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fucking warmies need to get out of my jungle

What did it mean by this?

That you're a faggot


Main difference is that they're lighter to press

The face of a broken man.


I remember when Spec wasn't gay.

Think it's possible to get both?

Those were the days

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

I ain't gay!


Unless you meet mister right

But I've already met you!

But that doesn't just ruin things. Upgrade never removes stuff, dist-upgrade does.

Is it already April Fools?


Ha ha, so funny. How long did it take you to pick between that and "opposite day"?

0 seconds cause opposite day never came to mind

tell that to my flashing black screen and blinking _ cursor


my inet died last night so I went to sleep

I would have to have my legs broken to play ironman tbh

or F1, Try F1

Wow, git gud nerd.

But why? There are so many more achievements that can be accomplished as Ironman.
Like getting full-rune, or a dragon axe, or an Amulet of Glory

git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.The most similar command is add


You want to fuck B2, don't you?

CTRL-ALT-DEL for reboot (it responded! :D) later and everything is back to normal with no pending updates or no things dpkg detects as not installed so I guess I left it alone long enough for apt to do what it was doing.

Yeah but in comparison with normal players its nothing

maybe if there were more ironman worlds

idk what a B2 is.

Did you interrupt apt during an upgrade?

Are there even Ironman worlds?
And nope, it's nothing, but who cares about that what other "normal" players just bought on the GE after shearing sheep for an hour?

Yes you do~

I did nothing.




i expected you to go microsoft reeeee
apparently torchlight2 is like PoE/Diablo? and i think its mod focused?

oh i c. what switches do you prefer for normal everyday typing? also which for osu

Idk I've only ever used blacks
Apparantly cherry red/brown are best for oss
But those clears are even lighter than that


Nah, there are worse companies out there.
It's kind of like Diablo, except it's available for Linux, thus better.
Don't know about mods. Don't care about modding



It was more the grouping of red and brown switches together.
red and black are more similar than red and brown.
red/black are linear-feedback switches, whereas blue/brown are tactile

mx browns best

looks like there aren't -_-

I like Subtle.

Nope, no such worlds. Fairly sure I would have known of it if there was.
Probably the best worlds for me to boss for sure


dead community dead thread

Yes, I know, but they have the same actuation force which is what's important for osu, which was what feku was talking about..



wouldnt browns make you slower at clicking since tactile or something?
idk how fast you need to go at the upper end of play anyway so i might be spewing bullshit.

isnt that one the worst on your list tho? what do you hate the most?
does PoE work on penguin?

just use chiclet keys



Actual actuation force varies from keyboard to keyboard too, but yeah, I guess that's true.
Though for Osu, I still imagine tactile feedback would be annoying compared to linear. When you're gonna bottom the key anyway, that small bump each keypress must feel annoying

Google. Fucking Google.
Not too much of a fan of Nvidia either

Yes, with Wine. Although there's a memory leak

low actuation, quiet, and has tactile feedback

best of all worlds

just pulling whiskers because he always says that

I got Zelda and Splatoon.
I got the special Squid Switch, but gave the special joycons to my room mate along with the squid carying case.

actuation force is switch specific tho


sounds dumb

wait holy shit i just realized microsoft and google arent the same thing. also wuts nvidia bad for?
dont leak your wine! plug it!

bak later

u r the dum

Is true, would have gone with it too.
Instead I went with red, cause I could only get red and blue back then.
Though got black now.

Ah, I see~

Wait.. You paid extra to get a Switch with extra merchandise included, then gave all the extras away?

Both. Red is between 40-60g, least according to
....Last I checked anyway. I guess the post has been updated sometime within the past 4 years

lol Feku.
Their absolute refusal to corporate with anyone. Won't even release binary firmware for their cards to the open-source community-driven Nouveau driver will be able to initialize the cards.
Won't follow standards, always going their own way.
Brushing what the community see as flaws off as features 3.5GB.
It's overall just a PoS company. Won't buy their hardware unless their policy changes

Have a good one!

switches should be the same! otherwise keyboards feel strange!


you didnt have to tell me i already knew :3

idk what any of that nerd speak means but i guess it sounds bad. would you take a free titan x pascal?




is that game as cute and fun as i want it to be


Maybe things were different in the early days.

why exclamationmarks? ;_;

No, cause I'm too lazy to sell it


Take off shoes

But then she wouldn't be taller!


im a boy im not supposed to be cute

atleast you got the same idea that i intended lol. what card thingy would u rather have?

