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Oh fuck me new threads

Tell him not to get his panties in a twist, it'll restrict his little chicken nugget

I forgot how you guys met. That one Discord or whatever?

George's Big Boss

Such a lovely time here we've had today

I love you guys




Yup! Discord best dating site^^


you will be fucking sorry


His little bear

I should hang around more weird Discords tbh

Most of them are shit and dead most of the time honestly. Maybe I'm in the wrong ones nowadays tho idk

I'm sure there are some out there, we just need to search more

god bless computers

show pics of (nonexistent) cable management

Yeah, probably.

Also it's worth noting that the ones I've been involved with are either in the early fledgling stages or have been in/recovering from an oh-too-familiar power struggle. I thought it's an interesting theme to be found on online communities. :p

LOL yeah, people are people no matter where they are on the internet I suppose

oh well.

what else is new? how's the new jorb?

His butterknife

It's good, just got done with the last of my 2 weeks of training on Friday. I like all of my coworkers so far

Tomorrow will be interesting, I still have a bit to learn about how shit works around there

His Corey in the House

stop talking about my dick

:V His Clipity Clop

but georgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You brought it up, you suffer the consequences

His zippity doo da zippity day

it got a little messy in the back but it's all good in my eyes for my first build

His cream cannon

oh good shit

ohey I have the same flash drive

do you have a pic of the other side

how much did it cost ya

His pelvic thruster

Yeah I think I'll do just fine there

Never mind. I guess I'm back.

Anyone want to watch me stream NES games?

His curious george

His Barney the purple dinosaur


His George of the jungle.

His mr.magoo

His Stick of Truth.


His prince George.

His magic mike

Yes!! his oliver twist

His pink cigar


His hot cross buns

His Wii-mote.

around 1.1k

little bit messy in the front

Hot cross bunny.

his slut stick

His prince albert in a can

His HoTaS


could use a little work but thats ok
that new machine smell tho

His fun gun.

George update: Still mad.

He's threatening me now.

Keep up the good work boys.

His critical mass.

His genius bar

Womb broom

His prostate apostate

Weapon of ass destruction

This is basically as good as I can get it without starting to zip tie random cords in odd places

His Batter Blaster

His whore thermometer

His slippery love dolphin

His flirter and squirter

Muff marauder

The Yogurt slinger


the slim reaper

Clam hammer

His nut and bolts.

Taco warmer

His jism schism

His Cum and Go.

His phallus prowess.

His inverted vagina?

I want to upgrade when VR passes that boundary of full immersion but I feel like I'm gonna have to wait until neural lattices become a thing or something :/

so idk to just use my laptop until it dies or what



they'll run out of steam soon enough

His penis.

His daughter diddler.

That's a wrap, folks

His womb raider.

His pleasure baton.

His weapon to surpass metal gear.

The Dark Souls of sex organs.

im goin to beat sinni because of this

His wife beater.

His penetration shaft.

Post pics after

The Italian stallion.

t-thanks guys


His rear admiral.

Rin knows too many synonyms

The mine shaft.


Ye Old Disappointment.


His zweihander.

One of my friends makes all of his accounts a euphemism for his dick.


Salty nut log.


A likely story

His deep tunnel probe.


His R Kelly.

His phaser set to fun.


His fiddle stick.

His Child Rapier.

Where did he hurt you?

Can we talk about something with depth and meaning?


Snot rocket.

His seminal relocator.

you guise are still at it?

Where didn't he?

Sinnis vagoo has depth.
Let's talk about that.

Here? Pfffffffttttttt no

I ran 16km today, praise me

His dilldozer.

Plan D.


His red rocket.

Peewee Herman.

The little engine that could.

Baby carrot.

we said baby carrot

The sock soaked.

I'm trying my best, daddy.

you dont get to say that


The inSINNInator?

I laff'd heartily



*Blushes nervously*

Hey, George.

Are you feeling more mommy today?


Jaden Smith's giant Toblerone.

Wish subtle would run 16k into my ass


The lemon aid stand.


The fudge packer.

Hi grim.

Good morning.



It's 4pm, dude.

Girth Brooks.

I just woke up so it's morning for me.

What you up to nugga?

this is a neat set

planning to go to a friends house and have dinner with her.


The grassy knob.

This is like, my 7pm.



The chew toy.

Fuck. I'm running out.


The grand slam.


Idk, have you seen me?


Alright. That's all I got.

Anyone want to hang in call with me?


Heck if I know, the number of pictures that get thrown around as so and so or such and such.

No plans, might do some cleaning or something idk.
I never have plans.

