbh lol

o poo



nerd harder pls

link doesn't work :(


I don't like programming

thanks for the help i got it working

yw i'm the best right

what the hell is that?



It's what happens when you type what with japanese ime still on




Why did you hit space

oh i guess that makes sense, nvm i suck dick



because this language uses spaces!

ye xd







What kind of food should I get for supper?
Recommend me stuff

frietje speciaal

We don't have Dutch food

poutine uwu

My dad doesn't like poutine

Also I had pizza for lunch, so preferrably not greasy food

make some raclette

I have no idea how to make cheese

just buy some grated cheese you nigger


I'd just eat the grated cheese instead

Make banh xeo.

The restaurant is packed
Please kill me

50 bucks to whoever puts me out of my fucking misery.
Allergies are just too much.

See Duke, you gotta offer money

I'd have thought the pleasure of killing me would be payment enough
I also don't have money




What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

My work issued ESD straps and smock.
I'm going as a factory worker.
Spooky I know.

Wow Kyle, it's called your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Get it right

also how do you do that whole program paste in the box format

[code.][/code] tags

[code.] hm [/code]

without the fullstop :3



Electro Static Discharge.
Don't be a fucking retard.
I know what PPE is. This shit doesn't protect me. It protects the equipment I work with.

George is my fullstop

Please Full Stop this.

Y-You didn't have to be so mean


Hey Sinni is it true you're a trap?

I am not a trap!!

*Electric slides*

Yeah. She just has a bigger dick than you.

Stealing my thread pictures ree!!!

Oh I'm sorry I used the wrong term

You're "trans" right?


nah I'm just a regular woman


I'm bored.

Do something!

I am >:C

Of course you are ^W^

You're so cute sometimes Sinni

back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel condescended (I think that's how you spell that).

well shit

did it dide....

wheres all the white wimmin at

...also my desk is messy wat do

Clean it

effort tho

it has its moments but its less active than its ever been overall really, we do have a few new posters though

ohh new ppl?


it was severely dying off what i fucked off tho

:V I'm a new poster still technically

I'm a new poster, tee hee, guess my name :^)


welcome newfriend...

i recognize you btw

yes you are very new, you are one of the newbies i was meaning

yanno... you been around a long while, js

i mean if you're still gay when you're 60 you'll be an- okay i'll stop now

I mean, consistent posting for over 5 years I would say I'm an old fag at this point.

Yay hi! How are youdoing?

I wouldn't say *very* new

have a (you)

pretty sure newfag and oldfag have just been bait memes from the start to pick out unrefined posters who would even try to gauge such a thing as a valuable metric

were you here at the end of 2016? or have you been here for like, part of this year?

i would concur... thats a long time to stick with any one online community

im doing quite well, yourself?

I've enjoyed maybe 10 % of it.

pretty sure being a newfag would just make you more prone to falling for bullshit
ie: gold accounts, etc.

oh yea... its all awful

the internet is fucking terrible

just part of this year.

I'm doing good! hanging out with moogs :3c

there is a supposed origin for the newfag meme word, and i'm just saying from what i have read it's been a bait term from the start, that's all

At least I have you papito.

How're you, Papito?

i mean i guess that's long enough to get to know everyone now lmao, you've already seen like some of the folks who rarely come out of the woodwork at all anymore

right on... doing anything fun?

i think youre probably right

bueno figlio mio, how are you bby

poor sinni was like stuck here while clint and dallas were talking about alice2 and old crazy ponyposters like "am i doin this right!??"

lol clint and dallas, kermit and dallas*

Yee, I'm more just a normie at this point.

We're watching jesus hotline stuff?

All right, I think.

which ironically is just the opposite of normie here

;c what do you mean

i mean that we are not normal here? which is probably pretty self-evident by now

the youtube channel?

...i really should say hi to alice. been months.

im a terrible person

well thats good. i need to catch up with everyone.

considering that everyone always says "frikken normies" with disdain here fairly regularly

a terrible person among terrible people, you are among friends

inb4 frogs

idk I think you guys are pretty normal, just a lot of history.

I'm not sure! It's really funny tho



luls were had

well i wont argue with what seems like a compliment haha

im ashamed of myself, my trek knowledge is super weak

yee, you're all very cool

I love it lol. How are you doin, what are you up to?

just not nerdy enough... nerd is the new normie. damn hipsters

must be a fan of
star trek
star wars
angsty folk music
other things not listed here

Newfag support group

nothing... i have nothing productive all day.

got a roadtrip this weekend, so thats a thing ass is asleep

hai my name is x and im a newfag

Wanna swap Discords???? xP


That sounds nice!! I hope you have a good time.

ty, ayup

strange that im preferring the outside world to image forums lately.

do you see fresh air often?

