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spec did you fuckin add that everything will be daijoubu image to the folder

I want a school swimsuit.

last time, on dragon thread super, poster gets upset about someone not liking old indie game

It's a manly musk.

Yeah I'm pretty great.

You're not the best, but nobody is perfect.

I want my current income with minimal or no work

one-piece swimsuits are under-rated and under-valued, i think you'd look great and fully support this taste

This one, or...

Like I said, bad opinions.


...this one?


Haha get fucked

Oof. Triggered.

Oh right, because everything else about you screams manly.

xd he posted the image 3 seconds before haha! xd pwnt!


I like them better than two pieces.

That's asking a lot.

Test is short?
That's adorable.

I'm a masculine fucking monster

I drink creatine powder like it's fucking strawberry milk. I work out 25 hours a day. I watch football while I SLEEP. I eat cum for the protein and extra testosterone. I wrestle bears to relieve stress.



we are of the same opinion you and i

50 inches of pure fury


60 inches

Too cute.


You have me on more private media.

So anyway... what about it?


it wasnt in the folder in the first place was it

Help I'm being meme'd

Hockey is more manlier than football though~

Hi daddy uwu


It was something I added later, after I gave you the folder.

I can't tell if you genuinely missed the "I eat cum" part.

Wow Emma quit being such a liar

I lost like 80% of them though in my old laptop when it shit itself

Make new ones duh

there is nothing wrong with strawberry protein powder

how much has it grown


There is nothing wrong with strawberry everything.



Eh? What's out of place with that one?

If anything it was the most normal one there.

I did already.

I use strawberries and cream shampoo.


And bodywash.

for fucks sake

the picture of their portraits suddenly popped up when I clicked the folder


Not much at all, it's been very neglected, aside from some cover art and spoilers for the EX chapter and the second book.

Fair enough.

Don't worry, best girl is only actually MIA.
Only Chtholly was killed in action.

B-Because you're gay btw way





quick theres not enough memes in here what ur favorite pairing

Did you call the bot "daddy"?

Me x Jill


is what I'd say a couple years ago





I have a pen

Now all I need is paper

That's a lie



i love how when i asked that you guys shipped yourself with each other instead of like giving fictional characters, sometimes i forget where i am




I shipped myself with my hand.

I saw an opportunity and I took it

hows hu

You also seem to forget to capitalize your I's

I don't use bodywash, it's too harsh on sensitive skin.

Standard test.



I used to use this amazing pine tar soap.

Made me smell like a wildfire.

Amazing for the skin, too.

Don't put me in a box and decide who I am for me.

Down with the patriarchy.

better than ending up with a filthy animal


Sounds nice.
I use unscented hypoalergenic stuff

Pfft. No.

How do you explain your feet, then?

yuo'll teg spciale replsie form nwo on

I use a bar of soap like a normal human being.

Wait, what is wrong with my feet?
The skin is not irritated on them.

Thanks I'll be here all night

I did not, no.

Want me to?

Hm? I don't understand.

though they need to be cleaned looking at them now

*like a savage

How's you?

Yeah, those faggots should just get their yellow, sorry, no good keesters off my property.

why are we talking about your feet and one-piece swimsuit, are you trying to get raped here?

That is how they get irritated.

It might get you farther. Do it.

i like odd color choices in pictures

My feet are more resilient than to give in to a little bit of dirt. I went to go get some rosemary from the garden earlier that's how they got dirty.

No one here wants my feet.

I am plenty civilized.

That must suck.

yea i walk barefoot all the time i actually prefer it when im walking on stuff that wont hurt me seriously

I can get behind that


I can't sleep, how are you all?

I like the pain.

he, get behind ;)


Good morning.

Do like me and stay awake talking about nothing to nobody.


is that why you want a one-piece so you can feel fat in public



Good Morning!

True enough. How are you doin?

I hate!!!

I don't need a one piece for that.

I'm doing well. I'm watching Vikings with Nezumi rn.

this shitposting broadcasted to a live audience


still seems like an awkward thing to a boy to wear regardless, i mean i can understand liking them but you already said you wanted to own one haha. can see that being weird for the bits

:( did i do a bad

I tried.

Yeah, it kinda does.

