Las Vegas was an inside job

Las Vegas was an inside job.
Wake up, sheeple.
Obama is torpedoing the country.

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Yeah actually.

I need to look into the topic and maybe subject Bebop to it a few times before doing it in public :3

We have a process here at Erio Industries

There are 40 of them and they have pictures of fish on them

It's a deck I have from when I was a little kid

I feel like I should use these skills for something then....

Do blind testing on the public, it's the American way

Well like I have no idea how to interpret a rune when it comes up sideways, for one

Don't you just play Go Fish with normal cards?

Are you supposed to describe the fish?

Like fishing and the Pokemon TCG?

Use the allmighty Google machine

I'd rather become an ichthyologist and play the Yugioh TCG

According to the back of the box, you call out the colors of the fish

Are you feeling better? ^^

JUST BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, so picky.

Cardfight Vanguard has cute lolis, does Yugioh have cute lolis?

Wow that's dumb. How many colors of fish are there? That sounds like not a lot of options.

I ate a lot of turkey then threw it all up 2 hours later ^_^

Actually yes

Hi 4m

H colbear

Hi (wish?)

"Believe in the me who believes in me"
-Gurren Laggann

Sorry Alice

ay gurl how u? ^^


jk sup valued friend


I got jury duty

haven't had to go in yet but im on standby for 2w

my coworker got GRAND jury duty rofl

guys pissed

your flattery is unamusing

see above
feeling a bit hungry, dunno what to snack on

Well yeah, but


Wait, what?

Toast and some soup.

new phone
who dis

What do you mean by that?

I got that once but they call in way more people than they need for some reason so I didn't end up on the jury

Just sat in a government building for a while reading until I could leave

What is grand jury duty?

I offered to give Colbs a reading with a deck of Go Fish cards

And that's good; do you feel like you've eaten a decent amount? Don't be afraid to stay home from school tomorrow ^^

Wish-chan needs to get better

Rolled 2, 7, 5 = 14 (3d9)Oh sacred Holla Forums random number generator. Give me the numbers that would win for today's lotto for suertres.

Wow, I wanted to be genuinely nice for once and you think it's a joke?!

I am also hungery but I have no money so RIP

Lolis aren't even my thing, so this is not a deciding factor

My cold is not better by the way; I'm dying

I mean it didn't get better like I thought it did before

I'm coughing to death

I only listen to mysticism, so I will only listen to you if you're a mystic

Rolled 8, 6, 7 = 21 (3d9)Will you listen to a mistake

that was a bad pun killing myself now

Yes, yes I would

Hi I'm Grim.

Oh, right. I forgot.

No, not at all. I probably will.

There are also cute traps I think.

Also not really a deciding factor

grand jury duty means you're on the final stage and help the prosecutor to decide what charges to press. Can bring up any kind of evidence and ask nearly anything vs normal where they present it to you in a controlled manner

yeah lol
I found some nerds, they were good

hi Grim, I'm Emma


is it rin or wish

I feel like its rin

Oh, what are the deciding factors?


Grand jurys take months at a time but idt you have to go every day

normal jury is like set 2w standby or 1w on case and going every day if you're on case

Nerds are GREAT

Whether or not you have the heart of the cards.

some babe

grape nerds

I'm here to ruin the day

Grape is the worst flavor you heathen

haven't found a flavor I dont like
whats your favorite

hi bard

Hearts are gross and bloody though.

I thought it was you.

hi grim what did you think of the movie?


Though, I really do enjoy rainbow

Not the heart of the cards.

who even am I

I don't know anymore

BD got cut off halfway
right as finn carter's tight ass was out too :


Do you think I am?

Take as much time off as you need ^^

What have you been doing?

He should say he hates black people or something so they don't pick him

Hey Bart, it's nice to see you; how are you tonight? ^^

Disgusting flavor for a dirty grossman

What I believe is not relevant

damn I'd make that btich tremor

I'd graboid those tiddies anyday

grape is a regal flavor you heathen

yeah if you do that the judge will personally see to it that you serve the maximum time lol

they mean serious business, you gotta be subtle about it


Then it was shit on by the filthy commoners


I'm okay I went and sparred with my buddy and Got my ass whomped
no submission today but points were udisputedly for him
It was a great match, i ended up on the defensive for the duration of it, my parner had some great back takes and sweeps to side control, almost landed the twister, RNC, armbar, triangle, and he damn near had me in a crucififx choke.
I was able to put him in kesa gatame later in the fight and he ended up taking my back but i regained kesa gatame and held him there until he escaped aagin and we disengaged because we were close to the concrete and decided to call it quits cause it was getting dark

overall 7/10

how are you

still good

oh hai



Which part is the heart?

Some faget

Thanks mom.

Playing Final Fantasy :^)

thread is lit now

you know your voice sounds a lot higher than I thought it would :3c


The part that you love with all your heart so that they'll win

that just means you thought i would be cooler, and im okay with that

I have my mic muted so goggles can't hear me smoking.

ok now I know for sure its wish

deeper voice does not necessarily mean cooler

how old are you friend

you're smoking cigarettes?

Let's not ruin the mystique, you guys

I know; I didn't mean in those words x3

Would this work? It's what the funny jew on Curb your Enthusiasm said

I thought you were mad at me from what you posted today

Sounds like you ended up doing a good job ^^

I'm good mentally and emotionally but physically I am very sick

I don't think you like e-hugs, so I just blast you with my nurturing instinct instead

I've never played any of those games; maybe I should some time :3

ay gurl how u

I'm vaping dick.


does your smoking trigger him?

im 26, and im just messing with you pal, ill smoke a few more cigarettes and switch to hard whiskey then we can do westerns :^)

I've been working on a tarot reading for BD for like 20 minutes but I'm taking a long time because I'm distracted with shitposting


im doing fine, just super lazy tonight, i dont feel like playing anything intense tonight so im just going to digest a few old recorded streams and shitpost

I don't recall talking to you today
whata re you sick with

I may or may not be mad at you



Daiakuma ⛧: Background - Five of pentacles: Hard times, ill health, rejection
Since this is a finance reading, this card obviously seems to mean you're in unideal financial times

Problem - Knight of Wands: Superficial, cocky, foolhardy, restless, hot-tempered (these are the negative meanings of the card since it came up as the "problem")
Basically, this suggests that the energy associated with this card is causing a problem for you that makes it difficult to improve your financial situation in some way

Solution - Nine of Cups: Wish fulfillment, satisfaction, sensual pleasure
It seems like the meaining that stands out in this case is to just enjoy life and be content with what you have

Maybe I should try interpreting these another way lol; I'm distracted right now
BD: no that sounds about right

me next.....................

I was gonna go there but it seemed like low hanging fruit

still not subtle enough

gotta talk about negative experiences with people of color, should be enough



you heard it everyone i should just spend my money poorly and be poor

Haha, my girlfriend is a lot younger than me too

you would of really rekt me

gimme a fortune thing

Mine was too

totes magoates

You love cards? Ha, gay.

Was it really that hard?


I'm playing the MMO one, server went down for a patch tho

erio is doing them

Watch gabe drop

You didn't talk to me, you just posted about me, but you seemed to be in a bad mood in general. I hope you're feeling good now ^^

And a bad deep cough with headaches and nose problems

I wasn't offering to do one but he asked

This is the level of attentiveness that can come with that

But anyway it's completed now

I liked how the second card called you an asshole

BD isn't doing the fortune thing, that's Erio

It's the black arts and you shouldn't listen or Satan will steal your soul

No, you love the male magicians INSIDE of the cards.

What question did he ask?

nope i feel like shit only now I'm tired enough not to care

hopefully you get not sick soon

I don't recall posting about you at all

I was 80% sure after 2 replies

card me up fam

its ok I trust his judgement

i dont think watching gabe drop is in the cards for my night

It's not about his judgment, it's about selling your soul

actually it is
watch it

Wow gay

But what if it's a girl on the card?