Because you wake up really early?


if you lived by me I would make plans with you

I'll take that as a no then :3

Oobles discord.


When will I?
Is it going to be when I'm happily married to [REDACTED]?

I don't do irl, Ui has been trying to break me down for years.


Whenever you want

W-would you meet me, Kiss?

I'm exaggerating both in that he has made real attempts and that it has been years.

I'll let you decide - I'm a curious person, but I'd rather not force it if you don't want to.

oh, okay

it wouldnt be so bad

just a casual lunch or something

I wouldn't mind meeting people once I got an apartment.

We could play game of life or somethin

the 3D world is too scary for me.


Actually thinking about it there are maybe 6 people I would meet outside of the Discord group.

sure! tho idk what we would do together

I'd be down to just go to a movie or something.
IDK. I never do much anyhow.

my friend is crazy about



lol idunno kissy
you interact with people irl every time you go to work

:V I don't like going to theatres for movies, idk I'm boring

I've won every game of uno I've ever played!! All 3 of 'em

Hey sinni we could meet and steal a baby

Raise it like our kid

I guess we can do drugs.

nah kids scare me.


Sinni, let's play Twister.

Sinni, let's play Jenga.

people actually did this often in the past

its scary

what a champion

You know I'm 12, right?


I know!!


S-Sorry. Maybe you could visit for holidays? My family doesn't celebrate any so if I get an apartment we can decorate or somethin.

Can't. I work a lot.


You dont have Christmas?

rib. it's destined not to be.

My family never gave a shit, so after I turned like 12 they stopped doing most holidays.


yo mine too

we still do christmas and thanksgiving though, for the giftgiving and excuse to make a fatass turkey

but they tend to be serious about the big hindu holidays at the same time


brb showy


Dude. Do you want to come live with me? I can be your family. Because that's terrible. We'd have Christmas and Halloween. Easter. You need a proper family.

You can come live with subtle and I. And anyone else can come too.

It's not right not having Christmas.


I don't do Christmas tho and I feel ok

Is that u irl?


I'd be so down to visit and stay in your mountain villa

wear sunglasses or something so you have an extra layer between you and reality
I'll be extra patient with you too


I'm always wearing sunglasses

I'm only here for a few more weeks so better get on that


wear another pair on top for maximum 3d protection

Plz, no. :(

we can all get together at thanksgiving and stuff subtle

With our cocks

I'm down like james brown

I noticed that if I wear sunglasses in class, no one bothers me.

. . .

A2 a best

We eat a lot on thanksgiving but that's it, we have ham instead of turkey.

hehe I'm good, I'll just do fun stuff when we move out.


Is she? Did you play the game? It was super fun playing as A2

i tried torrenting it

it only ran at 15 FPS


so i gave up

I wanna play it but I'm too lazy to pirate.

You get to play her! Was it your GPU throttling?

It's 100% worth it

Luka bad pirate bad!!

Pirating is worse than rape, because at least they know you're wronging them in rape.

Hey, kiss, I found a few lewd male vapes.
If you're interested.

Yup rape is okay

I can make myself sneeze on cue if I fantasize about being raped

Rape is only okay between consenting adults with a contract.

what's legitimately scary is that you can have sex with a girl and they can claim rape afterwards and you're pretty much fucked

Are verbal contracts okay, I plan on having a safe word for my girl when we do the fantasy stuff.

Get it in writting

Record it just to make sure

By the way [REDACTED] and I have a contract, so it's A-OK if he rapes me.

As long as he respects the safe words.

Yeah, 'cos Society is fricked.

Dubious at best - If nothing else keep a vocal recording, but having it in writing is better.

Actually, it's kind of scary, yet exciting, to be able to say "So and so can legally rape me."

Sonata's a pretty hardcore cuck after all
He won't even listen to others at this point


You said you had 15 FPS
Was it because of your GPU?

I'm not that worried about it, we've been together 7and a half years, she's pretty kinky and she likes being dom'd hard.
We just want to try some peeping Tom shit that leads to rape.

If you feel safe in the idea that she won't ruin your life, that's your choice

It doesn't change the fact that if things go sour and she has any marks that she can pin on you, you're in a bad way.

I'd do it just as a matter of caution but then I'm the one getting tied up so what do I know lmao.

What are we talking about in here :3c

Sinni look away, I'm still cute and innocent I swear.

Why was that spoilered.

I'd be willing to sign that paper for a few people :3

bruh you know I'm not cute and innocent, so I kinda assumed the opposite too.

