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I luckily don't talk to anyone about the show ever in my life before today other than with Guero and Ooble, whom I watch the show with.

He was actually in the Alice chat. I don't go there often but one of the few times I was there before I got banned I saw him lmao.

did we really just fill up a thread that fast lmao

A two hour thread, almost a passable speed.

You are.

yeah I'm way too lazy to find him, someone just tell him I said hi.

Lol I don't talk to fuckers who are nuttier than squirrel shit, I just seem to wind up indexing and archiving what happened to a lot of fuckers by happenstance. Weird seeing where people like Seppo went.


explain what you were doing in the gfur threads constantly then

is that why some of the alicefafs in the chat they have thought i was you trying to come back? lmaooooo

almost passable is pretty damn good for these days

lets see test answered you once and, i don't care, guess you're shit out of luck this time

Is that a thing? I don't even know why I was banned, nor have I asked for an unban or tried to break in.

That's pretty funny that I'm so disliked.

Walking a tightrope of communication and bailing on fuckers like Ice. Also getting on Dani's tits, usually.

kind of starting to like this cupcake person

I think Alice just dislikes me because I took away their mod lmao.

it just must have been around the same time because i got banned and never tried going back for like a long time

I really don't even know what you're going on about.

All I did was ask who you are.

You're pretty much having a conversation with yourself.

someone said this to me
then they said
idk how to people
people suck

Last time I was in Alice's chat, they were going on about how this board was made just to shit talk her and that we all talk about how we hate them almost every day. I lol'd.

dont forget all the gay porn you wanted to look at

test already replied to you, its not my fault if you did not see it

I had better sources than the threads.

I wish I was so convinced that the world revolves around me.

All of them do, ye

He saw it and responded to it.

He knows who you are now, he's just letting you spin your wheels.

yea they had pretty generally bad tastes didnt they

I'll figure them out yet.

I tried explaining that they weren't that special but I don't think it clicked.

He said you're Bad dog.

Are you retarded ?

i know he knows and am responding in ways that cannot be approached in ways that are not dumb

what kind of retard puts a space after a question mark

I can't even begin to transform in this dimension.

It's a reference to Desu.

do not not get on the level that is the one above the one below the one i am not on

I put it before it.

but now you are responding seriously




that means you lost

Oh no

yup, now i get to request you to do one dance



i will accept this but just because i kind of like ken


Thats right, fucking take it you slut.


i dont think im very familiar with your personality yet but that's okay!

adorable ^_^


everyone makes mistakes


woof woof


He's doing pretty well, seems to have the crazy on a tight leash. Only thing that still troubles me is that he has misplaced sympathies for Smarticus and some other creepy sociopaths, but whatever. Don't think he's at risk of being manipulated or used by any of them any time soon.

At least I hope not.

I'm a genius but everything is kind of a drag...

My IQ is over 200.

This is mine

Goggles is my gf

oh god i still have contacts with smarticus somewhere, not that i think they would reply to me without anything to use me for

are you sleepy?
do you have school soon?

No hes mine.

I just finished midterms which means I got Monday and Tuesday(today) off. That's why I've been posting so much.

Just ask him.

aside from making a skin suit out of you?

okay now who the fuck is this Slippy guy and where did they come from

More furries.

is this relaxing to you?

Yeah I guess so.

i mean blood-chan already threatens me about that all the time, and Smarticus hangs out with Ice so i know they get up to all sorts of weird shit i want nothing to do with, same with Tulpa who i no longer talk to

I'm in a call with him right now.

they are mine

posting i meant*
but yeah, done any drinking recently or?
cooked anything that you found tasty these past few days? :)

Mr.Eastwood should be able to piece it together.


Tulpa's still around? I thought he dropped off the radar after he lost that 1000 dollar chess game with alice.

I know you are that's why I said ASK HIM

I've not drank in a couple weeks.

