could have been

there's been so much turnover

i think test just bounced lol

i think she's mexican actually considering she plays a character named rosita

but probably mixed with asian tbh

all the really fine ones are



Mexican? Ah well, nevermind. I wouldn't want to dirty my genes.



Only all the time!

She's Mexican/Italian apparently.

yeah see,


isn't it though?

did you watch the whole thing?

Disgusting. My german neighbors would be appalled.

Yeah but if you mix brown and shit you still get brown shit.

what thing?

dude italian aint that bad

i like that mediterranean/balkan fervor

the video

she was so cold and non remorseful

it was kinda a huge turn on tbh

Italians are too close to being Spaniards, and nobody likes Spain. The only good European nations are Germanic, Slavic or Celtic.

TP is giving me a bad touch in waifu
Send help please

I don't understand.


eh i disagree

i enjoy a spaniard or portuguese woman like a lot

a lot a lot

defeat him

please never become that crafty

We might not be able to be friends anymore.

no but seriously what is a bad touch

argh posting lagggg

i wanna draw instead of arts and crafts

I assume.

i mean don't get me wrong i find my arian and ginger relatives attractive

but i think i find shiny black hair the most appealing

cause like not pure


Alabaster skin is the biggest turn on for me. By leaps and bounds.

i don't know man like sometimes

check this chick


Daddy issues.

i meant from a purely physical standpoint

A bad touch


The opposite of a good touch

her big red hair really gets me

not sure if anyone watches izombie

but there's a big red haired in that that really gets me too

Not really cool with the tribal tat. As well, she reminds me too much of my best friends mom. Kind of a mouse face.

Would do her, but I have seen better. Maybe a 7/10?

strange banana spam rip 4chan ded

The no chin thing is kind of bugging me, honestly.

He's been doing it for a couple months now
It's kind of pathetic really

oh i know that's terrible
that's my style

i would call it rodent face

it's funny to hear other's spot it

at least Holla Forums animus is safe

Safety in numbers
Also in moderators

I was gonna call it a rat face, but I figured mouse sounds cuter. She is cute, in a way. Just, it reminds me of a woman that I wouldn't want to do anybody except fuck. No talking, no hanging out.


It's a safer place since the board is literally for this, hence numbers
And moderators because they're mods

Ok. The Switch is a pretty legit console.


yeah i donno i know she's trash and doesn't understand male relationships

but just saying i should not be a teacher in a highschool

frankly, no one under 40 should be

What games did you get?

hi kyle ;;

I will try and forget you said that.

I would be fine in that terms. I would never be able to stand a teenager long enough to get my dick out. They are way too fucking annoying.

Zelda and Squids.


Gag me.

Also in game so slow replies.


that's a good point

it's one thing when you see a mature 17 year old hottie on stern

it's another when you actually see how fucking small we used to be

how's life?



what's up with based griddelz coming on to you

where did that come from

what are you talking about?

I can't do that, I don't believe.

My brother is knocked up a 21 year old, and I want to fucking shoot myself anytime I have to deal with her. I couldn't handle anything younger than 25.

Animus vs 4chan
What werer you talking about?

Age means nothing, it's about how mature they are
My sister is 25, nearl 26 and acts like she's 14

so i went to the doctor the other week for the first time on got a blood test

turns out the only thing that is wrong with me is that i'm mildly anemic

which i would say is pretty good considering i quit meat 20 years ago with zero regard for nutrition

first time in ten years*

That is true. It is just that with age usually comes maturity. Not always, but you are more likely to see a mature 25 year old than a mature 16 year old.

Fucking vegan.

Holla Forums animus safe place ^_^

and you're going to have to deal with your idiot brother's kid for the rest of your life

In theory, yes

No obnoxious banana here

i'm not vegan

i love eggs and cheese too much

They fucking live with me. Trust me, I am not thrilled by the whole fucking thing. I don't think a day goes by when she doesn't break down crying.


safe from banana's

No idea.

Oh but you can.

dude you need your own place bro

i think he was drunk

it's weird

like based griddelzs goes on these runs where he's drinking every night for a month

then he gets shipped off to another base lol

I think I last drank 2 months ago?

yo DOA that banana meme really fucked the shit outta your home lmao

you are more of a sex addict

that is your vice

I want you.
All tattooed.
I want you bad.

