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honk honk

2b or not 2b XD

Her name is clearly an acronym.
For 2muchbooty

can never have 2much booty

10/10 xd rofl lmao huehuehue

What Cup said.

lol triggered XD


Sure you can, the ass can be 2 fat

who's this guy?

have no strong feelings one way or another for specc

How can it be past your bed time if it's morning?

delet this

There is a line that you can cross with booty where it stops being attractive 'cause she just disgustingly obese.

How can it be past your bedtime if it's morning?

delet this

How can it be past your bedtime if it's morning?

fucking delet this


what is this

Did Holla Forums die?


Same tbh.

hi there spec how are you today?

How's Bard tonight?
This place died because Holla Forums a shit.

it just hit me that it's 1 am i better go to bed.................

Well rip you. Goodnight.

I woke up too early.



Good morning! How are you doin?

Rather tired and my eyes are burning 'cause my fan, but not bad.
Might pass out again.

Probably a good idea, you should catch some zzs! (Get water and use the resty room first, before you have to)


How are you?

I've hit a tired where I'm not tired again. Wasting away yo.

Well, if you want to hang in call until you're tired enough to sleep I'm down.
But it's your call. I have no idea who is up.

I would, but my bedtime's coming up and I'm gonna *try* to sleep first, plus George is making me all weepy for no good reason!!

Well get some rest when you are ready.

Same to you

I'll play a bit of Splatoon.


new computer


holy crap tsuredzure children is great
up until now I havent binged an entire highschool anime since highschooldxd

Quality person filled out a work application today.
I think he's going to get it!



Just give me the job, for fuck's sake.

Your job is putting lotion on my feet after a hard day at work.

I also want to do it while you are at work.

Is rice considered healthy

You're still gay

Not really, no.


Who even and why though?

Don't use me as a tool for insulting others.

I am the terror that flaps in the night.

I'll do whatever I want with you.

This is Goggles, isn't it?

Depends on the diet going with it.

The monsters demand I wear shoes.

Kiss did not say hi to me so I'm mad at them forever now.

Negative, this is a popsicle of meat.

Such an irritant.

Seriously. Who?
I don't like these games and I'm just going to go ask Test if you won't say.

Is Kiss-shot a fluffer?

Which is just me doing whatever I want to you.

Doesn't really work

A who?

Go ahead, ask your master. It can't unmask me.

a what?

I better run for cover.

Have a day.
I've lost interest.


They prep porn actors for scenes

You did not say hi to me either.



What if I bark like a doggo?

Probably a good idea.

Wait, I don't prep the guys.
I sell them the pills they use to stay hard all day.


I'll shoot you with my concealed carry

That is the same thing as prep.

Do you expect me to be like a dog? Excitedly saying hi every time I run into you?


I more sell the results of their efforts to the masses, we don't sell the strong pills they actually use.

You usually do.

Unfortunate. I could use them.

I suppose so.
you don't love me though.

UGH you are so old.



It does not help that you are getting old too.



A woman told me today I was too young to be working at that kind of shop.

Check steem

I wager she was also old.

I did

I'll do that in 30 minutes or so.


Probably about the same as you.
I sold her a vibrator.



But you do not even remember my age.

Good because I'm closing this now


I know YOU do.

I've slept 4 hours.

How old am I Darwin?

I know how old you are.
You are twice my age plus 4

Go sleep some more.

Fuck if I know.

alright I guess

Your assumed age.

Probably will.
Nobody is really here that I want to talk to so I'm kind of just waiting to pass out.

Yes, that.
I wish I could not age, then you wouldn't have lost interest in me.

I see

people assume i'm 12.


What show is that?

Aside from you that is.

I don't care.

Sweeping Simulator.

yes, I linked the wrong guy.

have a loli to make up for it.

how so?

what if you just only ate rice

or just rice and beans

Wait, you were supposed to reassure me about how you still like me.
This is why I am always so depressed.

Me not doing it is how you should know I still like you.

You would have me lie?

u wouldnt be depressed if u actually hung out with me ;(.

Or was that at me?

Nor would he be in a better condition.

High in fast carbs.
But that also depends on activity so...

all i want in anime and chill and he's only 43 minutes away.

So go get him.


tfw kisshot doesnt hang out with you but you want his attention anyway.

Not you squish.

Depends on the kind of rice.

