Tfw you finally build a new computer

praise god

I'll fix whatever's going on with my ram speed when i wake up tomorrow

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oh you too?

LFG - 1 Rift Herald Win - NA - iGN: Vafarien

Or was it.....

I gotchu.

its like im some fag or somethin

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge

Ian is it true you bought PUBG, played one round where you shot your friends in the back, then refunded the game ?



LOL yeah

I refunded it because my laptop doesn't run it well, tho

he shot SD




SD the nicest guy here.
I'm speechless.

SD died on a boat?

das me

also you can't get the ashe chroma unless you buy the pass, jsyk

SD the best guy ;~;


smh colbear




Master Pass*

i know~

just next weeks missions in 15 hours~

and that's when everyone will be doin there master missions to get it first!


I believe you.


What about me...?

gold sure does look like bronze


What about you?




I shot you on purpose, not him


im cring

Kill me.

On it, boss.

So the household we used to be apart of and moved out of less than a month ago are filled with such absolute pieces of shit that they went and got our dog killed already

less than a fucking month after we moved out

the kid who doesnt even live there brought a friend over and they were fucking with the dog when he was getting something to drink and he bit the dumbass on the face because for some reason the dumbfuck had his face by the dog while he was drinking water and now the dog's in the pound and the city;'s going to put him down

I feel like shit and I can't stop thinking about how scared he has to be
it's not like he knows what the fucks doing on

I'm so fucking angry but I can't talk to anybody about it or do anything
And my mom keeps trying to defend the piece of shit we used to live with saying it's not his fault and I cant be mad at him

I just feel fucking sick

this tbh

Way to keep it positive guys.

I'd want to kill myself too if I was Canadian lmao

I might be going to Smokes tomorrow so suck this dick lmao


Or well just let it go to shit.

Whatcha gonna get?

In the Gaul of long ago, that is to say, in that one part of the world where women were not totally treated as slaves, women had the habit of prophesying, of predicting the happy event: the people fancied they plied their trade successfully only because of the intimate commerce they doubtless had with the Gods; whence they were, so to speak, associated with the sacerdotal and enjoyed a measure of the consideration lavished upon priests. French chivalry was founded upon these inanities and finding them favorable to its spirit, adopted them: but what happened next was what happens always: the causes became extinct, the effects were preserved; chivalry vanished, the prejudices it nourished persevered. This ancient veneration accorded for no sound reason could not itself be annihilated when what founded the illusion had dissipated: we no longer stand in awe of witches, but we reverence whores and, what is worse, we continue to kill each other for them. May such platitudes cease to influence these our philosophers' minds, and restoring women to their true position, may the intelligent spirit conceive them, as Nature indicates, as the wisest peoples acknowledge, to be nothing but individuals created for their pleasures, submitted to their caprices, objects whose frailty and wickedness make them deserving of naught but contempt.

I'm having a hard time deciding between the poutine and the poutine.

You should like, shit on their front porch and light it on fire.

what the fuck. I mean I get that the kid was being stupid but that should be his lesson. why would they put the dog down though? they cant seriously think the dog isnt domesticated or something because a kid was being stupid with him. Is there no other option the city can take?


Okay okay I'm sorry.
I don't really know what to say.
But I feel for you.
I'd be mad too.
Is there any reasonable way to get back at them ?

I dont want vengeance I just want my dog to not be scared and in pain and murdered

People are fucking scum. They will get their just desserts, hopefully you will bring it to them.

Might be a little late for least they can't do anything to him anymore.

thank you for listening


Who's the best nip singer and why is it Reol ?

Low quality bait

still broken




Name one singer with a better voice.


Oh cool, getting hit by a tranny voice right off the bat.
Much better.

I wanna scare the shit out of some kids this h'ween

He's a boy tho

That doesn't really make it better yo.
Kohh best male voice NIPPON

What song of his did you even listen to?

3 albums.
Pick one?

Salu has some nice ones too but most of his stuff sounds samey af








smells like

I listened to multiple songs of his.
Which one am I suppose to list?
I like If I Die Tonight, Tokyo, Binbounantekinisinai

I was talking about Mafumafu, I don't care about shit rappers.



