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ur overdue for ur face




thank you based spectacular pony





Nope, just an EDM artist from USA, I like how he has pretty many instrumentally influenced songs.



colbert if you were fucking ghosters it's not really a big deal

i almost made a POF profile high out of my mind last night



Is that a trap? I cant tell.



kinda digging this new guy kikidad

not gonna lie


Thanks you guys seem nice!


Oh, fair.
Ty for this.

we used to be less so but yeah on average i would say we are nice

where do you come from

He just took a job at a different show so I mean

It's Soto



Fuck you faggot we're not nice

I came from /bant/

He did? What show is he on now?

Bad Cup.

He took over for Letterman dude



he actually knows you though

what even is that?

you nbombs just argue and shit?

What drove you here?

Is Cuppers up to anything else?

I liked his Gunmetal black in the day for some dumb reasons.

Good times then, going to apply for extra training?

not really.

I don't either, but he's not as good on the Tonight Show tbh

Well yeah, but we don't hang out or anything because he lives hours away

That's not really a thing in my job, especially after I just started

More like

More like

Who is posting Kiki?

No? No. I don't think so, no.



Well then, I applied for everything including normal first-aid even though I'm TCCC certified from military, hah.

Rinpls, EDM was a big part of my life.
This has to be my favourite piece that Monstercat ever uploaded though.
Mostly because of the lyrics.

someone new apparently.


man it's amazing how quickly my post size diminishes after a bowl

you and soto?

yeah honestly man

i meant to say earlier

internet friendships aren't really healthy

not saying i'm not down to clown if we ever cross paths tho

on Holla Forums?

I feel like they aren't.

that's because it's very rare for it not to end up being someone old pretending to be someone new. we'll find out eventually one way or another so who cares.

Oh, never bothered with /bant/, but you remind me of one old poster.
Anyhow I hope you find solace here.


i think the person in threads i would most like to meet and have coffee with

is eisen

cause he seems legit nice


I dont' want to risk talking to someone who sucks ass and I don't like.

Eisen and I saw Godzilla together.
Kid is cute as all get out.

Oh, geeze, fine.

Well yeah but I already have the job

There's nothing unhealthy about it, it's just distance so


should probably not talk to anyone then u lonely ass faget

Hi. I'm new.

Are you actually a dad?

I don't talk to anyone. I make noises and they try to make noises back.

Want to fuck, new guy?

yeah that's how dogs communicate

It's Sci.

you are an absolute madman

he's really nice tho right?:

yeah that's a good point

i keep in touch with friends all over the place for god knows why

Haha. It's funny because I have sexual relationships with animals.








Yeah. I can roll with that.

Kiki poster is now Sci.



Yeah so

like posting after only lurking a week

i did too

I was going more for the "you're a dog" angle. the bestiality one is super played out at this point.

I can only dream of being a wonderful animal like that.

Could always take it easier.


it took me awhile to learn how to greentext though

there wasn't the how to there is today

Weren't you and Grids gonna fug?


based loners

how much money do you make kiki

ur a good boy. yes you are.


If you haven't noticed I'm kind of promiscuous in general.
I have sex with a lot of people in general.

I'd say that baby talk is unbecoming of you, but it goes rather well with your Pampers.

there's no need to resort to such low blowery.

oh yeah i never asked

you have to lurk!

Get memed tard.

you're no longer a good boy. I take it back.

What a slut.


do you mean you are a foreigner that just moved to the states?

Yeah. I'm really not worth dating when I'm like this.

that's hot

would you say that you are "homeless" in the sense that your home is wherever you are?

I'm going to sleep.

Sleep well, goodnight.

yeah u better run



do you?

bye love

do you believe in God?

Sweet dreams Squash.
Mine diamonds.


lol kyle got hella response

you guys do realize he fucked a dog


that's wild bro

There is nothing wrong with having sex with animals.

so did ur mom

the guy you said goodnight too fucked a dog


lol there is no way sonata is dating bloodchan

this is a BC ruse

fuck off

ask which him?

who even are you rabble rouser

don't have to make any jokes cuz ur mom IS the joke. OOOOOOH

my mom is my best friend tbh


The sad part isn't just this happening, it's that you care enough to spam about it.

sounds about right L O L


but you realize that bloodchan is a dude, right?


ask colbs. they talk all the time while they go on secret dates.

can test ban this idiot please




i kinda miss how bc would tease grim tbh

teasing the retarded is only fun for so long.

