Speccy x luka thread

speccy x luka thread

*pet pet* edition

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that would be me then. 'ello


250 images isn't early u fucking autist

You'd probably know me as something else, but maybe not

I definitely don't know you as "duke of autism" and I don't recognize the character you're posting. who was your waifu in those threads?

Too early, and Beatrice is gross.

My waifu was Alice before certain things happened that I don't like to talk about

not too early and u are gross.

which alice? there were a few I think.

im thirsty

i want her


oh believe me, I'm aware.

not early

right on the nose

cuppers wins

Red coat, long brown hair. Can we talk about something else

What about Yellowstone?


Okay, first half of your contention is false, but the latter is true.

aware of what? o////o

you said

absolutely we can, I remember which one now. sorry to hear something went down. seems like you've integrated well over here though. I've always liked the feel of these threads way more than the waifu ones anyway, most of the people there were...too much.

fat dog

You DARE side against me with CUP!?!?

your extreme thirst

Delete this post.
Delete your account.
Delete your hard drive.
And then delete yourself, holy shit.

Boom, yo, gah
The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka
Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom
Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun
Poom, poom

sure I can, especially when they are all truth.

I said yahallo, not Yellowstone!

I frequent both, and various chats inbetween


i want apple juice


oh yeah? on the sneaky sneak? covert ops bby.

fuk now I do too

Its a greeting from an anime that some of the characters use. I think it's cute so I started using it

Not especially sneaky, since people know I'm there

not so secret agent man...

Could even be said to be the polar opposite of secret agent man

Hat u both.

my whole perception of reality has been shattered

w/e nerd u love us

I didn't realise it meant so much, I'm sorry. Would it help if I said the Earth was flat?

that would help immensely, yes. please say that.

The Earth is ellipsoidal




i like the black haired girl

*snuggles the sad lolita*

I am so triggered right now I can't even


Yukinoshita Yukino
She's the best character in the series
I relate with Hikigaya, he is very much how I am/was

ew stupid slut mcbig tits

Ptsd obtained by internet bullying

I hope ur happy

Yui is awesome you baka

She was an okay character. At least she wasn't the blonde one. I loathed her

I don't watch enough anime.

she acts like a generic jk bitch tho

whose the blonde one? if you mean iroha theres something wrong with you

fun fact, this is most people's deathbed regret.

It's just a front tho

ok :)

yuki yuki mine!!!!!


and share with speccy. the poor thing.

I don't like apple juice.

shut up and drink it bitch

what was her character supposed to be again? was she super depressed and trying to force a smile while having fun with everyone



Idk but the oppai were 10/10


what a perv




but only flat is 10/10

good go on GET

yours too?


mine's gonna be that I didn't eat enough candy tbh. I can already tell.

woof woof

me tired

so uh...sleep?

Cute pic

comfort me?







This is so mean, he was SLEEPING

I don't remember the blondes name. She was a cunt though

Yuki Yuki is fine

I did no wake good.

Want sleep more.

Go to bed.

Only if you come with me.


Sounds desirable, but apparently I'm being told to go to sleep.


I don't know that you get to say that.

Is it because I can appreciate some fine voice acting?

Listening to lewd voices when I'm right here...

Let me hear your lewd voice then.

If you say that you know I will...


Si ?


Qué Pasa?

save me from this hell


I don't know enough Spanish to reply to that appropriately

Donda esta la bibliotheca

teca not theca



Did you just cast a gypsy hex on me?




Thank you Mexico.

Why is it so orange outside

never trust orang

According to google it means thunderstorms


It doesn't show up on my phone camera :c

Saharan dust from Hurricane Ophelia





isn't that Ophelia drawing in some of the smoke from Portugal's forest fires?

Subtle pls avoid apocalypse

It's cool though, I wish it was like this all the time

No way, I'm gonna go play with a metal kite

No don't.

