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fuck you, I was gonna do this

silly boys uguuu~ ~ ~ ~


カップケーキ you slut answer me when I call for you.

git gud

that's fine then

I can only assume you're talking to me at this point? you know I don't look up your moonrunes.

What if I use a proxy and buy something online for a fake account?

Say you don't need no diamond ring. And I'll be satisfied~


Sup threaders~

kill em

Wow, rude, you're just saying that so you could molest me whilst drunk!




don't be silly. I doubt I'd need to get you drunk before you'd let me do that.


guess I'll just have to live with the burden of not understanding~


I wanna be a dumb slut when i grow up ^~^

aren't you already grown up and a dumb slut?

BOTW is too relaxing to just run around in.


Fuk u

H-hey :(

But yes kinda


should I go back to just imagining what you're saying when you use these nonsense symbols? I'll do that.

"u r dum"

how rude!

yeah u would

it's nice when you achieve your dreams. good job!

where's my money???

Don't be mean I was just making a jokes :(

where my ass pics

so was I!

u wish

I didn't say the nudes would be mine


oh lol

how's it been? I havn't seen you around in a long time.


It's a shame we see Cup at all.

That's not Pritty?

eh. I can take it or leave it.

"of course it's mean, you won't read my stupid made up language so I'm gonna bully you"

that's so cruel of you!

not great, but at this point who cares? even I'm starting to not care anymore lol. you can get used to anything really.


color me confused

Its a shame cup always leaves us like Rick.


Well that's fucking depressing. Just do something, yo.


oh ffs. pritty spells her name "pritty," and has a posting style so vastly different from mine I can't understand for the life of me how anyone could confuse the two of us.

and on top of that we talked like last week where you had this same confusion and learned that I was cupcake.

I do. I drink.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MADE UP


Is OW still worth playing?
I haven't played in like 2 months.


Cupcake, Scoot really wants your attention.
You should give her some before she has a breakdown, I'm heading out now.

do something about it nerd

all language is made up, if you think about it.

kinda? I play a lot less unless there's an event. right now it's definitely worth playing because there's some amazing skins.
especially for yo boy zen.

I keep talking to him but it's never enough for that thirsty bitch.

see ya. have a nice day.

Well excuse me for not caring to remember who posts as which names or to set aside brain power to learn individual posting styles. I do have a multitude of shit to do during my day between 3 jobs you know.

Mistake noted.

And we're moving on.


you're excused.

I might update later then.
I'm more focused on LoL anymore.

what a horrible fate

It's hard not to know it's Cup.
You can smell him a mile away.

Well my pants are dry, and this show is ending, so I'ma take the leave option.

I had such a good night playing Twitch last night.
I got a penta and fucking stomped.

why would your pants being dry have anything to do with this? you are SO WEIRD

that sounds truly horrible.

Squash post penta ^^

Because they were in the dryer and that's why I was still up!
Fak u Cup.

you could have said that ages ago and avoided this confusion that I'm sure you intended to cause. you nerd.

What's the fun in that?

fun is the worst. you stop that.


Illegal fun?

I am NOT thirsty!!!!!!!!


secret but fun

What are you mad about, Elma?

bitch u like a dude lost in the desert.

thirsty. as. FUCK.


Wow, it's been a while since I've seen someone use that.

Oh wow you all have wonderful avatars, maybe i should switch again

you're one of the only people around here who would even get the reference, which is why I jumped at the chance to use it.

the proof is in the way you act.

you know.



Do notdo this, not infront of my beloved BC


I'm not mad. Are you mad?

I'm trying to figure out an outrageous hourly that would be enough to make my current job I put my notice in at bearable so when they possibly come at me with a counter offer I can just laugh at them.

see, that right there. that be the extreme thirst.

You're eye roll posts seemed rather passive aggressive.

Now I feel gross.

It's just the bummer that people are still in their same old depression loops not doing anything about it on the internet flavored eyerolls.


carry on.

you should. but not really for that reason. for so so many others.



See, the answer you gave me and the previous one are wildly different.
Nobody here seems to be depressed even.

Ay lmao, just playing some oblivion with a friendo. you?

Do not propaganda with alt right bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cups is always depressed.

I like Cups.

Cups bums me out.

Oooh, nice. My roommate and I went out and bought another copy of Skyrim on a whim the other day and shared a character to speed level the shit out of.

It was fun for like 2 days.



He seems rather well lately.
You got rather defensive over forgetting who he was after it was pointed out you had that conversation before.

I think you tend to take things out of proportion.

