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nm nm

Chips and salsa diet. lol

im jealous

Why's that?

Splatoon 2 is infested with furries and it's great.

How are you all?


could go for salsa

Make some~

Or buy some. It's like 3 bucks lol

l a z y



Any new piercings? Give me deets yo.

nah been spending all my money on my woman


Fair enough.


gonna get an industrial though eventually.

woo woo

most painful one, right there.

iunno cant be worse than nipple piercings.

I was probably talking more about ears.

I'm so scared to get my nips

get it over with

I'm still concerned about it hindering growth somehow. I should have asked my doctor last month.

oh yeah right i forgot that aspect to it

I don't think it would and I haven't heard of it doing that, but I don't wanna chance it and go through with the pain just to end up potentially needing to get them redone later on.

or something.

Also I think 2 nips and a bellybutton would seem excessive

well that depends on taste really

sinni says hi

lol yeah she got salsa. get rekt.



Not me though

Whatever you say, user

>only structure and MG quirks

They're very distinct

They promised to do away with structure quirks entirely in favor of armor, but you know, position at the time...
Regardless, this might as well be nothing considering the giant suppository of nerfs coming down at the same time.

I mean yeah lasers being shit now is still a thing, but you know


hihi grommles

i think I might be gay

Fucking finally finished my Splatoon 2 banner and even got it made in game.
Fuck that took a long ass time.

hi loco

hi squash

Hello Welma.

I think you might be gay as well.

How goes it? Haven't seen you in a bit.

I need a vacation.

No really. not even close.

I'm basically on vacation til Nov.

I just use time between jobs as vacations now cause I never fucking get paid time off lmao.

Hello lovely

well up until now I'd only been ironically pretending to be gay for giggles

But lately I've found myself enjoying it when men jizz in me

I guess now I actually have to play the game some.

Anyhow what's up, people?

What's up Loco-tan?

Tell me everything.

so while someone was balls deep in your throat you were only pretending then too?


Are you still working foodservice?

Hey Squash, are you still not talking to me?


omg wtf


I got into an argument with a close friend a few nights ago. They say things are okay but he they have a habit of keeping things from me, and things don't feel the same. I worry their fundamental issues aren't being worked out, that they'll be unhappy forever and not do anything about it, and that caring about them sentences me to watching them be miserable and waste their life in front of my eyes, and only for reluctance of starting down the road of recovery that looks to me like a clear path easily started. I had pasta for lunch and I'm drawing. Think that's everything.

How's you? How's the ladyfriend?

I've never gotten balls deep, unfortunately. I gag.


This salsa is delicious

Would you and Sinni want to do another Stream later? Last night was a blast.


I got a seasonal gig at the halloween store too cause discount slutty costume stuff.

Got another 2 raises from the get go at the new place I start. woop woop.

Awwe. Yeah I hate watching friends go down the wrong tubes. I had a couple old ones die so I think that was the rest of my old highschool crew :/ I'm sure your friend will figure it out eventually. Hopefully he understands that you only argued with him cause you care


why isnt this one in the folder?

iunno id hate to make plans so early

I'd probably do it tonight if we are, but I'm down for just having it in the air for whenever.
I don't have times really down for it.

We had pineapple salsa but my mom ate it all!! So I'm just eating regular like restaurant style shit.

I have had it!! It's tasty!!

we'll see

Ooh. I just got reg. tostidos salsa medium.

What about the hint of lime chips? those are p good.

Sweet. So what you up to?


You get to wear nice dresses. I'm jelly. Men's fashion is so stale compared to women's. Like I sometimes just browse women's fashion sites to torture myself that I can't wear cute clothes like that in public.

Chips and salsa is pretty caloric. Be careful.

Nah I hate lime.

hangin out with the bae

Like sucks, I'm glad he's dead

raises are good.
yeah I could totes see you having fun at the spook shop :D

the more you know



How absolutely homosexual of you.
You ever get that drawing done? Or nah?


thought you didnt want it

You said you were doing it regardless so I wasn't sure if you were going to finish it.
I'm just curious is all.

I do, yup. And it's fantastic.

I'm doing chips and salsa diet because it'll keep my metabolism at least steady with 3 small meals a day versus my 4 days no food 2 days binging kinda deal.


I drank a whole bottle of that simply limeade last weekend. It's like amazingly good.

