Traps are gay

Traps are gay.

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I am shocked that Grim has so little faith in my ability to not pull sneaky stuff.

im eating rice krispies but they arent popping


oh theres ants in this cereal that explains it
protein i guess

Teach me Japanese so I can read the Konosuba VNs ;;

Why are you such a sloven?

Hi me.

i ended up straining out the milk and microwaving it instead. the ants were taking too long to drown so my cereal was soggy.

You're disgusting.

Feku fix your life pls im legit worried


??? im not gonna waste a whole bowl of milk

The milk is not the concern here.

nani is mondai?

The fucking ants

i didnt eat ants tho i got rid of them

You ate stuff where ants shitted and pissed on and dragged their assholes on.

youre making a big deal about it. i strained the milk and microwaved it. it should be fine to consume

Good morning, me

How's you this morn?

Well enough, I suppose


what the fuck..............


You can eat ants anyway
They won't kill you

well yeah but....who knows what they've stepped in on the way to bathing in your milk bowl.......

We fucking did it

good job!

what is it?

now that's what I call a
"nip slip'

Kyouko, one of the best 4*s
Each card has a 1% chance to be a 4* and I finally got one after 110 rolls

But that's why he microwaved it


A card game?

unless he brought it to a rolling boil it probably won't kill any bacteria picked up from the ants that could be in say
manure or the dirt they walked on
any pathogens lingering in the old cupboards or within the walls of his house...

I mean he'll definateley be okay

it's just
that is stomach churningly GROSS

More like an RPG

Would depend on how long it microwaved, and what setting it was on tbh
Could very easily have killed the bacteria

brb nap

sweeto dreamus

Sleep tite

i microwaved it because lukewarm milk thats sugary with cereal taste bad. i dont care about the tiny amounts of bacteria the ants might be carrying.

now dip your cock in it and put it on the ground and lick it up you nasty pig bitch

Nice Kyouko.

Stop encouraging slovenly behaviour, I'm trying to have a not-disgusting breakfast here.

do you wanna drink some of fekkys cock milky too~?

i just want to rimjob u


I can't find a vomit image with a character I like but if I could rest assured I would post it at you.

Rins aren't for rimjobs.

wow she's hot in that picture. o///o

did you eat something bad?

I meant you irl

haha yeah fekky is a nasty litlle pigboi


way too fast

i dont appreciate this

i'm sorry sweetheart 'I'll be more considerate of your feelings from now on.....

Rins aren't for rimjobs.


Found this picture of HuPony while I was scrollling ym memebookefeed

dont patronize me


please? I'll be gentle

She always is! :)



she's pretty cute in that anime~

hehe yes :3


i want moar of the drunk anime lady!

No thank you.

sorry lukie I'm out..........

Such grace


so cute



Damn it I need subtle to know if I'm reading this meguca's name right.

Not something that interests me.

Is Subtle a Japanese girl?

Oh, okay.

They do still do the two first names thing, so 水波レナ is Minami Rena.

I were just not sure if megucas still did the two first names thing.


Wow weeb

do not bully my boyfriend


it's cold and rainy today
damn nature for ruining my plans



lol ur weeaboo thingy turned into

we are boo!


Np bruh

Her uncle makes her do things she's too young to understand

That's becasue weeaboo is a colloquial thing.

what should we do then?

i stopped watching that anime after she died, it wasn't worth it anymore

Nothing, probably.

What's your opinion on hot pockets?

they are okay
pretty solid microwavable meal

why do you ask? what do YOU think of hot pockets?

He thinks they don't have enough ants.

Ant pockets

They still manage to taste decent after using them as an onahole

Wanna play vidya?

I refuse to beleive you actually fucked a hot pocket

That was literally worse than I expected.

I'm playing something rn.

Y^eah it wouldnt even fit

You're just massive.

It feels better than banana peel

i watched a hentai when I was like 15 where someone fucked a bananapeel

That always made me cringe
what if you get bananapeel in your dickhole

I dont think it would be that bad. There'd no way you could fuck a peel hard enough where it would get stuck being pissing out

Urethral insertion is out of the questions

Nothing will ever go up my penis again as long as I live

Do tell

when I was 14 I ended up in the hospital for most of the summer and ended up being catheterized among other things

It was hell

after I win I get to rim you, okay?