It's hard to tell the difference between angry and joking here. Both because of text and the "community" "dynamics" here. I still don't understand it like at all.

I can't think of a time Cup has acted "angry" about anything.

lol what kind of build?

but that's the best kind of bullshit

sleep tite

idk his reply seemed mighty irked the way I read it. Like if it's such a bother that you keep getting mistaken as another person, maybe don't use that name? idk

it's whatever. I don't really come here often enough to care a whole bunch so *shrugs*

So that's where it gets interesting. We were sharing the char like I said so he was going sneak/archery mostly and I was going like alchemy pickpocket sneak.

At least we had sneak as the overlap. 2ez.

Wow, lewd!


its always ez when you level sneak

He really didn't seem to care.
And you seem to "care" whenever people make comments you take as abrasive when they aren't.

Mmhm^^ Skyrim is way too easy when you focus like any single skill.

It's the only way I can get a chat going lol

albeit not with the person I wanted to, but that's cause he's a mean meanie face.

ur lewd

Elma. You constantly come, take something out of context, and then leave mad or something.
I can't count how many times you've done it at this point.

It's all I have time for anyway. I might as well keep the gimmick.

Nobody asks or cares how I've been doing anyway, right?

I can't believe that you're bullying me.

So you're trying to justify the thing you don't like.

Plus I've asked how you were a few times, then you tell me what you're doing and when I tell you how I'm doing you just don't reply.

Not really give or take there. Plus you're rather sensitive so it's hard to have a convo with you in general.

I might load my scummy thief in a bit, this begininnnininnininnnnininng in oblivion is so long

can you really not?

How's Elmers?
Sorry, kind of busy and distracted.

Also, remember Squash vitriolically hates transgendered people.

I care how you've been doing!! How are you doin today?

(Also good morning everyone else, how are you all?)

I hate everyone.


I hate you.

I hate you too


Huh? I have no idea. I'm really lost with this convo.

We were having this problem, you and me in particular, like idk whenever it was I was living on my friends kitchen floor. Though I will agree that there's not a whole lot of give and take with smalltalk and one cannot delve deeper if one doesn't know what else interests the other party. That doesn't really excuse my mysterious disappearances from your reply chains though.

I'm only sensitive when people can be construed as attack-y and mean to me.

Is it? I never played but the roommate says it's like the ultimate elder scrolls.

Hey SD whatcha workin on?

I'm sleepy and stressed because October is a shit show of a month.


I've been okay. Just keeping busy with jobs and getting new jobs and wedding stuff and I need to upgrade my phone etc.

Adulting is suck until you wrap your arms around lovee at the end of the day.

How about yourself?

See Squash? It worked yet again lmao

Thank god. I hate everyone here. Sinni the most.

Not so sure about that but it is fun.

trumps america smh desu

You make sarcastic comments at people a lot but if they do it to you you get all pouty.
Like, you seem to actively seek out being offended. I don't know what to tell you dude.

*Flips a coin at you*
A new world order.

well idk. I've only ever played Skyrim but he's always fukken hyped on oblivion *shrugs*

I wasn't asking you to tell me anything!

And I see what you did there and it was really a really shitty set up.

2 points to Hufflepuff.

I wasn't doing anything.
I'm just pointing out that you took Cups comment as offensive because you have a history of taking things out of context.

Stop being a dick over it.

I completely agree with that 2nd statement, I hope you have a good day today at least!


No, this hurts my frail kokoro.

Curing a hangover, just ate a whole lot in hopes of it doing the trick.
Also kind of playing playerunknown's battlegrounds with a few friends.
Ah, I know that feel, besides the weather is the worst ever with rain 24/7 and like 40F throughout the day.

hey squash, can you do me a favor? can you take your pulse for me? just about 30 seconds will do.

I forgot how to read a bit, sorry.

I'm doing good!! I barely slept and so now I'm like hyper-awake.

Really just end me.

Oh god. I used a masculine insult.
I'm fucked.

should get that ticker checked out desu.

Do I need to beat your ass?


Never played any other elder scrolls, so trying this will be neat. but time for skyrim familiarity kek

also btw im Hufflepuff. Nice points.

Sup, not really spoken since the death of discord.
how hath you been?

I'm not even being a dick over it. I've been over it but we've been talking about it so what am I supposed to do? lmao

thanks. you too sinni


you and your hangovers. You know the best way to cure a hangover is to not get one in the first place~

Guys, remember when Squash cried like a little baby because of drama in thread. Well, boy, he kind is being a loser hypocrit as usual


Stop being passive aggressive at people when you mistake things as attacks on you.