No not particularly.

i can piece it together i just want to know why its happening kermit

Who would dare put themselves in an arena with that high of stakes against one with such intellectual MIGHT

I can't when hes not at his computer.

I could text him but I don't feel like doing that

;~; what keeps you going? anything at all to get your endorphins running at least a tiny bit??

well you know

might have had a little something to do with it

Oh, Kermit?

Hey Kermit since you're here how come I got banned lmao

Then my meme is ruined.

Video games.

For once, I didn't want to draw attention to myself.

Well I mean, she did beat him pretty handily. I even have a screen cap of it somewhere. They both livestreamed it.

I'm still going to ask him when he gets back.


Dunno who you are. Alchemist?

makin them sweet adrenaline genji plays
taking a break from ow just right now then? since kewl people are posting~ ;)


sorry but i remember everyone and slippy is a shitty faggoty name

actually both games were really close, and both people were likely cheating, i have prior experience with people cheating using chess computers and that was what i ultimately wanted to see when i got tulpa to agree to play with alice

but i won't discuss any of it further

I just don't much feel like it right now. Felt like posting all day, really. Haven't been posting enough tbh

You can't tell me I'm using a shitty faggoty name and post shota shit from undertale at the same time.

Regardless he got fuckin' owned and didn't pay up, and that's the last any of us heard from him on our side.

Think Alice saw you talking shit or something, I don't recall the exact circumstances. It's been like what, a year?

they both lost their mtch as white and that is what is suspicious to me, you should know who i am kermit, i was the only other person with tulpa when he came to do the match

Sad, I guess this is all I have saved. I could have sworn I had the actual chess game screen capped

i got that feeling from you / i noticed that yesterday.

oops, don't post anymore

I mean at the time I just went into the chat and was asking if Chen was allowed in there because he was spamming in animus and I was curious if you people tolerated him or if you found him equally insufferable, and in the middle of my conversation I was banned.

I don't think it was quite a year, but I never really felt like trying to get back in.

Also BadDog says that somebody thought he was me trying to get back in. Which is kind of funny to me.

Oh I did try to go in there like a week ago and it wasn't working or something, too. Other than that I haven't.

So he just bans for thought crimes now?

Is anyone capable of tolerating Chen? From what I see he just goes around stirring drama and then bitches about all the drama.

And I don't remember that, we tend to just ban people who don't outwardly ID themselves.

We had the gates closed for a while, also there's a VPN blocker, dunno if that's related.

I wouldn't let someone in my home if I thought they were just there to cause trouble either.

come on buddy.

Well anyways, I got what I wanted out of their little interaction, and that's all that mattered to me, after confirming Ice was using a chess computer by having him beat me while I was using a less powerful but still much stronger than a Human chess computer, I figured I would try the same trick with tulpa, and then get him to do it with Alice while making him think it was his idea

but you know, i kind of just wanted personal confirmation that someone constantly bullshits there way from day to day rather than just assuming it

that's how cult leaders operate

Yeah I ban him on sight lol

I've never used a VPN for anything. Even on 4chan when I'd evade I just used my phone.

My name was set to "Test"

really ironic kermit was here to confirm all this tonight huh

Like I won't sugarcoat it I think it was just a bit of revenge which I really can't fault but like it's not my fault a lot of people here don't like Alice. I'm just a guy keeping a community together not some witch hunter.

yea and i really have no strong opinions on alice, they dont seem dangerous to me, and any allure they might have had from original Alice has faded to me personally through multiple interactions with them

What providence. What divine intelligence.

So he was cheating then? That's rich.
Guess that explains his confidence.

oh, give me a fucking break.

Don't know then, wasn't me at least. Could have been any of the other mods that have a bone to pick with you.

Confirm what exactly? That Chen sucks or that Alice doesn't like him?

I don't know any of the others, myself. You and that one Southern guy that does the Vocaroos are the only people I've had any extended interactions with.

