Squash, stream skies of arcadia, for me!!

squash, stream skies of arcadia, for me!!
it looks kewl~

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Some sacrifices must be made in order to not be hated by the only people I still talk to on a regular basis

i don't choose it.

Get a fucking job.

yea sure great way to phrase it

well anyways i have to go do stuff with people bye have a great day everybody

See ya

Buy it and I will.

Play a game with me

Do not play a game with him

What game?

I don't know

: |

it's too old to buy anymore
it's free emulator file is everywhere i bet!


Oh its Game Cube.
I actually can do that easy.

Or is there a different one?

pre 2000 skys of arcadia?

im sure any will be okay ^ ^

I was hoping you would suggest something

I have no idea, dude.
Plus I'm doing 2 more games of LoL then bed.
So it can't be tonight.

That's fine


Bump :)





im pretty sure the ones you posted shes naked

Did you eat your sub yet?


nah, it's only 5:30 pm right now
it's open till 10 or 11 pm




yuki is mine!!!!!! ;~;

I have a whole folder!

i want it T_T *sniffles*

More like YukinoSHITa


I can find a way to share it. Hold on



...t-thanks~ >///>

Hello!! How are you all doin?

I went to the store and got a caramel apple!

Oh it's not "good morning" anymore?

What, were you expecting me to play into the meme?



well gotcha binch

Good morning !!!

Good morning!!



still sick

chest pain is gone though

Why is Luka posting a literal semen demon character and still trying to say he hates "lewd"?

Or does it take too many blows to the head to comprehend?


cute picture~
post moar ^_^

Yukino is not a semen demon >:(

she very tan!

This character:

She's just black

I have no idea who that is

Sup y'all~

she smol too!


Dude is just autistic.


Hihi Tsuchi^^ Where have you been? I haven't seent you in a while.

I think so

Are you talking about Astolfo, or whoever the white haired girl was

Busy with stuff, I guess.

What's been up with you?

The one linked in all three posts, you fucktard.

Well fucked if I know
You posted Astolfo then said "dude is autistic"

Hi Test




I was talking about Luka.
Why the fuck would I be talking about anyone else?


You have to see the point of confusion here


Really ruins the Halloween season

Not a whole lot.


The literal subject of the conversation was Luka being autistic.

How would you get a non-sequitur from that?

The subject of conversation was me asking who the white haired girl was

How's life been dude?

Have you gotten any taller?

Dress up as Mercy then.


That was the topic you responded to.

Yeah life's great I'm eight feet tall and play ape hoop now.

That's not even remotely the conversation we were having

I can really see why you chose that name.

i think imma eat soon!!

October is rough this year lol





I like to call it Niggerball



Whatever dude
Try and keep up with the conversation next time





That's not very creative


I'm sorry you weren't able to keep up with the fact that I wasn't talking about Luka in any way shape or form, nor mentioned them a single time
Yeah, that's some pretty severe autism you got going on there

I think I'm forgetting how to shitpost man

That was the literal subject of the post I made.
You responded to said post with said topic.
Are you just brain dead?

Basketball is just so blacks feel like the contribute anything to society.


That was part of the subject of the post you made
First being the character was a semen demon
The second being that Luka was brain damage
That's a two part statement, only one part of which I responded to
Are you brain dead?

I think the more autistic part is even having this argument

No, the only point of that post was asking why he's posting a semen demon if he hates "lewd".

That was the literal only point.

Looks like Luka isn't the only canadian who's brain damage.


That's every Canadian poster.


Can confirm

Two, four,
Six, eight.

Holy shit, Nezi,
How much have you ate?

hey-ya sweetheart, how are you?

I was giving them the benefit of the doubt.
The only ones I can remember fall into that category though.

hi nezi


It's nothing but tornadoes, yuri~, and trannies.

I don't have brain damage, though I do have mental health conditions.

sinni loves you and is making me post blah fuck all yall



so tsundere xd

I am tranny least the brain hormone melt.

slightly sleepy u

Oh my God

Did Neru type like a retard because there were whore moans melting his brain

Who is that guy anyways?