Was making a shitty joke

I try too! Though as of late I've been enjoying chatting with everyone every day and hanging with moog :3c

no ur ok I'm just stoop

oh... back to moog thing
...are you two like roomies for lovers or something

second time youve mentioned him... and im just curious

yeah im hitting that

...not that theres anything wrong with that



mazel tov



How ya doin!

I'm congested to shit.
I don't have the energy to do shit.

Sounds awful, I hope you feel better!

afk, making foods... maybe back later but proly not


How was work & stuff


Just ok?


oh my god i just got the banner with Erio and Buttfox erping for the first time

I've been kind of sick so it won't be a good day at work.

If you're still sick you should take a sick day and rest?

If I miss more than I have I'll lose my job.

yeah but you have them for a reason, so don't go over but use the days you can to rest? Going to work sick isn't a good idea!!

No like, I seriously can't miss any time.
Like I'm out after the one day.

Jeez. Good luck, only two more days right?


she means till the weekend

Good luck!!! I believe in you

Nah, he don't work on friday

oh well what did you mean then?

i hate having so few sick days

Thank you, darling.

I miscounted.

I don't have any sick days cause I don't work qq

yea its not fun, luckily with a private business owner its easier to haggle sick days or make excuses for things that really need to be done, but its not always the case

luckily my boss is kind of chill and smokes weed in the alley sometimes before he goes home to his family (ive spelled it coming from the alley when he was outside before lmao)


Want to watch a FF run this weekend?


If george is down with it, sure! I have no real plans other than hang with him

Sounds pretty chill

ikt, I have something for you.

I'm going to see if Michael wants in again too.
though I might stream from something with audio./

Going to go play Splatoon with Snuffles.

hav fun

Rin, I have something for you


Next poster, I have something for you



Man, my facial hair is like light blonde/silver already

I haven't shaved in like 2 weeks and it's so noticeable now

It makes me feel old af

I don't want your dick.









I was gonna give you a hug ;~;


hug me instead soto



Hugs are always acceptable.
I think.

I don't know that the Commander would mind, at least, and I love hugs.


give me your courage to go out and fuck traps

hot hot traps






I was like gonna hug you and press my concealed boner against you then probably grab your ass

Totally worth getting slapped
Besides you're not even strong so it won't even hurt

Honestly it's not even hard to fuck traps

The hardest part is probably finding a hot/passable trap
Once you find one it's pretty easy to approach them and talk to them
85% of the time they will share the same interests as you and just go on from there

Lightly tease/bully them and if they seem to not get butthurt and kinda enjoy it then you slowly keep doing so until you get somewhere

Don't be too mean or else you'll just end up hurting their feels and scaring them off

It's like a whole thing on how to approach and like talk to traps

N-Not like I'd know or anything

I have been told that my punches feel like getting bitch slapped by Skeletor.

didnt expect such a serious reply to this but your insight is appreciated none the less. and yea you're so right, like not knocking the lifestyle but finding hot crossdressers is very hard it seems

How much do you weigh anyways?

Yeah honestly finding passable ones are the hardest part

Getting in their pants is pretty easy cause traps are super horny all the time for some reason, most of them are submissive too so you gotta do most of the work

yea no shit i can imagine they'd be a little sexually deviant if they are going around in woman's clothes in public, they can pretend it's a lifestyle all they want but they just want some dick

sources: the trap MASTER telling me most traps are horny all the time

Somewhere in the range of 115lb.

Very rarely am I ever made to feel fat.

Anime cons are the place to find em though
It's the only place where crossdressing/crossplaying is considered "normal"

lol I havent fucked a trap in ages dude
Just mediocre looking women lately

Damn, you're thin af
I assume you're like 5'7 or someshit

Do you just not gain weight or keep that weight cause you're like a trap or whatever?

I'm at 138 rn

I'm underweight, dwai.

Spot on for the height.

I don't go out of my way to keep this weight, I just don't put it on very easily.

So am I.

Damn you're thin af and short too

Now I want to bully you and pick you up irl

Snuffles kicked my ass at Splatoon.
I am shame.

I want to fuck Rin in front of Commander

Get fucked, scrub.

I still haven't beat Cuphead

I'm still on Isle 3


thanks for the cum



Holy heck, please don't.

That is forbidden.


