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idunno what to do on rs anymore

ive just been getting on like 40mins a day wcing and logging off

Hu is it true you shove things up your butt?

Burnt yourself out. Been there.
Complete all quests then get elite lumby. Shouldn't be too far out of your reach, else just do slayer~
or begin an ironman

Nope, I don't do that

You seem like the type to take it up the ass tbh


yeah well... I don't~







But that's the worst sausage


There is no such thing as a bad sausage

blood sausage sounds absolutely disgusting.

Also go to bed

There is, and the red ones are bad. Medister best

Blood sausage is actually delicious

Shame on you, you goddamn ginger

it's not even 10pm yet and also I slept from like 6am to 11:30am so it's gonna be quite a while before I sleep.

k but it sounds disgusting.

I thought you woke up around 4-5 usually. Just went back to bed?

How is life in Denmark anyways?
Are there alot of traps out there?

my sleep schedule does what it wants because I just sleep when I'm tired.

I do not. what of it?

Not that I've seen thank God, though I've not spent much time at the Capital.

That's one way to go about it

no u.

soemtiems i doubt hu's gayness

Nope, can't go about me



So you'd never fuck a cute trap?

Do you live like in some bum fuck countryside or some shit?

I honestly already lost track of this conversation.

u cray


Absolutely never ever. It's the worst of both worlds in one package.

Nope, but used to. Moved to the fourth or fifth biggest town for studies, but in the outskirts of the town cause fuck cities

Don't think there really was one in the first place~

Nah, play Runescape like it was 2005.
Getting everything yourself is just more fun anyway, and almost always gives you something to do too or a goal to aim for other than levelling a skill or two.

Good morning

that's usually the case with me.

How though?

nope its not. i woke up and my phone wasnt charged. at this rate i might not be able to fap in shower.

I too find hu's statement confusing.

The fuck is wrong with you Hu?

Just shitposting~
Don't blame you there, it's what the internet is for

Looks like a girl and you can't breed with them.

Just charge it now and postpone shower for an hour or so


say what now

I'm gay not "bi"

Fuck for the sole purpose of procreating.
It's important to breed

I'm gay as shit and I like traps. so your answer should be "personal preference"

its wonky idk if its charging half the time

Pretty much. I don't don't like female features

oh, bleh..

women are pretty icky.


I fuck traps but I'm not gay

Not everyone are


patrician over here.


What a shame

I live to disappoint

Can I join your club?

I'd love to say yes but then you wouldn't be disappointed.

oh you~

I like my penis feminine

That's like ordering a steak Medium rare, the correct way.

Asking for manly dick is like ordering a steak well done
Fucking heresy

u kno it bby


Nah, manly meat knows where it wanna go. It's the best by far



but that's why I have my own manly meat

Should put it in real girls



imagine if Hillary and her adminsitration had done what Trump has done

this may be hard to do if you've been turning a blind eye to the last several months


I know you are.

literally no one cares, kanra.



I do

but it's always nice once in a while to switch it up and fuck a cute feminine boy, ya know?
There's plenty of them at anime conventions so I just go nuts whenever there's a con



Enjoy your hiv

except I know you literally did care about Hillary's emails

I mean, I know you didn't, and figured you were just lazily reacting to whatever your media told you, and I assume nothing has changed

even with the latest Jared and Ivanka disobeying Congress thing



words words words.

you can say you don't care

but the reality is you just care selectively, and predictably

have fun


You're leaving?

by the way, you should really consider how much money your media makes, by keeping people addicted to anger, and riled up with fear

they are financially motivated to slant things to fit your bias, and they're scared that without that catering, they'll make THOUSANDS less per video

nothing will change unless people do


you know, it's really my bad, I apologize. I should have known better than to talk to you at all. you can go ahead and stop, or keep going. it makes no difference to me, because I can ignore your words here just as easily as I did when you'd go on your little rants on discord. so have fun shouting in the wind, you seem to genuinely enjoy it.

no u
wizard school



I surprisingly haven't gotten any STDs

It's pretty cool though cause I get to fuck em in their cosplays too
Alcohol and drugs help out so much too

From a 1 to 10 how manly am I?

oh yeah. No lecture today though, so meeting in group 15min later than usual, but it's getting there quickly.
Thanks though~
y-you too


Gay as hell




now that's just rude.

you need to interact with other humans upfront? my condolences. I wish you luck.

Is it really?

I was expecting like a 6 at least lmao

yes! she's a pure innocent flower.

you wouldn't want me to lie to you, would you?

