Im stuck

im stuck

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WheN I was young we took a trip there and saw the whole thing and when we were in the gorilla exhibit I went into this bubble thing so you could kind of go in and I put my nose up aaginst the glass and this gorilla like looked back at me and started to walk away and then he tured around and came and ccharged at me and jumped at the glass and punched it and I jumped back right before he hit but holy shit I could feel the pressure in front of my face

if my nose had been up against the glass It probably would have gotten broken i think

can hideyoshi be considered a trap or has he transcended that

A vararg? huh?

printf("Hello %s, I'd like %f litres of %s", name, volume, volumeType);

hideyoshi is neither male no female

Hideyoshi is a Hideyoshi


o-oh, like that. Uh... yeah.
Magic :3



Really, though, when are Hu and ikt getting married?

no im straight

Hu likes to say he's straight too.

But you know

Hu has a boifren

lmao pick one


Isn't ikt a chink?

Oh yeah forgot he's like Indonesian

Vietnamese and straight :ok_hand:

poland isn't scandinavian though

straight as a rail



but phone easier to use more places and dont need laptop anyways since phone can 2

That's a Japanese boi

Posting pics of yourself I see~

Phone sucks though!

Hey I never denied it

that's a cute russian boy

You're both straight, it's cool.

But then so's spaghetti until it gets wet.

But did you confirm it?

Is that Derium or Mordin?

TBH that image is basically derium

idk mording but that is literally deri

Yeah shit you're right when have I ever done that?
How did you possibly know?




You never did

hu help


Yeah, certainly not back in '11 or '12, definitely not.

Nope never.

I'd still cum on dat ass though

Too bad his face looks like a Scandinavian Kurt Cobain

I thought squiddy was straight wtf?

i cant stand this project any more

i thought soto wasn't a faggot wtf?

Good thing I went and e-dated gay danish boys or something.

tbh I'm whatever these days but being super gay is fun to meme

and it was less of a meme back then


or was that more memes
I can't even keep up I'm too tired

She is

I can't help with cpp ;_;

wow, that does sound pretty gay wtf

Deri from the waist up

there's no cpp
just one annoying group member and a bunch of ros specific files

The gay meme is enchanting

yeah but I didn't do it


Y'all need Jesus.

Isn't it pretty early for you to get tired of it already?

Ah, good. Straight as hell then!

Wait straight to hell for NOT dating danish boys in my teenage years?


Straight as hell btw, not straight to hell

"insufferable cunt" is a good description


Kick him ouy~

how 2 cope


translate this for me



*pet* hi

nini hupony

No thanks

Hi cat who pet

pat you

Put pet pit pat pot

how've you been?

dont you want the appreciation of 200000 people??




she look nice

brown women in general are pretty

its painful and funny and makes me feel proud of myself when i can almost understand everything without captions

Sleepy, you?


oooh nice, teach me languages

that look like a completely different person.

whats a tenka

i think a japanese preschooler knows more than me

Same, vv sleepy. Gonna nap?

So the Leona and Taric lane I use to do is fucking brutal now.

for the mellee mission last week

i did it in only one win! first try!

using only leona and blitz double targon thingy

made the enemy jinx insta quit 5 minutes in, ez 15 minute surrendurr

Me and my duo are going to run this lane next season in ranked and see how far we get.

brand new OP rune system!!

i wonder how op ur character can become
leaona strong~

We'll have to wait and see.

Nah, probably not.

im hype!

whew~ 125 coin outta 440 till i get the border thing/ward/golden chroma!

comfy time tho

I'm sure you will make it in time!

Comfy chair

4 days left to do a buncha rift scuttler missions ^_^

I have faith.

what are you going to do today?

Just got done spamming games of LoL with some friends.
Now I'm going to play Zelda until I'm done with that.

That's good too

her singing and dancing is terrible
cant pomf that

zelda looks fun

I have been having a good time with it.


Good kys

throw a chicken into mount doom

Ohey it's Emma

shower and sleep, brb


a saw a guy show himself carrying a chikn all the way accros the map an up the firey moution and throwing the chikn into the volcano


fuk u

Ah. I have not been to Death Mountain yet.