Should have been 100% sure after reading my name.

its actually not because i still have more than two hours of this other video left and weed to forget about your post in 30 seconds

Just embrace it

Is it good? ^^

General finance

You should sleep if you're tired, and thanks ^^

Well, no need to talk about it further I guess

Do you have a specific question or category (such as romance, finance, work, etc.)

-pulls a card out of the deck for u and it's a picture of gab-chan-

oh so you know the future
i see how it is

yeah probably but i only have today and tomorrow off of work

Embrace my dick.

No it's trash.

i hope you get a paper cut on your fingers for DARING to roleplay with them in my presence

the sound of this beer opening confirms that the future does not contain anime i have to read subtitles for

Depends on who wields the cards tbh

Gimme a romance bby

Girl, idk if rin would pull some rando-sneaky shit. Always safer to test.
Anywho, how are you faring this pumpkin spice season

happy thanksgiving 16mins ago


relationships, family/friends/romantic

But it's you isn't it?

Dying, you?

Thanksgiving sucks

Is it? I've lost track of my life, Wish

I'm a bit stressed, but I'm holding on. My irl friends are keeping me afloat.
Why're you dying? Why's Thanksgving so sucky for ya?

I'm looking fwd to my b-day soon

Not getting enough sleep can be a big contributing factor for depression

I'm going to be tasteful and not say how that first line made me feel

And okay, I guess it was a dumb question :3

If that's how you feel about roleplay then why are you and Sonata yaoi lovers?

I will if I get to it ♥

More broad than what I've been doing so far but I guess I'll try it

Sometimes the answers to all your woes are already buried deep inside you. It’s just that you don’t ask.

Sick or something.

I dunno if I'll be around in November for it


if you must know, me and sonata only engage when we have something interesting to discuss, or at least attempt to discuss, we generally don't talk as much as me and you do

i just respect them and hold them in high regards

You better get to it, I'm bored enough to care

Do you know what question I should ask?


it's been too many years
i have no hope

Thanks fam

im gonna stop posting but post in here ill read it

That's lame af.
Did you get your flu shot?
I've been fine in the health department thankfully, actually have a massage scheduled for Thursday, maybe it'll make me more relaxed

Gonna be busy or something in Nov?

I'll look out for you anyway.

Need to head off tho. Gn, nice chatting you up


Because we get along well and he has taught me a lot and given me many valuable stories and interactions, who are you?

look its fine i get it, you guys have just seen sonata_blue as someone who pretends to be a mouse and sweep around the thread, none of you have probably taken the time to know the guy. don't look at me funny just because i know a bit more about them than you do.

sonata is great
I'm pissed off he abandoned us for those losers inwaifu

Ask for the time and then try to get their number.


Your internal self.

Oooohhh, I should come on to myself?

Roleplay tea being valuable is questionable at best.


Nigga I've tried to talk to him and all he does is his squeak bullshit.

Also he e-dated Blood-chan and that's hilarious and pathetic on a lot of levels.

i mean ill have to hear more on that, but we have talked about more than tea ill just leave it at that

anyways you still didnt answer me so i dont think im going to respond any more elaborately than i must have been a better match personality wise

ALSO IM NOT TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its amazing how many of you shits keep thinking im so many other people

You asked who I am.

Test was my response.

That had to have been a joke


I'm actually starting to learn the meanings of the cards


There are multiple things I could say to this, but anyway, aren't you bored fairly often? :3

Technically you have unlimited potential, but you need to work with the assumption that you do have hope in order to improve

You should start with learning to love yourself

Three-card background/problem/solution reading

Background - King of Cups: wise, calm, diplomatic, caring, tolerant
In context with your question, this card seems to mean you're generally nice and caring with people you have relationships with

Problem - The Hanged Man: letting go, reversal, suspension, sacrifice
This suggests that you're often too self-sacrificial in your relationships with people