Remember when Scoots teeth didn't whistle?
I sure don't.

Okay, so say what you mean. Got it.

Stop talking to me please.

I've been good! Hanging out with George a lot. I'm excited for Dad & Oob to get back!!

:3c thank you. If you have a discord you should add me so we can talk more!! I'm bad at this whole thread posting mumbo jumbo


Elmagination Station#1748

Said the MOST passive aggressive poster.

No you don't because you're just going to keep doing it.


G-guys stop it.
The attention is making me hard.

I really appreciate this like hype-manning or w/e, it's really funny.

when are you ever not?

Woah, better not screw the pooch

Yeah, sounds cool. Except for the part where you hang around with furry scum. I'll be happy when the parents are back. But. I dunno, its nice knowing theyre having fun and what not. Makes it worth it.

y-you too

Sorry, Scoots. I fuck dogs. Not bitches.

When I'm around you for one.



Then I guess you dont masturbate.

Leave the furries alone! They can't help having bad opinions.

and yee, they're both really cute!!


S-Sinni has defended me~!

more proof that sini is a furry.

No. Gas the furries. I will not change a viewpoint ive held for nearly 3/4s of a decade.
so help me god.
And yeah!!!

Real talk: Furries are disgusting.



Yeah. Calling the guy who would fuck Twitch disgusting is REALLY going to hurt my feelings.


At what cost QQ

Shoot me.


bty I'm updating my animal crossing folder!!

This one's my current fav.

Squash is a horrible human being, I for one, hope he does hang himself after a double shift.

just shoot me was a funny show


I'm already hung, Scoots.

That's actually a cute character.

Can confirm, Squash is pretty hung

No. Not yet you aren't.
And shut up Emma.

It's blanca!! She does like April Fool's event stuff. You can draw on her face :3c

and I realized I didn't have much of her so I'll get more

Wish has seen my meaty girth.

Her face normally sucks though.

Funny, you... sending a tranny a dick pic

Some people gotta learn how to draw, yo.

Also that throwback to me drawing animal crossing characters.

I realized how fucking stupid that post was holy shit. Again, shoot me.

I'm not a tranny Scoots, just a dude.

I send it to everyone.

I still want a collection of them.

Send me that dick, Wish.

Maybe someday, if I ever become like a world renowned artist

No thanks


Was just a big long-ish week at work, so needed that.

your heart!

I have, and always do whenever seeing a doctor.


Can I summon squash with a pic of wolf animal crossing villagers.

he's all wrapped up in botw trying to hit on burd people.




I also like burds.


dead to me
dont talk to me
or paul holland
ever again

I do too! though in real life they're kinda freaky sometimes.

Paul Holland

they are cute.

Did you see this twitch prime thing?

Fucking pay2win or what

you are cute!


Lol watch out moogs, cupcake comin' to steal ur boyfriend

cease these lies.



It's just something they check every time despite it not having real big influence on my life.

Well, they had Frost Prime and something else last month-ish(?)
Also they just released Plains of Eidolon, so big free-roam map with objectives and random events and bounties you can hunt for random rewards and points to rank up in another skill stuff.

Yo SD ya dead fam?

Nope, why?


Does it have airshops dropping enemy troops?
I might've seen summit1g playing that..

your heart has a HUGE influence in your life you nerd. you just don't notice. you take it for granted.



here he comes

for that one response


Morning. How's it going?

then you didnt drink enough

Yeah, plus it has some dumb mmorpg activities in it like mining and fishing.

Well, not like I will have to do anything to it before I reach like 60s or something.

that's tooold.

I might start playing again

waking up

Alright. I'll probably stream later tonight if you still want to come.

we'll see

Yeah, doubt I will even reach that.

It's okay-ish, and it's situated in Earth, so very early players get in too.
But I still think the effort to reward ratio in the bounties is a bit too low as progressing is very very slow with the new system..

I think even 40 would be excessive for me.

Alright. Sinni and Michael are coming but it's your call.

i want to get stepped on by gab


i want to to be stepped on by emily

Moogs won't threadpost at me :C

[response post for sinni]


You don't want to grow old with someone?

Whoever is up there is conspiring against me

thats your fault for disobeying me



are you

ye I'm sorry

what will you do to make it up for me




haku a grill

she's the cutest

not particularly, no.


have you watched the Anime about Boruto's dad?

I don't understand this place, send help

But it would be so romantic.

