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bump ^_^


I just put half the thread on suicide watch
GG cunts

it is OFFICALLY fucking crazy here now


Do me next

i praise you for being the most consistently delusional person here



Remember that time I said I was sorry for calling sinni a thot?


That is rich coming from a dog fucking pedo

Are you sure? Have you seen some of the other posters?

Good morning


im pretty sure there is different terminology used for things that are not humans but i wouldn't expect an idiot to know that

now this is pod racing

Well I am not calling you a truther


thats why im praising them

Clint did you get my message last night?

lost ur name bard

literally all you have to reply with every time


baddog = #1 idiot

he cant even debate me

he thinks clint is bard oh my god lol

I would say try and debate me, but you'd fail.

No, can't say I did.


when you call everyone the number 1 idiot of the day guess what. no one cares

Bad dog is what happens when someone gets AIDs to the brain.


He got that brain rot.
he like a ghoul
but a faggot.



im borrowing this for a good cause sorry ill give it back

I remember you saying they were a bad friend in the discord



Ruined bad dog so much he left thread

fukken pwnt kiddo

bard stop


Said the man who incites drama.
Don't make me fuck that teeth gap, kiddo.


That doesn't even make sense.

Saw you mention 9734 last night?
Posted last night to let you know that he's doing good. Has a firm handle on his crazy these days.

I didn't see you last night!

what's happening in here now


It isnt drama if im telling kermit you are back stabbing them

scoot doesnt make sense yea

I work like, 12 hours a day. I don't get to be around much anyhow.

you are literally existing in the realm of memes atm



I mean, it must be fun to act like kermits friend when really you arent but... come on dudes.

This is the only image I have of my face but I want to be part of the face posting meme.

That's bullshit but I believe it. Yeah, I've halfass kept tabs on shit, I heard.


Also bad dog, werent you the one who blew a dog?

i wasnt acting like his friend i was just answering them, they arent friends with me either sooooo....

I wasnt refering to you, guily conscience?

does answering your stupid questions ever really stop them from happening? i'll let you sit on that for a bit


Scoots fucked up a word.

maybe link people you stupid shit


lol u fukken mad?

I dont' want to link though.

A slapable face.

good defense, strong

cats don't have lips
so they can't do m


He posted like he was fukken mad as hell

A smoochable face

shit my dude ur mad
u just got trolled to death

We faceposting? Faceposting.


sinni is a reptilian

Furry invasion is preemptive to scalie normalisation. Chemicals in the water turning the freaking frogs into trannies


ive posted my face like a million times already im going to pass on this one


I'm not a reptilian!!

Is that you?
That doesn't look like you.

Me- Unless we're not self face posting?

time to leave for sleep.

just, guise, stop being mad as hell... just because I killedd kermit, bard and bad dog

He's right though, I am a bad a friend.
Been far too distant with buddies from my past.

Yeah, it was at like fucking 5 in the morning on my side anyway, didn't expect to catch anyone that wasn't on the other side of the pond.

Still a shame. If I saw you I would have whispered some sweet nothings into your ear.

I just assume everyone around here has their guard to some extent, mostly because most people here are absolute cunts to each other

He mostly keeps to Alice's these days, but he's improving for sure. The only questionable thing really is that he still makes up excuses for fucked up sociopaths like smarticus or whoever else.


do what?

oh the m vowel sound?

what would you think they say? rrrwar?

just go already you brony fuck




who is that semen demon

That's me.

dallas are you on the pink pill

Darling, please.

It can't be.
I just jerked off to that vid you sent me the other day.
It's too different.

By the way. I want to come out as trans now.

I identify as squash

Eh, whatever- I'm sure they've still got a cell just for him in case he ever decides to go full on Dahmer.

I already told you.

george is away, let's name his doodle dumb things again. I'll start

The Baby Carrot

Who am I?

the Bigger than Mine.

Are you keeping the goatee?

'eow I think. same for purr and bark.

also, cats or dogs?

I shave like, once every 4 months.