Some weeb 5digit from Canadia I think

What's a five digit?


the switch can go anywhere?


That is what they say.

Wow, that's rude just because it's tru-
Ohhhh you were answering the question.

Y-yeah, that's what I was doing, answering the question..

I'm 3 digit btw way :^)

Posting from shower? Icky

Rank #10,000 to #99,999 in osu

i wanna try

I'm actually Doomsday desu

I'm basically the most trashest waifu though, so.

You aren't from Canadia though?

Purchase a Switch.

Doomsday? More like Doomsgay

I can think of trashier ones.

I'll have you know that I passed close call on first attempt with only a couple of misses

Like Kongou - to heck with that one.

i tried VR last night
for the first time ever!

super disorienting! walking around in minecraft felt weird
holding a VR gun was interesting!

Or the slut boat.
Or the tsun flower boat.


don't shoot up anywhere please

Now do it with HR

and high acc

and no misses

I would try before I buy.

Which one in particular?

pew pew

maybe one day ;~;

for now i just wanna get a real computer.

I'll FL it just for you.

That one loves to ram it up the other boats first month on the job.


She's a rapist.


Oh, right.



i didnt go yet

she looks pretty and cute


Why brb if not showering


Do we have linux nerds here?

well i went between that post and now so now im back

my pi is rip ;_;

RGBness when

sudo fix pi


brb food

now its more broken



sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /

I might post a vid like my mouse one later


Is that the new one?

that fixed it :3

Ooh, shiny and pretty!

but i'll bed

Am choking.
Send cpr.

yw that'll be $50

Yeah ^^

You'll see it tomorrow, I didn't mean on animus :3


night yo


That's more expensive than the pi itself!

Okay then :3

why does subtle hate the browns

Why don't you?

That's odd, he loves brown lolis


Was just a joke I have nothing against them :c

Fuck browns though.
Except for Grim, Grim's cool.

Neko is the only browno I can say I care for here other than Lloyd.
But Lloyd is kin either way.

was it a joke when you messaged me to say you were going to make colonialism look like a fucking joke?

We can't be friends anymore.

But those are the really dark browns

I feel like it would take far more for you to abandon me as a friend.

niggy was alright

I don't know. I am quite the white nationalist.

Monkies aren't people.

niggy was a white man

I think he was actually a white supremacist or something

Is that so?


In the sense that I am both white, and a bit of a nationalist.

he's alright.

What would you say if I was to tell you I'm dating a black man?

I wouldn't care. My outlook on life is that anybody can do whatever the fuck they want as long as it isn't hurting anybody. Unless it is consensual.

I am a libertarian, basically.

Regrettably I am still single, but it's nice to know you don't harbor resentment for others in that regard.

I grew up being taught to judge people based on their character, not their color. Of course in modern culture, that makes me a horrendous bigot and raciest.

i like how you have to ask people if they hate niggers nowadays

and like

you have to be cool with it if they do

How dare you not arbitrarily hate people on color.

I hate nigger culture to be sure. Just like I hate redneck and trailer trash culture. The problem is how prevalent nigger culture is in the black community.

I do hate spics though.

I only have found a few to be attractive.

Yeah, most of their women aren't attractive.



Y-you think I'm attractive, right?


If only you were gay.


Nobody wants to see gay me.

We can turn the lights off.


W-we'd make a cute couple...




i pout unconsciously when i'm mad

whenever my boyfriend saw me doing it he used to lean in and give me a kiss

i miss him


go get him

When I was a young warthog


When he was a young warthog.

roadhog hooks people

oh god it's like you're always watching......

Always watching Bard...



s-so uh what's happenin there spec you up to much fun today?

I played DayZ with a friend that I haven't in a long time.
We almost got eaten by wolves.

What's up with Bard?

I've heard good things about dayz
is it reccomendable? How old is it?

