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Claiming Kurumi Tokisaki as my waifu


A little sore. I think I feel a headache coming on, but hopefully caffeine will save me from this torment.

My brother and his girlfriend are making thanksgiving dinner so there's that.

I can't claim 鏡音リン as my waifu because she's been my identity for so long that it just feels narcissistic.

I may just be autistic.

People in waifu like me enough, and some people here like me enough, so you're still wrong
And I blocked him because I tried talking it over before, and there was nothing more to say to an animal abuser

Flood detected post discarded

I unironically think Bard-kun has somekind of braintumor with all this hate directed at me. But then again it could just be for the keks.

So how are you today?

Do you fags really took a liking in Duke of Autism !Cancer.cqc ?

I will, however, claim 小鳥遊ひかり

Sore, headache, caffeine, thanksgiving.

he's better than you

I don't dislike Duke of Autism !Cancer.cqc

What's there to dislike?

Sounds like me, except for the thanksgiving part.


Isn't Canada the only place that celebrates it now?

You have Thanksgiving in October?
Also stay away from caffeine...

Do it! She loves you!


I have no clue. I'm not even canadian.

You're both on the 'who cares' scale, just like most people are

Ye, Canada.

Caffeine helps blood flow, which can helps with muscle pain and headaches.

I am though.

True. Anyway I should finish my grocery shopping. See ya.



That's a nice ID




why dont they include good games with windows any more

pls gib

Doesn't caffeine withdrawal cause headaches?

Have they ever?


Yeah, and?




you stop that

Stop what?

What's going on in here~? i just got here and now I am ready to nya at everyone~ does anyone wanna nya with me~? cuase i'd really like to do that~ I'm called a nekomata, which means I'm a cat who likes to do stuff again in japenese~ my name is Chen and I just wanna nya with all of my nekos~! did you know that i have a village full of nekos and all they do all day is nyan nyan their tails~? kawaii~! I even pat them and they purr all day long and then i comfort and feed them, too~ if you have any kittens that need to be cleaned, taken care of or fed then you can just send them to me~ I'll nya with them all day if they want and they have the freedom to nya back at me~ it's the best nyan that ever nyan'd~ so i'm gonna nyan at this thread~ here i go, i'm gonna nyan~!


hi every1 im new!!!!! charges mah lazr my name is ted but u can call me Anonymous!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 22 years old (i still live w/ my mom tho!!) i like 2 look at mudkip threads with my boyfreind (im bi if u dont like it gtfo) its our favorite kindof thred!!!! bcuz their SOOOO random!!!! hes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of friends here so give me lots of replieses! DESUDESUDESUDESUDESU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's a really good to honk your horn and nyan your tails at some nekos, isn't it Bard~? Well I'm just going to keep nyaning at everything in the world~ I wanna nyan with all the nekos~ That's why I'm taking my nekos in places like this jsut to nyan at everything~ You never know when a neko might show up and show you a warm smile while rubbing their faces all over your body~ They might even give you a little bit of their hair as a souvineir~ Have you ever nya'd at a neko before seth~? Cause it's really nya to~! Every day i take my nekos out and just nyan with them~ If you have a neko too then i'd hope you would nyan with them all day long or if you found one on the street while you're walking around to find some nekos to nyan at, then you'd nyan with them~ They would definitely nyan with you if they are happy nekos and they're ready to nyan~


Well well well

If there is a good thing I am good at is making others hate me

Or love me :3


You choose.

What if I wanna go in between?

Why are Americans like this.

[uncomfortable laughter]

Just a reminder that dinosaurs honked like geese.

why is this so dead

Because Discord servers are more efficient, and there's no real draw to posting anymore.

stop drinking caffeine, you're only hurting yourself. Caffeine causes depression

But nobody's on.

when they say theyre 200 iq do they mean negative?