And I don't even remember his name anymore if that's telling.

i think its just you and this divine being here oh no wait kermit posted

if he was cheating they were cheating, people can't beat chess computers. but that's it. im keeping it short for you.

nothing to do with chen, nevermind it entirely if you didnt get it

I don't even think he's a mod, I'm just saying you're the only two I've really talked to at all.


And I figured it might have been Jan or Oak doing it for a laugh but I really can't say.

but that's wrong, you fucking retard.

oh sorry did I trigger you talking smack about your supreme leader? lmao.

no its not, no ones done anything better than tie with the top level of chess computers, i'll say it again. they both cheated.

Yeah that guy. He was in the pony threads a couple times and eventually ended up in a pony steam chat for a while that I was in.

No, I just think you're a cunt. That's pretty much the long and short of it.

That's...not true at all.
I don't think you know what you're talking about.
People beat chess computers all the time.

ohohoho looks like I'll have a fun subject to talk with him about later, lmao

you should probably post evidence of people beating the strongest chess computers, and then explain to the thread how much you know about them, by providing multiple sources

and before you say i need to post evidence all id be doing is showing people losing to chess computers


Wow that was hard


cool now explain to the thread these top ranked chess computers and tell us how many times any of them have lost to a person

"Since that time, chess programs running on commercial hardware - more recently including mobile phones - have been able to defeat even the strongest human players."

from the article you linked btw

Aside from that it's not like either of them employed the use of fucking chess super computers to play off each other.

Don't they have loss ratios listed?
I don't get this argument.

ok? Humans have still beaten chess computers before.

You said it's never happened or was at best a tie.

I can't tell if you're pretending to be retarded on purpose or if you're actually retarded.

But the contention that a chess computer has never lost a chess match to a human is flat out wrong.

I'm perfectly fine with someone who thinks alice is a decent person thinking that.

Pocket Fritz 4 (2009)

In 2009 a chess engine running on slower hardware, a 528 MHz HTC Touch HD mobile phone, reached the grandmaster level. The mobile phone won a category 6 tournament with a performance rating 2898. The chess engine Hiarcs 13 runs inside Pocket Fritz 4 on the mobile phone HTC Touch HD. Pocket Fritz 4 won the Copa Mercosur tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina with 9 wins and 1 draw on August 4–14, 2009.[33] Pocket Fritz 4 searches fewer than 20,000 positions per second.[34] This is in contrast to supercomputers such as Deep Blue that searched 200 million positions per second. Pocket Fritz 4 achieves a higher performance level than Deep Blue.

Pocket Fritz 3 using version 12.1 of Hiarcs won the same event the previous year with six wins and four draws, running on a 624 MHz HP iPAQ hx2790. The 2008 Mercosur Cup was a category 7 tournament. Pocket Fritz 3 achieved a performance rating of 2690.[35]

dont need much power to play chess these days

if you dont get it, you didnt investigate it properly

and you think either of them are good enough to beat chess computers?? you think Alice can when grandmasters can barely win in handicapped matches??

yea okay im done with this conversation

goodnight test~

thanks mang.

wow thanks Dallas, you're still here?? you're such a sweety you know that

again, typical cult member behavior is deifying their leader.

fuck i misclicked in my laughing fit

I'm over here dammit

I appreciate the goodnight anyway.

im sorry let me do that again i was drinking pretty heavily tonight

-leans on you drunkenly- night, cutie

/leans drunkly on test too

test going to sleep already?

only because he hates us.

Good night.



Did Tulpa admit he used Pocket Fritz? I figured he was just using some baseline chess program set on hard or some shit.

Again, do you have any proof those are what tulpa used?

That's not what I'm arguing, Cupcake.

*hugs tightly*

oh phew~

i dont need to prove anything to anyone else nor is it my aim to, if i wanted to draw attention to it i would have done it directly after the match where we could have looked at the footage and saw that nobody made a move in less time than it would take to check if the move was safe by running it through a computer

but you dont have the game saved either :^)

You said supercomputers.
That is a phone capable of beating GMs.

i dont think kermit made the right connection and thought you were trying to help support him

Kermit is here after Alice was mentioned. What a shocker.

yea ive been saying im going to bed for like 45 minutes now, time to actually do it

Well I guess we're at a stand still since neither of us can prove anything definitively. Either Alice and Tulpa both cheated using high level chess computers and Alice won, or Tulpa fucked up making a move and Alice won.

Either way, he still lost after making a bet.

I see that, but we don't have any evidence either way that either of them used those programs in their game.

And what was being argued after that was that people have never defeated chess computers before, when they have.

I was specifically thinking of how Deep Blu lost a couple matches.
To say that no computer has ever lost before is a bit silly and more than a little misleading.

Trust me, I don't think anyone here is remotely interested in supporting me.

I just came here to tell Clint that BWA was doing ok.

I'm paying zero attention so the joke is kinda on you


cult members must defend their fearless leader.

see ya fag

Just wait for the Jonestown event.

no way. alice is one of those pathetic people who needs their cult to even continue day to day, so there's no way he would ask them to kill themselves.

Not really, like I said before, you're just a cunt.
I knew that walking in.

That's why I said it.

*pays you attentions*

again, I don't really care what someone who has proven themselves to be fairly retarded thinks.

heck yessss

Ah yes, the scientology.

No, I think you're just a mean asshole with a chip on your shoulder that has it out for pretty much anyone that associates with Alice. Think you're mind was made up long before I actually said anything.

not really. but someone like you who has spent as much time around alice as you have and still thinks so highly of him is either willfully ignorant or retarded, and I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt by assuming the later.

yeah, kinda like that.


Pure madness.



So yeah, exactly what I just said.
Good to know.


sooka bliat.

sure whatever


Why would the chat be doing this?


oooh that lady on the right is super pretty~

da komandir

it's mercy


herr leader

it doesnt look like her.

yavool my dear

cute pic saved~


Are you on a VPN?
Can't say otherwise, I don't see anyone new logging in. Looks like something is fucking up for you.

What URL are you using?


Like I said, I don't use VPN's, I'm just on my home internet.

Now I got this message.

you saved me?!


gotta have a name for cult membership. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

i identify

saved u so hard bby

But I put in Test?

I don't need a password I thought.



yeah I have no idea brah


what do i do???

Leave me to my culting you simpleton.

just lay back and enjoy it

g-gomen ;_;

I don't know, there aren't any banned users listed.
Let me see if I can log in as a guest.

Might be some sort of other technical problem

As a gay

I don't know, I was able to log in fine. I can talk to alice about it tomorrow if you still want to get in.

But as far as I can tell there shouldn't be a reason why you wouldn't be allowed in. Ban list is completely empty, and as far as I know only VPN's are blocked

@[email protected]

mhm ladys are pretty and i love pretty things

stranger things bby

why do people like that show

Not like I have anything going on today. I've still got you on steam, if I'm online send me a ping.

I went on a different browser and it didn't give me the We don't take kindly to people who don't identify message but the text box and users box are still both completely empty, even if I type.

Ooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaA

because it's fucking amazing

Luka I'm pretty

Like me pls

Will do. If you can't get in, it probably means the chat's fucked up somehow. We got a shitload of spam a week or so ago and the chat was gated off, wondering if maybe something is still fucky from that.

Yeah, I don't see any activity in the chat, I've never even heard of that happening before

Sexy motherfucka

I think we played checkers wrong

Hey Dags.

Still better optimized than Holla Forums.

daggy? how u been man?

No, you played it exactly right, and that's why the game sucks.

but why?

do you draw pretty art?

the story is engaging, the characters are really good, the pacing is well done, the plot elements line up well, and the acting is fantastic.

it's really reminiscent of stephen king's work, which is one of the reasons I like it so much.

honestly you just need to give it a try to understand why it's so good.