I've been lounging around all day I learned a cool new sweep from bottom side control but my friends have been busy and my brother hasn't come home today so I havent had the chance to try it out and Ive been itching to go all day

It's okay. I find it fun, but I've been playing the mod since back in 2012.
I wouldn't recommend it, no. Not unless you're already really into AMRA/Rust/PUBG like games.
It's now... 4 years old? 4 years of early access crap that's finally going into beta.

What's that?

I didn't mean to post that

You totally did though.

i meant to hit "copy image" and paste and post

but i hit copy image address

and now i've embarrassed myself


It's some sick ass 10th planet looking shit
I end up in my opponents side control all the fucking time so hopefully it's easy to execute \

I play mine craft does that count?

I bought arma 3 but never got into it cause weak computer, shame about that
I've had interest in getting into those types of games but it does seem like alot of work

Good luck.

Minecraft is fun, I miss that sometimes.

The work is really more in getting your rig to run it, and then finding people willing to play.

I'm a cute enderman

Can I pour water on you and stick my diamond sword in you for pearls?

I hate water.........

Post-Ironic minecraft Enderman Roleplay is too much for me

oh shit ur luka



do you think i'm cute?

I'm highkey pissed I can't run modpacks on my simple business laptop.

Legit thinking about just shelling another 2G for a new computer.



Hello! How is everyone doin today?

You ever listen to Alice in Chains?



just spoke to this girl i like and she starts talking me about this other girl she has a crush on

like i feel a little bad but if i'm going to be cucked i'd rather be cucked by a woman y'know?

so then i tell her that and i'm like "well at least i don't have to worry about her cock being bigger than mine"

dead fucking silence

being cucked by a tranny with a huge cock

i want to die

Holy shit Alice has a Patreon and people are actually paying. Good god.




she has always had a cult following

now she can make money from it

idk when you're serious loco



Exploiting people for... whatever weird joy he gets out of it in threads is one thing, taking their actual money is another

they are giving alice their money

2k is too much imo

diminishing returns

my first one was 2k, it's still good.

You're right though, I feel like VR is constantly on the brink of breaking into full immersion

i base my comedy on my own life

Alice has always made money doing alice things
Alice has been making money for years

I will forever be flabbergasted that people fall for that, but more power to him I guess?

you ever notice nowadays if you're walking around a city centre the little ads for tranny prostitutes are on the OUTSIDE of the phonebooths?

because people don't go in phonebooths anymore i guess

Good morning! How are you doin?


very relaxed thanks to a back massage


Sounds nice!! How's your day been goin?

It's 8:23pm !



We'll get to actual mornings slowly but surely

I try and threadpost in the mornings but people don't talk to me!!

I want to befriend everyone here but I gotta put more effort in.

wait you're going to build another 2k PC? why would you need 2

I made a mistake I meant to go

I'm a failure.

don't worry luka

sinni might hate you but i don't



You can't hope to be friends with everyone while you're disparaging yourself like that! Cheer up sport

Don't let Luka bully you just because you're new.......

ty ty

If Luka bullies me I"m gonna box 'em into next year


;~; im a mistake

but you said that mean thing in discord!

do you really?

noo luka I love you

how so?

it went

one for my parents house one for mine

You're the glue that pieces our discords together & shit. Whenever you're around you know it's a real party!!

you're not a mistake you're a beautiful princess

np, now just work on those mornings

I can't believe luka has been struck down by everyone, one by one

I can't believe my upload time is slow enough to ruin jokes


I hope your day goes better tomorrow!

Good morning >:C




Struck down and raised up again

No no no you're supposed to say it earlier in the day

We were JUST making progress



What's wrong with saying good morning :C



Nothing, if it's said in the morning

i'm the glue?!
i never thought of it that way before ;~;
i just didn't feel i was that important.

and i'm thankful for good people like you~


yeah nah yous a cunt

Stop striking geez

That was meant to be a bit ago as a meme

Striker, no striking!

memes are too powerful

I'm too tired for this completely lack of good memes

You're a meme



gay sex

There is no why
only is

I thought this thing's arms were fins on it's head initially and man that could have been super neat but no it's just a formless owl what the fuck star wars

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you travel back and forth a lot?

you can't bring the PC with you to both places or nah?