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You slumber



Looks good to me

dear diary i wish that i were a black woman so that i could enjoy al l the benfits of society

whit males are an oppressed caste in this jok of a n ation

What are you some kind of sick twisted nazi?

I was talking to a friend once about my interests in women

when I was a teen I was big into tall, busty blondes, then moved my tastes to asians

these days I don't really have a specialized taste

but like

some of my favorite characters:

blonde hair and big tits



Maybe you still do love, at least subconsciously, the BBC~
Busty Blonde Chicks

You slumber



rofl this guy

Dionysian as fuck

[email protected]!


Once you go Blonde, you never go back!

I like black hair.

Rolled 2 (1d2)Bwakafefts at lunchtime

1 - Cereal
2 - Sammich

also black coffee

and coke of course

a meh character that has decent looks and attitude

lol thats the only thing good about tsunderes. they have great sex appeal.

I actually started to like it yes.

everyday until yu ike it

Decent enough to fap to apparently

That's a good boy

what the fuck


It's good.

makes for great sex appeal


me but with life

No u.
That sounds odd, you sure you're doing stuff right? What is GParted even saying?

She does have the right looks

Rolled 1 (1d2)コーヒー actually.

fsck in 14.04 doesn't support metadata_csum.

Need a newer version of it but I cba so I'm just flashing a new YouBuntoo image.

Add Zesty to /etc/apt/sources.list and run sudo apt update && sudo apt install exfat-utils, see how much it actually wants to upgrade, and then if it doesn't want to upgrade your entire distribution, do it and try again.

Rolled 2 (1d2)I friggen love that coffee is written kōhī


Gween tea


Downloading and flashing 17.01 on a different drive is better :^)



or whatever it is now!

You can have my identity, my infos been out there for years, my Skype has it all, and I have posted my cell number here and 4chan at least 8 times, nothing ever really happens. See

CurrentYear mod 1000.04∨10
04 is April, 10 is October. No such thing as

no such thing as a 01.
yay for posting without finishing your sentence

who else do you consider hve right look

Brb ordering pizza.

17.04 then :shrug:

I'm just resizing my damn partition for Ubuntu.

How does my phone number get you a pizza?

your mom

You could put it on a flash-drive, boot into that, resize the partition and then reboot. No reason to reinstall~

I didn't really think the comment out before I replied to you posting your phone number, tbh.

put what on a flash drive

what i did is put both 17.04 and 14.04 on flash drives, use the 17.04 to resize the partition and then use 14.04 to install itself.


credit cards dont WORK! without the 3 number CODE
on the BACK

gross 3d

I thought you already had it installed on a harddrive, and then planned to do a reinstall just to resize a partition. My bad

3D is best~

I mean, maybe if it was a place local to me and they used numbers to identify people and I had a credit card on record, but fuck that, no store has my cards on record.

stop fapping to dicks

Also it doesn't get me pizza.

The suggestion was that I was going to order a pizza to your place.


I refuse!

griddles is a nice man

do not bully him

what the fuck


Silly Hoo!

No u!

Jesus fuck Canonical

I'll pm them to you.
Add me on discord griddless#6781

I never get delivery, only in store pick up.

Thanks grim.

Griddles is a beautiful woman

I have posted my address on 4chan before too, nothing interesting comes of it.

I only get delivery because the pizza guys make damn sure it gets to your door warm and on time or you get it free, and they get in troubles.



MGD dropped my info and nobody bought me anything tasty : (

hmm warm pizza guys



A very masculine bearded women, you have strange taste bard.

I was expecting shit too, especially after I've given people money on PayPal and shit to get food before.

That is illegal in America, too many car accidents involving rushed pizza drivers, it was a huge legal thing with dominoes I think.

I'd rather him stuff my crust.


Maybe the don't do that here anymore either, then.
I don't really order pizza at all anymore ever.