Why did they do things to your penis


I had to have surgery where a small 3 inch incision was made on the right side of my abs but they were unsuccesful and so I have to have a 6 inch incision from my bellybutton down and needed to be catheterized on recovery

that wasn't even the worst thing they stuck in my god damn
It was like what I'd imagine being raped is like

Wouldn't rape be lesser pain?

I've never been raped so I wouldn't know

That would be a pretty bold claim though

It might be

it might not be

It was much worse when they stuck the inch thick tube down my nose and throat



They fit an inch into your nose??? Why you get so fucked up anyway


Damn you

Traps are degenerates

yeah it didn't fit very easy thats for fucking fure

When I was younger I'd chew on shit or hold it in the corners of my mouth and I endedd up chewing on some magnets and I ended up swallowing them because I forgot about them up in my mouth and so I swallowed them

I remember it well because it was right around the time I first started posting on Holla Forums
It was the weekend that MAFIA 2 dropped and I was eating a lot of cookies and milk playing it and posting on Holla Forums

2 hours later or so I got to feeling a stomacache but I thought it was because maybe the milk was bad or i ate too much cookies

next day woke up in bad pain and it was in the summer so I was alone at home

went on for about 5 days beefore i passed out vomiting blood and my mom came back home and i went to the hospital

Local hospital thought it was appendicitis and I was going to have my appendix removed there but the surgeon was out so I got ambulanced up to the UNiversity of Iowa one of the best hospitals in the nation.

I was in such bad pain that they sho me up with dilatin in my veins
Felt amazing

after 2 days in the staging waiting room of the hospital watching people come and go (saw alot of prisoners) they decided they didnt think it was my appendix ad moved me to pediatrics

I stayed up there for about a week before i went to get ultrasounds and then they were gonna put me in the mre machine and asked if I had anything metal and I was like
Oh shit the magnets
(didnt really occur to me they could have been causing it and I didnt really wanna get in trouble(

but yeah I got prepped for sugery and then woke up in absolute hell after surgery

Everything you do is controlled by your core and I'd just been sliced up the middle
everything I did was agonizing
I just laid in bed with a morphine drip that would dispense every 5 minutes if I pushed the button pressing the button over and over util I passed out and waking up in hellish pain beccause i hadnt been pressing the morphine

When I woke up for surgery, I had the catheter in
I didnt fee them put it in thank god, but my blankets would rub up against it and it was awful

After 4 or 5 days they took it out, just ripped it out and it was painful but glad it was out

had to get some god damn suppositories so they stuck a pill up my ass every few days and that shit was pretty painful

another week or so and I was having troubles with my bowels and I had built up bile inside me and so they had to put the hose down my nose and mouth and drain the bie

It was hell getting it down
They lubed the tube up and it just barely fit in my nostril
then they shoved it aas far back as it would go and it felt like fire in my nose

then it was in my throat and they forced it down my throat and it wouldnt go down unless I swallowed so I had to swlalow alot and then it got forced down further until it hit my stomache then I was just bleeding and could finally relax

they turned on the pump and the tube got like ice cold and this super thick dark green shit started pumping out and there was alot

it was horrible
That was in me for 3 days before I ripped it out drugged out half asleep because it was torture having it in every second/

it was hard to breath
couldnt swallow or do anything
they said theyd have to put it back in but i ended up getting out without having to get it put back in

Another 2 or 3 weeks recovery without any of that I'd get up and go for walks with nurses on a walker and stuff

By the time I got out I could still barely walk but I got out in time for the third or fourth week after school had gone back into session and I had oxymorphone pills to help

overally worst experience of my life

i-I dk what DX is

Lend that wall to Trump yo

Jack, you shouldn't talk as if you aren't a degenerate.

And everyone loves them.

How the fuck am I one

i wonder

You're here aren't you?

Not only that you've been known to go out of your way to try harry people on the internet.