I think I'm gonna get this one in a couple weeks

bois can be cute ask hu

What do you use now.


SteelSeries 7G, I've had for 4-5 years

boys have much more cute potential than girls

Good. Girls need to be small, they're girls!


I'm quite happy with my R9 270x in all seriousness. Though a 580 Polaris card would be pretty neat.

Boys are cute, is true. You're cute, you're boy, hence boys can be cute

6Gv2. Their keyboards are pretty great, agreed

how serious are you with osu? would you ever consider getting a seperate tiny keypad thing just for osu so you dont ruin your normal keys?

but like thats the opinion of fag tho

boy holes r stinky and gros

is that the equal to a 1080 except not a cancer company?

ooh that looks nice, what switches?

i think i was looking at that before deciding on my previous board

wait no i implied u were the coolio

liek i u

I wanted that one but it was out of stock so they sent me a 7G instead for the same price ^^'

I'm too bad to take it seriously, but yeah I would do that if there was evidence I was ruining my normal keys

They heavy
It's probably a wonder it's lasted this long considering the use I've got out of it

No. Around a 1060
The 580 anyway, the 270x is much weaker.
But the 580 is ridiculously expensive because none are in stock, and miners are buying them faster than they can be produced

But I'm not cool ;-;

Holy shit, that pretty damn good service

you would've gone through a rubber dome in this time though probably

i got a rapid-i because backlight yay

yeah ok


i liek u

oh thats good :). if you dont have the thirst to climb you can still find a lot of fun in the game.

gosh darn miners!!
isnt mining a meh investment anyways? like working a job would be better right? they have to ruin it for people who want to play games!! then they have the audacity to resell the tortured hardware

i mean you're cool!

wow gay

I need a rainbow backlit now to match my new mouse :3

I'm not sure. Apparently it's a good enough investment to lease fucking Boeing 747's to ship graphic cards to their miners:
Eh, it's fine in a way. This way they'll get to sell Vega easily

No you!

showie rainbow :3

I don't even know how to Linux!



onl4 u

:o :)

i bore

I couldn't either, but then I used it almost exclusively for 2 years, and have now for at least 5. Best way to learn how to use something, is to use it~
You didn't learn how to use Windows in a day either!

They need to be small so you can tower over them. You're the man after all!

I'm sure both are trying~
Problem is this market fluctuates, and it takes a long-ass time to shift the manufacturing line into gears.
And the last thing they'd want, is to produce far, far more cards than they can possibly sell

but i dont know how to use windows either

get a mac

i liked hackintosh

put on some chill music and drift the fancy japanese mountains in gta

both?? what are the options?
didnt u say u had some nvidia card u refused to use? why not mine with that?

i really dislike how my desk is and my chair is and how driving is super not comfortable like after 30 minutes im sore

It was a joke though!

Both AMD and Nvidia are trying to manufacture enough cards so every customer got the option to buy one.
Well, I do. But those GPU not only get hot as fuck and draw a shitton of power, they might even be worse at mining than my fucking CPU as well.
And they'd require the proprietary Nvidia driver, which would require me change a lot of software on my system because Nvidia cards don't work well with other GPUs if you use the proprietary driver.
I'll just leave those out of my system

I really liked Hackintosh and considered getting a MacBook Pro after school ended but then they started getting shittier and shittier so now I'm aiming for some fat workstation laptop after im done with school.

Fat workstation laptop with a clit~


i gOTTa get this RIGHT NOW

is it cuz u got a taste of a real car and now you're spoiled?

amd stands for advanced micro devices right? what does nvidia stand for? nigger videos?

wynaut sell that card and your other card and UPGRADE

No Lenovo for me.

I've had a driving allowed piece of paper since I was 18 mind you

i never got mine cuz i stopped going to school at 15!


Nobody wants to buy GTX 460's in 2017

Dell and HP got clits too!

When I get both side-by-side

setup a system that looks cool with leds and stuff, call it a super gaming computer and flip it to some random kid that doesnt know better!