But it's early.

Similar. Stomach bothering me but that happens a lot.

Neru did it because she is the best.

Which one

lactose intolerant or colitis or what?


tfw neru is just a natural
who developed a crippling addiction to tranny pills to the point it started melting her brain


All I know is that she was too lazy to correct any of her errors - by her admission.

Also, Soto, only two friggen Canadians use runes, just take a guess fam.

Maybe IBS?
I don't really know.

Don't give me that look.

He made the same typos for every single word repeatedly.

It was forced. He was intentionally spelling everything like a retard.

I used to have pretty bad stomach issues and then an ulcer nearly fuckin killed me. If you haven't seen a doc about it, do so

maybe find the foods that fuck you up and avoid them

If you say so.

This image genuinely makes me feel sick.

if ks dies I'd be mildly upset

Oh lol it's rin


I eat what I want to eat!
My diet is pretty narrow and it's not so much an issue that I'd consider changing it.

He misspelled "toothbrush" and "bedtime" every single time and spelled them the same way.

Are you saying it was completely accidental to mistype a word hundreds of times the same way?

Ya don't say.

Can't you read?
I literally said "If you say so."



"If you say so" is completely dismissive and saying that you believe whatever I'm saying to be incorrect but not worth arguing over because you want to believe he's totally just a really quirky girl and not some dude with forced anime character tics.

Or it's just dismissive because I don't care and you're overthinking it and pressing a pointless argument.

But hey, I'm just a braindamaged tranny what the heck do I know.

Braindamaged trannies give some pretty good head tbh

Soto, no.

I'm sure the Commander would love to know that.

I'm autistic

God damn the Canadian traps just keep coming


Yeah, probably.

Who even is that one?

No one important

A mystery man.

Probably Kanra.
Just wait for a few textwalls.

He's you, but better

But that's everyone here.

I need something to take the edge off.......

That incidentally responds to all of you.


I'm an open book.


I believe the adjective you wanted was abusive - not open.

Yeah but it's turned to a page that only says "ASSQUEER".


damn I missed one

If a stryker or a lav crashes while you're sleeping and you hit your head but still wore a helmet, can you end up with brain damage?
Asking for a friend

Can I stick my bookmark in you?

Good job, you ruined it.

Yeah, I'm that too

Yeah, I'm that too

Back off; she's mine.

You too, huh.

Only if it's laminated.

Be honest, you don't have friends.

staying in denial helps me stay sane

An autistic tranny with no friends is better than an autistic tranny who spends at least two days every week doing social gathering type stuff?

Did you just assume their gender?

Please don't sink me any lower

I want Test to dress up in a little judge robe when he's trying to be diplomatic.

Don't tell me you're an attention whore too, we already have too many of those.

Tranny isn't a gender.

Huh? There's a new canadian trap ?

wait whats your gender if it cant be tranny

Why are we assuming it's a trap

I will put you in the fucking dungeon.

Made up.

It's posting one, I guess that's where it might be coming from?

I will beat your ass like a redheaded stepchild.

I'm not into that

Male, or female...?

Soto said it was me but better.
It can't be me but better if it isn't a tranny.

I'll take his place.

Tranny isn't a gender, it's a mental illness

Get it right Rin

Was I just misquoted
Why do people think I'm a trap
I don't think I am yet

you cant be both!!!




I didn't say I was both...?

You will call me "dad" or else.

I only want 5 foot manlets.

well you didnt answer the previous question and i blame you for my confusion


It's like talking to special needs kids sometimes, huh?

I'll have you know I'm a trigender foxkin from the planet Xenorph

But Soto doesn't know them either.


Bah, my superior genetics have bested me.

That's a pretty eye.


where do you come from

At least one person knows me in this thread


George wont post for me despite me being all cozy in bed. He's very rude!

lets not do the whole guessing game please



Gender Dysphoria is not itself a gender - it's a mental illness.

It's enough to make a brain-melted tranny want to quit posting.

Well, isn't 99% of what Soto says pulled from his rump?


my b

Tell Duke he's a fag for me. Night


thats the point


maybe its cuz its so narrow

Night fag


Actually, I have a bit of a migraine and it's past my bed time.

I want to imagine the Commander would be telling me to sleep if he were all present, as well, so I'm going to do that.


mental illness dont exist you just have to stop being a wuss :^)


dude weed

we need a wall

lmao what?


You're ironically one of the most ill people here.

Good night.




Guys I think Im the commander



I'll figure it out one day.
Kind of want ice cream now that we're talking about food.




You two are weird.

Did you expect any different?

who are u




An old friend.


TEST!!? DOn't spoil shit.

I think I have chlamydia

So mean.


I loved that scene.


Don't be silly.

That would require having sex.


Poor Kanra.

I’m gonna go get tested and antibiotics and just be a pure boy forever after this


Actually 10x, it turns out.

When do we ban anons, it's confusing not knowing who everyone is.

And with that I return to anondom.

I'm like one of the only australians that still posts.




Admin abuse.

I h8 u

Test can aboose me anytime.


Wow rude


Ban all trannies named Sinni.

Sinni is a trap, not a tranny.

It's not gay to like girls.


Ban trannies

Ban all posters under 5'1".


Welcome to ye old times

Ban all posters who tried and failed to grow a beard.

That's a bad picture, you should delete that one.

so much rust

You don't get to decide what I save.


You are a public servant so technically I have some say.

yea test can have bad tastes in pictures all they want they are the boss here

Just dreadful.



I missed u : (

and by that i mean ill be posting anonymously now with everyone else

I can just go clean shaven.
You cannot get taller.

Fine, you can be a tranny.

Wait, I like that picture tho
You should keep it test

I need a new cube really. I can't find my good one.

A king does not live for his people, the people live for their king.

who the fuck are you

I have been here the entire time.

Where is George so he can hang me.

What was good about the good one?


darwin can i have your made in abyss furry folder?

I hope the literal gallons of semen pumped into your ass only fills you with the soul crushing realization that dudes can't get pregnant.

Test makes up for lack of height with his intelligence and personality!!!!!!!!!

And I can just walk without a cane.
You cannot have bones stronger than fiberglass.

why do you even want a furry folder bard

You're no king of mine.

As long as you promise not to share it.

Easy there, Gilgamesh.

You're in my land.

How tall is test?


my popular mamefag buddies in discord are all posting made in abyss furry girl and I want to fit in...

i dont think i even know what that means

I am an independent nation.

okay! you want my yui folder?

I'll let you believe that.

I ran 3 miles literally yesterday.
When was the last time you got something off the top shelf?

Eww. Gay.

A bit looser, didn't lock up when cornering as much.
I've filed the edges and properly applied silicone on this one, but it's a name brand one so you can only do so much.
My good one is a ghost hand cube iirc

I already own it.

this thing

I can get a stool you BITCH

There is a fresh attitude behind every blade of grass.

nanachi a cute

That seems like cheating.

He’s like the size of an 8th grader

This yui folder is all there is to me

its all I am.......

All speed cubing is done on off-brand cubes pretty much


I still will carry you around like a toddler on my shoulders and dress you as a schoolgirl.

Add me on discord~ hehe

punch him in his brittle bones till he lets you down

then ask for a snack

Beneath your avatar there is much more. Beneath this avatar there is an idea, Mr. Bard. And ideas are bulletproof.

Fucking Chinese ripoffs.

dars how may i reach you?

I'll shit down your neck.



Or via email.

You can't truly reach him. I've been trying for years.

Easy there, Cupcake.
No one but you has a shit fetish.

dont forget to demand for a juice pouch to go with it

Friends do I eat fudge then sleep or save the fudge for the morning?


~ I am a rock I am an Island ~


i think you know the proper answer to that

I assume this is a euphemism for eating George's ass.