I used to have it. But then they moved in with me and out of my dads house.

you still messing with that cancer girl?

Its safe off the internet from banana too

More of an annoyance than anything

for homie soto

what is?

Yeah, me and cancer girl are still a thing. Not sure what, but a thing.

Her surgeries went well, so far. Just have to wait and see how things go.

That is a whole other thing I want to shoot myself in the head about.

if anything it's nice knowing that i could easily take over your home with a handful of posters

honestly man

i know it sounds horrible

but you need to get out of that

it's not fair to you

it's going to tear you apart

let her die

let you live

sad but true

I'm good at it at least.

You are free to have me.

I'm going to sleep. Visiting family tomorrow.. ;~;
At least it's my grandparents. The only reason I still go

It didn't matter in the end anyway
Some folks just sit in trash now

I gotta see how it plays out. I couldn't live with myself elsewise.



oh you are like maybe in the 80th percentile of sex addicts

such is life


here is the thing mandy

you are totally fucking up YOUR life waiting for her to die

i don't know your whole situation obviously but

come on man

you have so much potential

this bitch will be dead in a year


I can't help it.

Honestly, what I want is to shoot myself in the head. So I think this is better than that. At least in the sense that I am helping her.

And who knows, she might not be dead in a year.

it's you

don't ever be ashamed

my doctor said i am not getting enough iron

so hopefully this iron makes me a super hero

your situation is making you feel that way

if i was dealing with that fucking baggage i would be depressed as shit too

clean break that girl

say "i love you with all my heart. but my heart can't watch you die"

and walk away

that is my advice

Dude, no. I have wanted to shoot myself in the head for a great long time. I assure you this does not affect that.

pls dont ky ;;


For 15 years I have managed not to. Don't think I will anytime soon.

such a cock tease xd

Yeah she is....

if you really feel that way even secretly

you need to dumb the ho

your 10 years from now self will thank you thoroughly

believe me mandy

some cancer bitch is nothing in the grand scheme of things

you'll get over her

I don't plan on being alive 10 years from now.

My life is already a mess. It isn't going to get better.

you will be

no you are a based talented person

this cancer bitch is making you feel sick

it's cancer

Ask Kyle. This isn't a new thing for me. If anything, she is giving me a reason to keep on.

i'm sorry mandy i'm actually a really compassionate person

but ditch the cancer bitch

feel happiness again

no she isn't

she is mooching off of you

you need to feel independent again

kyle mooches off of literally everyone so his opinion is skewed

well shit i'm not going to continue fighting you on this other than saying

you're really smart and laying down for this cancer girl

i wish you all the luck

He might be the person that has known me the longest on here. I have never been happy. I have always been a depressed, drunk fuck.

my doctor asked me if i have been depressed in the last two months

i guess they have to ask that

if anyone fully understood being a static level of meh all the time



That's where you went wrong

colbert i hadn't been in ten+ years

i had a growth

wow the healthcare system really went to shit since i last visited


Also, so you haven't been since you were what, 43?

TP is old.

Aren't you old too?


i haven't had a doctor since like highschool

i would go to the campus doctors in college

but actually i only went once when i fell into a bush of poison oak

then i broke my ankle when i was 26 but it's not like they gave me a physical or something


hi brad



that is old

You're only 23? Fuck...

I was 17 when we met.

I haven't been to a doctor in ages

fuck i forgot about this song

how are you doing kiss? I haven't really seen you much since My schedule got flip turned upside down and I'd like to take a mi- wait a minute

don't go

they told me what i know

and they told me again

cause like the first person that noted it didn't tell that person

I feel old. And a bit of a cradle robber.

hi tp

i've got something i'd like you to listen pls

evening mff

Makes me miss when people here thought I was like 40 or something./

I don't plan on it

I'm okay. Tired. Very tired.
Want to clean my room this weekend.

I thought you were more like 27

How are you, bardo?

That is about what most people think I am in real life.

No. I just turned 23.

I always figured you around 25 or 26.


it really made me mad at obama


that's a relatable one
I'm feeling quite ired myself

but isn't your bedtime in a few hours from now?
never good to be exhausted before bedtime

how big's your room?