And let's not forget your propensity to take responsibility for misfortunes that befall communities you dislike - regardless of if it has anything to do with you or not.

some shit~

speak for yourself

I did - and for everyone else.

Yeah me too

Those are weird hobbies not degeneracy tho
I don't take it up the ass so I'm not a degenerate

fucking traps is just a weird hobby it's not degeneracy

How big were the magnets to fuck you up that much? On the bright side atleast yoh know what to expect if you ever get into sounding

Idk that degeneracy means what you think it means.

It doesn't mean homosexuality, if that's what you think.

bart pls

Thats what the eastern european definition is

It was a magnetix one

I chewed up one of the tiny green pieces and there were two smaller than watch sized battery magnets in there that i held up in the corners of my mouth while i chewed on the plastic

there was a metal iron bar down the center that i left alone

idk what sounding is

urethral insertion

nope never again

Traps are just loli futas with balls. Decidedly not gay.

Don't ruin lolis with your misguided logic

im bummed out it's raining


Loco are you going to rebel against the oppressive central government?

Rain sucks

puigdemont said Catalonia must be an independent state

now he's talking about a dialogue for a solution

i don't know WHAT the fuck is going on

It's only getting colder too...I hate the winder ;~:


It is. Need to put on the heater already. Goddamn winter

w-wow, not in that way!
ALso lewd pic

I don't suck ??????

the tests determined that was a lie

das a lewd pic too


you got home late today!

pretty meh day too. Don't think tomorrow will be much different either, or Thursday for that matter.
and then visiting parents during the weekend, so won't be around much then either.
But what about you? Had a good day?

day off lazing around !

ha what a weeb

give cold. its like 2 degrees colder than summer for me

you use twitteR?

please trade me
i'm suffering under my blankets

Did end up staying home then~
Explains why you weren't online this morning. Sounds like a comfy day



Tomorrow less but oh well

i want it to be cold and get cozy under blankets
why i borned on shitty islaned

i can give u warm if u want

wai u stalk her i dont stalk her even

They suspended the independence movement to negotiate with Spain
Since the latter said it was unconstitutional by both the courts and the federal government, he wouldn't be able to talk if he had declared independence
Unless he wanted to talk to the military

if he doesn't use twitter I must've found a different ikt

i stalk lots

not use very actively

you ever get scary island storms?

Least you're halfway through the week then~

pls gib

I started using it again recently, it's niceu

Fuentes del Gobierno central consideran que la intervención de Puigdemont supone una declaración de independencia. El Ejecutivo de Rajoy tomará medidas para hacer frente a esa declaración. Se espera que el Gobierno aplique el artículo 155 de la Constitución.

In English please?

whats good tech yt channel to watch thats not sell out but not boring?

theres like a flash flood warning every other month but nobody cares and ignores it. also that one time japan had an earthquake everyone was freaking out about a tsunami but when it came it was like 1 foot high

make sure to spread wide

Subtle, how god is based loliPoseidon?

I meant to type good but god is good too.



haha a cute 1 foot tall tsunami~ :3c


the central government considers puigdemont's statement a declaration of independence and is expected to apply article 155 of the constitution, which states that the state can use of "any means necessary" to protect against threats to Spain

Good morning everyone!! Hope you're all having a lovely day uwu


Based Poseidon.

what am i supposed to watch to nerd out??

also hurricanes never hit us even tho its like the middle of the ocean

you asked for warmth, so lemme give u some warm stick

Hurricanes are the most terrifying thing I can think of

I have a horrible fear of tornadoes and hurricanes can spawn multiple tornadoes...

Go to bed

She's good, but all 4*s are good tbh.
But not the best, downsides being her magia is single-target only, and she's triple accele.
Blast > charge/accele

g2 school


i don't like the tech youtubers

the keyboard nerds are ok

the car stuff is super cool

What's your Twittr?

please no

Ouu you have to find it

I got her first spin and was jw.

idk if tornadoes are possible where i live. are they even bad? i hear some places get them all the time

cant need to play vidya

get the car mod channel to do a collab with keyboard channel and make a car controlled with a fancy keyboard

I can't ;;

No, please.

lol yeah tornadoes are one of the most destructive forces on this planet

The highest wind speeds in all of history were recorded in 2013 in the El Reno Supertornado clocking in at 300+mph across a 2.5 mile stretch with winds of up to 200 miles reaching out for a mile each way beyond that

Tornadoes are categorized based on how much damage they do, not wind speed, but wind speed is generally considered as a rule of thumb to be lower in the weaker tornadoes that causeless damage

Even an F0 causing no damage tornado one that touches down in a field, even with winds below 100 miles per hour
if a human were to walk near it they'd probably be knocked off their feet

the blades of grass picked up, chunks of dirt and very small pebbles would all be able to kill the person easily

Good job desu
brb running club

Found you!

See ya


is it gay to fap to ougi

how do you even play racing games on a keyboard? are there multiple keys to determine how much force you are putting in a turn?

i hear they also have those scary cats or something
imagine getting mauled by a lion when you ceiling gets blown away

i use my controller or steering wheel


Girlfriends grandma isn't long for this earth,
She's not doing any better, and they're letting her go home from the hospital,
I just hope she makes it long enough that I can help my girlfriend say goodbye over Skype tomorrow afternoon.

wuts your favorite racing games??

yeah i heard about how there was 5 cats one time or something

what are you TALKING about

don't have one at the moment

oh wait it was hurricanes with the 5 cat

how the one u invested the most time in besides gta?

Subtle, what's your name/main meguca so I can friendo you?

dirt rally was pretty good
dirt 4 is meh
assetto corsa is meh
pcars is meh

Tornadoes are very small
most tornadoes aren't even a mile wide

They biggest tornadoes will be nearing about 1 to 1-1/2 miles

Hurricanes are scary because their can be multiple tornadoes inside of one hurricane

and which one is the best on kb

dont forget the cats my dude

why do you wanna play on keyboard

Y4HjbXmU is my friend code

categories in hurricanes are based on windspeed

I don't know them offhand
Category 5s are the most powerful though

but dont you love keyboards?

see told u about the 5 cats being scary

yeh I think that category 5 hurricanes have sustained windspeeds at around like 135 -150 mph
might be a bit off

I also love chopsticks but I'm not gonna use them for chicken wings.

Rank 56 Level 60 notMado?

idk what you mean by category im talking about the cats

so what do you eat wings with? your bare hands? you animal


of course

bbqs are neat

wanna spit roast with megumin?



i very problem

are you playing vidyas?

Nah, not really. Too late for that

wuts dat pics?


Gran Turismo 3

Why in the hell a PT Cruiser


Best starter option

howbout komekko?

gran torino?

no u

no u


k hav gud slaap

y-you too

i intent to stay past bed time and vidya


its okay i dont have an actual important schedual

Anyway, night

you cant shame me im already a neet!

good night fag

Yeah ^^
I'll change my support to my lvl 100, and then Kyouko when I max her out

Kinda disappointed that notMado will never be good.

Well, that's not necessarily true, she's the MC after all. They could always release some story quest that lets you get her to 4* or something

Don't get my hopes up.

T _ T

i love that pic....

Serious! Currently you can't even access the 3rd stage on her chara-story, because it's gated by content that's not released yet

You can save it if you like

And also Sayaka is such a cuck that she doesn't even exist yet.


lol well, the game is quite new
If you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask

Why is succubus meguca so annoying?

There aren't any boys to prey on, only mahou shoujos everywhere


Plenty of tomboys and I'm sure those are good enough.

That looks more kawaii than lewd.

Lol what you got a fucking 4* already

When was lewd ever suggested?

I just called her a succubus.

Based Poseidon.

night night

That is so lucky :c
I got my first 4* at rank 54..
Btw, you should save your gems for the 250 10x buys, and the monthly 200-gem bundle



I need to mark her leader and favourite because Based Poseidon.

I tend to have okayish luck with gachas.
I never don't save for the 10x buys.

The issue with making her leader is that I actually really like notMado and enjoy seeing her in menus.


Oh? So you got all those from ticket rewards?

She was from a 300 gem thing that the game gave me, I didn't actually read it so idk why I got it.

;~; pls no bully~

My bad.

Wait, stage 2 boss is Based Poseidon?

Oh yeah, they send out gems for compensation when there's downtime, it's nice :3

I always play these so suboptimally because I enjoy using the OP moves.

make the coughing stop

Subtoe, is my menu meguka the leader of my current team or can I force it to be notMado?

Oh wow she's prettier than Sakura

Ear raw garlic

Oh, never mind.
I figured out how she's changed.

I think it's your leader, yeah :c


Maybe I lied.


It's your favourite Meguca.

Super pretty!

you live. hello.

I only know because clicking around I changed it to based Poseidon, and that made me see if you can only have one favourited.

Sure enough, that's your menu meguca.

I'm officially going to California in September next year
What animus can I meet?

I'd rather have my blood sucked out

California's a big place, so that depends. What part?

Idea of the trip is to see the most common locations, so you tell me.

Well shit nigger, that means you're gonna be all over the place.
Ban is one I can think of off the top my head.

colbert and soto and some others

My god that game looks so dated.........
Fuck it seemed so much better in my headcanon

San Francisco and the golden gate bridge were nice


Was that when you and Soto went on a date?

Oh right. Like you said, big place, so even if I go all around, I might not even be close to any of them.

Yus, can see a schedule here, LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco are there, among other stuff. Yosemite too.



The things you've listed are in distances from each other that is several times that of your own country end to end, just keep that in mind.
All fun places though.

God Bless This Country

I am aware. I came to realize that we will travel a lot, but that's how it is.
It's an 11 day tour with new stuff every day.

only for you

hey kiss just gettinoff work?

Thats my girl. How're you anyway? forced any suicides recently?

Nope, I don't work 'till saturday.
Just waking up though
it's a problem.
How are you?

In my opinion that's the comfiest sleep schedule anyways
i kinda miss it myself

It's raining here and it's cold
cold and grey not very fun
lame it ruined my plans to go hang out with friends

That is my favorite weather. I don't have friends to hang out with so it gives me a nice reason to stay in side.
It's a problem because I slept through one of my classes.

I like Konata because she is a otaku like me, except she has friends. Oh god I wish I had friends too ;_;
Konata also likes videogames and she is kawaii. And there are lesbians in the show and that's good because I like lesbians and I will never have a girlfriend. Why am I such a loser?!
Konata is like my dreamgirl she has a :3 face I love that. She is also nice why aren't real girls nice!? I got dumped a lot of times but I love konata and she wouldn't dump me because she's so nice and cool.
We would play videogames all day and watch Naruto and other cool animes on TV, and I would have sex with her because sex is so good. I wish I could have sex with a girl.

i've asked this before i'm sure
but what are you going to school for?

you know i don't condone death of any kind...

how are you? i miss you. why the change of avatars?



haku is prettiest naruto grill
i am well
tired but well
i see the jets arent total trash this year
miss u bb come hug

Also freeman
Freeman is california

I don't mean to butt in, but what's the cutest vaporeon pic you have

butt face

That's a hard one. I like this one a lot.

except hes not


It's cute! thank you!!



goku is the hottest



til subtle's into monkies.


Nothing wrong with being attracted to British women

Stop making my post more insulting than I wanted it to be.

She a instagram queen it seems :c

hey hey we're the monkees
and people say we monkey around
but we're too busy singing
to put anybody down

we're just trying to be friendly

My legs are getting kind of coldwarm numb and tingly.

asians > chimps

Put some more layers on, baka

I think they're just losing circulation 'cos I've been laying on my back with them perched up the wall.

calm down there hitler


i just think white countries should be for white people.





you can see right when she cums.

you don't like grills? or boobs?

Subtle, is there a way to see what the missions for a quest are before I finish the quest?


Yeah, when you're selecting a mission, hit the small button in the top-right that says ミッシヨン


I may have overlooked that that was even a button.

Dw it's not obvious

It is if you should be able to read those characters and what they say.

So, how is everyone?

Also, it's actually ミッション not ミッシヨン.

QBs are for shoot.





I am okay griddle.
just blew my load for BC

Chests should be FLAT

Where are all the ow friends when you need them