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thank you based spectrum pony

But why


stop making threads with robot ass already


ugh... -_-

Pls no...

Because the happy medium seemed to be 350 posts.

MLP spectrum rainbowflutter

Can confirm, this is what spec demands to be called when among his people

I'ma make every thread with robot ass now, just 4 u.

Speaking of robots, patch notes are out. Lasers and missiles are getting nerfed. The days of laser meta are over, long live ballistic builds.

326 replies | 201 images

let's be real

we needed a break

and in luka's case

a job

I know.

I'm always right.

And you need to lose some weight


fucking got you

sorry for the sting love

where did that even come from



Unless there's actually deleted posts, or Holla Forums is just shit at counting, idk what to say.

You do anyway.

How nerfed?

I mean clearly that must have been for the other's benefit. Those who haven't seen the depths of his shameful depravity.

Sometimes you just gotta be taken down a little.

You got to comfortable.

time is a thing

welcome to the world

my god he really is a retard

I will, I like her ass.


What does that even mean TP?

Upon further review, a good number of KikiDad"s posts were deleted.


eat my ass


you think that might have been



just a lil?


I can't deny it's a possibility.

it is what happened

But I won't do that.

people can try to invent their own stories but it doesn't help their self heal

Well shit.

+a preposition

I made up my own story and it helped me heal.


Yeah, this was super fucking necessary, totally. Fuck lock on missiles having anything different in their use to other weapons.

Also holy fucking shit rip all lasers what the fuck PGI

And holy shit the last thing I expected was the LRM-10 fix on the uziel

no way you still lifeguard


Something like that.

No that was just part of my story.



No one's posts were deleted.


Why the stutter?

The shitty thing is that once again all these blanket nerfs are only going to make every other robot shit rather than address the actual problem children.

Also, did you notice the Annihilator nerfs? lmao

ur early

i've found it's a nervous thing

when i talk to loves of mine

knew this would happen one day

I'm a boy though, that's gay.


i think you might legit be smarter than me

Pretty much. Medium lasers were crazy efficient but that was kinda the point. The problem was blatantly that LL/LPL/PPCs weren't worth the extra tonnage, but that was partially also so that there's an upside to more hardpoints because of course if there wasn't there'd be no fucking point to more hardpoints. Plus above all, the one thing this will do is screw mediums and lights which relied heavily on the raw power of mediums to a ridiculous fucking extent.

oh boo hoo

On the left is the thread I still have open that says there are 354 replies with 216 images.
On the right is that same thread, reopened in a new tab, now showing 326 replies and 201 images.

That you would post that bird.

Well, obviously.

I'll even attempt to link to that post, let's see what happens...

Urbie will be fucking RIP with these new laser nerfs.

And there's still no incentive to take LPL/PPCs.

It still tickles me that they think the Annihilator is too powerful. All dat armor wasn't even necessary it seems.

did your hockey club die or something?

what is the special occasion


I end up posting here when I'm in a shitty mood.

Some autism thing about being alone with my dumb brain.

i think this board needs more than one mod

it is clear that test hasn't gave a fuck in months

based moogs is holding it down for sure

but we need like one or two more mods

i recommend ban for one


oh i'm sorry

wanna talk about it?

No, not really.


it might help


I'm being ignored by the only person I want to talk about it with, don't worry about it ^^

Yeah pretty much, it's just retarded all round.
And to think I wanted to pick up a cougar, like that'll be fucking useful with five fucking second cooldown CERMLs. Fuck, this is releasing the same patch as the fucking Osiris, king of ML boating.

Nightstar actually looks pretty good in game. Is it any good?


who is ignoring you?

sounds like a total douche if he would intentional ignore such a cool wishy :D

Good job

sounds like bitch got dumped lmao

Yeah we'll go with bitch got dumped.

ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Uh, okay

I found, at the least, 12 more posts that supposedly weren't deleted, but seem to be as present as Jesus Compos.

AND these nerfs come right as they're releasing the 30 ton Osiris that will be laser focused primarily. Dead on arrival.

Nightstar will be a poor mans IS Marauder IIC. Or a lightweight Marauder II, really.
It'll be decent, but its fat ass means RIP side torsos.