[Citation Needed]

obviously because the shit lineup


take care eveyone!

oyasumi~ :3

おやすみ means good night ???

ok. i see. i put my grade out there for everyone to see and i got nothing. i sacrificed so much in making this post and i guess it was all for naught. i didn't know this grade was full of elitists-sorry im not good at studying a language. all it takes is 5 minutes to pull out the textbook and snap a pic, and comment/send it. if you don't have the textbook, i'm not targeting you. but i know that one of you do, and if you can't feel any empathy reading my original post, you're probably a person with the emotional capacity of a brick. why don't you deny me to my face? get that satisfaction i bet you received from ignoring my post. or are you not good with human interaction? sometimes there's reward in supporting someone even if you've never talked to them. i get it, you feel that you're on a level i can never reach, and your narcissistic, lazy personality can't bring it to help somebody in need. how funny, what a nice joke, everyone's laughing i bet. well, i'm not laughing. i'm not smiling a bit. anyways i hope you know that you're never getting anywhere in life because of this one moment. in a few years, as you look at your paycheck you earned from your below minimum wage slave working life, you'll look back and say, " wow i should've sent him that vocab," so goodbye, kiddo.

Why are you using a proxy

haven't you noticed all the Starbucks hipsters voting democrat because they can't control their emotions?


Traps are gay.


im actually crying

here is your you

Can I shoot myself yet?

I fucking told you guys to stop it and post your bullshit without me. Don't add me back. There are various reasons why I don't wanna have shit in this chat one of it being that I get flashbacks and it really kills all the mood I have. And that it just hurts to get said flashbacks. I told you guys multiple times to stop it and all you did is make fun of me. I won't tell you guys the reason why I get flashbacks but that's about it. I made my point clear and got laughed at. This isn't a place I wanna be anymore then.

I can ready see your comments being "omg so much salt xDDdD" but I don't care. When you started posting shit and you said that I am posting dick pics which you don't like as well I stopped it. And instead of saying "well alright he stopped gotta give him that" you guys bring up month old shit that isn't even relevant anymore.

Also this is one of the reasons i don't tell you guys any major secrets. I can't trust people that make fun of me while I try to explain that I don't wanna have said content here. And then various times where you guys spread stuff I told you not to spread. Just too many reasons not to tell you any secrets and too less to do it. That being said it was a fun time with you guys. I really enjoyed trolling the everyone and being in the group of The topkek memers.

Was a fun time with you guys.

Today you lost a memer. Goodbye.

why did you torture animals? that's so horrible

I don't think that's how causation works.

Yeah remilia you sick fuck what's your problem


i'ma stop reading wikipedia now lol

That also is not how that works.


how does it work then?


Yeah, exactly.

Not through caffeine.

i wonder if i have depression
do i have depression?

Do you know Duke perhaps?

I'm not here to argue with you -.-

I do not know.

why are you here

Awh but i came all the way over here to argue with you..

Do... Do you have depression?


Why do you respond to the animal-torturer and not me?


Who knows.


Can I have some?



Because i wanted to try talking with someone important to me, didn't take into account i would've been stuck with you instead :/

Nuh huh, you're just bored.


Looks like you're shit out of luck

Who brought you here

I want to feel depression

That too.
Why are you talking to Bard? He'll just treat you like shit after he gets bored of you

why drag your garbage here and dump it on us?

Wasn't me, I don't want to talk to him either

oh right

suppose it wouldn't surprise me to hear it was jack


... It's cold.

No you don't.


I guess she could be bored - I didn't realize that could say that.

It was me, actually. We met on Reimu's threads and I told him to come here.

Why not?

I don't really care who brought him here

oh just another one of BC's cuck followers

No wonder he doesnt want to talk to you

Blood chan is a black guy.

Sorry that was meant for Bard, I know you don't care.

Asterisk doesn't even like me, he's one of Reimu's orbiters

I wish

It isn't a beneficial feeling.

i rather feel anything at this point so that i can know i'm alive

I'm sorry...I don't know much about ancient noodle runes...What does that mean? :o

I brought here myself with my legs, why are you just implying someone had to carry m-...>>1869955 But that was ice ages ago! I never posted here until now!

Mentally deficient to boot
You're truly a representative of the shithole threads you come from

Depression isn't what you're looking for.

Well, that depends.

It's さむい which you

Whoa there, Bard. Reimu's help threads actually helped people. Not even you were as good as her.

could read as cold (as in weather) or dull. Or lame.

am i bothering you now?


I'm just generally bored.

