Hello we have autism so we only have one thread but it's not cyclic so good luck

Hello we have autism so we only have one thread but it's not cyclic so good luck.

>Hello we have autism so we only have one thread but it's not cyclic so good luck.

Hello we have autism so we only have one thread but it's not cyclic so good luck.

Wtf, I just got two サンディエゴs i

in a row, even.

Rikaikun was messing with my input, I should really turn that off when I don't need it.

the last jedi

is plural

Why was a new one made so early?

Because why the fuck not?

I am the Chaos of Threads.
I do not conform to petty norms.
I do what I fucking want.

The TrashMan

It triggers me

Just a reminder that the USS Laffey Benson-Class Destroyer 459 was issues a Presidential Citation "For outstanding performance during action against enemy Japanese forcees in the Southwest Pacific area, 15 September to 13 November 1942. Braving hostile file to rescue survivors in submarine-infested waters, the Laffey, after fighting effectively in the Battle of Cape Esperance, successfully repelled an aerial torpedo attack, and although badly crippled and set afire, inflicted severe damage on Japanese naval units off Savo Island. Eventually succumbing to her wounds after the enemy had fled in defeat, she left behind her illustrious example of heroic fighting spirit."

tl;dr: ラフィー is such a little badass that even the men in charge were like "Damn."

What's your waifu known for?
Ramming other ships? What a slut.

i know some people complain about having shitty phones and long threads fucking with it

lol didnt mean to keep the link

Last thread wasn't even long.

General guideline is 300ish posts, we were at 189.

Who's waifu are you talking about?

Inazuma had a history of collisions.

Incidental collisions at that, so it isn't even as if she was a ramming ship (lewd).

She just couldn't keep her hands off her friends.

that does not conflict with what i said about shitty phones

people still talk about kantei collection??

Good thing Inazuma was a shit and always will be a shit

My point were that no one in this community tends to complain before 300 posts.


What's wrong with Kantai Collection?

inb4 Ikt

Did I say there was anything wrong with Kantai Collection?

It's just that Inazuma's a slut, and so are most - if not all - Kongou class BBs.

You didn't, it was sort of implied from what Baddog said though

Oh, yeah, I missed that.

It's kind of a shitty game, but it's a nice time waster

Bongo bongo bongo dont bully my waifu kongou oh no no no no no

bingo bango bungle im so happy when we snuggle i refuse to go

Kongou isn't even the best Kongou sister Bardo, come on



why is she so burning rabu

wtf i accidentally closed ur steam tab and ur suddenly online

also ikt

Yeah, we just got done fucking. He's "away" now cause he's cleaning up like a good boy

pm me the details

id rabu her in the pussy

2 days

be ready for nagasaki

Reminder that Haruna is daijoubu

Nah, the details are far too gay for you

isnt she a closet slut

one time i masturbated to a penis going into a vagina

Not at all

I bet it was a big thicc dicc too and you can even now remember all the details of it

explain this
thats not even counting the ones not translated

umm. yeah sure! now tell me what you two did

I bet it was phallic in shape smh

Popular characters have a lot of them, it's the same with anything
None of those are cannon either

went to school, then got back home

yeah, who would even jerk it to something like that? Ewwie



isnt this the most popular? the only one she has is a group one so it doesnt count

i bet your head was filled with knowledge the entire you dirtty little slut

That would require me to know things

I wouldn't be so sure about that

how about innocent and adorable Iowa San?

Nice joke

like the precise measurements of iktdong

thats not saerching by netorare tho?

you're just jealous of how cute and adorable and loveley and not a whore she is.............

That too





Knew you saved it~


it was to highlight the fact that haruna is a slut
im not some stupid cuck

shes doing it wrong theres clothing in the way


Why the fuck would I do that

'' I just wanted to see harunia get banged by multiple men in front of me"


j-just to prove s-she's a slut h-hahhaha


Literally the first thing people do with quiet characters is put them in gang bang situations
Kongou literally tries her hardest to fuck the Teitoku every chance she gets

feku's thought bubble

i like how bard still wonders why people dont like him

shes a slut cuz shes quiet :3

I like bard.

