Oh boy it's another one yippie doo

oh boy it's another one yippie doo

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shove it down my throat harder uguu~

Generic comment about your fate with trucks.

because they got no chill, luka.

they got no chill.

why isn't everyone else chill? ;~;

oh okay~

at least you're one of the good ones?

am I the darksouls of thread posters?

so you tell me.

You're the buckethead from Bloodborne.

never played the game.

darksouls is too dificult!

you post cute pics that make me smile
and are nice to me
so yeah you're a good person! ^_^

if only other aspects of life were so easy.

is your life difficult? ;_;

my life is not really anything.


it just is.

when will it be better?

when I die?

dont die

how cruel.

I'll try. I will be working hard eventually. I also started a new picture, but it's not quite done yet.
That it does.
Company could be worse, you all are not the absolute bottom of the barrel.
Close, but not quite.

what a charming sentiment.

not cruel ;~;


I'll take it to bed with me.

It's either Clockwork, Dags, or Lucy.


i wanna nut in her pits

no ur wrong
here's why: youtube.com/watch?v=asF4IEqvYw8


Sup Cockwork


muh brain hurts

but I want more



delete this image

Delete your life.

pls no bully



why would you do this

nani the fuck

i wonder how this would taste if the sauce was nutella

Oh you got me fucked up

To eat obviously lmao

I hate people that try to preach about Nutella basically curing cancer when it's just pure sugar with a drop of cocoa and barely any hazelnuts.

Stubb's is still cheap but doesn't just taste like sugar.

Do you consider literally anything that isn't anime lesbians to be bait when people legitimately try to give you help other than free videogame shit?

If all you do is mope about how lonely, poor, and unhappy you are, no one is going to magically fix that shit for you.

I am not even insulting you here, man. Just fix your shit.

like shit obviously

Nutella is gross

Worth the diabetes tbh

i dont care if that shit is healthy or not. it taste good so ill eat it



Cursed image

Cursed imageboard

I remember someone having a gallery of "average Chinese fridges" and it's just a mix of random body parts not even stored in anything and various jars of pickled shit.

This shit is delicious even though it's just salt and ground up weeaboos.

Tofu's texture fucking blows

It's just tofu chunks, ground up soybeans, seaweed miso powder, salt and MSG.

So it just makes a drinkable soup you keep stirring so it doesn't settle.

It's oddly relaxing late at night.

Tofu is delicious.

Its texture is gross and it adds almost nothing to anything it's in since the only taste it gets it's what is already there, just sort of there for protein most of the time.

Depends on how you prepare it probably since i have no idea on cooking but i had some vegetarian dishes before and they tasted great. Definitely did not taste like meat but still great.

It's in vegetarian dishes because it's a protein and there's something of substance to it.

That's basically it.



Anything I'm missing?


Tofu doesn't taste like shit, it's just there for fags who don't eat meat or can't afford it. The beef soup stuff is just a better version.


Bailey is the perfect woman, i'd suck her dick.

I accidentally slept in.
Anyway what's up?

It is breakfast time, there's no need to be afraid.

What time is it over there?

oh jeez I forgot that! thanks!

Not going to lie, atp it is brunch, its 11:13am I slept in.

I can only hope you didn't sleep until 11 today.


Nah. Woke at 10am. But showering and what not provide the delay in breaking fast

I accidentally woke up

what's up?

I'd figure you'd just do lunch at that point.


im -1c
and still awake... u_u

Get on LoL. I'm spamming ARAM.


I guess
Its why its a fish meal
Om nom fishy

the only reason I got up is I'm still kinda high off my sleeping meds and I thought it'd be fun to go get on the computer

Fish is gross.
I could never really eat it.

I'm considering buying a concertina.

A wat?


fancy looking accordion!


It's just something to learn.

Are you a slav?


Boi do it

Gotta wait 'till I gots the money.

henlo who can html pretty makes



why even live


can I ask my rubbish here? I need advice

shouldve backed it up on your pi

ill back your pi up

It's pi cause it ain't big enough to be cake.

up your butt





wait no

y-you too


i was trying to diet right? I was 62 kg, now I'm 0.9kg below my ugw (so 49.1) this morning and I've been eating just below 1000 for a while because although my tdee is ~1600 it's too much for me to eat and I feel perfectly fine but I keep loosing weight so far and I really don't know what to think. On one hand, yay? On the other something is off.