Yes definitely, that is what's going on.

i always had my suspicions

Didn't know if you were talking about Smarticus or 9734, but I guess it applies to both.

George chose cookies over me QQ

shut up cum dump

you speak when youre spoken to

Are you othering me and my lived experienced as a person of personness? I cannot exist if someone denies my identity and that's basically killing me. You want to kill me, that's a hate crime you racist.



sorry girlfriend called and shes not a shitposter

Well you're just going to have to accept it- I know that's going to be hard for a bigot such as yourself but if you do everything exactly according to how I tell you it might be alright.

woof woof Purrr~ purr


kitty is independant, i like kitty.

dog is nice but... not my style. Although smol puppys and kittens i enjoy equally~

To be honestly it makes sense.
Dallas use to be a massive hater on furs.
Then he was one.

Now he hates trannies sooo....

Dogs are my style, Luka.


im proud of you

I'd bone lady Dallas.

Man I don't even know what happened to Smarticus these days- I've had a running bet that he gets his ass eaten by a Kodiak before too long. But that's too much to ask for, it would seem.

does Clint identify as a liberal tho?

woof woof
they need you sooo much! pets and walks and foods and loving hugs.

you dont want to know, just commissioning cuntboy fanart and playing shitty steam games like the autist they are

I am slightly autistic

Both of you can just go right to fucking hell.

Is it?

In the end I was the only pure one left.

I still have your description of him screencapped from a few years ago. Still spot on.


you think you like kitty, but kitties won't like you.

dogs are everyone's style. they're more trainable. easily independant.

the only downside is it feels a lot worse when they eventually die.


too messy.

You lust after a sociopath cross dresser and also tried to get into George's pants when he was a girl.
You're just as degen as we are.

why do i actually remember this being posted

was this posted directly at me??


its even worse than you know

Man you guys swear Pedophiles are bad people

I just like cars, man.

[muffled Nostradamus plays]


At least the dogs I fuck are of age.


Goddamn time flies.


Maybe! Don't recall. I mean it was fuckin' 5 years ago

i say give the poor guys a chance

maybe in dogs years


you can train them not to be.

and the time spent making them better is worth it.

i was more asking dallas because i remember him warning me firsthand at what a sick fuck smarticus was


Oh you got me there Kyle

that's p enlightened of you

just with a name like Clint, figured you'd either be stereotypically one side, or ironically the other


ppl trained cats too! :D


come to think of it i remember some of the only things smarticus ever sent to me, besides meows, was like weird torture porn

Tiss I who has the moral high ground.

Doing much?


just noticed bd is in my id too

idk whats happening anymore but I still wanna post and be contributive

He sent me some weird fanfiction he wrote where the characters raped and cannibalized each other or something

Sorta stopped talking to him after that

thats the spirit!


no really? you didnt want to see the follow-up or the spin-off?

laying here
watching youtubes
yawning because i just woke up an hour ago

I might be wrong, but I'm like 80% sure it was lackdaisy fanfiction too.

I can handle the rape and vore, but lackdaisy? come on.


Watching anything interesting?

well he did claim to see everything like the comic, probably as an exaggerated lie for attention and special treatment

You or one of the Bill Jaulitz posters, I wanna say.

It's not really about being enlightened, just kind of a combination of apathy, how I'd like to be regarded and how everything can jive. I don't like politics.

you can't train a cat to love

ever intentionally make sad noises at a dog? they try to comfort you! try pulling that with a cat.

nope i definitely remember it now. it was around the time he got out of the mental hospital the first time and started being a pothead

Kind of want to stream a play of FF1 on NES.

can you please actually link it in thread this time?


the cat purred and healed me! ^_^

Link me one, I'm looking for something to watch

Why would I link my thing here?

do you guys like raspberries or strawberries i need to ask cuz tiddy bribe

so people can join and watch? do i really even need to answer that?



like maybe three people will come and anyone who doesnt actually want to stay will get bored and leave in five minutes but whatever man

That's a lot

Raspberries are where it's at. Just stuff a shitload n my mouth fuck me up

I was about to head out anyway

I'd watch it

yeah i just got done with 5 before that

Then why bother linking it here if nobody is going to come anyway?