I still have two San Diegos.

I like Bard

I'm fan fucking ttastic
more people like me than like you


I liked bard before you.

Come on

I also just got an Indianapolis.

I'm new here

I like Bard.

that doesnt give you the right to be a cunt?

i basically live and breath through doujins

Brb, dinner

You keep doing the same shit with everyone else then

I'll save my responses for people who appreciate them

I liked bard as long as I've been around, I used to like everyone though, now it's a more exclusive list.

I'm new here.

half the time they arent even responses. you find every chance you can to ridicule me when i asked you to stop before

I'm doing literally teh ame shit hu and ikt do to you

obviously the problem is with my character and if that s the case so fucking be it

But you eat ant-infested cereal.


atleast they know when to relent.

i dont care if he teases me about that but i dont like it when he tries to make me feel like a girlboy

Your character is great bard, Idk if I would keep coming back to animus if it weren't for you and a few others.


here's your obligatory response

The solution will be implemented now

But you are a girlboi.

a vv cute one

Then you should know by now that they aren't cannon 99% of the time

nope i got a manly penises that i use to fap to my degenerate hentais(straight)

wait that wasnt meant to be plural

i dont follow kancolle so i use doujins to draw my false basis


Your favourite tags is trap


i only used that tag twice in the past six months before putting it through reevaluation!

*pats the feku boi*

Look at me Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Look at me right now

RNGesus, more ラフィー please.

Rolled 7 (1d20)
So you wish it

so it shall be



ay big boi

Good morning.

it's kinda slow today

you up to anything particularly interesting?




brb googling megumin r34



Brb googling hupony r34

Those are some nice legs

good luck

I only save nice legs.

Help me. ^-~

Ask Speccy


You need Jesus, Bard





nice legs

As is onl proper

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.........


Time to admit it~

I never am.
I have like
my room to clean
and school to procrastinate.

you're always cleaning your room kiss

someday it's gonna be spotless

I'm never cleaning my room, just constantly planning to.

Just a reminder that not even a month after completion, she full on raped another Japanese DD.

Like, it wasn't like they bumped and both had to go for repairs.

The Miyuki and Inazuma had a collision that resulted in the sinking of the Miyuki and the severing of the bow of the Inazuma.

She raped poor Miyuki.

The Miyuki is the only modern Japanese DD that didn't make it into World War II,
as well as the only Japanese DD
that was lost
in a collision
with another Japanese DD.

you leave her alone she is an angel........

Inazumas in general seem to have had a propensity for collisions.

Too bad they weren't ramming boats.

Also, the Z1 got hit by German Bombers while searching for a British fishing boat.

Then the Z3 hit a British mine when trying to rescue her crew.

Nat 1s man, they're scary.

Just to clarify, Z1 and Z3 are German boats.

Z1 and Z3 are Sony Xperias


This is a meme that's going over my head.

Kinda like the German bombers going over Z1's head.

i like this meme

I meant the bit about Z1 and Z3 being Sony Xperias.


Not just raped, raped to death.

Also, that other ship got it's fucking bow severed and wasn't lost. That's impressive.

I just showered too what a coincidence.

Clean is good

raped to death you say

Clean 'n comfy!


Comfy too? Nice!


Now I'm only sleepy still.

goto bed;
20:34 isn't even that early

I'll go at round 10.

I mean I wasn't the one saying it.

Shit, I guess that's also the equivalent of it raping the other ship so hard it broke it's dick off.

And I mean wew.

Great time to bed~

Some boats were just born sluts, I guess.

Is it a slut if it's the one doing the raping though?


I think that ostensibly makes it the slut of the pair.

Not every pair needs a slut.

please point me in the direction of this rapist

It's over there.

Down that dark alley.

