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only true oldfags would get such a dank reference 😫👌


The Jerk Chicken and Philly cheesesteak poutine look oishii af

I'd try the Korean Poutine too
Looks like KBBQ on top of fries


quick say four things that arent jackie chan



nani kore?!?!

looks like you got that internet to work

wtf Holla Forums

wtf user

well I have a 100 foot ethernet cable going down the stairs and across the house but that's a temporary solution and my dad doesn't seem to like it lol

Emma post dong 😫

My computer's updating, too bad :^)



Woah, it's snni, who stlil can't sleep

How are you all friends?

Emma hot glue me

im the thing somewhere closely between moderately alright and wanting to die in my sleep

"top 1%"

Sounds rough? You gonna make it?

I think you came on a bit too strong

But who was phone


only a bit??

Good job, you ruined it.

there was no one here to tell me not to ruin it............

I blame you

I kiiiinda wanted to see what happens.

me too

Do you have wish on steam?


Heeeeey Sini.


use your name so sini knows who you are you slut

you first

I'm anonymous. You don't know who I am.

cockwork goggles


goggles is a qt little girl. these are facts.


Stop this.

stop being a qt little girl and I will

I killed you once, don't make me do it again.

please for the love of all that you hold dear, do it again.

Request denied.


I know I wanna pat his head tbh






mhmm hi how’s your night going?


for some reason no matter how much I drink I'm not getting drunk enough. it's horrible. save me ;_;

tfw when no emma hot glue

Why live

Stop drink.

Doesn't that only apply to figurines?

fuk u go to bed

it’s so late tho!

If you can’t drunk by now you should abandon ship

he even lives close to me too

what a dink

hot glue can go on almost anything

I've just never heard it called that outside of that context.

no way. I'm no quitter, except in almost everything ever I've ever done. I'm gonna make sure I'm nice and drunk.

actually it is finally hitting me, so I might stop, but maybe just one more...

You should like, get his address and order 100 pizzas.

Just hotglue Test.
He's like a smol anime figurine already.

You first.

why the fuck do you think I'm drinking? I want to be able to pass out at a decent time after sleeping for like 10 hours straight today.

Is funny because short

oh and also I love drinking. that is part of it.

I know you faggot


Test isn't short. He's just an irl shota.


it's shit. I would have preferred my standard 7 hours of sleep followed by a 6 hour nap 8 hours later.

I do

I would kill Felix.

I don't know myself.

haha wow so original ur really breaking new ground tsuchi and not just saying the exact same shit you always say all the time forever since the minute you started posting places wow it's crazy how original and funny u are

Wow. Much sleep.

being awake is taxing.

I have never mentioned murdering Felix.

Now that you're gone I can finally listen to the viking metal I wanted.


"lol dude I hate gay people and niggers and spics and other minorities and everything all the time lmao" - tsuchi, since the dawn of time

same shit, different character.


Doesn't seem to be.

That's verbatim what you've said numerous times.




I don't like this


Nobody's on ;-;

lol so Bard finally killed himself


; - ;



That gold border tho
Wtf how much do you play

Did anyone else get giddy from that mech duel realising that a Terran-esque technology is likely within our lifetimes?
One of them was literally this but with a rock saw instead of a drill


No, it was more orchestrated than China's communist party congress.

It wasn't so much the fight that was exciting, as much as the technology was
I couldn't care less how scripted it was, that was likely more for safety than anything
I hope they get some good investments into their research so they can do some pretty great things with them

They could just have gone ham and use a remote instead of putting in humans.

Remote controlling wouldn't have been the point of it
They were literally put out as piloted robots

did they atleast get teenage jks in plugsuits to do it

USA beat the nips at irl gundams

No, it was the creators of the mechs who piloted them

Was the outcome ever in question? They literally built it with one purpose in mind

Kinda wish they wouldn't have moved from the way and gotten crushed by all that shit

I couldnt take it seriously cause of the eagle lol


The eagles were pretty funny, not gonna lie
They did say they were going to make is as American as possible, I think they hit the mark pretty well

Now watch me Whip

_/¯ ¯\_

|| \_
_/¯ ¯\_

Now watch me Nae Nae
CON"SWAG"ULATIONS, youse a bad bitch that id 💯 whip with👊 💥🔥⚡️💨 Send this to your top ten baddest bitches to let them know y'all are trill as hell. If you don't send this on within 5 hours you will suffer with your $wag game for the next 10 years👺 🙅🚫#badb1tche5only 👀😈💦👊