Here in my town you get it either free or discounteed if you're late


got a thing

but some don't know

how to handle it

what the fuck I thought gparted was capable

How much ruined is ruined? Is the device in fstab? If so, is it on the format /dev/sdb or UUID, and did they change after the resize?


found this picture of griddles preparing to post on Holla Forums

It probably isn't federal then.

drop the shoes

/dev/sdb1 is data
/dev/sdb2 is debian
/dev/sdb3 is ubuntu

I can't even chroot into debian any more what the fuck ubuntu

fap to boobies and vaginas too atlesats

Found this picture of my personality

rip... I've no idea what to do

Not gonna happen

the guy who made this is the same one who made the video of the koakuma dance


bisexuals are cooler than gays


my inodes are fucked up
what the fuck gparted

gparted has never failed me

I hope this guy never stops

What's the Koakuma dance?

What does it say when you try and boot into it?

Bisexuality is nothing but a huge meme

Pretty much this. It hasn't given me trouble either

A bunch of inodes not found.

why dont you youtube?

oh you dont see the youtube embeds??

'Cause he's a faggot nerd.

me neither before this.

Running gparted and letting it scan and fix the partition worked, though. No idea then why it did what it did last run.

you and your gay noscript shit


It is illegal to guarantee it within a certain time, they can only guarantee quality.

I don't get dressed up much like that anymore, all my collection of surplus is in storage.

great now its time to weep and set up ros on 14.04 after getting grub to boot 14.04

You on the other hand, you're just a plain ol' fag.


Maybe it's because we live in a small town

but they tell you exactly how long it will be and it's usually pretty close to right on the dot

except when it's not and they run late af


Nope. All Cross-site references to youtube has been blocked

That's odd. But hey, it's fixed now!

But this is not noscript, it's RequestPolicy

This too lol

i so hate ubuntu why does it exist

Now that they're dropping Unity and Mir and going back to X11 and Gnome, I don't see why anyone would pick Ubuntu over any derivative or just going plain Debian

does that mean thers only straights and gays

because they need to run silly shit like ROS

why do you hate yt again

Straight, fags and fags in denial

i dont understand what this implies




Google. They can suck my dick

you don't watch youtube simply because you dislike google?


you don't cycle ip addresses?

steam me about it I g2g


Just like I choose not to eat rice because I don't like the taste.

Nope, though I could.
I also don't want cookies.

Enjoy your day

I would contest that statement

By Denying yourself the act of eating the rice

you're denying yourself the taste of the rice

which you don't like

By denying google your traffic
you're missing out on more than just one single taste
you're missing out on a massive variety of content that you may or may not enjoy

And hey that's your choice

but what did google do to get you to deny yourself such a variety of content?

bard you fucking retard by denying yourself rice you deny yourself rice and thats not okay

why the fuck is it not a default option to skip out on the bootloader holy shit we aren't fucking Microsoft here Canonical.


Doesn't matter. Can't "miss" what you don't have.

if you don't want to say I;ll drop it right now
but I think what I'm trying to ask is what do you have against google

i'm going to choose to be upset tyvm

Good morning ♥

Manga gives a whole new world of kawaii for Satania caps

what do you have against somebody who stalks you with a notebook and writes down your every little movement and stares at you while you sleep and claims it doesn't use all of that vast information about you aside from maybe selling it to people who make ads idk no promises

Not a clue why you're asking ME

I prefer locking the door when I take a shit, but this is not possible when Google is following you wherever you go, and sell every tiny detail they get from you to advertisement companies because you wanted to watch some stupid cat video on youtube or use another subpar service.


well that was all I wanted to know then thanks

I'm detecting alot of hostility here

i asked the question because I was genuninely curious not because I'm some kind of google faboy

Sorry... I've just been answering this question on and off since 2013

Oh right, I wanted to figure out if there's a way to delete my Facebook

I don't know why Google doing it actually doesn't bother me but Facebook doing it does tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

try looking through doujins for more caps

Google is just a very personal-data-hungry ad-company that happens to offer search and happens to have bought out a few popular social platforms.

They are abusive towards YouTube creators whose contents does not play friendly with advertisers, Google AdSense fails to catch malware and other hazardous things time and time again while that's their main business, their search engine has a filter bubble that only shows content they want you to agree with (though based on your existing habits), their search engine also unfairly puts their products on top and is so anti-competetive that the EU fined them for 2.4 billion euros and there's more I can't think of right now.

it's a bitch and a half, that's for sure. I thought I deleted mine like 5 years ago but a couple months ago I got emails telling me someone in moscow was trying to log into my account so I had to basically send a message to the faceless facebook gods asking them to pretty please delete my account. I'm sure it's gone now, but what a headache.

next time lead off with this
It's a better ice breaker

Hu is true you're kind of a slut?



