Ancient autistic secret, eh?

ancient autistic secret, eh?

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sweet Jesus I cant wait for the bliss of a modular PSU

I linked the other one in the previous thread so that's probably where people will end up maybe. I dunno. seems like no one is around right now.

Cupcake posting butt

gross, it's cupcake

Mostly uni projects.
Not that I've sent it to anyone



tbh I'd never seen Spider and Elsa videos

this shit is insane

It's omae wa mou shindeiru

kawaii wa shin dere ruuuu

the more views a video has, the more it says something about humanity in general

My apologies

but I have better things to do than to explore this

bye vri~

enjoy overwatch you fucking neet


dont you make random things on github


Being productive is xp waste

wait im deja vu i swear this was the old thread

I have about 19 public repos and another bunch on my not-ikt github an plenty of school-grade shit on the school git that I should remember to put on my normal git before I graduation time.

Nah, you're just retarded lol

Accidentally made two, the OP is identical, now go to bed

That's far, far more than I

i just wanted to say that for initial d memes

Show yours!

Me and another class dude are basically using git for everything.

I think we're the only students who do this.

I should learn how to portfolio or something.

why do these hipstery "devs" have portfolios and why don't i see hardcore c/c++ devs having these things

Go to bed anyway

Git is nice though

Have you guys read this one?
Its pretty great


i want to look at your code


show pantsu



Kazumas face though

Soft Aqua butt.


It's just the sound of her sliding down the wall.



Well, okay

Would you a drunk Aqua?

I'll dump as much as I can
I'm leaving to Pizza Hut in a bit

Probably not.

you have no power to make me

lol yeah i saw that one didnt cum to it tho


Just drop a link nigga!

I'd borrow her for a sec too tbh

that's right. you can't escape.

I'm bigger than you

in what aspects and how much more bigger

As if I want to.


All of them

so you could force me to sleep just by sitting on my back?


You're such a nice person Kanra

wipe that smirk off ur face.

Yep, let me show you

My name literally says 鏡音リン.

wait let me finish listening to my song

hi jacob!

Had to google it lol

Music not allowed

Nice. Thanks fam.



7 more minutes

crying is good. I can work with crying.

wtf, you are as bad as Hu

You should just change your name to Soto's gf instead

must be why you like me.

if you type nigger into google translate it it becomes "I am sick of" japanese are basically saying they are sick of niggers

wow, I can't even say no


I always win.



lol, rekt

he's fun to tease.

18? nah i slep now song just ended

You're literally trying to translate a word that doesn't translate well, and on top of that you're translating it with one of, if not the most unreliable translator?


it was just a joke?

we ran into problems every single time we pushed edits, cause everyone just ran "git add .", thus also pushing the pdf file. I lost my mind

And you're doing a good job at it

18min until bedtime.
Sleep tight Feku

don't even act like you don't love it.

it's one of my only many talents.

nope you sleep now 2
lol the roles have been reversed

I guess I just don't understand だらしない人 humour.

That's why you gitignore everything! :D

That last project is legit SCRUM with proper sprints and deliverables and features though holy shit I wish my groups ever 25% this competent.

I have to preserve at least the illusion of shame and pride.

not with me you don't. I can see through all that anyway.

Works well with alcohol too

Very soon anyway.

If you gitignore everything, nothing will get added without the force flag~

Last project? Last project was BetterBash, though I think you mean P3-ClimbingClub.
And yeah, we did it iteratively. Had a contact who wanted an application for their climbing club. He got incredibly happy with the final result

my other talent!

why r u being so tsuntsun

why not now
also i started another song

Also overwatch

eh. I'm only okay at that.


ello ello

Yeah ClimbingClub. That's a solid everything! GJ!

We're halfway sprint 2 and we don't have anything yet. Then again it's completely new to us so idk.


Why ン ?


It's not 10pm.
No more songs!

I thought you had a high rank?


Yeah, ended up in a group with someone who's a git wizard and want things done right.
We didn't even do SCRUM though, least not consciously... We did make a plan for what we wanted done at the end of each iteration however so we could also go test the new features and retest the fixes we did for the previously implemented features. By fixes I mean usability, not bug fixes.