Orange skies are nice but bad weather soon ;;


Stay safe.


good morning

Ohayou Bardo

what are you up to this morning

Bard where the FUCK were you I needed you to follow me up here with a MEME


what kind of sick twisted bastard is up at 7 a/m


I woke up at 6 and don't have school today or tomorrow, so I guess I'm that sick twisted bastard.

are you rin

this is just not fair D:

The T500RS is much faster and in drifts you can just let the car do its thing and catch the drift, instead of actively countersteering.

what kept you awake if you don't gotta go to school?

i've been slowly falling asleep later and waking up earlier even after resetting myschedule....

I heckered up.


I'm 時津風 !


Uh, a full night's sleep, breakfast, and some coffee?

what time do you go to bed?

6 a.m doesnt sund like no full niight of sleep..

i remember seeing you like right before i went to bed too

I don't know, midnight? Sometime before? Not later, at least.

how much do you weigh?

6 hour days are okay I guess...

100ish lbs

What does that have to do with sleep

here is a 'meme'


No wonder you dont need that much sleep you're driving a go kart fufufu


leave me to my 8 hours peasant

Eating lunch


what are we aving for lunch


smoll portions

is that a meat cutlet or a asandwvich?


Good morning! Hope everyone's day is going well!

Ohayou Sinni

goob morn

you don't put chips on your sandsvich?

G'myorn, Sibbi.

Sleep well?

Why would I put them on my sandwich? A few on the side as a pleasant addition, nothing more

Gaa maaa

Kinda? I woke up at like 3am for two minutes and slipped back into the void, so I feel less refreshed than I should!!

How about yourself?

they are a nice substitute for lettuce if you want some crunchy texture...

Disturbed sleep is the worse, but I take what I get personally. Too bad you don't feel very refreshed
I slept well enough. I went really early

Pickles provide a better crunch on a sandwich than chips do

I summon Testing.

How're you?

but then the bread gets pickle soggy!!!

Sounds nice! Any plans for today?

Good! Waiting for George to get home or something so I can do something interesting!!

How are you doin?

The bread was crispy from the panini press

Not especially. Had to get the tires changed on the car this morning but that's all that's really been up
Had to go to a massage therapy appointment a while back as well, so the rest of the day is wide open

I was already HERE

Bored, mostly.
Looking at Skyrim mods.

Watching a The Evil Within 2 let's play alongside.

Sounds relaxing! Hopefully you have a calm, cozy day!

QQ I have to clean at some point but I'm kinda putting that off because my legs hurt

Can you stop being anonymous it's weird!!

How does the evil within 2 look? I hated the first one because it wasn't scary and like, I don't want to concede just yet.

test is lying of course

he might have been here in body but he only got 6 hours of sleep

Good boy.

Yeah test put on a name you fuckin savage


If nothing else it seems like a game I'd enjoy, but idk that we have the same taste in games.

I might take a nap in a little bit and put some heat on my back. I don't really know what I did, but I certainly screwed it up
Ah fuck, I need to go through my clothes and sort out what needs to get donated too
Maybe tomorrow

Why are my hormones eternally like those of a pubescent teenager?

I can't wait for E3 to find out what they're releasing Skyrim on next.

It definitely looks cool, I'll try it out no matter what I just wish it were scary!!

If I were more awake I'd use my like highschool anatomy & sports med knowledge to help, but heat is probably good enough. I hope you feel better?


I can't really judge it for scuriness - I don't get scared easily if I'm not the one playing.

Hopefully. Nap time it is

same but hopefully it'll try this time!

How's your day going, Bart? ♥


the city took my dog from the household we recenty seperated from because the people there are all fucking incompetant and now he's going to get killed and it's their fault

i hope their house burns down


Hopefully, ehhe.

How does that happen? You left him with people you used to live with?