If he ignores you and you're not dumped, you should dump him




I'm pretty sure I'm dumped ^^;

I mean, sometimes shitty situations like this happen but the rest of the time he's the best thing that has ever happened to me.

tfw spec doesn't even read your posts

Oh, it's 95 tons, I thought it was a heavy.
But spec the MAD IIC is 85 tons.

That sounds like a lot of bad relationships. The person can act nice most of the time, but then certain things really call how genuine they are into question

You obviously know more about the situation than I do; it just doesn't look good from the info I have. If you're dumped, maybe you should be glad ^^

Oh, you did mention the Osiris, lel.

Nah, I said it's like an IS Marauder IIC, OR a lightweight Marauder II. Remember, the Marauder IIC is an 85 Ton Clan Battlemech, but the Marauder II is a 100 Ton IS Battlemech Squiddu~

lewd :(

I dunno, I don't think it's like that at all but I might be blind to it.

I can't exactly be glad about it... If someone was your everything and now they're gone you end up feeling like you have nothing ^^; Maybe it'll be better for me in the long run, but it sucks really badly right now.

I don't think you should be okay with someone you're in a relationship with ignoring you when you need them. Definitely seems like an issue that would need to be solved, at least

I understand; there's nothing wrong with feeling things. Just let your emotions play out. You'll be fine ♥

For whatever it's worth, I'm here for you if you ever want to talk


I don't disagree with you or anything, but I think that's something that can be discussed and worked through. He seems to get in a bad mood for unknown reasons and there isn't really anything I can do about it.

Feelings are dumb, I wanna die.

I'll probably leave forever again shortly so don't count on it.

What if Spec wasn't gay?

What if oxygen was woodchips

Yeah, I was slightly triggered and may have overreacted at first. Might as well try to work on things; just make sure he's well aware that ignoring you is a problem and that you're not going to just let it slide. Then don't stay in the relationship for too long if things consistently don't get better. But, if he's actually broken up with you and doesn't even respect you enough to tell you he's not in a relationship with you anymore, maybe you shouldn't take him back if he changes his mind ~.~

You can handle it; you're strong ^^

Aw, I'll miss you, Wish-chan ♥

I remember that.

Now he just posts cow tits to prove how totally not gay he is.

I ain't gay, see?

I'm sure he knows it is one, but when you get in that soft of melancholic / apathetic state it's hard to do anything about it. I'm pretty weak so that's probably not something I'd be able to do ^^ Well it was pretty heavily implied I guess. I dunno, things are dumb.

As if.

if you really want to help him, try reading up on basic CBT

That just sounds slightly autistic.

You should be more clear about it; maybe he "knows" it but thinks it must not be a big problem and kind of pushes the issue aside in his mind. You can do it; communication is important. Just decide what you're going to say and then say it. Stand up for yourself :3

Should a person ever really be able to be that apathetic towards someone they care a lot about? I'm not 100% sure on the answer to this question, but it's something to think about

Ultimately, if the relationship still exists, you need to decide if it's really worth the pain it causes you. He's doing something that hurts you, and you need to respect yourself enough to realize that's not okay. Love yourself ♥

don't knock it til you've tried it.

You can make the same point about driving rusty nails through your hand.

Eh, I doubt that he'll ever actually talk to me again. One of the last things he said to me was that he didn't feel like he had anything to say to me.

Maybe I should re-create last weekend with alcohol instead of ailments.

Certified professional Google therapist btw

or maybe, sometimes people have moods. it sounds like this guy is being moody. why the heck are you telling someone to stand up for themselves. that doesn't seem

Wish says
and your first advice is
Wish says
and you say

not once did it occur to you to see it from the other perspective

that pic is pretty~

The most effective way to get your point across is not to criticize others points

Just sayin


forget I'm the one saying this then

you don't need to be a therapist to be desire objectivity in how people think

forget it. don't do it. listen to Daiakuma.

literally didn't occur to me

used to being on the premptive defensive

You need to chill

Interact with people as if they were there in front of you

I don't think trying to change someone who isn't open and asking for help on changing is the right idea, but 4m's advice is stupid too.

Plus that point still exists too.

*pretends to be watching interesting things outside the widow*

Sick dodge m8

Want alcohol but acid reflux throat burn is real

what do

Do what I do and suck it up

Also take medicine for the reflux

you're not changing someone. you let them about them about themselves, and they change themselves. people do this naturally all the time. CBT is a formalized version of it, but whatever.

just sounded like you grew distant, and you said it was about mood. idk if this person matters. but if they're really the best thing to happen to you, then idk.

oh, hm? was looking at something.

That's mean. Well, you know more about the situation than I do, but in the event that he changes his mind, I'd at least suggest caution in letting him back into your life, and make sure he at least knows to really try not to be that way anymore. Even if being that way isn't his "fault" (which I think might be a position that underestimates the amount of self-control people have if they simply choose to use it), your happiness and satisfaction in the relationship should be a priority

Sorry, I gave you a lot of advice you didn't really ask for. I hope you don't mind

Maybe I'll drink with you ^^

No offense Kanra, but I'm not going to discuss this with you ^^

Lame attempts to be cute are lame.

Never go full Blood-chan.

yeah I bet you're good at sucking it up


your advice just seems out of the blue.

did you think I was being cute? I was being dismissive.

stop with the reaction images and just talk to me!!!!!!!

That's cute, being dismissive of one of the few people that will give you an audience

Sorry to have disturbed you

It was at least in the sense that I wasn't posting before I started giving it. I was kind of triggered. Whether our advice is helpful or not, at least she has people to talk to


By the way, Kanra, I'm Erio, in case you didn't realize

Good enough for me tbh.

I do take medicine for it.

You what? I mean, they know it's something they do. But I guess they don't care.

Unless I really am stupid then the distance appeared in the span of 20 minutes.

It's whatever, I'm not reading into things that much. Conversation is conversation.

caring is creepy.

I mean in the sense you're projecting that this guy is some inconsiderate waste of time, from your first reply.

That's sort of what I was thinking ^^

Is your cold all the way better?

Then you should be used to coping

oh hey, what's up?

This reply?

Yeah, I already said I probably overreacted there

Just talking to people



Yeah, that's old news.

It only really acts up from soda and alcohol, and I rarely drink either of those.

do you think this guy enjoys feeling the ways you've described?

I seem to recall you having more frequent reactions...

Good. You only told me you weren't puking anymore; I wasn't sure if you still felt sick or what ^^

I hope the conversation has helped make your mood at least a bit better than earlier

Are you sleepy at all? We're getting into the morning hours

doing laundry, haven't really eaten anything today which is good

that's legit thousands of dollars

Not eating for an entire day isn't really good....

everything you've said has been about making a stand against someone described as 'melancholic', and "the rest of the time he's the best thing that has ever happened to me."

fuck you who remembers the Marauder II
Why's it even Marauder II and not Marauder 2 or something fucksake

nvm me. just being autistic.

Don't worry, everyone just assumes that all of the time.

but I'm fat

I told you I don't want to argue about this lmao

Wish is a big girl; let's just leave whether or not she takes any of our advice at all up to her ^^

Thanks gurl

My guess would be they don't have any particular feeling around it.

I used to drink a lot more at least.

I still get the chills but it's whatever.
Mhmm, that pain in my tummy is gone at least.

Not really, I slept from about 4-9.

You're not, though.

Well at least you're improving. I'm getting to the point where I can do a couple of week intervals between drinking sessions and that's pretty good

I'm glad; giving the advice was worth it then even if the advice was all bad :3

And oh, I'm nocturnal too. I hope your messed up sleep habits won't conflict badly with your schedule, though


well guess you know what you gotta do.


Anyway, you don't have to be on the "preemptive defensive" with me, for future reference :3

You're weird.

Eh, I'm surprisingly good at sleeping at dumb times and fixing my sleep schedule overnight.

Get drunk?



oh what, you're Erio?

Is weird a bad thing? ^^ I know this will sound gay, but I just want you to be happy

Luckyy. Sleep habits have always been a struggle for me


did you manage to save any money from your time working?

It's weird how actual new people always get accused of being old posters but people seem to keep thinking I'm someone new even though I'm not trying to pretend I am

Yeah, but I just keep spending it, lol. Need to work on getting a new source of income soon

I'm actually trying to stay away from this place,
but does Sonata and BC posting have anything to do with you?