I guess my day's just been kind 寒い.

you should go hunting

Hmh, gotta love when people you didn't even ever meet start insulting you based on random stuff they heard on the Internet, you really take this stuff seriously -.-

It is pretty cold right here actually, i probably wouldn't be freezing if i tried wearing winter clothes instead of shorts, but i had to do my exercises...And sweat with long sleeves is really annoying to deal with!

I'd rather stay at home and play esports.

Maybe I can make it to WCS one day.

Gotta love when people who don't even post here bring in a hoarde of people and start spreading their drama around

how about you kill yourself you pathetic dogfucker

Lets go crossbowing~

Give Aster a break you faggot, he's really nice.

I know what you mean - it's somehow more annoying when it's sweat, as opposed to just general moisture.

Do you not have heating in your exercise room?


What's your fucking issue bringing in all this bullshit
not enough for just you to post?

Gotta have a fucking hoarde of orbiters to support you

Chill Bard

Can I be an arbiter instead of an orbiter?


Incidentally I think the word you want it satellite, not orbiter.

You'll be happier if you got away from your computer for a while and done something else

I got like 20 e-mails saying "BLOOD-CHAN" and it was you talking about me. You brought me here.
I love you.

Hi Duke

Let me just drag like 5 people who want to fuck me and will blidnly support whatever i say and work as easy circljerk fodder over to your waifu threads and start back and forthing complete bullshit with them and like one person who's from the host threads

let's see how it goes

Kill yourself

What do you want?

It's best to just ignore them

I'd also be happier if I had a body next to me at night, and someone to curl up with on the couch, but I don't have that either.

And talk to who?

They drove away any chance of conversation i had with anyone in the thread

I mean, Duke and I are here.

I don't know, I just do other things when this sort of thing happens and come back later


i guess

Listen, I know you don't really mean that.

Just saying hi. What brings you here to Holla Forums?

A dead body! :D

-Squeaks and looks around curiously-

I've been here over two months now

-kisses you all over your face-

^///^ -brings you a basket of pears and spicey fall treat like punkin pies with gluten free crust-

A warm body.

Oh yeah! Because you have to know that i woke up this morning wishing for people to go on a place i don't even know talking about m, yep! That's all i could possibly wish for! :/ Seriously, why are you so upsetty?

Hm! Exactly! It wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that it gets all overs you, and the stickiness too...Really annoying. I do have heating but i actually don't know how to turn it on >.> I'll make some warm tea if that counts as heating ^.^

How are the cats?

Doesn't matter what the fuck you wanted to do when you woke up

Why are you bringing your drama here intstead of handling it in your own community

And how did you find this place? What brings you here? I'm Blood-chan, I usually post as Ikarous though.

I'll feel bad if I ate all of this without sharing with you

- is peeing all over the new carpet and had to get rid of it- ;.;

-nibbles beside you happily!-

I know who you are
I was bored

I'm not certain that counts as heating, but I do know that a good cup warms you to your soul.

Is it not a system on by default - have you tried raising the thermostat?

A living warm body.

Was their litter box clean? Was there a lot of change? Those things can make cats urinate and defecate elsewhere than their litter boxes

the carpet or the cat?

of all the times you could have posted

why do you choose now?

Look at all these losers, why did you come here?

W-what do you know about me?


-cleans kitty boxes daily. Had to get rid of the carpet and lay down linoleum for a while.- v.v

-shows you the filthy rolled up carpet down by the garbage cans-

-hides behind the couch- :<

-hasn't been by in a while to clean the threads and brought everything...broom...squirrels...vacuum...moar lemon pledge.-

you don't care about us

I don't believe I could possibly keep up with you, sorry.

filter some tea through it and feed it to the cats

Enough to know I don't like you

No other big changes in the environment?

I'm not bringing drama here though...? What happened here? I literally just arrived after a person i know told me he saw Duke here, i spent the whole day trying to learn to shoot people on Rainbow Six Memes!
And please don't start bullying Sonny too...

It certainly is! lately i started experimenting a little to improve my tea alchemy skills~ Found out that combining chamomile and tea makes it super sweet.
Oh right...Hm, it seems easy enough for me to activate it.