You should just go to the pound and adopt him

we can't afford him here, our house is only like 4 rooms big and we have no backyard for him to use the restroom and we live on the 4 lanes
we left him there for a reason I mean

The piece of shit who owns that old house has a kid who;s rarely ever visiting, didnt live with us when we all lived there comes to visit like once a month and they brought over their friend who's like 10 and nobody watched the dog or this kid and the kid went up and did some stupid shit apparenty put his face down when my dog was trying to get water and he got bit in the face


Things are so much easier when I smoke weed every day

Oh, I thought the city took him because they weren't taking care of him properly or something. Those laws about dogs having to be put down whenever they bite someone for seemingly any reason are dumb

Sounds like a hard situation to deal with; I hope you feel better soon ♥

If I were you, I'd probably look into anything I can do to prevent him from getting put down. I'm not too familiar with that legal area

m upset

I know; that's normal -hugs tightly-

Going to go kill myself on an exercise machine for a while. Bye ♥


see you



good morning hu i hope you have a nice day

You're here now

idk where everybody went
me thinks the cold is driving them away

hey threaders~

Nice illya

That feel. The cold fucking sucks


give me a bread loli

Well, that seemed forced x_x

sup bardo



that image didnt really convey wat i wanted i thought it was just a screaming akko

let me try again



I'm still confused about the allcaps :/



Smiles can be your Banana Republic girlfriend

yeah scoots you and smiles would be perfect for each other

;~; I miss smiles

>masturbate twice


do the naruto run marathon

I should keep my mind occupied. Tarot reading, anyone? :3

Dude, there have been times when I've been on that elliptical for like five hours straight, so maybe I should do some kind of marathon even though I've never really aimed to

scoob, would you say this small knife is a bollock dagger, or something else?

go for a run, you dont need arms for that

Fap a third time

Please read my tarot!! Like what's my current romance tarot :3c

Is it a once a day thing, like horoscopes or :?

Also hello everyone! How are you all doing today?

I cleaned!!

I'll take a reading, yolo

Can I take a romantical 4chun too?

I'll try to knock out those first three

I don't think that would help at this point, at least not in a good way ^^

No, not really, but I guess you can always check up on things :3 I'll start working on that

Do you have a specific question or general topic (such as romance, finance, work, etc.)?

I'll try to get to it ^^

try anyway

I guess just general

Thank you!

General life lookout*

ur a fag


i would say its a neat knife

no idea? ive heard people call these things bollock knives but they look different in the hilt compared to what most bollock knives typically look like, to say nothing of the length difference.

Anyone got any questions for my magic 8 ball ?


whatever it is it looks grat


Not really

Is it true?

It is certain.

Dear magic 8-ball, is this slovakian user the cutest :3c

"my sources say no"

Are you full of shit magic 8-ball >:c

Dear magic 8 ball, is the Commander the best of all?


"Outlook not so good"

"Very Doubtful"

8Ball hates me



Magicked Ball of Eights has clearly lost its enchantment.

I bet it couldn't read its way out of a paper bag.


This is either great news or the ball is broken.


It lied to me, so I wouldn't trust what it says

Oh woops.



It's cursed man.

All it's readings must be questioned now


I will confirm that しれー is both very cute and the besterest.


Guess the fate is better left unknown.

I desire to know it all


I'm busy; what I'm doing now is fine. :3

Okay, I'll do that next. ^^

So, I did a background/problem/solution spread since I did past/present/future for you last time. Took me a few minutes to figure this one out, but once I did, it really seemed to click. ^^

Background - The Star: Hope, inspiration, generosity, sincerity
So, this card being here obviously indicates that your relationship is in a good place overall. You're basking in the light of the relationship and enjoying it, and it's defined by the things this card represents: Sharing, opening your heart, enjoying the serene beauty of the relationship, and having a hopeful outlook for the future of it. Probably one of the best cards that could have come up here.