I'd be more depressed.

hmm is chest pain bad

like I should probably do something right


I sent you this, though.

Pictures of what even?

talk to me. what caused it I can give you medical advice.


well I have a cough and I'm sick

it's a stabbing pain below my right nipple
it hurts more when I take a deep breath

am I kill doc?

I want to rub Felix' tummy.

There's only one doujin on exh in english but it's with felix and subaru so this is ok

r there any felt doujins


here's my Recomended!

: when you're driving at about 60kph+, what happens when you're in a straight line and you give the wheel a firm jerk and let go? does the self aligning torque pull the car back straight continuing straight or does the car start to oscillate/fishtail uncontrollably?

Yay :3

Gamu and normal YouTouby thingies!

What's that skin?

Get in a car and find out.

I don't have an infinitely large patch of asphalt and an array of vehicles to choose from!

nomrie!!! reeeee~

youtubes defaualt night mode

car flip over and dies

huh why can't i find it


oh new style
yay dark ^^

u click ur profile thingy top corner! ^_^


did you censor your yt name? :o

Yeah it's really nice in theatre mode~

shh... >_

but i need to subscribe to you

that does look much comfier than bright

ye, white led in monitor blasting all the white theme leds max bright
dark theme make black led's last longer and not worn out :^)
white led burn in >w<

link me dat mac in tosh on mac vid

i remember back in the old days playing nfsu2 on my ps2 ^_^ riders of the storm song still fresh in my mind drifting around on that highway fast in my custom cars~

youtube.com/watch?v=Ja1vMy88_bA ?

henlo furry

y it gotta be 4:30 am tho

no fur pls ;~;

i love her feku i wanna eat her cunny

do me rate my thing

you wanna eat whose what?

but renard


nothing special except f1???

u got the cody lab notification too

vrchat vids are cute

the one shibiyan song is nice and kawaii

i havent seen that yemro megumin vid in months! :D

Ewwww.... 'osu' vids Blegh!


Renard makes that music you posted.
He's behind a lot of personas that cover different types of music.

Kitsune^2 being my favorite.
Truxton is just one of the personas.

some furfag who also makes shitty music.

leave hillary to me


i enjoyed his truxton sen nelo core song at least
so he must be pretty alright at musics~

you don't like his song?

Smart lady Hillary Clinton.

you mean the only one im not gonna watch :3

yah im subbed to him and watch all the vids

i like the vrchat ones where its silent anime girls because I like to imagine the mouth breathing neckbeards fondling eachother's breast and stuff

osu videos are the best tho watch this one

Just depends on the song for me.
He has some pretty good stuff.

smart person for president tbh

not a fan of his style of music, no.

I'm bored.
Want to hang in call and shit talk everyone again?

lewd :(

osu not entertaining...

i like that wolf song you posted months ago too!

what genres are you into then?

sorry, just did a call while failing over and over at junkenstein so kinda burnt out at the moment. about to get some food and I'm watching shit, so imma pass for now.

good ones.


classic rock, prog rock. some indie. some metal.




if u practice osu u can finger urself really fast


O I thought you said pass out.



oh... okay >_<

those kindsa musics are not my kinda thing, so i guess i can see why we differ.


wolf by siamese ????


Oh. I was trying to figure out what Renard song I sent you.
My bad.

oh sorry

For what even?

making you search the wrong thing.

I didn't search. I just couldn't remember what song it was for a min.

what will you do now?

Play LoL or Splatoon I guess.

splatoon is colorful and makes you happy?

Squash still hasnt hung themselves. Damn.

It's fun.
Though I'd rather play it with my room mate, but he is usually busy.

Find me a tranny to mock or something.

splatoon 2 is online multiplayer?


oh well.

my tummy hurts, i think this bread i ate is gone bad... :|
i'm tired...
i wanted to grind out my leeg missions today, but instead i'm tired now.
at least i have 24hr's left......

What do you have left?


win 1 game where i place at least 5 wards
win 1 game where my team lost less than 5 turrets
win 1 game where my team got both harold and nash in one game

and win 2 games where my team got harold

it's very possible to knock out 90% of these in just one win where my team fufills all these requirements.

and then all that would be left is to win a game where my team at least got harold.

One worth mocking.

If you're going to bed soon I can always hop on your account and do a few for you.

Cupcake's probably lurking or something.