Eh, that's fine. You did just start, can't really get much done in just 2 weeks. Took 2 months to get the first iteration done and over with for us.


That was terrible and you should probably stop while you're behind.

Face though.

diamond is pretty high but that just proves that a vast majority of people playing the game are retards, not that I'm particularly good.


im starting the fourth one now

you should be ashamed of yourself for not realizing it sooner

Nah, I think you're just good, and don't consider yourself such

of course~



I'm watching a video get off my dick.

More overlooking it because it's a shitty joke and I expected more.

how am i bully

lol tsun excuses


oh you caught it!
hi :D

I think ur silly.


That sounds like a heavenly group!

Well, that sounds encouraging. We have until January for this and we just heard last week we can throw everything that's old out of the window, but most ROS stuff is still new to us so it's gonna be learning stuff.

what were you watching rin


ProJared playing Sweet Home

Bedtime now, so sleep.
Enjoy your day~

No, never!

It was. We did work incredibly well together and we did our own "expertise" in many fields. Even the social bit worked out well too. Just a shame we won't be able to work together again, since half of the group are Software-engineer students, and the other half are comp.sci students. Dumb though, seeing we all still follow the same courses and doing similar projects.

Plenty of time then. We had to turn it in by the end of December, so that won't be much of a problem for you.
Don't think you need to write a report of 100+ pages either~


always. sleep tight.

Goodnight sameu

But I want to set up a /me page

Sounds like a good mix with both experience and more nerd knowledge :D

Let's see. We're all "ICT & Technology" students which is basically just software engineering with a tad of low level microcontroller knowledge. I'm the resident git and C++ "expert" and I know the annoying guy claims himself to be good at C. Others are average-ish.

God I'm gonna be wasting so much time helping those guys ;;

Night you!


Wrong person i thought you were hu.blame him for stealing your images


I need to replay Twilight Princess sometime, that game was epic

At least my pay hit the bank and was like, 200 more than I expected.

Sup, fuck tards?

Other than that, not a lot.

Did you try calling it?

the thing about math books is their numbers are too hard to remember

It blocked my number.

Seems like it has a lot of problems.

This tbh

I'm trying to help solve some...


Work soon though.

I'll go play LoL then.

have fun.

Sorry, got sidetracked, cool spectre worked at Amazon, I don't think there's any openings now, so many people applied so quickly,
I should actually contact job opportunities on linked in.




should i have another bear?

Holy shit you have a pet bear, is it cuddly?

Subtle is in a league club calld Loli, the perv

Nobody here has the grounds to call anyone out on sexual degeneracy.

My only degeneracy is a loving committed relationship.

You said we were just fuck buddies.


You said I wasn't your type ???

I'm just mad that your dick is bigger.

Inflation, tentacles, cuckholding, anything ass related (except scat and farting), huge insertions with gape, traps, traps fucking men, belly stuffing, cum funnels, panty stuffing, foot fucking, bondage, ring gags,
throat fucking, rope, ribbon, corsets, lingerie, pegging, titties, incest, shota, loli, piercings, Futa, extra limbs, detachable body parts, amputees, robot girls, food play, water sports, dicks, guro, vore, dick vore, ass vore, slime girls, slime boys, melting, extra extra extra large insertions with prolapse and gape, Corseting with piercing rings, whipping, suspension bondage, machine fucking, monster girls, monster boys, and cuddling

There are probably more, but it's hard to remember everything that makes me hard.

But that's just going to get smaller.

Those are a lot of my pervy fetishes, I just so happen to post them on lewd at the same time as the calling subtle a perv here.

I know, but I can't do anything abou...oh you mean yours.

We should meet up and fuck.

I mean, I'm down.


I would kill for that equine strangler you call a dick.

How far away are you?

Northern Alabama.

10.5 hour drive if I do the speed limit, can't do it this weekend, but I might be able to make plans some time.

I don't work Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. So I suppose we could get a hotel and just fuck for a day or two.

Meet somewhere in the middle, that could be fun.