Problem - Knight of Wands: Charming/superficial, self-confident/cocky, daring/foolhardy, adventurous/restless, passionate/hot-tempered
Since this card is in the "problem" spot, I suppose we are to focus on the negative aspects of it. Given that the Two of Swords turned up as the solution, I think this means that you're going a bit fast with your relationship and should slow down and be more careful. Don't open up TOO MUCH too soon, and try to calmly evaluate how attached you should be at this point.

Solution - Two of Swords: Blocked emotions, avoidance, stalemate
This is usually a negative card, but since it's in the "solution" spot, my task was to find the positive in it. Here's how it fits really well with the previous two: this card has a woman holding two swords as if she's guarding herself. This reaffirms what I typed above: Even though your relationship is good, don't give too much of yourself too soon.

Your relationship is great and beautiful; that's what the Star indicates. But you still need to use a little caution. ♥

What should I have for dinner?

Have to go somewhere soon. If I end up not having time, I'll do it for you later

Enjoy your fap~


"Without a doubt"

But that sounds awfully burdening.

I love you. This is adorable!!!

Can you read moog's tarot, if you don't mind.


Take your time.


Knowledge can sometimes be a burden
It depends on the knowledge

i woke up

Wow I heckered up.

Luka W O K E

Luka yay!

You didn't get very much sleep :c

well ALL the knowledge sounds like a burden.

Well, you would actually be dead, I think
The human brain can't contain that much information


So you wanna kill yo-

I didn't think about that until we'd talked it through

I had that dream where you fall off a building and wake up before hitting the ground, but instead the building fell off me and I still hit the ground but I didn't wake up, wtf

lemme cum on your tits


That's my girl


i didn't?
how much did i get?

Yeah, it kind of seems like you just went to sleep

7 and a half hours is plenty!

just remember to look into my eyes as you cum, okay?

Exactly, enough!
It does seem like it wasn't that long ago though

Past - The Hanged Man: Letting go, reversal, suspension, sacrifice
This indicates that you've made some sort of sacrifice to become the person you are right now. That sacrifice can be a sacrifice of time, energy, some part of yourself, or some desire. Of course, everyone has made sacrifices to become who they are now. We all sacrificed our time and energy to school, for example. So, this card being here probably indicates you made some more unique sacrifice. Let's explore what it was.

Present - Queen of Pentacles: Nurturing, bighearted, down-to-earth, resourceful, trustworthy
This card is the result of the sacrifice you made. You're a calm, down-to-earth person who is relatively nice and caring to people, at least to those close to you. So, perhaps what you sacrificed is selfish and/or idealistic tendencies, becoming more of a person who just wants to be part of the world as it "is" and focus on having warm, healthy relationships.

Future - Seven of Wands: Aggression, defiance, conviction
This contrasts with the previous card. I think what this suggests is that you should be more active and less passive in the future. Don't be TOO down-to-earth, and realize that some more self-interest and actively going after what you want in life is important. Assert yourself more.

Thoughts? ^^

I'm not fapping :3

I guess this means I should go with what my gut says and not hesitate in my dinner choice!

Thanks, love you too ♥

Some other time if he wants me to. I kind of feel like reading tarot for someone who didn't ask is sort of an invasion of privacy

I'll work on yours now!

Lol, cutie

A building was on you and fell off of you?

Baby, you knowthat is the only way~

im gonna eat a meabal sub at subway today!

This was a mistake.
Let's go back.

So what's your dinner choice?

Sure smells like foreigners in here.

Yeah like wtf, it was on me and then it just fell off...
And then I hit the ground for no reason and didn't wake up

then tell me you love me okay?

Who's the foreigner?

And give you a good girl kiss?