I want to cum inside Ikt's tight boipussy



Good morning, all

Is Bard okay?




thanks for spoilering that

are you enjoying tormenting the shitters on halfchan

I need to go somewhere else to find a new target, shouldn't be long now


you're rampaging across boards now

4m would be proud

Lol she just stepped on him like nothing

4M has trained me well

vr super hot is pretty fun

ur vr super hot ;)

what are you upto besides trolling people these days eh?


hell ye polskis

Work, taking care of my dad, and killing people

just another day in the life of a bc

Good morning! How is everyone :3c

i have so much to pack but i cant be fucked ;_;

feelin refreshed

did you get a good sleep?
I saw you were up late

yolo it and just take essentials

I followed an idiot to my doom.

its for a house moving

i shot a mimic
but i only rolled a 2
so the mimic ate my arrow

awwwwwww shiiiet congrats

Fell asleep sometime around 2am? It was bretty good, tho now I'm trying to fill time until george gets home qq

How did that go :3c

I'm only kidding, you know I wouldn't hurt a fly.
So as you know I got rejected by the Marines twice so now I'm thinking about going to art school soon

I spent the last hour bandaging dying guys, letting the leader lie there and bleed out for being a retard.

ayy thats nice
im on lunch break atm

tasty tuna salad sammiches

I've always wanted to art
but I dont have a single artistic bone in my body

maybe I should just start and practice

this trailer soo lit!


Sounds fun? in an awful kind of way ofc.


Art is great! I wasn't born with talent either but skill beats talent every time ^^
What are you up to these days?

Yeah, I suppose it was kind of fun in an awful kind of way. I got a lot of medical practice done.

chpiotle mayo base tho

having both is even better
im working
very hard
too hard I feel
but I want to buy a house and stuff so yeah

can i live with you?

We haven't even met up irl and you already want to move in .//.

I'll live in the basement, i won't bother you


a whole fucking house, with 2 peoples worth of shit, to pack on my own tho :/

i'll come out once a month to pay rent, i promise

Rate my lunch
Hand for scale

im hungry now

Hey bloodchan you done with your crazy yet




thats like wondering if the sun won't rise tomorrow

It was $4.95
And it's pretty good

Olympic swimmer vs Olympic gymnast

damn son

mine cost me $5.99 and is also pretty good

You don't even have to pay him rent just in niche fetish services

hand should be for eat get rid of those utensils


don't use a fork

I started new psychotropic medications, we will see.

I'm only joking, I'm planning to live with Sonata this summer. Where are you going to live?


I love cheap pizza
It's all cheap here too, because there's a million pizza places in this city

I eat hamburgers, ribs and wings with a fork and knife too

nyc pizza is p lit tho

have you been there

sure you are
I plan to live wherever work takes me
right now I'm still in the state but not in the city

must be some form of autism

It doesn't exist here
There's a New York Subs the next province over though

Could be, I just don't like getting messy

Okay well I'm not adding you again that's like the third time

you eat american, but yo flag is something else, wut?

I feel sorry for people who live in upstate, they have to pay like 90% of taxes

But I still love you. What did you do to Bard? He called me yesterday crying on the phone all night.

Americans and Canadians eat pretty much the same thing at this point

Just pointed out he's avoiding posting so people come here

But it was only one person and he even said it wasn't me he was upset about

no you don't, do you eat corn and potatoes?

What happened to him?


please spoil your lewd imgs, thanks

Renz happened

Tell me what happened


That's literally all I saw


Americans don't eat poutine.

He said he wanted me to kill you, though. Why?

You misspelled "shit"

Ah, of course, my mistake.

*Shit don't eat poutine.

Probably because he knew I'd beat him up of he tried himself lmao how should I know


Bard works out now, he'll smash your teeth in


Not a very convincing image when I know what bard looks like you psycho

cute girl who is that?

don't call me that you know I don't like that word

It's me, 時津風?

What happened to all his chest hair, and actually no I didn't

heh erio

ahh hello I live again.

what's up everyone




What about him?

That's Canadian?

Nair and yes you did.

Don't summon him.

-snuggle hugs- sweet dreams

Must have forgotten about it you little psy- I mean you sweet little girl


i really hate when people say that word to me, it makes it seem as if there's something wrong with me

Sini bed


it's 11am?

