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It's pretty nice that posting is fast

Did u eat hu


thanks code monkey



I'm still alive, so nobody ate me, no worries


I asked him what he meant by 'being there for me' and he said

so then I say that I'd kill myself, stupidly, and not meaning it, because I had been lead to think that meant he wouldn't go away, but what he then said was

but I'm spiraling now. i dont know how to stop.

maybe after I hit some bottom

but are you joking when you say you call me sick.......

loco, you've said there's so much wrong with me I don't know where to start

please don't make me suffer trying to make sense of all your words

if the answer is supposed to be obvious, it isn't to me.

Eat me

I think kanra might be the most obtuse socially ass backwards person i've met in my entire life

pew pew

yea, I guess I'm too obtuse to know how bad I should feel and for what

but you know Bard. you know how obtuse I am, and how bad I should feel for what.

it's a bleeding shame you won't tell me though.

all of this stuff and your problems are things you need to figure out on your own. there's no use spamming me or squash for validation..

I'm going to close my laptop and walk away now.

Feku for dinner?


If you need someone to tell you how bad you need to feel over something you emotionally disconnected social pariah then you don't really feel bad about something

Ofuro first


Bard your Discord is magical.

just so you understand, you said a lot of damning psychological stufff about me, and it's been ruining many of my days.

even now, I'm scared of saying how angry I am at you, and what I think you're doing to hurt my mind, because you'll use it to say that I'm guilty for being angry at you.

this is a hell you've put me in, and nobody seems to understand.

do you? that your words are real to me? that I've carried them with me, and I have to focus to keep them out of my head?



Bard, I'm not sure why you would call me an emotionally disonnected social pariah.

But I'd really like if you tried a little harder. Use something you know about me as a weapon to hit me with.

sorry man

I feel bad for causing trouble in the Discord.

You're not sure because that's how fucking idiotic you are

You're so fucked up in the head that you can't look at yourself

I don't care aboutt you enough to want to attack you
i feel nothing towards you including any hate

that's a lie

watching you post is incredibly frustrating

what first?


do u know how bad you feel?

do i need to tell you how you should feel?

It's hilarious. That has to be a record for me. Less than ten minutes and I was given the boot.

I do not.

I take it back.

im hungry

kanra still ahving a break down because loco broke up wityh them?


I kicked you for spamming
hopefully you can understand my reasoning

that was fun, too bad i got firmly scolded for streaming tremors last night, gonna have to use a new email to make a Vaughn account instead of hitbox

Should cook~

I don't need these things explained to me. I posted over 50 images of literal garbage in just a minute or so. I would be amazed if I wasn't kicked out.

What did you do ?

Have a good meal.

Wow, what ?

then onto the future

The best part is you've still got those other two spamming at each other. I don't know if that's a regular thing, but I'm glad I could contribute in some small way.

Anyway, I'm off with my family. Have fun y'all !

oh fuck adachi is here shame i have to go get breakfast, i actually like that guy. fool too i guess

i microwaved some alfredo


It would have been better if you told me not to do that, because then I would have done it anyways and you'd have kicked me and we'd all have an even bigger laugh. At least I would.

I love garbage!

Bye bye, try not to rape anyone or have sex with dogs while you're away.

Cook for me



Kind of want to have sex with a dog now.


i cooked brb anime and eat



so dead

Well, like always.

pls don't kill thread



hah you mispelled it its not kill


lets tap him

Is this gay slang


Explain it in detail please

Brb tappin feku

tfw reverse pat

Too gay

3 guys, 1 feku

Last Friday I found a car nearly identical to mine except it's got a smaller engine and isn't blue.


Ark Royal


holy hell new dbs ep is hella hype

u are hella hype


the text is actually jiren saying behind hitto. he moved faster than the speed of light and you cant see him yet.


do you think hes sour because his arc is over and he became irrelevant

i dont like Hit

his head looks like a penis

I want that Mulan mcNugget sauce


Does your IQ need to be above 135 to have that suace

*bends down to pet a cute cat*



wheres the pussy?

just made this meme


thank goodness hu didnt call me slut. haha




tfw full nights' sleep

bad meme

yay :3

totally not a slut, hah. I only suck all the dicks, haha, that's normal right?

lol get baited
i just needed a post to reply to to tell you im sleeping

Sleep well Becky


Me too

night, slut~


Im not these things



put that thing back where it came from or so help me........


Lurking and jerking™

Make me!

Jerk n' beef

idk why i'm getting turned on

Hitting the hay too, nini


bed time for you soon?

that's good ^^

any plans for today?

what kind of sick and twisted pokemon trainer doesn't properly
( and FULLY) dress their pokemon

Have fun spanking the hay

Okay that didn't work


Tidy my room up a bit more, do a bit of homework, go to sleep and prepare for school tomorrow.
My days are mostly the same.

Pokemon do not require clothes, they can be admired for their natural beauty.

sounds like a good productive day ^^

i wish i had a pet arcanine :3

I'm lining it up that way, but I'm not sure I'll translate it into actual productivity.

They're nice.

i probably asked this already

but what do you think a vporeon feels like?

I bet it's like a big slab ofwet rubber LOL

don't make me punish you!

I'd like to order one (1)vaporeon burger

Like a dolphin. Soft and rubbery and smooth.

p-please definitely don't do that

One vap burger coming up.

Dear god why are there so many of these blender images

Because the original is so cute.

I'm simultaneously
D'awwing and
awww ing

got me fucked UP

all the overly cute mutilated ones do that.


but curious

They're so adorable.




I've already seen this specco

lol gay mechs

I'm warning you! there will be consequences!!!


Oh yeah.

Oh no, anything but that.


this but unironically

good job

What are you even hmphing



There's a week long event right now, just thought you should know.
Everyday is new challenges and prizes, they're piss easy too.

*looks away*



W-will it be severe?

Spectre is basically an enderman


pic related its u

pic related is u

I spooooooose I could play some

Bard is basically a fag


y-you're creeping me out! >.




i think i should be a writer instead of an artist

Stop threatening me with a good time then~


Solution: never lose

hehe silly boy~

god damn it orachimaru





That is the guy who shows you what sounds like shots right outside and shots far away right?

It can be explained by the different windows being utilized. You might not think a small plane change like that could have that big of an impact, but it does with sound.

i didn't really take time out of my evening to listen to the man

i just think it's wonderful that YouTube is pushing Las Vegas False Flag videos into my autoplay

and that they get hundreds of thousands of views right away

It is interesting how much shit doesn't really add up from the official narrative. Just things that do seem quite odd.

Home is good

Is Holla Forums dead or is it just dead

Dead ded.


Did you do anything today?

I have a fulltime job and I did absolutely nothing today and it was great.

It's a holiday here

lost 7 games in a row

trying to do my league mission before they expire in 17 hours


soul crushing

:( Sounds rough

I was in training for my job all last week and it continues this week, we basically do nothing difficult and there are long breaks and it's awesome


5 straight hours of nothing but defeat

Think this is a bit overkill to have on your bedpost?


but the training will end eventually, yes?

Just want I keep there. Or when I go shooting. It is a thigh holster. Certainly not an every day carry set up.

I have one for one of my handguns too.

That's just downright demoralizing

Yes, but let's not think about that for now

after all that time investment

i'm finally left with just one last mission

before the reset in 17 hours

"win 1 game with at least 2 dragons"

then i can relax for a week

I will say they are fairly secure. I am not sure I would want any kind of serpa for an EDC though. Much rather have just a snug fitting friction holster.

Safariland's have that neat little lip thing that grabs onto the frame.



Has a retention clamp that locks on the trigger frame, looks like?

More of them.

That sounds like way too much for the return


oh well...

if i don't do it, i'll never get it.
since it aint comin back next year.

What exactly is it?




Oh, Golden Chroma for an Ashe skin


Doesn't look too bad

its rare

All the work you spent farming League shit and you could've just worked a real job and bought it.

Is it just a chance thing from doing those missions?

man have i got a headache tonight oof

man have i got a headache tonight oof


Weird how we both have the same problem.

My new haircut isn't far off from this anime girl.

Fuck, that's hot.

maybe its the weed

I don't smoke weed.



Hey guys give me attention

hmm okay


Only if you tell me why I should care


Because Chen is always trying to suck my dick

But who are you?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Nobody that you'd know



Hey ♥

Who wants a tarot reading?




I'm down

Specific question or category?

Categories can be things like romance, finance, education, work, etc.

Thanks gurl

Okay, I might get to you after ikt; I'll do this on a first come first serve basis

In the meantime, you can answer what I asked him or I can just ask you those questions later ^^

My cards say you're a faget

Pulled straight from a tarot website

What talent do I have that I need to use more?

What part of myself am I ignoring/denying right now?

How likely am I gonna be to get in ur pants

Oh god is Emma hi

hi big fan am Kappadar :D

umr is trash

Retard demons get OUT

Aight, I'ma think of somethin' then.


It's nice to see you again :3 How was your week?

I wish you'd show up at a different time because I'll probably be posting slowly because of this and won't get to talk to you much

Okay, noted ♥

Do you have a serious question? :3


is it good i need to watch

Not really.

Satania worst girl

Okay I guess I'll do Colbs first

Okay :3 How's your day going?

Please stand by : ^ )

Long and exhausting and I wanna die. I finally made it to the weekend and ofc I get sick and puke everywhere.

That sounds like a you-gara problem.

woke up
now eat
school in a few

What did you do last week to be this rip?

No it's trash :^)

so am i so its perfect

idk existed I guess

But it's high class trash that you'd find in a rich neighbourhood.

But whatcha do ;;

UMR is high class?

Masturbated for 120 hours straight.

Yeah, she's only trashy at home

ok rip

Same except not only at home


tfw no trashy emily pet in my home

So, I wanted to do a three card spread, but both of those really seem like one card questions, and it looks like the site you got them from agrees, so I guess I'll go with that and answer both instead of doing one question with three cards

Ten of Wands: This guy has a guy carrying a bunch of big sticks and struggling with them

This suggests you're capable of handling demanding tasks and managing a lot of things in life at once and that you can take on more than you currently do

Usually when this card comes up in readings it means the person is overexerting themselves and needs to chill, but in context with your question about underused talent, I'd say it means you can handle a lot of responsibility

Next one will be in the next post; I'm going to reply to things real quick

Honestly, it's a matter of opinion, imo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Aw, make sure to get a lot of rest and drink a lot of water. Are you still feeling sick at the moment?

And yeah, I guess it is :3

Good luck at school; I hope you slept well ^^

*This card has a guy

I haven't decided if doing this while high is a good idea or a bad idea

Anyway, I'll get to the next question

youve been away 5ever tho



Sure sure. If I wasn't I'd be asleep.

So what

I was afraid you stopped posting and started having a life!

I did

oh, neat!

brb school

oh, neat!

brb school


Anyone else want a reading? ^^

Page of cups: This card is related to emotion, intuition, love

You're ignoring/denying some emotion(s) or desire for love, basically. Honestly, I think this is vague and true about pretty much everyone to some extent, so I went ahead and pulled another card for elaboration. A bit of a freeform move and I don't know if it's normal to do this, but let's see how it goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Justice: This card is about things like justice (obviously), responsibility, and decisions. So, in conjunction with the previous card, I'd say this means you're feeling the impact of some past mistake and trying to ignore that feeling, but this card could also mean that you need to do something that must be done, so maybe you've been putting some important action or decision off

What do you think? ^^ About the other one too

Take a day or two off from school and stuff if you need to

Sounds like you may have gotten sick BECAUSE you were so exhausted, so definitely make sure to take it easy for as long as you need to to recover :3

I somehow got a kind of bad cold but nothing like that; I think it's getting better now though


Have a nice day ♥

It's a holiday tomorrow.