Maybe I'm pissing a lot of water recently or maybe it's the lots of protein I had. I don't know my goal is to maintain and I'm not sure how I should feel about still losing. I also really like what I see in the mirror finally. I don't know something isn't right. This is too good.

advice? should I just go full anorexia?

typical... ¬_¬

Luka has grumped.


Why are you trying to diet if you're 62kg?

Eat what you like and exercise more

y u grump

We're like the same weight

how was wizard school?

you better clench harder if you want to stop it

How tall are you?


But are you super tall?


Of course not


Severe lack of Feku

Coffee time now, and posting.
How's you?

cause, im.. insecure.

I wanted to be in the skelly aesthetic. And I really wanted to be really really thin.
I exercise daily and move lots that's not a problm. And in the bigger picture I also eat what I like too.
But thank you

I'm 163cm. 5'4ft. 0.08 chain. 0.8912 fathoms.

i wanna cum on her shoulders

do not belong

For what reason?

how tall are you?

de-weebifying files.dorifuto.moe but now trying to work out how to set up images so I can use my own but also have it version control while still being able to pull from lolisafe for updates.


im jelous of others.


So keeping your own branch you can pull in from when new updates come in? Nice!
No weeb best weeb~

Why tho
It's not especially attractive

What do they have that causes you to feel this way?


To me it is
how tall are you?


I can't make sense of that

subtle is about 5'4 it's adorable

you can just pick him up and drop him on your wiener and there's nothing to be done about it

they have better things than me
they live in places with more people
they have more friends than me
they have people who like them
they have stronger computers
they have people that make them happy lots of the time
they have good life
they get nice things
im inferior

i wanna cum on all her exposed areas

im too dum dum for wizards

hed probably mma deathroll your hands off

Apparently it's weeb for "secret"

Someone will always have a better life than you.
Learning to appreciate what you have, however meager, is tantamount to having a fulfilling life.

Nah, aren't

he can do all the mma he likes but at the end of the day i'm 6'6 and weigh 180kg

I just don't wanna talk about it

i try but depression is making it hard to do each day.

test me

so you're big and slow. perfect for his tiny physique to reverse rape you


Do not feed into it. Indulging in your issues only makes them worse.

A little bit weeb.


Well, the pages/custom is in .gitignore so I can just git init inside that so I can update my own independently, but for the images since only /public is used for images I need to make a symlink to ../pages/custom/images_custom for my pics.
Oh well, better than nothing.

smol and cute


That would require me to know things

Oh yeah, I guess it would be bad to just allow anything upstream to change your own customized configuration.

I think you're lovely how you are.

i wake up
i feel sad
i cant stay happy for long
i sleep
i wake up different next day
i don't know what tommorow will bring, or feel like...
i can't help what i feel?

Maybe not. But you can help how you react to it.

Thanks, same to you

sometimes when I sleep with girls I picture you.

i regret saying that

how do you delete posts

you know more than me? that should be enough



Yeah, though pull should leave my symlink alone.


You didn't add them to your local repository, did you? If not, I don't see why git would touch them, seeing it doesn't even know of their existence

i feel frustrated helpless
i try holding it all in bottling it all up
but my fragile shatters so easily...
and i react angry

I'll just imagine I never read that

Yeah it's not like I'm depressed but I'd sure like to be taller

Say fuck it then.
Take a break. Do something you enjoy because fuck it. Stop worrying about other people and what they have or what you don't. Life is fleeting and if you wait around for shit to get better you'll resent what you have now.

well im not gonna push that symlink anyway


I wish we could be real friends and I didn't just make jokes all the time, but I don't really know how. You're a sweetie.

I don't see why you would include them in your add to begin with either

Well it's just not in the gitignore :shrug:

I'm confused

I'd call you a friend tbh

brb shower before this gets too gay

join you in a second sweetie

i'm scared

If i was only 2 inches taller and 2 inches longer then i'd be a chad.

No reason to be.
Just do your best.

i'm never enough for anyone
but i still try...

Well, to be fair you seem to marginalize what friendships you do have on the idea they aren't really worth it to you.

good morning

What's so morning about it?



uhhh don't tak to me until I've had my



im sorry im bad at that

ehh? but I just woke up.....

no wonder you're always lonely


I don't think many people are particularly good at it.
Lord knows I'm not.

But like, just take a moment each day and figure out how you can do better, but don't make others change for you. Everyone has their own life going on. Sometimes you just gotta deal with that.

itt: Squash is a good friend.