She's right here

it's my duty as a proud citizen of Holla Forums to protect the thread from any threats

stay calm citizens just uh
stay back here where it's safe

Yeah I wanna feel not dead for once

is it rape if mind break happens

Wake up at 6:15 too~

Would you believe it if I said that's what my alarm is set at usually


Why you always get on so much later then?

we;re going to war


I lay in bed trying to decide whether or not to sleep more or get out.

wtf oneplus why the fuck jpg screenshots

Just put laptop on your lap and start shitposting~

Hey man, if it skips quantization, it's fine

oh rip, it didn't

It's both bigger than a PNG [in everything that's not a real picture which is like 80% of stuff] and worse.

Of course not.

wtf the pngified version including the jpg artifacts is the same size

png's far more effective on simple colour shit like most of that picture

If quantization is skipped, you sometimes end up with a bigger, sometimes smaller image, but without sacrificing quality

uh... You didn't resave the image as .png and expect the quality to increase, did you?

Yeah which is why I'm asking myself why I bought a spying chink piece of shit.

FUCK, it was perfect on Marshmallow why did these chinks decide to make it so fucking shit in Nougat

Yeah but that's obviously not what OP did.

I saved it in a PNG just to show the JPG artifacting without adding more JPG artifacts to it.


Should have told him to save it with "100%" quality at least

fucking spleetogen didn't i can't even tell it to save in png

Don't bully the chinks
Poor, poor chinks

Ikt mad :3
Change it, then recompile and flash your newly compiled image to your phone so it can save it as png~
or lossless jpg if that's easier

fucking obins chinks havent fixed their keyboard firmware bug in a fucking year
fucking oneplus chinks have been ruining the phones firmware by adding shitty features nobody except pajeets asked for and took away my volume slider usability

how can you not hate them

fucking honeydickers

why fuck around with params for an inferior quality format for screenshots when you can just fish a random free as in freedom mit licensed png lib to do your fucking shit with

if their next update doesn't address anything lineageos it is

Just go lineageOS already, isn't theirs based on that in the first place?

aren't you like half chink

No, the OP1 had the CyanogenOS (not the community CyanogenMOD). Had some contract bullshit and went with their own ROM from there on.

OxygenOS was pretty neat for Marshmallow, but I don't know what the FUCK happened after that.

Probably some dude with zero knowledge and aspirations getting a position because he fucked the CEOs sister or something idk


Why is it already 21:33

That could well be why.. That fucking sucks

did you want to be productive?

Oh well, at least they'll update this to Oreo, so I won't be as much fucked over as people who bought the OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X. I mean if you now have to pay $700 to get a device that'll be supported for more than 6 months, $300 for 6 months of good support is more than I might've expected yo

vietnamese which is like half-chink the country

a buncha generations back were chinese and surname is vietnamized chinese so yeah

No, just feels like I only got to sit down to relax recently, and it's already about bedtime.

Don't people usually have to buy a new phone every few months since no manufacture actually updates the software for previous models, except for Apple who'll just turn previous generation phones into bricks slowly over time.

good nappings time tho
relax further in bed :3

it's not too bad for apple, their devices don't actually get much slower

android on the other hand just makes the apps heavier each update so your phone is crap after 3 years if it's not a flagship

but bed in 15min!

Oh? But you always hear stuff about how the devices just got slower with each new update and features that previously worked, now no longer don't, and never hear about those bugs getting fixed.

No phone in just two years time then, it sounds like.
Would rather just no phone at all

Bug fixes never get news plus there are plenty tests afterwards which seem to disprove it slowing down things.

huh... That's pretty cool

sleep tite huhorse

y-you too


Why does it look like someone flattened those girls' faces with a sledge hammer?

Must be an asian thing

Hot asians have noses, though ?

Do they?

Friggen game, why do you give me a Belfast but not a Laffey?



Why have I rolled 3 SSRs but it won't let me roll 1 SR?

And now I don't have cubes left to make more light ships.





Lively tonight in here is it

Try drinking bleach

I'll show you lively.

Please do.

Rin you suck at this.

Sorry I got flustered because all I could think of was my heart right now.


I met gangstwr street cat and he gave me fleas


Are you basically a hobo at this point?

No, i live indoors now, also sober for 1.5 months. Except for some acid and ahrooms, and maybe a small dose of speed on an occasional friday or two Shit sucks you know.


that's....not sober.

It's sober when you only do a little drugs, I'm a doctor

What would you know about being sober?
I happen to know you do cock on the regular.

You're just roaming the streets, sucking dicks for crack.

Sure as fuck aint lit


Maybe in your fanfics dunnolol


I've been sober for 22 years.

English, please.

is that your new job? a doctor? is it really?

Surely it is not lit

Bring me to life Echo-chan

I'm not scum. but because of you, and myself, I find it hard to tell myself that.
is it the truth? why would you eliminate that chance for me to doubt whether it's true? why would you have to call me human scum, and then say it's true, and the only reason I feel bad is because I haven't recognized the truth?


Use your dying time to fight for Catalonian independence.

And the autistic Canadian is back to fail to suck his own dick in 3000 words or more.

Is this some past conversation he's quoting or is he just making shit up to argue against for its own sake?

I assume like most of what he says: pulled directly from his ass.

Obviously making shit up to argue for my own sake. Everyone knows that Kanra doesn't have real feelings. Or if he does, they're probably just all egotistical, and could use a little roughing up, yea?

Can you blame anyone for being cynical here? Especially with your track record lol

No, I can't blame anyone for being cynical. Used to think it was obvious I play up some aspects of my personality for entertainment, and sometimes it's a mix. The issue is that nobody knows the difference anymore, or cares to make that distinction.

With Fool, I'm okay with how I think of him as an outright rejection of rationality, and he treats me the same. But people I deluded myself into trusting began treating me as... I'm not sure how they ever really saw me, but they assure me I deserve their words.

Exhibit A

Kinda seems like your own fault at this point

That's the least of your self-delusion problems.

Soto, before someone else decides to distort those caps, it was literally a challenge to see if I could go off on you like that.
Before I started, I said this, and said that I actually like some things about you. After I finished, I reiterated the same things. It was for your amusement, and mine. I made that clear then. I'll explain as many times as I need to, but I didn't mean what I said in those posts. If I hurt you in any way with them, I apologize. I don't actually know you well enough to judge your being.


I don't see how that works.

How is it my fault that people want to think of me as cartoonishly awful, when there's ample evidence that I'm actually generic awful, with actually maybe even a few good attributes?

good evening

Huh? The point is that you fostered those views by acting cartoonishly awful, it's your fault that people have that view

See what I mean? Even though there's evidence that of how I prefaced and followed up on those posts, and all the other nice things I said about Soto, and how I said that was all merely a challenge to see how far I could take it,

you're going to pick to imagine the version of me where I meant all the things I said, because it's better for you, even if there's evidence you probably shouldn't.


I wish I were cartoonishly awful.

Instead I'm just a disgusting tranny.




Kanra, what was that thing about me liking birds?

like why do you think I like birds

hello mentlegen

I know it's my fault that people have that view. But it's not my fault if they continue to have that view, if there is evidence to the contrary. By evidence to the contrary, I mean the fact I actually like people, and hate myself, instead of hating people, and loving myself.

I've also learned that I can't change minds. So you're going to just believe whatever makes you feel good, Colby, which is probably that version of Kanra that is ripe for making fun of.

100 yards at all times

I just got out of the shower and I feel super weak and relaxed uuu how areyou?

The joke is truly on us.
He was only pretending to be retarded this entire time.


because you post birds
and birds are pretty smart
having known bird people, people can really adore their birds
I guess you have to, to tolerate their fucking screeching

if you take care of your hygiene you're not disgusting, just a tranny c:



I don't make fun of you dude, I don't know why you keep saying that. You're too caught up in this whole "everyone wants to hate me" mentality

If you CONSISTENTLY were genuine and displayed positive qualities, my attitude towards you would change. I'm not the kind of person to hold onto one view of someone, just ask Grim


Maybe that stuff turns him on, colbs

Don't worry Rin I'll still fuck you

Just like any other kind of blame. I've never seen any other person deflect literally everything all the time.

you ever looked in a fucking mirror/

Then I am disgusted at myself for fueling it and metaphorically jerking him off

Oh well

It's not even that. It's not that organized. It's more like, I used to go over the top whenever it was fun, or I knew the right people would react.