That sounds dumb.

Glad you're feeling better.

Oh, that's good

You don't think overworking yourself can weaken your immune system? I think it especially can if you're not getting enough sleep

And thanks, I hope you feel better soon ♥

The first one kinda fits I guess, but the second one is a bit... idk

If that goes down this gets AotS

Made me giggle a bit, the beginning of the episode had me all kinds of fucked up though lol

A dulluhan gf would be p cool tbh

Like I said, haven't done this much

I'll just practice until I'm the very best like no one ever was

I think I may try to do three card readings for all questions in the future; those are better in my experience, even if someone copy-pasted their questions from a site that said to only use one card for those questions

I mean, I could find something from somewhere that doesn't specifically say 1 card

Here: Are there things I am ignoring that are important?

I'm not saying you did something wrong; just that I'm a noob

But alright, I'll do that one next ^^

I'm helping you get better here, don't backsass me

I didn't mean for that to sound like sass, colb-kun v.v

Oh, Satania is a pretty smug looking anime girl in a lot of images

Not if I didn't have an immune system to begin with.

You just like dick too much.

I'm not even gay tho



lmao that filename though

Also how's S2 of that garbage?

So this is a three card background/problem/solution spread. I'm realizing that I should probably learn a lot of spreads because different ones are more appropriate for different questions, but let's see how this goes :3

Background - Ace of Pentacles: Material force, prosperity, practicality, trust
This suggests that you're at a time in your life when you are or should be focused on practical matters such as obtaining material wealth, preparing for your future, etc.

Problem - The Tower: Sudden change, release, downfall, realization
Pretty hardcore card. It represents sudden and dramatic change. In context, I'd say it means something changed with some practical matters in your life, or could change, and you're not dealing with the situation properly

Solution - Knight of Wands: Charming, self-confident, daring, adventurous, passionate
So, in conclusion, it the reading seems to suggest that you need to be more confident and daring in facing change head-on

Doing the right things can make it function better :3

Now that one seems a bit more accurate... Neat


Wanna come post with the waifufriends?

I have work tomorrow so I can't stay too long, but sure

Also I think you deleted me from Steam

i only jerk once a day in the shower


I don't even use that account anymore; I'll add you on my new one

I don't feel like ban evading to post but Chen is just someone who spazzed out completely all the time and people liked him for it and it somehow caused rifts between people.

There is nothing interesting to it or even any bad blood it would even stir up.

I did not intend for that to be anonymous.
I'm tired.

Fuck you, disappearing QR box.

Thanks Tsuchi

Anyway, I'm talking to other random people there, so it's not really like I need a good reason to talk to someone, and he is a bit of a cultural relic

ur a cultural relic. of being a nerd.

I do not have any of the userscripts installed so I really don't even know who is there. I just saw you link the thread and the post it spazzed out to was about old Chen.

He was South American or some shit. There was literally nothing I ever saw that even warranted people autisming over it. It was just a generic edgy roleplaying dude that people were obsessed with for ????? reasons.

-huggu- ♥

How am I more of a nerd than you, even? ^^

Maybe Colbs was right and Blood-chan would have been taken more seriously if Blood-chan showed up in that era, then

I dunno. but surely you are. can work out the details later.

Chen supposedly always acted like whatever character he was posting to the most autistic possible degree so I would assume that had at least some charm to the novelty of it.

Blood-chan just acts like the same person regards of which person he's pretending to be and just says the same five forced character "quirks" between all of them.

You've probably watched more Japanese cartoons than I have

Anyway, how've you been?

don't be disgusting. I'd never watch a japanese cartoon. strictly korean illustrated moving pictures for me.

Fairly well for the most part. I assume you finished your whatever soul searching/boredom bullshit, yeah?