There is an idea of a Darwin, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real him, only an entity, something illusory, and though he can hide his cold gaze and you can shake his hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense your lifestyles are probably comparable: he simply is not there.

rhis is amazing


I don't it's why I asked :C

Nah like I went to the store and got a affy tapple and some fudge

I have come to rather like Simon and Garfunkle.

dars my steam wont boot and my web clinet is slow

wots your email?
or would you like mine?

depends on if you want to keep all that fudge forever or not


Get an apple or some shit.

you must live a sad life

simon and garfunkle is good, try hall and oats too

It's like a hunk the size of my hand.

I ate one the other day that was good!

Eat it all.
Get even fatter.
Become Swedish Fish.

I like old things like simon and garfunkle
and darwin

Why would those two things be related?

dude come on you know you dont need all that sugar before bed

Give yours.

Simon and Garfunkel is far younger.

Coming from a place that has haloween, shouldn't you be sick of sweet stuff?

bard just doesnt like gud musik

jave you ever read the book or seen the movie because of winn dixie?

[email protected]

wow what the heck i like sal and garf............

He loves Simon and Garfunkel don't be fooled.

i know you were making a reference i was just being mean


I live a very sad life

We're getting into hurtful territory gilg.

You're right, You're right. Tho I'm not gonna be asleep until 3.

My family doesn't do anything for Halloween so I haven't had any sweets for awhile!

Both, but I don't remember the movie as much.

And Betty when you call me you can call me (Sal)??????

save the sugar for later, cut a small slice to enjoy the taste now and then like have the rest a few good minutes before you're going to be active or something

Sent. ;)

you're right, you're right.


who are you mysterious stranger

Good, good. Let the hate fester.


I learnt after an easter day that too much cheap chocolate is bad for the body and mind.


Oh hey, Blood-chan.



Thank you Darwin I appreciate it allot

I think the creature is kind of ccute myself : /

That's it.




here is my best hal and oates meme

thats a pretty strong reaction lol

Pretty sure you have it.

Not as cute as this masterpiece you are posting.

You should ban me so I can't thread post in the night, do it for some stupid reason too like 'sinni's to uwu'

really just permaban me tbh

Dw, I reported you.

Which one?

No it's all up to your own willpower.


Honestly I'm glad someone appreciates my shit memes

Test do you think I have willpower??


Now you won't live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


yea we all had to let posting consume our lives for a little while back when the mods weren't people we chatted with suffer with the rest of us

I'm too uwu to suffer, shoot me.

nothing its just great when some stupid old copy and paste text can put a dumb old smile on your face, just like surfing the internet in the 90's-20's

It's the best thing I've seen all day.

-shoots you with drugs that make you more likely to shitpost-


This takes me back to a darker time

Yeah sure why not

Don't shoot the MESSENGER

This is a cute jack frost.

thats the spirit

by darker time i think you mean "things were better"

Things were better then


Bring back moot

bring back old captchas where you could just type nigger nigger

So are there two types of frisk?

I got into bed and my stomach was like
nah man



so idk whether to ignore it or eat some veggie chips or to make a double protein shake

i remember when i could faceroll captchas whatever happened to that

moot was like we only need to keep out like 95% of the spam bots right???

Frisk is the human in purple.

Chara is the one in green, the first human that fell to the underground and Asriel's childhood friend and adopted sibling.

You said you played through the Pacifist route but I see HOW MUCH ATTENTION YOU WERE PAYING.

frisk is the character you play as chara is the implied child that lives with asriel, toriel, and asgore

Bring back old Test

Bring back Soto's shitty drawings

Maybe the spam bots got better idk

I haven't changed a bit

It was really lackluster.


Bring back Emma's hoop earrings





Night Bardo

i dont even know what these are and this

Not that I know of.
I don't really need it though.

good night furry animal girl

I know you're full of terrible opinions so I'll just have to learn to accept you as you are.

Bring back upside down rainbow dash

You should really get changed sometime... Your clothes stink...

No one misses those

Not even me


That's pretty cash-money of you.





they were nice

mods realize thy are less than