Yup yup. Never thought I'd be making this much back at the fuckin' DQ lmao

And nah, the halloween store is a piece of shit. I hate being a cashier and dealing with people. I haven't even worn a costume at work even though we're allowed to. There's this ungodly construction that has one of those fences up so people don't even know we're in this plaza. On the other hand I basically get paid for being on my phone for like 5 hours lol

I think I've had a lime drink from brazil that was ok? but I'm more of a lemon person.

ill finish it if you want. dont know when i will have the time. it's hard to motivate myself nowadays as i always feel as though i am wasting the day given how much of a commitment drawing takes me

one of my coworkers just got knocked up so she's been having these ridiculous lemon cravings. Literally eats those things like you would an orange.

Yum!! I should buy some lemons dude.

It's really up to you. I'm not going to make ya. I'd rather you don't if it is not something you want to do.
I don't even have the mat I was going to put it on so it's not like a rush job even.

yeah dude

i just dont know when it will happen

Interesting. Do you plan on frying bigger fish, like going to school and stuff, or are you happy as is?

Have you ever seen a peeled lime?
they look so alien

Is cool.
What's with the recent Halo posting?

iunno just going through my folders

George ignores me on the threads QQ

shut up cunt


School is basically a waste of money judging from everyone I know that went to school and is swamped in debt. Pretty sure I make more than all of them who went to school too, so why plan on frying bigger fish?

idk I just gotta get some passive income set up and go from there. I have enough shit to finish dealing with before anything else anyway.

Yup! I used to have a lime tree ;3



Hurricane in Ireland. Everyone I know and love is going to die.

*Ignores Sinni*


Really? wow..

My debt's going to be paid off in 1-2 years, and it's been easily manageable so I guess I'm the exception LOL


I lowkey wanna do some serious research into mycology and botany and grow some special things. They're going to be legalized sooner or later anyway so I feel like I could capitalize on it too..



*Noms your kokoro*

I wouldn't bank on mushies becoming legalized any time soon, but bud is def easy and profitable.

We just harvested and ended up with like 12 pounds or so.

leave my kokoro alone!

Tasty tasty kokoro.





that is some serious dosh right there

more and more medical studies are being opened up about mushies. One I read was how they help "reset" people's brains who are clinically depressed. People have said it lets them break out of that nasty cycle which keeps them down.

Might not be legalized for recreational at first, but medical?
looking good so far

We don't really sell it lol More of a hobby thing.

And yeah, I can personally attest to the brain reset thing. It works the same way with most hallucinogens in my experience.


weed is technically one. You prolly tried that before.

Weed is a gateway drug :g

tfw yet to try drugs in general


We could do acid sometime.

you said you havent had booze either right?

yeah but no hallucinations

just feeling lighter


or smoked anything.

only thing I've done is kiss a girl that blew vape smoke in my mouth lol

I guess it's called shotgunning or whatever you kids call it


Kind of wondering why I got a Switch aside from Zelda and Splatoon now.

Nah I'm straightedge, thank you tho.

a rare breed

Lame. I want to try some of the other shit out there.
But at the same time I have to stay sober for work.


It's not lame :C
Wait until you have like a vacation or something?


It's not lame!!!

I have my reasons for not doing it, and I don't bully others for doing it :c

nani the fuck


It's Pm's from Blood-chan AKA. Ikaros
And she'll claim to love Sonata

I guess I'll eat anti depressants.

As someone new to the thread, can you explain the gos here? I don't undestand.

:5 do your best

I know I read the thing.

But why?



I just want him to see that

Eatting medication?

nearly everyone is as lost as you are about that

is this fucking socks

I wonder if I still have Socks added.

nigga I ain't reading all that shit


blood-chan did nothing wrong =u=

how you gonna ignore me and not filter me

ice cold


Who is blood-chan ???
Who is sonata???
who is this mystery poster?????

pls elab for the special needs sni

Yo, did I miss the Alice raids?

Who cares? We all know BC is crazy. What else is new?


shut up bloodchan jesus

bloodchan is a cute psycho
sonata is their boyfriend or w/e

the person posting them is some autist :shrug:

I don't come here at all, but if you have questions for me, feel free to ask

Why what?

What does that mean?

I just want Sonata to see it

Bob's Burgers took an interesting turn in the animation department.

sonata an blood chan are both role players

Blood chan is being unfaithful to sonata by erotic role playing with someone else

it's like a Greek tragedy with a 15 year old surgeon soldier animal killer and a Japanese mute maido and they're both really obese 25 year olds

Who are you!! I'm Sinni

what does all this gos mean.