Solution - Three of Cups: exuberance, friendship, community
This card pertains specifically to emotional bonds in relationships. I'd say it suggests you should form healthy emotional bonds with people

Overall, I think the reading can be summed up as: You're often too self-sacrificial in relationships, and you maybe sacrifice your time/energy/emotion/etc. for the wrong people who don't care so much about you. Focus on developing healthy emotional bonds with mutual respect and don't go the extra mile for people who wouldn't do the same for you

Jokes are funny.

oh, ironic

anyways i guess they are just kind of naturally reclusive, i was just i don't know, a little more insistent.

i like to think they get as much out of it as i do

Yeah, recently I am. It'll get better soon though I'm sure

Oh right, guess it wasn't one

Oh, did you want a reading? Just noticed you said "me next" up there

Don't be shy about linking my posts ^^

If you want one, do you have a specific question or general category you want it for (such as romance, finance, work, etc.)

Anyway I'll work on your thing now


I'll go to bed in a bit after you do it, if I have horrible satanic nightmares I'll know why

Weird wording.

na you'll be fine

I know you're one of his thralls, you won't fool me

AA Hope you're all having a good day!!!
Making moogs watch darksydephil videos :3c

Read "hooray as Horny

an underling? of them? ha

you're an evil person and why do you like so many of the things i like??? what DSP trash are you showing him

I'm having a good NIGHT. Why would you do that to the poor man?

I know your tricks, demon

Regna terrae, cantata Deo, psallite Cernunnos, Regna terrae, cantata Dea psallite Aradia. caeli Deus, Deus terrae, Humiliter majestati gloriae tuae supplicamus Ut ab omni infernalium spirituum potestate, Laqueo, and deceptione nequitia, Omnis fallaciae, libera nos, dominates. Exorcizamus you omnis immundus spiritus Omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio, Infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, Omnis and congregatio secta diabolica. Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, dominates, Ut coven tuam secura tibi libertate servire facias, Te rogamus, audi nos! Ut inimicos sanctae circulae humiliare digneris, Te rogamus, audi nos! Terribilis Deus Sanctuario suo, Cernunnos ipse truderit virtutem plebi Suae, Aradia ipse fortitudinem plebi Suae. Benedictus Deus, Gloria Patri, Benedictus Dea, Matri gloria!

I just want someone to nurse me back to health when I get sick

is that so much to ask, Kami-sama

non-sense, we hold very conflicting points of view even, i mean we both have demons its just i have different kinds

I showed him the MGS3 where dsp wants to fight The End with a shotgun, or throws himself off cliffs.

We watched a bit of Dark souls 3 where he dies ~300 times.

and now we're watching phantom pain where dsp clears his throat every 2 seconds.

Poor moogs really.

:3c because he lets me


just updated my gfx driver :)


Background - The Star: Hope, Inspiration, Generosity, Serenity
This suggests that you are at least somewhat okay with the way things are romantically for you right now. So, since you're single (I think), it means you don't really see that as much of a hardship

Problem - Judgement: Judgment, rebirth, inner calling, absolution
This could mean you take too much of a logical, analytical approach with romantic things when you should follow your heart. Basically, the left brain is too active, so this could relate to things like overanalyzing things a romantic interest said

Solution - King of Pentacles: Enterprising, adept, reliable, supporting, steady
In romantic dealings, you should focus on keeping a steady mind, and on being/coming of as a reliable, competent person who can be a source of support. I'd recommend meditation

Hey, how was your day? ^^

-pets your hair- :3

You are evil

That's completely wrong, I'm actually secretly desperate for a relationship and I creep on women online worse than Indian men

I'm good! Havin fun with cute boy ;3c.

How is your day goin?


Goodnight Luka.

See? The face of pure terror


leave the lady be

you're going to bed?


You can wear a mask, but your true face is pure EEEEEEEVIILLLLLLLLL

She started it.


