I'll spread my angelic wings, giving blessings to all

I'll spread my angelic wings, giving blessings to all

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u r a demon.

and a nerd.

oh god I'm still new and I don't know how to reply to people across threads.

Help me

Nah, nah, readin' too much into it.

▶TP (You)!ROVQMO7Q/6 United States 10/07/17 (Sat) 00:37:26 3f370d No.1867881

there are a lot of characters showing up so i will satisfy their ego

the most attractice bro is soto


soto is the only person remotely attractive

besides ikt long dong

Type your reply in the reply box on the last thread, then copy/paste it into the new one without submitting it in the last thread

somehow I really don't think I am. the message is very clear.

If u get the reference ur cool

I have a lot of energy ^^

Shouldn't you sleep soon if you'r keeping a diurnal schedule now, by the way? :3

Yeah, being a gay sub for a while can really work out the kinks in your personality

Thanks -slaps your ass hard-

Thank you. Thread posting feels so unnatural still, I wish I posted more when I was younger, should've mulled through gaia online or something.




mistakes have been made!

i still can't get past colbert fucking ghostie

I don't think so. and I don't mind~

bty you're all lovely people

Literal or figurative kinks?

Oh wait, we're talking about personalities. There is no literal. STILL, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

No problem, it takes some getting used to and I've had years to do it so ask me if you need something

Fuck no lmao

How drunk are you TP?

Actually Casper is handsome af

SD is also pretty up there

I've never seen Ikt, just his massive cock lmao


oh hey


Good job with this post; you're doing great!

I love how she wears so many different outfits

My last avatar waifu barely ever changed clothes

Crazy shit


I guess both

that's most characters from anything animated.


Thank you, thank you! I'll try and work on my incompetence

Hi! No problem!!

I hope you're having fun?

for some reason I'm not physically tired

i am a little hot

Define normal

How close are you to your final form?

I wouldn't put TOO much time into it, but good luck

people are trying to find the line between taking and honoring

its only in video unless you want the base static image

oh i'm just letting you idiots have fun


if only you all could have been in vegas

tyty, How is your night going?

What does that mean.


the shooter was from Iowa
I suppose I have to do my part in this picture

lol not sure

You too ♥

How are things?

Well I guess my previous waifus were the wrong kind of crazy; I don't know what to tell you

Really though Satania's sense of fashion is pretty kawaii imo

Are you high? You seem to smoke as much as I do so if I were you I'd just get high enough to fall asleep

I kind of like the idea of perpetual change

A final form is a limitation

Relax dude


I shoulda gone to bed when I had the chance!
I didn't listen!


Well, I mean you vape, Bart, but u know what I mean

ur pretty kawaii imo

I'm very good at making people regret their choices.

Well, I'm a bit bored. I don't feel like playing video games but I have no money for anything else atm so I'm just sitting here being bored for the most part



sorry stocking i did get a little hot

so much human garbage


haven't dug into it yet

maybe that's why I'm so meh
These past few nights I've just clocked out as soon as I get off of work, no smoke or anything


it's honestly disgusting soto

but i have to kinda be on point tonight lol

bty does anyone here like cuphead? I'm like 29 hours into the game and I want to marry Cala Maria

I have not really tried that, no

No u

Are you saying I'm eating my OWN ass?

What are you even upset about?

Pretty good ^^

Just stay here for a while longer and then try again

Actually, I've heard staring at a computer screen when you want to sleep is bad because it does something to keep your brain awake

Smoke some now then :3

It's pretty challenging and I like the music

Makes me feel like Im in the fucking 50's

please somebody post a picture of grim I'd like to make a funny meme

rly makes u think, huh?

Give it a shot, be careful tho. Too much abyss can be a bit unhealthy.

Meh, I know I'm not gonna be sleeping any time soon and I would rather bond with you guys!! I really don't take the time to appreciate you thread posters.

Thank you for the advice tho, I appreciate it.


Im gonna die after this second dab lol

I will run away!

What's the worst that abyss can do to you in the long run?

I'm bad at video games so it takes me awhile to be decent enough to beat levels, but the music is really bumpin and the art is A+

plus moogs gets tilted playing and it's cute :3c


when colbert and ghostie fuck

do you here them blogging?

How often do you dig into concentrates?

I'm going to blog until I die

You can hear the typing from the other room lmao

Ive always smoked them but my friend let me borrow his rig so I bought 2Gs

oh wow

Why do you feed this

Why am I even asking

eat shit any posting regulators

hopefully soon

pls don't die brad ;;


there is a special place in hell for the people companies hire to buddy buddy up to real people

kill you probably, idk. The abyss has been scaring me as of late so I haven't bothered to look.

But you've had long interactions with it in the past?

who hasn't?

H A S N ' T

I didn't think I had...

I mean, I don't see previews~

6hr maintenance, fucking great

inb4 ikt

Like 3 hours ago

oh shit someone bought hot pockets imma try fuck one

oh well it was just a cool looking inubashiri

Pepper, don't do it.

You're a cool bash

film it



site's shit

good things im not pepper!

isnt that one of the wizard terminology ikt finds annoying

cant if im distracted i might burn my dick

Bash is something you both love and hate

He fucked a hotpocket though.

like dick?

thats past tense i havent done it yet

I throw my hands up in the air some times
Yellin' "Ey-oh, pass the Mayo"

I'm actually not that fond of mayo, tbh.

Probably in your case

yup i love my own dick and hate all others

so very believable


Doesn't change anything.

Who am I kidding the entire soundtrack is so good that I'd post it all if I realistically could.



I like it

alias trek="git pull"
alias druk="git push"

where can i ask stupid questions and people know the answer and dont look down on me for doing dumb shti



"hello ive been stupid and installed certbot-auto on a raspbian stretch image that already had a working certbot install on it (from apt) and then it installed some dependencies now i want all changes by certbot-auto done but there's no docs and im worried something broke and im dumb"

@feku i dont have brain damage

well use it anyways to laugh at idiots

what can possibly go wrong?

Downvote :(


*~* :3



so should i fully cook the hot pocket and let it cool down or risk not fully cooking it? i intend to eat it after im done with it

am i getting flamed yet i cant look community.letsencrypt.org/t/accidentally-installed-certbot-auto-over-existing-install-uninstall-instructions/43743

hot pockets are too ameican



Stinky Holla Forums

it was actually the best makeshift onahole i tried yet. the only problems it has is its too small and it loses the heat too fast

I can honestly say that the body of a child is revolting.

Good to know.

what if you make ur mum hold it


if you can honestly say it does that mean you experienced it?

wth im degenerate not weird

glad to see 8ch back up


Literally want to fuck Bard.

That is wild speculation.

Up and attem, bardo.

ur pretty weird

what are you up to today my man

change of plans im just going to stream Dune myself instead of getting someoine else to do it

so if anyone else wants to show up or if Grim or Ban come around ill be lurking in thread

Anyway, what's up?

Hu go to bed

Holla Forums being shit

No, not yet

Just eating and sitting around at the moment. Might do something later, but I kind of doubt it. You?

Not a thing. Anything with yous?

Demetrius Johnson has a title defense fight tonight f or the Flyweight championship

If He succesfully wins and defends his title, he'll break Anderson Silva's previous record as longest title holder

besides a potential Dune stream later tonight and maybe some other movies idk, not much planned yet for the weekend besides some dirty bomb, cuphead, and being disappointed that i'm not near popular enough areas to get the Rick and Morty meme sauce. so very, profoundly disappointed.

Was playing Zelda all morning and in call with Test.
Put up some more fence as well.

Is this boxing?

And this guy

what are you eating? I'm feeling peckish myself

just woke up
20 minutes to late to cash my check

I'm like 20 min away from some sauce and I still don't want to go.

that's why there are apps on your phone for you to take a picture of your check and an endorsement signature

it's going to be a great night!

I don't have a phone

Put up some fence?

Oh just frozen pizza. I am classy as fuck.

Why were you late? Can't go now?

i don't expect it to be good but i am not immune to the draw of novelties, and i'm sure it would have been novel

as it happens the person behind me was upset about it too, and made some retarded rick and morty related joke i dont remember

for me the novelty is a little self-masturbatory because i remember having a discussion with a friend who thought that rick and morty would not be popular, and i said i thought it would be immensely popular. and now here it is pulling sway with some of the biggest corporations in the world

oh okay

On saturdays the lazy fucks only operate from 8 to 12 and on weekdays they only go from 8 to 3 pm

I think I might jjoin you in that

today your day off?

i want her to エクスプユーロシヨン my dick

weeb shitter

Horse fence.

I already had it when it came out the last time.

i want feku to 蟹挟 my dick

i did too but thats not the point i was 7

Jesus your bank sucks dick. Mine is open a full day on saturday, and a short day on sunday.