I wanted to go lie down and play monster hunter stories but my cat was sitting in my lap so I couldn't move. she just left tho, so I'll be back later. gotta finish this game so my 3ds is freed up for etrian odyessy when it gets here. only got a couple days left.

I was actually just shitposting so the fact that I was right is just straight funny to me.

Sorry but i'mma take the sleep right now~

nini thread freinds!!!





I cant believe cupcake is a tranny being bullied by a furry on a weeb board.

I'm not a furry, boats aren't animals.

achoo ;~; sniff



Das a 2Booty

Das a Wan-Wan


You're dick.

Is boat.

Very nipponaise boat.

you wish

Wan-wan is meh

Better than the basic white bitch, or the Kongou sluts.

Or Akebono at all, like what are you a masochist?

Not as good as the tall, slim, delicious legged and tummied Katsuragi

Shitty admiral >:^)

Wow, found the cuck.


What is this weeb shit

Boats aren't weeab they're global !


i ikt


I was going to find a picture of the actual boat just to humour you but I cbf.

But just because a filthy weeab is posting weeabifications of boats doesn't make boats weeab you boatist.

The point stands that it's weeb shit.

If Z1 and Z3 are any indicator, Germany will sink their own ships for us.

That's God damn sad.

i ikt

You're a weeabshit.

It's like what anime wanted to do to ISIS only it worked for the boat.


Provide evidence.

You're right, such a cuck :/

The German destroyer Z3 Max Schultz was a Type 1934 destroyer built for the Kriegsmarine in the mid-1930s. Shortly before the beginning of World War II, the ship accidentally rammed and sank a German torpedo boat. Max Schultz spent the following month under repair. In mid-February 1940, while proceeding into the North Sea to search for British fishing trawlers, one of her sisters, Z1 Leberecht Maass, was bombed and sunk by a patrolling German bomber. While trying to rescue survivors, Max Schultz struck a British mine and sank with all hands...

Jesus Fuck.

You're ikt indeed

Posting anime drawings of western characters is arguably more weeab than cutting all pretense and just posting anime drawings of Japanese boats.

What even boat is that?

It's a work of beauty, isn't it?

I hate being dumb :(


It's certainly something. And here I thought the Navy getting hit by giant ass tankers was bad.

I just post what images of the character I find. I can't help that a lot of the best ones are more anime.


Also Yuudachi
And Shigure

I posted this the other day, but the Japanese Destroyer Inazuma, not even a month after completion, had a collision with another Japanese destroyer that resulted in the sinking of the other boat, and the bow of the Inazuma being shorn off.

The Japanese Destroyer Miyuki is, in fact, the only modern Japanese destroyer not to make it into World War II.
As well as the only Japanese destroyer to be lost in a collision with another Japanese destroyer.

Go to Deviant Art you 馬鹿外人

Poi is the only good one, Shitgure is shit

No, it's just that the ones that aren't are usually deviantart levels of bad, or they're just the actual ingame sprites. Neither of which are very good, objectively.



Poi is still pretty low on my list

God I wish I could read this. Yet something tells me even if I could it wouldn't actually add that much to the image.

Here, have a better girl

me too. Don't worry, we can be dumb together

Tokitsukaze, Everyone, New boat - please get along.




"Hey! That's not getting along!"



"... (Dogs?)"


i have this problem i don't know how to solve

Just give up.

The image is literally just making fun of the fact that the designer styled their hair after dogs.


finished the main game. I was closer to the end than I realized. apparently there is a shit ton of post game content but I'll worry about that later.


ddg it :3

Yep, I was right...

This doesn't exactly help the furry argument.

Oh fuck, Cup is back.


First link is my problem.

All shitposting aside, I have to go like 11 minutes ago. Dewa.

You do know what Yuudachi's lines come out as sounding like right?

She's a fucking basic white bitch.


I don't really have a shrug.

I didn't really argue against his calling Tokitsukaze the bestiality boat, more just arguing against calling her exclusively that.

There's like 7 boats with dog hair.

later dood

Should I just ban him and save us all

Yes, I have Yuudachi
She's still like the strongest DD you can use

do it u tyrannical FUCK

Don't tell me what to DO

can't stop me because ur short.

on authority.

Ban us all. Burn this bitch to the ground.

did he ban me for that one?