I can't tell if this is a joke, but it would probably makes sense with the second two cards if you're serious :3

I suppose The Star could also mean that there's definitely a lot of hope for you. Maybe that's the best way of interpreting it in context, actually

Is Moogs your bf?

And pretty good; I wasn't really awake during the day, though :3 Well, I guess I was in the morning

Just practicing tarot readings and shitposting

Do you have a specific question or category (such as romance, finance, work, education, etc.)



who are you



Sounds kinda relaxing, I hope you have a good tomorrow too!!

pls show me my romantic tarot uwu

You can't muzzle me, I'm not one of your dogs

It's clearly a joke, lol. I don't put any effort into chasing women/men/whoever

Maybe the stars are aligning for me, or the FLAMES OF SATAN

There there Pennywise, you'll beat that space turtle one day

yea george sinni could probably beat you up she seems way tougher than you


hes being over-protective



and shes really funny too

nah he's being c y o o t


pet me more.


I'm just messing with both of them so

same really

like, duh


It's not rude, it's harmless fun




you should see what used to constitute as fun around here







wong ching chonk shawn long



a small family of fleas built a property on that piece of nose


what the fuck grandpa put your sardine away

i think toriyama is just a giant intentional troll

Do you know what Dokkan is ?

So I'm trying a past/present/future spread this time; let's see how it goes

Past - Six of Pentacles: Resources, Knowledge, Power
This is a card of abundance; basically, it seems to mean that things have been going well for you romantically and your romantic situation is very "full," in a good way

Present - Strength: Strength, patience, compassion, self-control
This card can suggest that you have a strong relationship, and could be asking you to focus on the other things the card represents as a way of keeping the relationship good. Be patient, focus on compassion, and exercise self-control in how you deal with your partner; be careful not to hurt his feelings or anything

Future - Nine of Pentacles: Discipline, self-reliance, refinement
This card represents the future if you stay on the path you're on, especially if you follow the advice of the previous card. Basically, your relationship will be comfortable and "pure," and you'll be able to overcome obstacles

I'm baked

Funny how I toned down the Satan memes and you're sort of picking up the slack

-runs my fingers through your hair- ♥

now i do


Thank you!!! this is adorable

Never mind then.

i want a future spread

i mean ive seen a friend play it on their phone, it is a phone game right?

Someone has to pick up the Satan slack if it's not you or Welma

Show me what the heart of the cards has to say about my friends

oh yeah that's the stuff

fuck yeah, give it to me


Moogs is a NERD !!!!!!

It is.

I got the new Goku on my first summon on my free to play account.

then kaioken x10 goku

then int blue vegeta

all back to back

i'm very lucky

Very unlikely to do this

Hey, how've you been? ^^

No problem :3

Lol I just noticed Moogs' nervous reaction image up there; he probably likes the results though

Again, the cards don't predict the future exactly, but they say what can happen if you stay on the path you're on, and/or take the advice of the reading. I guess it varies

But anyway, maybe later; I'm kind of multitasking now ^^

Have you looked at my current Steam profile, by the way? I'm pretty proud of it

See second line of what I said to Luka

Shouldn't you sleep, anyway?

Cute bunny


-nuzzles your hand-


I'd hope uwu


"where am i headed?" magical cards answer my future prayer


That's some good work


I'm not tired atm

[judging intensifies]

I need a cuddle buddy, who can I come visit spring break and cuddle with

just dandy
school has me exhausted and I want to crawl in a little hole and die

I'd say me, but I'm gross and suck so anyone but me

Today's a really good to honk your horn and nyan your tails at some nekos, isn't it Bard~? Well I'm just going to keep nyaning at everything in the world~ I wanna nyan with all the nekos~ That's why I'm taking my nekos in places like this jsut to nyan at everything~ You never know when a neko might show up and show you a warm smile while rubbing their faces all over your body~ They might even give you a little bit of their hair as a souvineir~ Have you ever nya'd at a neko before seth~? Cause it's really nya to~! Every day i take my nekos out and just nyan with them~ If you have a neko too then i'd hope you would nyan with them all day long or if you found one on the street while you're walking around to find some nekos to nyan at, then you'd nyan with them~ They would definitely nyan with you if they are happy nekos and they're ready to nyan~


I am a valuable resource, you're welcome

Have to go for now; bye everyone ^^

-huggu- ♥

bye o_O

Damn I just got here, good bye then

Who are you now?