Not to overstep, but aren't you the one with split personality disorder or w/e


Well you know how you are treated generally depends on how you act

My mistake, sorry :?

Grim, I need your help on some tech stuff, are you there?

people walk all over because i'm nice

there's nothing wrong with me

I apologize, I didn't mean to sound accusatory.

its okay i guess


As long as you don't talk about cutting peooles skin off anymore

Or just in Canada, but what is the difference, truly.

if you add me on steam i'll open up about it a little more...
but you have to promise to keep it secret

that's horrible!

Are you Kanra? He's the only person that speaks Chinese and lives in Canada.

I agree it is

Make Test come online

please don't talk about things like that with me, okay?

It's Japanese.

same thing

If you say so.

I'm the other Canadian you hold adoration for.

I don't remember linking you to either of those posts

Sure! What's your steam name and stuff.

I think he's in class or somethin?

Here you go friends, a pic of my cat.

Hmm... The only other Canadian I like is Rin

Hey BD how are you?

...tfw the other one knows my Steam

Do you have anyone added so I can look at their friends list, then?

Smooth save, I'm alright just shitposting between work, you?

Yeah, exactly.


They're all mean to me so I blocked them

Is your job rough on your paws?

But you're not her, so...

i heard there was autism

Yes I am?

Thanks! and idk, my steam account is steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053926154

paws, real cute. I mean, yea I work with my hands a lot, but its not too horribly rough


Yes they do
Restaurants in the US sell poutine

why was bard upset yesterday?

You have a lot of friends I don't like.

Do you wear gloves at least?


something i had nothing to do with

Well the great thing, in my opinion, about being friends with people is that you can be friends with someone regardless of what social groups they put themselves in?

Like I love george & kyle but I don't really associate with the furries, and I hang out with BD or Elma and I don't really fly in their cliques.

I want to be friends with you! hopefully my relationship with others doesn't effect that.

Sinni is so friendly

Not really most of the work is too delicate for gloves


Maybe northern us, but it's definitely not a country wide thing.

please nice to my property okay?

You write a lot...

Isn't the metal super hot though?

okay i havent posted in m o n t h s but this is an emergency
please reply to this post with any erp/shitpost copypasta/pastebins/screencaps you have from the old days
preferably the alice/eva dog one

please and thank you

Sorry! I'm just really passionate about being friends with people

No you don't, you don't even know what cornbread is

She's cute, I'm sorry for missing your post, i'm drugged up atm

ill nice to it sure

Fuck I have no idea how to use Steam

I never allowed this.

You're imaging things, I work at a small shop with signs we don't get metal that hot

Story time, gather round ye lads and lasses...

So anyway, this must have been when I was... 13 or so... so a while back. I have a little sitter, about 3-4 years younger than me, and I have to say, I've always had the hugest of crushes on her. It's something about the shoulder length auburn hair, set with the aqua green eyes... I haven't seen her in some time, but just thinking about it gets my dick going.

Anyway, back to the past... My sister, like all little girls, tended to be innocent, maybe too much so, but she wasn't above forgetting to close the door when she was changing, or using the washroom, or any of that, so sufficed to say, accidentally catching her naked wasn't exactly uncommon, but I suppose that's not what I'm here to share. This one night it was pretty stormy, you could literally feel the house shake when the thunder struck. My parents, being heavy sleepers, were never bothered by it, and I didn't think my sister would be either, but me personally, I'm a really light sleeper, so storms like these would frequently sentence me to an all-nighter.

So anyway, I was doing what I typically do on these nights, and screwing around on the computer, I like to try all those little tricks, and such that could amuse a kid for hours, in fact, I can distinctly remember an entire day's programming classes where I spent the day with my monitor set upside-down. My teacher wasn't amused.

So, I was just going about my business, when I heard a soft rustling behind me. We don't have any pets, so this was odd, my parents, and sisters, should have been asleep right? So I was pretty freaked out. I wasn't sure if I should have turned to confront the intruder, or feign ignorance and hope they left me in peace.

I debated it briefly in my head when that beautifully melodic voice rang out. The voice of angels, my sisters. The jolt back to reality caught me off guard, and I realized I'd zoned out. I turned quickly to face her, and inspected the scene carefully.