We post Anime characters and talk about anything we can think about to pass the time with each other

It took forever to find the most recent thread, the catalog is a mess



Along with the other five that say new

Nevermind guys

He's retarded

Oh, it's just one long string of the same thread?

not really interested in romance anymore.

yeah pretty much we just refresh so we don't have one with 20000 images in it

as theadmin put it
'we only have one thread but it's not cyclic so something something'


Now it all makes sense

AA internet no work no good.

I thought I was gonna be the newest forever, why so many new people recently?

Found a picture of Wishah On my facebook

it's not ME

I don't know why I did that I'm sorry!!


Don't let the Grinch kill your passion
you'll find someone someday sd :)

unless it was with u

Gee willickers i hope nothing bad happens today

loco no one likes you


You think so?

This is just like in my Chinese cartoons!


I prefer korean animations.

North Korea, Best Korea.


thats pretty good

that girl is hiding her ugly mouth and chin

whereas Emma has a beautiful smile

begone, thot

Atleast grim is here.



o shit hes here


Fucking calculated.

what's poppin

chilling my dude, playing games, being comfy, laughing at my friend just learning PUBG its funny

Cup, you want to get back in call or you dead?

that's chill

I thought I couldn't get modded mc running on my laptop but I tweaked some game settings and it's fairly smooth now

been a long time since I delved into this stuff, hella fun

Why not?

Shit man sounds fun, currently watching some guacamole jones/general sam rust and thinking about jumping in their discord and seeing if theyre still doing massive rust servers. I miss that game man.

What you building in MC or is it group/survival?

I prefer hardcore survival packs

delving in this magic/crop based one atm

I used to play the hardest pack known at the time with Echo, we died so much but the challenge made it so fun lol

Yeah man thats the best part about it!
The building and making something from nothing.
Rust was like that.
I'd solo rust but, its alot of investment to make timewise.

skyblocks are some of my favorite because you literally have a small af island with a single tree on it.

using ingame mechanics and some mod magic you can make your own entire world from it


Be the destined god of all things.

I killed him

HOw could you take my beloved from me?

He upset me during coitus.

I assure you I won't make the same mistake.

I hope not. It is a mistake people only make once.

I guess I'll have to be sure I please daily then.

I'm sure you could manage.

I've yet to have complaints.


thanks for the cum sinni

huh huh huh 3/10

Fuck yeah. Found a full ROM set for NES.
Tonights stream is going to be cash.


Why are you posting Cupcake's bedroom?

He is about to start his mating ritual.

Nice keycaps.


@ Holla Forums

Thank you bard.
You too.

*pet the bard*

it's so wet here

Love you too, Bard.






People from my thread on Holla Forums last night added me on Discord for some reason

The cult will expand

What are you up to today?




wait i meant to post something cute

better also yuri af

help my head hurts
who can into maths here



Does this trigger your lifeguard instincts?


I have the forward 3D vector of an object and I have a yaw (simple rotation in degrees), how do calculate the vector with that yaw applied?

Also, follow up: I could just multiply the members of that yaw-applied vector with any factor to get a point at some distance (being the factor), right?


So this will be your rotation matrix, where alpha is the angle of rotation, applying to each point in your vector should give you the new vector

I'm not sure about the second question :c

Lol why did it have to be a transparent gif

ah, i see. thanks

don't worry about the second, it worked out.

i wish i paid more attention to calculus


Why is literally everywhere dead right now, even here?

Saturday night, must be getting laid.


Also it's like midday sunday here, fucking americans not conforming to my time.

Am I not supposed to be getting laid literally as I write this?

There are stranger things.

No you you backward ass cuntry.

Unless you have something more important to do.


I don't see how the mere phrase "I go to animus" could do anything but drop the underwear of whoever you want.

Good morning everyone! How are you all?

What could be more important than continuing the legacy of one's family?

Well, there's your problem.

It's 22:14 at night ???

Stop this "morning" meme

Wait, who would it even be morning for?
Pretty sure nobody here lives in the middle of the pacific.

There is a distinct possibility that I do not do this and just wanted to further the meme.

Fuck I've been played.

It's 9 or 10 in the morning for Mananka.

It's 9:15! I don't know those fancy 24 hour times

it's not a meme


It's 9:15 AT NIGHT

Subtract 12.
It's 10:17PM.

Depends on how worthless ones legacy would be.


That doesn't even make sense

That was meant for Sinni, sorry it's half an hour past my bed time.






oh shit

pretty piggy

how you been

holy crap

i am not a good person