But it requires more typing and you could've searched this and typing it over and over is annoying.

You deactivated it. Need to do
then don't touch it for two weeks. Or a month, can't remember which of the two

Kind of one? Aren't we all?


And some of that is only just happening lately, though they've been turning to shit for much longer

I guess I don't care if Google sells advertisers the information that I like cocks, but something about Facebook compiling personal stuff about you and then selling it is more annoying

Thanks boi

I remembered not to call you "gurl" even though I call everyone that; you should feel special :3

I don't have any lewd images in my Satania folder and I might keep it that way

Well, I guess I should say no NSFW images

I didn't really put much info on mine anyway, and I never used it more than a bit

I just made it to try to contact a specific person who apparently fell off the face of the earth

Hi Bart :3

well first and foremost I didn't even ask you the question
I'm picking at straws here to cure my boredom
saying it's too much work to type that instead of your initial dick response and then typing it after and then telling me you're annoyed?

You can get fucked

I don't see why... Google probably has the same information Facebook has, and then some. Why does the lesser evil bother you more?

Aww, thanks.

yeah, I learned that the hard way. like I said, I'm pretty sure it's fully deleted now.

I used mine back for a while after high school but I got sick of it pretty fast and that was that. I've never once regretted getting rid of it.

If people are capable of waving away genocides that happened just 20 years ago they also don't have trouble with waving away tech news 5 years away. Criticism is best served fresh.


what is it

wth ubuntu

Good girl

It's true.. Some even forget what happened last week

Try changing fonts

What happened last week

This is interesting; I never examined this before

I guess at the end of the day I'm not really rational about the topic and I just distrust Facebook more because I know the person in charge is a jew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't even always like that people can call/text me so I don't know why I'd give them another way to contact me

How are things?


exactly. people suck.

I reset my sleep schedule to a conventional 11-midnight bedtime and I'm tired

I can't remember~
Don't think anything did, just stating some forget things after a week

And Google isn't~?
"Just trust me you dumb fucks".
Fuck I love that meme


It's probably FF cocking up.

That second monitor does not exist and I don't know why it's there.

You got me there

So when are we going to drink some Tuborg Gold and fuck?

You would know you slut lmao

oic c:

Girlfriends great grandma is in the hospital dieing of cancer, what do I say to girlfriend, she wants to talk, like how do comfort over the phone?

I'm actually more okay with the concept of "people" lately, but I seem to generally still prefer to be alone

Why would you do that? Night is the best time of day and now you're missing like seven hours of it :3

Who runs Google exactly? I don't have a jewish face in my head associated with Google

I don't think I've seen that meme ^^

you're being silly.

ha. what a normie.


I'll have you know I spent hours capping hundreds of images of an anime/manga girl last night

SUPER+P then disconnect it.
And maybe. Firefox is shit now too

Never. I got someone, and I prefer stronger beverages

pfft. that's barely weird anymore.

Sorry, I started to read this but then a subby slut got out of line and distracted me

Just talk to her in general and give her a sense that you're there for her


No u!

I used to hang out with my best friend after I got off work but he's been adjusting his schedule because of his own work and because of his brother being a loud douchebag and having a weird schedule that changed recently so If I want to hang out with him It needs to be during the day
Also I like to train jitsu and judo with my little brother before and after school most days and if I stay asleep til 4 ill probably wake up and decide to sleep some more.....til like 5 or 6 then he's usually already gone and decided to hang out with his flock of bitches.

Know a good fork I can use when 57 hits?

I'm using Firefox-ESR until 57 hits that as well. I don't know what to move to after that, though my money is on Pale-Moon

All the cool kids are doing it now?