Good Squash.


Bed anyway

i want someone in my life to make me feel needed.

i need them.

...... i don't want to feel lonely, i don't want to feel left out.

when you're with your friends your life is no longer about you

It's about them

They are your family
Your Friends should be everything in this world to you
because if you fuck up and lose them you truly will have nothing

In this life you get one thing and one thing only and that's your family
and you know what some of us have shit families
no offense but I doubt you're an exception

Without a family what do we have?


Our friends will help us pull through any obstacle be it mental or physical because they care about us as much as we care aout them

And if you brush yourfriends aside like you don't care about them
It's goingto repay you 10 fold


Oh god now the default included themes are messing with the tag

Not really.

oh well I actually just got hit up by a friend of mine and

Well it seems now I have to do the unthinkable task of actually dragging myself OUT of bed

Fuck I feel like I walking skeleton today

friends are gr8

nobody cares about you fish

plz no bully


Wipe the default themes, or find where they're included, then remove them from there

Oh? Gonna hang out?

I don't like best friends because it makes it feel like one friend is more special to me than my others but I'm such a shut in that all my friends are all very special to me.

idk where it even comes from!

I mean, I think we all want that, but you can't try and force people to need you. Right now I'm not sure you're even in a position to have someone rely on you when you seem to struggle already.

You should just show that you appreciate the people in your life that incorporate you into theirs. Saying how lonely you are even when they involve you in things only diminishes the time they spend with you. And nobody likes it when someone does that to them.

what the fuck is sass and why does it take priority over the css

y-yeha s-see ya

Sass is a way of life.

ass is a way of life


uh.. Have a good one?


Good Guy Squash

Squash is a good fella

so i just sit around waiting on them?

what the fuck happened to the language

pls denmark are they making words or is it just some weird sounds

@[email protected]
but the thing specifies css how the hell does it change itself to sass

Cease this meme.

Who's a good boy?

It's you!
Yeah, you!
Squashie's a good boy isn't he?
Yes he is!

No. You don't.
Enjoy when they have time for you. Don't get mad when they don't. Like I said. We all have lives. Sometimes you get to be a part of others lives, sometimes you don't.
Learn to enjoy both times. Have fun with your friends when you can. Relax on your own when you're alone. Pick up a hobby you can do on your own.

You can't just depend on others to make you happy or fill whatever hole you have in your life, Luka. You just put undue burdens on others time and you make yourself unhappy when you are alone. It isn't fair to them or you.

Here. Have a picture of me with my head up a giant fake nose.

Sorry Squash ;~;

Oh it's Danish alright. Not even a heavy dialect either.

I don't know. Something must do that somewhere!

Good dog Squish

this must be the weirdest language

I wish I could spend time with Luka ;~;

It almost kinda looks like the butts of a pair of Siamese twins, doesn't it?

I hate you all.
So very much.


It's not that bad!
Some dialects however are weird.

Did I just ruin the picture for you?

squash is a BAD BOY

I thought it resembled Dutch or German but this is neither.

Anyway I don't see how using this as stylesheet makes things go sass ;;

I forgot I even had it so it didn't have much going for it to begin with.

friends make time for friends?


Oh, okay.

Time is limited.
We aren't owed each others time.
We should just appreciate when they have time for us.

It does a little. Just a little.

Me neither. Some other css engine must be interpreting it as such.


i appreciate the time you had for me now.



How to make the Luka happy

i just want a normal bold/strong tag not being overridden by sassy bulma ;;

woof woof

what do i do now?

become victorious

Victorious in what?

What do you want to do?

anything. and show me you wins.

i want to not have an existential crisis

Can't have
I sure love captchas

where are the simpler times of html + css with a tiny bit of js

I do not have a remedy for this.
I can offer a game or 2 of LoL if you'd like.