I''m stuck in a damn 5x10 if even that cell so when i think of cleaning room it's nothing but I'd imagine it's not really as easy as that for you

Tired just got off work and out of the shower so I'm all relaxed and loosey and worn out


27 for the now.

Sweet dreams.

Not autotune

It's a vocoder
he controls the harmonies with the keys

but like did you listen and watch?

It's a very charismatic performance and it's freash as fuck

maybe 8x10?
I have a very small room.


later kyle


like i got to talk to an MD for a minute

there is no care anymore


birds of a feather get stuck in confined spaces together I guess

that sucks man , are you ablle to get cozy in it?
I've actually managed to grow kinda attatched to my little hole in the wall

I like living in small spaces best. I was offered a bigger room awhile back, but choose to stay in my small one.

i love you brad




mike jones was so far ahead of the curve

you nbombs remember black rob

i unironically rocked black rob

that's 200% nigger music

whoa bro watch the nbombs this is a family board

Go to bed

sorry i blacked out a bit

mike jones nigga

Bed is in that direction

every poster in this board is trying to be american black

because that is cool

truth hurts

lay your head to sleep love

Hey TP lets spitroast Hu

But I just woke up

You go to bed too

Are you guys ready for Christmas?

i am just now back on his good side

maybe inna month lol

How about you take a seat on my meat

Why are you such a slut?

My roommate bought a bottle of kraken rum at some point, and holy shit did that stuff taste horrible

soto et al

do you guys think colbert fucked that weird tranny

oh man

I killed the kraken with my old bass buddy before he and his girlfriend moved to mexico

that shit will put you out like a light

I just bought 2 Gs of wax
Im funna be ultra faded dawg lmao

I'm not a slut

I just wanna hear what noises a cute Danish boy makes when he sits on my cock

Keep in mind its 94 proof
That's big boi numbers

Fish or Ghostie?

i think he licked his balls

like really went for it

Key Lime Pie or Orange Sherbert?

the fact you have to ask which






Sounds slutty to me

Yeah pretty strong.

I think my problem was more the sweetness. Adding coke doesn't really help with that either. I might just not be a rum fan though, haven't had like a 'nice' rum to know.

I think he fucked Ghostie tbh

i feel like this>>1867732
should be reported to the fbi lol

you fukken go to bed.

you go to bed indeed

man that is seriously so sad

What's up threaders?

Happy Friday, Teeps~

hi based elmers

no u

lol oops

What does that even mean? Sounds cool and Karp used to say that shit a lot.


32 levels

Pretty good taste in avatar folders here right now

That's funny you say that. My new Skyrim character is about there. Whoa.



or elmers?


my man

Oh yeah dude, I forgot to tell you Im kind of a slut

So what do you drink?
Vodka like a white girl?

Poor guy wanted some dick

Hi Elms

Elma this fat ass dab is 4 u bby

There's no such thing as a "nice" rum

Rum is the devil

based was created by based god lil b

where have you been

This is the best Satania face in the anime (partly because of the circumstances of it)

Thumbs up if u agree

Love you too

heyu. what's new?

bong hits for satan~

Kraken, Capt. Morgan White Rum, Mt. Gays

Who is lil b tho?

Like you're confusing me more lol

I am high and I brought home work food after a particularly soul-crushing day lol

Things are good tho.

First person I ever heard use the word based was Bern
so I've always hated it and also LIL B by proxy

but then I later learned to hate lil b because of how bad he fucked up his clams casino instrumentals

all hell in a bottle

Are you taking shots of rum?

I only drink it in rum and cokes *shrugs*

Oakheart is p good too. I think that's a rum

every time someone says "based"?

it's because of lil b

I've yet to get out of it. Instead I'm reading reviews and now I want to kill people

I'm sure quite a few knew~

oh? elaborate.


Bought a bunch of wax
Tasty af too

Key Lime Pie and Orange Sherbert a G each
and 2 Gs of Platinum Girls Scout Cookies

Oh, and a tall can of Busch lmao

I'm not kidding when I say I've cybered like 70% of this community

Bart, what are we exactly

Please explain the nature of our relationship because I'm feeling a bit lost in this foreplay

What happened?

too bad his music is shit

It's 7:00am on a Saturday, woke up 40min ago, haven't yet gotten out of bed.
Nothing more to say really

I believe you

I want you to be part of the 70%

brad is a protector

a guard...

A dark knight

there really is no good music rn

I feel like it's fairly obvious this is what I meant for you to elaborate on. don't be deliberately obtuse like some muslim loving gun hating lefty~

I want to put forth zero social effort

We still have one more plant to do, but we ended up with like 10+ pounds of White Widow, White Queen, Mega Jackpot, and Amnesia Trance.

lol can't forget the water-beer :p

It was just like a constant barrage of food cause of this new promotion and like we were all fucked cause of not enough prep from the AM like at all. I had a full screen like all night, and was supposed to be second cut which ended up being when it finally died down a bit at 1130p

lol how was your day?


Can you put forth the effort of clicking "Accept" on my Steam invite? :3

i really am rooting for brad rn

This is pretty fresh and more modern than most of lil Bs popular tracks

Then it wouldn't be 70% anymore

Why does people like this exist? It's unreasonable for someone to let others know that a game that targets a specific platform doesn't actually work on it?


That's not so bad junior

i can't be assed

but you can be dicked?

how do you feel about atmosphere

because mac sucks brah. gotta let people know otherwise how can you compete with how annoying and obnoxious mac users are?

i'm an untouchable

Fucking love Slug's Atmosphere

hupony really thought about this shit

way too much lol

This sarcasm~
The only ones obnoxious are indeed these kind of "people"

uh... no?

At least it's over now ^^

And it was good; been baked out of my mind and shitposting and stuff

Some of us went to Holla Forums earlier

Against what? What is the next great adversary that Bart will protect us from?

Well you're safe now, my child

Anyway, how was your day?

lucky. sounds chill.

How was Holla Forums? m'-m'membah banwaves?

some sarcasm, some truth. there are people that bad and obnoxious on both sides of this. I believe mac to be an inferior and overpriced product overall, but they are gorgeous, streamlined, easy as fuck to use, and offer top notch customer service, so if you have the money and don't care as much about customization and video games why the hell not get a mac? at the end of the day I don't care what people use as long as they aren't dicks about it.

there's good people on both sides here hu. both sides.



i don't know

honestly stocking i'm just really happy to see you

thanks for stopping by

discovered some music new to me so I guess that's alright


man fuk u.

Wow, no inv to pounds of White Widow

Seriously, I should've gotten something sweet though
I always get a sweet tooth when Im blazed out of my mind lol

Help me get to 100% lmao

I know you were like the biggest slut in like back in the days dude

Not much, but vodka and whiskey have been my favorites. I don't like being drunk though.

Wow I didn't know Cupcake was a Nazi


But even then, it's still perfectly reasonable to expect a game to work on a machine that meets the requirements for it, which it does in this case. Specs on it is better than what's listed on the store page, and the store page states the game supports Mac.
Some of these people are literally stating that the reviewers are retards to get a supported platform. That's just pure retardation

oh you~


he is 4 u

I've been digging like green apple blowpops tbh

I'm passing out xans to the groupie hoes

I got five on a Lamb' like Coolio

Multi-millionaire, now I'm hanging with the shooters tho

Cupcake is all kinds of things for me

A Nazi is not one of them

you guys shouldn't like threaten to kill yourselves

you do realize you were born into a mold right?

It doesn't seem like there are bans now

Me and some people were thinking maybe we should go there more to try to pull in new people

I'm happy to see you too ♥

I also tried to find you here the Friday before last but I showed up at like 3am and it turned out to be about 20 minutes after you stopped posting for that night

I thought u usually stayed up into the morning

What music? :3

I've weirdly been pretty into Avenged Sevenfold lately; you probably don't like them though

I listened to a lot of songs of theirs I never listened to before

I'm killing myself because you posted this

man that guy's ego

Why are yo humoring my side of the conversation when I won't do the same

I'll go wherever u go bb~

lolsorry i got hot

you are the worst. go to bed.

caught that super subtle ironic joke huh

mac and pc run differently though. they have different stuff inside 'em. I dunno man. seeing you, mister tech and programming guy, argue on the side of macs is super weird. there's literally no way you don't know that pc's are objectively superior.

as far as the people reviewing the games or replying to reviewers who buy the wrong one or buy a game that isn't even supported on the platform, the main problem with them is they are making it all about every person who buys a mac, instead of about how this one person was stupid and didn't bother to check if the game was supported on his OS.

uh huh~

I feel like this music is made exclusively for drunk/high people

Stay cool, bruh. Can't be too fire 'round here


Is it cause you make bad decisions?