Yeah, thankfully. The week wasn't bad, just tedious. Had to work 10 hours yesterday to get my 40.

I was unaware you had horses.

2 right now.
It fluctuates.

yea banks around poorer areas, like ours, tend to be pretty horrible

the world is not fair

well at least you can get your moment's rest now until the bs starts again......

you get tomorrow off too?

What time is it over there?

no not weeb learning jp for the sake of being linguistic!

crab pound?


oh god..............

woah you got it down to the second

I'm just that good

what does that entail? getting a live crab to pincer your dick? smash it with a crab cracker? pound on it with a crab?

Fluctuates? Do you stable them for somebody?

I can't complain. Yeah, I didn't volunteer to work on my days off so I got the weekend. Need to wash off my bike and shit. But I got pretty drunk last night and I don't exactly feel great.

Smug anime character of ambiguous sex, yet still decidedly feminine

you're always drunk boyo

make sure you take care of your insides

you've only got so long to make others happy

Sounds like a trap to me

Yeah that describes him pretty well.

I don't get drunk nearly as much as I used to. Once a week, maybe.
Don't make me start being a downer this early in the morning, lad.

Hows the music world treating you?

ill just chalk it down to a case of wizardry since i dont understand it

I don't know the reason.

I am confused.


my best friend hasn't been hanging out much so I haven't been teaching guitar much
when we do kick it he doesnt much want to practice

recently he tried to trade his gibon flying V for a gibson nighthawk, so that's intereesing looking forward to seein the new one

I think Since we talked last I tradedd my old acoustic for a nice '10 Taylor Custom Guitar
fancy with an engelmann top, cocobolo back and sides and a nice ebeny bevel on the top for your arm

I've discovered alot of new music reecntly as well to listen to so that's always good

the biggest thing going on for me rightn ow is flipping my sleep schedule upside down, so noow I'm waking up when I'd normally be going to sleep and fuck is it tiring

what kind of seep schedule d you keep? If I had to wager a guess I'd imagine you're in bed by 11 p.m hmm?

Earlier, usually. I try and be in bed by 8 pm, usually fall asleep by about 9 or 10. Get up at 4am to get ready and be at work by 5.

I used to work overnights though. I enjoyed it. Waking up for work at 10pm and getting off by 7 or 8 am. You have the whole day to do whatever you want!

Good on you
early to bed early to rise

for me It's always sucked having the whole day before me cause I feel trapped in my room if I can't find someone to hang out with

but at night i have no prollem shutting myself up here

kind of a weird perception thing I suppose

my dad used to be an overnight worker

he'd put in a shit ton of hours...
one time he ended up crashing his car because he was tired as shit and crashed into a big ass sign that fell and crushed the hood of his car
he ended up in a neck brace for like a year or two
but he's better now

Squash and Mugen after posting on Holla Forums for 3 years

Jesus that is horrible. I know I have done things like that plenty of times though. I had to call my brother to come get my awhile back because there was just no way I could ride home.

I have always been good at finding something to do. Watch videos or play games or just sleep. Sleep is really good.

New Brunswick sucks

does anyone actually still watch this because im actually kind of curious

didnt meant o link

yeah I watch Super

i havent even been following the show for 40 episodes and i called frieza turning on frost like straight from 109, the writing is just too predictable for me

i was like he's going to turn around and eliminate frost after pretending to take out gohan right and then he did

you're a wizard

Inb4 freeza turns good and joins the z fighters

Thank goodness you came. I needed to inform you that im sleeping earlier than usual because the sun has started appearing earlier. Now i can rest knowing you are informed

Been lurking all day though, could have just posted it~
But sleep well Feku

I'm the expert



bd check discord

bard I am afraid of what meme you might make of me
also check discord

nsa stop


i was scrolling through fb last night and someone posted a runescape meme that was like

Cute girl "let me show you how talented I am ;)
and then a guy on the right looking blushy

then in the next screen it's her runescape inventory chock full of stacks of stuff and the dude was like


and I was gonna make a hupony/grim meme but nobody posted any pics

Seems familiar.

what kind of face are you looking for LOL

a ny would have worked but I scrolled past because none appeared in the 3 minute window that the meme was funny in my head

thanx though

I found out one of my best friends from the fur threads plays so I might get back into RS.
You should also readd me on FB.


osrs right?

Yeah. I have an account that I could probably find the log in for again I guess.


okie .///

I never actually played RS admitedly........ i was into guid wars when that was popular!but alot of my friends did.

Fuckin retroblogging lol

It's good for memes. Not much else.
My friend wants to just fuck around so I might.

Is best version

ay grim

Ayyy I got logged in.

It's all just kind of grinding in one way or another.

It is, but RS3 is nowhere near as grindy.
OSRS is like the Burning Crusade of WoW, whereas RS3 is post-cata

is 10pm est good for you

for the 1990 tremors

Pretty sure right now the only person I have added on RS is Ian though.

I never played past level 14 as a panda in WOW so I have no idea.

i just made a vuaghnlive account because yea, so send me the link to the pirate about 15 or 20 minutes before you want to start and ill just keep trying stuff and shouting "is it workin yet!?" till we get something (ive never streamed before)


oh good the threads resident quality control poster is here

use OBS


quick guide on how to use it

once you have all your bitrates and stream keys set, just make a new scene, window capture, custom area, and make it the area of the movie. Then preview stream, right click the preview -> fit to screen or whatever the fit to option is

for the movie search tpb for yify tremors 1990


What's your ign?

Lol sure


Shitty name, but it's 13 years old

think you got what it takes?

nigga you know aint no nickelodeon aint gonna be showing no mf bojack horseman

I already have you dingus

could be a lot worse.

Added, mine is YtSeJamz

okay we'll do that if this doesn't work good, but i mean i already made an account and its supposed to be super easy to use so im going to try it

cant you just like send me a link? i usually use pirate bay so i'm not sure how to navigate the other site, i guess ill just download it 1080p or 720, whatever is highest for 1990 movies, we should be fine either way

and im going to be using my phone for discord so i won't need to exit the movie screen at all except for intermissions, and ill be using my 56 inch TV

Loco doesn't have what it takes.
Good joke.


its a cool thing you found loco, im sorry these people think yuo are implying you'd put yourself forward for it just because you posted it


It could have, but just one more year and I would have played it during the Runescape Classic era.

I'll log back in to add right away

ur name could be rainbowswag or anything and not 13 yrs old

when the fuck is episode 2 of that going to come out, i want it

All of us are talentless hacks so we should all be supportive of Loco sending in their futa fan fics to Nickelodeon.


hopefully we get somethin going

there are so much worse things a young hu could have picked for a username. heroes222 isn't even cringey or anything. it's just not all that creative.

Man, thats a mighty good joke there fren

lol yeah, that would be worse

yeah who'd name themselves rainbowswag. only some kinda nerd.

this desu.


Does the metro in your area go through your front teeth?
Or just the local tram?

what the fuck is this hopefully bullshit, no we are streaming this tonight like its happening get some snacks fucker

The name is far too familiar

It's what happens when you play a whole lot of Heroes of Might and Magic and find the game entertaining. Of course you'd name yourself after it :3


I was talking exclusively OSRS, not combining RS3. My account has been around about that long too

Just like your dental plan.

it's funny because >>1868111 emily here used to go by that name.

I mean, sure. for you. I played a shit ton of 3, which is the best one by the way, but I never named myself anything related to it. ya nerd.

Keep fishing.

hey don't make fun of the brits and their painfully obvious lack of any sort of dental plan anywhere in their entire country.

Holla Forums is kind of more fur and pony anymore.

Stop smelling like fish.

oi love its jsut teeth mate you can replace those and then chomp on more congealed blood and beans with spices on them for breakfast

HOw dare you try to step in on me and Scoots flirting, you poo filled Pamper licker.

Better than reeking of dog dicks.

it's been this way for at least since I showed up over a year ago.


Congealed blood and beans with spices sounds like my shits in the morning.


Oh! I guess it's about a year and a month old then. Made it like a month before HCIM came out.

I wonder how he'd come up with that name. Wow.

I was 12 years old, give me a break ;__;
I still play HoMM III. Damn good game

I say we bully more shitters out until it's just us exclusively.


You are way more of a no-lifer than I am lol. Granted, my RS3 account is near maxed minus invention because I stopped playing a few years ago

aiite boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

super good game. I was never any good at it though.

I dunno. the crazy names we come up with right? like having pony in your name, or naming yourself after a confection.

shouldn't be too hard with how sensitive these pussies are.

At least our teeth are as white as the flags you wave during the wars.

you're thinking of the french. the british are actually okay at wars for the most part.

post your smile instead of her smile so we get to know that feel better

americans pay more in taxes for healthcare than brits do

I do envy the UK for it's lack of niggers, indians, punjabs, and chinks though.