Wanna play monopoly?


Am k, just finished work, chilling on a train feeling like a sardine

wow way to be insensitive to those identifying as anchovies

Monopoly ruins friendships
It's just gonna end with one of us going "FUCK THIS, FUCK YOU, FUCK"

At least it's not Mario Party

They're 2salty for me anyways

I've never tried either tbh. too intimidated by the look and smell of 'em.

i don't know who stephen king is
i don't know what he's done
i don't know what would make a 3dpd television show interesting that i know nothing about

is it just another game of thrones thingy that drags on the show over many many seasons?
i gave up on GoT 2 seasons in.

i wanna try that bottle!!!

There's 10 episodes out.

There's no hope for you

That game ruins friendships AND controllers.

it only has one season so far, and getting a second season this month.

basically from your post here I don't think there's anything I can say that would convince you to check it out. you asked about it, I told you what I could. up to you at this point.

Actually surprisingly not bad


each season is only 5 episodes????


Sardines and anchovies are both great, you fat gay ginger fucktard.

I'm sorry, there's EIGHT episodes out.

There's only one season and it has 8 episodes.

It's a Netflix show, it's not going to follow a normal airing season.

like I said, I've never tried them, so I can't say either way.

my dad loves 'em.

i'm jelous~
coffee coca cola is unheard of here

you didn't even tell me any the plot tho
:thinking emojii:

They're for old people and people with taste that like the taste of things like licorice and drain cleaner.

i don't even know what it's about



it's only just came out, when my friend told me about it i told him he was full o shit.

why doesn't he ever do anything good like the shawshank redemption? sheesh?!

off train computer dags again noice

I'm pretty sure I described it to you once like a million years ago.

A bunch of kids end up having to fight some rogue science experiment monster thing and a conspiracy of scientists or some shit. I only watched like three and a half episodes, it was okay but I didn't get far enough to actually KNOW what it was about. It's a bit of a mystery that you're supposed to unravel as you go.

oh, well basically there's a group of kids who play DnD together, one of them goes missing and they mysteriously find another kid around the same time who is all weird and shit, and then other crazy stuff happens.

it's kinda hard to tell you much of the plot without spoiling things. that's why I say you just have to check it out, ya know?

getting mixed messages here, tsuchi

aw fuck no lahey died

Sardines and anchovies are actually good.

Licorice tastes disgusting as do most things old people like.

aniseed ain't bad

I'll take your word for it. I see no reason to try those little fishies any time soon.

buy more of it

oh so like scooby doo kinda stuff.

hmmm... sounds slightly interesting~
fantasy scifi stuff is my jam
i wanna play DnD
is a very "adventurous" show would you say?

No. It's a real monster and there are lives lost and lives on the line.

uh, depends on what you mean by that. it doesn't really do anything so unconventional it would turn away a broad audience, but it definitely isn't your average show. it's got a lot of creativity and charm to it. it's just better than the average show these days, that's for sure.

He's one of the most famous contemporary novelists in the world!

Yay, at work?
Also I haven't seen that in ages.

naw @ home now, knocked off. I wonder what ever happened to wish

They were here earlier today.

oh word. Times like this I wish I could stream again.

oh true, didn't know she still frequented, i stole all her kud pics

Aniseed flavored sweets taste awful.

You eat their little bones.

oh so like a more real scooby do kinda thing

i'll keep it in mind.
seems interesting.

famous for what? what popular thing did he make?

don't like jaeger? i don't like licorice but don't mind the taste? i'm focked



yeah good


Too many things to mention. But of note is The Shining, IT, Carrie and Shawshank redemption.

They have tiny little crunchy bones you eat.

Jaeger tastes like cough syrup.

d i s g u s t i n g

it really does, i don't like it

*hugs more*

oh, so those old movies i never really had an interest in watching.

sif you haven't watched the shank man, the shank!