Is it really an improvement though?

Ian the recovering alcoholic #SoProud
What about special occasions? Thanksgiving - New Years might fuck you up.

B-Blame it on the alcohol~

I really don't know what you were referring to though.

Not really. I'm a dude, that's gay.

I don't understand why some people have it so rough...

It's an improvement. I'm trying to get out more

Yeah, okay lol

Doesn't going out usually involve alcohol though?


No lol

Actually, I started posting again for the first time in several months because Blood-chan summoned me a few months ago, so it's kind of the other way around :3

Deal with it ^^

I don't know; I've always been a night person. My mind is most active late at night, so that can make it hard to sleep

Hi Darweiner

Sometimes, but I tend to drink excessively when I'm alone


prove it



disastrous mixup

That is one of the nicest names you have given me.

Right back at ya.

would you mind telling her to be more objective about her caffeine?


I'm still a bit confused about the Louise thing

Why were you spending so much time casually hanging out on Louise's Steam account

What do you mean?

exactly what I say.

I'm going to get high.

Good Mornyan.

Which is the meanest?

Fuk u

I know what you mean, 11-2 is my personal time where I just get to disconnect and have a bunch of time to myself.

That makes sense.

I think it's pretty easy to avoid if you keep it out of the house though.
Usually when I go to something I'll pick up whatever and then the hosts do whatever with the leftovers if they exist.






That was not me. He never gave me his password; however, he did have mine.


I liked that one...

Yeah, exactly. Also, I could use more human interaction tbh.

He was ugly.


I just came out of a long binge

ay gurl how u?

The problem is that the time-frame of when my mind is very active starts extending even later into the night for me, and eventually I have to mess my sleep habits up so hard that they're fixed again

Ohh, that makes more sense. People said Louise left and gave you his password

Just like you.

I could use less tbh

Wannya trade?

Ohh, I know what you mean. I always end up thinking too much before sleeping and have trouble clearing my mind.

Sure, move to Socal and I'll move to Cannucktown

Sorry I am not a ginger.

whaddap playa de mayo

KJ Apa is adorable, shut up.




Mitty ;;

Because it's spelled canuck!

Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Asuna.

Oh boo hoo I added another N on accident

Gotta go to bed now because fuck. Night


Night night

Better her than Nanachi.

Worst girl


h8 u

luv u


Emma isnt ded?



It sometimes helps a lot if I just meditate while lying in bed; that can cause me to get really sleepy suddenly and fall asleep

Drinking coffee and shitposting on an anime picture chat forum with connections to the hacker known as "4chan" at 5AM



Usually I just end up getting a headache and that helps me sleep~

What if you just stay awake until you sleep at your desk

Yeah, but it would not be gay because they will be trap dicks.

How does having a headache help you fall asleep, Wish-chan?

You have so many problems and that makes me want to hug you forever

You probably get pretty bad sleep :3

I would post that meme but it's on my phone.


Because it helps me clear my mind or something, idk


It's also not gay if you be the girl

I guess that actually kind of makes sense in a way

Don't be rude :3



I forgive your lack of preparation this time.


Go to bed from now on

Silly ikt-kun


Why would I prepare for that? Nerd

They make me sleepy too.

You're rude.


I've only ever slept in cars buses trains and beds though, never on a desk.

Shouldn't you be sleepy?

That is something that will always have utility in places like this one. Now you missed your chance to shine despite my perfect setup, making you look foolish. Nerd.


I slept alreadu

Wait, you wake up before 6am?

are you human

I woke up at like 8:30pm

Test won't admin aboos

He's not going to narc on me for my crimes of being an anime girl online

At least something good comes from them, I guess

I'm not rude! I wouldn't be rude to Wish-chan; she just needs lots of affection ♥

Oh, I thought you were implying you slept on a desk overnight, my bad

I'd ban you on sight.

I'm a boy tho


That middle finger

I'm impressed.

I have being unable to sleep in.

Rude :(

That would be okay ^^

It is affectionate.


It's not even 6AM

How much sleep did you get?

It's still early, fuk u

Hi impressed


About 6. I usually wake up at 4 to go to work.
I have 12 hour shifts.