I could do that. Got an old case and an i7 with 6GB of RAM. The i7 runs at 3.9Ghz too.
i7 3.9Ghz, 6GB, 2 graphics cards in SLI for twice the gaming performance

y ur just 17 you can do it now

whichever allows me to be most freedom(tm)!

hrm ok

so do you type a lot or is it for just the z and x keys

Bit of both, and having nice-looking peripherals will be nice

I cast a spell on 8 channel to protect it from Omran's demonic incantations.

is that still decent enough to make a kid happy?

im 18 so i can actually skip one of the steps or something? i have no idea how to drive a car tho and i dont intend on using one anytime soon so i can wait

I wouldn't go SLI myself, and this stuff is from 2010-2011. I got morals man, I can't sell this to some poor kid, that would be so wrong!

nice hinges

tbqh all i want of a future laptop is good i/o plenty of storage and at least two physical drives for effortless no-bootloader-fuckery dualboot and a matte screen with a good viewing angle with at least a 1920x1080 resolution, also a non-plastic build quality with solid hinges.

actually only business laptops apply for this...

But the G7 looks smashing too! RGB-matched is extra neat tho.

Considered going smoller? TKL? 60%?

Well having a drivers permit is alway useful but I suppose you Americans can just do a few donuts in a parking lot and the DMV signs the license you got with your pack of Cheerios anyway.

Boys need to be small so you can tower over and dominate their twink bodies.
Girls need to be tall and strong.

Don't do that.

maybe its worth something nice and cheap for someones starter system?

i think ur forgetting that i dont leave the house :P
also i prefer the cheerios that dont have honey on them.

Not really 60%, but TKL yes
I just haven't found a good alternative that's TKL

gimme that pc except gpus pls

Plenty of storage, clit, no dGPU and preferably good Linux support. So far, seems only Dell fits the bill here. I'm hoping for a Ryzen gen 2 APU with Vega or Polaris on it from Dell, and then I'm fucking sold. New laptop right there

So the girl can tower over you and dominate you like a submissive cuck?


i don't even really care about performance but somehow i abhor these -U intel CPUs

Fucking rip

I wouldn't sell this build. Motherboard may be damaged now, and RAM isn't too reliable I don't think. Had stability issues ETS2 caused kernel panics, and when my brother borrowed the RAM, he too experienced problems.

You seriously can't be interested in faulty RAM and an i7-950, can you?

You just want a girl who's as tall as you~
Also fucking lewd!

Same.. 1.4Ghz, just why? Jesus Christ

oh, i thought it was like an i7 2700k nvm

well my dad's on a Q8300 and is slow!

Finding women as tall as me is rather difficult, and when they're taller they start to look kinda freakish.

It worked, but when compiling, this new chip is significantly faster holy shit.
>Linux kernel with 3000 modules compiled in

hey look i fapped to that doujin
cant you do what people do with trash pcs like make a server out of it or something? i have a broken surface 3 that searches for variations of lolicum trips for me

wuts papaikt like? is he very technological too?

pfff lol

Nah, I'm gonna let it sit in the corner of my room for ages, lol


well yeah but normal people don't compile

no he's normie

We aren't normal~
And no matter how you look at it, being able to run 16 processes on your CPU simultaneously is much nicer than just 4

yeah but i7 > mid-range c2q

Absolutely. Newer too, so no surprise~

lol just like that pie raspberry thing i have in my closet

that pic is gross.
but doesnt he have a fancy mouse?

i should look 4 cheep parts

i gave him a fancy mouse after his previous broked

I got one resting on my desk cause the SD card is dead~

Ebay good first stop > ebay!

but now ur down a fancy mouse?

i got stuck at the part where you format the micro sd

i bought it for him

i already got my fancy mous thats actually decent but nothing spectacular

Haven't heard of the former :3

You just dd the image onto it!

for dutch peoples :#

you can have a if you manage to set up some kinda server on your thing

with fancy weights and stuff to workout your hand so you can say you're active?