I do every day, and it sucks, but thanks.
Seems one guy is sick though, and another got a cat who's really not doing too well either, so he wants to work from home too, not far from now.
Don't think today will be long, might be back in just a few hours

Just like you.
Oh wait


It's fine, calm down girl, You're both cute


seems pretty laid back isnt this the second week your group isnt having a full session thing

Such a shame, you just have to deal with it

Still somewhat early in the project, but yes

I'm gonna cry a super whole bunch


You got me fucked up with that score lmao
Might as well become a trap while Im at it

Don't worry, I'll be leaving very soon
though won't be gone for long I don't think

*gently wipes away your tears*
Good. Big girls don't cry

gomen. sincerely gomen.

my perspective on life is out of whack. I actually miss you, and have learned (at least I've become mindful of) how I talk down to people, and lose track of the fact that you can't just talk to people in certain ways. so I'm sorry for using you as a stand-in for all that's wrong with 'the other side'. that's stupid and unfair.

I still believe that you should awknowledge certain things, but telling you to, and judging you when you don't, makes you dislike me, and probably accomplishes the opposite. you're perfect, just as you are.

hmph. hmph I say.

no. do not do that.

apology accepted.

but I fucking suck so knock that "perfect" shit off.

hmph more~

We know you do slut



Okay, I'm gonna go. Be back after school

you'd make a terrible trap.

have a nice day, hu.

All traps are terrible, so that's a given

y-you too

get going you nerd.

nobody is perfect. but there's something perfect about you. it's different for everybody, but I'm saying even having a pretty good idea of who you are, and I'm not talking in the way that I used to idealize you, there's a way of looking at you as perfect.

well if you say so.

That's cause I'm MANLY af

uh. no.

instead of ranting at you about how that works,

I'll ask if you've watched Baby Driver

if you say yes, I'll say it was amazing and ask what your favourite part was

if you say no, I'll say it's amazing and you should watch it

Should I grow out my hair for winter?

couldn't agree more. that movie blew me away. I went and saw it in theaters with my friend when it was still relatively new. I had no idea what I was getting into, honestly. I could not believe how good it was. everything about it was just perfect. the tone, the pacing, the characters, the music. I couldn't believe how good it was. I was really worried that the music choices would be shit after watching the trailer and learning the basic gist of the plot, but I was so pleasantly surprised to learn that they had amazing music taste for the character "baby."

my favorite part would be near the end. the scene where brighton rock (fucking amazing choice for a queen song in a movie, I've never even met anyone else who knew that song and definitely not anyone who loves it as much as I do) is blasting and john ham tries to run baby over.

yes. grow your facial hair out too...oh wait, you probably can't. HA.

just serious enough
from start to end
kevin spacy's
the fricking music. you're the one that got me listening to Queen as a band, and not just for their hits. wouldn't have gotten as into if it hadn't been for that. but all of it. all of it just, made sense. I've watched it several times now. it's like a goddam musical. it's worth multiple viewings like that. on top of it just being one sequence after another of awesomely timed badassery, there are details that are 'holy shit how did I miss that' I won't spoil, but maybe you noticed
Baby's words

well I must have missed it because that confuses me. I'll need to get the movie and watch it again sometime.

but yeah. the movie was a fucking masterpiece.

avoid spoiling it for yourself. just torrent it and treat it like an album. just the auditory experience alone can take up a single viewing. this isn't a spoiler, but the movie starts up (the opening production logos) with a dull humming, that stays distracting and constant... right up til Baby hits play for the first time on his iPod. can you guess what that detail is supposed to be?

I mean, that sounds like it would be us experiencing what baby hears at all times that he isn't listening to music.

yus. his tinnitus.

but- ah, I could go on. it's quite literally brilliant.


seems like the movie was even deeper and more impressive than I thought. this is good to know. I normally don't bother rewatching movies but I guess I'll have to with this one.


I'll download it when I'm ready to rewatch it, or more likely find it on one of my streaming media sites.

was literally gonna suggest downloading it and rewatching it when you're ready to rewatch it.
make sure the streaming has the quality audio. not exaggerating how worth it it is.

I might just buy the damn thing. the movie is good enough to deserve my money.

I feel like a pos for not supporting any of the artists i've enjoyed

like, ever.