Ignore this.

Maybe. I'd have to see what gas would be.
You just doing hand jobs and shit or what?
I'm curious.

I wanna go full vers, give and take, and blowjobs.

I don't do anything with my mouth below the waist really, but if you legit want to fuck around I don't have any real objection. I might visit up north soon anyhow.

this is really gay

Though I'm confused as to why you're suddenly down for this.

The Navy really is the gayest of the military branches.

Sleep time.

Me too, thanks

sup diggies~


womp womp^^



send good dark souls wallpapers

Me and Rin are dating now btw





Are her pants around her knees or are those supposed to be socks



same, nini

thigh-highs bruh



fuck I’m soaring rn



Go to school.
I am now anyway. Enjoy your day

i'm gonna go pee right now i'll be back in a minute

enjoy you're day!


So why the fuck are we just letting that guy go pee ?

brb pee

'Cause I'm watching.

pirates are fun
Mostly because of the non-piratey bits
is ratto fun

Rats are fun but they are probably the hardest of the 4

I haven't touched the others yet, but lizards seem like the stronkest
my experience with ratto has been limited to rebellions, so they're prolly missing key units

The have the best artillery for some reason.

Makes the elfs artillery look useless.

also these things

why would the dragon land
arty is memes but it kinda blows if they have a competent leader or any kind of morale
all arty was the dankest of memes back in napoleon

the rat artillery is anti-infantry so it actually kills like 200 things a battle

which is more than most of the other rat things because they all suck as but are really cheap

It's too easy to max 20 unit things
Then you stack multiple armies and the reinforcements come from a random direction and that's the most bullshit of all
And the load times are waaaay too long
Otherwise pretty good

Rat armies cost food though which makes it a little more complicated.

what is a food
is it just slaves that don't give you money

Just get it from killing things and raiding

your cities and armies eat a little of it each turn

if it gets low everything you have goes to shit

so yes
worse slaves

Slaves are easy to get though

food isn't

same sources
just lower rates you get for food?

you get like 3 from raiding but your army cost 1 food and your city cost 4 (if its just 3 towns)

Slaves you get a portion of the troops you kill, then like 20-50/turn raiding, and a metric fuckton from cities, with less from settlements
is this funny or mean
i kinda feel the latter, but i did laugh

Why aren't you wearing a name


inb4 hu




do you just stalk eachother

Damn you

inb4 feku

inb4 4:20




do you have notifications for hu

I get notifications whenever people come online, but i do stalk some more than others.


how u set notifications for ppl

My raspberry pi checks Hu's Steam profile 10 times every second and if he's online a circuit connected to the GPIO pins starts sending out signals to LED strips around the room so they flash pink.

Doesn't work for me, I can only enable them for everyone, or no one

That's pretty fucking queer

post setup
and teach me how

do you also pm them asking if they are going to start posting

liek u

i actually got home started the pc had a poo and when i got back i saw no hu in thread so i checked steam and u were offline and as i clicked discord and then back you were online so i quickly made that post

I could do that from now on

Guess we got home pretty much at the same time then~


I did, then put on coffee and got back, then logged into Steam

thats kinda creepy and nervewracking


I'd have done it to you earlier if I could have!

Covfefe is amazing!

i think imma pour myself a coke

gween tea

Pokemon is so much nicer to play than Magia Record.

They only use kana and keep the words spaced apart and it's so easy and pleasant to read.

I'm never turning Kanji on in this game.

initiating pms is scary

Coffee is so much better though~

Not if it's with someone you don't mind talking to

coffee is a drugs

ppl always talk to me first

almost nobody talks to me first

*remove first

if you want someone to talk to you

Make sure to not link anybody in your post or direct your post at anybody

Just say something like "meow" and post a cute anime girl

if your anime character is cute enough you don't even gotta post anything


Not a bigger drug than coke

Cause you're a pussy and don't initiate conversations~


im a girl btw

Wa no way !?

We shuld talk

Tits or GTFO

we can all agree code is the worst

And cock is the best

wow thanks for ruining my confidence
now ill never socialize ever again

wow queer


But you're socialising right now, faggot

I just love my food comics, okay?

and im not enjoying it :P

I'm being *ironic*!