Yes, yes you are.

Digestifs all taste like shit.

sounds dangerous

Well the Shining is one of the best horror films ever made, but that's mostly owed to Kubrick and less so to King.

But I'm guessing you don't watch much that isn't Anime anyway, so....

Still surprising to me that you didn't know who King was.

yeah i stayed away from those old scary horror stuff

i don't try to keep track of things im not interested in.

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
And the mountain should crumble to the sea
I won't cry, I won't cry
No I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

oh darling DARLIIIING~

Jack Nicholson has dementia super bad now, it sucks.

Getting old is gay as hell

classic song :)



i wish -I- could be pet



Good morning, hangover!

Why was Froggy-kun here? I was just thinking recently I haven't seen him in a while :3

Technically the community was originally made just to shit talk her, but I think it evolved from there


I'm thinking of Bern's threads as the starting point for this "community." I guess you could go a step further back and say we're all just a faction of Alicefriends, though : ^ )

best internet in town

i was og lurker at the 'start' of alice advice threads and then... the big alice valentines event happened.
and years later alice sent me the glasses the others got.
and then alice threads, then bern appeared, then bern split us anime people from alice, then bern threads of anime Holla Forums people, then years of posting, and then drama blah blah blah, just more posting in general, then the great migration to Holla Forums

Yeah basically

I wonder if it's too late to attempt to get Alice glasses

Arguably, the split is all Chen's fault, but that's another story


Thankfully like i said i managed to get mine, even a year later i think.

but yeah early alicefreinds stuff was the start for a few of us.

a time before ponys

a time long long ago, when it was a few anime pictures, tripcode, early furries, advice threads, and old Holla Forums

Chen's minecraft server!!

reminds me of the anime porter robinson music vid

I guess saying this community came from Alice threads is sort of like saying Americans came from Great Britain, though. We have a lot of miscegenation from furry threads and pony threads

Never heard of such a thing

Did he use it as an infernal torture chamber?

i started spamming shitty 4chan threads and ended up in some steam chats and that's how i originated, more so i got drunk as fuck in tiny chats? eh


it was an average ordinary server
i had my own fun playing minecraft on it.

Great analogy!

makes me think tho....
if alicegroup(newedition) is still euro brit
are we the settlers of canada Holla Forums
or are we the evil usa americans that stole the idians land. or is another mysterious group anime?! :O

yeah you saw the Holla Forums anime level threads that came later on in Holla Forums ^_^

canada is just filled with mooses and wannabe ice aussies

shhh don't tell people that

i'm happy that you at least stuck it out with us this long~

come snuggle

-hugs tightly- ♥

I don't know; this analogy is becoming too convoluted :3

Lol ice aussies

4:35am i sooo tired~

hmm it's 7:38AM here

go to bed silly~

she has beutiful hair in that gif~


I don't have a job, only work i do is volunteer work.
Volunteer entertaining the mentally ill and mentally challenged
It's not too bad, but it's get reptitive. Hear the tards say the same shit over and over every day. They tell me the same damn stories every day.
Listening to them talking to each other is the worst part, mostly gibberish but somehow they all understand each other.
They laugh over nothing, like litterally the stupidest shit and when i can understand them it's ususally an argumention over who's better, they argue over some of the dumbest shit
Some of the kids there aren't mentally challenged, just have illnesses that make them unacceptable for regular society (Sociopaths, Schizophrenics etc)
I actually enjoy talking to some of them, they'll hold normal conversations but you can tell something's wrong with them...Really odd, deep obsessions with random things of no meaning
just today they publically talked about how they're pedophiles and one talked about their fantasy of kidnapping little girls

One day, I finally got tired of dealing with all the bullshit retards and terrible conditions
so I exited Discord and got off Holla Forums

*kidnaps u and pats jead *



how is bort

I'm offended.

I;m sleeepy I just woke up uuu
my joints are cracking : (

i get to roll with all my friends later so I 'm excited!
wwhata re you up to today?