I'm not really good at thinking back about how things are, unless that sacrifice could be forced upon you by others, I really don't know what it would be referring to

If the previous is true, then certainly I'm a product of how I grew up. I think I'm nice to the people that I do keep close, but I'm certainly unkind to some people

That's something I'm working on

Sounds tasty! I haven't had Subway anything in quite some time

We can't move back, only forward

it tasty

The last time I ate a meatball sub was at Captain Sub. They haven't been open for at least 10 years

You cannot, I'm dating Sonata, remember?

on the cheek, and it'll be our secret

a kiss is too intimate

The Seven of Wands sure is making itself heard today

Anyway, I have to go after this post ♥

Past - Page of Cups: Be emotional, be intuitive, be intimate, be loving
Since this is a romance reading, it's pretty clear that this card suggests a history of being a very romantic person - perhaps not as much as you are now, as the next card seems to suggest. You've let your emotions flow freely and given people a lot of love. Your romantic choices probably weren't always very logical. Perhaps romantic things not turning out well is what led you do tone down those aspects of yourself (or led them to fade naturally), paving the way for the next card.

Present - Four of Cups: Self-absorption, apathy, going within
This means you probably aren't as prone to free affection as you once were, and that you're probably more focused on yourself and not on romantic things quite so much. It indicates being a bit jaded, I think. Moreover, it means that this is causing you're shunning romantic opportunities that you should perhaps explore and/or that you're not being as active in seeking the relationship you want as you perhaps should be.

Future - Seven of Wands: Aggression, defiance, conviction
This is a card of really going after what you want. Putting it in context with the preceding two cards, perhaps it means you should defy the conditions that led you to become somewhat jaded and be willing to feel more freely again. Be a bit more risky with your emotions, and know that you're strong enough to handle any pain that comes from that. Overall, go after the kind of relationship you want and don't be afraid to really invest yourself in it.

What do you think? I'll read what you said later ^^

Haven't had time to think of that lol

Poor baby ♥

I guess it makes sense that it can be forced. It's "The Hanged Man." People don't always choose to hang themselves; sometimes others force it on them ^^

Then what would you suggest♥

Scootaloo is trying to steal me from Sonata what do?

affection is poison


ur missin out

I think it's kind of neat.

I don't usually put stock in these things - it was an idle curiosity, but I'll probably keep it in mind anyway.

invest stocks!!

I'll invest in my love instead.

Poison me baby~

*gives you love and hugs*

I wanna see them touch bellies and stroke each others beards off.

Well, thanks.


Hu and ikt?
'cause ikt's Asian, he can't grow a beard.


vroom vroom !

oh noes edgy boy is here

Oh. I still haven't found that Doujin.

Weren't you two friends?

hello friends

Find me it.

i'm into that kind of stuff apparently.

i dunno.....

he's saying mean things

I think I need more than "Edgy hikki girl loses a bet and has to have sex with a bunch of guys but doesn't want to."

Guero and I are mean to each other - it doesn't mean we aren't friends.

I also bully Echo and Subtle on occasion, and half of everything I tell my irl friends is an insult, so...

im scared of him


They only had sex with one guy and then started dating at the end.

A totally normal and healthy relationship.

"This means you probably aren't as prone to free affection as you once were, and that you're probably more focused on yourself and not on romantic things quite so much. It indicates being a bit jaded, I think. Moreover, it means that this is causing you're shunning romantic opportunities that you should perhaps explore and/or that you're not being as active in seeking the relationship you want as you perhaps should be."

Courage isn't an absence of fear.


Do you at least have some, like, actual tags?


Who broke your heart ?

And yet they hit on you like every hour of the day.


I just thought it was uhm...interesting reading.


I guess fate works in mysterious ways.

what is it

I didn't think you would actually do this.

Is it even about you ?


Why don't you make me, Commander?

The capacity to continue despite it.



You want me to shut your mouth ?
I could try..

I do.

You should.



okayy... u_u

it didn't work! he's tooo edgy :(

i like the pretty lady on the left~


I like the pretty lady on the right.

I'll shove a banana in your mouth and force you to eat it horizontally you slut.


why the smol flamboyant redhead?

gimme ya money


i prefer the more dark mysterious smart looking mature lady

How much is it this time ?

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I have none though.