Luckily enough I actually lied :^)
Don't tell Soto


Wait, is made it cry a euphemism for pre-ejactulate?


Fun? how has your day been?

(I hate all these anons bty, who is who!!!)

No, not you.


Bar soaps are awful.

the names are just for decoration after a while

Yay! Hows the day been?

A decoration that helps me identify you chodes!! >:C

We have unique IDs for each poster. Look next to the post number.

And there's only three anons, BadDog, Goggles, and me.

I didn't think so.
It would be an odd thing for you to exclaim in thread.

It said my picture was like a typhoon.

It's actually been a really rad show. Other than that, I've been super sleepy because of exhausting days.

that's three too many. ban them all desu.

nope you have to be so obsessed you know us by avatar and posting style alone like everyone else

also this but you know only solves part of the former problem

I reserve my excited moaning for voice.

Why do you seek its love?

also you missed echo. he's also user.

hey man some people are really sensitive about their weight

probably more but like hell I'm gonna scroll up any more than that.

Does he even count as people

He's a slav after all

I'm practicing.

I look forward to it.

actually that's a fair point.

fuck dude I'm numbers retarded, hurts my noggin. Why not just use names qq

What is it about, other than vikings? Sleepy days are pretty nice!


So far I've only been awake for 2 hours so not much time to screw up anything yet.

I have no real justification.

Guess you'll just have to do as BD says

okay this is getting kind of ridiculous, how many unique vaporeon in a one-piece pics could you possibly have

there's also colors for the numerically challenged.

Not as many as I'd like.

thats an incredibly vague answer but i mean thats you i guess

A crutch for the weak-willed.

or just something easy for the lazy.

test just salty he has shit green

Really just end me.

I have like 6 thousand vaporeon pictures, some portion of them have to be in swimsuits.

I wasn't even aware cause I never turn it on.

Basically what I said.

please post another really cute vaporean!! The 2nd cutest!

if only i could muster such dedication for a cause, alas i will only even come relatively close



I've been lazy about it recently, I need to go save some more.

same color'd id's would just make my eyes bleed honestly i just sort of forget ID's and names exist and either recognize people by mannerisms and styles or dont care about them

It follows the somewhat story of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Sounds like Sherlock BBC level bullshit brain wizardry.

you go be the best collector you can be!!

no you said something stupid as usual and I said something awesome

It's anything a basic hacker like myself can do.

Why were you on Holla Forums if you can't even hack?

i guess people forgot that Holla Forums was originally a club for super secret hackers

To be part of leejun xD

People make jokes but the Ban-buster was a pretty impressive abomination and it did some wonderful things around 2011-2012

Or it was originally a place that some 13 year old kid made with two boards, one of which was dedicated to shitposting about anime and the other being for all the other off topic shit.


TL note: sugoi means awesome

How "off topic lul penguin of doom board" became "we r hakrs" I can only wonder.

and it was good, and then it just got progressively more shit and now everything is shit

like isis they take credit for things that other people do all the time.

Holla Forums was always shit

That's a day one lesson.

And a chin chong nip nong to you, young lady.

Nah ISIS is just literally omnipresent.

the greatest thing we can do is share our opinions without fear and to look at other opinions without the color of the speaker bleeding into the words being spoken, for it is by our words and actions that we are, not our names


that's because their god is a superior brown one.

going to sleep


im doing one of my favorite things right now so you guys enjoy your nights too dont just sit in your chairs waiting for more posts


This weirdo won't stop making animal sounds.

I'd agree with u if u didn't post underfail with ur post lmao

Sleep tightly~

I bet you think Jesus was white you neo-nazi

Yeah you would

well I agree with the basic premise of words mattering more than the person sharing them. everything else was pseudo-intellectual fluff, as is typical of underfail posters.

he was white that's why the s jew w's killed him.

i mean its a shitpost what do you expect

niggas be crampin my shitposting


holy shit this guy thought i was being serious

mine was a better shitpost get rekt fag

or should I say get dunked on lmao XD


He's gay, they're all fucking animals.


haha you got Bone Zoned EECKS DEE

They call me the cool trigger-cat goggles

sans is actually p awesome tbh

Going to stab you in your sleep.