Javascript needs to go. tag with a href is just fine.
Nowadays, fucking everything is javascript, it's disgusting

I'm about to do the Witchwood Arena in Fable
Will that do?

ctrl v?


i think i should rest


"Designers" who do this should be shot to be honest

that's what you get for using a browser from 1998

I just like control. Don't see why you need to connect to 10 domains to access 1 website.
It's completely unnecessary. Maybe it's not the browsers becoming shit, just the websites themselves.
And these fuckers complain about you not enabling ads too. The nerve of those douchebags

just run ublock and block third party cookies and other tracking stuff
hosting your images on another domain allows to have more connections from your browser to fetch data

Shouldn't be necessary

come nom with me

concurrent things are good
js to prettify things is okay
third party tracking and ads can die

feed me

A lot of javascript isn't "prettifying" anything. That's what CSS is for

Alright, I don't mind doing the cooking

should I go into schooling for computer science?

is there a kind that focuses mainly on hardware and less on software?

how about the cocking

I can cook with :3

I personally use it for smooth animations on actions and other in-page functionality.

yeah computer engineering or electrical engineering or embedded systems

I've heard that going into computer education kills the soul but I mean other than computers and video games I don't really have any interests I'd go to college for

used to want to be a nurse but that's what 2-4 years of schooling for something i'm not 100% on

I really like taking care of others and making them feel like they have help but idk man that's a big commitment

And going into mental health makes you hate humanity.

I've been through the mental health system myself and well lets just say I was one of the easier cases compared to what I saw in psych hospitals

in psych hospitals generally everyone's doing pretty well after their first 48 hours, might have one or two really struggling and such. it's when they get out that they go bat shit and you have to wrangle them. but that's the work of social workers and therapists/psychiatrists

I'd work in a regular hospital though, I'm probably not going to be working in a psych hospital (even though there's a lot of need for them in this state)

How so, it's just learning more stuff except it's computers.

CS is not for you. Consider game design or something artsy.

Well then don't, or don't go to unis but other more vocational things idk there's plenty

Something I'm interested in that I could probably go to post secondary for and make a career out of is 言語

Working with people too much makes me hate humanity, so I don't need to get into mental health.

Be an english teacher in japan

Or be an interpreter, or something.

It's not like I only want to learn JP.

but lolis

I've got a couple options

1) stick with my current job and try to move up in the company, probably taking a course or two related to my field along the way

2) work for the company while going to school for vidya/nursing

3) go into some memefield where all I do is "repair" stupid/lazy people's computers for ridiculous amounts of money at some electronics store

4) go MAXIMUM OVERWEEB and start studying japanese again and become an english teacher in japan and pick up some hot asian waifu


fable 2 was pretty fun but it was the only fable game I played

heard 3 shit the bed and 1 is nostalgia goggles to the max

ロリ is for soft and not lewd.


congrats rin you can occasionally throw in some kanji/hirigana/katakana

no need to flex your weeb muscles

The benefits of having two dictionaries open?

speaking of which I kinda wanna get back into japanese but I forgot the name of the extension that highlights kanji and gives you the pronunciation and definition, which one is it that you use again?

don't do 3
don't do 1 if it's a dead-end job or environment where they don't want to teach you shit to move up

soft roris

Firefox - Rikaichan
Chrome - Rikaikun


Well it's a shit job to get because they hate gaijins anyways

i should make a folder named waifus for files.dorifuto.moe and put drawings of cars in

thank you so much


nowhere to run

Ah fuck, time to pick up a good fork then.



I'm already being cross trained in doing the companies bills when I'm just an assistant, and we might be firing my mom's assistant (yes I work at the same place as my mom) and I'd be filling in for the bookkeeper after some training if that happens

and boi

that's a HUGE step up from just being an assistant

man I got like 6 things to focus on at work right now and like 4 of them have a high priority, one of which I have absolutely no fucking idea on (boss wants me to design a poster for an event instead of having our graphics department do it because she wants to save 500 bucks but shieeet mayne I don't have any graphic design training or experience so I'm fucked) and I'm sort of stressed out.

love the job though

well no duh, I know that

although, knowing english does get you bonus points in japan


oh well choose for yerself i mean i wouldn't listen to me for life advice because i fail at it

There are still many places that you will just not be allowed to go for sole fact of not being Japanese.


Also I'm pretty sure their culture frowns upon transgender so rip


why not become japanizen

butter knife

well that's a big "nope" from me

RIP bumpfire stocks. We hardly knew ye.

Ladyboys are making a rise though.

They like you more when you don't intend to stay.

yeah but those aren't actual trannies they're just fetishits and performance art

They also frown upon fatties

In the underground or anime maybe. I don't think you're 2d so good luck with being a sex worker

I'll pretend.
No one needs to know what I'm like behind closed doors.