Sounds like youth pastors have their hands full

I barely browse Holla Forums anymore

Eric's eyes look rather jewish but I ctrl+f'd "jew" on his Wikipedia article and got no results

Well, yeah, the conventional wisdom is that it's best to be awake during the day if you want to be social

I'm enjoying a phase of isolation and weed right now though so I intentionally stay up at least until dawn

fuck it man
smoke during the day

I doubt any fork will be able to update the XUL things very long.

Like a mixed drink or just straight shots?

Also, just have an affair, those are always fun lol

I am right now

Unfortunately, the length of time that night lasts is a lot shorter than the length of time I'm naturally awake

Night is just so pretty and relaxing though

The loving embrace of Nyx :3

This is old /g/ stuff though. It existed before Holla Forums did.
President and CFO of Alphabet Inc. are both jews~

Sadly. But they'll keep it. I believe Palemoon is even pre-Australis

Like 8%+ Beers, wine and Aquavit

Is it gay that this makes me cum? Weird that I like them more now than I did when I was a teenager

Australis is horrible but at least the XUL addons allowed it to look passable.

I don't go to /g/

Thanks for letting me know though; I'll remember he's a jew in case I ever become the second coming of Hitler

Indeed. Really don't know what I would do without
But yeah, with 57, it'll die

like cum

I wouldn't know

What the fuck ROS is so much bloat.

As if there are any other options though

why not try some?

Does it at least work this time?

Palemoon. Might also try Brave, but it's just yet-another Chromium fork, but the browser's features look pretty damn nice


me neither, not anymore

Like what kind of beer?
Like IPA, Double IPA, or Porter/Stout?

just jizz in a cup and drink it

Strong ales and stouts pretty much.

I'm not you~

but we basically sleep at the same time tho. night

wait i dont drink cum what

I'm compiling protobuf because dependencies for ROS packages.

I don't want Chromium I like how things are in Gecko.


Palemoon it is then.. Unless GNU mans up and do a proper fork and develop Icecat on their own


Why am I trying to convince military goons on reddit that a bunch of servos, a bunch of sensors and a pinch of code can replace a sniper on terms of accuracy.


Completely accidental unrelated draping of conclusion

You have pretty good tastes for a slut lmao

Wouldn't that break war crimes or something

I dunno. Then they might have to admit that you can just tape a TrackingPoint to a sled, and call it a day.

Remote controlled rifles are literally nothing new though, so wtf r u doin?

Yeah but they are convinced a human is better.

Pfft, people admitting they're wrong?


Sleep well ♥

Wassup bbs~

Hi sweety

How're you?

I'm okies^^ Just got done playing a bunch of Skyrim for the last 3 days lol

How are you, cutie?

Pretty good, woke up a few hours ago and I've just been smoking weed and messing around on the internet

I'm glad weed makes capping such a pleasant experience or my Satania folder probably wouldn't be anywhere near as developed as it is

I've kind of wanted to play Skyrim for a while but it's having a problem that causes it to crash while starting up and I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix that again

been schmoking here all day too^^

Cutest folder/10. Yeah, we're just playing on ps4. I'm just gonna let my roomie keep playing it cause it's lost it's appeal to me already.

Know what you're gonna be for Halloween?

Yeah I figured you've been binge smoking too since you played Skyrim for three days x3

And thanks ♥

I'm thinking of going really avant-garde with my costume and staying in my bedroom with my door locked

My actual bedroom will be the costume


Wow, that's p clever tbh

I got my stuff from work last night for a sexy witch. I love discount Halloween stuffs^^

That was just my way of saying I don't really do Halloween costumes x3

Maybe you should post pics when you wear it ^^

Yeah, I know, silly~

I had it on while playing skyrim but changed back cause I didn't want my roomie to like get the wrong idea or anything haha

Cute ^^

What should I have for dinner tonight? I'm trying to avoid fast food but don't want to spend much :3

i hate the jews

I only post-ironically do

Well, 2 hours of talking on the phone with my girlfriend, I think I did good, she seemed pretty cheery when we just hung up.