And I never really listened to Mafumafu, I just listened to a couple of songs after you mentioned him. them. it.

That's... what I was asking?

I'm...sorry for being confused?


I didn't think it was possible to be even more dumb than Soto yet here we are.

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, I think you're wonderful.

Yup, dumb as shit.
You have to be very patient with me.
Sorry again.


90s weebs

You're an all star





Crash landing when

Forever Stranded*

Oh my.

Yeah, there are newer modpacks now that curse owns everything now. More incentive. Currently looking at magicfarm3, modern skyblock 2 and this one.


If you're able to figure out how to host the server, maybe next thursday?

I can promise to look into it, but that's about it.
You're supposed to be the expert.

Invasion, though.

Also, night.

No one is this nice in mmos

they are if you're a girl

:ok hand:

I've gotten enough free stuff to back that up.

Good morning! Hope you're all doin well.

Been worse.

I hope your tomorrow is better?

Yeeee that would be nice.

Tomorrow feels like a cheesecake kinda day, so hopefully it'll be good!

Well I hope your today is going well and your tomorrow will go even better too.

It's going good! Trying to pass time until I'm tired enough to sleep.

Thank you!!

Watch shitty anime.
Best way to pass time.
Or good anime
Even better way.
Or play games, best way.
Or be productive.
Besteste way.

yee but I don't got drive to do any of those things atm sadly

rape meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

rape meeeeeeeeeeeeeee my friend

Or cyber Echo

Bestestest way

me too


I guess this is my cue to leave.


Thread is now kill.
Have a good one

take care

at kfc
it was our last day serving grilled chicken
and I took a big pack of the grilled chicken flavoring as a souvenir and now I have a big thing of kfc grilled chicken flavoring

rick and morty sezcheuan sauce!!!






what u think about this pulp fiction/fullmetal alchemist xover design

eh... its good enough



worth the buy?



looks better on a shirt



ohey LOL




i wonder who will sell more


trraps invaded by normiez!!!


No really kill me.

a fucking leaf





haha cheers


Are you that drawfag from /bant/ ?




for some reason i don't believe you.


I don't see why, I'm a pretty trustworthy guy.

I'm tired.




Argentina is white



Argentina is white


ay yo hold up

so you be sayin



Do you guys like me?

Not particularly.

Not especially.

white what?

Someone needs validation.

My dick is white and it shoots white.

Too bad they'll only get negative reinforcement.

White Power



Don't be racist.

You might upset someone.

Most people do

Its not ew

Is there something I could do to make myself less unlikable?


Indeed fellow Aryan.

white powder then.
You only cum powder

Wow, edgy

Something is wrong with that dick.

What's that?

Should go see a doctor

Luckily I don't have that problem.

Better not cut yourself

Going on a trip to Gensokyo.

Hes telling you to kill yourself.

I hope you can figure that out.

I know but it's just outright rude to put it like that.

What do you care ?







tryhard edgy


I guess you would have to be a girl first for that to even apply though.

wait why does my raspbian have so many packages

Common courtesy, not much else.

Because being polite when telling someone to kill themselves is important.

lol common courtesy is for fags


jacky booooy. enjoying the overwatch halloween event?

It isn't, but there's nothing stopping me from doing it anyway

Says the fag called cupcake



I love my duplicates and legends I don't need for shit and sprays and player icons quite much, yes.
'sup fag

A kick to the nuts and a kiss on the cheek.

lol cx



well yeah you're gonna get lots of dupes because lol overwatch. been able to do the event much? they made it quite a bit harder, what with the heroes being nerfed, ultimates charging slower and adding symm into the mix. as well as every single enemy hero in the event being buffed since last year. well, not roadhog, but as far as this event works he is actually buffed imo.

I got all the event achievements finally but it was hard as fuck. had to have nezi help with the hardest one. last year was fun getting it with you.

That's the way I like it.

Seems like a lot of people do.

I only needed the achi I got with you guys, I don't remember much of it all but I recall that I had a mighty good time.
I don't really care about the event for exactly the reasons you said, it was hard enough last year and I dunno if I could join a team as competent as the one in last year so no hopes
Did I miss anything in this cesspit?

oh yeah, it'll be a nightmare to find a random group to get even the easy achievements lol. it's just sprays though so if you don't care it's no big deal.