I sleep soon. It would be on the weekend.
Also add me on Steam.

I barely watch any YouTube videos

i mean why did he even post about it here, for everyone to see, if he wasn't going to provide a link to watch right??

everyone is apathetic on some level, and that is something politicians rely on, and the reason why many bad systems have been created.

wish I could be as secure in my apathy as you .__.

it was prolly hungry.

BD just mad 'cause he didn't get invited.


so you are just trying to advertise for attention, gotcha

in a place where you are going to tell people who want to watch "no"


I added him

Is that from BB?
also sent, though I'm about to pass out.

That or I posted and would send private links to people I would like to stream for if they showed interest instead of asking one by one.

i dont see an addy

then send them, privately? wowwe

i watch youtubes every single day

it snuggles and relaxed~

Armored Core 4 Answered.

My computer is named Rosenthal after one of the Corporations.

It's like you didn't read the second half of my post.

Why would you see his adds

If listening to music on YouTube counts, then I "watch" it every day

i did its just you're acting like a little shit when i express desire to see it, you don't handle positive or negative attention well

You told me to post a link here and got pissy when I said I didn't want to do that.

Armored Core was fun!


to steal your warmth :(

sorry, cattens r sociopaths

That game was fucking jamming.

Ah, well, both are FromSoft.
And nice.

Haven't played an AC game in forever tbh

Anyway I'm out of here, later folks and friends

I don't know how to find the kind of thing I would want to watch
I also don't know what kind of thing I would want to watch
Which is a dilemma since all my recommendations are music

So long.

I can be secure in my apathy regarding the kinda shit-flinging side of politics because engineering is my game. So when other people piss and moan or otherwise declare something needs to happen, or we have to find a practical solution to this that or the other, put some pie in the sky notion into reality, it's going to come down to me and people like me to actually DO and not just talk. There's a security in that sort of thought.


vroom vroom gliding around the battle feild in giant mech shooting tonsa guns custom mounted to your mech and battling giant walking ship machine!

well i guess you must have removed me for a reason so its not like i was going to ask you to re-add me

hey if im one of the people you dislike thats all you have to say, i just thought it was a little funny you were pretending like enough people would be interested to "shit up the stream"

watch more

I don't know what to watch though

I always liked the aerial combat.

You sure seemed interested.
I removed you because you're kind of annoying and I never saw us as close anyhow.

Chill out my dude.

interested in watching something doesn't equate to a "shitted up stream"

and i guess i kind of remember being in a call with you while you played that old MMO trine or something... oh god

you're right i'm sorry

search for it.

i can't remember any.

LMAO trine isnt even an MMO

Bd, you're an okay guy.

Trine is an RPG
A fun one at that

I need the ideas to search for to search though

im getting moral support from grim help me

yea trine is great, im trying to think of the game he played with that dumb rabbit

You come here and constantly start shit with whoever.
I have little proof you act differently outside of here.
It is why I don't even reply to you most days.



And I never played Trine.


The character was a rabbit?

Nice digits

You should
It's a good game

oh well... ;~;

I never got to interested in it.
I have so much to finish right now anyway.


I won't even get into this. but good engineering solutions in a world where people don't seem to have consistent measures of what constitutes a problem, and lying about a problem can have more appeal and social capital than some tedious engineer's solution.

sorry. a cat rejected my pets once and nothing's been the same since.

Actually I talk pretty extensively with the people I actually socialize with, I think you're being a little over-sensitive saying I intentionally start shit all the time with whoever, it's just there's rarely anyone here i know

anyways this is getting a bit too extensive for me i don't even know why i wanted to watch the stream, it was honestly more over the principle of the situation anyhow

we'll get Vaughn running right when i egt some free time and get a few streams in


I'm sure.

yea you could play as a rabbitfolk thing or whatever

go play your game :^)

I know the feeling
I have so many games started

Tera perhaps?

yea that was it, Tera


engineer a solution

check discord

quantum engineer a solution

I'm working on the new Zelda and Splatoon with Snuffles.