-is afraid and squeaks under the couch-


Please conclude your business and leave

You will always be welcome here regardless of what I say

But I hope I make you feel less than great at using us as a momentary popularity booster for you terrible choice of new buddies

Chamomile is one of my favourites, but I just have an enormous bias to aromatic teas.
Masala Chai is also really good - I had one recently that had vanilla in it as well and nnh.

I hope that is all there is to it - do you the only one in your space?

3d >> 2d

I wish my thermostat worked


Um, excuse me. As you can see i have a conversation going on u.u I'll have to stay here a bit longer...And who knows? Maybe if i really like this place i could become a regular :p

Oh i was adviced to try out uhh...Oolong tea with vanilla, i think that's the one my friend mentioned, i started drinking tea not too long ago and since i always liked mint i decided to try out spearmint as my first one...Too bad it tastes like uhh, mud? I shiver when i drink it due to how bad it tastes like T~T

Also nope, i'm not alone, i just live with my mother because i'm still underage, and her pets if that counts i suppose...




-doesn't know what you mean. Wanders around all his chans and chats at random-

I can post on data, but not the wifi?


❤️ blood-chan

kill yourself scootaloo

Just ignore Bard. He's a salty cunt for no reason.


Did you get the ice cream?

What do you mean? I'm not going to going to move, you can use me as a hug pillow. A hug pillow that hugs you back and giggles when you squeeze me!

A shame, I always liked you.

Good morning

Just ignore the pedophile
He touches kids for no reason

-nods! Got several flavors for you to try-


I always have Reason!

Keep jacking off to kids you mental degenerate


Everyone seems to be turning up today

Nothing stopping you

I just envelop myself in blankets.

Don't try orange pekoe - it is incredibly bitter.
I don't usually mind spearmint, though I prefer peppermint. I also tend to take my tea with two sugars, though, so that could be it.

Oh, in that case you should probably make sure it's alright with her before you fiddle with the thermostat.
Just out of respect for the other person in the space.


I'd rather be in a relationship with my cuddle partner.

At the same time, a working heater is nice

Sure, when you stop being a cock sucking sissy.

You raise a fair point good sir.

Blankets are nice and all, but too restricting
High ambient temperature is less restricting, especially since I usually play games

its like an autism party

-only takes the mango and vanilla and gives you that look-
My mom gives me fries with a few drops of ketchup

Hm? What? Why don't you like me? You don't even know me.

Who is your cuddle partner?

Are you really pedophile?

high ambient temperature is bad if you play games

you'd want your cpu as cold as possible

If I can play StarCraft in a blanket cocoon you can play your games in one.

I already said I don't really have one.

thread is 3/4 people who've never posted here a day in their life circlejerking with each other and bloodchan

Not really. I hate kids to be honest. Children are like a puzzle. They're very funny to solve, but afterwards they're just wasting space.


-brings out the ketchup and fries, dips a fry in the icecream though.-

Awww :3 You posted that flag because i told you it was my favorite one, didn't you? That's so sweet of your Bell!

Is he always like that though? Hm...Don't be upset at him though, i'm sure he has his motivations deep down...

Alright, maybe that's slightly concerning...

I should probably ask for her permission first, but if she didn't turn it on already then she probably doesn't wanna have me messing with it.
Oh i much prefer using honey instead of sugar! even though it's a lot sweeter and actually disgusts me a little bit at least i suppose it's less bad for my health.

The more the merrier? Or do we just need more tard wranglers?

My CPU stays pretty chill even with high ambient temperature
It's about 25 degrees in the room right now and I'm playing a game

Need to move your arms more when surfing in CS:GO

Bc give response

i was going to make a post about how i love you all and appreciate you but i don't know half you people


i guess i love you people in the way my universal love extends to all things in God's creation but not a lot beyond that

Loco is a bullshitter

I think he's only doing it for the keks. Bard never really hated on anyone. He just expects to get certain reactions from the people he shitposts. Also, I can't be mad at mentally damaged people on the internet. Life is just too short for that.

fucking new zealand

That is also agreeable.

I'm weird about honey - I tend not to like it in most teas, but otherwise I end up liking it.

Syrup is better though.

Is CS:GO why you know Russian?

-feels more secure and scurries over to the broom closet to get more lemon pledge and give the vacuum cleaner its daily hug. It gets lonely.-

I don't know Russian beyond a few words. I'm learning it though

you use the vacuum cleaner for that too huh

And sonata!!!!!!!!

0.0 -squeaks and looks up like a deer caught in the headlight-


Because of CS:GO?

-head pats-

I don't live in Western Europe, why would I need to know Russian to talk to people on the East Coast?

Isn't it flooded with Russians?

Am I thinking DotA2?

Both of those games are if you play in Eastern Europe, but not here
I also meant to say Eastern Europe in my previous post

^.^ -holds up a cup of tea to you-

-can always be found on discord at Sonata_Blue #3600. anyone is welcome to add-

It has a lot more creative uses than just that though -Wink wink-

Please teach me how to obscure words too :o What is this sorcery?!
Hm, depends which syrup you're talking about, i still have ptsd from the cough one that tasted like strawberries i had to take, it was horrible...

That's fine, wheter he was doing it for the lulz or in total seriousness doesn't chance the fact that i'm not mad at him, he doesn't seem a bad person ^.^

Two sets of asterisks around the text to be in a spoiler.
It doesn't parse across newline characters.

Non-drug syrup.
Like Maple Syrup.

Better than maple syrup though is maple taffy and I really want to own a maple farm again.

I don't think he is either. Maybe a little misguided, but thats all. You're from the waifu threads?

I legit just brain afk'd.

Oh, well then.

Wrong post

Yeah, I brain AFK'd sorry.


I think I'm going to go practice being Korean. Be back in a few.

Two sets of myself around the thingy i wanna hide, got it! o7 Hm...Don't think it's that useful though, it's better hiding something in plaain sight, by censoring everyone will be curious enough to check it out >.<

I did try maple syrup on pancakes, it always looked delicious in every cartoon so i wanted to see what the real deal was like, it's not bad at all!

You used to own a maple farm? How did that happen? :o

Uhhh..Yes? I guess you could say it? Let's say i'm from Holla Forums, that'd be optimal =u=

Oh fair enough. Hmm I need to sleep now so I'll see you later or eventually.

Alrighty then~ This place doesn't seem so bad, i think i'll hang around a bit more, we'll meet again hopefully ^.^ Nighty night o/

the new umr is 20x more sol than i thought it would b

I guess that wording was vague - I haven't had one, but this isn't the first time I've desired one.

Who dis

is that trash worth watching


i might wait to see if it gets rated well. i watched like 4 sol anime in a row and im kinda sick of it rn

wtf normie i bet you enjoy naturo and dbz wow not even siscon animes

Aster here for the call o7
I think we already met once actually, and you laughed in my face and left the chat we were talking on...

Are you sure you'd want one? You'd have to work hard to make sure everything was working properly to get the syrup you so much desire, while like this you can just lazily buy it for cheap in a supermarket! :o


pick for me

-Adds HunterXHunter to the list-

Hm...Maybe no or maybe yes though?


But you can't enjoy maple taffy without visiting or owning a farm though.

you still need to watch that?

watch the fate/loli ones

not interested in long shounen rn

this one is good

im saving those for fap

Maybe - i don’t remember.

Wonder if the movie's out yet.

movie already has a sequel

movie's not on torrents yet (or im blind)

also hi

Fly to SEA to go watch it

i dont think i even touched the ovas

I'm not dedicated enough

im not sure either

wish is the imouto sae ireba ii anime incestuous?

they should introduce a dark miyu

dark illya is already lots!

What imouto

Wow wtf whore

wait how does that make me a whore?

this but if you dont know nvm

i need another loli that can rape me

She's shit

You're not dedicated enough to your waifu

wait shes 16? maybe nvm
is she atleast cute?

look at her

but howbout personality?

she's an otouto right now

trap or tomboy?


girl who is afraid of being raped by onii-chan so she says she's a boy but still acts like a girl

now i wanna rape her even more

Two Illya not enough?

But this is my side-waifu.

normal illya is for rape kuro is for getting raped


Both are for patting on the head.



Who's your waifus


Adachi Tenka

Who's your main waifu?

Wish I could do that.

they can pat my head if you know what i mean :^)

Oh wait it's that hentai

wow lewd

Exprosion loli of course.


It was mind numbing.

She's pure

the foresight of this man


Unpure things happened.


both of their mouths are open waiting to accept it

So those were pure things?

wait no


But no work.

That's a weird definition of pure, but I'll roll with it.

Sleep now, good night

I prefer the distraction.

but theyre practically begging it

fuck you

Perhaps. I am considering getting drunk.

lol this fucking pic

Do you need to do anything tomorrow?

just work.

Don't get hung over at least.

But that is the most deserving part.




What the fuck do you want


this might be the best stupid meme pic you've ever posted.

Hiya everyone!! Hope you're all having a good day!

thanks for the cummie sinni

you cock slut





Can you add me on Steam?
I need to talk to you.

I hope you're having a shit day, hobgoblin.



Are you really a dog fucker if the dog fucked you?

T-those are for m-me though, Rin...

Real questions provoking deep thought


Did you just imply I fuck dogs rin ????

sinni is a dog fucker lol

s t o b


Frick I forgot I had Sinni linked in QR.

You are correct.

That's why I asked.

I forgot I had you linked sorry ;;


this better not be about kanra


it's ok... I understand....

Forget it.

(nodachi long sword)

yes, i still have it in front of me.

i like purple hair misato



Blade Runner was really fuckin' good.


But what if it happened outside?

what did you think about the loud noises?


He responded.

They were very- uh... loud?
There were some parts that made it hard to hear what was being said because there was dialogue along with the loud noises.

Shut up stupid leaf

deckard is not a replicant?

Warspite is cute

no, caffeine requires context. the highs provided outweigh the lows, and you should measure benefits by mgs and how they affect activities. sounds like you've had a poor exerience with the drug.

I feel like they're still trying to be really ambiguous with that, but no, he's not. Despite Ridley Scott really wanting him to be one.

It's usually beneficial to keep your autism in check.

She were correct about caffeine withdrawal and headaches though.

All leafs are cucks


I'm a 2D girl I physically can't be a cuck.

Degenerate nigger.
Actually kill yourself



someone buy me this

withdrawals are relative. if you're getting headaches, you're using caffeine wrong.


they thought the girl was the one asking the questions in that replay file thingy when deckard vs jared leto
they got it backwards lol


Warspite is the girl you were posting

it's late

go to bed

Good morning ♥





Absolutely not.

Luka, no.


Luka, yes!

War. War never changes


It's best to have morning in early night


ay gurl how u

Also what's cooler, runes or tarot cards? I think runes are but they seem less applicable in a modern context



But the night will always win.

Oh, same old same old. Waiting with baited breath for the end of the week and my paycheck

Runes are way cooler

Good, I'm on its team

I'm sleepy

Then just go to sleep instead of complaining about it.

Waiting for things like that can be hard; just try to focus on each moment ^^

Yeah I think they'd maybe be more attractive to anons; maybe I can make them work well

Working on it
Cell phones exist, you know

The total war co-op campaign took like 3 days and made me want to kill myself.

You came out of that experience stronger

oh ok

You should probably kill yourself anyway.

But I don't waaaaaaaaaannaaaaaaa

Throw some runes my way bbygrl


Is this normal????????

Dude I have them but I don't even know how to begin reading them yet

Did I though ?


ayyy fag

Just chant some words and throw them down then pick 3 at random

"What doesn't make you ky makes you stronger"
-Ghengis Khan probably

Jack please, I think you're being a bit of a hypocrite :3

How about I try to give you a reading with a deck of Go Fish cards instead?


HE fucked horses.

They're not MYSTICAL

You being a fag in the waifu threads

So do ponyfags but we make friends with them

Well arguably you can use anything but then again Go Fish cards probably wouldn't work well because there isn't as much symbolism in them

Maybe he was Mikie in another life.

Yeah so there

Get runeing

What's the difference between a deck of Go Fish cards and a regular deck of cards?

One has fish and the other doesn't, presumably

But aren't the fish just normal cards that you pick up when you guess wrong?


What am I, some kind of fish/card expert?!

just updated my gfx driver :)