Thank God

This transgression will not be forgiven

pls forgib tho ;-;

God can't help you now.

personally im a larger fan of shitpost sans but believe it or not i just do it cause its super easy to collect art of undertale (still even)

I believe it. it's a popular game for good reason and has a good artistic community behind it.

Thank God.

You think so ?

I'm gonna pull your tail

am sad now

the homestuck fandom was super great at cross-referencing other fandoms and that trait bled over to undertale through its community


more like homeSUCK lmao

FUCK you and YOUR god. Odin is the true god.

Do it, pussy. I dare you.

Haha don't you mean his PENIS LUL xd

it was joke. I and everything about me was sad way before that post lmao



I know so


I will.

No hes actually a furry.


I am laughing a little harder than I should be right now

Shit, you right.

can confirm 100% goggles is a furry

well now I'm hard

I finished season 3 last night.

Don't forget to pet my head.

Fuck off.


I haven't seen the last episode. Beth's was fairly disappointing imo.

All the Rick and Morty hate recently has produced some hilarious little gems.

homestuck wasnt that bad


its okay goggles ill still be ur friend if ur a furry

THere were actually some decent pieces of dialogue between the characters even if there was no noticeable story arch.

We are not friends.

superior taste desu

fuck me~

I find it all amusing. both the retarded fans who as usual have to ruin everything with their autism and the people who now just assume the show is shit because of those retards. as well as all the people just poking fun at everyone's expense.


your extreme bias only makes my e-penis harder

It's been overly memed about but I did like the Pickle Rick episode, if only for the speech at the end from the therapist.

that whole episode was fantastic and a perfect microcosm of what I just said in my other post. retards made it look like that episode was just meme material and autism but it was actually fantastic.

the speech at the end is why most people hated the episode

Oh yeah that was really cool. Rick thought she was full of shit but they did a decent job at making that therapist very straightforward and serious.

I said fantastic twice. gonna go ahead and kill myself now

I know i'm right.

I wouldn't.


Hey, I'm glad those retarded fans exist. Their autism fits are the only reason I'm going to get to try that szechuan sauce, M-Morty.

Some people just think Rick is some unstoppable God that can't be one-upped by mere fucking mortals. Everything she said was right.


No way, nerd.

Stop spreading lies.


I'll really do it u know. that would teach u, speccy

fuck yeah. I'm hoping I can just order a bunch through uber eats lmao


a lot of people thought it was improbable the therapist would know enough about Rick to make that speech after just meeting him, and i think its doubtful she got enough information from his family to do the same with as much confidence as she did, but it's a cartoon and i usually try to avoid getting into serious debates here but thats my basic opinion of the ending part

when your smurf account is 50SR from Top 500 and your main account is over 400SR below it

gonna do it.

I'm not

It's cute how you say ye. But no homo.

All the uber drivers here are foreign and don't speak english. So... it's like an actual cab company.

I've seen it with my own eyes.

smurf account has the benefit of not having all the mmr shitted up from you learning the game. even if you were already really good from the start it'll still fuck you over all those qp games before comp even was a thing. basically everyone who's any good who makes a smurf has a way better rank on their smurf than their main.

We can just assume that Morty did more talking offscreen. It's really not that hard.


that seems stupid if that's true

I also had 2, yes TWO fucking games in placements where we shit on the other team so fast that one of them quit and the match was canceled

Blizzard is fuckin retarded

it really is pretty hard to imagine it actually, but again im not going to throw down with you on this

shut the FUCK up Dallas

Hmmmm, must of been some kind of misunderstanding.

Do a flip, faggot.



lol. I used to use uber for cabs when I was working and couldn't get a ride, now I just use it to get food delivered because I have no car.

it is 100% true. your mmr is based on every match from the instant you start playing on that account. it's why it is so insanely hard for some people to climb in rank if they played a shit ton of qp and goofed off or were learning the game for the first however many hours.

yup. poor balance, even more horrible matchmaking. but we love it anyway.

nice reference u fucking memer


I feel like cars aren't hard to come by in the Americas.

the MMR should be completely reset for every season imo

if you have 300 dollars and craigslist, you can find someone trying to sell you a car

Lift your skirt.

Ur a meme

they are expensive as hell though.

correct. you and just about every other person who gives a shit about the game agrees with that. but then they wouldn't get scrubs like you buying the game a second time to reset your mmr LMAO

Maybe ten years ago before cash for clunkers happened.

das a cool smurf name btw

But they're actually just trying to find a human to butcher for organs and food.