*massages u*

nothing much just NEETing around


good morning


I woke up early and made eggs bacon and toast so I am enjoying that.

Give me the food..........Now........nobody has to get hurt........

Hurt me.

"Let's not turn this rape into a murder" - Bard 2017 to Kissshot

Eggs bacon and toast sounds good

why do all these autistic attention whores keep trying to find you here



Give me the attention and no one has to get hurt.

Last night it was some other canadian tranny

why do they all keep coming here looking for you?

torn between bullying you and NOT bullying you

I actually have no idea who you're talking about

What a tough choice.

The person who visited was

basically literally this person

they posted astolfo and were playing the hehe guess who game~ and then they said that only one person here knows them and then they said

'hehe tell duke i said hi' a nd then left after an half hour hour of everyone shitting on them

yeah you're telling ME

That was probably Faguette
I don't think he's a tranny though

Why do they keep coming here looking for you


I couldn't tell you

What the heck is with these "Basically literally Rin" comparisons!?

you're right
I should have just said

Literally rin

Look here's a cute girl from Nichijou

That doesn't change the point of the question, though...

Moon runes

Slutty avatar

Similiar hehe~ posting style

From canada


yeah if they were here for more than 20 minutes I'd have more reasons

What friggen moon runes did they ever use?

How the heck do I have a hehe~ posting style?

They also said they weren't transexual.

Also I make a point to not post trap characters as avatars but that's unimportant.

Yeah, that was faguette

I'm too lazy to scroll back threads

but the only difference between your two names is that theres had the word faggot in blue on it

i could go crawliing for months and get you the evidence of that

I'm not going to
but I f you wanna find it yourself it's there

also it doesnt matter if they are tranny or not yet, they are basically a tranny which is good enough to lump into the
"basically rin" category

Why do all of you have awful names?

I wish somebody would stop linking your friends here

I call him Faguette because he's a faggot and from Quebec

I mean, they all know this place exists
It's not too hard to find

I have no problem with people coming here who want to genuinely interact and post here

It pissees me the fuck off when people hop in here to circlejerk around one person then leave less than a half hour later

or stick around and interact with nobody but one person

Also because this

If it helps, I doubt he's coming back

That is good news


You're both awful and should never come back.

He probably will now though because I said that

I get that a lot

Good morning everyone! How are you all?

Terribly confused.

Hopefully he kills himself

My arms are sore.

Why so?

wat did you do to them?

I can pass that along

That Astolfo poster keeps getting describe with comparisons to me, but I don't understand how we equate at all.

Glancing at either of your names for 1 second or less yields the same results where I could glance at 95 percent of other posters names for ess than a second and it's not close enough to mix up

(moonrunes)(random letters)
in my mind equals
(faggot in blue)(random letters)

Hopefully you do as well

I can't

I don't understand any of that sentence.

Only one of our characters of blue,
and only one of our trips is truly random - and it's because my password is the Commander's name.

Dwai, I'll get over it.

How's Sibbi?

I'm not autistic that I'm going to delve that deep into it

having observed you for 3 to 4 years and observed them for 20 minutes you registered as the same person in my mind

False positives are scary.

HIV Aladeen

I'm good! Deciding lunch with the fam atm.


I hate the Chinese.

That was one of the options, that or indian. My ma will pick somethin


How the heckie am I supposed to 6pool when I start with 12 drones ???

Hopefully only the best of foods !



goodbye friends i am gone










my plans fell through ;~:

Who all is still here?

No one

Me and george are here!!


hopefully it picks up
gonna be another Loooooooooooong day waiting for my buddies


yeah I could see that

what's that suppose to mean

That's not a conversation I have any place in



Conversation is generous.

Good thing I have a friend as selfless as you 3:

I gotta waste a whole nother 4 hours UGGGHh

what are you stickin round for just enjoying the day off?