idk what you mean by dd
i just cant find any holes to stick the micro sd in to format it

no is actually light

ah, makes sense~
Oh.. Then that'll be a little bit difficult

3d girls without almost but not quite questionable bulges are ok too
i was actually gonna fap to some 3d today but battery ripped

i tried sticking it into a big boy sd and sticking the big boy sd into the hole but it couldnt detect anything

hmu if you wanna have your meme pi-powered website on a subdomain.dorifuto


can anybody give some pointers to making an okay about me page that doesn't look too shit

actually i should just keep it plain-ass html and do plain-ass css

wuts the subdomain for? is it just your homepage when you launch? i have new tab as my homepage and i hide bookmarks for normal tabs

why ......?
did i do something wrong? the big sd has a slot for the little sd and i stuck the big sd in the big sd slot

bootstrap and .io domain

Only if you give me handjob


this sounds dangerously hipster
i have a moe


int *p = malloc(10 * sizeof(int));

can I put my big sd in your small sd slot?


i'm been taken out for a nice sushi dinner tonight
and the kewl movie Blade Runner 2049

I suppose you did ask for pointers, not just one


Are you gonna fuck later?

You are~

How much cock are you sucking to land that deal?

seems hard long and complicated. ill stick to my new tab :)

it wont fit!


better lube it all up then

Poor guy...
Well enjoy, I really wanna see that movie, so no spoilers okay!

it will short circuit!


your a new tab

which blade runner is that one about? i read all the books but i forget which one is that

m-my weakness *cums*

not even a handy?

I doubt it~

blowie joey

do androids dream of electric sheep?
is only an inspiration for the 1982 film
not a 1:1 recreation
Philip K. Dick surprisingly died on the same year as the release of the film

the new movie is a sequal to the "final cut" edition of the blade runner film, and takes place 30 years later.


you blow!

It's really not

lewd :(

Maybe, but he'll invite you out again for sure

pls be gentle

lol what a coincidence luka. I read that quote in a doujin i was fapping to earlier today.

free food!?

why are your links just pics of a Sad Panda?


You won't have to pay in CAD at least



stop sleeping before me everytime! im going now too bye!

cad is pricy


slaap lekker schatje

thanks ill slap the baby





just watching my youtube
and relaxing.

oh hi grim


tremors tonight?

Apparently bd is arranging it

or was thaht saturday

I dunno

whats the plan ?

Just like in my chinese cartoons

probs saturday

looks good
how is sapporo?
never had

I'm not translating that bag.

It fucking tastes like teriyaki beef jerky

Sapporo is nice

Though my preference is
Asahi > Hite > Sapporo > Kirin Ichiban

Though Kirin is the stongest I think
It's malt though lol

Kirin is the strongest cause its ICHIBAN

I've always been a guiness guy but if I ever see some japanese beer ill check em out

thx boss


must have seen scoots walking around outside. :fire: :fire: :fire:

Scoot "BONECRUSHER" aloo



My niggers

in that box is ur brains.

box is empty. get rekt





Sleep well?

i didnt sleep
i went out for breakfast 7 hours ago

dead community ;;


it's been a long strange ride

can we just move back to Holla Forums already?

also should i have a third slice of apple pie?


im actually serious, if anyone wants this community to survive we should move back to Holla Forums

honestly i don't see why not since i figured out that i don't have to do picture captchas

hi love

no more pie you need to watch your figure tbh no offense

no more pie

i do, but this pie is really fucking good
also fair is literally blocking the street i live down, im not losing weight this week

we should maybe consider making a sticky for this board saying were back to Holla Forums, and let people post current thread links in it

although the waifu threads started getting hit hard per DOA so i don't think most people here could handle a mod onslaught

we should start throwing out threads here and there though

i mean alice does still

why not us

i haven't had pie in forever

not a big pie guy

there's this big fucking fest on sunday here celebrating the slovaks and czechs which apparently aren't the same

it's totally going to fuck up my whole parking situation

either that or we hijack an existing thread
waifu/alice threads would be ideal candidates

Luv u TP ♥

Yeah, I'll work on something like that if this gets much more dead in general

Well actually, if someone else made a thread there right now, I'd probably post

at least blade runner today


I think a tone of cooperation would be better than "hijacking" right now

I was rich by Chinese people standards

oh for sure

that's what we should do actually

whenever i go there maybe like bc is the only one i know

y-you too stocking ;;

you seeing that?

it's weird

i still have an insane man crush on ryan gosling

i suppose i could, i can stop up a couple more hours

well yeah, they dont know us so its not like they could tell the difference anyway

grimu ;;

it not weird

did u see any girls like that

the waifu threads don't like straight avatarfags at all lol

Why the sad face?

I tried to find you here last Friday night but you weren't here

What can anyone rely on in this world anymore

Alicefags know who we are and that's a potential barrier to overcome

i guess not

loads of other manly straight dudes feel the same way apparently

i get emotional when i feel love ;;

yeah dude

dumb luck. my grandpa died so i had to drive to ohio


just watched fantasia why did disney stop putting nipples and boobs in their movies

oh well

blade runner?

Slutty ones? I only had a couple of classes where the girls were old enough that that would even begin to not seem too weird

Some girls in those classes were kind of weird to me, calling me handsome and being shy and blushy about me and stuff, but it wasn't lewd

-hugs tightly- ♥

Sorry to hear that; hope you're handling it alright

How've you been? It's been a long time since we were last here at the same time

Sorry I meant fellow teachers

haha, no they do not.

how's life love?

yeah how did that one slip through

no the ryan gosling crush thing silly

thanks. he had been a straight retard for a few years so i kinda already did my mourning awhile ago

it was more a relief than anything

it's kinda sick but i felt like such a baller carrying his casket. like i never wear sun glasses but i rocked them for that with the black suit, black tie

dude, and don't even try to be a 3dpd av up in there

gonna walk to the liquor store before i get sucked into too big of a wall

brb approx 15 min

well on that I agree with them. 3dpd is disgusting and you should feel ashamed.

can't believe tp is fucking dead

i wasn't talking about that.

chill here niggers


can't complain.
sorry about your gpa.

Anyway, from what I've heard, most of the Holla Forums avatarfags got sucked into the Discord chat of Jack's new fiance and don't post much now

So, I don't know, maybe they can be lured back out

No, but it's not like there were a ton around

That makes things easier, then

weed is all u need

Yeah if everyone could just go there that would be great partly because I wouldn't be posting in two threads then

Luka, we just want to stimulate the community with new people :3

get fukken waifu jacked.

i really cant be arsed with multiple thread discords. we need to consolidate, not disperse, and we need to be somewhere with a healthy influx of new people.

if we dont well die off, your choice.


wew 9 minutes i'm exhausted

better than ur dum angle

I dunno, this a pretty acute angle.

i dont wanna be banned

why you whining about 4chan?


it's just funny that posting it is still as effective as when i started


oh thanks man

my brother and i were able to motel it up in the neighboring town as not to have my grandma worry about taking care of us

and we vaped it up heavily

my brother brought this huge half O that he apparently forgot about and recently found

it had mostly lost it's potency

i raged inside and ended up stealing a lot of it

I uploaded that folder so you could perpetuate my Image

You're only playing into our domination

I don't want to use any thread Discords

Anyway, I was thinking maybe I'll make advice threads

That's how this community started

that works, i suggest we hijack whatever existing communities have active threads

well done. flawless reply. seriously.

I'm into that tho so I am the ultimate winner

ur funny. lookin'

blade runner


that may be true but i think i'm at least in the 80th percentile

there are some fucking pieces of human garbage walking around


when are you going?


ikr? like trump amirite fellas?

mass laughter and applause

given a late night show


after sushi dinner

now you aren't playing fair.

cuppers what are you doing exactly

man you're just big ballin tonight

hot date?

trying to get this n64 emulator to run

people falling out of their seats and exploding from laughter overdose


What's the fun in fair?

have you no HONOR

They don't seem to ban, currently

That said, I guess I should teach you to evade

So you do have weed? ^^

Much better than getting drunk imo; alcohol ends up making people feel like shit

It could be a combination of both. We could make advice threads to attract anons, some of which will become avatarfags, and we could also make sure to also have good relations with other communities on Holla Forums so we commingle and stimulate activity across multiple kinds of avatarfag threads. Every group can preserve its unique identity, but also be well-connected to the other groups for the sake of preserving avatarfag culture as a whole

Have you seen Gabriel DropOut?

absolutely. it was fantastic. and satania was my favorite.

i'm here

I don't think I'd be here if I did.

how dare u accuse us all of that

not a date, just a belated birthday present from a friend.

bans r OP

oh yeah i got about an eighth of the shit i stole from him and a couple grams of some good shit

i blaze the rest of the week but i still need the once a week alcohol release

i will feel like shit tomorrow as usual but i do have to drive my mum to the airport so i won't last call it tonight or anything

thank god you made it

sounds good, but we should build ourselves up from other threads first

Oops, sorry.