You could've just stopped there tbh

Fuck leg injuries

hello friends

You're a nerd, nerd


Fucking faggots, just letting it die

hi hi

hey Feku

that was a fast wizard consultation

Got done an hour ago. Then did something else with a groupmate so we don't have to worry about that later.
Showered yet?

nah thats a good quarter day away when no one is awake

i'm back from peeing

did u save it up i wanna drink it

But you said 4 hours ago your phone might not be charged for one. Plenty of time to keep an eye on it now to make sure it charges


no saving in my house sorry bub !!

thanks i feel welcome

k i checked and it charged 12 percent

And you are

from 88 to 100?

can i drink from the source next time

from 0 to 12

Wonky as fuck, wow

actually it was at 8 when i plugged it back in when i woke up and i checked it 30 muinutes later and it was 12 and i checked it hours later and it was 12

You need a new charger

nah its the charging port on the phone but its a few years old so w/e

wtf rude

you plugged it into the wrong hole!

yay, the sweet cake is still here~

playing hots. gonna make some pasta after this match. how was school?

theres only one hole that fits!!

my pee is highly regarded as some of the rarest liquids to touch people's tongues

so no you cannot u gotta become close before u could ever think about gettin p

youre playing hots AND posting
tells u how skill dependent hots is :^)

fucking nerd. Play a real game instead. Like Runescape~
School was fine. Wrote a couple pages, finished some other work with a friend so we can just call it weekend now. Also all prepared for supervisor meeting come Monday.
Enjoying your game?

And only one hole where it belongs!

death timer for this post. waiting for a match for other two.

that's a shit game and u know it.

eh. it's alright. just playing stealth heroes because i'm lazy and don't wanna put in effort right now.

glad your day went well.

If by shit you mean best, then yes it is, and I do know~

Does it even work like that? How can you play a MOBA game without putting in any effort, and won't that just make you lose ranking?

The only nerd here is you!

oh okay let me know what kinda pee it is first before i drink it tho

asshole wrong hole

but you're not really wrong, weird peeing user. hots takes way less skill than other mobas.

I'm just doing quick match. and hots already is low effort to begin with because it's the most casual popular moba. that's why I can stand it.

Yes it is indeed

Casual games are indeed nice, I agree.
Never was a fan of mobas though, don't really like the whole concept in it.

stop gaslighting me!!!


I didn't either until I got sucked into hots. it's good to play while I catch up on my youtube and podcast stuff. or while I'm drunk.


to bed with you.


But leveling up a hero while trying to get your creeps over to your opponents base to destroy it while preventing the opponent from doing that to you, only to start all over again after every match, is just not fun

I just woke up though.

Good job with this post

Good morning

do you understand your dick only suppose go in pussy






This is why it's not going anywhere

nuh uh, no tears.

Slept alright?

another reason I like hots. it's a lot faster than that and the lane stuff is way less important than objectives and teamfighting.

oh. my bad.

Hey Hu-kun ♥

How's your day been so far?

-huggu- :3

if it wont go it dont feel good

I woke up a few times, but yeah. All in all it was good.

Sup with you?


oh my

I have no idea what to do with my mornings when nobody is up.

But multiplayer is eww too

Hey hey~
Been short. Two hours long schoolday lol, but got some work done and all ready for supervisor meeting come Monday so all is well.
How's you?

I don't deserve good feels anyway

Glad it was overall good, even though you woke up a few times.

Am alright, not doing much right now, just here. Short day



tons and tons of yankin' it.


most of the time.

Cause tears are bad

People are dumb~

I keep having reoccurring locations in my dreams.
It's always been nice.

You should sleep.

always people are dumb.

Once I wake up a bit more maybe.

im sure someone wants you to feel good with their holes

atta boy.

Sounds like an easy day ^^

I'm pretty good; baked as usual

By the way, should I be put in a camp for being a marijuana degenerate?

You're safe now, my child

So long it's comfortable reoccurring locations you keep dreaming of.
Nah, not gonna sleep, it's only noon

Doubt that very much

It really was too.

lol, so long you're feeling good.
Nah, I'm not Duterte, and it's not like you're shoving it down people's throats, so it's fine silly

people are always dumb, yes~
Singleplayer best

they arent


f a c t: erio is a dum nerd

ur best

Yes they are!

No u!

haha no

cute too

As soon as you said "shoving it down people's throats," I expected the spoiler to somehow vindicate the fact that that phrase gave me lewd thoughts, but it didn't

How are things?

-kissu- ♥

that is cheating.

how dare u.

That's because unlike what some people say, I'm no slut

No, I'm always playing by the rules

You love being kiss raped

How are things, Cuppy?

Just lewd thoughts in general; not about you

Stop thinking about cybersex, perv

just ask girls if they want to taste your sausage youll get it eventually

twisted made up rules maybe.

minus the kiss part

they are okay I guess. I mean, not really at all, but I'm feeling alright at the moment kinda. so that's something.

and you?



For some reason, I doubt this.
I never did, but you did, and do!

Pussies can taste things now?

I would never do that!

Cause tears only appear if you're hurt

I'm onto you, hu. I know ur tricks.