I just noticed I didn't have my thing up

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm out

Night losers

You know you missed me, queer


You're lucky I'm starting to really enjoy this :3

Honestly, the question is vague to the point of almost being completely general, but hey, let's try it ♥

Past - Page of Cups: Emotional, intuitive, intimate, loving
In your life, you've been a fairly "right-brained" person, focused on matters of emotion, aesthetics, and intuition. It also indicates that you've been focused on the inner life rather than external things

Present - Nine of Cups: Wish fulfillment, satisfaction, sensual pleasure
You are currently focused on pleasure (this doesn't necessarily mean sexual pleasure; it can also mean things like enjoying eating) and just indulging in things you enjoy

Past - Two of Wands: Personal power, boldness, originality
Card has a picture of a guy staring at a globe he's holding. As you get older, your focus will change and you will want to establish more power over your life. Basically, you can't be satisfied like this forever, and you will need to act on that urge. Taking it a step further, maybe we could say the card means you WILL act on that urge, but I'm not as sure about that. Like I said, the cards don't predict the future :3

How are you today, Chen-sama? ^^

I love Avenged Sevenfold lately, tbh

Hi Luka

Hi mighty card reader. Will you tell me my fortune ?

By the way, if cards don't predict the future, what do they say ?

no eva to annoy, no mgd to tryhard, no neziwi, no kon, no bern, no haikus.
only retards who fake being a sociopath like murder ariel izaya and cup are left :/


Sure, do you have a specific question or general topic you want a reading for (such as finance, romance, work, education, health, etc.)?

They give advice

They can predict what will happen if you stay on the path you're on and/or take the advice of the reading

The future can't be predicted because your choices create your future. Like, if they really absolutely predicted the future, then why wouldn't you be able to learn from the reading and create a different future? That would be a paradox

Eva does post occasionally ^^

Maybe you should take more time to get to know people here :3

Mmh. That makes sense.

About my question...mmh...
It might sound a bit strange, but I wonder if I'll ever have a "home". Not the one with my parents, but rather, will I be able to find or create a place with a loved one where I will truly belong ?
I don't know if that makes sense.

no :3

Was this Chen the one that stole cats from his neighborhood and horded them in his house?

A Wish shaped dakimakura.


At least you're here for Chen to annoy in his next manifesto.





Like I said, it's up to you to create that future; let's see what suggestions I can give you on how to get there ^^

Background - The Emperor: Fathering, structure, authority, regulation
So, I would say that this means you're used to order and regulation, or that you're rather fond of those things. Maybe both

Problem - The Hanged Man: Letting go, reversal, suspension, sacrifice
This came up in the same place for someone else earlier. Basically, since it's the "problem" card, it's warning you not to be self-sacrificial to the point that people walk on you. Don't go the extra mile for someone who wouldn't do the same for you, and remember to love and respect yourself

Solution - Seven of Wands: Aggression, defiance, conviction
Be someone who demonstrates a strong character and is firm in not letting people take advantage of you too much. This will cause people to respect you more and lead you to a healthy relationship where you can create a good and lasting home with someone

What do you think?

But I like you, Chen-sama ♥

It's the old Alicefriend according to him and everyone in the waifu discord chat and everything, but I suspect he may have also been that Chen all along. If that's the case, I think what you're referring to was probably just a nonsense shitpost. I really don't know if it's him though; this Chen posted one of those long neko posts a bit ago, though the fact that he forgot to change the original name in it in one place shows it's copypasta. It's just that they're both kind of random, I guess

Good plan


By the way, I still want to know what you did to that person

He's not the same Chen as the old one.
This one is the autistic one that came around in like 2012 and kept shitting his pants with textwalls of autism like *NINJA POSE* and other weirdness.