From her expression, I'd assumed she was scared, but her eyes showed she was expecting an answer. She must have asked me something while I was zoning out.

I looked her in the eyes, keeping quiet. Would she ask again, or?

I sighed deeply before calling out to her, asking her what was wrong, deeply emphasizing that she should be in bed. I'm her big brother, after all, it's my job to look out for her.

That voice again, more clear this time. The bathroom. Of course, the bathroom. With a storm like this, it isn't a surprise she doesn't want to wander about alone. Shrugging I carefully lifted myself out of my chair, and made my way to her.

As I got closer, I could see her figure better... I think she was wearing a sundress, or something, I don't know, I just know it was pretty loose, and held her frame nicely, but my attention was brought to her face, those beautiful eyes. They were regarding me as some kind of hero.

Let me tell you, that always feels good, but coming from her, and her alone? It made me feel like a GOD.

Anyway, back to the story. I looked down to her, and nodded my acknowledgement, of course I'd protect her from the big bad storm, I mean, if I couldn't do that, what could I do?

As I was about to leave, I felt a sudden squeeze on my arm. Was she really this scared? I'd figure she could at least walk alone if I was there. I looked down to her, smiling. "Scared?" I asked, it was all I could, if I said too much, I might end up scaring her more.

She nodded quickly, exaggeratedly, she really was terrified. The feeling of her hair brushing against my arm though, that sent shocks through my body. I had to stop and catch my breath, or I might have collapsed. After catching my breath, and passing it off as the storm getting to me, I resumed our little guided trek.

Once we got to the bathroom, I couldn't help but feel relieved, I'd be able to collect myself, and calm down finally. I was never used to this kind of affection from anyone, let alone my sister, my biggest crush. Lighting the room, I tugged my arm back, to let her know we were there.

That voice again.

The voice of angels.

The voice of my dreams.

"I don't want to go alone."

I just about lost it. I had no idea how to react. I wanted this for the longest of times, but, I couldn't, what if she told someone?

Before I could begin to try explaining why I couldn't, though, she made her own way, bringing my arm, and the rest of me with it, along.

He's online on Discord?

You can add me on Discord too?

Daddy's Whore#2001

Anyway, this situation was a bit much, even for my, apparently, amazing powers of self control.

I had to stand there, with the girl of my dreams, as she undid her clothes to relieve herself.

Furthermore, I had to stand there, whilst she clung to my arm, and did the deed.

Time slowed to a crawl. I almost literally felt eons flare by during this one period. My life, almost literally, flashed before my eyes.

She just sat there, peeing on the toilet. I couldn't tell if she could feel my pulse through my arm, at this point, the pounding of my head, and the beating drum of my heart were beginning to block all senses from my mind.

Her slender body was right here, right beside me, clung tightly to me.

The gentle sound of her urination was beating off the walls, bringing the constant fact of the situation back to me.

My beating heart brought the tension to an all-time high. It was unbearable, and I couldn't help but find myself looking her over.

I could feel the pounding in my head begin to fade, but, I'm sure we all know why.

I could literally feel the tension of the situation grow as my pants began to feel even tighter.

Anyway, I just knew at this point, at how hard she was making me now, that I'd lost the battle of wills against my body. I knew that if it continued on any longer, nature would be taking over.

As I continued hounding over the situation, a subtle movement of my body roused my consciousness.

It'd just occurred to me that she'd finished, and looking over her again, she'd righted herself.

The hounding of the rain served as the only reminder of why we were here, and the only witness to what would undoubtedly transpire at this point.

Tugging back gently, I signed towards the door. "Ready to head back?" I prodded her gently, making sure she'd finished while I was fighting, and loosing, against all hell.

Her nod was all I needed before I grabbed her hand firmly.

Tugging her along, like she had to me, only short while prior, I quickly made my way back to my room.

This adventure, this punishment, was tantalizing, and I was on the verge of ensuring that I got something out of it.

As we came upon my room, that voice roused me once more. "What's that...?" she asked, almost too plainly.

Against all senses of 'good judgement,' I looked down to her, curious as to what she'd seen.

She was had seen the one thing I wanted to remain hidden the night, and I knew there was no turning back.

I pushed at my door, and lead her in. All sense of 'right' and 'wrong' was gone now. She's the girl I love, with all my heart, and that's all that mattered now.