MOAR Kenny bear please!

Lmao did bard start listening to own ashcorp

I don't believe you~
Enjoy your fap

"was merely an act"

Didn't mean to link anyone

I identify as a meme.

i go in and out of listening to shitty singer songwriters and then i get ashamed and stop for a few months

[5:04 PM] fek u: tell hu im not fapping

ikt dikt is my favorite meme

Just got back home, or..?

Wow, not even identifying as a girl-kin

I still don't believe him



He did already, it's nothing new,
I just need to rebuild my Kenny bear folder.

I listen to everything, I even have a jugalo, play list, I am a shitty person, I know.


24-hour, faggot!
Also, call him a good boy for initiating a conversation~

On my phones and all sorts of dumb bullshit happened, and hey I like ashcorp

blame discord!

Eww, phone.
Sounds like you're on a shitty connection.

Literal dogshit

You into Twiztid?

IMO they are vastly superior juggalo tunage to ICP

I switched from American to English for language and the time in in not-silly now.

I am in fact, even a little Hollywood undead made it's way on there, I mean some of there stuff fits the genre.

wow thats genius thanks now mine is correct too

but you're american


nope thats wrong


Most of my friends group all used to be juggalos so I' really dont have much a problem with that kind of stuff

do you make paylists of songs on youtube?


jesus fuck no en_US for everything fuck these stupid quotes and signs

actually really enjoyable for a short song

But need correct time and everything, and dates too.

I used to, I should again, I use it a lot for listening in my truck, music videos have better audio than most streaming services, and I slap my phone up on the dash and can watch the video while driving, kinda, and being able to download with YouTube red let's me constantly change a single list of music, and listen even without service.

just manual

do you still have the link to your channel?

I like to go playlist crawling so I can spruce mine up :p

No wonder you switched from American then if you wanted manual~
Gonna nom


It's all so old, I wouldn't want to share, let me clean it all up first, or later, yeah, you can have it, it'll just be reason for me to go through it all of it.


Now I know everything about you

prepare to have your identity assimilated

thank goodness bully hu is gone

i wanan explode in her


l-leave me awone............

i wanna explode in this

I'm torrenting ubuntu 14.04 lts whatchu gon do bout this


I'd explode in you

Ask you why you're torrenting a soon-to-be-deprecated distribution

crap get me out why is he here hes supposed to eat

post more minecraft girls

Because we need to work with ROS Indigo for some vague reason.


I'm done now. Gonna go do dishes

ROS Indigo..?

woah its already 5:40 i need to shower brb

*teleports behind you*
"nothing personnel kid"

wow you eat fast

Robot OS. Version is Indigo. Most recent is Lunar that's targeted for zesty but indigo only does trusty


but i never looked at u


hhaaha wtf only i can teleport but not you uhh wtf???

Wtf im naked!

I stole your comrade's balls


why the fuck i hate ros

*jumps literally across the entire map in one second*

Enjoy your fap

Yeah, I do~

Huh... I've never heard of it

Install the right file-system package, or pull in just that from Zesty

brb eating

I remember I had the waifu mob mod in Minecraft once and I had a cute creeper waifu for so long then she self destructed protecting my home from some zombles and I almost cried.



Did any of you guys ever used to use that IM platform Trillian?

I just thought about it for the first time in years


I didn't even use AOL.

yeah, didn't it just bring every im platform together at the time?

Please don't post your private chats here, Archives

Yep! It was handy dandy as fuck

it had a really friendly layout too

when everybody moved to steam It stopped being so useful and now discord's here I guess it's ancient history...

I refuse.

Guess there's nothing to be done about it then

I was like 14 when I had it and coincidentally sexted my first gf with it


it was on that day that I learned about securing everything with passwords


non western parents don't give a fuck about privacy lol

It was great fapped to eriri.
I can't believe i used to hate her

Who's that even?











so uh you have any hobbies asides from masturbation?



My infos been out there for years, my Skype has all of it clear as day.