Are you sure that Chen wasn't the old Chen all along?

Do you still have your Tenshi folder?

I never realized how much I wanted that until now

Yes perfekt.

That's interesting. For the emperor, I think it's more a mental thing than an everyday life occurrence rather. I mean by that that I don't have a fixed schedule, but my mind is filled with arbitrary rules that are here for no real reason.
The hanged man and the seven of wands are coherent. I've often been perhaps too soft in order to accommodate everyone, but it's true that I haven't been very successful with that.

I'll try to see what I can do. Thanks.

I kinda want to see that now. In the limit of the threads of course since we all kind of deserve it. I don't want innocent people involved.

This is the Chen that was originally from whatever Names' equally awful spinoff threads were.

I still have the thought of dom dickgirl Wish on my mind because of what she said earlier

Looks like these readings have been working out well

You want to see Chen's Tenshi folder? That's what I was talking about

I'm saying are you sure Name's Chen wasn't also the Alicefriend Chen? Do you remember Alicefriend Chen being at all similar to that Chen? You said the Alicefriend did silly RP too

The Alicefag Chen only ever reappeared as Algabir something. The guy from the Darkness that just posted whatever edgy shit.

What's a Tenshi folder ?

Okay, I just figured maybe Name's Chen was actually that Chen and just pretending to be a new Chen

Tenshi is a Touhou character that Alicefriend Chen and I both used to post

Oh, okay. I'm not a fan of having a female character as an avatar. I'll pass.

I'm done posting that character but his folder would have sentimental value to me

It's just someone reusing a name of a Touhou, like there's been unrelated Alice's, Cirno's, etc.

Yeah, there are other reasons I thought they might be the same

Yeah but you're a bottom slut.

Such as?
I've seen nothing to even suggest it was the same.


pretty strong card reading, your cards work alright. :)


Variety is healthy ^^

Because you said the old one also did silly RP. Also, this Chen seems kind of similar to Name's Chen, but everyone who knows him seems convinced he's the old one

Didn't expect people to be so happy with their readings so quickly; I just started doing this last night

what if ur gf has a bigger cock

He's the Chen from the Bern/Name threads. Same sort of autism and the exact same copypasta bullshit as that one. I guess he just ended up in other threads/communities to spew them in.

The Alicefag Chen has long stopped posting here.

We'll need backing for that claim.

Hey, you don't know me that much to know if his (her ?) reading is correct, right ?

That's because humans love to put their fate in the hand of others.

Don't do this with yet another poster.
Go outside, man.

you do them good

it worked

Don't really even want to think about having a gf right now after living with one for 40 days

I'm going to marry myself

Thanks for your input ^^

Chens are a perplexing phenomenon

Well, I told both you and Luka multiple times that your fate is up to you, and you both seem to like the readings :3

Wow fag

I'm trying to be polite. I would be really offended if people started to call me by the wrong gender.
And the outside is scary.


Fair enough I guess.

Self-love is the most pure love ^^

How's your day going, ikt-kun?

Got a day off so I guess it's alright.

Algabir Colunga.
That was the Alicefag Chen's alias after showing up.


I'm biologically male and you can also use male pronouns when talking about me

That's good, what have you been doing?

That's an odd aesthetic choice

I woke up at 10 and made coffee and did wake up things and that's it. Also YouTubes.

How's you been?

What am I supposed to understand ? It's cute, don't get me wrong, but also confusing.

Okay, I'll remember that. Sorry for the "her" I always have trouble defining genders here.

Pretty good; been smoking weed and shitposting and doing tarot readings mostly

I woke up at like 8PM or something

Did you find anything interesting on Youtube? ^^

I don't really care when people call me by female pronouns, honestly ^^

In certain situations, I might even enjoy it, but that's another story
wow a comment of me is featured

yeah! new mkbhd, new kb review, new chyrosran q&a, new styropyro :3

Sounds comfy af

nope ^_^

Too much info. Abort.

