Good morning ♥

Good morning ♥

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Something something not morning

Whenever I drink coffee and start injecting marijuanas feels like morning

How was your day? ^^


loco kill yourself


back off BITCH


fucking thread change. erio is a nerd.

Whenever I drink coffee and start injecting marijuanas feels like morning

How was your day? ^^

Oh that post did go through

Disregard the repeated reply

-huggu- ♥

Boring p much, got nothing to do


I will NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I just woke up a bit ago lol

Just been messing around on the internet

By the way, "too many threads; try again later" is maybe the most hilarious imageboard error I've ever gotten

Will Holla Forums ever stop imploding on its own weight?

better knock off this gay shit brah. I love fukken chicks.


Same but I'm also into some pretty gay stuff

What kind of messing around on the internet?

I don't think Holla Forums will ever be able to handle itself tbh

I am unreportable

Talking to people and listening to music while trying to shitpost

Oh, on one of your other weird side websites?


double reported.

Your feeble reports stand no chance against my power

ur power is weak

Stronger than urs

Here and on Steam

I said "trying" because it seemed like it took my posts a pretty long time to go through at first and I got that error I mentioned

This vaguely reminds me of some other funny error Holla Forums used to give; something about an alacrity demon not feeling very alacritous

I think you really prefer being a subby gay slut though

u shut ur mouth


Oh. I wish I was better at talking at people sometimes

It was the alacrity daemon or something, I remember that

cupcake is rude





Going to go get something to eat; bye for now ^^

Hey Bart sorry; I would have replied to this if I saw it but I'm baked and Holla Forums was distracting me by being bad at the time so I guess I missed it

I hope you're feeling alright tonight ♥


bye NERD

another poster bullied to death


stop this bullying

no b-bully

Only if you say please.


pwetty pwease

There it is

I'll stop for now

yeah u better stop

Oh yeah? And what if I didn't?

I'll cry a bunch

Mmmm... sweet, delicious tears


I have next to no food so basically everything sounds delicious right now sorry ;~;

Delicious white tears

should get some food then.

haha yeah fuck white people

My wallet has a dollar in it and I need all the gas in my car to get to work until payday

so buy something for a dollar.


a dick to suck on u gaymo.

Oh, but I already have one ;)

proud of u

Right? Damn gringos! What they ever done for anyone?

other than almost everything, nothing.

Just kidding I'm all alone and always will be haha

I found a pack of hot dogs at the back of the fridge hallelujah

lmao dude u funny


OH you thought... No, I mean like food because I had none

oh no, I was saying your first line was funny.



because I find other people's suffering hilarious.


Ha ha yeah so do I



look at that it's finally back

you seem less than thrilled. what happened to loving all that misery?

Perhaps I was slightly facetious when I said I enjoyed suffering

shouldn't lie to me bro. that ain't cool.

Sarcasm isn't lying!


it absolutely is a form of lying.

oh god not you too


the rick and morty sauce is selling for hundreds of dollaros apiece on ebay

sqaush you eediot

Nu uh.




so you're calling me a liar?


well that's mean.

boomk iggn reveal trufdned myself dxc ukjto a pickily mortyr


hi hi whats up with you tonight?

Glad to see the evening crowd showing up again

This inverted colour scheme aint big enough for the two of us

CUpcake is a salacious liar

idk how tho


This one isn't inverted though.



because ur a bully

WOW uhhhh okay yeah right

I am not, you just make me do it

tell it to the judge, meaniepants.

Oh, I will

And I'm gonna WIN


Remember that one time when Rick turned himself into a shitposter?

it fits you

now you're scary on the outside too........


You wrap your hand around the screwdriver. You turn over the pickle. It's Rick. It's warm, wet, cylindrical Pickle Rick. He's Pickle Rick. Rick has turned himself into a Pickle. It's Pickle rick. Something stirs within you. He's Pickle Rick.

You open your mouth to scream but no noise comes out. You don't remember how to actuate your muscles and you can't run. You feel the saliva in your mouth; it tastes of brine. It's Pickle Rick. The pickle juice oozes up from within you and spills out of your mouth as you stare in front of you. He's turned himself into a pickle. He's Pickle Rick. You remember, when you were younger, the way he touched you. It's Pickle Rick. The memories don't stop, like the brine within you. There's no running away. He's turned himself into a pickle. It's Pickle Rick, Morty. He was always Pickle Rick.