We've missed you.

you don't seem sorry at all!

i kinda missed posting but at the same time i was watching hotel showtime blazing it up in maybe one of the last smoking rooms in america

it was pretty nice

Guys, I need a less imposing thing to put in my name field

Yeah it's definitely one of my favorite anime

The manga is great too

Gabby is also a great anime girl but Satania is best girl imo

ay gurl how u

You like them? :3

The waifu threads are fine for that, but for the sake of diplomacy, if we're going to derail Alice-sama's advice threads, maybe we should ask first ^^

I don't think she likes when many of us post in them and is likely to just delete the thread if we do, lol

Oh wait, I just realized, I don't know if Reimu threads still exist. I should look into that

oh they were all great, that's one thing that was so nice about the anime, but satania was my personal favorite. I think any of the main ones would be a decent choice for favorites though.

isnt alice a massive faggot though?

oh sweet

no offense but i didn't realize you had any friends

you seemed to present your situation as such

not being able to post sucks.

they are too busy for me

i'm not too busy for you you just won't accept my discord invite you pos


did you go to highschool with them?


You sound upset about that.

what invite?


the fact that you have to go to tweekerville ohio to find a smoking hotel room?

not upset

but disappointed


There's a really cute new demon girl in the manga

Satania is still best girl, though

Cooperation is best for getting a group that's large enough to function well and thus attracting more people

Her friends aren't going to want to shitpost with us if we're pissing them off

Do you post on Holla Forums currently, though?

well its a good source of future drama i suppose

they'd better make a season 2


just smoke anyways

put a fan under the smoke alarm so it wont go off

no, because it's too risky to post in avatar threads

Holla Forums is the saviour
Holla Forums is home


that's cool that you're still in touch though

i'm really fortunate to still be in touch with a group of tight bros

eh i usually don't fuck with smoking cigs in nonsmoking hotel rooms unless there's a balcony

weed on the other hand. like at my cousins wedding a couple years ago in cleveland my brother and i smoked out my cousins and tried to open a window, not realizing how regulated the venting systems are in those rooms

ended up pushing all the weed smoke to the hallway

these people in the elevator were raggin on us when we tried to go back down to the party


i guess

fuck that

i mean one is better then none, no?

ummm ok?

Satania's crying is one of the best things in this world.


People in general are; that's beside the point :3

Look, avatarfag threads in general don't seem very active these days, so maybe it's time to start reaching across the aisle for the sake of preserving the whole

I could be wrong, but I think Alice's group is still one of the relatively big ones

Why does it matter if you get banned from 4chan for avatarfagging if you don't use 4chan for anything other than avatarfagging anyway? :3

Like, if you go there, avatarfag, and get banned, you still have what you started with

But like I said, I can teach you to evade if you want

The problem with Holla Forums is that not many new people come in, at least if we don't visit anywhere

Sorry I missed your post up there; I'm baked

Just did that thing where I realized we're no longer talking and scrolled up to see whose fault it was

a g r e e

They should

I'll definitely be keeping up with the manga

ur a manga

people need human interaction luka

all good bro

qt fucked up the flow with the Holla Forums link

remember when mods here used to ban Holla Forums links?

im not saying we shouldnt chill with them, just that we shouldnt expect them not to be faggots, or that we should entirely get rid of our thread culture to avoid upsetting the autistic tranny.

She also did the voice for Tsugumomo, but she didn't cry once in that one.
Then again, she was also the dominant one in that, and it was kinda hot.

...must ...use ...Holla Forums

must keep options open...





what a PERVERT

luka watch this

i think i fell in love with this native american canadian catfish troll

Shh, no you.


Thanks gurl

I think that was just on /aneki/, wasn't it? Not sure

There's a reason why I said multiple communities that can preserve their own culture yet commingle with each other in a friendly manner seems to be the best idea

Think balance

You're cute

hi mandolin

You haven't been to sleep yet then?

I am enticed by your asian avatar, TP.