I'm fine

Are you sure you shouldn't be sleeping right now? What are you doing tomorrow? Or I guess I should say "today" ^^

Poor kitty -pets your hair-


Calm down


Why does weed make people horny?

I sleep when I want, yo.

not sure yet. probably a whole lot of nothing.

yeah that's right. u better be scared.

Well I read a post on /x/ that said that since weed comes from female plants, you're inhaling female essence when you smoke it, so that would explain why it makes me gay

It's not like I was ordering you to go to sleep :3

Do you have a job?

that's an insensitive question.

and also it should be pretty obvious that I do not at the moment. with my erratic sleep schedule and being around at all hours of the day.

I don't have one either; calm down

It's great to be a NEET for a while

Just teasing, actually not scared of you, cutiepie~

Oh goddamn, I've read that quote before too. Female plant huh? Time for vegans to stop eating plants too.

I'm pretty much always calm u asslicker.

wtf. that's rude.

i dont want to be hurt


Yeah, I don't know why you'd get upset over a question if you'd get turned on from someone insulting you over the answer to the question :3

Well vegans do tend to be feminine I guess, but I figured that was just because they're generally fags

Are you nocturnal too? ^^

exactly. the logic isn't consistent at all.

update ur folder on dropbox pls.

Really though, sorry if the question upset you somehow; I'm high :3

And okay, I guess I do have another batch of pics since the last time I updated it

That's me!

No tears then~

Are you saying vegans are like weed?
I mean.. Both will eventually go up in smoke, but I'm not sure that was what you were implying


it really didn't. don't worry.

rood dood.


you gotta start with the mouth pussy first

This reminds me of how Ingrid Newkirk wrote into her will that she wants her flesh barbecued when she dies

-pets your hair- :3

Yeah there were a lot I hadn't uploaded yet and I didn't realize til now

appreciate it

I'm slightly disturbed because I don't think I've ever grown an avatar folder anywhere near as fast as I've been growing this one

Am the rudest

I suppose it's a good way to make them shut up.

Lol. Is throwing her body to the lions, wolves or another predator in the zoos, not good enough?

must be true love~

for real tho

Even then, I still love you

we all make mistakes. don't beat yourself up for it.

Tough call, but I think cannibalism might be more metal than that, yeah

Yeah and it's a healthy relationship because I just let her be who she is instead of using Photoshop to shove western occultism up her asshole like I did with Tenshi

I'm sure you're still gonna find something to shove up her asshole. knowing you.



its not cool to disrespect woman


< when did this become a thing?

she a pretty girl.

I think maybe it's best to just be gentle with her asshole

I'd try it

PETA taught me that chicken nuggets are made from the tits of old lady chickens, after all, so what's the difference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm also intentionally nocturnal

I want to stay this way, so I should make sure to get a job I can do at night

pfffft. what a pussy.


I'm not disrespecting her if I feed her, am I?


Not a clue. Probably got implemented by the Tinyboard team at some point a few years ago

Better be good meat then!
lol, that's silly

Why do you try to goad me so much? :3

pretty pics of her make me smile
i want moar!

im just waiting 2 more hours until mcd opens for breakfast.


it seems a lot more recent. I've seen people use less than three on this board before without it turning a different color.

you're a smart guy, I'm pretty sure you can guess.

well I post her a lot.

i supposed that logic is corerct
so what plans do you have for the wekedeend?


I wouldn't know about that. It was always here since I started posting, and ponychan, which is based on tinyboard too, implemented it a year or two ago.

See? Nothing wrong with it at all.
Nothing much. Shitpost here, cook, fap, runescape. The usual~
What about you? Same as usual too?

I see I see.

I've heard human meat is most similar to pork

We're pretty similar right now

I understand u gurl

Why leave it ambiguous? You don't want to type out that you're a masochistic sissy slut? Go ahead; you can say it :3

well I know you won't actually do anything but it's fun to tease you because sometimes you respond with verbal abuse which I'm quite fond of.

typing out that I'm a masochistic sissy slut seems unnecessary. because it's so obvious~

Though I do believe the admin forked it and created his own version because development came to a halt. So I don't know

Humans and pigs are very alike in many ways, so that really wouldn't surprise me

fascinating stuff.

and that one too!
comfy looking sweater~

woof woof

imma order a wrap
with round egg and ham added to the sausage and white cheese instead of orange


fat fingers hu

Cute doggo

sarcasm, not irony.

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you ever wonder what the back of a throat feels like?
what about shower? you never document your showering? do you have nice long steamy hot ones or quick refreshing ones that let you grind out runescape hard?
as for me everything the same except i get to do all of it in my new chair. feels great my back wont rip anymore.