I can't do that in public.

You have old rusted trucks from the old timey times. Should be super cheap by now.


I've still heard of people trying to sell cars that do not work for more than they are worth in scrap, but yea i wasn't recommend they like... go TRY that.



I actually got into a really heated fight with someone about this

this argument lasted several hours.

my computer was about 1000 dollars in 2012 and someone else paid for it.

I don't care to own a car. even getting one for free would not be worth it, because of gas and insurance costs.

haha look at this dumbass trying to buy a car on craigslist after cash for clunkers, let's rip his face off and eat him

holy shit that escalated quickly

Is this like surprising for you?

do you eat shit for three meals a day or just two and some snacks in between


That's just a losers excuse.

That's reality, though.

thanks cutie

I am absolutely a loser.

n-no u

yea watch out or someone will eat your ass i mean face

I want to push you off a cliff because you're a waste of oxygen.

that would be fantastic.

Close the door then.

Didn't think one of the most innocuous things I've said today would trigger somebody so hard.

You must beg for it first, cunt.

They will still hear everything.

I'm really mad about this post now.

please kill this worthless piece of shit, goggles-kun~

im just cranky because im about to go to bed

Thats okay with me.

like how toddlers are. cute.

Nah, I'll keep you around to abuse you.


Bit of a short temper.

at least you said it so he doesnt have to

See, you've made a mistake here. There's two anons shitposting Undertale, and that one isn't your God and savior Test.

I am Test.

Wait lol, YOU'RE the retard who thinks when something isn't fulfilling its immediate function it's instantly only worth its weight in scrap?! Fucking LOL Matthew. I knew you were retarded but not this bad.

I guess I can live with that.

got yo back bby doll

our admin is always a bit testy

Just keep quiet then.

this guy reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it...



who even are you

I knew it wasn't you. I wasn't going to pass up the chance to make fun of your height though.

But you don't really have a choice, anyway.

Yes sir.

Clint, I guess.

at least i can read, the post specifically said they sold cars that did not work as if they ran

now i can go to bed laughing at you instead of feeling like a toddler

it's called a joke, buddy. I was implying I was getting triggered by an even more innocuous post.

A monument to all your sins.

that's who I was thinking.

I like a loss of control

Ah, well... it was a tiny mistake.



holy shit clint has been here this long and he can't even keep track of POST ID

it's color cooooated


Now you can't.

Oh. I guess that's pretty funny.

like the actor?

everything I do is fucking hilarious. get used to it, clint.

Yeah, that Eastwood guy. All the way out in Hollywood.

okay fuck you i didnt specifically say the cars should have run but it should be inferred from the context GOOD DAY SIR

baby driver was a shit movie tbh

My eyes are getting bad these days and I sit rather far away from a comparatively small screen. It's on me.


oh, thought it was the homosexual furry one.


my favorite anime




g o t t e m

I'll pass.

Please do.

fuk u then u furry

(its really the homosexual furry one though)


Who is this one ?


how u been anyway? I remember you used to try and act all cool and aloof in the pony threads way way back.

clint was around in the thread during like the 201001011 period, when we were shitposting furthreads on Holla Forums around the same time period as the alice2 threads starting up


oh okay

I was asking who you are.

everyone started posting anonymously for a little while last thread and it looked like fun, not really sure who you are either


i dont actually have anything to say.

just wanted to chime into the Rick and Morty thing.

I legit got into a fight with someone over that.

they wanted to say the quality of Rick and Morty was going downhill because of female writers.

and I knew they were just regurgitating half-baked shit they read on some media site, so I asked them to explain, and they gave really bad answers, and we stopped talking because of this.

Cold and pissed off, comes with the topography. Yeah, 9734 is out of the nuthouse finally. Lot of people from those groups of threads got slung up in the cuckoo's nest.

anything with a female writer is objectively shit tbh

ah okay, i probably wont remember that with just avatar

i was gonna go to bed but phone posting


oh shit, really? I haven't heard from that guy in fucking ages. tell him cupcake says hi if you can.





yea you guys are really good at helpful posts like this one, i know that much, i think im in your shitty discord or something