Look at my discord name after all :v


It's not even be willing to, I fully intend to sign that contract with [REDACTED].


stop raping me

What's wrong with a little fantasy :3c

What are you, some kinda degen :^)

Well, maybe a little something in writing.

did somebody say rape





I may want しれ― to tie me up and have his way with me.
I may not.

I plead the fifth.

Wish I had that much money to spend

:v I want that from Moogs, no need to hide it :3c

I am a pure flower.

I live with my mom and I spent 3 paychecks on it

I killed the thread talking about Moogs putting me in my place QQ

D-don't doubt me.
I'm supposed to be qt li'l 妹 rinno

I wish my computer was old enough for me to get a new one.

Even small littled rins can get corrupted :3c

How much do you wanna bet this'll be double or triple posted?

Okay, so I almost brought up something and then decided not to, but now I want to.
When my girlfriend was 16 and I was 18, we had kinky sex, I tied her up with rope, arms behind her back, and her legs and all that, and at first I just fucked her normally, but then, I put it in her butt, we had done anal once before, but she really didn't like it in that compromised position, and it really hurt her mentally, she's forgiven me, but I really haven't forgiven myself.

want to rape me?

So hurry up and forgive yourself. If she can get over a dick in the ass I'm sure you can get over it too.

its what she signed up for

Wouldn't be rape with you.

dude it just hurts a little bit if you go in without lube

how do you get triggered over that

it's like stubbing your toe

nah I don't like *doing* the raping.

oh, well that sucks cause I don't either.

I don't think it was so much putting it in her butt that was the issue for me, it was enjoying her crying moans that bothers me, and I kept going, I still want her ass.

We never discussed anal before hand and we didn't have a safe word, but we had done anal before so I thought it would be okay, then when I heard those moaning cries, I couldn't stop.

this is what aftercare is for

So take it.

should I be worried lol



I mean, that's probably the only reason we're still together, it's just that anytime we've tried anal after it bothers her and now she just wants nothing to do with it, and I absolutely love fucking her ass.

That would ruin her, and it would ruin us, and I love her so much.

That was her gulping saliva.

She's incredibly excited and aroused at the prospect.


Then get over it.


probably should like move on from that aspect of it

Was that supposed to be kept a secret?

nah, it's cool.



This I think is me trying, I've never talked to anyone about it before, maybe I've just been taking it too seriously.

I'm trying, she has said just to give her time and stop bringing up anal and she might want to give it a shot again one day, but in her own time.

You have.

yeah my laptop has an ancient GPU


I mean it wasn't on purpose, I never meant to hurt her, and it just really bothered me that I hurt her, and I enjoyed it, for the longest time.

And she forgave you.

So best to drop it.

it's still rape kinda

I'd be resisting and unwilling

ooh I'm getting horny thinking about it

too many tripcodes tbh.

I try, but it dredges back up some times, I wish I could just let it go.

Yeah, you see, this is the part where I don't believe you.

It's not actually rape if it's within the bounds of the contract.


I meant to actually post something with that, but I forgot what.

Good job.

it's not like people just go through their day always in the mood for sex.
I'm sick right now and if someone asked me I'd say no. I just want to listen to music while I suffer. now if it was my SO trying to 'rape' me, I'd definitely put up a resistance rn as I'm definitely not in the mood, but of course I'm not going to go all out as they're my SO and they clearly want it

of course once we're really getting into it I'll be feeling good and I'll sure be enjoying it then even if I didn't want to originally :3

I want my girlfriend to try to fight me off so hard that I whined up with a broken nose, and her wrists hurt from being pinned, and any scratches from nails are just extra!!!!

i know someone

Good taste?

Still don't believe you Nez.

She thinks she'll have a hard time hurting me, but I've been trying to work her imagination to where she wants to completely dom me at some point, so she'll probably fight like I want.

Are you a switch or? I'm confused as to what you're asking of her.

who's that?

grrr! hmmph!

my wifey



my little*

Funny guy.



I am a switch, but I star as dom most of the time, there are times she treats me like a toy and fucks me with a strap on though, once we have our own place we're gonna have at least one whole day where she treats me like a little bitch boy and she's my princess.

whatever you want


If only I could get George into that :^)



She's usually a sub anyway, she wants a day when I treat her like a slave for the whole day, she's gonna need a morning after pill for that one for sure I plan to fill her to the brim throughout the day.

Just kidding of course.

reminds me of someone.

bty, premium taste

Oh, George?

My taste is beyond compare, the things I plan to do to her are too lewd for /lewd/ even.


yeah me
shes busy

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:ok hand: