Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! ^_^

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! ^_^

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i'm thankful

for luka

was it a man or woman?

It's October though.

fucking canuks

the sounds in the new one are slightly harsher imo

but the movie is still kewl and makes u think ~

just me and the other person


just a guy freind

i'm a bully


never met a bully that could recognize they were a bully

proud of you

good job having friends


Kanra, you are a weak minded idiot who couldn't even hack it in the cake walk major that everybody who goes to college and doesn't know what to major in selects.

Why not continue to work hard then?

or maybe your inability to think romantically about industry and beauty of raw emotions themselves, means you need to blame some external force that's inhibiting your enlightenment.

the pipes in the walls that wash your shit into the sea is inhibiting your enlightenment.

protest your right to the to identify as the person that has to shit in a bucket, and physically transport it away from his home every day.

It's a fleeting feeling.

?? you dont have friends?

I misread the Wikipedia page.

okay. in that case, what did he do in his cabin, that he couldn't do in a city? read and write?

or get away with making bombs?

no, i was being ironical

You're scum and you deserve everything I say to you and more. deep down under all the shit you pull here you're still a scummy person and you disgust me beyond my ability to make myself say. you absolutely suck.





bye nerd. get rekt.

nini scoots~

lmao the fucking pot calling the kettle black has never been more blatant

whatever criteria made you certain about me, I wonder if you apply that consistently.

seems coincidentical that I'd just happen to be the worst offender of it, and also you happen to dislike me.

these sorts of adjectives are so personal to you, and not me. I can't see how it isn't.

you keep replying like the shit he says isn't totally retarded...oh dear...

My inability to think romantically about industry is linked to the undeniable fact that industry has killed millions of people and stripped the rest of their dignity. There are no raw emotions in an industrialized society. There are only the false emotions taught to us by the power structure.

Enlightenment is a bullshit word that people who live a life of luxury use to state they're better than everyone else.

I could shit in a hole and bury it. Or I could shit in a river and let it be washed away.

All feelings are fleeting except nausea.

Be a human being with dignity and an identity. He talked once about how when he was young he listened to the song of a mocking bird. He realized while listening to it that what it was singing was a car alarm. He was mortified that humans had become so destructive that they stripped away not just the dignity of other humans but that they stripped away the dignity of animals.

same rip

Well, true. But it would still be nice.
Sometimes all I really need is someone to just hold me for a few min.

You could get one of those weird pillows with the arms.


Yeah, someone invited them out to for sushi and the movies

But you said date just yesterday!
But glad it was all good~

Who's the lucky boye

I considered a fur suit filled with something heavy.
Cuddle up to that.

it's more like,

I know the feeling of demonizing most what you fear to be.

he is nothing like me.

he is nothing like me.

he could never be as lazy, as sadistic, as cruel, or dishonest as me. But if he sees me as bad, and he hopes not to be like me, I hope that means he's soundly none of these things. he never tells me what makes me so terrible with any detail, because he knows that his attention to those flaws will reveal things about him.

or maybe he hasn't thought it out.
he might not think anything out.

We talked about this, Kanra.


Someone who probably didn't even get the succ, poor dude

i dont even

can someone else tell this retard that industry saves and creates more life than destroys?

why does your dignity have to require the absense of this miracle of human ingenuinty?

Why does Kanra always stir drama?

What? A movie AND food but no succ?

wth Luka

That sounds more expensive and weird.

i said it wasn't* a 'date' yesterday.

did we? or did I just use you to make myself feel better?

loco can't lose because he's not playing fair.

he says, stirring the drama


I've seen more people than I ever wanted to see working god awful factory jobs for 30 or more years who are maybe on their last 15 of life who never got to be anything other than a factory worker because they never had a chance.
Factories pay us shit. It doesn't open doors and "moving up" in the company means being shown how to work another station and working 2 at once. It rarely saves. It more often traps.

It is.

We did.

I prefer my drama shaken, not stirred

Exactly, so mean. Not even a handy

I chose to ignore that tiny bit of information~

Friendzoned hardcore.

yea so fucknig way

you're rattling off the most cliche anti-Nature rhetoric

you haven't even TRIED to think that industry may be the better good

you're biased.

"the factories"



"just another statistic"


you probably also think it's murderous, and poisonous

is a single life, or a life lived suffering, worth a world without industrial advancements?

Have you ever actually worked an industry job?

squash is supposed to be one of your friends and in the past hour you've called him biased and told brought up the dog fucking

To be fair I brought up the dog fucking.

I'm out. Sorry for starting shit.

I had a bully in school who once caught me playing on a piano in the music room. we were told not to touch the instruments. he used the excuse of me breaking the rules to fuel his bullying. if you want me to feel bad, I don't really. if he can get graphic about dog fucking, surely getting objective about it makes sense, and can progress the conversation to its inevitable conclusion, that is acceptance that dog behaviour is an easily shattered illusion.

there's nothing rom- like you fucking read

Evidence. I have both statistics and history to back me up. The latest OSHA statistics from 2016 state that 13 people died in work related accidents every day in an average work week. Taking that number alone and just assuming it was the same amount of people who died every year from the start of the first industrial revolution to just the end of the second industrial revolution you get the number of total deaths from work related accidents as 696,384 deaths. This number is grossly under inflated since it leaves out the major industrial accidents including large fires that swept entire factories killing everyone inside, it also leaves out the many massacres that occurred by strike breakers moving into union camps and breaking them up using physical violence, not to mention the production of weapons of war which made large scale killing as easy as pushing a button.

My dignity is hampered by this "miracle" as you call it because I no longer exist as an individual in the eyes of the state. I'm just a number. I'm programmed from birth to obey everything the power structure orders me to do. I'm forced to consume against my will, to contribute in ways I don't want to contribute, and to smile and legitimize internally the power structure.

I know.

I would never kill or otherwise harm another person, but if those who control the power and the means of production are destroyed I will not mourn their loss.




So you got anyone you want to be with?

I threatened to commit suicide on the anniversary of his dad's suicide.

pretty fucked up. the only time he ever showed empathy to me, was when he found out my dad abused me. guess I felt fucked up was what he wanted.

bully bad

Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. Loco at least understands basic logic and can follow and argument to its end without resorting to just spewing random garbage that is demonstrable false.

I don't know, really.

Your father abused you physically nonsexual, sexually, or emotionally?

hundreds of millions of lives have been created, hundreds of billions of days of human lives have been lived, because of industry. Your disdain for statistics has left you unaware of the scale of human life, relative to history.

okay, maybe you personally hate your existence, but how about the existences of others?

I suppose if it's not something you care to seek at the moment it's not something to worry over.

I work 4am to 4pm most weeks.
6 days a week.
Tell me how my life has been saved when all but 3 hours a day is devoted to work.


I got this from Thorin on twitter..

if you're working more than you'd be needing to work in the woods, and you're getting less, something is fucked.

I'm not sure how the math of your life works out. I'm also talking about lives created and saved by stuff like advancements in medicine and pharamcy, because of industry.


your beliefs make sense to you. I'm sure this is all subjective anyways.

You want to be bullied hard, is that what you're saying?


You didn't answer my question.

Relative to history the industrial revolution doesn't even appear as a blip on the radar. No, lives have not been created because of industry. Lives have been destroyed because of it. Days being lived in an industrialized society are not days worth living.

Let's have some more statistics, eh? The average time spent at work in THIS day and age by the average worker is 40 hours. Paleolithic hunter-gatherers spent an average of 20 hours a week on work, which includes hunting animals for food and foraging for edible plants, activities we consider recreation in this day and age.

I no longer hate my existence. I'm free, my work has finally been liberated. I've found my pocket of silence and the courage to paint badly.

I just take everything in stride these days.

What about the lives spent making dildos?
That is part of the industry.

I really don't care either way about this whole thing honestly.
But I feel like you are kind of marginalizing a lot of people who's lives the industry ruins by saying it's good and not really seeing how it is also very not good.

As long as it works.

*pets the pretty kitty*


emotionally. verbally. upsetting stuff. but then loco voice chatted with me. and he was really nice. and he says things about me that give me nothing but doubt and confusion, and I ask him to explain, and he subtly suggests he understands me, and can see my core and judge me scum.

then every comment he makes after that makes sure the doubt and confusion is reinforced, but continually making deep, cutting, vague comments, that judge me. If I suffer, will that please him?





actually i jus woke up

Oof good morning
what are you stilll doing up?

Talking about yourself again, I see~
Is true

are you judging the days of lives of others, that are not your own? you know that they'd be better off dead?

fuck it. you're not going to be convinced. You utterly believe that life is worse because of industry, and that the life provided by industry is actually not even worth living, but somehow one in the woods is.

I know you don't have reasons for this, and it's just feeling.

I kek every time

only a degen like bard would use reverse psychology like that


haha yes I forgot


I'm a degenerate

*hugs back*

Nah, church. Is Sunday

Also the amount of lives lost due to things like antibiotic resistant super bacteria, staph infections, more prevalent cancers due to heavily processed foods containing dangerous chemicals, not to mention the crippling debt people in the US go into who can't afford medical insurance and don't qualify for medicaid. Then there's the now prevalent prion diseases that people in England have due to the exposure to BSE which turns into vCJD in humans, the amount of pollutants we breath due to large scale factories, the destruction of natural resources through mining and fracking, industrial accidents like oil spills, the poisoning of the sea by dumping plastics into it, the rising global temperature which has caused the ice caps to melt, etc.

It might not work too well, but at least I'm consistent.

Okay, that's all I needed to know. Get over yourself, you fucking pansy. Your daddy didn't love you, big fucking deal. My mother beat me mercilessly when I was younger, my father was married to an emotionally abusive alcoholic that used to go on rampages and destroy things around the house while hurling insults at me. He's right, you are scum.

We'd all be better off dead. Then maybe this planet can recover and flourish again.

My reasoning is that the shift from a primitive hunter-gatherer society to a settled agrarian society caused the rise of greed, mass violence, and the class system which further fueled the greed and violence. This was only worsened because of the Industrial Revolution. My thoughts and ideas are not based on feeling alone. Unlike you, I research everything I have an opinion about so that I can have solid support for my views.

what will you do today?

Could be a good thing at times.

yes, even all those fucking numbers put together

we're talking trillions of days lived, of movies watched, of air breathed, of books read, of love made.

Do it kanra.....build that wall.......


help someone pick parts for his computer, it seems. Am doing that right now anyway.
What about you?

wait kanra what are you saying about my dad

Please just leave it alone.

Could be, nothing has come my way recently though, which is fine.

As opposed to the actually uncountable number of days not lived due to lives being cut short.
Air full of pollutants that cause cancer.
That doesn't mean anything at all.
You haven't read any books.
Because people didn't fuck before industry. People didn't fall in love before industry. Love and sex magically appeared at the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Go fuck yourself, you self aggrandizing sack of shit.

uh if you don't support the wall that makes you a commie

How is the gallery thing going?

And I for sure don't want to be a commie.

i want to build my first ever computer someday ;~;

i'm just enjoying funny youtubes and memes, and thinking about video games.

It's slow going, which is to be expected.

you better not.............talk bad about communism...............................!!!

That was good eats.

back, bakas.

It's great fun, and it's nice playing with what you built yourself.

Should play some instead of just thinking about them~


Build pc!

well, hopefully something turns up.

We bleed red.

how are you enjoying the day squassers?

Day ruined

I said you think I'm fucked up because I said what I did on the anniversary of your dad's suicide. of course I couldn't have known. but you did mention it repeatedly afterwards. I felt sick. I still feel sick.

wtf i suddenly just got in a great mood

Well enough. Might go to town and get food.
Charging my electronics before the storm.

i want super computer with some kinda titan thingy x
and super ultra mother board with tonsa gigahrtz
and fast rams

i kno, but im distracted ;~;

too many parts not optimized with each other ;~;

I need more exposure. More competitions, more publication, etc. Plus I ought to either move to the DFW so I can be in the city that's growing exponentially in the arts or at least make it a habit to drive up there every other weekend to visit galleries.

the right kind tho


...my dad's alive though

why you making shit up

the hurricane is supposed to hit you?
Yikes I hope you can stay safe

do you have the high ground??

another lie. I wish loco would do a suicide

Don't you have the magazine thing going?
I'd figure you'd get exposure there.

I live on a mountain.

we're only like season 7 of this shit
don't blame the writers for forgetting continuity and roll with it.............

I like to think that all of us live on our own mountain

yes, I can understand your metaphorical struggle very well...........

but please remember that even though you live on a mountain
no man is an island

dont be afraid to open yourself up : : ))


but why? Distracted with what?

Wow, all this sarcasm

No, Bard. I live on a literal mountain.

I like how Kanra tries to sound like he knows what he's talking about, but when a person who actually knows what they are talking about, at least to a much better degree than he does, argues with him he starts dropping points left and right to try and save face.

Yes, but that's the first magazine. I need a lot of exposure since I don't know anybody in a gallery personally.

He's trying to win sympathy.

I wish I knew what I was talking about.

o-oh gosh

that's some where the red fern grows deliverance shit


do you HONESTLY expect to out WIT someone who watches RICK and MORTY?

hu help

I don't think anyone can come back from this roast.

Ah. Not a big name magazine?

Come on.

you shouldn't be allowed to fuck with me after me being at my most vulnerable towards you. nothing can ever be fair after that. every kick you make, I assure you, is felt.





Loco is a manipulator and liar. It is okay kanra.

havin a good time


That show is a garbage show.

It's a big magazine, but that's only one magazine one time.

i never said a goddamn thing about my dad committing suicide to you. tell me where that comes from. or did you just make it up?

I sure wish Darwin was around..........

All my friends have been posting colored caps of that anime made in abyss and it all reminds me of dars manga caps

Fool, if it ever seems like I'm rationalizing a view I already have, and just want to prop it up for its own sake, let me know.

At least have faith that I believe that my delusional beliefs are well intentioned and thought out.

not ew

because its effort

I'll be honest. I expected you to say close to the edge.


Any other outlets to be known?

kanra's usually most vulnerable right before he's had his

Morning Coffee


now that you mention it

I believe they are intentioned but I refuse to believe they are thought out at all.

Yes, but those competitions are at the beginning of the year.

Well the new year is only 3 months away.

this post, right here, on the same day, moments after you blocked me, and called me sick

He was making a joke about 9/11 with his dad being one of the punjabs that blew up the tower.

do you get the joke

Yes, I know. I'll have to keep a close eye on my email for the alerts.

jesus fucking christ

Email is for squares.
All the cool kids use fax.

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you.

autists have a hard time finding subtle humor clues and tend to take things literally

leave him alone guys

I can't afford a fax.

I do not know the exact numbers, but we're talking billions of babies born.

and billions more that will continue to be born, that wouldn't without industry.

however you measure their lives worth living,
your numbers of 'dozens of deaths per day' would have to be 'tens thousands of deaths per day because of industry', which seems unlikely given

1) infant mortalty has dropped as appropriate industrialization affects more countries
2) more resources available per person because of industry, means more of us live longer for cheaper calorie expendature

Far be it from me to say anything, but like, can we all just stop?

I'll fax you mine.

it's not like there's any other conversations going on

If they quit it's just going to go stale or we're all going to go back to the
hehe~ flirting that occupies 22 hours of the boards daily schedule



this is amazing and i am going to tease him about it forever

don't take this from me


Kanra, please, darling, you need to stop. for your sake.


the poor baby has been eating his guts out thinking it was my dad's anniversary

i want to hug him.

Honestly preferable.

I'm having a chill convo with Fool.
Start a chill convo.

Please just stop dude.

how about no

It was a purely innocent confusion and my entertainment is mostly the humour of being relieved and being able to give him some relief. It's fine. We're cool.

i'm not really sure how to feel at the moment.

I carried this for weeks. yea, this is funny.

guess I connected dots that shouldn't have been, and even I'm a little amused by this. really wish you would just be straightforward and not mean to me though. stop hinting at how awful I am like I should know. stop punishing me for whatever crimes you think I committed.

There's nobody here for me to socialize with

I've already alienated myself from everybody and it's awkward and feels fake to try

it's easier for me to make quips at someone elses expensve and maintain my social prescence without having to actaully be social


You threatened to kill yourself if I didn't do what you told me to. That was the mean thing you did.

We should make up Bard. Babygirl.

scoots I.........



🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢I 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢THINK🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢V YOU 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢SMELL 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢TERRIBLE

you interrupted my post chain and now I hate you forever


did you ever go back and read that?

I know you didn't. why pretend like the context that was said in wasn't obvious, or my immediate saying I wouldn't actually do that. I was at peak anxiety, and fear of being left alone with my thoughts, and especially you, because I accidentally shared sensitive things to you, and told you you could hurt me.

you weren't hurt by my words.
but now you're using them as an excuse to hurt me. this isn't even a metaphor or interpretation, this is literally what you're doing.

And we're talking about just as many babies, adults, children, and the elderly who were forced to stay in the work force dying. We've only relatively recently gotten the death rate to be lower than the birth rate, and even that has caused all sorts of problems.

We're talking about dozens today. The numbers would increase if we went back yearly, getting into the hundreds during the first and second Industrial Revolutions.

1. See above
2. The "resources" available are not available to most people. In countries that are currently industrializing, places like India, the resources available to the vast majority of the citizenry is so expensive that it's impossible for them to obtain them. In places like South East Asia, poor working conditions cause all sorts of sicknesses and deaths with employees working in factories being de facto slave labor. Some factories forbid their employees from falling in love, getting married, or having children. China being one of the worst offenders for these horrendous working conditions. We also can't forget the countless lives lost in large scale wars that were impossible before the 20th Century because the industry wasn't there, asbestos which caused thousands of cases of cancer, industrial chemicals being used that not only cause cancer in those exposed to it directly but also negatively impact the health of children born to people exposed to it, the poisoning of the planet, the increasing temperatures causing the ice caps to melt because of industrial manufacturing, etc.

I don't have a fax.

You immediately said you PROBABLY wouldn't do that, and then said what you were going to do was cut yourself because of me.

I don't deal with terrorists.


Yes. That is why I'm faxing you mine. So you have one.

But where will I plug it in?

fucking destroyed kid

I'll fax you an outlet.

You all saw me be the bigger person. Bard is just a fucking retard.

But I don't have a fax!

That is why I am going to fax you a fax so you have a fax.

But I don't have a way to plug that in.

That's what the outlet is for.

not sure if you noticed, but the nicest time you were during those interactions, giving me the most attention, was during something particularly fucked up. I got panicked. and I said things, and you're deciding there was something in them that let you know I was a monster, or a terrorist, or a sick. I've been trying not to think about this, but I keep ending up thinking about this. I'm not sure how bad I should feel over this. I didn't mean to terrorize you, but I guess that's what I did.

but I don't think you actually care, Loco. I think you want to think what you want about me, otherwise you'd accept an apology, and understand the conditions over that week that lead to a moment, and even in that moment I tried to explain I didn't mean what I said.

I like cats.


Yes, but how can I get the outlet if I don't have a fax?

watch this

Ugh. Fuck it. I'll just fax you the details.

Learn to get attention without trying 2 kill urself

You never apologised, and even now you're making it out like I'm the bad guy. I'm such an asshole for not being more understanding when someone tries to blackmail me.

Work through your shit.


Loco, you've never apologized for shit either.



wow i thought you were gone forever

i apologise to sabs daily

here u go
an HD version of ur pic

thanks this will be sure to burn through my data faster

Not what I mean.


Hi Luka, what's up ?

I might have. Who knows ?

Where is she from ?


What details?

Yes, we got the birth rate to be higher than the death rate, this has caused all sorts of problems as well. From overpopulation causing a shortage in housing and other resources, to a strain on the economy with all these sick elderly people draining social security and requiring increasingly more expensive and frequent medical treatment which is covered by medicare, a social welfare program that everyone pays into.

I have no problem with social welfare, however, the amount we pay versus the amount we spend is not equalized.

not much

looks like she's some kinda voltron new anime character...

It will all be in the fax.

I'm telling you I will feel as bad as you want me to feel for what I did.
I'm not sure if an apology would work here. I got this gut feeling that it won't.
I feel like even if I did, you've judged my very core enough times that there's always something to be disgusted about within me.

sorry for threatening to blackmail you. I'm calm now, and know damn well that was wrong. not in the expectation that you'll forgive me, but I'll apologize and mean it as many times as you want.

I am working through my shit. but now I- im really tired.
you're not a bad guy. you're not the bad guy.
I'm not the good guy, I'm not a victim.

you're just a person that says, and has said many things to me, another person. and I'm telling you I've felt a lot of it, and I've tried to come up with answers for why, but all I can do is try to explain myself.

at least when you're calling me a terrorist, factor in my remorse and shame, and willingness to overcome the emotions that make me say those things.

Voltron ?
And i'm sure your life is interesting. You're just shy.


yup giant robot

not really i woke up ate food and sat here the whole time

But I don't have a fax.


When Squash gives you dem true FAX

yes, money and debts and credit cards and banks and corporations and media and ambiguous black liquids pumped into the rivers and probably drinking water and the sky and our food.


vaccines? more like poisons. humans were never meant to fight disease. let Nature do her job and kill more women in child birth.

judge me senpai



Me too. I'm afraid of what my life could end up looking like. I've been playing LoL too much lately, and I'm still very bad.

The birth and death rates were stabilized during the paleolithic. The increase in birth mortality rates came about when people began living in settled communities. Do some fucking research on a topic before you decide to start an argument with somebody.

i should be playing lol right now
but instead im posting here and watching youtube vids

the only fundamental problem a person can have is being complacent in their problems

if you're trying to be better then whatever. you're only disgusting when you act like your acting disgusting is justified. so don't do that and you're fine.

okay, so tens of thousands of paleolithic mothers gave birth,

28 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in 2013

still more life. still more days lived by more humans.

I don't need to know precise numbers to know that all the ones you're using are orders of magnitude smaller.

Too bad we're on different continents. It'd be nice to play together.

how about you write down what disgusts you about me, or what I should personally find disgusted by.

because you've said a lot. and some of it are things I have no idea if they're just me, why they keep happening, or how I should feel about them even if I do them and know they're wrong. like, you call me stupid. do you mean emotionally stupid? or actually stupid? did I not get something you said? it's not your fault I play these things over in my head.

if I'm going to take in your judgements, try your best to explain yourself clearly.
because my stupid emotions like to take the worse parts and ruin days by pinpointing everything that's wrong.

Man, I can feel it.

im on NA

Not at all, there are more people who have died over the course of the thousands of years we've been living this way than there are people who have been born in the last couple of centuries. And we also see with this mode of living, not just in Industrial society but also in agrarian societies dating back to the beginning of civilization (read the move from hunter-gather to settled agrarian) epidemics of diseases that wipe out millions of lives. We are not talking about deaths magnitudes smaller than births we have now, we are talking about the current world population many times over in deaths. The total number of deaths dating back to the start of the Agrarian Revolution and moving through both Industrial Revolutions to the present day so far exceed the number of lives actually lived past a few days or even a few years (because not only was infant mortality high, but the mortality rate all the up to the age of five or six was also extraordinarily high) that we could fill every square inch of land many times over with corpses.

figure your shit out for yourself.

I know, much sad. If I tried to play with you I would have atrocious lags.

Adachi, are you the one that said you wanted to fuck dogs and that it's okay to rape people?

not really
europe has less lag
playable really
na has more lag :(

The only time rape is justified is for class enemies and kulaks,

There is nothing wrong with fucking dogs.

He wants to do it because he can't have sex with women.


Did the dogs consent


Or something like that. Maybe it was that dogs are easier to get along with? I can't quite remember all the details.

here is a literal chart of the population increase since the Industrial Revolution

whatever numbers you're using to get the idea that deaths increased, you're not adding up properly.

yea, I will, but how about you don't vaguely hint I have shit wrong with me all the time, and not explain. I will say this again: it has ruined days of my life. if you're going to do anything, next time you want to be scathing, explain to me what I can do so that you'll stop being scathing towards me. I'd very much like for it to stop.

but some of it is about 'me'
and not my actions
or my emotions

and I can't stop being me, but that is the thing you say is wrong.


I like it over sex with men.


When the hell did I say that ?

I don't know, locally probably, but I wanted to play internationally... That'd be bad. Why, did you want to try ?

Are we talking about male dogs ? Don't they have worms and stuff ?

Good morning.

time to leave

i tried to other servers, and it's not bad, people tend to overhype and whine about how bad they say it is, but they wrong.

You do get that all dogs can have worms right?
And not all dogs have them. You just have to deworm them if they do.

How are you, love?

I am utterly terrified about how I treat squash. I've expressed this to him. told him to let me know whenever I do something wrong, or that he doesn't like.

but when you say this, I make myself feel guilt. instantly. regret. shame. I try to explain it away, and I hope Squash will understand, but if he actually felt mistreated by me, I'd feel like utter garbage. and I think you're telling me to feel like utter garbage with this post.


Yes, we have seven billion people alive today. As opposed to 108 billion dead people, and given that it wasn't until relatively recently that births outnumbered deaths. In the Paleolithic it only took 80 births per 1000 people to sustain their tribe and ensure survival. Where I'm getting my numbers from is the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, which uses as their starting point 50,000BPE.

I don't know. Sex with men is pretty fantastic. I've never had sex with a dog, so I can't really compare, but still.

Like, last year or something?


Oh, and here's an article by the PRB that talks about total number of people ever alive.


Again, I get people have emotions and sometimes they get the best of them.
I really don't have an issue here.

Might be the taboo of it.
I can get off with dogs pretty easy at least.

You're a strange person.

what's your point here? that i made you feel bad by pointing out the truth and it's my fault?


Maybe I could try. I just need to know when you're online. Do we have a discord or something like that ?

I am aware of that, but apparently it is something fairly common. Too common to take the risk of assfucking a dog if you want my opinion.

I remember something about saying that I was desperate at this point, but I wasn't really serious. I think I kind of wanted to see how the thread would react. And about raping, no, I never said that there was nothing wrong with that. I can't even imagine one case where raping is okay.

Is the taboo enough to go to this point ? I feel like there must be more.

I know.

I fucking hate Thanksgiving

Don't fuck a dog in the ass.
Only fuck a dog if she's in heat and a large breed.

Even if it's a funny rape?

Do you? Do you really?

Too much info. But...thanks ? I guess ?

Rape can't be funny, therefore no.

I'm not sure what your point is.

108 billion dead over 50,000 years is a big number, but small compared to 7 billion alive on this Earth

it's not like souls are in line to get bodies

there are just... people... and more people get to live more days because of industry. if you have unhealthy habits, don't blame industry. you can opt to recreate the harsh conditions of Paleolithic man if you please.

I am thankful for Loco being such a terrible person. It always gives me a pick-me-up.

Rape can never be funny? Even if it's a clown?


I just want to be sure you aren't hurting the dog if you end up doing it.

It can be sexy tho





it's not that you make me feel bad, it's that some part of you wants to make me feel bad, and you're telling me to do something about it, but you've said so much is wrong with me, that I'm not sure if I can do everything about all of it.

you word them to hurt me. you don't say, "Here's what's wrong, here's a better approach"

you just say, "So much is wrong with you. This. and this. and this. and this. and this. wow, even new stuff. Why won't you change?"

one leads to a confusing, anxious mess. one might actually help, if that's what you're doing.

Clowns are more creepy than funny. That would make a creepy rape. I mean, more than usual.

Okay, okay. But I'm not sure to see how heat is mandatory.

Don't know, don't want to know.

work your shit


for yourself

108,000,000 is small compared to 7,000,000. You realize you're retarded of course.

There are more people, which causes all sorts of problems. Industry also causes horrendous problems I've already listed. Living in cities and large communities like we do now causes all sorts of problems. You literally cannot justify any of this beyond that we're doing it now so we should be happy with it. Industry is a nightmare that has stripped us of our dignity and our identities, the trade off in comfort is not worth it. We cannot even see the problem as a whole because while we weren't paying attention some rich fucks set up a power structure that has systematically programmed us not to see what is going on. We are being used, and when we stop being useful we'll be thrown away.


No, I cannot recreate the conditions of the paleolithic. The only way to do that is the total dismantling of society and industry and a complete rewilding of every person.


Clowns are god damned hilarious. What if the clown was being raped? Also, what if the rape was sensual?

Just try fapping to rape porn. There's nothing wrong with that so you won't get into any troubles.

He's a rich kid. He's used to people doing things for him.

I don't think a rape can be sensual.

I just don't care about rape in general.

Its kinda hot. You'll care about it it you try.

This spoiler is in depth info about dog fucking. Read at your own risk.

A dog is not very receptive physically when out of heat. When it is in heat it's able to accommodate you vaginally. Otherwise you're going to be hurting the dog a lot because it's body has not made itself ready to be fucked. It causes the canal to expand.

Like, if the rapist lit candles and rubbed your shoulders while he raped you or something. A sensual rape.

Rape me sensually.

we do have a discord


If it's Oobles Discord you need to run it by her first Luka.



join my discord :3

stop being a twat
stop being depressing
stop how I'm acting

you're the one being sick

how the fuck am I supposed to WORK OUT why you said these things

what you're doing seems like torture

what you've said is that it's so obvious that anyone can see what's wrong with me,
but I can't. I can't and you tell me I should, but I can't.

haha deurrrr let me just make my problems someone elsees fault

what I fucking said was

"108 billion dead over 50,000 years is a big number, but small compared to 7 billion alive on this Earth"

I don't want to rape someone.

That's...info I don't think I'll ever use but it's still nice to know.

Sounds nice. Who is on it ?

I meant that I'm not interested in rape porn. Or in raping. Gosh.

I didn't understand most of those words.

I'm very careful about all this Bard. I will need a triple check from trusty members before clicking on that.

Bard what is this discord?

Gunna need it if you fuck a dog.

welcome to our Holla Forums discord:


Unlikely. But thanks anyway.

You dont have to just look at the make believe fake rape porn

it's the discord link to my discord

Bard. Your discord is full of tards.

What's in your discord

Bard. Give me mod powers in your Discord.
I want to change someones name because they made me mad.

Don't wanna.

work your shit out

for yourself

by yourself

but loco, I don't... there's more to it. I don't mean all of it. I don't understand...

you don't- that's not how I meant it.


We are talking not about right now. Let's cut out the first 42,000 years and focus just on when they say we settled into Agrarian civilization.we've only cut out 5,000,000 people. The current birth rate does, by no means, measure up to the deaths in any given year prior to basically now.

Then you should say what you mean.











I asked him what he meant by 'being there for me' and he said

so then I say that I'd kill myself, stupidly, and not meaning it, because I had been lead to think that meant he wouldn't go away, but what he then said was

but I'm spiraling now. i dont know how to stop.

thanks but im in indo, no thxgiving here :((