Sure, why not

Who's Commander anyways?




its not what it looks like

oh yea i find hot small boys in dresses all the time at cons for some reason, people make fun of me and pretend like everyone was fat and ugly there and im like pfsssssh no!! thre was like 20,000 people there for fuck sakes

Sh shh shh, it's okay baby- I can be your new daddy~

now this is a weird one



a contender huh?



you're not allowed to die yet



didn't you give someone a footjob once

where the fags at


well they were here


Why even live, tbh


oh hi son



i am feeling more mommy today

i didn't link anyone for a reason :^) the individual can divulge what they wish





who in here gave a footjob, I wanna know

hi what s uyp son


we have a curious lady here now


no it was good ask dad

making sinni uncomfortable with my love of percocet and generally gossiping while listening to TCR

stop there
i do not like addictive drug


What if love is my drug, and I'm addicted to that? Is that okay?

also working on programming some

molly might be fun

ok thats better

dog not drug


love is his dog??

salt shaker

maybe yes

I-I think I'm the dog in my situation...

we don't have a fund for collars and leashes someone start a patreon



Who are the recipients?

My id color looks like boogers.

any code bois here

dogs i guess, actual self-proclaimed dogs though not me


Oh I though you said cute bois

So Rin and who else?

Tempted to fund it already.

thats gay

I-I'm not a dog, just
if someone in my situation is a dog
I think it must be me.

W-wow, Mom...



i forgot to type

i wanted to do the whole [code][\code] thing but it was too big

So you did.



me rn

no inv

hello again...



It's aight.

when the fuck did you do molly

What's up sama it's been a few months...
How are you?

Last year, buddy got some on a deal with a shitload of weed, he didn't have anyone to sell it to so I was all "well maybe cut me a deal on it?" Bada bing bada boom.

mail me some

hiya batr

ive been better, been worse too... would complain but whod listen lol

how are you good sir

someone pause the internet and fix me a sammich

Nah, that's how the dealer I used to know got his ass busted by Homeland Security. Bad juju dealing with registered post.


I'd like to hear what you have to say more than anybody else in this community if it'd help you to let out but I wont stress if you wanna keep it in I know how you are

I'm in a shit place myself
I moved out with my mom and brother from the family we've been with for the past 4 years and the stupid pieces of shit we lived with went and did some irresponsible dumb fucking shit and now our dog that was our families, not ours, not theirs, is going to get killed

Meanwhile My mom still lets the stupid nigger who's responsible for it come visit our house to hang out and drink when alcohol was his entire fucking issue in the first place that let to our families splitting up
I wish I could just kill the guy or break all his bones or stab him or something but I dont wanna go to jail and I dont wanna physsically feel that

She keeps trying to get me to go and visit Tater but If I go see him now for the first time since we moved out then It's just going to make him happy for a while and then even more sad when we leave
Every time I think about him sitting in the poiund on the cement floor in those shitty kennels they have with all the dogs barking I get pissed off
like real fucking hot
It's not his fault he bit someone and the stupid piece of shit who owns him is far more violent than that dog ever has been or ever will be
I wish they'd put him down before they put the dog that's been more of a family to me than anyone except my real father

wow man

so like he HAS to get put down because he bit someone? fuck... id take in the dog jst to keep him away from that shit. the asshat that caused it should have his kneecaps busted.

whyd the dog bite?

what the fuck

So yeah this piece of shit who owns the dog has some kids there who live there, were my half brothers and sisters, we all ived together, 2 of them who live there

but he also has a 10 year old who comes to viisit once every other weekend
And the dog's snapped at her before because she was fucking with him while he was eating his food and nobody was watching the kid
So that was warning number 1 from the town we're in even though he hardly even bit this little kid's hand

So because of that anytime that little kid came over we'd muzzle up the dog
who's never bit nobody else and only did that because obviously, you know he's a dog and this little kid was getting in his face while he was eating

Well, the dude who owns the dog was spending the day drinking like always and this girl was there and apparently with no supervision or permission brought her little 10 year old friend over who

I wasn't therre Idk how true this is
But apparently when tater was getting some water
she stuck her face next to him and he bit her on the face

So I mean my dog shouldn't have bit a little kid in the face
But I wanna know why the fuck my dog bit a little kid in the face

A kid who wasn't supposed to be in that fucking house in the first place and had no adult supervvision

So because of the owner's addiction and lack of giving a fuck about the dog, now my family member, a dog who I brought home as a puppy and Slept alongside for years is now suffering in a cold jail
Without any idea of why or what's happening
And he's going to get killed
and nobody but me gives a fuck it seems

My bitch of a mom is even been getting angry at me trying to say 'dont blame the owner'
the stupid cunt tried to have the fucking nerve to tell me that the dog deserved it