Holy shit

this is a perfect analogy

Is Bard here perhaps? :3

Hi Blood-chan, are you gonna be ok?

is this who i think it is~

blood-chan is a long time community poster that likes to make many aliases and pretend to be a new poster

sonata is a kind roleplaying tea bringer. he's smart and good with computers too

mystery poster is likely Chen or someone else that likes to gossip and talk shit when nobody cares

all in all it's 0/10 quality shitposting drama
really boring

who the fuck


I like this kinda goss, it's juicy.

Thank you everyone for catching me up to speed, I appreciate it.

That retard is still around?
That's laughable.

/waifu/ losers

I am Oshino Ougi
You'll have to explain gos to me, sorry

I'm not Chen, just as an fyi


Ougi be my friend!

Goss is like gossip, or drama or something.

if I go user maybe I can be relevant too


Of course not! >.>
-Hides in a corner-

Oshino is obliviously Blood-chan.

I don't know. After people straight up tell you some fucked up shit about themselves thread gossip isn't as interesting.

Remember the time I killed that guy?

Only oldfags remember.

-finds you-
-hugs you tightly-
so cute!

Oh, it's simply that Blood-chan doesn't love Sonata like she claims, she'll say things like that to anyone
Like me, for instance

No thank you

Interesting theory, but what would there be to gain?
And how did those Pm's work?

BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff…oh yes my dear….sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff….quite pungent indeed…is that….dare I say….sssssssnniff…eggs I smell?……sniff sniff….hmmm…yes…quite so my darling….sniff….quite pungent eggs yes very much so …..ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff….ah yes…and also….a hint of….sniff….cheese…..quite wet my dear….sniff…but of yes…this will do nicely….sniff…..please my dear….another if you please….nice a big now…. BBBBBBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPFFFFFF Oh yes…very good!….very sloppy and wet my dear….hmmmmm…is that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?…hmmmm…..let me…..let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darling…….hmmmmm….hmm..yes….that is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear….ah yes….let me guess…curry for dinner?….oh quite right I am….aren't I?….ok….time for sniff…..sssssnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff…..hmmm…hhhmmmmm I see…yes….yes indeed as well curry……hmmm….that fragrance is quite noticeable….yes…..onion and garlic chutney I take it my dear?…..hmmmmm….yes quite….. BBBBBBRRRRRRRRPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT Oh I was not expecting that…that little gust my dear….you caught me off guard…yes…so gentle it was though…hmmmm…let me taste this little one…just one small sniff…..sniff…ah….ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffffff…and yet…so strong…yes…the odor….sniff sniff…hmmm….is that….sniff….hmmm….I can almost taste it my dear…..yes….just…sniff….a little whiff more if you please…..ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffff…ah yes I have it now….yes quite….hhhhmmmm…delectable my dear…..quite exquisite yes…..I dare say…sniff….the most pungent one yet my dear….ssssnnnnniiiifffffffffffffffffffffff….yes….

but why ougi-chan
we're best friends!

did bard bring them all here?


Sounds like something blood-chan would say!!!!!!!!!

bloodchan is boring at best and annoying at worst i have a hard time believing anyone even interacts with him so as far as im concerned this is some fantasy story he created

exactly! no one cares at all

This is one of the worst, I swear

Idk I wouldn't want to pin the blame all on one person like that

-Becomes as small as Charlotte to make cuddling easier-
I'm hungry... >:3

I don't think anyone who matters likes BC.

go away blood chan seriously

W-what if like blood-chan?

-makes tea-
lets have a teaparty~

we should invite everyone to it too!

No reason, I'm just not interested

Maybe we're all Blood-chan?

Sonata interacts with them, his reaction is the one I want to see

I appreciate him trying to keep this place alive with new people but holy hell, this new generation is 10x more autistic than we were.

use this image next time

I like her.
She is cute.

Such a meanie Ougi


keep the gossip coming i love it

-Stares hungrily at your face-
Alrighty then...Sonata loves tea, we should invite him too u.u

i'm not Blood-chan!! @/ / /@;

Yes, and bloodchan too. We should even invite meanie Ougi and Nev ^-^

i can see your post history im still mod here

oh yeah...


Can I come to the tea party

I don't have friends, see

Of course!
All are welcome!

Such is life

That's pretty *deep*

I posted the Imgr link, that's all I have
The real fun starts when Sonata shows up

I wonder if he'll still love her?

Don't sink that low, loco

If I were sonata I'd be pretty mad

nobody cares

you're a retard either way
waste of time


i mean you need to consider the kind of person who would be into bloodchan to begin with

we're talking someone with some sort of issue


You never cared about me, subtle. These are my friends now.

-sips tea-



Nevada would just trash all over the place~
We can still invite him and give him some play doh to entertain himself with u.u


Ougi is only trying to cause drama, don't pay attention to her. I love my Sonata.