That thing right there is why I stopped playing TERA.

I don't have a Switch

Elin are adorable, I love them

uhm alright

eww it almost looked like a baby


I just got tired of how saturated it was with them and how new classes were female only and Elin got preferential treatment.

Hey, babe

already got a dog~

There were rather a lot of them
I was leveling a Gunner so I could play Reaper

how u im sleeby

I only played Popori.
I probably sunk 2k hours into it.

Full of allergies.
Bed soon.


literally have updated and tried everything other than updating motherboard BIOS and STILL having wifi problems only when playing games

this is fucking stupid

I never played it that much
I sort of stopped because I kind of gauge MMO's for enjoyability based on how much fun I had initially playing WoW

ow oof

its probably the mobo bios then

unless you forgot to update the wifi card fw

maybe updating the wifi fw made it shittier? try reverting to a more stable ver

I literally just installed a new wireless pcie adapter and updated with the win10 drivers

Seems kind of unfair, but TERA was full of shit people and it was a grind.
I only liked it so much because I was depressed and suicidal when I started and the locations kind of made me feel ok and I meet a few people on it.

I'm considering going back to school.

exact same behavior with both wireless cards, both had updated drivers

It is a bit, but when you play the same game for so long, you sort of compare things unconsciously to it
I know that feeling, the map was beautiful and the gameplay was fun

for what?

brb updating fucking BIOS


Games tend to really help me feel ok.
Though lately I'm better.
A lot less toxic shit in my life so I'm feeling like games are just fun again.

No idea.
Whatever I need to own and run an arcade bar or something.


if that doesnt work try using the 2.4ghz
if THAT doesnt work use a different channel
these settings are on your router

i dont think you need college for that besides like a few bartender classes, just money, a location, and some connections along with a liquor license. is there really a college for bartenders? i am not being a smartass

I tried 2.4 and 5.0

same thing

business degree probably

yeah. Hopefully I can actually manage it.
I don't think I've really studied anything in years.

Do you like Muse at all?

Do your best!!!!!

Games were a way for me to waste time until I could go to sleep
Then I'd wake up, waste my time and go to sleep
Repeat every day
I'm only starting to enjoy games again after a very long time

not really

You should sleep.

I need some that don't have trackable goals.
Something that's just easy fun.

I'm very much looking forward to Monster Hunter World to come out
I sadly don't have a PS4 or XBox One so I have to wait until they come up with a release date for PC

fair enough, where are your tastes in music?

I have a group I'm playing it with.
I'm stoked for it

some good wisdom here, you can;t enjoy games if you live on them, they aren't an escape if you aren't escaping from something and any place can be a prison

probably but I like talking to george and you


What system?

what sort of music do you listen to?

You are too kind.
I have to sleep soon though.


If I was going to buy one of the new consoles, it would be a ps4

i miss yuyu-hakusho, and now i miss HxH


Add me if you do.
Only person here I have added is Bard I think.

I hope that If is too large to fit through the door

Will do

Why? PS4 has some cool games on it, and I kind of got over the xd pc mastur race a long time ago
Is PC better? Yes
Does that mean I can't enjoy playing a console? Not really

My friend has a Ps4 and hardly uses it for anything besides overwatch, i hope there is more exclusive games for it so i can say it was worth it for him, battlefront 2 should be a nice change in pace

A lot! Fleet foxes, Alt-J, paper kites, meatloaf, etc etc etc.Just throw a dart and I'll probably like what you hit.

Catch good zzs!

I decided to wake up QQ

Good night, Sinni.