??? what was the problem before

go to a local bakery and buy a giant sandwich for like 4 dollars and have leftovers

friendly reminder that baddog backwards is goddab


Good job at following my advice; I'm sure you'll be a loyal follower for me when I'm the next Alice


Oh yeah I could just pick up some sandwich like that somewhere

Good idea

yea thats really hard to do, there's no specific thing you can rush to say or push the conversation out, only ride out the emotional wave as it rolls out, it's never something easy for sure, im sure you did good

also im really sorry to put this in the same post but look at all the retarded dab pictures im finding, when did goku get a horrible tattoo and start dressing like a nigger? must be the faggy blue hair

even a kaio-kenx10 won't wash off the shame

Her 81 year old grandma is in the hospital dieing of stomach cancer.

It was just her grandma, they call her poopka which confused me.

I love Alice, go for it, I used to help give advice as user, back when I thought I had answers, but I still feel my advice was sound.

no i got it when the other person linked me, that fucking sucks but you know its a good test of how well you can endure being their emotionally for someone for the rough times to come ahead


i never enjoyed the prospect of giving mass advice over a large board where other people can interfere, even if there is the possibility for constructive help, i mean i did it sometimes but usually i tried to get to know the person personally

Maybe I'll just do advice threads with this avatar for the sake of revitalizing avatarfaf culture

With respect to Alice-sama, of course

A.K.A. nearly non-existence, good luck even trying it alone, i feel like 4chan as a whole now on Holla Forums is more of a soft reflection of how our society is changing for better or worse

It all starts with one black flame in the darkness, Anonymous

remember when alice2's face and dickpics were leaked? how did you even find those

How did I find what? I genuinely didn't have anything to do with that

Maybe you're confusing that with an episode I had with someone else


no wait i showed them to you, and i found them when blood-chan passed them to me, and they got them when alice2 gave them to one of her "Friends" that blabbed

Give Alice2 pic so I can spam it in his threads.

would if i still had it, mostly just stirring shit to see if people still pathetically watch the threads for them like erio says

Honestly all of them are sad yes men, but I get excited when Kermit shows up 'cause he's someone I like.

you know the kind of nerdy loser in an 80's movie though? no not the kind of good looking main character, like the background nerd in the movie for like 5 minutes just to get beat up

they kind of looked like that

i call subtle on voice and he never picks up

wonder what it means

Kermit is okay, we have some misunderstandings but we also kind of get each other

I called no one on voice and they never pick up

id call you on voice but i have a feeling youd sound familiar

I'd smash.

I have a strong feeling I wouldn't
I also wouldn't talk

doesnt convince me none

kermit likes to spin knives a lot, did he ever show you any vids of him twirling the one he has?

I try my best with her, I love her so much.

I just tried to be nice, and actually help them constructively with their problem, I was told at my group therapy at rehab that when I would call people out then try to give advice everyone would be like thinking in their heads, holy shit did he just say that, then everything I called them out for would be right.

Yeah, they kinda suck.

I said I heard they lurk here and I generally work with that assumption

Why do you think I would sound familiar

I would be unable to talk while in call with Duke.
He leaves me speechless.


that's so sick. what a cool guy.

How do I leave anyone speechless

your huge cock blocks our windpipes when we suck you off

im pretty good at reading situations but i really dont try to flaunt it or anything, i just use it as best i can to get me from my day to day

i was just using you as an excuse dont worry about it :^)

well thats a thing that they did/do

Why wouldn't you talk

It's average

I don't like my voice and I'm uncomfortable talking to others

I just spin on dicks.

that's big here


Well, maybe there's no need to go make something new just yet

It gets increasingly tempting, though

If these threads really go down the shitter and I still have an urge to shitpost after that happens, I'd probably do it then

Hopefully they will tell Alice-sama about this discussion so maybe she'll come talk to me ^//^



im confident in my ability to spot people ive seen before through typing quirks, if you want to insist you are someone i have not seen and spoken to before thats fine, but i won't believe it till i hear you, bottom line

im fine with dropping the topic though

i removed them from skype again because they kept mass inviting everyone to their stream


Me too, but at rehab it was encouraged, it helped in my humanities class in highschool too, I was told I should definitely seek a carrier path helping people, I just think I'm a bit sociopathic.

I would support your cause foshow.