-pats on head gently-

I'm kidding.

Did you just...emote?

I'm BC


He should be
I hope he is

She told me he had a rough childhood, he probably thinks he can relate to her in that way, inspire her to change

He can't

Oh, here for damage control?
How do you explain the messages then?

What is this RP shit


Also why are we all user, I can't tell whose who!

That would be something.

Ougi is only trying to cause drama, don't pay attention to her. I love my Sonata.

You're a good girl ~

the next generation

american cartoons >


a-are you cheating on me

Leave me alone you scary alien!

Colbs! I missed you



Most anyone who goes user isn't worth talking to in these situations.

oh my god not you too

shut up youre the only girl for me

No one missed you

I pour the tea on my legs straight from the pot

To remind myself of all the pain receptors in my thighs

you guys are doing your actions in person as well I hope


Idk, I like talking to Loco, I think that's one of the anons?

hey i don't pimples!

I love you, Mami

Ninja is fun

*Gently strokes the shaft of poster below me as I murr in an aggressive, yet loving tone*


Ougi is only trying to cause drama, don't pay attention to me, clearly my claims are baseless and I'm on damage control

Okay, would be better without you tho

Hi waifufriends, you can use names here. It makes things easier :3

Loco is a slave to Subtle.
They will never love you like they love them.
Shackled to the love they can never have.

-wipes the tea up with a towel-
there, there user :/

Love you too~


We can restrain him with ropes...Hehe >:3

No... *Hides the emote behind my back* Of course i didn't, silly!

-I scream and scream and don't stop screaming-



I don't really mind that, I just think they're cool.


Tightly restrain him~

-puts my index finger to your mouth-
shh, shh
there there~
its okay

*I caress your milky thighs and your nubile hamstrings. The heat off your vulva slowly warms my hand as I move closer to it. Your supple mound quivering as I prod it with care*

You can use them there too

This is an intersting one, she talks about collapsing a dogs lung for the fun of it

gah i'm bored now i remember why i don't come here

Only if you install a botnet that gives Dewgong all your credit card info

stop ree

You don't have to do this, retard, this isn't Holla Forums

Is this your doing?

I agree.


Wait what the fuck is this? This is isn't me.

Bye bloodchan~

whats wrong with that :?

Thicc thighs do save lives.

your inexperience with vajine's shows in that post dude




I'm in their Discord chat but I don't think I caused it

That's why I use crashfox for Holla Forums

Don't you lie to me Erio


Vaginas are repulsive things.

my man

I don't usually have a reason to come here, please forgive me

Damage control harder


whatchu been upto today

imagine if vaginas were like vibrating space heaters
what a world that would be

A-are you calling me repulsive?

George would like me more

Drove home from hanging out with Brandon, that's about it

Hehe...Killer Queen has already touched that Remilia puppet you're lewding! *Clicks C4 trigger*

What do we do with a bound Nevada?~ SIng along ^.^


They rage at Blood-chan in their chat every day and it was bound to overflow eventually. They haven't yet discovered that the correct way of dealing with Blood-chan is petting

Tbh I somehow never really heard that song until a few days ago and now it's always stuck at the top of my recommended videos on Youtube so I just keep listening to it

No, but your lady pits are.

*Zah wurldos away*


Here, have a nice story

I could love sinni just the same as subtle if she has a lovely black member like he does.

This has to be fake.

I use Firefox for my banking and job hunting stuff

Pssst. She doesn't.

she's so cute ^-^

The story probably is, to be honest
But then again it is the dog killer we're talking about


Yeah but she can buy one.


nah I'm a white chick


I wish I was as cute as Sinno-chan.

Nooo! Fine, i'll nail you once you'll lay somewhere to rest .-.

Oh have you seen that picture of a girl sucking her own blood with a straw? We could do the same with Nevy~



me too.


that one is nice
yes, we should!
we could put some of her blood into the tea~


bruh same

Apparently she's a schitzo

Not surprising at all though


nice mettaton

hows he been holding up

boy I can't wait for the above average snowfall this winter

endless shoveling is gonna be so fun



B-but you're not a vampire! Hmph...Go search someone else to milk dry of their blood >///<

Um, Mr Dog! What would be a good bait to lure you? :o


so cute

Put a tail plug in your ass and wag for daddy.

nice sinni also

are waifu threads dead rn or what
go home


Just ask Blood-chan about baiting Dogs

its time to stop


no, the correct thing to do would be to have never started

ill stop when im ready whore


Its was only dogs

Oh come on now don't be such a meanie, i just came to talk with an old friend of mine -.-

Something tells me the thing wouldn't stop just at that though...Which is troubling since i have already my special person .-.