I am gayer than normal recently, but I don't see how that's relevant :3

Sounds pretty bad unless you're a morning person

I'd look for a different job ^^


I have good solid hours, decent pay, and it's a sitting factory job in AC.
It's probably one of the better jobs I've had.

It's good if you're happy with it, then ^^

I would just be dying because it's hard for me to go to sleep early. 12-hour shifts definitely wouldn't help with that

12 hour shifts are satans sweaty testicles
and not in a good way

Hi Wish

You get use to sleeping less than 8 hours.
If it weren't for taxes I wouldn't mind the 7 day work weeks now and then.

You can always compensate to an extent with energy drinks and/or coffee, I suppose

it g ma

orca ninjas go rambo

They only make me feel sick.

Going to go get some food

I relied on them in high school and since then I've been trying to avoid having to wake up early ever in my life

The feeling of agony lack of sleep brings makes me feel alive.

Agonizing cuck



cuck me daddy

I think I triggered Emma.



less than 48 hours to do this weeks missions

all i have to do is get at the very least 1 win where my team gets both harold first and nash all in one game


I'm sure you'll get it. I'd say join me and Tristan for it, but he's out of state for a week.

where he go?

Out of state.

...oh okay.

what will you do till then?

Not sure really.

im not sleepy :(

I'm not sure how to help in this situation.

i wanna see a cute pic
so i can force myself to sleep on a happy note

My idea of cute is way different than yours.







Nanachi is a girl you idiot


Okay, sure thing kiddo.

Is that a good cartoon?

Yuss, very

it got too suspenseful in episode 2 for me


no thank you




Pls no

I saw you posting so I wanted to say hi again.

i've got nothing i just wanted to say subtle

How was your day then? ^^

Fuck trannies in the ass

they so gros tho

ur gross tho


Go back to bed.

Did you sleep well?


That doesn't mean anything!


yeah I slept fine. a particularly good sleep, actually. would have kept sleeping but my body physically wouldn't let me sleep any more.


Ah, I just slept like ~7 hours and then I woke up with the worst hangover.

SD did you drinked

go to bed

should have had more water. I drank a ton last night but I had a bunch of water before I went to bed so I woke up feeling no shittier than I usually do upon realizing I didn't die in my sleep yet again.

I accidentally an alcohol.


sleeps is nice tho

drink is bad!!!

Ah, I got to the point of alcohol that I didn't know what was going on, so remembering water was out of question.


that's why if you drink a lot or know you drink too much when you do drink you have to train yourself to go for water after alcohol as an instinct. even when I'm so drunk I can't see straight my mind automatically triggers a reflex that forces me to fill a large water bottle and drink it at least once.


It was an accident!

best wallpaper I've ever had confirmed

okai just remember in future not to accidentally all the alcohol ok!

Because it's 7 in the fucking morning, Cup.

I usually just hit the point of "I'm tired" before that and drink water and brush teeth and then bed.


so you're telling me you already slept?

wait so you also didn't brush your teeth before passing out last night?




fine see if I care because I don't

I know. No 1 cur.

im frustrated hellp mee

no thank you

for the record I actually don't care, you can sleep whenever you want. telling people to go to bed just seems like a thing people do around here a lot and I desperately want to fit in because that's very important to me.



How's that workin'?

sexually frustrated? I can help~


poorly because I actually don't care about that either. it's a hard knock life.


tim sounds like a real douche


buy me more and I'll send u nudes

what's wrong?

Cup spelled backwards is Tim.


Nope, because I forgot how to basic functions.




My Raspberry Pi SD card died and now I need to re-install everything AGAIN ;_;


It's not my fault that I'm helpless.

I mean, if you choose to drink that much the blame still rests on you, even if at the time you were no longer in control of yourself.

unless you're a girl who got blackout drunk on your own and then got molested. then all personal responsibility is out the window because someone else was a dick after the fact.

Quick, what do you buy if you find someones debit card.

It was good. I ate at a german place today.


you return it because it's wrong to steal.

and more importantly it's way way WAY too easy for them to track down who was using it illegally and then you'll get in trouble.


brb paypal

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

What if I use a proxy and buy something online for a fake account?

oh hey dakumura chan


do like

who ius this semen demon?