I'm confused, therefore it's confusing.

I don't know what any of what you just said means, and that makes me think you and Rin are a good match :3

How can you handle this place? ^^

add an ssd

whyd that make me a gud match :o

basically this

That's a good question. But I'll admit, I like to act more pure than I really am.

But...but why ?
Why do you like messing around so much with me ? Meanie.

Because the same thing happens when I'm talking to her sometimes. I was half joking :3

I mostly use Youtube to listen to music I'm too lazy to download

wowie but im a nerd

same for music

I have unorthodox views on what "purity" is

It's best to be natural, imo ^^

You're a kawaii nerd like Rin

The problem with music is for some reason when I leave Autoplay on it kind of ends up repeating the same songs sometimes

ur face is a nerd!

idk what rin even likes

youtubes algo is shit, i havent found new music or other content i like in forever

it's like it's maximized for getting clicks and ads

Sadly my "natural" side is kind of unsightly. I don't like showing it too often.

Is ok be degenerate

this is my natural side except im a boy

Rin likes a lot of nerd things; I'm sure I've only seen the tip of the iceberg

Yeah it's not really good for finding new music you like unless you're willing to just spend time trying things you might not like

You're a beautiful demon


I'm advanced degenerate.

I knew it !

I don't think so. And no one here will ever know.

U talk inferior tho like pussy

haha a tip joke

black people music turned out to be okay

but id like more she-like stuff idk

Youtube is great for music I've listened to hundreds nearly thousands of songs i like. I might not remember the names but they always make it back onto my autoplay

o its fek

It's not necessarily a good idea to show people everything about yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't love yourself and accept who you are. However, if you ever want to get really close with someone, you'll obviously have to show that person AT LEAST a lot of stuff you hide from others. If they don't accept you, that just means you're not compatible and you should find someone else

It wasn't a lewd joke on purpose :3

And yeah, some black people music is good imo

At least that's a plus side

o its me

well idk what its like for normie music i only listen to weebshit

I don't know if I should be hyped or not. But it's like since Persona 5 nothing can stand in comparison.

Only cause of coward pussies calling other pussies.

I know that, but it's not easy. Especially since nowadays everyone is connected with everyone. That's why I want to remain anonymous here, and why I have trouble showing my true face to others.



I like a bit of weeb shit

The gabe drop opening is great imo

That's understandable; I mostly wasn't talking about "here" in that post

-nibbles on your hand- :3

idk what the word for it is but you're fun to bully

why arent you school?

sith girl

cool people skip class


help html css nodejs expert people

Oh, I know, it's just that yesterday I had a conversation with Bard where he wanted to convince me that having our identities revealed here wasn't a big deal. I'm not convinced, and I kind of remembered that.

I know. And I hate that.

Doesn't stand a chance against Persona waifus.

brb lunch i guess

i dont really listen to anime songs as much because they are mostly cheesy and half of them are in tv size.
some of them are okay tho but my autoplay stopped giving them to me.

the stuff that mainly pops up for me are songs from doujin circles or utaite

i must be hella cool since i skipped 3/4 of my secondary school education

i think you need to be more accepting of your autism. youll be much better off if you just stop caring its there.

Hoooo. I wasn't particularly talking about this, but, yeah, that's part of the deal. But I'm not sure yet, in November I should finally know if I'm really autistic or not.

i like the pretty redhead one

just come to terms with it you dont need official confirmation i can tell you're autistic.

I've barely eaten all night; going to go get some food. Bye ♥

Futaba ? The nerdy girl with glasses ? She's the best.

I'd hate to be wrong though. I don't want to put my expectations too high. Plus, just a month left is not too much.



Wait, who are you talking about then ? Mitsuru from P3 ?

lol adachi is talking to himself

lol silly but to be expected

...gotta go eat, bye


What does an autism diagnosis even change? Not like there's much you can do about it

ehe boobies


Jesus fuck, Holla Forums.