What up guize?


lookin forward to the movie


I don't like pickles, or Rick and Morty :c

If I told you would you sit on it?

Movie, you say?

I think you're pretty scary too dude

Hey boyo what are you doing with your night?

you listen to anything tasty recently?

what are we watching?

That image is so smol, I am sorry.

I find myself to be in a similar situation to Rick. Not in that I am a pickle, but that I view myself and my intelligence as both an unstoppable force and an inescapable curse. (I know, I'm an arrogant asshole. Feel free to ignore me.) I love being able to predict things around me and control my own little world to some extent, but at the same time I'm incredibly bored by "work" that I feel is beneath my abilities and desires. In some cases, especially when the "work" is really taxing on me emotionally, I would rather just die (read: escape). I do have some self-destructive tendencies, not in a suicidal sense but more in a "fuck everyone, here's the truth" sense. I would sometimes be fine with sacrificing my reputation and position in life in order to escape the boring "work" of what has become a routine, nagging on my subconscious. There's a part of me that hates that nagging so much that I would be fine just letting my ego run free, abusing anyone in my path for the sake of my own judgement of what is worth my interest.
The only problem is that with that approach to life I would eventually be alone and still unable to reach exactly what I want out of this world. I don't want to just be in control. Complete control is impossible anyhow; people can only be manipulated so far and reality only bends as much as my arms can handle before giving out. I'm not a god. I want more meaningful things than control anyways. I want to be loved. I want to love. I want to connect with people mentally and spiritually. I want to serve God. I want to make the most of the time I have and fulfill my natural needs as a human as well as help others fulfill those needs. I want to discover the truth about people, about God, about reality, and to pass that truth on to those after me so that they will be better equipped to live in this world. I want to do what most people want to do: make the world a better place. At the end of the day, being a narcissistic asshole doesn't accomplish that as effectively as I would like. There's nothing wrong with trying different things and removing myself from negative situations, but raising my own standards as high as my impossibly large ego will only make me miserable in the end. Sometimes suffering through stupid shit can lead to something or someone truly worthwhile on the other side. That right there makes it worth it to accept an imperfect, shitty world instead of trying to dominate it by sheer force.

remember that time bard was a depressed garbage case

Pickle juice is good for post-workout.

Well, mostly just some metal/rock'n'roll at work via spotify.
The playlists really take me on a journey.


Oh boy, is it your dick?

2shots of fireball mixed with a glass of apple cider.

that maes my stomach twist and turn just thinking about it dude YUCK

why you drink so often grids?
it's going to hurt your insides

Have I shown you these guys?

I think I'm gonna need some proof here

I love you bard.



You asked me for something chill the other day and I kicked myself for not remembering this song


it's very sexual to kiss someone and they taste of pickle

How do you even know this?

Have something chill Batr.

I like drinking, I'm sorry, I think I'll be okay, I just enjoy drinking a little every so often, last I drank was a little vodka Wednesday.

Cum see me.


I'll notice you

Who doesn't love Opeth

You come here.

I like to drink pickle juice from the jar very regularly. I've researched excuses to tell people.

Not that I have anyone around in my house ever? But if I'm out and around and have it in my sports bottle and people can see the juice is a little cloudy with bits floating in it.. Or if I spill some down myself and smell of pickle.


Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Funnily enough you're the one who told me to look into Opeth more a few years ago.


loco isnt dead


Not sure if it is edgy. Just funny.

If a zombie outbreak starts in vegas, would it stay in vegas?

I approve.


nii ni
gimme soft ni nis please

Well, I mean, if we believe the Resident Evil movies, well, then no.

I am the master.

How much do you like instrumentals?

Dont wake up


You're so far and I got some cuties on tinder now that might wanna hook up,
The cuties started rolling in when I put in my bio
"Shy on the streets, dom in the sheets."
People seem to dig cute shit like that.

you dont gotta apologize lol

Sweet dreams, Limey

But we can't trust movies!

Sleep well Scoots.

I like both vocals and instrumentals, but meaning is always worth something to me.
Also have this that came up on the playlist.

I actually did a drawing of a monstrous looking face that says "Don't Wake Up" on it.

what do you think of my nigga Flume chan


How's Fool, and how's Eric?

But they're the closest we get to what-if scenarios!

He's pretty good, although my favourite from him is with Chet Faker.


Digging it so far

fuck I wish he had more of those............

Not anymore! Just look at Orville vs ST:D. Orville feels extremely organic and 'star trek' while ST:D feels so fucking fake and 'star wars'. And I don't mean old school star wars, I mean the new 'star wars' shit.

Thought you would like it because of how melodic it is.

Same, although Chet Faker on his own is pretty good too.

But I really shouldn't drink so often, you're right, it's just when my mood gets bad, the bottle gets cracked, and when I'm really good, I just want a little to sip on.
It's self medicating, and it's been worrying my girlfriend too, so I maybe will cut back a bit.
It's nothing like I was drinking before though.
That's no excuse though.

I'm sorry, when I can get some D 12miles away 700 miles doesn't sound so nice.

Fool is doing well, Eric is being a weirdo like usual. How are you?

Funny, when my mom was listening to my music the other week she thought I liked the discordant songs

what's your favorite chet faker track?
I honestly haven't dug alot of his solo stuff but I hven't dug that deep into him

I really love James blake though and they hav ea pretty similiar feel

Oh, you still chat up Eric, I like him, he's really out there.

I talk to Eric everyday. He's my handsome little fuzzy butt. Just look at this handsome little devil.

I haven't heard of any of those, nor have I seen new Star Wars unless you mean the movies, just because the clone wars thing didn't catch my fancy.

I'm glad to hear that, did the paintings get sold?
Better than months ago, but still somewhat same old awful.

Ah, probably hasn't listened to anything considered melodic in metal-scene.

I think probably Everything I Wanted, funnily enough I heard it quite a whole lot after finding him through that song with Flume.
James Blake?

People watch The Orville?!

No, but I just finished this one. I think I'll enter a couple of competitions with it.

Everything is awful all the time. You just shift your perspective like the early Christians did after the death of Christ.

We were listening to Stone Temple Pilots because we got on the topic of Scott Weiland somehow. I said one of the songs was my favorite on the album and she said it was the most discordant one

She is most definitely not a metal person, but she does like AC/DC so that's something

Oh, different eric.

i'm suprised people watch tv at all i thought we would have all collectively scooped out our eyeballs by now

Eric is honestly cute as a button.

I saw the top bit of that as someone in jean overalls and now I can't unsee it


He's exactly like chet faker LOL

Who are some of your favorite producers if I'd bother to ask?

artists that you dive into and the dive into later usually have the BEST shit hidden beneath the surface

Eric is the only Eric anyone should talk to.


The new movies, yeah. Not the 3 prequels, but the new shit ones that are coming out to pander to our shit new generation.

I think it is fucking amazing. It really does give me a star trek feel.

Since when are jeans green? Did you see green jeans? I want green jeans.

I watched the first episode of a new gun/war aftermath apocalypse nuclear winter anime today, it was uploaded yesterday, it was really cute.
Shoujo shuumatsu ryouko.

Well now my interest has waned

Huh. Well it's not getting good reviews but I don't watch tv so I wouldn't know I suppose

I'm talking about the blue part, duh. But yes, there are green jeans and you could order them online presumably

I don't order things online anymore. Not after that fire broke out last time... What blue bit?

Oh, hopefully it does kick off.
Are they entry-free or?
True, funnily enough my friend noted about that fact a while ago when we were playing games that the human mind generally just points out the awful things and forgets the good things fast.

Well then, I've always considered AC/DC to be more of rock.
Although nowadays if I hear AC/DC on the radio I check out the other channels as they've over-played all of their songs

Ah, never heard of him.
I can't really say who's my favourite, I'm bad with forming grandeur opinions.
Well, I've liked other stuff from Porter Robinson too that isn't just Shelter or Sad Machine.

Well, I didn't really expect anything other from them than pew-pew, so it was all fine with me.

Evening, James.

If you say so, you are pretty wise, so yeah, I agree.

It is actually getting fabulous audience reviews. Just getting shit critic reviews. And the reverse is true for the new Star Trek. The audiences hate it and the critics love it. Just look at the rotten tomatoes of Orville. I think the critics rate it at 20% while the audience is at 90%.

Porter Robinson is a grand choice

very fat synths

i'm suprised people watch tv at all i thought we would have all realised by now that entertainment is just an arm of the marketing-industrial complex meant to culturally validate immediate personal gratification because that's what sells magnum ice creams and iphones

i mean culturally validating selfishness and passing feeling is what leads to nationalism and illogical un-dialectic politicism but whatever i guess we need demand for ice creams and iphones to make jobs so people have money to buy ice creams and iphones right

Well, then you might have to venture out into some strange stores to find them

This bit, it's not entirely blue but large parts are

That is the problem with them though, in my opinion. And it all started with shit like the Transformers movies. High budget pew pew. The plots are shit, the writing is phoned in.

I mean, fuck, I get wanted to introduce fans to Star Wars, but if you were just going to do a reboot of episode IV why not just show them Episode IV with new CGI graphics?

They are rock, just more close to metal than most stuff on the radio here

Well yeah, that's what I meant. I can't really judge in any capacity as I said, but I'm sure it's not horrible

t. someone who has no idea how writing works

There is nothing inherently wrong with nationalism. A good dose of it would do America, and much of western europe, some good.

So you watched that ricklantis episode of Rick and Morty, simple Ricks cookies look pretty tasty I guess.

I hope so too. Very few competitions are free entry. Typically it's 30-40 dollars for three images, with an additional small fee for any image submitted over three.

I think it's more about thinking of bad things as good things.

Good evening, Squishface.

He's a good listener. And when you give him food he does a little happy dance.

Yes, but there are a lot of strange stores around these parts. I tend not to go in them because there are weirdos who work and shop there.

Yes, but which bit? There's a lot of different bits in there, even all the blues are different from one another.


Although I liked his Flicker when it was released, despite it giving out that creepily weeb vibe.

Nobody really likes re-boots, at least I don't, it's tedious to watch something again if they've done a few minor changes and graphical overhaul.

Oh, well then, I forgot you don't have a station that plays rock/metal 24/7

My schatzi pup does a dance too and she spins like a tornado when she wants outside.

Yeah, I figured that was the major factor holding you from having gone into them already

Literally the entire bit in the screenshot, my brain put them together into one solid bit and saw the primary color as blue

We do, but my mom sure as hell doesn't listen to them

How fairs thee?

i dont watch tv

Ah, hopefully they don't cost too much.
It's kind of hard to think positively all the time, but that's when the weekends kick in.

Oh, well then, I would have thought like you meant there aren't any and that's why she doesn't put one on if you ask her.


I haven't listened to the radio since like... middle school. When I got an Ipod in high school I basically always had it in

I watch Bard.

The way I see it, the best attribute that anything can have is novelty.

Take two people, for instance. Both geniuses. Both working on the same thing. One finishes a day before the other in this massive breakthrough. Which one is praised? Both did extremely difficult work and are certainly worthy of praise. Yet we only remember the person who was first.

This is why people don't like reboots. They are viewed as being lazy and hack. They try to do something safe by revisiting something that was loved before. And the usually fuck everything up in the process.

It is sad that it is going that way though. I really wish the whole Star Trek reboot of 2009 didn't happen.


I read a news story that Seth seems confident it'll get picked up for more seasons so we'll see

I don't know what a shatzi is.

I don't like weirdos. They're weird and they smell like pinesol.

The entire bit is different colors. There are only a couple of areas that are the same blue.

It goes well. I got paint, brushes, and more canvas today. My paintings have taken a very strange and wonderful turn towards liberation, and my animals are doing wonderfully. I'll be taking Eric, my roaches, and either my scorpion of my little girl into a kindergarten class next month to teach more kids about the wonderful world of arthropods too.

Are you enjoying your time off?

I don't think positive or negative, I just think. I'm reading the book Industrial Society and it's Future right now. It's really brilliant.

So far. I got a Switch and gave Snuffles the special Splatoon stuff it came with. We all went to dinner together as well. It was nice.

Bring something more pleasant to spray on them and neutralize the odors

I realize that it is all different colors. I'm telling you how I saw it, jeez

It was the biggest initial audience reception in terms of numbers that FOX has had in a long time, if memory serves. It's ratings aren't great, but they are solid. And it isn't up against extremely stiff competition. And since Seth and Fox are basically lovers, I would be surprised if they didn't pick it back up.

Oh, well then.
I just generally play stuff from random Spotify playlists or hit up the radio if I can't find a new playlist for new stuff.
Besides the radio hosts here usually have pretty interesting and funny stories.

Sounds pretty much true, although the re-boot might be someone's first time even watching it all.
I just generally don't like watching a re-boot as it tells the same old story and telling the same joke over and over again gets old.

I try to think positively, but it gets tiring quite often and feels a bit forced.
I just bought Pulp and The Men Who Stare at Goats today as something to spend time on.

hmmmm a bit uptempo///////

Anything with his name on it is guaranteed to get eyes, even if only to hope for a spectacular implosion

I just kinda pop around to different music websites and check out various albums. Also following websites for various instruments always finds some good new stuff

That's good. I'm sure he enjoyed that. Last time we talked it was about murder. I was concerned to say the least.

I thought about it, but I don't want them, like, virtue signaling or whatever at me.

You saw it like a dumbo. Also the camera on my phone can't pick up the subtle changes to the different blues so they all kind of read as the same color.

I don't try to force my thoughts in any one direction. I let them roam free. The Men Who Stare at Goats is about the MK Ultra tests with psychics, right? Industrial Society and it's Future is a work of political theory.

I have actively avoided the whole situation.


That's probably a good thing on your part. He's all about not wanting to be close to people right now.

Oh dear, buzzwords

I saw it like I saw it, there is no right way to see something lol

I know.
Honestly I'm trying not to be clingy with anyone anymore. So hopefully it helps.

It's like he's becoming me, only without the freedom.

Right? I'd just rather not deal with those stinky weirdos.

There is a right way to see or not see something.

It's my Australian kelpi, she's a absolute sweet heart.

Then you may never have your green jeans.

I'm not gonna go into any of that mess with you either so let's just drop that

You seem to have changed a lot over the last 2 years it seems.

Well, I mean, Delta Heavy used to do dubstep in their earlier stages.

I have a hard time actively following anyone or anything, so I rely on other sources.

That sounds a lot healthier to be honest.
Yeah, that's what is it about, but it's like told in the sense of Gonzo-journalism.
The name just really screams left-side, so is that anyhow correct?

And a chin chong nip nong to you, young lady.
Just kidding, how's Soters?

Facebook helps a lot in that regard

nobody really changes

I disagree.
Or maybe it's just our perspective that changes.

Lord knows my opinions of all of you changed over the years. Some of you I hated and now I like. And some of you I liked and realized how awful you were.

But I like Bard~

You always loved me, don't lie

that tilde is the most unsettling thing I've ever seen next to

I just rely on the local rock/metal radio to tell me of new albums coming up as they're sure to play songs from the albums.


One of these days he is going to realize I am awful.

All my little guys friends are sweethearts. My dog Sam was a total sweetheart too.

I will get them, even if I have to find a weirdo and kill him in an alley to get them.

Messes are fun though. It's fun to wallow in filth.

His ideas of clingy may have changed to be more extreme than most people's ideas.

I'm still me, I'm just freer than I was before.

It's pretty healthy, yeah. And even if it's not, I'm not going to put a stop to it.

They made it into a movie starring George Clooney.

The guy who wrote it is a mathematician whose doctoral dissertation was so complicated that only the 5 most brilliant mathematicians in the entire world at the time could understand it. He is also an advocate for anarcho-primitivism. Return to the land, hunt and gather your food, any farming should be done at an incredibly small scale.


You seem more laid back to me.

It's better to follow your own rules.
Heard of that, but I haven't seen it yet.
Ah, well, still quite much leaning towards left.
I still find the extremist ideals of any side funny.

Yeeeeaaahhhh, too much normie shit on those around here


You gotta keep your eye out for that specific kind of weirdo then

This filth I can do without

I've managed to unshackle my mind. Before I was so caught up into production of work that had to fit a specific style and look a specific way. Now I'm free to work how I please.

Schatzi is her name, it's German for sweetheart, she is love.

I am glad you seem to enjoy this new aspect of life.

But Colbs, I'm too much of a normie irl.




Does anybody have that picture of this cute girl

in a police outfit?

i cant fidn it.....

Is it? I think the idea of better and worse are just illusions.

It's not that good.

Yes, he is a bit of an extremist. He did maintain a bombing campaign for nearly two decades that killed three people and injured over twenty others.

Sam was his name. It's short for Samuel. He was a total softy.

I always keep an eye out for those special kinds of weirdos.

All filth is good. Especially dirt and garbage.

We're all glad of it.

And you say that you aren't?
Mr. hitting on the chick at the counter

Does anybody have that picture of this cute girl

in a police outfit?

i cant fidn it..

Do you mean this picture?

hi fool

And somehow you haven't managed to find any yet?

I am TOTES not.

I think freedom is always better for one.
I just recall hearing the name many times, so I thought it was alright.
Wait, is he unabomber?


They should have given the Saudi guy Sellsword Twinblades

Lies, blatant lies.

I used to.

People who give gods actually people names are wierd.


Do you mean this picture?


Nah, they're not the right green.

Freedom is the best.

It was popular enough.

Why yes. Yes he is. Ted Kaczynski, the brilliant mathematician turned anarchist extremist. He committed to rewilding, one of the few anarchists to truly commit.

You can't prove otherwise

Hey someone get grim to check his discord

I was going to shower and sleep, but now I'm clean and revitalized and wired as shit.


It's a cute anime girl......she's wearing a police outfit........... : (

Pretty much, although I always feel confined when I'm in my own country, so only thing that truly brings me joy is travelling.
Ah, that explains it then.
Well, it did come in my mind when you mentioned he was a mathematician, but the bombing sealed the deal.

I am going to call someone up on the stage to testify.

god damn I am suddenly tired as fuckin shiiit

god damn I am suddenly tired as fuckin shiiit

Nobody is really around to hang in call with either.

Is that not what I posted?

Ted is the hero we need, not the one we deserve.

Is something wrong?


i'm not up to speed on modern american animation....



I still think it's a bit dumb to target tech stuff, considering how much easier it has made our lives.

I am only up to date on certain animators.

goodniht friends, compatriot,s, or otherwise

It's also made us into thoughtless drones. We just obey blindly. Ted was right.

Sweet dreams Batr.

I don't understand.

It depends on if you decide to follow anything, I just personally enjoy sitting on my fence.

You gonna miss the main event :c


Neither do I.

I follow myself. If I don't want to do something I don't do it.

yeah i was super excited to see it but my buddy ended up having problems with his stream ;~:

Were you wanting to call, or was this something else?


Sounds reasonable enough.


I was going to go work on a drawing a bit. I was saying boo to you not having anyone to call.


Well it's just late is all and my normal group is not accessible at the moment.
I am not in any Discords because I needed some panic space.

Panic space? Like one of those safe rooms rich people and Jodi Foster have?

If you ever want to expand horizons you're welcome in my off comunitty melting pot

I just wanna find out what Subtle's saliva tastes like

Sometimes I just panic and lose myself.
I make space to compensate.

I will consider it.

How many Sapporos in?
Also based taste for Asahi.


Okay g'night


holy shit he's getting ate



tfw no touhou slav gf.......


Going to see Sander van Doorn in a bit at some club in LA

tfw no all powerful tall busty blonde 2hu wife

i want yukari to open up a portal into my heart

but then you'd die.

Sleep well Sub-san.

RIP, should drink some to avoid the horrible club costs.
Yell at him to play Joyenergizer or Neon.



Went to see GTA, Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Alan Walker, Deadmau5, Pendulum, Pegboard Nerds, Brennan Heart, Tungevaag & Raaban, Wasted Penguinz and Armin Van Buuren a few months ago live.

GTA is low-key weeb for using 2 Big Bands from Skullgirls fighting off using trumpets as their visuals for this song at 0:38

my god that was brutal


jesus christ

my best friend is having troubles in real life with his younger brother again

i hope things work out well for him in the near future

That drawing went surprisingly smooth.

We all lose ourselves sometimes. But really it's not so bad.

drawing? with a pencil?

My man BD streaming Tremors

Startin soon!

7mins bois


hi hu
joining the tremors stream?

With oil paint on a sheet of paper.

I just woke up..



Good morning

Had a good day?

Oppaiyo Hu Chan


Oppaiyo Hu Chan!


Thank you Holla Forums, lol

Did it bork again?



What happened to Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward?

mods happend

bd said he'll try some other time


This place is deader than the last tranny Grim slept with.

well I mean if Holla Forums was even working half the time there'd be more posts

Holla Forums is down all the time

Holla Forums was never down

I've had lots of posts not go through and there's been huge posting gaps. Plus there was literally a "downtime shitposting backup site" for Holla Forums


is it up

yep everything looks good!


how to know nezi is tired

posts tripcode


yes hi

If I come to Florida will you give me a kiss?


new thread

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