I'm having trouble accepting that people are genuinely bad. I don't think that of anyone. If I did, I would be more okay with people saying things to me, because I'd know what to listen to and what not to. It gets trickier when they insist they're telling the truth, because I believe them a little.

you're right. I do need to stop.

yea. yea...

For someone I know is pretty smart, you sure are fucking stupid



hi grim, how u?

Every day.

it feels like the past few days have been running together :/

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I'm not even drinking.

What's tickling your giblets tonight?

Drinking is bad for you anyway.

relationship levels increasing with people in my life. Professional and non prof c:

it's good on occasion. I love getting shitfaced every now and then. Sometimes you have to let go

Is that from the OVA?

more like 'ignorant'. but people could still think wrongly about me, if I were trying to be consistent and genuine with my qualities. especially if it's better for them to think.

nope, normal run

I don't like it. Alcohol tastes awful, I can't stand it.

i tried introducing a friend to the stuff. He couldn't even handle a sip of whiskey. smh.

Are you almost Speech lvl 100?

They could think wrongly about you, but at least you and others would know it's because of them and not you.

Have you seen the OVA?

It's an acquired taste tbh

people think bad things about me, but don't care how bad, and will just say stuff to hurt me
people think bad things about me, but they're things I'd agree with
there's a difference.

whatever the case, I want to change what is honestly wrong with me.
and accept that people will want to insist you're more fucked up than you are, and even if you stop being one, they'll never admit they were wrong, so you just have to do it for yourself.

one or two of the minisodes yeah


ill need to take some public speaking seminars for that

But you're close to maxing Charisma at least?

I don't have any others that confirm that. even if someone did, I wouldn't believe them. especially when that person saying bad things, is someone who got to know you, and the people saying to ignore them don't know you as well.

isnt that the same

Then you're extremely insecure and need to work on your self-confidence.

Charisma governs Speech, but they aren't the same

You ranting nonstop here about people not liking you will in no way make anyone somehow like you.

Is it any good? I haven't seen em

yea. ugh.

I'm not ranting how people don't like me,
I'm complaining I can't tell the difference between the criticisms, and how I should criticize myself.
This dilemma has resulted in immense confusion and stress.

Hey ♥

Just relax, Kanra. Do you want a tarot reading? :3


I'm sure any reading I could justify as relevant to something in my life.
As a point of my desire to think more clearly about things, I decline this offer.

i do.........

Sup bbygrl


How u gurl?

Just one more day before Friday

It helps to give a fresh perspective on things, imo. But okay, let me know if I change your mind ^^

How was your day?

Yeah, I was going to mention that to you next time I saw you. I realized I missed a post where you requested one, but when I realized that, it was too late and you had already left. Just make sure to link my post in the future if you want something ^^

Anyway, do you have a specific question or general category (romance, finance, work, etc.)?

Significantly better now that I'm not living on hot dogs that have probably been in the fridge too long (never opened tho so we're fine) and tuna anymore

Also strangely talkative, kinda invading one of those help threads on Holla Forums for funsies

tell me about my future in general 3 :

Hello Erio.

That's good ^^

Whose thread is it?

Something you need to understand is that your future can't be absolutely predicted because your choices create the future. If a reading predicts the future, then you should be able to use the knowledge that you gained from the reading to change your future. So, that's pretty much how it works; the cards can predict what the future will be IF you stay on the path you're currently on and/or take the advice of the reading

But okay, I guess you're basically asking for a normal general reading, so I'll get to work on that ^^

Is your new drawing done yet? :3

idk, some offshoot Alicefag I'm sure

thanks i don't really plan on changing



couldn't stop thinking words.

also, thank you.

Sure thing

I am on break from it, got stuck.

One of my friends on Facebook posted "Hey guys I guess I'm demi now" and I commented "You halve people's HP?"

No one laughed at my joke :(


HE'S AN EVEN BIGGER NERD THAN I AM THO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

Impossible, look at you.


Wow that hurt

Sorry, please forgive me?

Good mornin everyone


Because it's you.... No.

Jk sure


My sex life.jpg

Not much, sup with u

Look at this man and tell me he isn't a nerd


Talking to people an oddly large amount and... not much else!

At least I don't have fucking anime posters hanging all over my walls

I only have a Dark Magician Girl and Godzilla figurine like a REAL MAN

I wouldn't if I were you.

I'm a bitch tbh


My bitch immunity protects me


I would think you of all people would not find any difficulty getting some, being so charming

What does bitch immunity do?

The problem with that is that you have to actually TRY

Unless that was sarcasm, which it might well be

Gives me immunity from the negative effects of bitchiness, obviously

nah you're good
you just overdo it when exposed to booze

So, this is a three card past/present/future reading

Past - The Empress: Mothering, abundance, senses, nature
So, my first impression is that this would be about your mother. The Empress is a loving, nurturing mother. I get the impression that she's like a mother when viewed from the perspective of a very young child or baby. The mother fills the child's world with warmth, safety, and love. This creates a subconscious memory that causes us to want to seek that warmth again later in life, when one is too old for the mother to really be a good source of it. And, this is veering into the territory of psychology, but I think an OVER-nurturing mother can end up creating an even deeper hunger for that later in life

Present - The Hermit: Introspection, searching, guidance, solitude
I think this signifies that you are in a period of time where you're lonely, introspective, and curious for answers. The subconscious memory of the mother's embrace only serves to increase the severity of this loneliness. The Hermit, I think, represents a state with plenty of potential. He doesn't have much other than himself, and his world to him may feel somewhat like a barren desert. But that desert can also be viewed as a blank canvas on which to create a new world, and the less you have, the more room you have for other things. Maybe you should be glad you're not more tied down than you are. You feel lost and lonely, but you're still young and have plenty of freedom of action

Future - The Hierophant: Education, belief systems, conformity, group identification
I think this card suggests that you will eventually find some kind of social group or religion that gives you the feelings of belonging, warmth, and security you crave. It makes sense; wander the desert long enough, and you'll eventually run into something you like. Maybe the card even indicates that you should put more effort into finding such a group. My advice would be to be careful not to let anyone take advantage of your loneliness, however

What do you think? ^^

You didn't even ask them who they are? r00d

Maybe you should try meditation :3

Good morning, you just woke up? ^^

By the way, what did you think of the reading I gave you?

Negative effects?

What negative effects?

I havent seen either of them

pics nigga

I have the Ultra rare Chrismas Colbs ver too

Ah, those were the days man
I miss em tbh

god i hope so

Overdo it how?

Well I have them on Discord now so I could always ask later.


Mild frustration I assume? I wouldn't know, having been born with the immunity

Nigga I bought them at AX and YOU WERE THERE


If you don't know then how can you be certain there are effects and that you're immune to them?

I think it fit really well. If you read my earlier post, I worked on it and felt really good about it.

let it get to the point of cringe

I meant about the reading in general. I'm still practicing :3

I'm experimenting with putting higher dosages of intuition into readings; I think it's working well

I do you every night ;3

But whatever, you know the drill, give me the deets of what u want

Are you feeling better yet, Wish-chan?

Oh, I didn't see such a post

That's good ^^


I've been told by others. They're all like "How are you so unphazed by this raw, unfiltered bitchiness?" and I'm just like "lol guess I was just born with an immunity"

Oh yeah, I do tend to overdo it like that lol

Tipsy is best for me in those kind of situations

Do the thing I asked last time when you DENIED ME MY SATISFACTION