I'm in game.
Can I have a kiss before I go?

being a sociopath and understanding how people think is different, it depends on the extent to which you detach yourself from the morals, or moreover, that you do not do this

remember, imagining smashing someones face against a mailbox repeatedly until their face is a bloody mess? totally normal! that's okay! you are fine. actually doing it? no no, no no no

erio doesnt want my pets so someone else can have them :(


Which typing quirk exactly? And it's not so much insisting that I'm not, it's more telling you that I'm not, because I'm not someone you've met before a month ago. Or however long it was exactly

It doesn't take violence to be a sociopath, about 4% of the population is a sociopath, it's the inability to understand emotions, and the ability to read and manipulate others develops because of it, apparently being antisocial is also a symptom, and this place is all of my social life the real world is too much for me.

if you say so

I do

well okay maybe you are a sociopath but i can definitely understand emotions even if i dont like cry a lot myself, so i guess i cant really understand what it would be like to be a sociopath, but if you're too afraid to interact with others you wouldnt be very good at manipulating them would you

i was in a call with my girlfriend but hey if you're going to go through with calling me on discord i believe you and im actually glad im wrong, you dont have to talk if it makes you uncomfortable i wont call back

i didnt notice the call i would have answered sorry honestly

discord does not give shit for notifications i swear

It's fine, it really doesn't matter in the end anyway

he tried so hard though

i mean it does matter if you are one person or another person dont be so fucking edgy

i mean they said they werent going to call and did i didnt expect to be in a call with the gf when it happened

What's edgy about saying it doesn't matter if you believe me or not?

well saying it doesnt matter in the end makes it seem like it doesnt matter if you are that person or not, and it totally does

I just hate public interactions, but I get by, I also have a hard time showing emotions, and now I just have random mood swings through out the day, I don't know what's up.

I'm not sure what interaction you had with, presumably, kanra. So I won't say that I guess

hmm well i never have a need to be too emotional for other people, usually people give you their condolences out of courtesy though, not just because they are sad

trust me, everyone here is happy that you are not kanra

Outlaw Rogues get a skill called Bribe
Pretty neat

I mean, I could actually be sad or mad or anything really and I show either neutral or happy.
I guess it's easier in text because I can just say what's on my mind.



i said 9/11 was a national tragedy

what the fuck are you even talking about





Well. That's enough LoL for a night.
What's up, people?

you ever think about

black men


it's almost friday


chapstick is an underrated utility item


Dead thread.
Dead community.

Normal people don't need it.

Not all of us have perfectly moist lips, Ban.

this is fine

this is fine

all ye fools will learn the familiarity breeds contempt, all ye discontented individuals spread your wings and fly to sore across new experiences, come back when you have grown and you have new stories to tell. our technology is certainly adapting faster than we are


I might be seeing a doctor tomorrow if that's worth being a story.

Post your dry lips.


My lights are off and I'm not turning them on so I can photo op my lips.

like a medical doctor or a head doctor

I'm going to see a doctor.
I'm not really inclined to say much past that.

you rang?



you can't bait us with a doctor story and then not share the details

he can if hes a giant faggot who wants to kill this place from being uninteresting but hey i hardly post here what do i care


kek what the fuck is that pose. like it tho

its a water tribe thing

you're home!



Ban what do you think of Tremors

someone wanna talk to me so I don't fall asleep


I would if I could

i should watch that some time

I liked it.

I don't remember the movies after the first one though.


what an incredibly specific image

is the you nef or is this someone else?

korra was ok but lats airbender was amazing


lets watch it sometime
I cant stream but ill try to find some simulwatch site or something.

kora is what i havent seen. come on bro i was a 90's kid i was still like 10 in 2001 of course i saw the last airbender

doxxing myself:


Can I bring Goggles ?

ill just get someone to stream it and invite you dweebs and it can be like a party

message me if you guys wanna arrange a movie night




nothing, don't read into it


you can but I dont think he will want to come because he's afraid of me or something



I was in a game

its cool i was just being dramatic, let me know here around what day you want to do this and ill find a way to find you somehow around then

saturday night mayb

okay i can squeeze that in late or before I do dirty bomb with some other friends of mine, either way ill make time

found a speech bubble that describes the threads