Sleep tight, catch good zzs

that's true but you want to make sure that you have games you want to get before you shell out like 300 dollars for a worse computer, yea its totally worth it if you have a group of friends to do it with, or if it's more portable like the switch, i'd just cautious against it unless you have multiple incentives to get it

just not Muse right? =P I love meatloaf! when he does bat out of hell live i get the vapors

just caution*

That's part of the reason I haven't gotten one yet, not enough of the exclusive games that I want to play out yet, and I don't have the money for it

I hate most live recordings or w/e, and with meatloaf on the way out I doubt I'll get to see him in person

exactly, and since i have a friend who paid 600 dollars for it when it was new, and they hardly use it for like, anything besides netflix and hulu.... well you can see where my disappointment stems from

i meet a lot of people here who just cant stand live things, its so weird. but yea i havent seen him live i just more meant his recorded live stuff

Yeah, if there aren't a bunch of games or things that you want to play with it, it's definitely not worth it
I kind of want to get the VR thing for it too, EVE Valkyrie is really fun, Horizon Zero Dawn looks really sick, and that's about all I really want that I know of right now
I don't really look at console titles because I don't have any of them though, so there are probably more I'd want to play

Any country?

this is worth the watch, look at this man. look at him. he walks up on stage, slowly, measured, he looks out over the audience, putting on a show, a performance not just a song.

i wish more performers were like this




I'd recommend keeping it in consideration sure, but you know if there's any real reason to get VR it's gotta be those really nifty atmospheres in the backgrounds and stuff, really cool in those games, it's just a shame it's not in the same level of quality as it would be for PC if you are going VR, but i know you said you're over it and it would be the cheaper and easier to set-up option probably

I think it would be easier to set up a VR rig on PC, but the thing about that is that I need to buy a new GPU
So I'm looking at about $1000 minimum to play VR on my computer

- New computer



settings might be funkier with PC dont you think?id imagine the ps4 one couldnt be much more than straightforward, but yea updating everything for VR is a mess on PC

only thing I can think of is that our security camera system has port 80 forwarded and both my games I play use those ports

I'm gonna try unplugging the fucking ethernet for the camera system

6 months ago
I hope the sound guy reads this....you stink, what a debacle. I hope you are at Home Depo now because you have no right to be behind a sound desk. Wanker."

just saw this comment in the video i posted im so sorry sinni

inb4 robbed

in before grenade in the toilet

Yeah, setting it up on the PS4 is pretty easy
You just kind of let it know there's a headset and it does it, I think
I haven't really looked into it too much

I think setting it up on PC might be fun in it's own way though, and there's a lot more indie games and stuff that you can play

sad awoo girl

didn't help

I literally have zero ideas

I'm gonna ask my dad's IT guy for his business

this is fucking ridiculous

you have a fun way of thinking about fun and easier, but yea of course PC VR would be more rewarding, but i was trying to stay away from the PC masterrace shit

Well, there's a difference between pc master race stuff and the fact that there are definitely more things you could do with it on a PC
But looking at them, the ones that are available for PC have those weird little controllers that you use, and I think I'd rather have just a regular gamepad, and the ones on the PS4 usually have a better budget and are made by a professional studio and might be more worth the money you put into it than indie PC games might be

It's all stuff I'll have to look at when I actually have money

HAHA YEA, that whole "having the money" part

Yeah, at the very least I need to upgrade my GPU

im vr ready i THINK but im not really sure if i have any interest in it yet... sorry VR

It's definitely in its infancy right now, I kind of look forward to the stuff that'll be done with it in the future though

videogames are unironically a pretty good reason to stay alive on their own yea, it will be pretty neat

I need something with a bit more substance to them than video games for that

well i dont even play them a lot anymore myself, im just saying technology is so advanced that the collective culture that videogames on their own have captured is substantial

my dad's like "oh you're only having internet problems when you play video games? doesn't sound like a problem to me"

No doubt. Video games feel like they got really big in the past 5 years or so
As odd as it sounds, I feel like Call of Duty and other games that normies play are to thank for that


i have nothing against classic call of duty games or the new monstrous shooters that dominate a large portion of the market, even the soul sucking mobas that people want to play, anything that makes games a more popular and viable medium is good, imagine if books were like 50 years old, would we say writing is an advanced form? well settled and properly defined? of course now, not just VR, but videogames as a whole are still rapidly evolving, its very very exciting

of course not*

I'm kind of curious as to how far video games would have come if they were still the occupation of the "fringe" groups
I get the feeling that Call of Duty only got popular after the consoles started having built in internet play. PS2 and original XBox games I think were less popular than the XBox 360 and PS3 with their online play

VR is objectively terrible.