This was it, I'm not sure if she understood... and even now, I don't know what exactly she thinks of it, but I have no regrets. If anything, I'm happy that at least once, before I died, I can truthfully say that I was truly with the girl I love.

As I said, "right" and "wrong" weren't even concepts at this point. Even time and space seemed inconsequential at this point.

"B-brother...?" that sweet angelic melody called out. It drove me made when she did that, that inquisitive tone, on that divine voice. Nothing could beat it.

She was just digging my grave more and more, but, it didn't matter, even now it doesn't. "You wanted to know what it is, right?"

Her eyes lit up. That sweet innocent face, it always makes me happy to know that I can make it. To know that I can make my beautiful little sister the happiest girl ever. "Come in, I'll show you."

I spoke the words calmly. Maybe too calmly, I think she sensed something was off, but, her curiosity easily won out, and she followed me in.

I was careful. I had to be, this was practically a death sentence.

I made sure to lock the door, and checked it at least three times before I motioned her to my bed.

She moved flawlessly, catching my motion with ease. Her steps were calculated around the clutter of my room. Watching her move was comparable only to watching a beautiful butterfly making it's way around the garden. The elegant, calculated movements. It wasn't helping matters.

She sat softly on my mattress, cocking her head to the side. It took several deep breaths, for me to finally work up the courage, and I unfastened my pants, letting them drop, quickly dropping my boxers as well.

There was no way she couldn't have known then. There was absolutely no way.

"This is..." her voice rang softly.

I wasn't sure if she'd been in those classes yet, so I quickly answered. "a penis." I opted quickly out of specifying 'my.'

I moved over, and sat beside her, pulling her into a tight embrace. This was my sister, my angel. The soft cotton fabric of her clothes, the tenderness of her body. Her hair still smelled faintly of strawberries. Everything about it, this bundle of divinity in my arms, was borderline criminal.

I brought my hand to her chin, and lifted it gently, creating a good view of her face, and couldn't help but close the distance, bringing our lips to meet.

do i like ban this bitch or what

After the few moments of ecstasy, I lifted my head, bringing her face back into view. Her cheeks were red, she was blushing, and it served only to madden my instincts more.

"B-brother...?" she began, but I didn't let her finish.

I brought my hand to her lips, whispering softly. "Don't worry... I'll always protect you..." I hugged her again, more tightly this time, and couldn't help but smile as I felt her body relax in my arms.

As I began to loosen my grip from the hug, gently tugging at her clothing, to get it up and over her head, I smiled softly to her.

In the flash of a moment, all I could feel was a sharp press to my front side, landing me back on my bed, her lips pressed to mine.
The crudeness of the kiss, and her somewhat tense body told me plainly that it was a form of mimicry.

I wrapped my arms around her, and helped them to find their way to her waist, gently tugging down, to remove her panties.

She wriggled, trying to escape the poor, silken confines, inadvertently making my job harder, but at short length, they hit the floor.

There's only four more.



i forgot but someone said you're evil

If you're not nice to him I'll make you regret it

Don't lose a finger...

You're a furry

im so scared

It's no trouble to me.

succ me bc i have no idea
reverse image search

Who said I was evil??

Sibbi is so pure and cute though... how could she possible be an evil disgusting degenerate with a daddy complex?

Wtf is this copy pasta


the two are not mutually exclusive


Some shit from an incest thread on Holla Forums back in, like, 2014 or whatever





you're purely a degenerate, fucker

you can be pure as a person and a complete degen sexually and imo the two are pretty seperate


That's a much more real possibility since I work with saws


Wow what is this gay argument

It's all your nice facade you monster


ur a shitposter

A professional

Hoped that something juicy would actually come from Guero's request

Shit, you got me
I'm just an edge candy with a sweet outer shell
like an m&m but with ghost pepper on the inside instead of chocolate


I don't even have a sweet outer shell who am I kidding

yea you're kind of just a prick, haha

I am for the Commander's petting pleasure, soz.


Let it be known on the record that Test is a Bad Friend.

why a tokitsu so

So I'm your bf

No, Nezumi is.

I will steal you away that we might elope


That would just get you beat up.

Also shouldn't you be in "school", nerd.

Test and Goggles are dating?


Cute, when's the wedding?

secretly rin is tokitsukaze

I'm between classes. Not that I ever pay much attention


idk ask them

When's the wedding?