Good morning! How are you all

No, he can't reach the keys.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Speaking about fucking, You should totally do that



I expect your appeals to be heartfelt apologies.

this isnt even funny

Good morning Sinni


oh that was fast.

Wow how apologetic.

did u like my apology?


Power tripper

Good morn! How ya doin?

flipped search and it's slightly different

Haha, the ban list doesn't work so I can't even unban Spec till he sends some kind of appeal.

Yeah basically

he should have been good like me.

Yeah you're such a good boy.

Hello Sinni! Frustrated as you can see. Sup with your morning?

still no clue what parameters you'd use for force feedback for a steering wheel in a game!

don't assume my gender u shitlord

You're an actual misogynist so it's pretty easy to assume.

Good! Just woke up, hanging with the boy and playin doki doki literature club!

How has your day been so far?

never heard of a self hating [insert thing here] before?

and I am not I just dislike women and think they are inferior to men GOSH.

lazy sundays so nothing to complain about

riot riot. the GLF shall rise again etc.


Also how the fuck are all the boats white? They're Asian you fuck.

must not know many jews

AAA my bad, how are you doing today!!

Sounds nice! and I realized I pinged the completely wrong person!!! Though I'm glad I get to talk to you too :3c

I hope your lazy sunday is really refreshing!!

In C write a function prototype only (only 1 line) for a function named findMinimumGrade that expects 3 integers for input and returns the smallest one back:

I'm doing okay
Going to enjoy my last bit of NEETdom before I have to start working
How about yourself?

Relish in the NEET! I hope you have a good day.

I'm doin good, hanging with and tryin to wake up a bit uwu

autumn holiday tho so yyay


Me neither.... Not a clue at all.

do it

i need to make sure my homework is correct

I'm confused, what is autumn holiday



more experimenting and plugging in random numbers it is, then


I still got one more week, so I'll be trying to squeeze in as little as I possibly can
Waking up is shitty, I wish I could sleep forever


What, were you serious?


If I hadn't promised people I wouldn't I'd do that

Also this doesn't really answer the question.
Like at all.

Same honestly, but I'm sure if you have a good week it'll help ease you into being a workin adult!! Do your best!!

Keeping promises is gay

I'm not sure when the exact start date is, I just have training days so far

Perhaps, but promises matter to me

What job are you training for?

Best thing to do when the internet can't really help

I kind of wish I'd forgotten about Spec a little longer.

his message was beautiful was it not?

What're you, his proofreader?


Nothing especially difficult, I just call people and collect data for the gubment. I'm pretty sure at least

int lowest(int a, int b, int c) { int lowest = a; if (b < lowest) lowest = b; if (c < lowest) lowest = c; return lowest; }

i feel trolled

or cry

no but he told me what he told you and it made me do that thing where your face expresses joy.

thank you

That's not a function prototype btw

u-uh, that too

Hey sinni. I'm coughing blood. Can you help me? No worries if not.

day keeps gettin' better

Sneezing? Crying? I forget what it's called.

Lay down and wait for death.

Do your lungs hurt at all? I'm no doctor but my basic anatomy classes taught me that coughing up blood is no good!

idk why a function prototype that;s just the thing before the squiggly boi

yeah I don't remember either. it's very infrequent.

My experience with both bleeding and breathing have taught me that's a no good.

bruh same

Coughing from my stomach. Not my lungs. Lots of blood. Don't worry about it though. Hope you're having a good day.

Yeah same.

Could be a stomach ulcer if your diet isn't too good?

Could be a lot of things really, I'd go to like a fast-clinic, whatever you have near you.

Thankfully it's not your lungs cause that'll go from meh to AAA really fast, but your stomach is still important!!


Testing, you have gone too far.

What did I do this time

he went too far the moment he got in power. his disgusting coup to over throw the old regime still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. but we can't speak out for fear of his wrath...

Your reign of terror must end.

Also unmute me.

Anyone home~?


I'm not gay.

Everyone's a little gay once in a while ^~^

Post yfw Q U I R K S


what qwerks?


The non existent ones for the Osiris and Nightstar.
And the fucking missile fist on the Nova Cat.



Everybody dies in the summer.


I missed you.

how non-existent?
tbh they're not completely awful so they don't really need it I guess
at least the osiris

aw thank you



Like all you get is stricture and MACHINE GUN RATE OF FIRE! For TWO WHOLE MGs!

Oh also we're overdue for new thread, so here: