That would just mean you're a hipster nerd

What do you mean by that exactly? I'm done travelling for now



That sort of saccharine melodrama "spirituality" people put in the mundane. It's usually traveling, though, that people talk about with it.

I admittedly do not really know if that's what you were viewing your trips as.



omae wa mou sheinderu


is something wrong with genji?
no, there isn't. it depends on how he's played, like his brother.

not sure why I feel compelled to say obvious stuff all the time.


a helpful hint in the op methinks.



filthy disgusting creatures.

says the one posting little girls.

but look how cute she is

I was talking about another Alice, the cancerous one which belongs in /waifu/ but came here to make some new friends, not the big boo hoo Alice.

her face looks like a pug.

ur a pug u faget.

Play Unt Game



Never. ever.


Well, exploring my mind and growing is always a goal

So you're not the old Chen from way back in like 2011?

I am the only Chen this internet ever had.


if this obnoxious retard coughs as loud as he can again i swear i will kill someone
fun fact during the amount of time it took me to write that there were 28 obnoxious sounds made by
oh sick he's deciding to be obnoxious again
i really enjoy being made physically ill from sound
really like it
i love it so much
it's really fun to get heartburn from other people's disgusting subhuman actions
thats so fun too
i really love being unable to count to 10 without at least 5 people coughing, clearing their throat, sniffing, smacking their lips, even when there is only one other person in the room
it's not even that no nobody has to even be in the room
the people in the corridors will decide to do it loud enough for me to hear them from inside if there's nobody in the room
of course this is all my fault
it's always my fault
i deserve to be shouted at for showing any slight vague reaction of obnoxious sound right
yeah nice
wow i love how the guy sitting directly beside me decided to start constantly clicking his pen multiple times every second
it's so nice to have nothing nice
wow someone on the other side of the room started
didn't know i was in a room full of autistic retards with adhd
3 people sniffing constantly
1 person clearing threat regularly
1 person clicking pen constantly
2 people breathing extremely loud



Okay, so are you the person who called themselves Chen in Alice2 threads back in 2011? :3

I wouldn't think you are at this point but someone told me you are

at least I'm not a jew

Again, what's your question? And if you don't have a specific question, do you want a reading for a specific general topic, such as one of the ones I mentioned? ^^

don't bully luka

My God, is just plain dull in here.


Ask everyone who spend at least two years on /waifu/ and this is what they are going to probably tell you.

Who cares. It doesn't matter.

Nymph is not even around anymore. Snake became a fucking autist.

Erio 4M

Who the fuck cares.


It is illegal to bully babooka

*head pats*

i want a romance/fortune reading





nice new avi btw. figures you'd manage to pick the gayest thing possible in an anime about ninjas.

Dude relax

It's fine if you're an old Alicefriend ^^

I've always heard interesting things about you

Two topics at once? I don't think that works well x3

I'm going to give you a romance reading and maybe do the other one some other time; I'll work on that now ^^

You're so difficult sometimes :3

hybrid reading! ♥

hybrid breeding

lewd ;~;






Bepop is a pedo and should just die.


what is she

a witch.

what the anime about?

it's the classic story.

boy meets girl.
boy and girl go on quest to save the land.
hi-jinks ensue.

do u like it?

Surprised this cesspit is still not completely dead.

oh absolutely. I don't even remember how I found it, but it's quickly become one of my favorites.

jacky boy gimme a smooch.

Still working on that reading, Luka

We have "the devil" in our midst

People called you that, yeah? ^^

It's great to meet you, honestly :3

I'm in your waifu chat

So many new comfy anime, but here you guys are, being THIS fucking inane.

Have a great day.

internet edgelord #101

Thanks Jacku

spicer are u rly powerful in overwatch now?

cap moar! ^_^

hopefully the readin make me rly powerful

You are a colossal cunt
Now I have to ignore it on porpuse to damage control.

later chen you pointless loser among pointless losers.

I've already capped 2 episodes and have over 140 caps. I'm in no hurry.

Wow, 4 episodes of anime, that'll take like, a whole 90 minutes

what a subtle burn

less than 90 minutes

uh, yes. like, 44 minutes, pretty much. your point being?

ssssssh, just come

I already have. multiple times. that bitch is hot.

Bye Chen, it was nice talking to you

I seriously didn't do that on purpose, by the way

do NOT sexualize the Haku

that reading seems pretty fucking spot on, just saying.

oh ho ho.

way too fucking late.

Yeah I'm thinking she might be mad at me now

I should learn spreads that are more geared to coming out milder lol

hey man, it's just the cards, not you. you didn't choose for it to pop up that way, you're just reading it. luka can take it any way they want.

DO ME b4 I leave.


I went to alice's chat a long time ago because I couldn't stand being in this community because of how I was being treated here
I was in a terrible fucking place both in real life and online and I wanted to get the fuck away so I went to alices chat and for a few months kermit wasnt around and it was cool
I left this community for quitie a while
But then kermit started kissing alices ass and immediately got a mod position and started kicking me and anyone who disagreed with him on any personal or political or any kind of opinions or stories or whatever he had
he'd just ban and kick you like a fucking child
And then the stupid nigger invited mgd into the alice chat and spent the next 5 fucking months doing nothing but constantly publicly fucking him

Do not make me use my secret Jutsu. The Big Rig Back Smash Jutsu.

this seems like a really weird reply to my snide remark.

big rig back smash me harder daddy uguuu~

Also daily reminder that bebop sold us out to alice without even a second thought

Yeah but let's be honest Bebop was the creepiest fucking pedophile we've ever had next to maybe Sci

Well I'm thinking this could be a tool to attract more potential avatarfags into the community from Holla Forums if I do reading threads like what Reimu did, so I should probably find spreads that work out in ways anons will like more

Do you have a specific question? If not, how about a broad topic (such as romance, finance, work, etc.)?

OwO what's this? *honk honk*

yes we all know this. why do you think test is the admin now?

btw are you the chen who everyone thinks is kind of a dick in the waifu thread?

no point

yeah! i want a real relationship!

Fuck off.

wouldn't that compromise the integrity of this totally legitimate thing that actually is real and isn't totally silly at all?

way to make it gay, man

oh alright

hey I was just askin'

we got along in the waifu thread ya know?

That card is about healthy ego, not being "egotistical"

It's just about being confident in yourself as a person and having ability to take action

You're so silly

Cream me daddy


lol jk ur gay, fagette

No? There are always multiple different ways of looking at something

A different kind of spread would give a different point of view and could tend to more positive ways of putting things

But, it looks like this worked out fine


man you know I'm just teasing why you gotta act all serious like I deserved a legit reply



*hugs* ;~;

money is confidence!

Sorry, I'm just in an analytical kind of frame of mind right now, I guess ^^; I'm baked and getting sleepy

I never expected you to be this kawaii

-pets your hair-


do the cards say ill become rich?




Yeah I'm going to start winding down so I can sleep soon, bye ♥

Again, it's nice to finally meet you

Bye for now ♥

Tarot cards don't predict the future; they give advice

The future is yours to create, bye ♥





you are

r u early today

Nothing new~

dont u normally finish at like 3?

or 4. Just still no meeting today apparently, so we didn't do anything. Again.
Holla Forums is still shit too


What a fag

what year are you on rn?


Fifth semester

Does Bern still hate me?

bern died.

I'll be sure to convey my disappointment in his general direction.

seems pretty lax
is it hard work?

I'd hide that if I were you

Sometimes. Right now, not so much

Look, I just want to be friends.


Over the course of the 4 years that I would have, in my words, called us friends
There was really nothing you ever did that was very friendlike
We talked alot and that was nice
Maybe some more than that, but not much
The absolute only thing that there is going for us being friends was that
Now what I have against you, going back as far as I can remember (all of these happening when I would have thought us to be friends)
You blackmailed me about Wish
when we'd bullshit in threads back and forth
You would go off on huge personally offensive paragraphs that were at least 4to 5 times longer than my bullshitttery attempt that's skin deep
You doted on both MGD and Blood chan publicly whenever possible and publicly fucked them in thread
When given a choice you would easily choose socialiZation with them above me, without even second thoughts
I have way more than this that slips my mind right now
The reason I hate you is because after years of thinking of someone as a friend it honestuly hurts to find out they don't care about you in the slightest
and so here years later
i'll just say fuck you and everyone you associate with



Indeed it is. Someone writing that would be pretty retarded.

How is being egotistical a bad thing in love ? You want YOUR relationship, aside from the loved person, others' opinions shouldn't matter.

Can I have a reading too then ?

Wait. I'm late right ?

erio went to bed. ask him when he comes back.

evil egotistical jerks over inflated egos


Okay, I'll do that if I remember.

...I find your name oddly suspicious given the number of traps in these threads by the way.

I'm cupcake. we've talked before. been a long while. I'm not a trap. just a dude.

Of course being egotistical often makes someone a jerk. But I think there are aspects of life where it's okay to be a bit selfish.



But...but you named yourself "Pretty princess".

Thank God!

your point being?


"Pretty princess" and being a dude is rather oxymoronic.


go to bed

is being a wizardf hard

nice to see you visiting again adachi
how are you today?

Yes, just ask Ikt~

go to school


Fuck off.

Lonely and unproductive. The usual.

ugh I feel you there

Well at least there's us
Got any plans for later?

I'm pasing the time til I get to rolling with some mates later

Actually, I try to write some preparatory stuff for the novel I'd like to write. I just get stuck regularly on things that I didn't think too much about, like some minor aspects of my characters or even names for secondary characters.

how much work have you put into it so far? What's the topic if I'd bother to ask?

I guess even broader what got you into wanting to write?

That shit is unsightly FUCKING FIX IT

oi cunt where the fuck have you been these past few months

Long story short, I went to Holla Forums to finally destroy Alice and ended up with an internet waifu who'll come over in December for a month.
Just the usual.


holy shit that melted my heart

even jack is finally settling down

Taking anything for granted is naive but the odds are great. Did I miss anything in here?

I have about twenty pages describing settings, how the world works, global rules of society, this kind of stuff. And ten other pages where I've begun describing characters.
I want to stay vague, but let's just say it's a dystopian story where the ones unfit to society develop abilities, a bit like in X-men.

It's not really that I want to write, but I have this story in my head since years, and I want to give it form under one way or another. Writing is just the easiest way, it doesn't need an animating budget or something like that, though it'd be better if it was visual. Also, the story is kinda personal and talks about the place of the ones forgotten by conventional society. Maybe this place inspired me.


What's this Alice thing by the way ? And congrats for your girlfriend. I'm kinda jealous.

It'll be alot of work
maybe even years

but That's a pretty solid premise

hey on the off chance you're still visiting or talking to any of us when it gets finished I'd love to read it, kind of piqued my interest

I bet she's a trap

Congrats Jack!

k raki

Yeah it ain't the first. Hopefully the last though.
Lemme tell you how I piqued her attention. I was a general asshole and when she messaged me I told her to fuck off and die in a ditch the first three days constantly. Be fucking rough. On yourself too. Try harder. Try more. Bitches always want to own what they can't. Easy guys are no challenge to any of them. Don't cling. Don't beg. You are A MAN. You don't bow. You don't bend the knee. You don't break.

Must be. If nothing else I'll harvest
Organs. Ukraine is close and they always buy.

Gee thanks.

well that was short lived

Whats a Raki?

Oh now it makes sense. Win-win situation there. You either end up with a top tier waifu or a good bit of cash. What'd you do to lure her to that shithole?

To establish dominance on home turf, show off, and scare the shit out of her with this depressive violent cesspit. Perfect for a first date isn't it

k noun

Thanks for the support. But I don't really now yet how it will take form, like, if I manage to get it published, will I keep my real name ? If that's the case I would probably avoid coming here saying "Hey guys I wrote that " thus exposing my identity. Don't get me wrong, most of you are really good persons, but the others can be damn terrifying.

Does it work if you treat yourself like shit and convince her that she must be completely insane to want to hang out with you ?

Just make sure to make a few baby Hitlers

I speak for nobody but myself

if in years from now you're still in contact and you don't trust me enough to share that's fine

But i mean there are ways to reach me without reaching the others here on the board i mean

Eh if she's already gotten this far with you she must either be crazy or packing a pair of balls that would rival the size of your head.
Lucky girl though~

evil selfish people!!!

Its what I did word to word. I'm not the most normal guy around here for sure and the amount of booze and smoke and shit I did, I couldn't even sell any of my organs even if I wanted to.
That part is no problem for sure. Whatever you do, NEVER act desperate. Fuck, do the opposite.

That is the plan exactly. This bloodline of hatred must continue. Gonna add some sass to it.

I'd go with crazy. Legit insane. Probably wants to die in a creative way
Fine with me


You'll make a fine dad

Good luck to the world if you've really met your match.

As long as she has no sense of self preservation yeah.

Yeah, true. I guess I could MP a few people like you, Luka or Grim, though I'd still be scared to make possible any connection between me and "Adachi". I don't know how things will evolve, but I know I'll remain very careful.

Re Luka. And who are you talking about ?

I'm going to play on words here because English is not my native language. You mean "don't be desperate for her", but generally speaking you can act as a shitfaced depressed asshole and that would still be okay ?

What's a "clout" ? Also, what's the big deal with normalized homophobia ? It's like those parents that don't want to vaccine their children because they'd rather see them dead than autistic.

We'll have multiple children so at least one of them will be a John Locke.

You aren't really a very active poster so it's undertandable you're still so tripped out about it

all the people I know myself included who've had their info dropped are fine

We're not a very villanous community
mainly just a bunch of loneley mean assholes

hopefully you'll get past that someday if you end up sticking around

Was that ironic

Look up that ticket this week.

I slowly poison myself for a decade and a half now, never cared much about myself always hated the idea of relationships and still had half a dozen and one now.
So yes.


Oh jack you poor boy come here and let me love you

I might be a bit paranoid, sure. But that's still...a complicated situation.

Huh. Interesting. Well, gotta start not-caring-about-others I guess. At least in term of how they impact my life.

Could you give me answers a bit longer and understandable please ?

That sounds wrong and dirty.
Stop boner, I already fapped today.


I was mean before those, I was mean during those and I'll proly stay mean after, it really has nothing to do with it. Some girls just imply they can put up with me but so far they couldn't. No skin of my ass, literally didn't feel anything the next day

Indeed. Any and limits before you, you set it for yourself. And those set by others you smash the fuck through it. No mercy. No giving a fuck. Nobody matters for shit, their opinion doesn't matter for shit.

looks like yet another mystery the world will never know

Maybe Jack likes boys.


Jack do u liek bois

I trust them more than women but no homo

Too many tough lessons too fast and too soon.
You are probably aware how shitty people are specially in desperate situations by now as well. Fuck them

tbh I'd put fish sauce on my dick and make Ikt slurp on that shit like if it was an umaibo

actually I'm still cute, fluffy and innocent

I still think things are a bit more complex. Some limits are good, some aren't. Just gotta learn to make the distinction.

...I can't tell if I hate or love you at this very moment. Maybe both.

Will do. December seems so far away.
Also good luck beating yourself into an early grave now fucker
Lel get nurtured


Don't you



Yeah I kinda overdo it. But shit like "I can't do it"
"Its not possible for me"
"It will fail anyway"
Should not supposed to ring in your head like, EVER. You are a MAN and a MAN is born to conquer from day one.

Can't poison self with prolonged plans now. At least I can still vape and have a few beer like some westerner hipster pussy
Its bloody two months away. November should quit this year.



where is spectre


this is what I think of your STUPID LOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't do that
He's too precious


Honestly a tough decision.

it's far too late........the deed is done..............

what the fuck


Sounds like a solid advice. Gotta try that.

What ? What is behind me ?


ancient meme

I'd go with December for the sheer fact that we can spend the most of it together since there will be a prolonged break at my work especially if I use the rest of my day offs. November is fine with me too. You pick.

Blow yourself up with self confidence no matter what
Godspeed kid

Old meme is best meme

But...but I'm 24.

I'm 30

Okay, that's fair

December.. i want to watch you smash the gift im getting you and light it on fire, remember?

God damn man
I've almost known you since you were my fucking age

wow oldie

Somebody get me my cane
My back hurts

If its a smartphone it will burn gloriously.

What if i buy you kindling for christmas?
Youd technically be accepting it by burning it

where'd you drag in this one from?
a waifu threader?

Don't bloody remind me, I got on Holla Forums when I was like 18
I'm here forever
Can't wait to shitpost from a wheelchair

Naturally I'll accept stuff you buy. I just don't want to get shit from people I don't care about.
Its retarded.
Fuck smartphones tho. I refuse to caress devices which constantly send my data to corporations. Thats like indirectly jerking off Soros.

Revy? Revy is the said waifu. She does vocaroo threads on Holla Forums mostly.

wow i guess you'd have had to have been there in 06 then huh?


We met bullying waifus together, actually
Then i bugged him for several days through discord asking him if he had principals.

Hey fuck yo-
Oh wait. Actually yeah thats fine coming from you. Smartphones are great though. Jackpost ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. i can jailbreak it maybe so the gubment cant spy on you

is there an ikt somewhere



hi ikt whats it like being hard?

Nah. She just tells me she's going to skin me and steal my bones. I think thats how she flirts.

Nah. She just tells me she's going to skin me and steal my bones. I think thats how she flirts. Her only hope now is a threesome.

A bit before, Jack is 2006 I got around there 2005
And by waifu I meant my waifu. Not avatarfag waifu.
So no posting any of olde possibly embarrassing caps of anything. Thank fucking god Tsuchi is not here. Or Darwin.
We talk live regularly ya know

Jailbreak it, fuck the police. I just can't even handle those witty devices. Kinds and their tichy-touchy faggotries these days

Im squishy

how do you know blood chan?

wow i hate completely pushed that to the back of my mind

actually I forgot I'm angry at you because of htat

well see you later jacky boy

I don't think most people here know what "she" is supposed to mean. Therefore I have no idea what Bloddchan's gender is.
By the way, would be actually funny if she's 100% serious and one day we hear about a threader being dismembered.

Wait, you know Bloodchan ? I'm intrigued.

Also that.

Yeah personally I hope either blood chan kills someone and gets the death penalty or gets killed by someone else

Or kills themselves

I guess that would solve the problem without putting the guilt on anybody's head

Im a boy!

Angry at what?

Yeah. And don't. Just no.


Yay no lectures morgen!

It was to my understanding that you were literate and thus able to read simple paragraphs

put in your own work to figure it out
the effort is far past me


I am currently in the process of demanding multitasking and hence luck the required brain capacity and time to go beyond simply reading words and thus I must ask you to enlighten me on the exact meaning of your words.

If only you had a higher IQ

I am pretty retarded with mobile phones myself but I want to learn.
More likely though you'll be getting something cheap and sentimental. The real gift is my tears if you actually do smash it.

Met her in an Alice thread I was attempting to derail. Found out she's connected to a lot of other animus. These days I mostly message her to convince her to move to Africa.

I'll show no quarter to Blood chan or those in his company

It's a small world out there

good on you for doing the Lord's Work

Now, now kid. I dun wanna talk with x because he is friends with y is high school shit.
You are not serious are you?

The phone?
or something else : ^) There'll be tears either way

5 years and you don't know a thing about me
what a shame

We didn't really talk outside of the threads. If you ever started to talk with blood-chan you should have known what will be the end of any emotional investment if you put in any. The lass is screaming "DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO ME" from miles away to anyone with common sense.
What happened tho? I'm kinda curious now. Dm it


For once I wasn't being lewd. Wew.
Well, might as well wrap myself up in a bow now. Thats a better idea.

She probably has my address and has joked about sending several black men to rape me and I still talk to her for the lulz. What'd she do, kill your dog?

Sounds a bit too brutal.

About ?

My bathroom actually. I washed it some days ago. Clean and everything. Pretty neat.

I don't think I'll let that stay an idea only now

Don't even think about emotionally investing in blood-chan, she'll reduce you to ash.

i wonder what i should do today

I'm emotionally invested in Jack

Grim's List
Grades from X( I want to kill you)-F-D-C-B-A-S (one of my favorite posters)
If you're not on here, remind me/talk with me more.

Walter/Angriff - C
Mugen - B
Dotter - B
Lexi - D
Smiles - B+
Nymph - X [I was planning on paying you a personal visit.] B+
Colbert - A- [Ouroboros award]
Bard - C
Seff - A [helped me out in the beginning.]
Azrael - D
Nezi - D-
SteveAn - D- [Full of shit]
Fortune A
Wish ♥ あい ♥
Kon A[Boss uncle of the threads]
Seilum/Rin - C-
Chen B+ [The essence of Holla Forums]
Lenko - S-[Stop being a douche to people mang]
Lloyd - B
Orion - A- [also helped me out a lot in the beginning.]
Revy - C
Darwin - B+
Scanner - B+
4M B+
Axel C [C FOR CAW]
KneeMan F [Most cancerous piece of shit I have ever come across, kill yourself]
Squash - A+
Luka - B- [Do something with your life]
Loodz - A-
Subtl - B
Yan - C+ [Edgemaster]
Ariel - B+ [You gotta stop harming yourself girl, such a waste]
Sama - A
Blood-chan - D- [3edgy5me]
Echo - S
Monsterkitten - A+
Chii D
Bern D [Knocked you down a grade since you betrayed literally everyone]
TP - B
Soto - A+
Rook - C
Eva D

Karp - B+ [Lift some more, faggot.]
Bird - A+
Freklz C+
Proto S
Adachi B
Scientist B[Almost there, kiddo!]
Archives/Ban - B+ [Best neutral poster]
Limes - D
Kermit - B+
Erin - B+
Scoots - My Jew [A+]
RainbowKek B+


Jack, why don't you look me in the eye when we make love anymore?

Thank fuck he finally got me out of those shitlists of his. Or any other shitlist for that matter


In which way ? The way you say it it's like a pig would have the bad idea of falling in love with a butcher.
I'm not really interested, but I wonder how she would proceed.

Tell me more about your life, for shits and giggles.



This is old

But I miss the connection we used to have on those passionate nights.

no need for that I'm always glad to talk shit on BC

Years later it was revealed pretty solidly that MGD was blood chan so years old drama makes for a good base to push things over on
I dont really wanna bring that up again I could bitch all day about that, but it's just old shit

After that whole issue I wasn't really welcome in the threads and had popular opinion against me because I was just whining and bitcing and moaning constantly

I mean hey I dont lblame them
But the threads at that time were just about the only social construct I had I'd stay up in them til like 4 or 5 a.m nightly then go to school at 8 a.m and doze during classes and repeat it
that shit was my life when i was like 15 or 16
I had a few school friends, but because I was againt facebook and had no phone I couldn't ever keep contact with them so I was you know kinda socially isolated, naive and young

Anyways when the threads stopped being so sympathetic I found refuge in Alice's Community. for my early days of Alicechat (not the early alice days of ONG or anything)
just my own personal early times there were amazing
Great people always stuff to talk about, it felt open and welcoming

well I was pretty inspired by the whole alice thing and got caught up in it and I decided I would run alice threads

When I ran those advice threads it felt great
people were kind and the atmosphere was amazing
very supportive
there'd be regulars who'd come in and it was a good getaway

Then Blood chan appeared under some other name I cant remember now and started spewing sweet nothings and saying they loved me and I mean I was already pretty on edge from earlier bullshit romance drama so I was pretty on guard for a few months but they kept at it and we talked for a while and they kept saying that lovey dovey shit so I over a few montsh got kindd of attatched but I mean no fuckin surprise there since bc was mgd they were just fucking with me and i found out pretty soon when bc appeared in our community that they were just BS'ingme

That was a pretty bad time for me, I was doing aot of drugs when I would see my schoolfriends out of school and it felt like the whole world was againstme in the threads

Kermit came to Alice chat and pretty soon rose to a mod position and then he and Alice brought in MGD and Flan both, Blood chan under an Alt name and the only safe haven i could go to was ruined
Everyone there doted on them all, in the threads everyone did too
everywhere I went I had to deal with this mad Jealousy that'd been in the making for years

when I was younger I didnt know how to handle that shit I was just some social shut in you know?

so like, thats the biggest thing but these are still issues from years ago

The shit that's kept the hate going is everytime they pop in here and the wicked mean shit they say to me just reminds me of how much i got fucked over and then I get mad at myself for being so fucking stupid and bc for being such a cunt yet
for some reason the threads still love them
and I get jealous again

I guess the biggest reason I hate blood chan is because I can connect them to the things that annoy me about other posters
I dont reallly hate erio or alice but all the frustrations I have at them I attribute to bc

is your butthole squishy

Rin's List


The Rest

But I got a B+.

Let's talk about politics. or anything not arousing.. wait politics is out too shit

I mean he's just a crazy douche

what life?

The thing that makes you a moving organism.

i don't see it

so then it must not exist

I love how if you're autistic you can read my name Kagamiotorin

Sup bitches?

This is gonna be one of those stories where Jack 'ironically' did some fuckin' gay shit, isnt it?

An edgy douche of nondescript gender talking about hurting animals on the internet? Wow those are so rare

You can't see love, but it exists

sup friend

Thank god I'm not autistic lmao

Also, hi Elma

hihi not much just chillin with the gf today.

We're gonna go dress shopping on Wednesday I'm so excited.

How have you been?

Hey Soto-kun~

It's one of those stories where a weeab gets bored and makes stuff up.

Aww, Chen
Did you miss me so much you came here to post?

I think you might be retarded.

For sure.

funny enough chen originates from where this community does

There's an idiom about pots and kettles or something for this, I'm sure.

I have been born in here, you retard.

Go search some attention elsewere, you sad faggot.

I heard you got mad at Remilia for no reason and blocked him on everything like a cuck you are, not being able to handle a normal conversation. Go take your meds and post in /waifu/, you pathetic cunt.

No wonder nobody wants to be you friend.

There is an idiom about being a retard.

You are being a huge reatrd, shut the fuck up you dweeb.

Don't feel like trying today?

That's cool, I know those days.


Literally who.

Hey! Long time no see.

b nice to our guests

鏡音リン can't you read?


Please tell Bern I am sorry and he should just die.

i want love

can't get love without money

I'm from 2011 - I think that's the only thing that's really that relevant.




Do you like rei's titties or asuka's titties?

My bf Hu is here

lurking so hard

i dunno

I know

Holy shit Chen, you take the internet too seriously

gf ? What I knew about you was so wrong.

And i've been pretty good, got my Master diploma and everything.

Me too. Nice pic by the way.

Thats pretty rad but lessons learned, let all of that shit go kid.
Don't let past grudges and people from it take a hold of your present and future. You'll end up like me
Got busy as fuck so gotta run.

Oh, sorry, did what I said hurt you enough to make you insult me?

I am here because Erio was looking for me.

But hey, you are here because nobody likes you and you can't keep any stable friendship relationships, not even on the internet.

Instead of talking somthing over, you block the person and you close yourself in your little shell.

Hey Luka remember that time I bought you a Christmas present

Do you like bleu hair or red hair

Why did you let Revy come here? This place is depression, and Erio is going to rape her

If he hasn't already, I do not feel he will going on.

Who the fuck you

you obviously dont know Erio

鏡音リン can't you read?

Or I know that Erio and Revy have had more than enough contact for it to have happened already ?

Your moonrunes are confusing people.

Oh Rin! Wow I'm sorry

Yeah fuck Erio too

Yeah and Fuck you too Cherub

Which is entertaining me because it's in English in every image I've posted today.

How're you?

Why though?

Go sniff up blood chan's ass somewhere else you pedophile fuck

Yeah, but I guess that people doesn't read filenames.

I forgot how to into Moon...
I'm fine...
I can't really think straight with all these meds, hows u?

You sure know how to follow Jack's advice.

Here's my advice to you
Shoot yourself in the fucking face

sureley you can follow that









People in waifu like me enough, and some people here like me enough, so you're still wrong
And I blocked him because I tried talking it over before, and there was nothing more to say to an animal abuser