Here TP, BC is posting in this thread


but like he would like get ready to meet these people


Gee I can't possibly imagine

I'd meet u. in bed

colby can always tell BC when he's posting because colbs be hittin' that on the sly

did bc tumblr?

You couldn't even keep up the facade for one thread

Jesus Christ, man.

colby just went full csi holy shit man



never again


well he is steven colbert.

bloodchan is charismatic i'll give him that

but the fact he had hordes thinking he was a girl is beyond me

maybe this generation is just dumb

Alice did that too so I mean

internet fags be thirsty as fuck, yo.

They can all take a sip from Cup.

did what

prey on severely beta foreveralones?

how dare you suggest alice did anything other than from her own kind heart

Yes, that

Some people on his thread on Holla Forums the other day kept arguing about how he's a real girl because he talks in a girly voice and shows his torso on stream lmao

This one dude was SO PERSISTENT asking me to show evidence that Alice was a dude


All you.

alright so here is actually a real question

i've been out of the dating game for years cause like fuck it i like just chilling

i was thinking of like just putting up a real honest POF profile up

in case any black fatties want this (i only say that because it was like all black fatties on the homepage)

i mean does it even matter?

alice 2's backstory would make trump critics smh

did anyone else get a kick out of how whenever there was any unrest in this "community"

aeris would pop up and be fake nice and pretend he didn't pretend to be a girl too

really some sick fucks up in here


i wonder if luka would ever be down fow streaming baby driver with me

you know that slav?



what now

I have no idea what anyone is talking about, I just got here.

It keeps on 404 ing every time I try to post a picture in my post wtf?

are you sci?

if you are

i think you paid your price

and test is a real midget homo

good morn friends

Im not sci.



sorry to disappoint you

You're regressing

I can't read japanese yo

it's cool kiki


what kinda music do you like


I'm sorry :C

Good night, Sinni.




moogs pls response

Oh boy the one night a week Tp my oldest friend posts
hey tp how ya doin watcha drinkin


I'm beginning to think you don't want to get better

hello brad

Sleep well Rin.

me too dawg

brad i dug out my 36 chambers cd so i could bump it in my car

i'm going out on a limb to say


wutang put out what

2 albums

are gods


Help I cant post pictures and when I post the thread 404's.
What do?

Nah I like saying good morning!

I'm no longer the newest person!!!

help please!

when did 36 chambes drop? What was it going against in competition?


Haha shit dude I know less than you do.

What isyour browser?

Im using google chrome.


like it was so rough and rugged and piano beats

no diss on rza at all


Ok now im using internet explorer.

It still happens! SON OF A BITCH!

But why not say it at the proper time of day?


Souls of mischief Dropped muthafuckin

93 til infinity
That was gold

I used Internet explorer in my days as a newposter

good times

you try mozila firefox?

so sick

no but i can download it and give it a try, might be the same result though. But theres a chance.


did you hear the little weaboo penguin passed away



You flooded my Facebook with him and made me sad at work today

grape was not a weeb

Kadokawa killed him

Ok lets see how firefox does...


nope same thing. Maybe its my internet connection or maybe something wrong with the thread

I hate when cute birds die ;~;

my adblock died on firefox

get ublock

sorry mate

will it fix the problem? Also is it free?

mind over matter that matters

yeah unintall


firefox is nonprof nigga

Ok i got it

I can post fine on other boards.

yeah my ad block pro or whatever shit itself

and mozilla recommended ublock

it's been actually really good blocking the popups from my illegal streams

This train terminates at Copenhagen Airport

Something odd happened.

all trans end at the copenhagen airport

that would be a good song

ill say i can personally see the thread fine


ignored by bard

your name is kiss

you can't expect people to pay attention that much

let's be real



like some ponychan reject

another one

smug akko face

lol no brad

I expect most people to ignore me, but I thought bard was friend
G-guess I was wrong

brad what is this lol

fucking white people



Thats one dawg

you got something for me in return?

are you a porgfag?

i mean this movie hasn't even dropped

and moogs is ready to rail a porg



that idiot rehearsed some blackalicious for years

zero talent

come on please work this time.




kikidad is bloodchan

It'sawfully cold and rainy out today isn't it........


dont say his name the piece of shit has email notifications

Ok i restrted google and now im going to test it again.