How fucking delusional is she?
It makes me angrier and angrier and every time I see the stupid piece of shit's face I rage out but there's nobody left for me to talk about this with
Shit sucks and I feel terrible and it's just been building up worse and worse

He's still alive and I can't take him because the city took him
he only has a few more days left

everyone knows ya blame the owner...

fucking if the parent of that dumbass wanted to press charges they arent going to assess the dog. THEY ASSESS THE OWNER.

now Tater has multiple offenses. but offense #1 shoulda been a big clue to the owner to get some behavioral traning... hes scum man


forgot a word there, sorry

wait no... actually i didnt.


oh yeah It's also my 5th anniversary of posting
I've been thinking about joining TP for some drinks this friday before i head out

maybe it;ll be a good time

What's new for you in your time away?

so youre in chicago?

idek stuff man
been on medical leave.. about 3 weeks now.
were gonna phase me out as on onsite and let me work from home here shortly. some...things happened.

Nahh I still live in the same town

Are you going to be able to keep yourself afloat sama? I hope you heal up if it's something that can be healed

You work yourself like a machine and look what went and happened


its a push on the daily...

youre right tho. years and years of forcing myself at work have really piled up.

I collapsed at work about 3 weeks ago, got took to the ER with chest pains.

they did all the motherfucking tests. ruled out the heart and cancer. I had had an anxiety attack.

No matter how disconcerning that may be It's a releif

my best friends old man passed away not long ago from some cardiac shit and I just saw the guy the night before but it was known for a while he had issues

Keep on ahead of it and you'll keep yourself alright
You've got people who depend on you sama you can't give up yet

So what's your thoughts on the anxiety you ever had to deal with that kind of stuff before?
Tried any medication?

If you dont wanna get on this topic we can switch to something else I dont wanna stress you out tonight
I'm glad to find myself in your company and Kinda a lil bewildered tonight


its cool yea...

ive had attacks before, this one was p strong.
got chronic pain in my left leg, kills my sleep, agonizing to walk on every single fucking day man. when i step on it it causes my blood pressure to rise... thats what made this last one worse.

im on vicodin, flexerol, hydroxyzene and lisinopril.

and i dont need it really that much but i have a cane


That's okay
Cane's are sexy

sama you're on that House m.d Shit


sup babe

i didnt have one custom but i picked out a pretty nice wood one from a guy that makes em

yah my sister said that... i am become house

not much sugar pants hbu

I hit up my old man the other day and talked with him a little bit and he said this holiday when I come up to visit he'd roll some jitsu with me :)
I'mma get my ass kicked but I'm excited
It'll be a good learning experience anywaysMaybe if I stick with it a few years I'll be able to take on my old man someday

I've been hype the past few days to go with my brother and circle of mates but they've all been busy

what kind of stuff do you do for entertainment now adays that youa ren't a posting?

thinkin bout headed to wendys w my boi

been busy busy

entertainment? thats like fun or something isnt it?

...out of town this weekend to visit my youngest, so thats something

pick me up a sammich

u 2 far fam

I guess you're a little busy for that huh?

Getting older means trading fun for responsibilities I guess.........

Still though that sounds like a good time
seems like yesterday I remember you talking about having that one ; /

you mean... i have to get my own damn sammich?



been 2 years and 8 months

come the fuck at me bro

You know thinking about it
I think I Recall you talking about having the one before that too unless I'm a bit off

You are The family man of Holla Forums
and for that I love you like an uncle : 3

alex is 5 now

grim you eat a baconstor

It's so completely mindblowing for me to think about spawning another life and one day having conversations with that kid lol
you know with their own personality...

He's gonna live a life just like us alll.........

well I mean
hopefully not like US all but
y-you get what I mean.....

you gonna be quivering like this kpop idol boi



"Trying to get property of non-object /Holla Forums/howitzer-base/http/post.php:1093"

the fuck

yah, its pretty amazing... and scary




idk what that means

I've put some thought into this usually before i go to sleep or when I'm alone late at night and it's one of the reasons (Aside from being half competant at even taking care of myself) That I dont think I could do it
i dont want my kids getting hurt or feeling sadness or

Fuck, anything negative at all really

tomoko posters are a cute! cute!

She is precious

the cutest!!!!

sorry, had to got fix a sammich no thanks to grim...

id say you just kinda ease into the role over time, but that shits a lie.

when I was a kid I thought something kinda naturally happened that makes adults adults but the older I get the more I realize we're all just kids in big bodies

with some more childlike than others

I've been trying to improve myself but fuck it's hard

hey man no judgement here...

Thanks Sams
You're a true friend to me






the error message 8ch gave me when I tried replying to u