Fiiiiine! I'll share a bit with you as well, just because it hurts too much seeing you cry.

Grim post a picture of me for sinni

One where Im not naked

Too late. I'm horny now and you have to deal with it.

Guys, you can stay, but no one really cares about the Blood-chan drama

Is the Italian one Carol or who? ^^

I thought you said they didn't know, why would you admit it in that case?

If they have a plug in their ass tho u can take 'em



Oh no the UK one is Carol I think

Because Mami

I'm sure you look cool!


I dont have any saved (on this computer)

you are an abject failure of a man

As decent as ever, still doesn't have a fucking job lmao

I kinda wish we had snow, but then I remember it's awful and nah

Wait. Grim gets your nudes but I don't?
The fuck, Loco?


I don't care if any of you care, all I want to see is Sonata's reaction

I dont have any nasty pictures of you either

its nice in small controlled amounts


I'm not here for Period-Chan -.- I just started posting because Mami joined and because i wanted to talk with Bradley anyways, too bad he isn't here.

Mhm, but if i do you'll have to give me a bit of yourself~

That would not only make you gay but also a pedophile, be very careful! u.u

I like brown guys. Sorry.


Unfortunately nature doesn't usually operate small and controlled



Half the people here are pedophiles.
Sci being the outcast of them. All will die in time.
Him hopefully first.

I can smother myself in BBQ sauce then.

hi Colbert

those wildfires literally melted buildings

its insane

bty friends I'm paying 1 cent for every pic of moogs you guys can find, as long as it's one I don't have already.

Trying to strengthen my collection


do you have the penis pics?

Hiya Welma

Luckily I don't know anyone in that area

I have maybe 50 cents worth.

do you have the one of his ASSSSSSSS


she has like 800 pics and gifs of my dick

I'm about 99% sure there isn't going to be much of one

Why don't you just add him on Discord and send them? ^^

That part wasn't directed at you, then ^^

Some people take her way too seriously, imo

Anyway, you're welcome to stay; new people are good

x_x gross!

that is some dedication

Oh nothin, just a lazy Sunday

How about you?

Why do you have 800 pics of your dick?

He won't add people on Discord
I'd bet she's trying to cut him off from others, it's a classic move for abusive relationships

The Italy poster is mine.
I call dibs.

i dont

Waiting to see my boo.


she is my little sister tyvm~

shh just accept it


yee I do, tho not many.

I got to save a lot from gyazo.

:3c he's worth it.


Ooohhh, sounds fun. Got any plans?

We wouldn't want to split the family up now would we?

I...Think i forgot the oven in the...Oven, whoops, i'd really like to stay a bit longer but i've gotta make sure nothing bad happens ^^"

-Takes you away to safety with me-

Thank you so much for the kindness ^.^ I'm trying to be present a bit more but with school and all getting in the way it's being a bit though to do so...

when y'all gonna meet up and smooch

I have 23 cents, what can that get me.

We have to go dress shopping for me.

And a double helping of cuddles ^~^

Probably lewd stuff idk yet

I'll put a bun in your oven.

4 pieces of nickle candy.


420 blazikun




nothing concert yet just thinking of ideas really


Well that sounds like a good time

A REALLY good time, depending on how the night goes

I bet he also loves you calling it a doodle


this makes me remember the first time I saw a bittenhard blaziken.
and thus pokemon became insanely more interesting to me

Oh, well, he doesn't usually post here and he probably won't post just because he's being mentioned in drama

Blood-chan enjoys this attention tbh

That's understandable; make sure to deal with IRL things properly ^^

You're from Holla Forums waifu threads originally, right? I figure that discord chat we're in is the waifu thread chat, but I guess it has people from a lot of different places

His baby carrot :3c

haha usually is ;p



But before i go i wanna say something...

You avatar looks like Danny Sexbang kek.

Going to go for a while.
Give head pats please.

His pocket rocket?

How long have you two been together now?


t. chen


The "thanks" should've been green too

His cheese curd :3c

His tater tot?

9 months now.

It's flown by x_x

Wow, no kidding

Good for you guys

He's getting really mad.

Doesn't that mean he's here, watching?

Yupyup. She's amazing.

Why would Chen, of all people, think that'd work?

Like, I didn't know Chen was this dumb.





Tell him not to get his panties in a twist, it'll restrict his little chicken nugget

I forgot how you guys met. That one Discord or whatever?