I am not blood chan either!

I wish, the weather was mild and sunny today.
I prefer the rain.
When everything is grey and wet, the outside matches my insides.

no i think that is actually bloodchan

some user posted to bitch about him

someone linked his 4chan thread

that is bloodchan

how do you know who that IS

I dont!

that is something a bloodchan would say

Yeah the jerk's been hanging around alot

it's not Like I go to Holla Forums and post in their threads

TP I posted to his thread lol

usually it has to be bloody and intestines for the outside to match my insides


it's cool if you do

these threads are fucking boring most of the time

i post on Holla Forums a lot

a whole lot of cancer there


Ok moved to my ipad lets see how this goes.


Ok moved to my ipad lets see how this goes.

I just wanna shitpost with my buddies

we gotta bring in new people but
Fuck I ust wish b c would stay gone
things are great right now
could use a fe more faces but
It's' nice ;~:

Does this board have a discord?

it sucks DOA went back

want to raid?


the furries have one and the pedos have one

Has like 3 or 4 depending on who you ask.

whats doa/?
And not really
I just wanna chill bro

duke of autism

he tried to reg here

from the waifu threads

oh he ditched us?


we're his side bitch now i guess

wow okay

That faggot BC orbiter Cherub's been trying to start posting here too like he gives a fuck

cherub is just some norse dude lol

cherub probably understands neru humour

Ok lets try this again


side not my favorite pumpkins song besides porcelina

He posts on every circlejerk board and tries to suck BC's dick on all of them.


It's true he's a creepy ass orbiter hard



people saying a lot of shade

Fuck I hope he doesn't have email notifications like a fucking stalker obsessed fuck

nope still fucked

well in any case

the fact that anyone has even mentioned that relic bloodchan's name tonight

is that bloodchan is asking people to mention him

i have seen a few bloodchans in my day

please dont

if you summon him you're trading him for me

this also raises a question

does Holla Forums have any mod system anymore?

lol i know based moog is solid

but is that it?

brad i was calling out your enemy

pay attention

I'm crazy

you get hot a lot huh?

i do too

and am still trying to figure out what triggers me and beat it at the punch

i'm not good at dealing with my emotions


i feel that

it took me a while to see me acting hot

how did you learn to deal?

Check out dis bad shit dawg

i just got old lol

and got tired of my shit

best track

i've been tripping about dying alot recently :/ fuck getting old

Oh no

yeah i don't really know what to tell you about that

i'm constantly tripping out about death

it terrifies me

i want to be one of those idiots who either doesn't care

or who like believes in god


do you still have parents?

howdid you find this place

I was lurking on Holla Forums for a while, ive been posting in this thread for a bit too then i started having issues with it. I dont know why, but i cant post pictures.



my grandpa just died a couple weeks ago tho

im sorry tp
were you close?

he was never a "close" person

he lost his mind years ago

so i was more relieved than anything and wanted to support my fam


lol kanye west's mom died having plastic surgery


nini tp

Your cruel device
Your blood, like ice

Sleep well, Bart-kun ♥


TP still here?


nani brad

i had to take a break cause i was getting triggered

How was I even in the wrong thread ?

ban is such an idiot


Alcohol I guess :3

How was your week?


guess i'll just not post for a couple more hours

trust me you got this


Don't be low energy

This is your night to shine

This thread is FUCKED right now lmao

*fixes the thread*

studying for midterms

Thanks boi

How u?

Wow I don't know how I confused you with TP

I guess because you posted a 3D girl between two of his posts

Good luck with midterms; think you studied enough?

fine, I think


Is TP not posting because he thinks I ignored him on purpose :(

You think?


No but I got like 5 days so fuck it for now


fuck i am way too high

bless to ban


why are you people pussies

these are threads

you are not doxd


It's slow right now, but I made a new one anyway.