I love the skins though, so many are amazing. you don't like them?

haha no, not as far as I know. nothing ever happens around you, you know that. although who knows, something crazy might have happened in the last few months when I haven't been around, but my money is pretty strongly on that not being the case.

The wonders of modern society.

The skins are fuckin' bomb
Zen and Sym and Torb are instant wants.
I only have cash for one tho fuck. Well, I was kinda out of the loop for two months as well but I'd bet the same.
Kinda surprised this place is still alive in general

I'm not supposed to brag about that stuff though.

that's what I'm talkin' about. yeah the skins are fucking amazing this year, only a few that aren't the greatest thing ever, but even they are pretty neat. reapers is the only one I'm like "eeeh" on. just make sure to get the max rewards from the arcade mode every week and play enough quick play to get a few loot boxes. there's a lot of time for this event so you should be able to pull at least a few of the skins you want before needing to buy any.

I am not surprised the place is still alive, but that's only because these kinds of communities tend to live forever even if sometimes they are super dead. like did you know the original pony thread from Holla Forums is still alive in a few places? it's fucking nuts, mang.

hot post more

this too

Even AuA is sorta alive and they are as old as me. Yeah this type of cancer seems to be eternal. But I'll help, I'll make sure to link this place to Revy's chat more often Colbs loved them visiting : ^)
Kinda got busy as fuck I don't have time to properly farm anymore damn. I'm lucky if I can get two skins at this rate
RIP perfect event skin rate

Its so hot when a girl gets her fingers cut off


you have every event skin so far? damn dude, even I don't have that. I mean, I could have gotten them all, but I never buy the ones that I don't care about even if I have the coins. why have it if you never use it?

only homos cant appreciate cut off fingers


I wanna cut ban's fingers off

Thumb my finger holes.


Well maybe except for three I do.
I had good drop rates and the rest I had to buy because of PRIDE
Gotta fuck off to work laterz

I was only joking.

Your fat fingers couldn't fit in my slender feminine finger holes.

later jacky boy


Weird how it works like that.



friendly reminder that speccy is a gay




Plebeian pls.

that was the only one of those images I had so I guess I win.

I also only had the two, so...

so you double lose. smh.

Wait a minute... how does this scoring work?

don't worry about it that's how!


Then you'll just make up the rules as you go along!

well yeah that's the first rule of this game.

1. cup makes the rules

2. all other rules pending

oh and another win for me btw for that last post of yours.

so that's 3 - 0


4 - 0

I will fucking rape you.

well that's a definite win for me.

God fucking damn it.

5 - 0
6 - 0
7 - 0
8 - 0

fun game, no?

see luka gets it. luka gets a point.



i want blondie~

oooh. that's not cool. that's a minus point for you.

speccy needs cuddles too because he's a hateful spiteful gay.

why he so mad?

repressed homosexuality.

Yeah... I need to get that shit together.

why does he like boys?

someday... ;~;

because he's a misogynist... :

WTF are these baseless accusations!?

can you fix him?

wow!!! she's such a cutie~
i want her

I'm gonna do my best luka...I'm gonna do my best...
but he needs lots of affection from you, so go crazy!

Of course...

but why?


:worried emoji:

because you're the only one with enough warm love to thaw his frozen heart...



*group snuggles you two*

they are perfect!

no no, just him. he needs the full force of your snuggles.

i want you too....

alas it can never be. we're just too different, luka.

cuppers my greatest ally

fight the power!

They're pretty cute.

"they're pretty cute" he said, gritting his teeth to hide his seething anger at the fact that they were females, the one thing in this world he hated most


so like who are you anyway?

Some loser from waifu

oh alright cool.

row row tenga toppa gurren laggaan
row row your boat gently down the stream


yeah all that stuff


I knew a cupcake, I'm wondering if that's you

Yahallo :)

I posted in the waifu threads for a very short time once quite a while ago as beatrice.

That's indeed the cupcake I remember then

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not a bad gamin PC build