I mean japan is already struggling to keep their population up and the Japanese race is dwindling, if I was Japanese I wouldn't want whites in my country either because that would mean the erosion of my culture and the death of it over a longer period of time and eventually the Japanese would be a minority

japan being xenophobic is 100% justified


u sure
japanese people seem chill
i mean i'd get a lot less racist remarks probably

Which is, incidentally, why they don't mind people coming to stay for a short period of time and taking active interest in their language and culture.

Most of them think it's bueno - I need to get me a JP penpal.



and I need a JP studybuddy to have conversations in japanese with


What's best stance for fapping?
Sitting up straight
Sitting leaned back
Laying down
Standing up

Same thing tbh.

man I love this game but it's missing some shit

it borrowed some good parts of Harvest Moon but it missed some shit

for instant your pet is literally meaningless, and you can't control whether it's inside or not

ranching SUCKS DICK and there's no competitions in the fucking game other than some lame ass fishing and egg hunt

also that game is not very long term, by year 4 (3 if you've played a harvest moon game before) you've run out of shit to do other than make money and design your farm





by the way if you're interested in learning to write kanji (which helps with retention of course) there's a great app called obenkyou on android (not sure about iphone) that tests you on writing and teaches you the right stroke orders and shit

fuck I forgot the になりました in my sentance but context provides it for me


the only possible use of learning japanese is to watch anime

like i don't know if you people think you're being productive or what but it seems to me like getting better at watching anime would be detrimental to being productive or getting a job more than anything

Maybe you could get a job translating anime.

leaning, in any form, helps keep your brain going and gives you something to feel accomplished about

imagine living a life so routine you never learn anything and you just go to work every day and that's it

that would kill you

humans always have to be learning something otherwise our brains turn to shit, why do you think there are so many adults in america that don't understand fractions but the majority of high schoolers can nail fractions down ezpz

because they're using it and learning about it

doesn't matter if there's no purpose to learning it, because learning literally anything helps expand your mind

I legitimately just enjoy learning about language and culture regardless of which nation it belongs to, so, like.

Get off my dick?


man that sentence took em a really long fucking time to write looking for the write words in the 辞書. I guess I really need to get back down to the basics of 日本語に学習

I really need to play chapters to and three of きせきのそら(I think it's called) and get a text-hooker and dictionary program running it parralel again

that was my JAM

but I gotta learn even more basics before going back to that. time to head on over to a's /djt/ and find some shit for noobs

I've been doing this with a bunch of things.

It started with this but then I remembered that I don't really pay attention to the announcers or text anyway.

Immersion is a powerful tool but make sure you at least kindof know how to read.

start off with games that have no kanji whatsoever like early final fantasy's and pokemon games.

do it, it helps, every second of exposure is another second you're putting into retention

We'll see.

Most of where I'm at is looking up words as I'm flirting with [REDACTED] and random stuff as I'm just messing around.

My little cousin was sour at me because my Pokemon X is in Japanese and he can't understand it.

I'd cock you

That would be nice. Company is always appreciated.

No animations best animations~
I don't want flashy websites. This isn't the 90's anymore


hihu how was supper did u have cockmeat

Burger, with beef. Could be from anywhere

So I guess it's a tentative probably.

Shouldn't that be in katakana?

why not rice with beef



hi Rice

I'm probably the only active poster who could tell the difference anyway.

me know when to use kata for the most part!!!


I think this spelling implies the actual runic languages.

Like nordic runic.

As a general guideline, Katakana is for words that don't originate in Japan.


I always have rice
Every day

I fixed the thing btw I just didn't use :D

cum hungry cock slave

i already knew that so im qualified weeb

Potatoes best. Or pasta.

Oh, what did you use then instead?

We know you are, but some love you anyway


rabbit licking club?

my services are provided no where tho

id lick me some chino

That's a real shame



i should give up art to be a comedian


I need to find a new 8ch addon so I don't have to keep retyping my subject.

"pls no"

That's a fancy tag




I'll go to australia on holiday sometime if I have the money

the text is just pls no




But you said you didn't use . You didn't use anything?


Scoots, crushes are for women and fags.

heart pupils



I have no idea what you're talking about.

why is it making links like
kek.org/kek.org/img.jpg instead of just kek.org/img.jpg

they used some kind of wide angle lense on this photo and took it really close to the bottle and it's freaking me out

I am not a faggot, but I am a woman.

find the javascript creating the links and remove the domain entry, then try again








It seems nobody can take a decent picture of Strawberry Crush, if Google is any indication. This one looks angry!