Right now, where's your wedding gift

You didn't get the Commander and I one so I let him decide what to get you.






lets play dark solus

Isnt that Isabelle's brother

Yeah, Digby!

I'm not at home.

And aren't you Chen? Nigga I don't like you

nigga why wtf


Subtle, you forgot about me last night.


Sorry ^^'

had a really great time with you last night subtle. we should hook up more often.

dark solus

I was joking that it's you, so you probably actually hoped I forgot.

hook up for gay sex I mean. Gay anal sex.


Could be, I don't really know
Never been farther south than Maine, or off resort the one time I went to Florida

I do, and I love cornbread


Also hello everyone I'm back uwu

I'm back too

Afaik, it's mostly just the places Canadians can get to wtihin a few hours that sell Poutine.

WeBa, Sibbi.

No idea
And I'm not about to drive 10 hours to the border


Or apparently places really far away


I kinda remembered before I slept, I just suck

Sorry I don't live near MTL anymore

I live very far from Montréal

Huh, well then.

Oh, okay. When can we, then?

So what's better?

Where are you even? Surely there's a good place to get good poutine somewhere

Non-franchised poutineries

Places that use real gravy and make their own fries

Homemade is best, tbh.

We don't buy French fries, so I can't make homemade ones

Whenever's good for you
I have to sleep in about 5 hours though

Buy potatoes and make your own fries...?

I'm basically always good if I'm not already doing something.

Too much work
I'll leave that to people who are good at it

Waterloo. The only place I like better than Smoke's here is Frat Burger.

You know Smoke's does that, right?

I'm passable.

thanks for the cum sinni

Knee-socks why does her shirt have egg on it...?

No rectal coitus for you.

Whenever this league game ends ;;

Ok I'm actually back!!


Can't have an egg on your face if it's on your shirt

not sure that...


Your boytoy thanks you for the cummies.

Yee :3c he is totally my boytoy and is very uwu and small

i always thank mommy sinni for cummies


They don't here
The gravy is fucking shit and they use McCains fries

eugh I don't like this anymore


I don't play supp and I don't think I even own that champ :c


Naisu desuyo.

Wow, you didn't even get Lulu in Neru's memory...

I play with Neru a lot though!


How fucked am I?

I mean, I've never seen her with an egg on her face.

What the heck? I thought they make their own everywhere.
They have stacks of huge bags of potatoes any everything.

it was a joke I don't wanna be a mommygf

whats wrong mommy

Maybe, but not here

Sounds like you need to move somewhere less shit tbh fam

A little
But your SD card is super fucked

I already knew that
This place is fucking horrid

Oh, okay.

I guess...

If he's been a good boy make sure to give him tendies for lunch.


nice sd card


mommy i want tendies and big milkies

Buy me a new one.

Fuck I had so much hentai on it.

Nice link.

Where are you?

I dunno, she has like 6 of the same sweater and then like 4 other egg related ones.

Buy me a new one.

One more and I wont speak to you for a day


Nova Scotia

excuse you

I mean it!!!

dont make me punish you

tfw just hit retry on a 99% FC instead of resume

To be fair the format was formatting it to NTFS :^)

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

I probably would if you gave me your address :3

Because I failed

But I just got myself a 64GB one.

better :3c

dirty whore


Shit I forget Test's address.

Oh shit, actually?

But I need a new one.



Wow Test told you his address


Why did you kill your old one?



I'm sorry, I shouldn't have joked about it.

He posted it in thread and it was a pasta for a bit or something.

It wasn't intentional. I'm blaming it on the new Windows update.



It's fine, nothing wrong with it

youre lucky i cant demand recompense while we're with tristan

Mac doesn't have this problem.

128GB tho?

Hopefully you're doing better now.

I think that math made 119GB or something.


So big

Much better, thanks

Of course ikt would know about big drives.

My drives are small.

Ok that makes sense :3
I guess I'm limited to digital xmas gifts for you

You like them big

Well unless I wanted to pay $600 to upgrade to a 512GB SSD over this 256GB one I had to buy one :^)

Good, I'm glad to hear it.

Or you could not.


I'm a boy tho

They make sex toys for boys.

What about a 3TB HDD that can store more

It was going to be a Tenka body pillow.



With an onahole, I bet.

They don't make onahole that small

Yeah, it's a rough slope, but I'm walking my way up, slow and steady

is your penis that big?

H-How did you know

you memer

I wouldn't know.