I kind of forgot where I was going with this part way through, and it probably shows

Right now it is, but in like 5 years it'll probably be amazing

of course, you always have to accept the good with the bad, all the things you see people complain about help fuel those fringe projects to some extent, how extensive even would gaming boards be without consoles? all the lost ad-revenue from so few portions to the site

you can't change one thing without changing everything

when I play games my ping is constant but the RTT is spiking nonstop

While they certainly did a lot, it kind of damaged the kind of games that came out for PC
Why try and make a game for new and varying stuff when you can make one for the same set of hardware each time
If they actually made a good port, I wouldn't mind, but a lot of them are getting lazy now

I'm gonna head to bed, or try to at least

yup well its still a very early thing, you know we're only on the playstation "4", its something to think about

see you later id like to talk more

watch the ping and RTT

Before I go, have this

we aren't even doing this for the military this is just like IRL technology shitposting, and i love it oh so very much

imagine bringing that fucking dumb ass looking mech on an actual battlefield and getting laughed at, like i don't even think you'd be attacked they'd be too busy taking snapchats of you

sup thread peeps :3

Heeeeyyyy there whats up hows it going Made

heyy! Long time no see, baddog^^
Doing well here. Just got home from work and about to light up some of my homegrown.

How's it been witchu~?

i guess i can get a bowl loaded up but it aint no homegrown haha, ive got a tiny bit here but i want it out of the house so i stop thinking about it, gotta get ready to do some gaming with friends instead of procrastinating on it

Yeaaaah! 530 blazikun with me homie.

What games are you playing tonight?
I got hooked on one of those .io games: superhex.io. I'll play some of that or keep going with binding of isaac (again)


hey man repetition isn't bad if you found what you like right my homie?? some pal wants me to play dirty bomb with them and i bought cuphead and have made barely any progress on it, let alone the fact ive barely even touched darksouls 3 even though i bought it off sale with full DLC


Here's a pity (You).


does anybody have sonata's steam?


Yeah it's irrelevant

well unless you've got any more ideas to fix my internet I need to contact somebody who knows networking

had to run the 100 foot ethernet cable across the house again in the meantime .-.

is it only that computer?


Who is alive in this late night thread, I can't sleeb yo.

how long ago did you wake up sinni

13 hours ago?

I assumed it was more like 5, ahue

unless you just joke about saying 'good morning' during the evening

I can't sleep either

I don't have another computer capable of running games like overwatch so idk

is it just OW then?



It's not a joke! I just like saying good morning

also I ate an apple

The fuck is this and why is it eating my CPU



burnt my lip on some coffee rn

had me like

That's how you're trying to hide the herpes?






it's canada hours


windows 10 preloading the fall creators update most likely.


this started randomly out of nowhere?


jk do what u want sinni



It's making my screen fuck up because FUCK MICROSOFT

no it's all the time

if i log into OW on wifi right now I will get those symptoms

going right into junkenstein's revenge I have constant lag spikes

Well the cats out of the bag lol

Sounds like animal cruelty.

If I ever go to smokes I'd just order regular plain fries

Pretty sure you can't

Emma is adorable

I'm a boy tho

Wow what if I don't like gravy or cheese
This is bullshit

Then you probably shouldn't go to a place called "Smoke's Poutinerie"



I knew it!!!! ;;

just go McDonald’s then

It was pretty obvious tho

So like what exactly can you put on your poutine

What do you usually get?

pls no

Literally so much.

I always do pulled pork, but bacon cheeseburger is really good too.

show me your dink you liar

New York fries??

I'm not bern





o hi luka