As an American I don't have to differentiate other countries.
Because if you aren't American then you don't matter.

holy shit, wow!
Wonder how long you've spent on RS3. I haven't spent nearly as long there.
What a shitty game too compared to osrs

I wasn't either, that only came later. Go beat all campaigns~

lets see those pearly whites

feels fantastic

well before you get too envious remember that it's full of mudslimes and even has one for the mayor of london.

I don't have any teeth pics, but have a pic of me at the pool I guess.



also the uk actually has a ton of black people.

you know what, that's true.
good point.

way too hard. I'll cry.


with sand all up in their vaginas.

It's almost as if I post my nudes to my tumblr.

Not having 3 of 4 is still good.

why are you naked? and i was really hoping scoot would post to demonstrate how much all those free healthcares services pay off

Wouldnt trust cupcake... last bf they ahd died in a truck accident

well we don't have that ratio here either...maybe in some areas, but certainly not the whole country.

sounds like scoots is gonna have a little accident soon too if he doesn't shut up.

Jiners are icky.

Are you a wizard?

I'm not exactly body shy and it was a private pool.


More like private POO

Yeah, accidentally being THE best.

Shadow of Death is pretty easy, mostly because you can change the difficulty of each and every scenario. Only the hidden campaign is actually difficult.


c o r r e c t

I am both Clairvoyant and All--Seeing

Rip Cups sister.
Died of a truck.

White is right.

ONS's new internationally-comparable “health accounts“1 show that the UK's total healthcare spending in 2014 was £179 billion, or 9.9% of GDP. As a percentage of GDP, the UK spent less on healthcare than USA, Japan, France and Germany and a similar percentage to Canada.



God damn, it's like waiting for christmas

not for long, them sandniggers are gonna start breeding like mad

well, you look alright, i suppose you deserve to enjoy how you look

but i have to ask you who took the picture now

the best at being in a coffin.

ur a hidden campaign.

might makes right. white is might. secure a future for white babies and all that.


My uncle.



I slept too much


its like one of those japanese anime saunas except not as cool

i wanna be in one of those naked with a full open bar i wonder if we're on the same page here

no such thing as too much sleep

Depends if you can put your back into it


Jesus Christ man, that's like forever!

But I'm not difficult!

except for fish. fuck that guy

I'd be cool with going to a nude bar or something.

It was my main game for the longest

yeah fuck fish

Today on things that are not ok.

so you're saying you're easy?





i cry

Good morning Grim.

I actually only slept 6 hours, but it felt like too much.

That makes sense~
I really didn't get into Runescape "for real" before a few years ago. Didn't touch it for years and before that, I played like 30min once or twice a week.
Don't play anything else now..

o-oh boy just look at the time!!!


nude bar would be so awesome bro i would love that just get drunk smoke on the balcony outside in the air like over a mountain and their is a lit up city in the background

wow im going to look into this

I've been eating your sleep



Poor, poor you :(

I'm too lazy to find one.

the dog asked for it


You monster.

Found a picture of cupcake while i was scrolling through my fb

cupcake's comes

Oh my God

Did it died

did it break?

u broke

Yes it are deaded

h-how did you get this? delet this right now.

fuk u

I enjoy this meme

ya'll motherfuckers need jesus

that was shit

how about I succ u instead

Wow what a slut

cupcake's comes



yeee boi

yo isn't that Kerasu?



a wetback and a humpback walk into a bar


Wanna meet up to fuck?



jk tho

although to be honest I wouldn't have sex with soto without seeing a very recent std test results.

Fucking nigger

How rude

I'm still a virgin tbh

LOL virgin nerd.

would still need to see that test tho because of all the tranny and trap dick u suck

I don't even suck dick tho


you'll suck mine, bitch

literally who the fuck are you talking to


I wanna cum inside emily

Literally Soto, why would I call you a nigger?
I thought he'd pick up on it

fair point.

Oh, that was towards me? lmao



Guess the dicking gets to his head HEH

Cupcake when are we gonna go out on a date like this?


Stop making me feel bad you dick

Content cop when

He basically made one already, just labelled as Jake Paul

as reference to yo

literally any time. I'm super poor. come take me out and buy me dinner.

I called it first, I'm closer and likely more poor

i didn't sleep at all last night because fireworks kept waking me up

it's past midnight

they're still doing fireworks

i just want to sleep

secede from spain


Honestly, I thought that was way more links

Sorry I'm high














back off BITCH