Wow what a bully

You ready for Halloween? Whatcha gonna dress up as?

I am a connoisseur of the obvious overblown jokes, you know this

Don't doubt my powers

actually even the rebublicans and the nra are aggreeing to ban those add ons

lol i guess dude won

Are they? I just don't touch that whole guns topic with a 20 foot pole lmao



no one wants to read how i actually feel

I got myself a slutty witch costume from work. I still need to get one of those super oldschool brooms tho.

You got any ideas?

Yeah, but you see, in this instance, the game actually is supported on the OS~
So a guy is reviewing a game and stating it doesn't work on a supported platform that meets the specs. And the reason is just "lol mac".
I think I'm gonna go downvote negative reviews on games if the reviewer uses an Nvidia GPU and then state that's the reason and he's a retard for buying that.
There's no differece

In a way I guess

But at least this guy makes cool music videos that sorta look like a kaleidoscope

I don't feel like I'm losing anything from doing so; kind of feels good to just keep radiating positive energy

I'll remember that :3




so I'm a retard? I have a gtx1060 and it runs great.


what the fuck are you glowing for?

here is the gun issue to a t

no one needs a gun

people buy them illegallay

whoa better buy a gun

I'll be your armchair psychologist TP, have a seat

So that they can be enjoyed by drunk/high people I guess. I can dig it

The only thing you radiate is GAY

Hah, got him so bad

*teleports behind you*

Wouldn't that be

Of course not, just stating the argument is the same.
but yes
nvidia is shit

i kinda want to fight hu pony


nothing bersonal :D


Well at least you're somewhat entertaining

When are WE gonna get high and drunk?

well if you say so. guess I'm just shit.

which I am


also i know this is controversial

but i still consider elmers a dude

I don't wanna.

Are you ready for your ass blasting?

But what happened to the second < in that equation?

I have literally no money rn soooo.... when I get paid next Friday? idk unless you want to come get me from up here



You must be drunk right now~

That's alright, me too

when did you wake up today?

prolly cuz u use a mac

Soto doesn't have to be drunk to come onto everything with genitals

sorry i do

Apparently Kons coming down here to like LA I think on Monday

Out of all days a Monday lmao

04:30, same as erryday.

No, I just don't like the way my head feels.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I have work tho

Tell him to come some other day

am? go to bed damn it.

I'll blast your ass!

I use a PC running Linux~
Also, Speccy lied, I didn't get Discord. I said I would when I got up, but I'm not up

Good morning! Hope you're all having a nice day.

well I can't say I'm surprised to find out that speccy is a BIG FAT LIAR

Not if you're too busy being ass blasted to blast my ass!

IT'S 10:29PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cup pls.
Why you tryin' to get me off to bed so much?

I almost forgot I used to draw

That's pretty cute; good job ^^ -pets your hair-

So are you in a good mood now that you're recovering from work? :3

Why not?

Maybe some of that too

I think balance between straight and gay can be really healthy

You don't have to always type everything you think, TP :3

I am not responsible for how you interpret the information I give you.

Stephen Malkmus lesson 101

don't be a douche

I'll let you take a guess why I want you in bed so much~

the clarion cry of the LIAR

That's him

Never gonna happen

I dunno why he's coming on a monday
I'll ask tho

confirmed. get rekt speccy

I hope you're ready for the quiz

look hu someone made u an animated background

It's 12:31 here

oh hell nah

So that I'm not here anymore?

Fuck you.

it's tiring


That's a nice blank right there

What do you guys call a bee that eats other bees?

your second reply actually is a pretty good hint for what I was going for with the whole "get you into bed" thing.

Hannibal Nectar

Wow, dirty.


Balance in general is good

Perhaps it's already happening in spirit

I mean, I could also ask. Kon just doesn't tell me things like that for some reason :/

While you are technically correct that it is morning in your timezone, I am still not happy about this


you're the one who keeps posting pictures of your girl leashing the one I'm posting.

there are a lot of characters showing up so i will satisfy their ego

the most attractice bro is soto


soto is the only person remotely attractive

besides ikt long dong

its only in video unless you want the base static image